MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Tuesday, February 02, 2021


video by zack dagoba

"Happy 80th Serge Tcherepnin"

Korg MS-20 FS versus MS-20 vst plugin. Wich one sounds better ? And what is the difference ?

video by Estuera

"The Korg MS-20 FS is the latest full size reissue of this classic synth. I just got it in the studio and was really curious how it compares to the legacy plugin version I've been using for years already. The results are quite interesting as there are some surprising differences


0:00​ Intro
1:21​ Comparison of the triangle oscillator
2:00​ Comparison of the saw oscillator
2:31​ Comparison of the square oscillator
3:06​ Comparison of the ring oscillator
3:39​ Differences between the filter versions
6:26​ Comparing patches"

Lets create trance like we're back in the 90's (Yamaha CS1x,TR-909,Dexed, SH-101,JV-1080,Korg M1)

video by Estuera

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child, and by extension the other Estuera posts featured on the site. :)

"The first part of a series were I'll have some fun creating a track that's typical for a specific time frame. In part one I'll create a trance track as you would have heard them in the clubs in the late 90's.

In the video I'm using my old battle scarred Yamaha CS1x, Dexed, Super 7, the Roland SH-101, JV-1080 and TR-909 plugins and last but not least the Korg M1.

0:00​ Intro
0:20​ Creating the track
7:47​ The finished track"

And one with only the CS1x:

More late 90's trance with the Yamaha CS1x
"There are many blue 90's synths, but this one is mine. Lets see what the CS1x can still do and create a full late 90's trance track using this synth as only sound source.

It may not be a Roland JP8000 or a Novation Supernova but this blue beauty still deserves a spot in my studio in 2021 !


0:00​ Intro
1:32​ Lead
2:30​ "Strynx"
3:23​ Beats and Bassline
5:25​ Arpeggios
6:16​ Pads
8:49​ The finished track"

Korg M1: Beyond the presets

video by Estuera

"The Korg M1 is famous for its classic piano, organ and pad presets. But there's way more to this synth than these sounds. In this video I'll give an overview of the synthesis possibilities and show of some brand new patches I created that are ready to be used in new productions."

Lets create M1 house like we're back in the 90's (Korg M1)
video by Estuera

"I'm in the process of patching up an old Korg M1 I recently acquired. What better way to test drive than creating some classic house using the famous piano and organ patches. I even threw in some of its drums.

Next to the Korg M1 I used the Roland cloud TR-909. The Arturia DX7 and Stage V and some old school vocal samples.

0:00​ Intro
0:32​ Creating the track
6:42​ The finished track"

Yamaha Reface CS: 5 tips & tricks & Creating a Song with only the Reface CS

video by Estuera

"In this video I'll show and explain 5 tips and tricks to get interesting sounds out of the Yamaha Reface CS. This techniques are easily transferable to other synths as well.

0:00​ Intro
0:19​ Pads In Motion
5:46​ Self Oscillating Filter
10:01​ LFO's In Audio Range
12:58​ Punchy FM Bass
15:51​ One Key 'Rave Stab'"

Less is more: Creating a song using only the Yamaha Reface CS
video by Estuera

"In this video I'll show you the amazing versatility of the Yamaha Reface CS. I design all the sounds I need to build a complete track using only this synth.
For impatient people who want to hear the end result. It starts at 09:20​

If you are interested in the patches created in this video, let me know in the comments. I don't mind sharing them with other Reface CS owners.
I use​ to be able to store and recall sounds."

Roland MC-303 Groovebox: Crap or Classic ?

video by Estuera

"The MC-303 is the first 'real' equipment I bought back in the 90's. Lets dust it off, repair the broken parts and create some grooves !"

AudioKit Digitalism 2000 Synthesizer | Play (Sounds demo)

video by Whentherushcomes

"Playing the AudioKit Digitalism 2000 (LE05 limited edition #5) iOS AUv3 synthesizer app on the iPad, using the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol M32 keyboard as a midi controller.

More info on the AudioKit Pro website:

iOS App Store link:

--- Playlist:
00:00​ Rush Inside the Matrix
00:23​ Deep Brass Pad
00:35​ Tine Fantasy
00:49​ Star Lordz
00:57​ StacksOSynths
01:09​ Loquacious Keys
01:26​ Epic Soundtrack
02:06​ EPiano Church
02:33​ Daft Digitalism
02:41​ Equinox Pad
02:57​ Rush Summer 2000
03:10​ Ahhhh Choir
03:24​ Welcome to 2001
03:46​ Rush 80s Movie EP
04:16​ Rush Nostalgia
04:44​ Classic Stringz"

MakeNoise MMG x 2 | Dual Multi-Mode Gate

video by Cinematic Laboratory

Update: the Arturia labeled Beatstep Pro turns into Behringer label Beatstep Pro at 2:34. Screengrabs below. Thanks to anonymous in the comments!

"In this session I powered up my 'Shared Museum' for some mindless jamming. I am still missing a QMMG (who doesn't), but I recently got a second MMG which forms a DMMG (dual multimode gate) so I wanted to try and use some stereo filter sweeps and a percussive patch full of vactrol strikes. Optomix and Moddemix can handle the VCA/LPG modes and it's pretty obvious this combo has been a better choice compared to the four LPG's/VCA's of the QMMG (because they're standard issue in the Shared System). However, they can't do the self oscillating feedback that gives the QMMG that unique raw squelch. This is where the MMG comes in. MMG can be seen as one full QMMG channel but with lots of extra knobs, CV control and three vactrols for mode, frequency and resonance (Q), including two strike inputs for frequency and resonance."


Click the pic to zoom in.


ST Modular - Duck

video by Stefan Tretau

Other Modules used:

Boba Fat (Kick, Subbass)
Pyxis (VCO)
HH (Hihats, Shaker)
Phoebe (Mixer)

0:00​ Take 1
3:26​ Take 2
4:24​ Take 3
4:57​ Take 4

City Galerie by Chinaski / S-F-X & Werkschau by S-F-X

Two releases from new supporting member, Stefan Haag, aka Chinaski. City Galerie above and Werkschau below.

"People haven't even had a chance to realise that 2021 will be just as weird for the first 6 months and Rostock - Frankfurt transplant Stefan Haag better known as Chinaski and professional youngster Philipp Lauer already crossed their beams to shed some light into corona-tristesse. City Galerie is a tribute to a mall in the north bavarian town of Aschaffenburg, where Lauer bought his first LPs . Straight up brutalo futuristic architecture. Artwork comes in courtesy of living legend Michael Satter."

released January 10, 2021

released January 25, 2021

2021 Blizzard | Brooklyn, NY

video by Anthony Distefano

"Some footage from the 2021 Blizzard | Brooklyn, NY

Soundtrack was all done with Rhizomatic Plasmonic Synth"

How to connect a modular synth to your body with the ADDAC 303 Muscle Sensing Module

video by Bertolt Meyer

"The ADDAC303 Muscle Sensing module brings EMG muscle sensing to the eurorack format. It allows you to control a modular synthesizer with muscle signals that the module picks up with medical electrodes that you can stick to any muscle. I used two of those in my last generative ambient piece [posted here]. I felt that the module doesn't get enough love on YT, so I followed up with an introduction to this quirky module. I explain the overall principle, the best way for electrode placement, and the optimal settings for getting a clean signal."

Also see the Unborn Baby MIDI Controller in Luca Yupanqui's Sounds of the Unborn posted earlier today.

ASM Hydrasynth a fondo: orgullo digital

video by Hispasonic

"Pablo Fernández-Cid analiza en detalle uno de los sintes digitales más interesantes del momento: ASM Hydrasynth. Disponible en teclado de 4 octavas y módulo de escritorio, es una máquina con un amplísimo despliegue de recursos, que nos permite generar con sorprendente facilidad sonidos atractivos y variados."

"Pablo Fernández-Cid analyzes in detail one of the most interesting digital synths of the moment: ASM Hydrasynth. Available in a 4-octave keyboard and desktop module, it is a machine with a wide array of resources, which allows us to generate attractive and varied sounds with surprising ease."

Runningonair - Lunar Lander (Music Video)

video by Runningonair

"Like many people of my generation, I grew up in a world where I genuinely thought the moon would be inhabited and it would be possible for anyone to visit by now. This has proved to be a complete pipe dream, but one which I can’t completely give up on. When I found these videos online, it rekindled my optimism, and I felt the need to set them to music. In a world that seems to be increasingly saturated by stupidity and greed, I hope we continue to find room to appreciate imagination and ingenuity.

All video courtesy of NASA & ESA. Simulations based on planned missions for 2020s and beyond."

1983 Roland "We design the future" MC-202 Microcomposer Brochure

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the rest of the scans and a write-up.

"Happy 2/02 day! And I got a doozy for ya. Behold the magnificent MC-202 'We design the future' brochure."

Cool How to Use cheat sheet in the brochure pictured below.

Noise Engineering Blog: Using aux sends: Reverb | Distortion | Compression

video by Noise Engineering

"From the blog:
Here, we’re using the Desmodus Versio in the aux loop of the WMD Performance Mixer post fader. Note that the Blend control is fully clockwise: since our dry signal is already present in our mixer, we don’t need any more of it in our aux loop. Also note that since the send and return loop of the mixer is mono, but the DV can work as a mono-to-stereo device, we’re using the normal aux out but coming back into a stereo channel. It works and sounds exactly the same as using an aux return, it just gives us more stereo loveliness!"

Blog: Using aux sends: Distortion

"From the blog:
Here, we have the Seca Ruina in the aux loop of the WMD Performance Mixer processing a distinctly unfriendly patch. Who doesn’t love some hardcore every once in a while, though? This is a really fun way to patch if you’re in the mood for something incredibly distorted and messy as you get some really interesting interactions from multiple signals running through the single distortion circuit."

Blog: Using aux sends: Compression

"If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you may remember our post on compression. We talked a bit about parallel compression in that post, and wouldn’t you know it, you can do some fantastic parallel compression routings with aux loops, too. Here, we have a percussion patch running through our mixer, and we have a compressor in the aux loop. The compressor has very aggressive settings, but since it’s also mixed with the uncompressed copy, it sounds nice and balanced."

Electro Beats - Eurorack Percussion Jam ft. Transistor-82

video by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2021

Transistor-82 lo-fi analog is back!
And this time brought along some friends.
Gettin' down with a nice electro jam. Crank that.

Recorded straight to Tascam DR-05.
No additional processing or mastering.

Patchnotes : timestamps where each layer is best heard.

| Bass sweep + Noise | 0:00​, 1:45​ dry
GSE Transistor-82 to Pittsburgh Florist
2xADSR mod OSC pitch

| Kick | 0:08​
Pittsburgh Synth Box [ping LPF] to Feedback CP3-

| Snare | 0:16​
Future Retro Transient+ 808 Snare to GSE DC571 to Big Sky

| Hats | 0:00​
Tiptop Hats 909 to Feedback CP3-

| Metallic Noises | 3:10​
Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter

| Additional Noises | 3:34​
Pittsburgh Synth Box Tri Out to OSC2 Dannysound Timbre
GSE Pro VCF self-osc to OSC1 Timbre
GSE SH2-VCF self-osc to Timbre CV

Transistor-82 is now available again, check my Reverb store for availability"

Additional Transistor-82 posts

Gotharman's LD3/Tiny LD: The new digital filters

video by gotharman

"Playing a bit with the new digital SVF filters..."

From Goa to Psytrance - A Force Truly Evil for the Novation Circuit

New soundset from Isotonik Studios for the Novation Circuit priced at $21.67.

We’re back with another essential Novation Circuit sound pack for all Psytrance and Goatrance fans.

After the successful packs "A Force Truly Evil Vol.1" and "Bass Pressure" A Force Truly Evil brings us now "From Goa To Psytrance", an impressive collection of Psychedelic Trance sounds with superb patches and astonishing drums to get the best sounds you know and trust to create Psytrance tracks.

This pack is perfectly for all sub genres of Psytrance whether your style is Full On, Classic Goa, Nu Skool Goa, Dark Psy, Progressive Psytrance, Psy Ambient, and anything in between.

An exhaustive selection of 64 patches including hypnotic basslines, evolving synths, infectius FM type distorted leads, mindblowing acid lines with
dozens of 303 patches that pounding your brain, and much more...
A truly refined Psytrance samples covering snappy synthesized kicks, hard hitting snares and percusion, and some of the best psychedelic FX/one shots for technical drum beats.

28 high quality sessions with the most used production techniques in Psytrance. Some arrangements are included to make the most of the sessions, with intros, drops, breaks and variations of main parts.

Parameters assigned with the easiest controls for in-depth customization, and get as many sound variations as possible.

Knob 1 Modulation knob (could be LFO modulations, OSC morphing, etc)
Knob 2 Amp Envelope Release
Knob 3 Filter
Knob 4 Resonance
Knob 5 Filter Envelope Depth (first half for negative modulation, and second half for positive)
Knob 6 Filter Envelope Decay
Knob 7 Distortion
Knob 8 Chorus

Check out the Video Playlist, this pack is a banger!!


100% Arturia Polybrute Tracks by Michael Geyre

Spovtnik (Arturia Polybrute - Multi track demo) by Michael Geyre

"Demo 100% made using an Arturia Polybrute, with no additional FX"

These spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child. All three are 100% Arturia Polybrute, with no additional FX.

La Barbe (Arturia Polybrute - Multi track demo)

Cool Brute (Arturia Polybrute - Multi track demo)

Unborn Baby MIDI Controller in Luca Yupanqui's Sounds of the Unborn

video by Sacred Bones Records

World's youngest electronic musician? It is interesting, when you think about generative music creation.

From 'Sounds of the Unborn,' out April 2.

Video directed by Victoria Keddie.

Sounds of the Unborn was made with biosonic MIDI technology, which translated Luca’s in utero movements into sound. With the help of her parents, Psychic Ills bassist Elizabeth Hart and Lee Scratch Perry collaborator Iván Diaz Mathé, Luca’s prenatal essence was captured in audio. They designed a ritual, a kind of joint meditation for the three of them, with the MIDI devices hooked to Elizabeth’s stomach, transcribing its vibrations into Iván’s synthesizers. They let the free-form meditations flow without much interference, just falling deeper into trance and feeling the unity. After five hour-long sessions, the shape of an album began to emerge. Elizabeth and Iván then edited and mixed the results of the sessions, respecting the sounds as they were produced, trying to intervene as little as possible, allowing Luca’s message to exist in its raw form.

Iván Diaz Mathé explains their new video for first track "V4.3 pt.2"
"We did some Super 8 footage during the recording sessions and later we teamed up with artist Victoria Keddie because we love her approach an aesthetic. She processed the film with analog gear and created a visual trip that summarizes what we felt while creating this album."

Octatrack, Analog Four, Peak Jam with live vocals - Tefty & Meems

video by Tefty & Meems

"Hello! We got a jam for you today using the #Elektron​ Octatrack mk2, Analog Four mk2, and the Novation Peak. Tracked it all live and then did a quick mix in Ableton. We talk about the process after the jam."

Writing a cue with Korg Opsix & Ableton Live // Hybrid Synth Composing

video by Tefty & Meems

"Welcome back! We decided to do a bit of an experimental, scoring type of video with the Opsix this time around. Shoutout to Korg for allowing us to test drive the Opsix and make videos. We're not sponsored in any way, but we do have a review unit that we'll have to send back afterwards.

The approach for this video was to write a dreamy scifi cue. The Opsix did a great job sonically. Didn't end up writing new patches. Just tweaked stock patches for sonic inspiration.

Towards the end loaded up a Grand Piano patch from 8Dio (​) and some string sections from Spitfire's BBCSO library.

Footage at the end was a hike we did in early Nov 2020 of Lake Tahoe Rubicon Trail."

Vintage Casio - Casiotone MT-200 Electronic Keyboard

via this auction

Cool buttons.

Modal Electronics Argon8

via this auction

Clavia Nord Rack 3 With Rack Ears SN ND0497

via this auction

Clavia Nord Lead A1R Rack/Desktop Virtual Analog Synth SN NL10399

via this auction

Jen SX1000

via this auction

"Jen Elettronica SX1000 Rare Italian Vintage Analog Synthesizer Mono Synth. Nice Condition."

Novation X Station 61 Aftertouch Synthesizer and Controller/Interface

via this auction

"A truly excellent synthesizer from Novation with a great hands on control interface. This is the 61 keyed version which most would say is the most practical and makes the most/best use of the x-station."

BeatKangz Beat Thang BKE Sampler Drum Machine

via this auction

Nissin C-16 Cup Noodle Sampler Synth Keytar

via this auction

"Nissin C-16 Cup Noodle Sampler Synth Keytar special edition of Casio SK-1 1980s. Special hand grip, Cup Noodle digital synthesiser logos. 32 small size piano keys ONE KEY SLIGHTLY OUT OF LINE BUT WORKS , 4 - note polyphony with sampling bit depth 8 bit PCM, sample rate 9.38kHz for 1.4 seconds, built in mic, line level input for sampling and internal speaker. Effects: portamento, vibrato, sample looping. Storage memory 5 preset PCM tones, 3 preset additive tones, 1 user additive tone, 1 sample 400-step sequencer. Condition is "Used". Working. Size: 58cms(including handle) x 15cms x 4cms"

VHS taped Studio Tour 2021 Espen Kraft

video by Espen Kraft

"This is my VHS-taped edition of my 2021 Studio Tour. For HD long in-depth version, check here:" [posted here]

Moog Subharmonicon, Mother 32, Spectral Dronemaker, Valhalla Shimmer

video by SyllixMusic

"Hello! Today's video features the Moog Subharmonicon and Mother 32 with some experimental granular effects. Spectral Dronemaker is taking the input from the Mother 32 and turning into a long stretched out drone sound (granular synthesis). A copy of the waveform is layered with the original, and near the end of the track the Dronemaker layer becomes dominant. Valhalla Shimmer provides the rich and lush reverb creating a beautiful spacial atmosphere.

The Soundmagic Spectral range of plugins are available for download (or pay-what-you-want) here:"

GFI System Specular Tempus Sound Demo (no talking)

video by Bonedo Synthesizers


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