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Friday, June 11, 2021

LIVEN XFM - FM Editing Overlay

video by SONICWARE

"Chris Lody demonstrates how the FM engine can be edited for bottom up FM sound design on the LIVEN XFM prototype."

BOOMSTAR SE80 Sketch 04 -

video by Mason Chrysler

"As I dive deeper, the depths become clearer and clearer. This is a quick multi layer track made with the SE80. Recorded and processed in Logic.

The Boomstar SE80 is a monophonic synthesizer made by Studio Electronics. It has filters inspired by the legendary Yamaha CS-80 and sounds like a dream.

Thanks for listening!


Mason Chrysler BOOMSTAR SE80 sketches


As announced here, SUPERBOOTH21 is set for this coming September.

Tickets for the event go on sale this coming Monday at

The press release follows:

"Berlin, June 2021


This Monday - The presale for SUPERBOOTH21 starts! On June 14, a first limited contingent of day tickets will go on sale - the validity of the tickets is linked to a negative Covid-19 test, a complete vaccination or a proven recovery at the time of the event.

Tickets for the special events will go on sale starting July 15, including the DIY workshops, Gesprächskonzerte (lecture concerts) and boat shuttle. These tickets are only valid in conjunction with any day ticket. Then in August there will be another limited contingent of day tickets, of course at the same price.

Due to the official requirements, all ticket contingents are of course limited. All one-day tickets allow all-day access to the outdoor areas. In order to be able to guarantee the required distances between visitors, access to the indoor area of the FEZ Berlin will take place in a two-shift system, either in the morning or in the afternoon. There will be fewer booths inside than during past events - a total of about 150 international exhibitors can be expected. This year, the fairground offers a significantly expanded outdoor area, with ad- ditional tents in the forest, the Hüttendorf, the Fuchsbau, installations and new stages at the playground and Finnhütten. This turns a visit to SUPERBOOTH21 into a small adventure tour that not only sets new accents acoustically, but also as a hybrid between trade fair and festival.

The indoor area offers the advantage of largely non-obstructed architecture for the first time, because the foyer and the corridors remain free of exhibition stands. Visitors to SUPERBOOTH21 will be guided through the wide corridors of FEZ Berlin by a safe one-way system. In combination with the large outdoor area, this enables a safe event under current conditions."

Korg SQ64 Overview and Demonstration

video by Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video Nick Bigelow of Patchwerks takes us on a rundown of the SQ-64, Korg's new 64-step Eurorack sequencer.

The SQ-64 is an incredibly powerful and compact Polyphonic Step Sequencer with amazing hands-on intuitive controls and deep editing options to give you all the flexibility and sequencing power needed for all your musical projects.

Order the Korg SQ-64 here:
Demo by: Nick Bigelow
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Beat Bars Footswitch to MIDI adapter

video by boxoftextures

"This is not exactly a synth demo, but rather a demo of how to connect a "standard" sustain pedal to a laptop or iPad. Not too difficult a task but it took a little research to find a good pedal-to-USB adapter. I'm using the Beat Bars FS2M adapter, which I'm very happy with. 1/4" TRS jack on one end, micro USB on the other. Can take pretty much any one- or two-switch pedal and send it right to your computer. I mean, not that big a deal but didn't realize how much I missed having a pedal when using piano apps, for example. And yes, some MIDI keyboards have a pedal jack input, but with today's super-thin portable bluetooth MIDI keyboards that's perhaps starting to become a thing of the past.

Beat Bars CME Xkey Air Screenflow from Telestream DaVinci Resolve XLN Addictive Keys Studio Grand Audio Technica BPHS1 broadcast headset

Twitter: @selgart

Noisebug - Flame 4Vox

video by NOISEBUG

"Noisebug is a proud dealer of Flame. A highly underrated company who creates some of the most unique modules in eurorack. Click on the link to explore all Flames products"

Xaoc Devices Ostankino II & Moskwa II

video by Xaoc Devices

Xaoc Devices Moskwa II: Part I - Basics

Xaoc Devices Moskwa II: Part II - Patterns

See this post for additional demos and details on the modules.

Playing with SpazDrum BLUE #4

video by gotharman


Nord Drum 3P / Nord Drum 2 Editor VST and Standalone

video by mller30161

"You can buy it on my Homepage:
Price: 6,90 € / $ 7,90

Here are my Midi Editors for the Nord Drum Synthesizers.
One version for the old Nord Drum 2 and one version for the current Nord Drum 3P.

With the Nord Drum Editor you have direct access to all parameters and can save them as a Sound Data File and load them back into the Nord Drum at any time.
In the PlugIn VST Version you can record the controller movements and how to integrate the Nord Drum Synth into your DAW Project.

Editor Features:
-You can use your Nord Drum as a sound module in the DAW!
- Complex sound changes can be made easily and quickly.
- Direct access to the sound parameters
- All controllers can be automated.
- X-Y modulation of all parameters
- The Editor settings can be stored in a Sound Bank and loaded again.
- With the „Random“ function new sounds can be generated quickly for each drum part.
Which you can save and load into any drum part.
- Drum Kits can be put together and saved.

The editor is available for PC as VST / Standalone 32/64 bit and for MAC as VST / AU / Standalone 64 bit and MAC-M1.

Price: 6,90€ / $ 7,90"

Bad Gear - Roland TR-09 - Too Small for Dance Music???

video by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Roland TR-09 Rhythm Composer. Is this compact digital remake of the classic Roland TR-909 drum machine too small for dance music?"

More "Bad Gear" by AudioPilz

Roland TR-09s on eBay | Roland TR-09s on Reverb

Simmons SDS7 Waveform Select Mod Demo

video by The Simmons Guy

"Quick demo of the Waveform Select Switch. Allows you to access the unused Ramp and Pulse wave outputs on the CEM3340."

More from The Simmons Guy

Verbos Electronics Performance System

via this auction

"The classic Buchla 200/100 series sound without paying vintage market prices!

This performance system was a limited edition modular system (limited to 7 pieces in the red) from Mark Verbos which included his touchplate keyboard as well as four other modules mounted in a red Dark Modular portable 208 case with custom verbos power and cincon adapter, aluminum blank panels to fill the gaps.

The modules were arranged in this system to be best suited for live performance.

They include both touch and sequencing elements, two varieties of flexible oscillators and a very distinguishable vca.

This case has only been opened a dozen times at best and is basically in mint condition. It was purchased in 2015 from Analoguehaven for $3,199 (Total with tax $3,274)"

NOS Audio Relics DX7 Pin in Original Packaging

via this auction

"A brand new sealed in original packaging metal DX7 pin/badge. A must for any synthesizer enthusiast, especially if you’re into vintage synths."

Roland SH-3A vintage analog synthesizer SN 270965

via this auction

Osmose key feature: MPE Arpeggiator

video by Expressive E

"Osmose's Augmented Keyboard Action offers three continuous dimensions of control for each key: Initial Pressure, Aftertouch, and Note Bend. These dimensions do not only allow for unprecedented control when playing live on the keybed, but also play a major role in a new kind of arpeggiator that is included in Osmose: an MPE Arpeggiator.

Our MPE Arpeggiator has the classic parameters that you would expect, but on top of that, your gestures can introduce a myriad of variations to your pattern just by modulating every single note independently with your fingertips, no matter if using the internal Haken Audio EaganMatrix sound engine, or playing with external instruments. Indeed, Osmose's Arpeggiator opens up exciting possibilities even for regular, mono-channel, non-MPE instruments."

Monome Teletype | Episode 2 | Metronome Demons

video by Cinematic Laboratory

"I've created my first script for the Teletype, called 'Metronome Demons'. It samples the IN cv input once a second with the M (Metronome) script. CV outputs A & B are initialized (I script) with a slew of 1 sec.
In the Metronome script, the incoming CV is stored in Pattern Zero (the first pattern), simply referenced as P.
Patterns are 'arrays' with room for 64 numbers. An array is a table you can PUSH items in, POP items out or INS(ert) at a specific position. I chose to insert them on position (index) 0, which is the first item. This helps to see the numbers come in (tracker view). On specific intervals I'll send these numbers to CV outputs A, B and C.
So this patch can respond to sequencers, LFO's and pressure in mysterious ways, where the slew (portamento) will make weird transitions. The CV values are picked from the pattern P with random readers so it will always use the values you've gathered before and keep a relationship with what you've been harvesting. I don't think there's a module that can do this :).

The 'Metronome Demons' Script:
M 1000
CV.SLEW A 1000
CV.SLEW B 1000

P INS 0 0
P 0 IN
CV B P RRND 5 10
CV C P RRND 10 20"

Monome Teletype | Episodes

‘Playing around’ with Patterning and the RK-006

video by Retrokits

"Olympia Noise Co. patterning in combination with gate triggers and MIDI for the Behringer Neutron and Roland TR08"

Hear the Arturia Polybrute with the Moog Theremini with some pedals!

video by Joel Negus

"As a string player who found electronic instruments later on, the theremin has drawn me in for some time and I finally grabbed one! Here's my first attempt at trying to tame this thing!

The patch on the Polybrute is a decently complex one with lots of routings from the mod matrix. I hope you enjoy - let me know what you think!

Instruments Used:
Arturia Polybrute
Moog Theremini
Vongon Ultrasheer
Vongon Paragraphs
JHS Colour Box V2"

ylva - LYV 2 (elektron digitone live set)

video by ylva trax

"download the set, "Secret Friend" M4L Device and the whole digitone project file (dnprj) here:

00:00 - Plantae
00:50 - Of Many
03:37 - False Holly
06:27 - Cerinthe
10:01 - Molver
14:05 - Beaufort
17:56 - Cloth
21:09 - Of End
24:39 - Lyra Downer"

Synth Jam: Uno Synth Pro, Cobalt 8 and More - Friday Fun

video by sonicstate

"First one for a while, we know, but we're back with a daisy chained setup featuring the @ikmultimedia Uno Synth Pro, the @Modal Electronics Cobalt 8, the @Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers SV-1 and the @Arturia Keystep Pro.

If you want a longer look at the setup, check out our exclusive extra content on Patreon"

Patch n Tweak
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