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Monday, January 25, 2021

The Terminator | Korg DSS-1 Sampling Synthesizer

video by Espen Kraft

"I've always wanted to make an arrangement of the classic Terminator theme in a more romantic or nostalgic way.
With the help of some truly amazing pad/string sounds from Analogcity I finally did it.
The Korg DSS-1 is the Terminator among samplers in terms filter power. I mean seriously, not much comes close to what this machine can do. Highly underrated. It eats the almost all other synthesizers for breakfast when it comes to sheer power.

Check out the patches from Analogcity here:

Gear used in the demo:
Korg DSS-1 - all synths
Korg MS10 - bass (just a little bit)
Korg KR-55 - Kick and hats"

5 Patching Ideas with The Instruo Harmonàig in VCV Rack

video by Omri Cohen

"Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

Here are the patches -
Introduction - 00:00​
Arps - 03:09​
Inversion and Voicing - 08:56​
Voices Amplitude - 14:36​
Chaining Voices - 19:00​
Rhythmic Harmonics - 23:08​"

JUPITER-Xpert - Roland Jupiter-X & Jupiter-Xm Tutorials

"Video Tutorials by Robert Saint John for the JUPITER-Xpert blog related to the Roland #JupiterX and #JupiterXm synthesizers"

Simple Arpeggios on JUPITER-X and Xm - New JUPITER-Xpert Back to Basics Series Synthesizer Tutorial
JUPITER-X/Xm Single Tone Preset, Dual, and Arp Demonstration
JUPITER-X / Xm Tutorial - Performance Tips & Tricks for Live + I-Arp Synthwave
UPDATE: JUPITER-Xm Step Edit Sequencer Tutorial: Chords
Roland Cloud ZEN Expansions and Sound Packs for JUPITER-X/Xm : Installation
JUPITER-Xm Tutorial : Working with ZEN-Core Partials (Stupid ZEN Tricks 1)
JUPITER-Xm ZEN-Core Demo - SH-5 and SH-7 Patch Tone
JUPITER-X | Xm : Split with Bass Arpeggio Tutorial (Updated)
JUPITER 1.30 Update - 5 Big Things | Special Preview for JUPITER-X and Xm from JUPITER-Xpert
JUPITER-X/Xm Tutorial: Step Edit Using Hold Pedal
Night Stalkers - #RolandScarySounds​ with JUPITER-Xm
Roland JUPITER-Xm Custom Drums experiment
JUPITER-Xm Hidden Parameters - Roland Boutique A-01 SysEx Control

Additional details on each:

Roland SYSTEM 100 Synthesizer (1975) - AV Test

video by Robert Saint John

"Gear used: #RolandSystem100​ #Synthesizer101​ #ExpanderSynthesizer102​ #Model103Mixer​ (spring reverb) #BOSSRE20SpaceEcho​ (delay back into 103) #Roland​ #GOMIXER​ for iPhone #YamahaMG06X​"

Oberheim OB-1

via this auction

"Recently serviced and sounding extra beefy. Super rare, original OB-1, Black MK1. A few small dings, dents and scuffs, as you'd expect from a piece this old."

Buchla 200/200e with Expressive Touché

video by Luc Debeck

"I made some banana cables to mini jacks and used them to connect the 4 cv outs from the Touché to the Buchla, the 1979 MSV in this example. One of the 4 cables has a split cable grounding cable to the ground of the the case. It works perfect."

Sequential Synth Tips #21 With Nick Semrad - Pro 3 And Prophet X Touch Strip Programming

video by Sequential

"Welcome back to “Sequential Synth Tips,” where some of our favorite artists share their tips, tricks, and techniques on a Sequential synth. In this episode, we feature keyboardist Nicholas Semrad programming the touch strip sliders on the Pro 3 and Prophet X.

Follow Nick here:

More info on the Prophet X and Pro 3:"

Plugging Various Instruments into the KORG Monotron Delay

video by poorness studios

"I recently had an idea... I gathered up a smattering of my DIY projects and decided to plug them into the KORG Monotron Delay to see what I would get. This video is the result."

The list of instruments: (links take you to videos for eahc on YouTube):

Kmise DIY Lyre
Moffenzeef Jarmaggeddon
Texas Twanger
2X4 Lap Steel
Spring Thing
Electric Washboard
Electric Toy Piano

And an uboxing video:

KORG Monotron Delay: Unboxing & Demo
"I've wanted one of these little boxes for a long time; this is the Monotron Delay from KORG. It is a tiny ribbon synthesizer with an external input for audio processing. You can buy them at pretty much every music store and they're not expensive, but they are a lot of fun.

Unboxing @ 0:27​
Features & Overview @ 1:56​
Sounds (w/internal speaker) @ 3:20​
Sounds (w/high quality audio) @ 5:33​
Final Thoughts @ 9:26​"

Julia Bondar video jam episode for Faders Up with Trovarsi!

video by Julia Bondar

"Get your 12" vinyl copy of 'Industrial Symphony':

More about:"

Testing new live rig with plinky itération 2

video by Meska

Juste quick & raw preview of the new live rig i build:
welcome to the new added: trig 31
elektron octatrack
gotharman ld3
and some euro module : razmasynth unknow pleasures and MI grids

Erica SYNTRX + Roland Boutique TR-06 Drumatix

video by Akihiko Matsumoto

Mixer: Ableton Live 10
Drums: Roland Boutique TR-06
Synth: erica synths SYNTRX
Audio I/O: RME Fireface UCX
FX: Recycler (​)

Drum Buss Comp: Heavyocity PUNISH
TR-06 Kick Comp: WAVES API 2500
Sidechain: Ableton Gate
Syntrx Bass Comp: WAVES HComp
Limitter: iZotope Ozone9
Camera: Sony a7RII (Vario Tesser 24-70mm F4)
Music by Akihiko Matsumoto -


video by zack dagoba

"a sketch on the awesome Korg Monopoly. Synced to a clock along with the Linn LM1"

What's Inside The Eminent/Arp Solina String Ensemble (by synthpro)

video by synthpro

"Hey guys,

This is a video going over the functionality of the Eminent/ Arp Solina with a look at the guts.

This particular unit is build series 64 for those interested. The earlier units did not have the modulation bypass switch for Chorus effect.

Thanks for watching!


Yamaha TQ5 SN OY01163 w/ Voice & RAM Cards

via this auction

"Yamaha tq5. 4-operator FM synth w/ manual. With rare preset card and two memory cards."

Roland System 100M Vintage Modular Synth

via this auction

"Roland System 100M in very good condition. Classic D-Set with M-112, M-121, M-130, M-140 and M-150. The 191-J rack is originally 100V, but the power supply is replaced with a 220V PSU."

112 081921
121 071667
130 081768
140 981538
150 071885

Moog Memorymoog Plus SN 1244

via this auction

Oberheim SEM (Midi to CV Version) SN 0729 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This is the late-model "Midi to CV" version w/ the original box. Meticulously cared for in a smoke free studio."

Alesis Andromeda A6

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave II Wavetable Synth

via this auction

chipsynth PortaFM: Now with OPL2!

video by Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc.

"This updated version of PortaFM now adds the AdLib/Sound Blaster's classic OPL2 (YM3812) emulation core to the existing OPLL core (hot swappable)
Video by [TSSF]
Music by Madbrain (Hubert Lamontagne)"

"Vintage 'portable' FM synthesizer

This chipsynth is a unique two operator FM synth with a very quirky feature set.
The late 80's 'PSS' series was cheesy and made of plastic but had a very unique sound which was lost to time. Some of the most well known examples of synthesizers in this series include the PSS-140, PSS-270 mini keyboards and the SHS-10 keytar.
On home computers, the iconic AdLib and Sound Blaster lines of sound cards used the same line of chips to give a musical voice to the PC, becoming the core of the sound of 90's DOS games.

Not willing to just copy the past, we designed a NEW synthesizer that features the same sound generation found in these synthesizers, but this time with much more processing power to control and modulate its features, all in a convenient virtual instrument form.

PortaFM uses a pair of cycle-accurately emulated FM chip cores for its main synth engine, switchable between OPLL (YM2413) and OPL2 (YM3812). Another core is dedicated to the the drum sounds, and all of this can be layered creatively.

The unique 'lofi' quality of the OPLL and OPL2 chips was never recreated this accurately before. Plogue's experience of more than 15 years studying vintage digital sound generators was pushed to its limit. Brand new mathematical models were built using our custom Hardware-assisted systematic testing procedures by our in house reverse engineering team in Montreal.

Oh, and of course, it does not use ANY samples!"

Arturia MicroFreak + Roland MC-101 beatmaking

video by Gabe Miller Music

"I show the process for designing sounds on the Arturia MicroFreak, recording song ideas, then flipping them as samples on the Roland MC-101 to make some futuristic trap and lofi hip hop beats.
Get my $5 sample pack:
Subscribe for more electronic music!

00:00​ Intro
02:32​ Microfreak: Beat One
04:29​ MC-101: Beat One
06:55​ Microfreak: Beat Two
08:32​ MC-101: Beat Two
10:58​ Outro"

Erica Synths Pico Envelope Follower (EF) & PICO VCA2

video by Erica Synths

"Pico EF is Erica Synths take on envelope follower module in 3hp! Pico EF features a preamp with +40dB gain, envelope output with adjustable attack time and a gate output with adjustable threshold. The Pico EF can be used as a preamp, overdrive unit or for controlling VCFs with audio signal, or to use with external instruments to control your modular system in other creative and experimental applications.


00:00​ Patch 1 "EF to LPG offset"
Using envelope generated from the breakbeat to modulate the LPG offset and extracted gate to trigger the bass sound.

01:14​ Patch 2 "Side-chain"
Creating side-chain compressor like effect by extracting the envelope from Bassdrum and then inverting it with Pico Scale and then applying it to the VCA through which the hi-hats from the Pico Drums 2 are sent

02:04​ Patch 3 "EF to LPG offset"
Similar to the Patch 1 but in this case using the extracted gate to trigger the LPG internal decay envelope

02:27​ Patch 4 "Bass guitar opening VCA"
Bass guitar is plugged directly into the Pico EF and then extracted envelope from the audio signal is used to open the Pico VCA through which a sequenced melody from Pico Voice is sent

03:21​ Patch 5a "FM to LPG & triggers 1"
Audio signal from FM radio is used to change the LPG offset and extracted gates are used to trigger sliced breakbeat on the Sample Drum

03:52​ Patch 5b "FM to LPG & triggers 2"
Similar setup as in Patch 5a, but instead of triggering slices extracted gates are used to trigger randomly selected samples

04:32​ Patch 6 "EF as Distortion"
Using Pico EF as distortion module by adding a lot of gain to the Bassdrum module

05:10​ Patch 7 "Bass to Plasma Drive & LPG"
Using Pico EF to amplify bass guitar which is after that send into the Plasma Drive which is afterwards set through the Pico LPG which offset is modulated by the envelope generated from the bass guitars audio"

Pico EF is Erica Synths take on envelope follower module in 3hp! Pico EF features a preamp with +40dB gain (enough to boost even guitar and dynamic microphone signals for use in a modular system), envelope output with adjustable attack time and a gate output with adjustable threshold. The Pico EF can be used as a preamp, overdrive unit or for controlling VCFs with audio signal, or to use with external instruments to control your modular system in other creative and experimental applications.
Preamp with adjustable gain
Audio overdrive possibility
Envelope follower with adjustable attack time
Gate extractor with adjustable threshold
Input protection against overvoltage
Protection against reverse PSU connection

RRP: 95 EUR (VAT excl.)

The Erica Synths Pico VCA2 is a compact voltage controlled amplifier module, based on reliable AS3330 chip. It features two independent channels, and the first one comes with the manual offset adjustment, useful for full span vibrato effects. Audio and CV inputs of the first VCA are normalised to the second one, so the module can also be used as a buffered audio splitter. VCAs are DC coupled, and they can be used for controlling amplitude of control voltage signals.

RRP: 85 EUR (VAT excl.)

u-he CVilization Expert Features: User Scales

video by u-he

"CVilization lets you record two different kinds of user-scales: ‘Basic Scales’ and ‘Volt Map Scales’. While the former divides 1 V into 12 steps and maps each to a note within an octave, the latter maps a sequence of notes (voltages) across 1 Volt, in the order they were played. 8 preset scales can be edited, replaced and saved. You can restore the original factory scales at any time. User scales open up a host of creative possibilities: You can use a CV/Gate Keyboard or other chromatic sources to play your scales. Also, you can use LFOs, envelopes, sequencers, random CVs etc. to create sophisticated self-playing patches!

00:00​ - Intro
00:14​ - User Scales: Key Features
00:35​ - Basic Scales
00:44​ - Quantization Menu: Scales
01:21​ - Setting up
01:54​ - Recording a Basic Scale
02:47​ - Playing a Basic Scale with Keyboard
03:05​ - Playing a Basic Scale with LFO
03:43​ - Playing a Basic Scale with Random CV & Sequencer
04:02​ - Volt Map Scales vs. Basic Scales
05:08​ - Recording a Volt Map Scale
05:42​ - Repetition Interval / Transposition across Octaves
06:25​ - Playing a Volt Map Scale with Keyboard
06:38​ - Playing a Volt Map Scale with LFO
07:28​ - Playing a Volt Map Scale with Static CV
07:46​ - Playing a Volt Map Scale with Random CV
08:35​ - Duophonic Patch
08:39​ - Recording Volt Map Scale for Voice 1
09:07​ - Recording Volt Map Scale for Voice 2
09:25​ - Playing Duophonic Volt Map Scale Patch with LFO
10:01​ - Global Functions Menu
10:11​ - Closing Remarks"

Waldorf Pulse + Russian Filter – Filter Comparison

video by Virtual Music

"This video demonstrates the differences between the original Pulse Filter and the Russian Filter in various flavours – always in the same sound setting. More about the Russian Filter Upgrade:​

No effects were added to keep the sounds analytical. However if you like to hear the Russian Filter Upgrade in a more musical context, you may prefer this video:"

Waldorf Pulse + Russian Filter – Sequences and Melodies
video by


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