MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, August 8, 2021

Sunday, August 08, 2021

#31 for Hohner D6 Clavinet, Moog Voyager and Mellotron M4000D Mini

video upload by R. Reger

"Original piece for mostly analogue keys."

Marius Leicht - Der Prophet (live in studio)

video uploads by Marius Leicht


1. Marius Leicht - Der Prophet (live in studio)
This is a live performance of the piece "Der Prophet" from my recently finished debut album "Weltmaschine", coming out on 21.06.2021.
2. Maria durch ein Dornwald ging - Synth Jam
3. Klangteppich [music] - Prophet 5 and Strymon Mobius
Prophet 5 running through Strymon Mobius. First with a Bitcrusher, controlled by the Moog MP-201 pedal. Later with the Formant filter doing the robotalk.
4. Klangteppich - Marc Melià: Arpeggios #1 (Music for Prophet 08 - played on Prophet 5)
As I stumbled across this great composition by Marc Melià, I decided transcribe it and to do a vintage version with the ancestors of the machines used in the original: Prophet 5 and Roland Space Echo.

Recorded at Weltklang Tonstudio Plauen
5. Theremin and Synths with Carolina Eyck
I was a guest recently at Theremin virtuoso Carolina Eycks Theremin session. Along with a cover of Kate Bushs Babooshka we did some free improvisations.

Marius Leicht - Minimoog Präludium G-moll

video upload by Marius Leicht

Minimoog Arpeggio Meditation

video upload by Marius Leicht

"While looking for ideas for a future Minimoog EP I fell in trance with this little Arpeggio Meditation."

Klangteppich [review] - Strymon Mobius Chorus vs. Roland Juno 60 Chorus

video upload by Marius Leicht

"David vs. Goliath: I tried to recreate the blessed chorus sounds of my Juno 60 in the Strymon Mobius Chorus machine."

Klangteppich [music] - Moog Prodigy and Roland Space Echo

video upload by Marius Leicht

GForce Software OB-E vs. Oberheim SEM Pro - Nachtblau

video upload by Marius Leicht

"The sound is alternating between the OB-E and the SEM-Pro. In the bottom left corner of the video the letters A and B are displaying the audio of which corresponding synth you hear, regardless of which one may be pictured in the video at a given moment. Can you guess it right?

The Oberheim Four Voice Synthesizer always fascinated me - both for its heart-melting sound and for its unusual (for todays standards) concept of having a completely distinct monophonic synthesizer module for each voice.

From time to time I take the effort to build some Four Voice type pad sounds by multitracking my Tom Oberheim SEM Pro, which is a reissue of one of those monophonic synthesizer modules the Four Voice is built of.

Of course, I was excited when I heard about the GForce Software OB-E and as soon as I got my hands on it, I was inspired to compose some music with it, resulting in this piece called "Nachtblau". To make this comparison video, I took the MIDI track of the piece, split all the notes into 8 Channels (Yes, the OB-E is not only emulating the already unobtainable Four Voice, but the even more rare and expensive 8 Voice, consisting of 8 individual SEMs) and run them through my SEM Pro one after another. Due to the nature of the unconventional architecture and my multitrack trickery, it was impossible to be reasonably precise about the matching of the sounds and realtime adjustments. So don't take this as a scientific test on the question if the OB-E can match the sound of the 8-Voice I don't even have at hand..."

MOOG Realistic MG-1 Analog synthesizer w/ Original Box, Manual, & Headphone Jack Cover SN 4963

via this auction

Note the headphone cap in the pics below.

Moog Minimoog Model D

via this auction

"This Moog Model D is from the 70's. 75 is what I was told by the original owner. I have the manual as well with it. It was completely gone through professionally two years ago and sounds like it did the day they built it. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL MACHINE. You can't capture this sound."

Blue UDO Audio Super 6 w/ Original Box & Case

via this auction

DinSync Announces RE-808 - DIY TR-808

via DinSync

"1st run shipping in 6-8 weeks

The RE-808 bundle includes these TR-808 compatible spare parts.

1pc PCB main board, TR-808 service part 7311613006 compatible
1pc PCB voice board, TR-808 service part 7311614001 compatible
1pc PCB switch board, TR-808 service part 7311609000 compatible
1pc PCB jack board A, TR-808 service part 7311610000 compatible
1pc PCB jack board B, TR-808 service part 7311611000 compatible
2pcs PCB spacers
1pc PCB safety psu board
22pcs Potentiometers with caps set (12 red, 10 white)
2pcs metal mounting brackets
1pc scale switch
1pc A/B toggle switch (3 pos)
1pc I/F toggle (2 pos)
5pcs Voice slide switch
1pc stepped tempo pot
18pcs 6.3mm jacks
16 pcs step caps with actuators (4 red, 4 orange, 4 yellow, 4 white)
1pc large knob (tempo)
4pcs medium knob (mode, instrument, auto-fill, volume)
1pc small knob (fine tempo)
first 150 bundles come with an exclusive free early adopters 808 metal badge designed and made by Suddi Raval.


don’t forget to order a pixieRECPU and BA662 for this build

IMPORTANT: this bundle does not include a pixieRECPU or BA662 clone which must be added separately when ordering. You will need 1pc of each for this build

Please note, cases and side panels will be available from our partners at Kumptronics."

Roland TR-808 Cookies

via @RetroSynthAds

"Nothing says "TR-808 drum machines are awesome" better than eating the TR-808 cookies Michelle got made for me, while looking up at our lovely 808 artwork. Best. 808. Day. Ever. #808day"

Cinematic Vibrations // Synth Jam with Korg Minilogue XD, Sequential PRO 3, Roland Gaia and Virus TI

video upload by Sounds of Synth

"Hey all,

This week we have gone to the movies! This track is a nod to those massive cinematic film scores and themes. Think dramatic sounds and repeating motifs.

I haven't been inspired by a specific film but more that classic cinematic sound experience you get when you go to the cinema. Having said that the final result is a bit like John Carpenter meets Marvel Avengers!! :D

All samples were triggered live from a Novation Launchpad and the track was recorded in one take straight into Ableton Live. Nothing was added except for a bit of EQ and reverb."


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Prophet 6, SYMPHONICAL, Preset 347

video upload by Bob I. Gomez

"My original tune for August 2021 performed on the Sequential Prophet 6 Synthesizer. Preset 347 is changed slightly from the original. LFO - Amp only, Amp Env- Vel Off, & Aftertouch- Freq2 + Amp . I use the name of the preset as the title of the composition."

"TOTAL RESCORE" Excerpt (Live) With Roland JD-Xi Synthesizer

video upload by Assembler 2084 Assembler 2084

"A custom program I made for my Roland JD-Xi synth. I also used this program in my song 'Hunter Killer' from 2020:"

Beatmaker 3 - Making Chilled Half-Time Beats!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio Electronisounds Audio

"I'll be making some chilled, half-time beats with Beatmaker 3."


Cicada Noise Rompler by etranqer

Build instructions at instructables.

Roland Celebrates 808 Day 2021 with Free Beats and Limited-Edition Streetwear

video upload by Roland Cloud

"As part of Roland’s 808 Day 2021 celebration, the instrument manufacturer is giving users a test drive of the TR-808 Software Rhythm Composer, the only official TR-808 plugin, for the month of August. Using proprietary Analog Circuit Behavior technology, Roland recreated the original analog circuits, so tracks have that classic boom, snap, and sizzle – no desk space required. Free with a Roland Account (no membership required*), aspiring artists can add the classic TR-808 sounds to their music right in their DAW.

*Test Drive is a time-based activation of the TR-808 instrument. After August 31st, access to the TR-808 will only be available as a Lifetime Key purchase or in Pro or Ultimate memberships."

"The hottest music merch of the summer has arrived. For those who prefer to wear their TR-808 love on their sleeve (or back), Roland Lifestyle is releasing limited-edition 808 Day 2021 Bomber Jackets starting at 8:08 A.M. PDT on August 8, 2021. Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, the unique handmade jackets feature rich satin and heavy embroidery with TR-808 inspired elements. Only 88 of the custom jackets will be available to purchase, and each will be numbered for authenticity.

The 808 Day 2021 Bomber Jacket will be available from the Roland Lifestyle website on August 8, 2021, starting at 8:08 A.M. PDT for $808 while supplies last."

TR808 Drum Emulation Added to Happy Nerding FX AID

video upload by Happy Nerding

"Unexpected new addition to the FX AID programs - TR808 drums emulation. All drum voices are enhanced with additional controls over Tune, Attack and Decay portions. Thus possible variations in drum sound are far beyond that of the original TR808. Bass Drum, Rimshot, CowBell, Claves produce standard emulation on the Left output, and a bit modified on the Right output. Both channels are in phase, so can be crossfaded/mixed for additional variations. Clap, Snare, Tom, Maracas, Cymbal and HiHat are stereo, so they can be used with extra space already in the drums itself. Trig input to be connected to the Left input. A New "Generator" section was added to the FX AID editor, which contains these TR808 drums and 'Noise Station', 'Tuner' and 'Generator' programs were moved to this folder too."

Hand Built Synth Project, New LFO

video upload by m655321

"Added a much needed LFO to the homemade rack synthesizer. One issue with making it yourself is it is hard to keep the modules small."

Moog Grandmother Semi Modular Analog Synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction




via this auction






Sequential Circuits Pro One Vintage Synthesiser SN 6732

via this auction

"Unfortunately the two labels (Pro One & Sequential Circuits) have been lost over the years, but otherwise everything is as it should be."

You can find badges through Analog US here.

Ensoniq Mirage Sampling Synthesiser

via this auction

"An interesting early sampling keyboard from the 80's. Velocity sensitive, 8-note polyphonic, digital sampling machine."

Waldorf Pulse Monophonic Synthesiser SN 74022110

via this auction

"Excellent analogue synth sounds with arp

One of the best monophonic synths out there. Underrated and Vintage

excellent condition kept at home and in a rack since original purchase

the original warranty seal is still in place as can be seen in photo"

Moog Memorymoog Plus

via this auction

"The flagship Moog synthesizer of the original US company, circa 1984. This is the rare Memorymoog Plus. There is nothing like it for raw analogue sound; having 3 VCOs, polymod, polyglide, noise + 100 memories. Imagine the sound of 18 oscillators in Unison mode.....??? Is this the best of the bunch from the 1980s? We think so....the Oberheim OB-8 (see pix) comes a close second, however.... Many musos maintain that it still outperforms the Moog One - the flagship of today's US company. OK, it is only 6-voice poly, the keyboard has no velocity/aftertouch, and no FX on board; nevertheless, it is incredibly simplistic in operation, with no sub-menus etc to confuse the issue...with clear knobs & switches......"

Novation Nova

via this auction

Oberheim Xpander

via this auction

"The instrument was restored in 2019 by Andy from Synthprof in the UK, including full recap. It was fully tested after restoration, both systematically and in actual studio work. The top and rear panels, sockets, buttons and displays are in perfect condition: they look great, and work impeccably. The wooden sides exhibit some scratches, mostly near their rear edge. This is a 240v unit."

Roland JD-800

via this auction

How To Make FM Formant Growl Bass Sounds on Sonicware Liven XFM - Accessible Tutorial

video upload by ChrisLody ChrisLody

"I was planning a different tutorial today but after being asked if this was possible I got a bit obsessed with working it out last night so thanks to Dino Goldie for prompting me to make this video. I find pretty much all aspects of sound design interesting and I've always wondered how these FM bass sounds were synthesized so I'm glad I looked into it, the XFM is pretty good at them!

As I say in the video this is designed to be an accessible tutorial as the Liven series has attracted a few visually impaired users. Let me know if this was clear and easy to understand or I totally messed it up :)"

ChrisLody Sonicware Liven posts

Happy #808day Jam with Digitone, Sirin, ESX-1(Talkbox), RE-201, MNT-9

video upload by Freaky Tweaky Freaky Tweaky

easel command / tanzbar

video upload by studio snippets


Patch n Tweak
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