MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Tokyo Rain by Ryou Oonishi

New release from supporting member, Vicmod Records.

"Vicmod Records is pleased to announce the second album by Ryou Oonishi titled Tokyo Rain.

This album takes you on an environmental ambient journey with minimal mechanical melodies and heart warming pads. Each track is like a postcard or moment in time with the sounds of the Japanese environment playing just as an important roll as the music.

Ryou primarily uses the Sequential Prophet 5 and the ASM Hydrasynth"

VAI 60 : Solina String Synthesizer / Elka Rhythm Machine

video by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Another video on the marvellous Solina String Synthesizer.
Here you can really hear the Solina String modified by the mono filters to basically create a polyphonic divide-down synthesizer.

The Elka Rhythm Machine is the model Elka released after Drummer One. The sound is a bit similar and the controls as well, although it lacks the lovely cowbell sound of the Drummer One.
This particular one has a transplanted chassi made from a Billy bookshelf from Ikea dressed in some Tolex-like material - not a bad job at all.
Normally the come in a blue metal case."

Vintage Audio Institute Italia posts

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 + DRUM/SYNTH & AUDIO I/O EXPANSIONS

via this auction

Akai AX60

via this auction

Studio Electronics MidiMini SN 1420

via this auction

EP346 Arturia Phaser BI-TRON - Demo and Tutorial

video by CatSynth TV

"We preset a detailed demo and tutorial of Arturia's Phaser BI-TRON, a recreation of the classic Mu-Tron Bi-Phaser effect unit.

00:30 Background info on phasers and the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase
01:19 The main interface of the BI-TRON
01:56 Minimoog example
02:35 Detailed walk-through of features (with Arturia CS-80 V as source)
05:57 MicroFreak example (and envelope follower)
07:00 Vocoder and and BI-TRON with envelope-follower
08:44 Retro sci-fi example with Sequential Prophet 12
09:33 Funky jam with three BI-TRONs!"

"Please consider supporting this channel to help us bring you more synthesizer+audio tutorials and other content.

Part 1:

Arturia FX Collection: Bus Effects (Bus FORCE, EQ SITRAL-295, Comp DIODE-609)
video by CatSynth TV

"In the first of several videos exploring the updated FX Collection from Arturia, we look at the brand new bus effects: EQ SITRAL-295, Comp DIODE-609 and Bus Force. We demonstrate individual parameters and factory presets of these plug-ins and show how to use them on mixes.

00:47 EQ SITRAL-295
03:49 Comp DIODE-609
10:38 Bus FORCE"

Korg Minilogue XD - "Cinematica" 50 Presets & 38 Sequences

video by LFOstore

"Welcome to the "'Cinematica' soundset for Korg Minilogue XD!


We hear you on our social media & after successful "Ambika" series for the original Minilogue - we are here with massive leads, lush pads & rhythmic

50 presets & 38 sequences are ready to go in your track or inspire you on the new ideas/sketches

Minilogue XD goes forward after original one with new multi-oscillator,
user effects & modulation capabilities with a movements of updated joystick.

Inside of the pack:

Lush Ambient Pads
Massive Leads
Cinematic Drones
Beautiful Plucks
38 Dynamic Sequences
Complex Arpeggios
Beautiful Poly sounds

Re-discover your XD with our kraft sounds."


video by darksideothetune

"100% Sequential OB6 in Five Improvised Tracks"

Novation Peak/Summit - 20 Ambient/Cinematic Patches!

video by Lost Clouds


20 high quality, unique patches for the Novation Peak (and Summit), with an ambient & cinematic or 'soundtracky' feel. Mostly pads with some arpeggio and lead patches thrown in for fun!

Included with the purchase is a PDF describing the synthesis ideas behind each patch, a few tips and tricks you can use to make the patches your own.

0:00 1 - Formant
0:46 2 - Sailing
1:31 3 - Discovery
2:15 4 - New Tides
3:34 5 - Soft Pluck
4:13 6 - Flutey
5:03 7 - High Impact
5:49 8 - Triangles
6:49 9 - Warmth
7:33 10 - Echoes
8:44 11 - In Passing
9:33 12 - Out There
10:33 13 - Resonant
11:25 14 - Elsewhere
12:10 15 - Movement
12:49 16 - Stranger
13:33 17 - Finding Home
14:12 18 - Hopeful
14:48 19 - Choppy
15:47 20 - Tangerine"

Yorick Tech Adds Polyphonic Modulations & New Panel Designs with Low Frequency Expander 3.0

"Low Frequency Expander 3.0 by Yorick Tech June 2021 Announcing the Low Frequency Expander 3.0, with all-new front panel designs and a major firmware upgrade including polyphonic modulations using MPE for the P6 and OB-6, available from June 2021. The firmware upgrade is free to all users.

The LFE is a standalone, hardware modulation expander that supports the OB-6 and Prophet 6, Rev 4 Prophets 5 and 10, Moog Voyager, Korg Prologue, Nord Wave 2 and a generic ‘CC- Synth’: any device that can be controlled by midi CC messages. It uses midi to provide 3 complex LFOs and a 6-stage envelope – which can also be configured as a 2 to 16-step modulation sequencer – to add considerably more complexity, movement and playability to these amazing synthesizers. It also acts as a 4-slot modulation matrix, allowing you to route velocity, key, aftertouch, mod wheel, CV in (optional) and others to about 50 destinations in the synth (80 with the Nord!)

Selecting a new patch on the synth makes the LFE automatically recall the same-numbered LFE patch from its memory, so the two have their patches locked together. The LFE will display the synth patch’s name and category for Sequential synths. You can select the next (or previous) patch in the same category, stepping through all the Bass patches for example.

New in 3.0
All new front panel designs which are more attractive and with clearer labelling. MPE Midi Polyphonic Expression. For the OB-6 and Prophet 6, the LFE can send modulations to each of the synth’s voices independently, so it will send polyphonic rather than global modulations. Each of the LFE’s 4 modulators on its front panel now operates 7 modulators ‘under the hood’ (1 global and 1 per voice), so the LFE is actually running 7 independent envelope/sequencers and 21 LFOs. As the LFE also allows MPE to work in Poly Chain mode, giving you 12 voices of MPE and 13 envelope/sequencers and 37 LFOs. There are also MPE Spread settings that allow each of the LFOs run at slightly different frequencies and the envelopes to run with slightly different slope times, allowing ‘vintage’ type variations between voices.

Aux midi channel. The LFE can now split its modulations between two different Midi Channels, so you can for example, send LFO 1 and LFO 3 to channel 1 and LFO2 and the envelope to channel 13. You can also set up the LFE to send a new Bank and Program number on the Aux channel every time the LFE changes patch. This allows you to change the Program of an attached FX unit or second synth, to your own choice of Program number, every time the primary synth changes patches. Arpeggiator. The LFE now has an Arpeggiator, primarily for Prophet 5 / 10 and Voyager users. It has Up, Down, Up-Down, Down-Up, Random and Played-Order modes, 1 to 4 octaves, the usual clock sync multipliers and a Key Hold function. There is also a Gate length control, adjustable up to 200%, for overlapping notes.

OLEDs are available in white, blue, green or yellow. Batch 7 starts shipping this month and prices are held despite the global component supply situation."

See the Yorick Tech label below for demos and more.

TR-909 + TB-303 meet the RD-9 + TD-3

video by Honeysmack

"For those who want to know what the RD-9 and TD-3 sound like compared to the original TR-909 and TB-303, or perhaps you think you can tell the difference between these machines... here you go, a little improvised single take jam that obscures them all!

All recorded dry, no external effects."

Electronisounds Audio [LIVESTREAM] Working on a new Digitakt Soundbank!

video by Electronisounds Audio

"Just working on some patterns for a new Digitakt soundbank!"


By the lake - Eurorack, Birds, Lake, Fog

video by Omri Cohen

"The WAV file for this recording is available on my Patreon page -

These are the modules I had in the case - Instruo Scion, Mutable Instruments Branches, Disting mk4, Plaits, Mimeophon, BIA, Beads, Befaco ST Mix, and the Polyend Anywhere for power.
I recorded the sound with the Zoom recorder, and also the birds."

Classical chaos

video by Igor Vasiliev

"Main piano theme created by Rauf Kasimov using the iGrand Piano app.

Chaotic textures were created using the BeatCutter app on iPad with external sound card Focusrite Scarlett 6i6. BeatCutter can use up to four input channels to fill the matrix of samples and construct abstract rhythmic structures from fragments of the original sound.

The four sound sources for this app were synths - Moog Slim phatty thru TC Helicon Voice works, Clavia Nord Lead 3 with Doepher Dark Time sequencer thru Roland SDE-2000, Korg MS2000, Roland Juno-60 thru Eventide Harmonizer H949. All of these synth also were recorded directly and mixed with BeatCutter output. Outputs from all instruments and the BeatCutter app were recorded on a Tascam 38 and then mixed. Reverbs AKG ADR68K, Yamaha REV7 were used for mixing.

BeatCutter is an experimental multi-channel app for slicing and recombining sound based on rhythm. In the center of the app is a matrix of sample cells with smoothly reconfigurable recording, playback and control busses. This app is best for those who would like to experiment with large audio files or live instruments, creating chaotic constructions and patterns from sliced rhythm-driven samples."

You can find additional BeatCutter demos here.

BeatCutter - Feedback demo

video by Igor Vasiliev

Audio comes in at 1:37.

"The feedback mode is one of the most interesting features of the BeatCutter app. This is not like analog feedback when positive loop gain occurs at some more or less stable resonant frequency. It looks more like fractals when the next level is similar to the whole structure, but in this case with constantly changes. We can say that it works like a sound structure that evolves and changes itself. This is an incredible ability to create perfect sound abstractions, unrelated to any external samples or signals and it opens up a huge potential for experimentation and inspiration.

BeatCutter is an experimental multi-channel app for slicing and recombining sound based on rhythm. In the center of the app is a matrix of sample cells with smoothly reconfigurable recording, playback and control busses. This app is best for those who would like to experiment with large audio files or live instruments, creating chaotic constructions and patterns from sliced rhythm-driven samples."

You can find additional BeatCutter demos here.


video by PawelBlaszczak_Composer

"Here is my small jam of Korg Mono Poly."

Roland JD-Xa 49-Key Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer

via this auction

Dave Smith (Sequential) Oberheim OB-6 SN 01252

via this auction

Yamaha DX7 IIFD - serviced - with Grey Matter E! upgrade

via this auction

"Since you're looking, you know what this is already, so I won't bore you with the details. Yes, it's a DX7, and it's the top-end 16-bit, 16-voice bi-timbral version, so what's so different about this one? Let's see ....

DX7 II fd, with a floppy drive that actually works! They never do 😁
Includes the famous Grey Matter E! extension card, greatly extending its usefulness
Version 1.2 E! firmware, the latest revision
Brand-new battery fitted
Recently professionally serviced and calibrated (such that you can with a DX7)
Factory patches loaded
Grey Matter E! demo diskette and E! patches/performances included"

Alesis A6 Andromeda Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Lorre Mill Double Knot v2 Analog Synth w/ Original Box

via this auction

Dave Smith Tempest w/ Gig Bag

via this auction

"Pristine condition, basically in like new condition, no more than 20 hours of use, factory screen protection still on, working as new. Includes Dave Smith soft case, Dave Smith power supply and user manual"

Octave Plateau Cat Synthesizer SRM II Vintage Analog (NOS) SN G1218 w/ Original Box & Brochures

via this auction

"We have been fortunate enough to acquire some New Old Stock (NOS) Cat SRM II synthesizers from Octave Plateau’s last production run in 1981. These units have never been used and were safely kept in storage since the day they were manufactured. If you’re an analog synth aficionado, here's your opportunity to own an authentic piece of electronic music history.

The Cat SRM II was manufactured in 1980 – 81 and is the best and final model of the Cat synthesizer series from the mid-1970s, which included the original Cat and Cat SRM. We calibrated and thoroughly tested these units to assure everything works as designed. The switches, pots keyboard contacts, buss bar and electronic circuits have all been cleaned and checked. We also replaced the original press-wood sides with high-quality genuine walnut wood sides and replaced critical calibration single-turn trimmers with high-precision multi- turn trimmers for greater stability. Also included is a foot switch that plugs into the back of the synthesizer (see photo) and turns on the glide function when the switch is pressed, allowing a smooth glide between notes only when desired.


Monophonic/duophonic keyboard plays two notes with memory function on second note.
Digital keyboard with single contact per key (more reliable than the dual-contact analog keyboard used on previous Cat models and most other analog synthesizers of the day).
Dual VCOs (CEM3340) with oscillator sync and mixable waveforms for complex tones.
Sub octaves on both VCOs for full, deep bass sounds.
Four-pole LPF (SSM2044) with adjustable keyboard tracking.
Versatile modulation system to create a wide variety of sounds.
LFO (with variable delay on sine output), S&H and dual envelope generators.
White noise generator.
Extensive expansion jacks on rear panel.
Although this unit has never been used, there may be some minor cosmetic imperfections, which is how it left the factory. Please refer to the photos for cosmetic details."

Roland System 100 MODEL 101

via this auction

Korg Poly61 w/ Tubbutec MIDI

via this auction

Hohner STRINGVOX K2 Electric Piano & String Machine

via this auction

See this previous post for addtional pics of one and an advert.

Heat haze

video by UncertainMusicCorps

"What else to do on a hot day?
Mostly this is all about the drones, with 4MS SWN and ENOsc tag teaming to create shifting, shimmering moods. Soft piano highlights come from DistingEX driven by Wotja 21 via midi (unseen as its on the other side of the room). Gentle manual curation on modular and mixer to follow wherever all this might lead."

Patch n Tweak
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