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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Improv #21 for Fender Rhodes, VCS3, Arp 2600 and Mellotron.

video by R. Reger

"Improvised piece for analogue keyboards."

Australian CASIO MIDI Users Club Newsletter 3., CZ Patches & Rock School Courses

Additional scans in via Loscha, who brought us the MIDI PRIMER scans earlier today (higher res pics added there BTW).

The first 11 are the CASIO MIDI Users Club Newsletter 3 featuring the AZ-1 keytar on the cover. Below that are some CZ patches followed by Rock School course agendas. To be there at the time... It made me think of the New York School of Synthesis (if you haven't seen it, don't miss it).


Australian Casio MIDI User Group Newsletter 3 (higher res PDF here)

Advertising about Australian (Melbourne) Synthesizer and guitar workshops

Handwritten patches from an attendee of one of those workshops.

If anyone has any further editions of Australian MIDI Users Club newsletter, please email

BEFACO LICH Eurorack module reviewed by MARK JENKINS.

video by Mark Jenkins

"A powerful programmable digital module with assignable control voltage inputs. Based on Rebel Technology's Owl system and programmable using Faust, Max and other languages. Digital reverb, delay and Harmonic Oscillator are just the start of its abilities. Reviewed in depth in the forthcoming book 'Synthesizers; 50 Years'."

Korg Opsix & Source Audio Nemesis

video by 3rdStoreyChemist

Clavia Nord Rack 2X Synthesizer

via this auction

Yamaha CS50

via this auction

Beyond Oort's Cloud // OP-1

video by Eon Edge

"I'm actually starting to love the OP-1's synth engines. Here's a track featuring a few custom patches I created with the Dr. Wave, Pulse, Strings, and Digital engines.

I also took the whole sampling-the-radio for a spin. The vocal you're hearing comes from a song I happened to capture from the OP-1 radio. I chopped it and used the arpeggiator to create some interesting rhythmic patterns.

Speaking about the arpeggiator. It's surprisingly versatile! I like to experiment with arpeggiated drum patches, and come up with unexpected percussive patterns to layer on top of my programmed beat. The OP-1 will only use the sounds you're playing on the keyboard, and actually pitch shift them to follow the selected arpeggiator mode. Pretty neat!

There's quite a lot of mixing work done behind the scenes in Logic Pro: I came up with a template that makes it very easy to arrange and mix the loops I create on the OP-1. I hope this will push me to create more songs with this setup: it's kind of the best of both worlds, the OP-1 as a portable idea generator machine, and Logic Pro on my computer for the arrangement and mixing part.

Hope you like it!"

Chewbacca Sighting in Disneyland with a Sequential Prophet X

Chewy rocking a Prophet X!

via @sequentialLLC:

"May the 4th be with you! #StarWarsDay #ProphetX"

Click the pic for the full size shot.

Sequential Prophet 5 Sound Demo (no talking)

video by Limbic Bits

0:00​ Pads
5:26​ Basses
9:53​ Leads
12:58​ More of everything

All of these modules for a lousy lightsaber sound...

video by Omri Cohen

"Here are some patch notes:
- This sound is built out of 4 layers.
- The first layer is Saich going to a low pass filter on Freak, and from there to the Desmodus Versio. I have the Y output of Planar2 opening the main filter, and the X output opening the filter for one channel so there's movement in the stereo field.
- The second layer is Plaits in FM mode, going through the Mimeophon. The Y output of Planar2 is opening the level of Plaits, and the X output changing the FM amount.
- The third layer is the Ts-L (pulse output) going through an analog low pass filter from Vult, and from there, to the Imitor Versio. The Y output of Planar2 is opening the filter.
- The fourth layer is also coming from the Ts-L but I'm using the square wave an octave down. This is going to another Freak with a comb filter and from there to the Vorg filter from Vult. The Y output of Planar2 is opening the filter, and the X output is changing the frequency of the comb filter.
- I didn't add any effect or anything after the fact, it's all coming from the case."

Omri Links:

"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

MIDI PRIMER Everything You Need to Know to Profit From The Most Dynamic Musical Technology of The '80s

October 1985 article from The Music Trades in via Loscha.

Click the pics to read each page
(Update: higher res pics added - PDF here).

Synth Ads featured:

Opcode MIDIMAC Interface, Sequencer, and Patch Libraries

DX7 RAM from The Musician's Service

AKAI S612 Sampler - Finally Sampling Made Simple!

Ensoniq "the the Mirage"

Affordable MIDI Switching DATA-LINK 5 from DIGI-TRON

SYNSONICS DRUMS - Fred Gretsch Enterprises

Syntech MIDI Software, Ram Cartridges, Midi Interfaces

It's worth noting this is the first post to feature DIGI-TRON. Makes you wonder how many unknown synth related companies are out there. In over 15 years of running this site they still come up. See the New Old label for more.

Demo ONE - From Goa to Psytrance - Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by A Force Truly Evil

video by Isotonik Studios

"Updated: From Goa To Psytrance Circuit Tracks Sound Pack.
From Goa To Psytrance is now fully compatible with Circuit Tracks. Including full tracking of the new labelled macros on Circuit Tracks and 28 sessions/projects.
We’re back with another essential sound pack for all Psytrance and Goatrance fans.

After the successful packs "A Force Truly Evil Vol.1" and "Bass Pressure" A Force Truly Evil brings us now "From Goa To Psytrance", an impressive collection of Psychedelic Trance sounds with superb patches and astonishing drums to get the best sounds you know and trust to create Psytrance tracks.

This pack is perfectly for all sub genres of Psytrance whether your style is Full On, Classic Goa, Nu Skool Goa, Dark Psy, Progressive Psytrance, Psy Ambient, and anything in between.

An exhaustive selection of 64 patches including hypnotic basslines, evolving synths, infectius FM type distorted leads, mindblowing acid lines with
dozens of 303 patches that pounding your brain, and much more...
A truly refined Psytrance samples covering snappy synthesized kicks, hard hitting snares and percusion, and some of the best psychedelic FX/one shots for technical drum beats.

28 high quality sessions with the most used production techniques in Psytrance. Some arrangements are included to make the most of the sessions, with intros, drops, breaks and variations of main parts.

Parameters assigned with the easiest controls for in-depth customization, and get as many sound variations as possible.

###The​ Circuit Tracks version of this sound pack follows the parameter assignments printed in the Circuit Tracks macros.###


101-VCO vs SH-101 + 101-VCO Tuning Mod [Demo 4]

video by gstormelectro

"Today, I am comparing my 101-VCO to the original Roland SH-101 synthesizer.
How close to the original is my 101-VCO?
Saw, Pulse, Pulse Width Modulation, Sub, and Noise waveforms.
The SH-101 did not have the Triangle waveform.
At the end of the video I'll play both of them together, just for fun.

I'll also show you an easy mod for the 101-VCO so that it's pitch CV can
match the tuning of the original SH-101.
It involves adding a 1206 470K resistor to R19 previously denoted "DNP".
All 101-VCOs I make and sell henceforth will have the resistor already installed.
And tuned to match the SH-101 as it should be.

Left Channel = 101-VCO
Right Channel = SH-101

0:00​ Introduction
0:26​ A Simple Mod to match the 101-VCO pitch CV with the SH-101
1:45​ Audio Comparisons
4:25​ Both at the same time, just for fun"


Norand Mono Tutorial 2: X-mod and X-env

video by Richard DeHove

"A detailed look at the Mono's modulators and envelopes; how to apply them generally to a parameter, and also varying the amount per step. The tutorial also looks at real-time automation recording and 'playing' the pitch of each oscillator separately. Many more tutorials to come on this amazing machine.

0:00​ Intro and Live Mode
0:14​ X-mod and X-env overview
0:58​ Starting to make a bass drum
1:20​ Selecting a parameter
1:47​ Turn on Visualization
2:14​ Tweaking the Osc envelope
3:02​ Adding a click
3:51​ The X-mod section
5:10​ Modulator shapes
6:20​ Modulator "Types"
8:10​ Per step variations
10:14​ White noise snare
11:36​ Adding a transient click
12:40​ Modulating filter color
14:10​ Changing the overall sound
15:32​ Recording knob automation
16:08​ Multi-step undo
16:42​ More knob automation
18:12​ Choosing a scale
18:34​ Recording quantized pitch automation

This is not a sponsored video!
My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

Richard DeHove Norand Mono Tutorials

May the 4th be with you #shorts [w/ a Teenage Engineering Megaman Pocket Operator]

video by michael nervOus

"Happy may the 4th! Literally just trying out the shorts upload on YouTube from mobile"

"Hey There Delilah" Cover produced with MakeNoise Shared System & Roland JD-XA Synthesizers.

video by Koboto Music

"I used the MakeNoise Shared System and the Roland JD-Xa to produce a cover of the Plain White T's song "Hey There Delilah" The Video is (of course) not live but is a representation of how I produced the track. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching!"

The Most Popular Drum Beats with the Roland TR-707 - Rhythm Composer Patterns

video by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​​ channel:

This video show some of the most popular drum patterns in music history with the legendary Roland TR-707 from the year 1985.

8bit sound (like the Linndrum) with 15 sounds (kick 1, kick 2, snare 1, snare 2, low tom, mid tom, high tom, rim-shot, cow bell, hand clap, tambourine, open and closed high-hat, crash/ ride cymbals)
64 pattern

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
Everything is free. If you like my work, you can also support me with the purchase of my merchandise (shirts, bags, mugs, stickers) or one of my music albums. Thank you!"

Live Sampling \ Elektron Machinedrum UW and Kalimba

video by kapillarkraft

"No pre-sampled sounds, only the ones recorded in the clip are heard.
The "drum" is a plastic food container.
Thank you for listening."

Yamaha DX7

via this auction

"Yamaha DX7 Synth Lapel Enamel Pin Original 1990’s."

Oberheim OB-MX 2 Voice Rack Synth SN mx001403

via this auction

"It is in excellent condition with the original rack ears and manual.

I bought this in 1998 and it has been stored away safely since the early 2000's I doubt you will be able to find one with this little use anywhere

I have just got it out tested it , run the demos and replaced the 3v cell battery, everything functions as it should.

The face panel is in excellent condition no signs of wear"

Octave Plateau Cat SRM II Analog Music Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Cat SRM II was manufactured in 1980 – 81 and is the best and final model of the Cat synthesizer series from the mid-1970s, which included the original Cat and Cat SRM. This used Cat SRM II has been calibrated and tested to assure everything works. The switches, pots keyboard contacts,buss bar and electronic circuits have all been cleaned and checked. Although this unit has only been used in a smoke-free studio, it has some cosmetic blemishes as can be seen in the photos. The original owner’s manual is included."

ROLAND JP-8080 Analog Modeling Rack Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland JP-8000 49-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

"Mint condition Roland jp-8000 with custom flight case. The original super saw synth as it came out in 97 perfect sounding perfect condition."

Moog Memorymoog SN 3252

via this auction

Korg Delta w/ Midi And Filter Input SN 283622

via this auction

"Excellent condition Korg Delta with Lalaland Midi.

Midi In/Out/Thru.
Filter control via CC/ aftertouch/velocity.
Midi channels Omni/1-16.
Unique Retrigger mode selectable for Synth/Strings.
Local On/Off.
Retrigger mode On/Off.

All settings made from keyboard and then stored.

Filter input via Noise slider.
- Plug a jack into the filter input and the external signal appears on the noise slider.

PSU recapped.
All 49 caps in trigger circuit replaced.
All sliders and pots cleaned.

Comes with hardcase.
Shipped bombproof!"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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