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Monday, August 09, 2021

Chroma Polaris and Hologram Microcosm Ambient demo

video upload by MIDERA

"Working my way through understanding the Microcosm. I'm starting to get a feel for it - it's a very interesting pedal. I like it."

Very Chilled Generative Live Jam - "Realities of Gravity"

video upload by Electronisounds Audio


Access Virus TI Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

1970's Univox K2 Mini-Korg 2 (Korg 700s) Mono Synth

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Sometimes simple is best. This buzzy all analog beast slays, despite the fact it looks like it should be sitting on top of Grandma's Hammond organ.

Recently cleaned internally along with a replaced power switch.

This is the final, and most rare, version of the Mini-Korg which adds a 'Fine Tune' slider, for the second oscillator."

1980's Roland Juno-106 SN 538940

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"A high water mark for glassine pads, premier brass stabs, and surprisingly present basses, the Roland Juno 106 is well deserving of it's status as a classic synthesizer. All voices have been refurbished, this is a fully working specimen, with all sliders and pots cleaned and working wonderfully. Physically, this is a synth which shows it's age and use, but operationally this Juno is a superior sonic experience.

This Juno was just serviced by our in-house technician, all voice chips have been refurbished along with an upgraded 3-prong AC power cable receptacle.

Note: Left side plastic panel is partially cracked, we did our best to glue it up (structurally sound for the most part). Easily replaceable."


via this auction

"Roland Jupiter 6! Single owner and with MIDI. Fully cleaned and calibrated here at Synths When in Toronto to ensure perfect working order. Comes with a flight case."

Oberheim Matrix 6

via this auction

Synton Fenix Modular

via this auction

Nord G2 Engine Synthesizer Rack SN ME10457

via this auction

Yamaha AN1X Synthesizer

via this auction

Novation Circuit Rhythm Beats that Hit HARD (multiple genres)

video upload by Gabe Miller Music

"A bunch of beats and jams I've made on the Novation Circuit Rhythm with mostly custom sounds. Genres covered include vapor trap, lofi hip hop, EDM trap, bass house, dubstep, synthwave / synthpop, drum and bass, psy trance, and more."

Reco Synth Mutuca Analog Synthesizer by Arthur Joly

via this auction

"This synth is a thing of beauty! It was a gift and I honestly feel like it deserves to be with someone who will use it more than I. It was just delivered to me from Brazil by Arthur Joly and I have tested it and it works fine and sounds great! It is very charming, unique and cool looking. It comes with it's own hard case, power cord and instructions manual"

Note this appears to be the first post to feature the Mutuca as well as the first Reco Synth listing on the site.

Drums from scratch with Gotharman little deformer 3

video upload by Meska

"Making drums from scratch with the little deformer 3, is awesome, quick and easy (if you know substractive synth) and have a huge range of sound design.
here a quick exemple.
The LD3 have many other perc oscilator not used in this video, RTFM ;)"

"Thank you fwor watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Low Pass Gates in VCV Rack

video upload by Omri Cohen

00:00 - Introduction
00:21 - What are Low Pass Gates
03:31 - Patch 1
09:47 - Patch 2

Omri's Links:
"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

Korg Collection 3 | Prophecy VST | Categorized Preview

video upload by Simon Le Grec

"KORG Collection 3 introduces three new software recreations to the world: KORG's first mass-produced analog synthesizer, the miniKORG 700S, the MOSS Tone Generator-powered Prophecy, and the Triton Extreme, the vacuum tube-equipped high point of the Triton series. KORG Collection 3 has now expanded to be a thrilling collection of iconic sounds from the '70s, '80s, '90s, and '00s.

* Equipped with Oscillator Models from the MOSS Synthesis Engine.
* Two Signal Routing Paths Offer Incredible Variety.
* Sound Programs that Cover a Wide Range of Styles.
* GUI with a Focus on the Ease of Use Unique to Software.
* A free demo version is also available.

Physical Modeling
The physical modeling oscillator includes the three types below. All types feature the wide tonal range that is unique to physical modeling.

Brass Model Oscillator
This oscillator simulates brass instruments such as trumpets and trombones. It uses controllers like key velocity and mod wheel to modulate the strength of blowing into the mouthpiece, and can create performances that are similar to real brass instruments.

Reed Model Oscillator
This oscillator simulates woodwind instruments like saxophones and flutes. It uses controllers like key velocity and mod wheel to modulate the wind pressure, and can create performances that are similar to real woodwind instruments.

Plucked String Oscillator
This oscillator simulates plucked string instruments like guitar and bass. It can model different methods of picking the string, like using a pick or fingers, as well as modelling the condition of the strings, and the positions of strings that are played.

There are 128 preset programs, broken up into 14 categories. There is also a category for user programs, a favorites bank for registering your most used sounds, and program change mapping. The two optional expansion cards sold for the original hardware are also available: ANALOG & VINTAGE, which features 64 analog-style bass, lead, and special effect sounds, and MODERN MODELS, which contains 64 programs of acoustic instruments that do not exist, wind instrument sounds, and sounds that take full advantage of the expressive capabilities of the synth.

00:00 Hard Synth Lead
01:53 Soft Synth Lead
03:04 Synth Bass
04:17 Real String Bass
04:56 Guitar/Plucked
06:04 Brass
06:50 Reed
07:26 Wind
07:56 Bell
08:32 Keys
08:50 Perc
09:25 Motion
10:04 SFX
10:28 ARP"

miniKORG 700S VST | HQ Presets Preview | Update 1.0.1

video upload by Simon Le Grec

"KORG Collection 3 introduces three new software recreations to the world: KORG's first mass-produced analog synthesizer, the miniKORG 700S, the MOSS Tone Generator-powered Prophecy, and the Triton Extreme, the vacuum tube-equipped high point of the Triton series. KORG Collection 3 has now expanded to be a thrilling collection of iconic sounds from the '70s, '80s, '90s, and '00s.

The original miniKORG 700S was a 2VCO, 2VCF, 1EG, 1LFO monophonic synthesizer. Because synthesizers were not as common as they are today, its circuitry was unique. For example, when developing the triangle wave oscillator, the engineers aimed to create a circuit that produced a beautifully musical sound rather than a scientifically accurate one.
In addition to the oscillator circuit, the low and high pass filters were combined into a single, unique part called the Traveler Controller, which was a distinctive feature of KORG’s early synthesizers.
Instead of a more traditional ADSR style envelope, the miniKORG700s allows the user to control the shape of the sound with two sliders; one that controls attack time and decay time, and one that controls sustain level and release time. These quirks and more have all been faithfully reproduced in the software version.

The miniKORG 700S for Mac and Windows not only faithfully recreates the functionality and sounds of the original miniKORG 700S’s various parameters, but also includes many additional capabilities that bring the synthesizer into the modern era, and make it suitable for any music production environment.

There are more than 150 preset programs included with the miniKORG700s, split into 13 different categories like leads and basses. Ranging from sounds overflowing with vintage flavor to complex timbres you wouldn’t think could be created with such a simple interface, there is a huge variety of sounds available to choose from. Of course, you can add your own sounds to the library as well.

The graphical user interface (GUI) of the miniKORG 700S for Mac and Windows has realistically recreated the appearance of the original miniKORG 700S in both 2D and 3D. You can freely switch between the two, opting for the experience of using a hardware synthesizer or the convenience of a software synthesizer. There are also three screen sizes you can easily switch between to fit your environment without affecting the image quality for both the standalone and plugin versions.
In addition to the GUI, the various plugin parameters can also be controlled using MIDI CC, allowing you flexible, real-time control via a MIDI controller or Digital Audio Workstation

00:00 Lead
02:33 Bass
06:00 Synth Hard
08:00 Synth Soft
09:38 Motion
10:46 Pad/Strings
14:19 Bell
14:48 Seq
19:47 Chord
20:39 Pluck
22:14 Brass
22:55 Complex
23:14 Drum"

YAMAHA SY 99 | Enigma "Sadeness" Synthesizer | Factory Songs (Remastered)

video upload by Simon Le Grec

"The SY99 is like having a super-sized sampling workstation with the synthesis and sounds of a DX-7mkII. Basically the same as the SY77 it features a larger 76 note keyboard with upgraded synthesis, sample memory, sequencer and more! For its synthesizer section it employs a 6 operator AFM synth engine similar to, if not better than, the original DX's.

Sampled preset sounds (AWM2) can then be fused with the AFM sounds to create entirely wild new sounds! And these sounds are quite shapeable thanks to the resonant multi stage Time Variant Filters which offer the ability to recreate the warm analog sounds of classic synths, or something entirely new.

- AFM FM frequency modulation+ RCM convolution this special FM functions allows to
use an internal noise generator or a sample element AWM as modulator input for an OP

- A patch is composed by 1 / 2 / 4 elements from different syntheses according to 10
soundpath structures (notes: NOTE: RCM algorithms number 9 and 10 use a PCM voice
or an imported sample as an FM modulator - but not as carrier - to an operator.

- AWM PCM SAMPLES the intenal 8 MB ROM wavetable contains 267 PCM waveforms
coded at maximum 48 kHz at 16 bits based on AWM2 synthesis (YM7119 also digital
- The internal ROM wavetable is organized into 4 main categories:
- Classic digital workstation based on a complex mix of FM + PCM samples playback
Even if time has passed, the Sy99 remains a true digital masterpiece.

There's an enhanced on-board sequencer section for creating your songs right on the SY99. It's got 16 tracks, from which channel 16 belongs to the built-in drum synthesizer. The sequencer can hold up to 27,000 notes, 99 patterns and 10 songs. And since the SY99 features 16 voices of polyphony for the AFM section, and another 16 voices for the sampled sounds, there are 32 voices to go around to build your song.

Not to mention there are 2 digital multi-effects processors which include reverb, delay, chorus, panning and more! Professional features for those of you want to really control and shape your sounds using the unique sounds (and complex synthesis) of a Yamaha FM synth with some special features up its sleeve.

00:00 Classic Piano
00:44 80s Latin
02:07 USA Rock Sound
02:28 Hammond Sound
03:00 80s Action
03:40 Rocky Sound
04:57 80s Lead
06:08 Caribean Beat
07:22 Ambient Pad
08:45 Brass Sound
08:52 Enigma Sounds
09:29 Enigma Loop
10:14 AWM Sax
11:09 AWM Keys
11:32 AWM Lead"

YAMAHA SY 77 | Vangelis Synthesizer | Factory Songs (Remastered)

video upload by Simon Le Grec

"With the SY77 Music Synthesizer, Yamaha has set a new direction for synthesizer development through the 1990's. A full-function profes- sional performance and composition synthesizer, it incorporates the first truly different tone generation technology to come out in years: RC&M (Real-time Convolution & Modulation) Synthesis.

While many manufacturers offer 'sample plus synthesis' tone generation, Yamaha improves upon this concept in the SY77 by offering advanced ver- sions of both its AWM sampling and FM synthesis technologies. The breakthrough in SY77 is that Realtime Convolution and Modulation allows the two kinds of sounds to interact.

The convolution filtering section emulates analog operation, consisting of two 12dB/octave filters, one low pass and one switchable low pass/high pass filter. Filtering is included in the AFM and AWM2 ele- ments in a voice, and each filter can be controlled by independent dedi- cated envelope generators. The filters provide 12dB/octave band pass filtering or, used in tandem, a steep 24dB/octave low pass filter. The filters also feature fully adjustable resonance, which, as in older ana- log synthesizers, can be raised into filter oscillation. As many as eight filters can be used in 'single' voice mode.

00:00 Heaven Angels
00:35 Jazz It
00:51 Bossa Fever
01:00 Jamaica Feeling
01:35 Go For It
01:58 80s Breeze
03:00 All Night
04:22 Virgin Brass (Madonna)
05:30 In Heat of The Night
06:20 Miami Nights
08:05 Pop Waves"

YAMAHA SY 85 | AWM2 Synthesizer | Factory Songs (HQ)

video upload by Simon Le Grec

"The sound source of the SY85 is 6MB of AWM2 (second generation Advanced Wave Memory) ROM — that's 244 basic waveforms — with 30-note polyphony. A familiar range of waves is available, from acoustic and electric pianos, strings, brass and woodwind, strings, bass, guitars, through to tuned percussion and drums.

Sound effects and oscillator waves are also available, the latter allowing you to treat the SY85 somewhat like a traditional analogue synth. These waveforms are arranged into 256 Voices (in four banks of 64) which in turn are used to make up 128 Performances (combinations or layers of up to four Voices).

A recent and welcome trend amongst synths is the inclusion of RAM sample memory to allow you to download (via MIDI Sample Dump Standard) your own samples. The SY85 offers a basic 512k of sample RAM, expandable to a maximum of 3.5MB — a good chunk of this potential extra sample capacity will actually be non-volatile, since volatile and a non-volatile expansion slots cohabit side by side.

00:00 Heavenly
01:56 Acoustic Piano
02:36 Hoe Down
03:00 U Wanna Dance With Somebody
04:15 Cruising
04:57 Natural Ambient
05:29 Portamento
06:04 Night Star
07:06 Junglemania
07:28 Puerto Ricano
08:10 Let´s Swing
08:57 Overtime
09:19 Symphony
10:43 Wonder"

My First Koto Synthesizer // Akebono SK-10 [ Suiko ST-100 ]

video upload by Dawless Jammin'

"My name is JAde Wii and I like synthesizers and making beats.

Store :"

Koto Synthesizers on eBay | on Reverb

RE-909 vs TR-909: Sunshine Jones' 909 (Reprise)

video upload by autoy

Update: video re-uploaded.

"I thought it would be good to make this comparison again after my RE-909 was finished. Since the last video there's been quite a few changes, the most important being the addition of the output caps (as per Roland TR-909 service manual) and the replica of the original transformer. With these I consider the RE to be pretty much a 909 but I let you judge by the video.

Of note: there are 5 hardware revisions of the TR-909 two of which really affect the sound. Most of the RE-909 builds will sound like earlier models but with the later bass drum, hence slight differences depending on which models you compare it to. Original vintage Mitsubishi OPamps, several key original transistors and original Roland BA662 have been used in this build.

Thanks again to Sushine Jones for providing the video and samples and thanks for watching."

Erica Synths Bass Drum 2

video upload by Erica Synths

"Erica Synths Bass Drum 2 is developed in collaboration with French company e-licktronic and is our take on analogue bass drum circuits adapted for modular systems.


00:02 - Patch 1 - Sequencing the Bass Drum 2 with various gate lengths. Hats are being played from Cymbals module through Black BBD.

00:59 - Patch 2a - Basic tweaking of all parameters.

01:54 - Patch 2b - Adding modulation from Octasource for all parameters02:31 - Patch 3 - Using white noise output from the Bass Drum 2 to create a hi-hat like sound by sending it through the Black LPG

03:12 - Patch 4 - Making pitched sequences with the Bass Drum 2 and utilizing the accent input to make the ratcheting pats lower in volume comparing to the main kick sound.

All patches are sequenced with the Black Sequencer."

"Erica Synths Bass Drum is developed in collaboration with French company e-licktronic and it’s our take on analogue bass drum circuits adapted for modular systems. Massive, punchy sound, Accent and CV control over key parameters of the module make it distinctively expressive in live performances.

The Bass Drum2 has a unique take on the same concept - 909 based like previously, but with a Trigger/Gate mode. When in Gate Mode - Bass Drum2 reacts to gated signals making it possible to create sustained drum sounds. By modulating the gate length (patch the Gate output of the preferred sequencer into Trigger input and set various gate lengths), you can design unconventional Bass Drum patterns.

F e a t u r e s:

Pitch, Tune, Tune Depth controls
Attack, Decay, Drive controls
CV control with attenuators over Pitch, Decay and Drive
Manual trigger
Accent for better expression

RRP EUR: 230
MAP USD: 279"

Rare Waldorf Microwave 1 Mean Green Machine - Limited 99 to Units

via this auction

"RevB with CEM 3387 chips.

Comes with Kiwitechnics patch editor and two Rob Papen cards!!"

Future Sound Systems - OSC2 Recombination Engine

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings

You can find demos in previous posts here.

"The Recombination Engine from Future Sound Systems is a triple analogue voltage-controlled oscillator Eurorack module with a focus on a novel wave-splicing technique. The Recombination method can produce new, harmonically-rich timbres. Each oscillator is built around a new- generation CEM 3340 VCO chip to ensure ultimate tracking and linearity across the frequency spectrum, as per necessary for several features of the Recombination technique. The OSC2 employs its three VCOs in a master / positive-slave / negative-slave arrangement – the output of which is found at the Glue section. The Scissor section can be used as a master oscillator, which, in the Recombination technique, is used to switch between the Positive and Negative DNA oscillators, dependent on the positive or negative state of the Scissor square-wave. Sinusoidal, triangle and ramp waveforms can be mixed at each DNA VCO through SSI2164-based VCA sections, the mixed outputs of which are switched between at the Glue section in accordance to the Scissor.

The VCOs of the OSC2 also allow for switchable linear or exponential FM and offer very wide frequency ranges between Coarse and Fine tune controls. Both DNA oscillators' VCA sections are accessible through the Mix Outputs, with the level controls operating in a similar fashion to those found on our Cyclical Engine VCO module. At 12 o'clock, each waveform is modulated at full-scale by the applicable positive or negative state of the Scissor VCO's square-wave. At 5 o'clock, each waveform ows through its VCA at full scale. Meanwhile, each waveform is available pre-VCA at the Raw Outputs.

As part of the Scissor section, three modulation busses can be switched on and off. PW Skew ties the pulsewidth modulation bus of the Scissor VCO to the frequency busses of the DNA VCOs. This means that, if the positive region of the Scissor VCO's square-wave is elongated as the pulsewidth is increased, the frequency of the Positive DNA VCO is decreased, so that the positive portion of the Glue waveform becomes "stretched out". The opposite happens to the negative portion of the Glue waveform in this instance, so becomes condensed. This effect is particularly useful for creating formant-type timbres at the Glue output.

CV Lock between the three VCOs ties the exponential frequency bus of the Scissor oscillator to the two DNA VCOs. This is especially useful when using the OSC2 as a standard triple oscillator stack, as found in classic subtractive synthesizers. Sync Lock resets the Positive DNA to the positive portion of the Scissor VCO, and resets the Negative DNA to the negative portion of the Scissor VCO. There is also a switch in the Scissor section to shift the entirety of the OSC2 between low and audible frequency ranges."

Flame - Curves

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings

You can find demos in previous posts here.

"Curves is an analog filter bank with twelve bands. Thanks to a built-in pattern generator, the channels can be played rhythmically. – Including variations. The module features a variety of sequences. You can create your own patterns using a free software editor (Windows / OSX). The module holds up to 99 patterns. Clock and reset inputs are available for synchronization with other modular equipment plus there is a MIDI connector. While the sequencer is deactivated, you can choose between several filter types. – A feature that makes Curves even more versatile."

Maestro W-2 Woodwind Interface w/ Extras Including Keychain

via this auction

"Maestro W-2 woodwind interface vintage sound synth complete with extras.Alto,Tenor mpc & Clarinet barrel pickup units. Plus (2) Barcus Berry reed transducers with metal holder and adhesives. Bonus key chain , all cables original . Extremely rare to find all this in the same offer. Unit designed to add various sounds with original instrument. Built for Woodwinds. Old school sound popular around the early 70’s."

Note the keychain appears to be missing a piece and is broken and taped together. Still cool to see one though.

Dreadbox Murmux Initiate semi modular synthesizer

via this auction

"Murmux Initiate - #41

The rarest of boutique analogs

•Full Analog Vintage Mono Synth
•2 VCOs with suboctave
•Saw and square wave
•4-pole 24db/oct VC Low Pass Filter
•Triangle wave LFO modulation
•Voltage controlled Amp
•2 Envelopes ~ amp and filter
•External Audio Input
•Oscillator Pitch CV
•Electronics by Dreadbox
•Enclosure by Black Science
•Completely Handmade, everything crafted by hand, with love

Simple and beautiful design. Super fat bass, soaring leads

This was from their first line of synthesizers, key to the success story of dreadbox. #41 of 100

*dip switch upgraded.
(Currently on midi ch.2)

Includes the following:
•original power supply
•rare murmux t-shirt (m)
•laminated user manual
•Dreadbox warranty card
•original user manual

*Does not include original packaging"

Roland Boutique VP-03 Vocoder and String Synth

via this auction

With microphone & original box.

Black Corporation KIJIMI

via this auction

"KIJIMI is 8-voice analogue synthesizer with incredible modulation abilities.

• KIJIMI synthesizer built with thruhole components (from DIY kit) by Black Corporation/Roman Fillipov and signed by him in 2019
• Current runs 1.1.0 firmware; works as it should"

Eko Stradivarius

via this auction

You can find demos of the EKO Stradivarius in previous posts here.


video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a part two of a two-part series regarding the LFO1 found on the UDO Super 6. And yes, OSCILLATOR"

AutomaticGainsay UDO Super 6 posts

08 08 21 Serge Paperface - NTO FMed by PCO

video upload by batchas

"Here a short video in preparation of the next patch.
I'm still very fond of the sound of the NTO being FMed by the PCO."

Patch n Tweak
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