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Tuesday, January 26, 2021


video by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Atomo Labs Introduces the MochikaX4

MochikaX4 Inspiration video by atomolab

"Hello World!!
We are proud to introduce the new version of our classic of all times. The AtomoSynth MOCHIKA X4.
It is a full analog synthesizer plus a 16 step digital sequencer. Like all its predecessors, the Mochika X4 has a huge organic analog sound, raw and sometimes aggressive character, thanks to its all discrete Voltage controlled oscillator, Noise generator and classic AtomoSynth vactrol filter, now with sub oscillator and PWM, flexible LFO and ADSR type Envelope generator.
The new 16 step sequencer features a high contrast OLED display and 8 rotary encoders with pushbuttons, now it is easier to see and edit in real time the global sequencer settings and all parameters of each step like pitch, repetitions number and gate-time/slide.
It also features a 64 slot non volatile memory to store you patterns.
External clock and midi synchronizable, also controllable by any external midi device (midi note on/off).
New 8 creative playing modes including: Normal/reverse, alternate, random, drunk, drone, step-trigger polyrhythm, one shot and midi control modes.
All parameters, patterns and modes are editable while playing giving you great flexibility to perform live, experiment and create.
The new MOCHIKA X4 is built with high quality components and now with high precision SMD technology, compact and beautiful clear acrylic case and fiberglass front panel. Designed, Assembled by hand, calibrated and tested in Lima - Peru."

Rarebeasts MUFON 12 MKII

video by Rarebeasts

"Rumoured to be a returned artifact from the dark side of the moon(fake news) the MUFON 12x is a actually a 3d printed synth designed and handmade by me. While appearing to be extraterrestrial in origin this adorable mini synth is super simple to play and can produce a huge range of experimental sounds."

via Rarebeasts on Etsy

This new version of the MUFON-12 uses 2 separate oscillators that de-tune when you change the light levels reaching the sensors.

The New MUFON is made from the more environmentally friendly PLA material.

Catch the MUFON 12 in action here on Youtube

The MUFON 12 has two controls via light sensors, both light sensors control frequencies that are de-tuned as light changes are made.

All is required to get started is a USB power supply(PC or phone battery packs are perfect) and something amplify the sounds, this can be as simple as a set of headphones or an amplifier. A speaker with an aux input is perfect.

Output: 3.5mm socket (Use with earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier)
Power: USB (Plug into a computer, phone charger or wall socket). No internal battery.
Case: 3D printed PLA

Super Synthesis - 2OPFM pluckin' and...

video by Chris McDowell

"2OPFM is 6HP of really chill FM for your eurorack modular synthesizer, for $75."

via Super Synthesis

2OPFM is a digital 2-operator FM voice in 6HP. It features 2 sine wave oscillators and a decay envelope to control their amplitudes. Perfect for growling percussion and plucky melodies.

: The length of the internal decay envelope. The associated jack is an offset to the slider.

FM: The amount of FM modulation of the carrier. The associated CV input is an offset to the slider.

KHz: The base frequency of the carrier oscillator. The associated CV input is an offset to the pot.

RATIO: The ratio of modulator frequency to carrier frequency.

OP1: The main output.

TRIG: A rising edge triggers the built in decay envelope. This envelope modulates the amplitude of the carrier, as well as the modulator (at a slightly faster rate) Incoming triggers are ignored when the envelope is active, thus allowing for frequency division based on the decay slider.

While the look of 2OPFM has changed, this demo video from version 1 modules still is a great intro to its features. The main addition here is voltage control of the internal envelope :) "

Analog RYTM MK2 // Full review, tutorial // Pros and cons for Elektron's top drum machine

video by loopop

0:00​ Intro
1:30​ Black, MK2, MK1
2:15​ Overview
4:10​ Connectivity
5:20​ Overbridge
5:40​ Analog machines
8:50​ Dual VCO
9:40​ Sampling
13:15​ Analog filter
14:05​ Drive, amp
14:50​ Modulation
15:10​ Master Effects
17:35​ Project structure
19:40​ Sequencing
21:00​ Param locks
21:30​ Slides
22:25​ Trig conditions
24:00​ Track scales
24:40​ Sound locks
25:05​ Chains, songs
26:00​ Scenes
27:15​ Performances
28:50​ Tips & ideas
32:15​ Pros & cons
37:00​ Outro

Univox SR-95 Vintage Drum Synthesizer SN 721394

via this auction

"It's a Very Cool Automatic Rhythm Instrument. The SR-95 is analog beat box making at its purest and simplest – press a few buttons, move a few faders, and presto… your own beat, mixed and ready to go! Although it was originally designed for using one rhythm function at a time, musicians quickly realized that by engaging multiple buttons simultaneously, they could build unique, customized beats! Both, mega stars and DIYers used, and continue to use, this machine. As for mega production uses, composers like Jean-Michel Jarre used the Univox in his Yanni-style new age symphonies like Oxygen 2"

Roland System-8 w/ Wood Side Panels

via this auction

UNO Synth Pro and the SSI chip: interview with the creators

video by ikmultimedia

"UNO Synth Pro’s first-class analog sound is achieved by combining a superior design architecture with discrete core oscillators and two filters, one of which is based on a new chip from Sound Semiconductor, Inc. SSI was founded by Dave Rossum and Dan Parks, two members of the team that created the famous SSM chip back in late-‘70s and early-‘80, which brought the development of the first polyphonic analog synths. IK’s Erik Norlander speaks with the two about their legacy and uncovers the significance of the new SSI chip inside UNO Synth Pro."

Loom II Additive Synthesizer Sound Demo

video by Runningonair

"In this video I go through a selection of the presets that come with Loom II to demonstrate some of the possibilities.

Wave 1:31​
SFX 2:55​
Leads 5:26​
Pads 11:46​
Bass 16:58​
Bells 20:14​
Atmospheres 23:45​
Moving Pads 25:14​
Polys 26:56​
Percussive 29:15​
Swells 32:22​"

GSE Patches for ASM Hydrasynth [Demo02:Patches011-020]

video by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2021

Auditioning more of my original ASM Hydrasynth patches.
This synth is only limited by your imagination.
What shall we hear today?
The entire bank is still in progress, so not yet available at this time.
Please stay tuned.

0:00​ 011 PerkySyn | dreamy upbeat arpeggio
1:17​ 012 Negative Space | swirling audio space folded inside-out
1:54​ 013 Glider | liquid sweep pad
2:31​ 014 BP Nexus | heavy bandpass pad
3:02​ 015 Dominion X | dark pad
3:37​ 016 Arco Heavy | Emulator-style bass/cello attack stroke
3:54​ 017 At Rest | Tranquil Pad
4:22​ 018 Space Chimes | big windchime thing + reverb
5:07​ 019 Symbiotic | chill note order arpeggio
5:28​ 020 Funky Reality | altered reality guitar"

cray euro

video by Cray

cray 2 5 6
video by

Roland SH-101 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 798644

via this auction

Novation BassStation Analog Synthesizer Rack Module SN 0001426

via this auction

Music And More MAM MB33

via this auction

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 SN 47634

via this auction

Original Yellow Waldorf Q Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Boxed Korg Mono/Poly SN 470430 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Here is the opportunity to get a museum condition Monopoly fully serviced.
As you can see on the detailed pictures it as been exceptionally well preserved.
The knobs are still in original color ( first time you have seen one like this.
There is barely no scars, and the wooden case is free of shock!
The Monopoly will be fully serviced before shipping.
Here is the details of the service :

- Cleaning of all the knobs and replacement if needed.
- Cleaning of the key contacts, cleaning of the bender wheels potentiometers.
- inspection of the KLM boards and replacement of the electrolytic capacitors.
- full calibration following the korg service notes specifications.

We can also install the tubbutec Modypoly mod but as this korg is in exceptional condition this would be a shame to make holes in the case for the midi implementation."

Moog Polymoog 203a SN 3333

via this auction

" It’s been thoroughly serviced, but a couple keys need reexamining, but I’m having it serviced again, so it will be ready for it’s next owner."

Moog Taurus III

via this auction

Tombola vintage Korg 800DV - 4/6 Sarah Connor jam | SynthFest 2021

video by SynthFest France

"SynthFest France 2021 - Tombola vintage
Korg 800DV - 10€

Tombola vintage Korg 800DV posts

Breaking a Vacuum Tube And Listening To The Sound On A Valve Distortion Effect Module


"Todays #Experiment​ i see what happens when you break a #vacuum​ tube when its on in a valve #distortion​ samples available here and also extra vids on upcoming builds!:"


video by Mindburner

"Some documentation I made while fitting the KIWI 1000 processor upgrade for the Matrix. For Information only"

Alesis Quadraverb is an underrated ambient treasure (and why you need two)

video by HAINBACH

"In which I talk about the Alesis Quadraverb and my 'Octaverb Technique' - stacking two for gorgeous swashes of ambient reverb and distortion."

Minimoog Feedback Echoes

video by kapillarkraft

"While exploring my new old Minimoog I tried some pedals within the feedback loop. Mini output into an echo and then fed back into the external in.
Osc 1 does the drone, Osc 3 does the beat, Osc 2 does the lead voice.
The pedal is pressing the key.
Enjoy watching."

Moog Grandmother meets Delay Llama Xtreme by Jam Pedals

video by Nicolas Melis

"Running a Moog Grandmother synth through the Delay Llama Xtreme delay pedal by Jam Pedals. This is a sound demo, no talking."

practicing on the 2400

video by studio snippets

Charlottenburg, Live Ambient Impro, Wavestate, MicroFreak v3, Volca Drum, Monologue

video by Waveformer

"In this live improvised jam, I introduce the Wavestate to some old and new friends - MicroFreak, Monologue, Volca Drum, Novation Circuit, 3 Zoom MS-70CDRs and Korg NTS-1. The only prerecorded sequence is the drums on Volca Drum. The rest of the jam is live playing and active use of the arpeggiators on the Wavestate and MicroFreak. The recorded video is annotated with some notes about the performance.

During the jam, I let each synth/layer have a solo part where it is up front and center - the MicroFreak, the Monologue and the two arp parts and the pad part on the Wavestate. I try to think of them as different members of a band.

My music on Bandcamp:​

The Wavestate patch/performance is a slightly modified version of "WF Charlottenburg" and is a part of the "Berlin School and Ambient Construction Kit" available here:​.

It has four layers - 2 arpeggiators, one arpeggiated bass and one pad. I added some inharmonic wavesamples to steps 9-16 of the pad sample wavesequence, moved around a few notes and rests on the timing lanes for the two arps, added some octave shifts to the pitch sequences, and some ratcheting to one of the arps.

During the jam, I play around with the wavesequence lanes for all the four layers - timing lane to change rhythm, sample lane to vary the wavesamples, pitch lane to add some octave changes to some notes, shape to add ratcheting, and gate to add some variation to note length. The wavesequence loop lengths are different from lane to lane, creating interesting polymeter effects. I also modify pan, filter cutoff, envelope decay and reverb mix through the jam.


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