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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

B.BOX Fuzz Station II, the ultimate Fuzz Pedal for Synthesizer? (Matrixbrute, CP-35 & RX-7)

video upload by Knobs & Switches

"A deeper review about maybe the ultimate Fuzz Pedal for Keyboards and Synthesizers ever: The B.Box Fuzz Station II on Yamaha CP-35, Yamaha RX-7 and Arturia Matrixbrute together with Meris Polymoon, Dreadbox Lethargy, B.Box Modulation Delay, Arturia Keystep Pro, Boss DD-5,, Moogerfooger EP-1 and Yamaha FC-3"

SynthMaster 2 Patch Analysis

video upload by boxoftextures

"SynthMaster 2 has become one of my favorite synths. It's powerful, flexible, easy to use, and sounds great. And you can make tons of really good synth patches without too much trouble. SynthMaster 2 used to be only on computers but they've recently released an iPad version and it's a major benefit to now be able to easily take it everywhere. I happen to like large swirly textures, and SynthMaster 2 excels at that sort of thing. And you can make any number of other types as well, of course. This one uses the vector and wavetable oscillators along with a pile of LFOs to provide that sweet, sweet swirling action. So while this isn't exactly a SynthMaster 2 tutorial you can probably get a good idea of how the synth works as I take apart the patch I made."

One Dream | Ambient soundscape Korg Polysix and Strymon Volante

video upload by MIDERA

"Tonight, my daughter asked for only one dream - for me to play with her.

This track is just the Korg Polysix and the Strymon Volante. No other FX."

Roland Jupiter-6 Aluminum Side Panels

via this auction

Additional Analog U.S Listings

"This listing is for a new set of Roland Jupiter 6 aluminum side panels. They are slightly little thinner than the originals, but not really noticeable. Also worth mentioning, they have been polished and anodized (like the originals.)"

Novation Supernova Rack

via this auction

Moog Polymoog 203a Synthesizer SN 2118

via this auction

"It powers on and makes sound, but is not 100% working and needs to be serviced. Here's a quick rundown of the issues, as far as I can tell:

- Depending on the settings, your can sometimes hear oscillators constantly droning quietly in the background
- Some oscillators are louder than others / inconsistent timbre across the keys
- Some VAR/PRE buttons stuck in one position, making it hard to tell if those sections are working properly
- Velocity sensitivity doesn't work very well
- 3 keys don't trigger
- Some LEDs are burnt out
- Some sliders cut in and out / are scratchy

The Polypedal generally works, but is a bit finicky and the patch cable seems to be partially non original.

It is in good physical condition. The ribbon controller is responsive and works well, and most of the presets sound as they should. Some keys are a bit uneven / not parallel with the keys on either side.

Great for someone who wants to invest the time and energy to getting this back up and running."

Roland Jupiter-6 w/ Europa Mod

via this auction

Octatrack MKII + Microwave XT Drones = Sci-fi Sound Design Laboratory

video upload by Mason Chrysler

"Elektron Octatrack MKII loaded with 7 drone samples made with the Waldorf Microwave XT. Mercy😰! Thanks for checking in!"

The ultimate power of the Roland JX-8P (with PG-800)

video upload by MR TUNA Music

"elaborations on the SOUNDTRACK patch.... possibly the single greatest stock preset on a synth?

not just possibly--- **probably!**

Gear used:

Roland JX-8P
Roland System-8 input effects-- reverb, delay."

"YAY OH" Demo Song - E-MU Emax 1

video upload by MrCaliforniaD

"The Emax 1 sequencer in all its clumsiness.

I could not find any information about this demo song on the web."

PRISM CIRCUITS - SERGE Paperface Now Available

Prism Circuits' website is now live at

Click through for their full offerrings.

They have DIY PCBs for individual modules, pre-built system panels, boats, parts, accessories, and build guides.

Current modules include:

1973 Oscillator
1973 VCF
Bi-Directional Router
Dual Mizer
Dual Processor
Envelope Generator
Negative Slew
Peak & Trough
Ring Mod
Send Receive
Sequential Switch
Triple Comparator
Triple Waveshaper
Positive Slew - coming soon
Smooth & Stepped Generator - coming soon
Spring Reverb - coming soon
VC Phaser - coming soon

Roland Juno-60 Synthesizer - Arpeggiator Games

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

Only a synth and a delay. Endless fun.
Roland Juno-60 Analog Synthesizer (1982)
fx: EHX Memory Man Deluxe Analog Delay"

Sequential Prophet Rev2 // Why It's Good (001)

video upload by Zaffin Music

"The Sequential Prophet Rev2 has been around a while now since its initial incarnation but to me it's one of the most misunderstood synths out there. In this review I attempt to (longwindedly) tell you why it's good.

00:00 Intro
00:27 Run VT
02:17 Matriarch / Rev2 Demo Track
05:50 The Show Button
07:40 Gated Modulation Sequencer
13:55 Audio Mod
24:00 Making the Rev2 More Organic Sounding*

*Sorry for forgetting to change the camera angle back! 🤦‍♂️"


video upload by ULTIMATE PATCHES

Sequential Prophet Rev2 • 200 Ultimate Patches • New for 2021

▶️ Easy USB Install Manual + Printable Patch List:

▶️ COVID RELIEF SALE On Now! Starting at $19.99 @

Creating a Cinematic Lead Sound in VCV Rack with free modules

video upload by Omri Cohen

Omri's Links:
"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

ESK - Polyend Tracker + Vermona DRM1 MK3

video upload by Metunar

"Jamsession with a Polyend Tracker and a Vermona DRM1 MK3 (analog drums).
Stereo recording with digital mastering."

MOOG CONSTELLATION: Moog Lyra/Moog Apollo/Moog Taurus Pedal

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

You can find additional posts mentioning the MOOG CONSTELLATION here.

Roland VP-330 MKII Vocoder Plus 49-Key Synthesizer SN 991606

via this auction

1981 Musical Applications of Microprocessors by Hal Chamberlin

via this auction

"Despite the title, one of the most comprehensive books on modular analog synthesizer design ever written. Apart from a little cover wear, the book is in very good condition. Hardcover, 661 pages. Original copyright 1980."

Blue cover copy. You can find others previously posted here.

Roland SH-3A monophonic synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Juno-106S Six-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Play Book & Manuals

via this auction

Juno-106S Play Book & What Is MIDI guide. Japanese patch book as well. You can see some of the patch names in Japanese below.

YAMAHA DX7 FM Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

Yamaha Easy DX100 DX27 - A Complete Guide to the DX Synthesizer

via this auction

"A complete guide to the Yamaha DX100 and DX27. Apart from a little cover wear, the book is in very good condition. Softcover. First edition."

This appears to be the first copy featured on the site. Unfortunately the listing only has a pic of the cover.

Black Sea // Todd Fletcher // Live Synthesizer

video upload by Editions100

Meditations // Todd Fletcher // Live Synthesizer

With the Elektron Analog Keys.

A Brief History of the Bouncing Ball patch

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"A cult-favorite patch from the original Maths manual, the "Bouncing Ball" has been a source of inspiration and exploration for years!

This video— hosted by Pete from the Make Noise Instagram channel— takes a look at the history of the Bouncing Ball patch through interviews with Tony Rolando and walkthroughs of its various incarnations.

Timestamps for the video's sections are below— enjoy!

0:00 Introduction to the Bouncing Ball patch
0:56 Interview with Tony Rolando about his inspirations for the initial Maths patch ideas
2:01 A walkthrough of the original (2009) Bouncing Ball patch
8:08 Interview with Tony Rolando about his inspirations for the Bouncing Ball patch
10:56 A walkthrough of the updated (2013) Bouncing Ball patch
13:33 Suggestions for ways to expand the 2013 Bouncing Ball patch
15:11 A walkthrough of the Bouncing Ball patch on an 0-Coast
18:12 Interview with Tony Rolando about recent musical examples featuring a Bouncing Ball effect
19:02 Interview with Tony Rolando about the legacy of the Bouncing Ball patch
23:02 Conclusions"

Quality Time with a Quad Quantizer (Quartermain)

video upload by Red Means Recording

"Pitch quantizers take incoming CVs and adhere them to a scale. In this video, we'll use voltage and LFOs on the Intellijel Tetrapad into Quartermain on After Later Audio Ornament and Crime, triggered by the Tubbutec 6equencer, into the 4ms Spherical Wavetable Navigator to make generative melodies. Intellijel Rainmaker brings the wetness."

Sexquencer at 3:20

07 28 21 Synton Fenix 2 - Some FM sounds

video upload by batchas

"VCO1 FMed by VCO2"

Roland CR8000 Factory Presets Demo

video upload by Nicolas Melis

Patch n Tweak
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