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Saturday, May 08, 2021

Korg opsix - Filter types

video by Korg

"The addition of the filter section on opsix expands the sonic possibilities way beyond traditional FM, with eleven types including models from our classic MS20 and POLYSIX"

More Hordijk LFVCO

video by Todd Barton

"Continuing explorations with the Hordijk LF-VCO. . ."

Todd Barton Hordijk posts

Sequential Circuits Prelude

via this auction

Moog Micromoog Model 2090 Vintage Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 1287

via this auction

Roland SH-101 Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Making music with Modal Electronics Craft Synth 2.0

video by Phillip Gross

"In this video I tried to play the Modal Electronics Craft Synth 2.0.
The additional sounds and instruments I played with the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments.
Recording and arrangement was done in Steinberg Cubase."

Making music with Gakken Analog Synthesizer SX-150 Mark II & Stylophone Gen X-1

video by Phillip Gross

"In this video I tried to play the Gakken Analog Synthesizer SX-150 Mark II.
The additional sounds and instruments I played with the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments.
Recording and arrangement was done in Steinberg Cubase.
Just ask me if you want to know more details."

Making music with Stylophone Gen X-1
video by Phillip Gross

"In this video I tried to play the Stylophone Gen X-1.
The additional sounds and instruments I played with the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments.
Recording and arrangement was done in Steinberg Cubase.
Just ask me if you want to know more details."

Korg Kronos Uber Analog Volume 2 Teaser Oberheim ARP Sequential Rik Marston

video by Rik Marston Official

"'Korg Kronos Uber Analog Volume 2 Teaser'
Synthesizer Sample Pack Audio Demo by Rik Marston
**No Talking!** ***Watch in HD!!*** **Turn it UP!!!***
***Attention all Korg Kronos Users!!!!!***
Uber Analog Volume 2 analog synthesizer sample pack is HERE
Only $16.99 USD same day SAFE digital download!
Put the power of the ARP ODYSSEY, OBERHEIM MATRIX 6 &
ALL synthesizer collection sample packs just $16.99!!!"


Korg Kronos Uber Analog Volume 2 Sample Pack Demo 1 OB Sequential ARP Rik Marston

The biggest PCB RH Electronics ever designed - Prophet 5 style main board

video by RH Electronics

"The main board for the Prophet 5 style project. This board is the main oscillator/signal switching and envelope generator. The filter will sit on top on a daughterboard."

Top Ten Sounds - Arturia Polybrute -

video by GEOSynths

"Get Secrets Vol 1 Now -
Having made 96 Patches for the Arturia Polybrute, I decided to do a Video highlighting the Top Ten Patches I've made. I also give my thoughts on the Synth, things I like and others I don't.

It's not a Review as I don't go into the Oscillators and Filters and so on, as there's already quite a few, however I though it would be good to do a Video, so you can hear what a Professional Sound Designer thinks of the Arturia Polybrute."

Airfix 1:24 scale

video by Vykaar Tones

"A remix of a tribute track I made in 2018. Sequenced on the Digitakt and using midi control of Nord rack 2 for the originally polymoog part, korg odyssey for the bass and model D for the lead line. Digitakt sampled 808 bass and snare.
This maybe flagged as copyrighted. Ads may appear on this as it so closely models the original.
Pictures show some of the synthesizers I have worked on and some from famous clients."

Yamaha PSS-480 - Part 1: The FM Synthesizer

video by Keen On Keys

"In this video I explain the FM synthesizer of the PSS-480 with its 9 editable parameters. The same synthesizer was also used for the 580, 680 and 780.

In part 2 [below] will look at the accompaniment section, the custom drummer, the sequencer and the midi functions.

00:00​ Intro
00:49​ Overview
01:49​ Portasound FM Keyboards
04:05​ A Look Inside
06:10​ Test Mode
06:37​ Voices & FX
12:33​ FM Synthesis Explained
15:55​ The 9 Parameters
19:14​ A Voice From Scratch
22:19​ Examples
23:42​ The Hidden Parameters
28:34​ More Examples"

Yamaha PSS-480 - Part 2: The Music Station

"In this video I will have a look at the accompaniment section, the custom drummer, the sequencer and the midi functions of the Yamaha PSS-480.

00:00​​ Rhythm Machine
01:17​ Chord Modes
02:52​​ Duet Effect
04:23​ Styles
10:02​ Custom Drummer
17:21​ Chord Banks
20:55​ Melody Banks
28:11​ Parameter Changes
29:54​ Mono Mode
30:41​ Sustain
31:10​ Midi Mode 00
33:57​ Midi Sync
35:54​ Midi Mode 99"

Yamaha PSS-480 - Part 3: The Synth Editor

video by Keen On Keys

In this video I will have a look at a synth editor for the PSS-480. A freeware program that allows to edit all parameters, even the hidden ones, and to save voices to a computer.

You can buy a full album I made with the PSS-480 on Bandcamp.
The download also includes 100 synth banks for the PSS-480.

00:00​ Intro
00:23 System Exclusive
01:34 Recording Midi Data
02:43 Synth Editor
03:36 Basic Functions
05:18 Envelopes
10:00 Key Scaling
12:15 Waveforms
12:59 Detune
15:35 FX
16:05 Percussion Voices
16:55 Other Editors
18:45 Conclusion
19:49 Final Track

Synth Editor download links:
PSS-480 Panel:
PSS Edit:
PSS Wave Editor:"

You can find additional Home Keyboard demos by Keen On Keys posted here.

InstalliingWaldorf Iridium Rackears

video by Hajo Liese

"Waldorf have the new Iridium an Kyra Rack Ears in stock
Easy to install"

Korg DSS-1 Sampling Synthesizer (1985) +Extras

via this auction

Kawai SX-240 w/ Tauntek Firmware & Stereoping Midi Controller

via this auction

"This SX-240 is in amazing condition. It was completely serviced and calibrated about 3 years ago. I changed the battery a couple years back as well as upgraded with the Tauntek firmware which allows full midi control over all parameters. There are some great max for live devices if you use ableton live. Also included is the Stereoping SX-240 midi controller which gives you quick control over just about everything."

Yamaha TX81Z SN NX01328 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synth

via this auction

"The Fizmo is an amazing digital synthesizer! This one has been entirely serviced, from the PSU to the keybed . - PSU rebuilt ( the weak point of most of the fizmo’s) - Some potentiometers replaced and all the other ones cleaned. - Keybed rebuilt. The front panel has some few marks and the keybed is slightly yellowish."

ASM Hydrasynth Sound Demo by PAD Part 2

video by Pure Ambient Drone

"In this video, I demo some Hydrasynth synthesizer presets, patches and sounds!
The new Ashun Sound Machines (ASM) Hydrasynth keyboard is an eight-voice synth with rich options for sound design: with Wave Scanning oscillators, sound shaping via multiple Mutators, two flexible filters per voice, and a fully-thought-out effects section, Hydrasynth is a sound designer's dream. This is the Hydrosynth Keyboard and not the Hydrosynth desktop. Both their synth engines are the same but their interfaces have minor differences."

Pure Ambient Drone Hydrasynth posts

e-instruments Pure Piano | Play (iPad app Sounds demo)

video by Whentherushcomes

"Playing the Pure Piano iOS AUv3 app on the iPad, using the Roland FP-30 digital piano as a midi controller. Probably the best sounding piano app on iOS."

iOS App Store link:

"Pure Piano is a professional, multi-sampled concert grand piano instrument with a unique Morphpad that allows you to explore a multitude of sounds ranging from mellow and intimate tones to surreal, cinematic textures.
Similar to an XY pad, the Morphpad offers up nine core timbres of the piano. The 'pure' piano sits untouched at the heart and centre of the space, surrounded by eight more presets for you to explore as you guide your finger seamlessly through the wide-ranging tonal palette of the piano.
As you do so, the various timbres blend together allowing you to create your own sounds, and what’s more, the Morphpad works as a macro control for the app’s inbuilt effects adding even more to the experience by way of ever-changing texture and atmosphere, all from just one single piano."

IO Instruments - SPONDE patch examples

video by IO Instruments

"SPONDE might look like a simple nature on the surface. But when used smart, it can be used in many different ways as a center piece of a modular system.

- 6 channel stereo mixer
- 2 x 6 mono mixer
- mix 6 audio and 6 CV signal in parallel
- 8 x attenuator and 2 x 2 mixer (for audio or CV) at the same time

.. and many other combinations.

Let us kick off a little patch series:
- one mixer channel to be used as a submix to feed into a filter
- mix audio and CV material in parallel
- a jam using the direct outs/attenuators

00:00​ - Intro
00:15​ - SPONDE recap - what is it
00:50​ - Patch example: submixer
03:08​ - Patch example: audio + CV mixing in parallel
07:01​ - SPONDE jam: mix various audio and CV signals & use direct outs to control other modules

Dreadbox Typhon - 5 Favourite Things!

video by Tim Shoebridge

"In this video I take a look at the improvements and enhancements that Dreadbox have added in numerous firmware updates since the synth was first released and pick out my top 5 favourites from what is actually a very long and impressive list.

00:08​ Intro
00:48​ Preset Preview
04:10​ Cloud Effect
10:23​ MIDI Clock Sync
16:31​ Custom Targets
20:03​ Sync to Tempo"

Patch n Tweak
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