MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, April 4, 2021

Sunday, April 04, 2021


video by verstaerker

"Metropolis. A musical impression by verstaerker.

Many synths where harmed during the making. To name a few:
Buchla Easel, Macbeth M3X, elektron Machinedrum,Analog Four, Analog Rytm, Korg Ms20Mini,PIN Portabella, Roland SH-1, Yocto 8080, SomaLabs The Pipe, Modal Cobalt 8M, elektron Analog Heat, Strymon Volante, TC M3000"

Modal Electronics Cobalt8 (Presets Part 1)

video by 3rdStoreyChemist

Rhodes Piano and Prophet 10 somber jazz

video by MIDERA

"I don't know what to call it? It's a bit too slow to be funk, I'm not really good enough at playing to even achieve that. So - it's somber jazz. I've been working on this piece for about a week, although I don't think I'll ever be satisfied, it's been fun to play.

Nothing much else to say about it really.

Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano 73
Sequential Prophet 10
Strymon DIG
Eventide Space
Avion Studios Retro Flyer Preamp"

Data Garden PlantWave - galvanic MIDI hardware 1st demo/experiments

video by SynthAddict

Little plant playing music.

"PlantWave converts measured plant (or any other organism's) galvanic resistance over time between 2 points to MIDI, like biofeedback devices (galvanic skin response in animals). Enjoy the experiments. A few synths were used in the demo.

I experiment with lights and wavelengths, as well as a simple impromptu chaotic jams at the end with a plant bandmate. :-)

The PlantWave mobile app has onboard synth presets & other features, but this demo is only for MIDI hardware.

Galvanic refers to Luigi Galvani, who was an 18th century physician, physicist, biologist and philosopher - considered the pioneer of bioelectromagnetics.

00:00​ PlantWave inro, hookups, etc.
01:24​ First connection & sound demo
01:48​ Light demos and theory
03:43​ Sound demo 2 with lights
05:30​ Touch demo
06:04​ Sound patch change
07:03​ Plant change
08:10​ Human/plant improv live jam"

Freerunning Samples

video by gotharman

"In a free world, samples should be free running."

Circuit Tracks - Chasing Tides Performance // Novation

video by NovationTV

"Enrique performs exclusive track Chasing Tides using Circuit Tracks.

Create instinctively. Perform immediately. Circuit Tracks is an extraordinary standalone groovebox for the modern producer. With two refined polyphonic digital synth tracks, four drum tracks, creative FX and on-the-go capabilities, it’s the perfect hands-on device for the agile music maker.

Fast, intuitive and straightforward, Novation Circuit Tracks’ workflow lets you create instinctively, without hesitation. No complex menus or scrolling, just creativity accelerated. Build intricate synth parts and load your own samples with ease, effortlessly construct sequences, douse everything with FX and keep inspired — and make the music you want to make.

--- Discover Circuit Tracks:​"

40+ Wavestate Performances (Volume I) by Robust American Patches

Wavestate Performance Demonstrations (Wave 2) video by Robust American Patches

via Robust American Patches

"This collection contains some 40 performances and 130 programs for the Korg Wavestate/Wavestate S.E. (You also get 10 complimentary performances...see below) Every performance in this set makes heavy use of the various controllers...The modwheel, aftertouch, vector joystick and of course the 40 mod knobs. (8 performance knobs and up to 32 layer mod knobs) If you are looking for vibrato, try the modwheel or aftertouch. Be sure to give the performance and layer mod knobs a spin to further customize the sounds to your needs. We tried to keep the mod knob assignments consistent from performance to performance and program to program but there are more than a few exceptions. Most of the performances in Volume I use the master performance knob as a master filter knob. It usually controls multiple filter parameters of all the layers simultaneously. We suggest that you experiment with all of the controllers, both at the layer level and the performance level, to get the most out of these performances."

Nord Lead 2/2X "CINEMATICA" 50 Organic Presets

video by LFOstore

"'Cinematica' is a combination or collaboration between hardware & software tech.

Buy here:​

Organic sounds for Nord Lead 2/2X combined with deepest fx of Supermassive wonderfull free of charge effect by Valhalla DSP.

We love Clavia with all our heart aswell as Valhalla DSP Virtual Fx.

We used a lot Valhalla effects in our past presentatinos & answered countless messages - what kind of vst fx you are using to process hardware?

We are thinking that Supermassive is the best one for any hardware synth & its totally free one, thanks to Valhalla.

Nord 2X really lucks lushness in tone - a good chorus effect & deep reverb for cosmic pads & soundscapes.

Inside Supermassive you will find silk choruses, ensembles & deepest reverbs (period).

Reverb Transmitter

video by Reverb Transmitter

"Added two new reverbs, which are inspired by Earthquaker Devices – 'Transmisser' pedal, named 'Reverb Transmitter' and 'Reverb Transmitter Warp'."

How to build VCVRack from scratch on MacOS

video by TheKlirrfaktor

RH 1 Synthesizer boards are ready

video by RH Electronics

"Information here, documentation and schematic​"

"The RH-1 is a digitally controlled (DCO) Synth based off the Juno 106 design. It will be available as a kit to build allowing the user flexibility of a desktop unit or rack mount unit.

It’s a mono synth with programmed ‘key rollover’ if a key is held down and another pressed it will change the pitch and re trigger the envelope.


Single Digitally Controlled Oscillator, Saw + Pulse (PWM Adjustable)
Single ADSR analog envelope (AS3310)
PWM and Filter envelope mod, adjustable
External inputs for Filter and PWM summer
0 to 5 volt analog CV
12 volt digital CV
AS3372 signal processor
Envelope re-trigger on second key press
Adjustable audio out ~650mV p-p
PIC16F18344 controller running with a 4MHz crystal oscillator
Power requirements are +/- 12 volts. A standard eurorack connector will be on the PCB"

Sequential Pro 3 SE (with cover)

via this auction

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Make Noise Strega Desktop Synth And Complex Delay Unit SN 608

via this auction

Korg Electribe ER-1 Rhythm Synthesizer SN 011140

video by Lee Klawans

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix 1000 SN 0084083

via this auction

Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine (DB9) SN 2159 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"bought new in 1995. Based around the sound of the Roland TB-303 it very much has it’s own sonic fingerprint and is a true analog MIDI controlled mono synth with CV and Gate in and out plus an audio in allowing you to filter external sounds through it’s excellent 24db voltage controlled resonant filter.

It has five functions:

1. A MIDI controlled bass synthesizer.
2. An analogue controlled bass synthesizer.
3. A MIDI to CV converter.
4. A MIDI controlled filter gate.
5. An analogue controlled filter gate."

VAI 50 : Elka Wilgamat III / Elka Solist 505

video by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"The Elka Wilgamat III is an analog auto-accompaniment machine from 1982 It has four sections:
An analog Drum machine
A Bass sections
A piano / brass chord section
And an arpeggiator

Apart from the auto rhythm to each section, you can play the bass and piano/brass sounds just like a synth, no modulation capabilities.
The Elka Solist 505 is a monophonic preset synthesizer from 1976 with a unique / quirky timbre, great filter on this one. And a great look :)"


video by Synthesizer Home

Best Ambient Synth Shootout #109​: Casio CZ-1 - Song 3

video by Christian's Sonic Spaces

"This is the third song with the CZ-1. It's a 16 voice Phase Distortion synthesizer from the mid 80s. The only Casio Synth from the CZ series that featured velocity and aftertouch sensitivity.

I used for the recording the following FX chain: CZ-1 - Digitech Obscura - Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe - GFI System Specular Reverb 2. Depending on the recorded track some FX are deactivated

The signal went through a Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 into the PC via USB for recording. To create the complete song I recorded consecutively several stereo tracks. The final song was then mastered with a bit EQ and compression on some tracks and some limiting on the master track."

Best Ambient Synth Shootout posts

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