MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, June 25, 2021

Friday, June 25, 2021

Conquest Of Paradise - Synthesizer Cover

video upload by Luke Million

"It's no secret that Vangelis is a huge inspiration to me. In particular, I loved his work on the 1492 soundtrack with Conquest of Paradise being one of my favourite songs. If I ever need to reset my mood in the morning, this always does the job. ⛵🎹⛵

Strings - Emu Emulator II
Piano - Yamaha CP70b Electric Piano
Synth Brass - Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 3.3
Arpeggiator - Roland Juno 6"

Patchwerks Seattle Elektron Model:Cycles and Model:Samples Live Stream + GIVEAWAY!

video upload by Patchwerks Seattle

"In this stream Rae and Matthew (EZBOT) will be exploring the Model:Samples and Model:Cycles, Elektron's accessible and portable grooveboxes!

Don’t miss out on the chance to win big! We’re giving away Elektron gear to two lucky people… Head over to our website to get your entries in for a shot at receiving a FREE Model: Samples + Power Handle or a FREE Model: Cycles + Power Handle (terms and restrictions apply, see entry details for full conditions) Winners will be announced at the end of this stream!"

Buhla 288r Controlled Feedback

video upload by Todd Barton

"Today's little experiment: sequenced and controlled feedback in the Buchla 288r Time Domain Processor."

Todd Barton Buchla 288r posts

New Sonic Potions x Erica Synths LXR-02 Desktop Digital Drum Synthesizer

Priced at $589

Digital Drum Machine with 6 Drum Voices, 16-step Sequencer, Pattern Chaining, FX Section, 4 Mono Outputs, and USB/MIDI Connectivity

Revamped Cult Classic Desktop Drum Synth and Sequencer

Boutique synthmakers Sonic Potions and Erica Synths have teamed up to bring you the Sonic Potions x Erica Synths LXR-02 Digital Drum Synth. A revamped version of Sonic Potions' renowned DIY kit, the LXR-02 is a highly flexible desktop drum machine, which goes far beyond the TR-style drum machines from which it draws its inspiration. Featuring six drum voices (which are optimized for specific drum sounds), a host of modulators, a robust FX section, and a performance-oriented interface, the LXR-02 is an inspiring piece of kit that has enraptured Sweetwater’s synth enthusiasts. With its high-quality 16-bit/44kHz audio, the LXR-02 has a shockingly huge sound. And, its powerful 16-step sequencer provides eight subdivisions per step, for a massive 128 steps per track at 32PPQ resolution. The LXR-02 facilitates sonic exploration, and you can store custom kits on the provided SD card. What’s more, a unique morphing feature allows you to seamlessly crossfade between presets — perfect for spicing up compositions! And while the LXR-02’s Digital Drum Synth features run deep, it’s amazingly intuitive. You’ll be cranking out killer sequences in no time!

A sonic laboratory for beatmakers

Diatomaceous Earth

video upload by CatSynth TV

"Everything you wanted to know about diatomaceous earth, but didn't even know you wanted to ask!

Diatomaceous earth is a pulverized sedimentary rock formed from the fossilized silica shells of diatoms, single-celled organisms found in watery environments throughout the earth. It has many practical applications, including in filtration and as an insecticide - one can find diatomaceous earth for this purpose at home and garden stores.

Cameo by Big Merp.

Original music by Amanda Chaudhary using:
Arturia Buchla Easel V, Piano V, CMI V
EastWest sound libraries


OP-Z - Oxygene (Jean-Michel Jarre Piano Cover)

video upload by Johan Wave

Nord Lead A1 - Lonely Friday Improv Jam

video upload by SYNTHWAY

"Just using the A1 and having fun...

Internal arpeggios with the hold button, both holding an Eb7 chord (and a few extras), soft lead sound on channel 3, channel 4 controlled by the Little Phatty (pad sound).

Hope you enjoy it! Thank you!"

Dataline + Studio79 with Pulsar23, Lyra8, Mod Dwarf, Octatrack & Trumpet

video upload by MrDataline

"Quick performance with Studio79 (Tandoruk Yalçın) on the Lyra8 and Trumpet. Octatrack mixing all the signals and sending midi clock to Pulsar23. The Trumpet goes through the Mod Dwarf, adding FX."

Legendary PPG 300 Modular Synthesizer Pics

Spotted at Aliens-Project where you'll find additional pics.

Behringer UB-Xa - Beta Testing Concluded

video upload by Behringer

"After 3 long years of intense development, we have now finally completed the design of the UB-Xa.

What started as a mere recreation of the original OB-Xa, has grown into a monster synthesizer with many more features and sound palettes.

We have now started the manufacturing planning, which will still take some time due to the global component shortages.

We like to take the opportunity to thank all our 20 fabulous beta testers who tremendously helped us to fine tune and meticulously compare our UB-Xa with the sound and performance of the original OB-Xa. The beta testing process has taken more than one year.

We know you have been waiting for a long time but we promise that this synth will blow you away and exceed all your expectations."

The Boring TR-909 vs RD-9 Comparison Video We Didn't Need to Have!

video upload by Honeysmack

"It's the video we didn't need to have, but here it is — a very rough comparison of the TR-909 and RD-9 performing the same pattern over and over again, be warned its rather boring. This is not an attempt to go through the detailed features of each, just a quick 1:1 comparison for all those who have been asking for it. Signal path is a mono out of each drum machine into an old Mackie 8 Bus mixer, recorded dry.

These days it seems there are more 909 experts than actual 909s, with opinions divided over what is an authentic 909 sound.... boring and ahem...why does it matter, why is it a competition?! These experts tend to overlook the sequencer, that is an essential quality of any hardware drum machine! For the rest of us, the RD-9 is awesome and I think it does a great job of emulating the original TR-909 with some clever new additions, but shhhhhhh no one will ever know the difference, except for maybe you know who (they'll be easy to spot in the comments section below). πŸ˜‚ 🀣

Sorry for the blurred parts of the video, there were some experts that could not show their faces because they felt the shame of not actually owning a 909. Now the cat is out of the bag!! It's okay they have gone back to the safety of their screens to assert their misinformed opinion onto others. Here's wishing them well, I worry sometimes... πŸ™ƒ 😘

For those experts who are angry, unsatisfied or take issue with this video, please call into your nearest Internet Cafe as you might be eligible for a refund for watching this video and please accept my insincere apology. 🀑 πŸ€ͺ 😜

Disclaimer: I was a beta-tester on the Behringer RD-9 and I do not work for Behringer, nor do they have any input into the making of this video.

Thanks for watching πŸ˜€

Follow here for more (less boring) Acid Techno:"

Novation Peak demo - Himalaya Soundset

video upload by Soundsauca

"Ascending to new heights with the Novation Peak, Himalaya is the result of an intensive sound programming project undertaken by Soundsauca.

Having spent what feels like an eternity in the clouds discovering new sonic landscapes, I set about making sense of the sounds I’d made. From this you'll find beautiful analog renditions, choral pads, retro strings, ambient washes, plucks, arps and classic leads.

The sound bank will be out soon - more details to follow...

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like and if you do, I'd really appreciate a sub here or a thumbs up there!

Recorded at 48khz, -6dB (Peak Setting) into Logic Pro-X via an RME UFX. Peak volume knob at 12 O'clock. Fades are used to transition between sounds, but the sounds are pure Peak. No compressors, limiters or EQ were harmed in the making of this demo;) 2 sounds feature my Roland TR-8s underneath for a bit of fun.

I assume that these will also be compatible with a Novation Summit, but I have no access to one so I cannot confirm."


video upload by EZBOT

"In this video I share a track I made where I synthesized every sound using single cycle waveforms on the Digitakt. Having 2 LFO's and 2 Filters has truly opened up the synthesis capabilities of our beloved sampler. I also show off some of my new effects in my Octatrack Performance template which can be found at"

Wavparty - Cold Summer sound pack for Elektron Digitakt

video upload by wavparty

"Get it now:

Chapter markers for the 16 included patterns:
0:00 Crustman
0:54 Busstop
1:24 Rip
2:00 Lurch
2:26 Declined
3:20 Bias
3:32 Planetroq
4:29 PikPokt
5:12 Koded
5:59 TGI Eff
6:37 Spanky
7:21 Jacket
8:00 Trouble
8:32 Synco
9:11 Whodunnit
10:31 Sunburn"

Make Noise Strega 303

video upload by Cray


Make Noise phun

video upload by Cray

"strega 0coast 0 cntl"

Bad Gear - Roland PMA-5

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Roland PMA-5. Is this 90s touch screen sequencer and General Midi sound module the precursor of the iPad, Garage Band and every music production app in existence?"

AudioPilz Bad Gear

Roland JD-800 61-Key Programmable Synthesizer ZC79544

via this auction

KORG MS-02 CV Interface

via this auction

Yamaha VL70-m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator Synthesizer Module w/ Original Box & Demo Disk

via this auction

SN qk01050

Nord Modular G1

via this auction

Elektronika Em-25 USSR 1989 w/ Mini Manual

via this auction

ALM SQUID SALMPLE - Deep Dive 3 - ALM022

video upload by ALM TV

"The ALM Squid Salmple is a powerful 8 channel Eurorack sample player and recorder. In this third part in the Deep Dive series we once again take a look at more of its unique and creative uses. Patches in this video require at least firmware v167 (see for the latest firmware).

Patches include: synthesising drums from scratch, polyphonic playback from a live monophonic source, sequencing audio using extend record, building multistage envelopes by chaining channels, and exploring stereo patching.

For more info visit
Follow us on Instagram:​
Follow us on Twitter:

Section Time Stamps:
0:00 - Intro - Section Overview
1:02 - Polyphony and Scales
8:19 - Extend Record Sequencing
13:12 - Multistage Envelopes
22:41 - Stereo Operation
32:41 - Drum Synthesis - Setup
45:22 - Drum Synthesis - Jam Patch
48:35 - Outro

Thanks for watching!"

Shakmat Dual Dagger — Sound Synthesis

video upload by Shakmat

"The Dual Dagger is a double-sided weapon, carefully sharpened to chop stereo signals. The module gives independent control over low-pass and high-pass cutoff frequencies, and an assignable resonance is shared on one control.

The Link function turns the dual filter into a band-pass filter, with control over frequency, bandwidth and band edges resonance! The module is carefully calibrated to share the exact same parameters on both audio channels and thanks to the pan function, it is easy to break up the cutoff frequencies of each side up, which leads to a whole new territory of stereo treatments!"

Shakmat Dual Dagger

MIX1 2 HP module + Ants

video upload by Plankton Electronics

"MIX1 module, a mixer with 2 channels, attenuverters, a DC control and individual outputs. Used for audio and video signals.

In this video the VCF of the Ants is controlled with the AD envelope. The envelope passes through the MIX1 channel 1 were it as attenuated and inverted. Bias (DC) is used to turn up the inverted envelope.

Later we add stepped randoms to the channel 2 which are mixed with the channel 1 envelope and bias."

B1t Crunch3r - Dimension X (Polyend Tracker Scene Project)

video upload by Polyend

"I have been a Renoise and Cubase user for years so I found it very easy to get inspired with the Polyend Tracker."

Make Noise Strega | mimicking a cassette tape loop

video upload by patchesinblue

"experimenting with the Make Noise Strega and I found that it can be used to make something sound pretty close to a cassette tape loop. the primary sound source is the Make Noise 0-coast. no external effects"

Patch n Tweak
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