MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, February 19, 2021

Friday, February 19, 2021

Roland System-8 FM tones and melodies

video by MIDERA

"The first thing I did - wasn't this video. I first compared my JX3P to my System-8. I came to realize they are just so dissimilar. I can't tell if my JX3P is out of balance or the System 8 just doesn't do it justice, but anyway, I didn't like what I had done for a demo, so I dropped it and went to this, something I had been thinking about doing.

I spent the first few nights with the System 8 trying to see if it could replace my SY77. I learned very quickly that, no, it can't. The SY77 is the Prophet 5 of the FM world, in my opinion. Just super powerful, sounds beefy/sharp/thick, any of those adjectives. I just don't really get that feeling from the System 8. I think it's one of those things where it's a Jack of all trades, master of none. I haven't really been able to feel how the S8 will fit in to my studio/setup. Because of the first paragraph (comparison of JX3P and S8) I don't even think I could replace my JX3P either, so now I've got 3 devices where I previously had two.

I've stopped caring about how the S8 looks, and it DOES sound phenomenal, it just doesn't warrant me replacing anything else and that's a problem for me. It does have a ton of hands on controls, but I never feel like using them with FM anyway, so that doesn't really matter. Plus, the knobs just don't feel classy. But that's obviously a matter of taste. I have a lot to say on this matter - but honestly, I'll save that for the JX3P v S8 demo (that is, in no way, a very good demo/comparison).

So what do we have here? A bunch of FM-ish patches like pads and bells. So - hopefully you enjoy everything I did here. I messed up occasionally. Sorry about that.

Used Eventide Blackhole VST for reverb."

The Story of the Roland JUPITER-8 & JUPITER-6

video by Johnny Morgan

"This is the Story of of the Roland Jupiter-8 - one of the most legendary analogue synths of the 80's"


The Story of the Roland Jupiter-6

"The history of the one of the legendary 80's synthesizers, the Roland Jupiter-6"

In via Soviet Space Child. See the Documentaries label below for more.

Kawai K1m (1988)

video by Nacho Marty Meyer

"no effects or processes were used"

Oberheim Matrix-6

via this auction

Noise Engineering Modular Jam Spring 2019 (4/4)

video by Noise Engineering

"More modular improvisation from the back catalog."

Noise Engineering Spring 2019 Modular Jams

Doors (2021) Official Trailer

video by Epic Pictures Group

Wonder if he has an RF Nomad in there.

"Without warning, millions of mysterious alien “doors” suddenly appear around the globe. In a rush to determine the reason for their arrival, mankind must work together to understand the purpose of these cosmic anomalies. Bizarre incidences occurring around the sentient doors leads humanity to question their own existence and an altered reality as they attempt to enter them."

Custom Presets for Moog Subharmonicon Demo (No Talking)

video by Anton Anru

"«Undertones» is a collection of 50 patches: chords, sequences, basses, leads, plucks, drones, percussion, FXs. They are musical and experimental, soft and aggressive, mild and fat.

Get the soundset:

All patches are divided into 3 groups: SEQ (30 patches), KBD (10 patches), TRG (10 patches). SEQs are the patches that use the Subharmonicon sequencer with internal or external clock. This group contains melodic, chord, and bass lines. Play button is on.

KBD patches are meant to be used with external sequencer, DAW or midi keyboard. Here you will find leads, plucks, chords, drones. Play button is off.

TRG patches use the Subharmonicon sequencer, but you will not hear the sound until you push TRIGGER button on the synth. These patches don’t use envelope triggering for each step (EG button is off), so you should launch the envelopes manually. There are chords, FXs, fast seqs in this group. Play button is on.

Each patch contains notes that explain how the patch works, what parameters worth tweaking during the playback, how to develop the timbre to get new sound. If you make all the settings consciously and try the things mentioned in the notes, you will learn lots of things about the synth and discover its true depth.

To recreate these patches you need up 5 patch cords."

Arbhar, Beads, Microcosm, and a Kalimba

video by Omri Cohen

PPG Wave 2.2 ( Expander )

via this auction

I think this is a PPG Wave 2.2 minus keys in a custom case. The listing description makes it sound like a factor/production unit. If you know either way, feel free to leave a comment. The following is th listing decription:

"Here is the unique opportunity to get a PPG Wave 2.2 Expander in Perfect condition.

*Professionally SERVICED in FULL Working order*

I bought this expander about fifteen years ago.
At that time the case was made of wood.
We decided with my tech to make a new box to get closer to the original design."

The Case will be finish at the end of this month and i will put more Pictures..

-All Original Component.
-Midi Fitted
-latest software update ( System V8.3 )
-Will be Fully Serviced by Virtual Music in March and Available in mid April 2021."

Yamaha CS01

via this auction

Roland Jupiter-6 SN 343485

via this auction

Nunomo Qun-Synthesizer Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

You can find demos of one in previous posts here.

ROLAND VERSELAB MV-1 Song Production Studio | Live Session | Demo

video by SOULKEYS

"#VERSELAB​ MV-1 - Roland´s new #groovebox​ #drummachine​ is definitive not only for trap and hiphop...The 128 voices ZEN-Core Soundengine is huge. Thank You for watching."

Sequential Pro 3 - Mass and Motion Soundset

video by Creative Spiral

"This is a demo of the New Mass and Motion Soundset for the Sequential Pro 3 Synth. There are 128 custom patches, focused on dynamic motion and core songwriting tones. The motion section includes dozens of Paraphonic Motion patches, Arpeggios, and Complex Sequences. They have been designed to not be "one trick ponies" though, like many synth motion patches tend to be. They can be played up and down the keybed in any key."

Roland JU-06A Juno Bass to Ambient PAD Rik Marston

video by Rik Marston Official

"Roland JU-06A Bass to Ambient Pad. So easy to shape sounds,
the Juno-60 & Juno-106 are legendary for their 'ease of use' designs.
The JU-06A is excellent for any studio, live setup or sound design!

Layer the sounds with the built-in Chorus I + II, Delay & Whamo! Pure Bliss!"

"My NEW Etsy store: **AhnyxianSoundDesign** UP NOW!
selling Synthesizer Sample Packs, Ambient CD's & Meteorites"


video by Sunshine Jones


// I’ve read review after review, vintage and modern just slamming the Boss KM series mixers from 1978 as “garbage.”


My stars. Perhaps if you have never known the abandon of a warehouse, or the magic of a massive field or beach lit only by stars, and the heady transformation of everything into everything else and you’re attempting to track your folk trio to cassette tape then yeah. I can understand being confused.

The Boss KM-6A (mine is here beautifully re capped, with a new power switch, and new elegantly dim VU meter bulbs) turns house into techno, and techno into mayhem with a pre set input switch for gain overdrive on the fly, a simple high and low EQ, a pan pot and a volume.

We don’t need a compressor, we don’t need a collection of distortion pedals, we got it all right here in this brilliant box to bring us from a deep starting point, way past the stars, and home again.

I wanna go.
Let’s go!"

Teensy Eurorack Drum Module

video by otemrellik

"Just a quick look at a Eurorack Drum Module I made. Schematic can be found here:
Info on Teensy Audio Library:"

Oberheim 8-Voice — Unison Patch Design

video by GForce Software

"Dave Spiers demonstrates the challenge of programming a unison patch on this iconic and incredibly beautiful sounding synth."

Update: Don't miss the end. :)

Korg Opsix Altered FM Synthesizer

video by Perfect Circuit

"The Korg Opsix is a six operator FM synth that can do way more than classic synthesizers like the DX7. The altered FM operators in the Opsix can act as modulators or carriers and in addition to FM they have ring modulation, wave folding, filtering and filter FM options. The operators go through a filter which has multiple modes (including Polysix and MS-20 modeled filters) as well as an FX section where you can chain up to 3 algorithms.

In this video Jacob plays a few of the factory presets as well as some custom patches with an explanation of some of the features and techniques used to create them.


00:00​ - Intro
00:05​ - First Patch
01:52​ - Overview
02:11​ - Funk Bass
02:29​ - Crystal Bells
03:00​ - Dat Electric Piano
03:36​ - Altered Operators
03:58​ - Custom Bass Patch
04:44​ - Randomization
05:40​ - Sub Audio Modulation
06:40​ - Complex Pad Patch
07:44​ - Synthesized Nature Patch
08:46​ - Outro

Available here:"

VGM #188​: WORLD 1 (Super Mario 3D World) Synth-Pop Cover

video by Amie Waters

"This video came about entirely because of Dunkey's recent video where he talked about how catchy the Super Mario 3D World music was. I hope you enjoy my take on it. I am particularly proud of the mix on this one!"

Buchla Envy

video by poorness studios

"I've really been geeking out on Buchla systems lately. I've watched several videos and read a lot of articles. The Buchla Music Easel has always captivated me and I've always wanted one. Anyway, I sat down to make a patch today and somehow... I made this. It sounds very Buchla-esque to me and I wasn't even trying to do that. I guess the things you read seep into your subconscious. I've got some serious Buchla envy."

DX5 playing Jan Hammer "Crockett's Theme" cover

video by DX5

"Gear used:
Left: Roland D-10 (Pad)
Emu Emax 1 (as MIDI controller, triggering the Kurzweil)
Kurzweil PC1x (Electric guitar sound)
Right: Emu Emax II. (Lead and low pad, both made based on layering different synths/sound libraries).

Backtrack previously recorded and sequenced, track by track, by me, on Pro Tools.
Composed by Jan Hammer.
Performed here by Jose Maria Bara."

Polyend Preset Euclidean Generator

video by Polyend

"Polyend Preset firmware is now open source. The first alternative firmware version is equipped with a generative sequencing machine – Euclidean generator (which can be downloaded in the Releases section).

Find more about it at blog
Made by Patrik Veltrusk√Ĺ"

Polyend Preset - A Fun Ideamaker

"The Polyend Preset Eurorack module can function as a control surface for multiple destinations in your system. But this is only one of the ways you can achieve a rewarding and inspiring musical outcome."

VERMONA Analog Synthesizer - Made in GDR (1982) - Ten sounds from east germany

video by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

From my video archive. I have made this video in 2011 so is the video quality not the best. Sorry.

VERMONA Analog Synthesizer from the year 1982
Made by VEB Klingenthaler Harmonikawerke, east germany

2-VCO monophonic analog synthesizer with a 24dB VCF, two ADSR envelopes with envelope presets, LFO, glide and more.

500 synths produced. Many of them were exported to the Soviet Union.
Also called as Zonen-Moog ;)

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my synth shirts or music albums. Thank you!

RetroSound Home:"

Sonicware Liven XFM Prototype - Demo 3 - Bass and Strings

video by ChrisLody

ChrisLody Sonicware Liven demos

Analogue Solutions Announces Colossus #4

I almost skipped posting this as the only news here is there's a 4th production run of the Colossus. I guess it's interesting knowing how many are out there. What's also interesting is I always assumed the Colossus was either built in a limited initial run, or it was built per order only. This is a mammoth endeaver and each one costs 25,000 GBP which comes out to $35,000 US. It is $4500 less than this little Sennheiser VSM201 Vocoder!

Note, the images in this post appear to be stock. You can find demos of the Colossus in previous posts here.

Press release follows:
""Analogue Solutions announces forthcoming fourth run of Colossus supersized synth that trips back to the future of analogue

KINGSWINFORD, UK: following a showstopping showcase during its introduction at SynthFest UK 2019 in Sheffield, British boutique electronic instruments innovator Analogue Solutions is proud to announce a forthcoming fourth run of Colossus — its supersized synth that trips back to the future of analogue, albeit symbolising so much more than a powerful analogue ‘workstation’ with no fewer than 12 VCOs (Voltage-Controlled Oscillators) beating at its monumental musical heart, rather representing art, architecture, and superlative studio furniture at its hand-built best by taking its design cues from the colossal classic that is the EMS Synthi 100, although no Synthi circuit was cloned or copied in making the destined-to-be-classic Colossus fit for a new generation of high-flying owners — as of February 15…

White MacBeth M5N Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

"This is the largest, heaviest, and most impressive synthesizer I had in the studio. It is made in a rugged steel case and although it's appearance is like an Arp 2600, it sounds nothing like it. This is the prize of the MacBeth offerings, and was limited to only around 50 made in white, and perhaps 50 in black. This one has no serial number, as it was made as a demo unit back in the early 2000's."

Yellow Waldorf Q Keyboard

via this auction

1985 Crumar Bit One Vintage Synth w/ Tauntek Mod

via this auction

"This synth has recently been serviced and had the Tauntek Mod installed so you can control midi cc remotely.

I've noticed that the very high notes sound a little softer than the rest of the keyboard. This may have something to do with velocity sensitivity. It's only happening near the top octave of the keyboard.

This Crumar Bit One is a quirky and dope sounding poly synth. Com Truise calls the Crumar Bit One his "secret weapon."

Quasimidi Technox - Vintage German Rackmount Synthesizer - Synth / Drums / FX

via this auction

"Classic Rackmount Synth from German makers QUASIMIDI- TECHNOX.

Excellent condition. Fully working.

16-Part Multitimbral synth, full of very nice sounds. Basses, Leads, Pads, Strings, Drums (909, 808 etc).

2x onboard FX engines.

Good synthesis possibilities, envelopes, filters, modulation, comprehensive Midi capabilities."

Clouds, Seeds, Crowds & Beads | Mutable Instruments #Beads​

video by Cinematic Laboratory

"First impressions with the brand new, latest and final module of Mutable Instruments. It started off around 2017 as Clouds V2 but ended up as 'Beads' (which make a necklace). Make sure you manage your expectations, because this is not a Clouds 2.0, it's a completely different module with its own character that also happens to be a 'texture synthesizer', a granular synth that cuts fragments from existing audio, reorders is and creates completely new voices, noise and sonic whirlwinds.

There's definitely more to come once I figured out all its sweetspots and get predictable results. Maybe there's an easter egg in it."

Random Patches: The MC-101’s Coolest Feature

video by Gabe Miller Music

'I demo one of the best features of the Roland MC-101, random patches on tone tracks, showing each algorithm and a few jams."

Ambient with Lyra-8, Strymon Big Sky & Mobius

video by Akihiko Matsumoto

Music by Akihiko Matsumoto -​
Mixer: Ableton Live
Synth: Lyra-8
Modulation FX: Strymon Mobius
Reverb: Strymon Big Sky
Comp/Limitter: iZotope Ozone9
Camera: Sony a7RII (Zeiss Batis 55mm F1.8)

Patch n Tweak
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