MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Synth Library Portland Lending Program Starts 8/27

This one is in via Brian Comnes.

You might recall Synth Library Portland sought funding back in 2017. It looks like their lending program starts this month.

via Synth Library Portland:

"We're excited to announce that our Lending Program will be starting on 8/27! Want to check out a synth and live in the Portland, OR area? Follow these steps:

Become a member on WithFriends

Sign up for an orientation

Create a MyTurn account and reserve that synth!

We're offering the first two online orientations on Fri 8/27 at 7PM and Sat 8/28 at 2PM. We’ll be offering these on a regular basis so don't worry if you can’t make either of these first ones.

Members who have attended an orientation will have their MyTurn accounts enabled and can take up to two synths home for two weeks at a time.

We'll explain the nuts and bolts of the program at the orientation but here's an idea of when everything happens for our first lending cycle:

Reservation window opens at midnight on 8/29 for QTBIPOC only, then is open-to-all on 8/31 & closes at midnight on 9/2.

In-person pick-up is in N Portland on Fri 9/3 from 4-8PM and Sat 9/4 from 2-6PM. Once you reserve a synth, you'll receive an email with the exact address and instructions for pick-up. Synths are due back on Fri 9/17 from 4-8PM or Sat 9/18 from 2-6PM at the same N Portland location you picked them up from.

We're excited to get synths into the hands of the Portland community and stay tuned for more to come from us soon!

With love,

Synth Library Portland"

Synth Jam 83: alternative visuals

video upload by Marcus Padrini

Gear video here.

Minimoog External In with Voltage Controlled Digital Delay #shorts

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"The Minimoog has and external input to the filter. There's even a mixing channel for it. I'm taking the 'low' output from the Mini and routing it through a voltage controlled Digital Delay. The result is feedback that is somewhat controlled.

The delay is provided by the Swiss Daisy DSP. The control voltage for the delay comes from the venerable Arturia Beatstep sequencer."

MFB Urzwerg Pro Mk 2 CV+MIDI Sequencer SN 13358

via this auction

"Super sequencer from MFB
2 Run-modes offering 2 x 16 or 4 x 8 steps 32 skip-switches
32 LEDs
Polyphonic and monophonic MIDI-output
4 Available note quantize modes
4 x CV/Gate-outputs

Only used in studio. Immaculate condition, discontinued

I used this with a small modular setup as well as some synths (Roland SH101, Sequential Pro One) using MIDI and CV-Gate.

Either 2 sequences of 16 steps or 4 sequences of 8 steps. This makes possible to play up to four synthesizers or four channels of a multi-timbral synthesizer. It´s also possible to play a synth up to four-fold polyphonic. In duophonic mode the two remaining rows can modulate velocity and mod-wheel parameters (MIDI CC 01), in three-voice mode the forth row controls velocity.

Gate-Length (5 settings), CV range (0-10V) and Glide are controlled separately for rows 1 2 and 3 4. Range from 0-5V can be quantized, four scales are available.

Per step there is a skip button which either skips the entire step or just de-/activates the gate signal for this step, depending on the mode. Running direction and sequence length can be set separately for each row. The new random function allows random playback of steps. The auto-glide function activates glides only when two or more notes are tied, similar to the 303´s sequencer."

Roland PG-1000 Linear Synthesizer Programmer SN 784278

via this auction

"Roland PG1000 programmer for Roland D50/D550."

Roland D50 ROM PCM Card Set + Bonus 16 Bank RAM Card

via this auction

"Roland D-50 ROM Soundcard-Set PN-D50-00 PN-D50--01 and PN-D50-02 for the Roland D-50 / D-550 Linear Synthesizer.

The three cards are original from Roland soundcards. Each contains sound data (64 patches) and additional effect data."

Yamaha WRC04 Waveform ROM Cartridge

via this auction

"Original Yamaha WRC04 Card which is compatible with the Yamaha RX5 drum machine (and the PT8X also)"

Yamaha RX5 ROM Waveform Data Cartridge

via this auction

Rare Vermona Formation 2 Synth Flute Organ w/ Percussion

video upload by g u e r n s e y

Two very different demos.

Vermona Formation 2 Ladies in Mercedes

video upload by Steve Reavson

via this auction

SN 175591

"Looks like it was barely used. Everything is working. With stand, cover and power cable. Made in DDR.

Analog spring reverb sounds really nice! Phaser too. I would love to keep this instrument myself but have other instruments in a row to restore."

Yamaha DX-200 FM synth with the PLG150DX loaded

via this auction

Sequential Artist Spotlight: Corbu

video upload by Sequential

"Corbu is the music and visual art made by a grown-up choirboy-turned-psychonaut, and a hairstylist/lyricist who had barely touched an instrument until she was playing on a Jumbotron at Austin City Limits. Jonathan Graves and Amanda create dirty, electronic dreampop as a kind of medicine, trying to lure their audience deeper into their own subconscious while giving them something to sing along to. Jonathan has written a number of Corbu songs in his dreams, and Amanda contributes real-world, "non-musical" samples and textures that push and pull against the pop song format, as they occasionally dive off a cliff together into a pool of abstraction and ambient noise. Corbu has toured with Bloc Party, performed with Goldfrapp, played at Austin City Limits and Electric Forest festivals, and finished their debut album Crayon Soul with Dave Fridmann (Tame Impala, MGMT, The Flaming Lips). Their Lost & Found EP, featuring a collaboration with Jimi Goodwin of the band Doves, is out now.

This video spotlight features Jonathan Graves of Corbu and the Mopho x4.

Follow Corbu here:

For more information about Sequential synthesizers:"

You can find additional posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

SCORCHED - Scoring Presets for Pro 3, by Peter Dyer

video upload by peterkeys88

"SCORCHED - 66 moody and toasted scoring presets for your Sequential Pro 3 synth. All sounds in this video are directly from this pack.

Inspired by some of my favorite dynamic brooding synth scores from Ben Salisbury, Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross, Ludwig Gorannson, and Cliff Martinez. Arps, leads, basses, sequences, fx, and percussion to galvanize your cue and ignite your creativity, from anxious to malicious."

Pro 3: The Ultimate Gateway to Eurorack?

video upload by Synthetic World 859

"Sequential Pro 3-based eurorack! Tutorial/walkthrough on adding the fewest modules possible to the Pro 3 to get a living modular music making machine! Kind of crazy how easy it was. The sequencer is so powerful and since there are 4 CV ins and outs, there was a ton of room to play. I really only scratched the surface of what's possible here, there's a whole world of modular just waiting to be explored using the Pro 3 at the core of the system. Accessing the LFOs, the envelopes, sending the oscillators in and out...I really feel like this instrument would make getting into eurorack for beginners so much easier, so I kind of treated this like a beginners guide to eurorack too. You could legitimately just add one or two modules and create entire tracks! It also seems to cover a lot of the same ground as Pamela's New Workout, which serves as the brain of a lot of modular synth systems.

Modules used:
TipTop uZeus
2hp Kick
STG Soundlabs .MIX
After Later Audio Benjolin v2
ALM Pip Slope
Electrosmith 2164 VCA
2hp Hat
2hp Div"

Prophet Rev 2 Patch Tutorial | Tracked Filter Resonance [free samples]

video upload by Jameson Nathan Jones

"In case I didn't make it clear, I sampled this patch. Get them here for free:"

Bobb Bruno's Killer Pedal Combos!

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Bobb Bruno of Best Coast shows off a few of his favorite effects, as well as combinations of pedals that mimic some vintage effects.

Join us for a walkthrough of some routing, unique signal manipulation, as well as weird and whacky tones!

#pedals #effects #cool #Shred #wavey #vintage #guitars"

Landscape Soundwich: What Is It?

video upload by poorness studios

"This is a cool little gadget from Landscape called The Soundwich. I was always curious how it worked, so I bought one just to figure it out. I try to explain what it is and what it does. Hopefully this video is helpful to somebody.

Intro @ 0:00
Overview & Explanation @ 0:57
Using the Internal Sounds @ 2:56
Using as a Microphone @ 4:07
Signal Processing @ 5:02
Sound Clips @ 6:00
Conclusion @ 7:20"

Pics & aditional details via Signal Sounds Reverb

"Soundwich is a device based on the sound of tact switches, hardware and PCB material. In part it’s a compact and sturdy form factor for interaction with piezo experimentation. The piezo disks are directly mounted to the undersides of the top and bottom PCBs creating a direct connection to the sounds of the tact switches. The two 3.5mm jacks can be used as either ins or outs. One is a momentary out and one is always on. The momentary output allows you to hear only the depressed click sound of the tact switches while the always on output allows you to hear both the depress and release of the tact switches amplified by the two piezos. When you shake the Soundwich you will hear the sound of six washers sliding along machine screws and colliding against the two piezo pickups. Using momentary out while shaking will only allow that sound to escape when disks are compressed. Compressing along the edges will provide different filtering amounts depending on where you press [the 7 stacked lines indicate greatest amount of filtering/attenuation with less and less filtering as your travel counterclockwise till there is nearly zero]. Routing audio or CV through provides a fast and tactile handheld momentary on device.

1 a simple passive piezo, tact switch and hardware based sound device which can expel audio or accept it

2 a piezo pickup with a constant output

3 a piezo pickup with a momentary output when disks are depressed in center point

4 a piezo pickup with momentary out through 8 different filter amounts when depressing disks along edges (volume is also attenuated)

5 an exciter for resonators and effects

6 a shaker using internal washers to strike the top and bottom piezos

7 a shaker with momentary out through 8 different RC filter amounts

8 a lo-fi vocal mic when pressed directly against the lips (and/or momentary on when using momentary jack)

9 a very quiet lo-fi speaker

10 a tactile momentary on switch when routing audio through it (in one direction)

11 a momentary on w/ lowpass filtering and volume attenuation when routing audio through (the reverse direction)

12 a momentary on plus attenuation of modular signal when routing through the RC filter

13 a shaker and clicky trigger source for some modular synthesizer modules without needing an extra boost to modular levels

14 When boosted to modular levels, clicks and/or shakes can be used to advance a sequencer for example

15 When placed on a hard surface each side can create different rhythm sounds when tapped

16 Other definitions"

Gotharman's Urano: Connecting Modules

video upload by gotharman

"Showing the principles of the 3 different ways, that you can connect modules on the Urano Modular Synthesizer (Manually, by the Module Overview and automatically), by re-placing a delay effect from before a VCA, to after the VCA."

Kawai SX-240 patches demo - live/no FX (stream test)

video upload by SynthAddict

"Streamed live, so the audio has some artifacts...and performance errors. :-)
Enjoy this great, early MIDI analog polysynth.
Sorry for the "Bigfoot" arms blocking the cam in segments . :-P
It's my first stream attempt."

Gibson - Echoplex Digital Pro Black & White Rackmount Loopers

via these NOISEBUG Listings

"The Echoplex features 16-bit digital 44.1kHz recording/sampling to RAM. It ships with 50 seconds worth of memory, however this can be easily upgraded just like any sampler using standard RAM SIMM chips to up to 200 seconds of recording time.

Although the Echoplex may have been designed with the intentions of being a modern digital delay based on the classic tape-based analog delays (Maestro Echoplex EP3), the Echoplex offers digital, clean, and intuitive performance features. Play anything into it, loops, guitar, keyboards..all in realtime. As soon as you stop recording, the sampled material begins looping...and you can now jam along with it! Overdub additional loops and build arrangements, all on the fly!!! The number of overdubs and length of loops is limited only by the amount of memory. Mistakes or undesirable loops can easily be undone. The Echoplex can store up to 9 separate loop/ arrangements. A cool EFC-7 Foot controller can also be used so you can punch in and out of loops without having to use your you can keep playing.

The Echoplex is also fully MIDI capable. All controls send/receive MIDI data and even the Loops can be saved and loaded via MIDI! MIDI sync makes sure your loops can be locked to the tempo of your MIDI sequencers giving the Echoplex a niche in your MIDI-studio as a dedicated loop-player! Loops, like samples, can be assigned to keys on a keyboard and can be triggered as loops or single-shot samples. Other functions of the Echoplex include Reverse, for backwards loops, and a Multiplay feature which repeats loops a user-defined number of times to create an extended loop (ie: extend a 4-beat loop into a 16-beat loop)."

Moog Sub Phatty Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Wish You Were Here. Interesting space.

Moog One Analog Polyphonic 16 Voice Synthesizer

via this auction

Elektor Formant - analog Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

"It is a DIY system, professionally built and last year overhauled ( capacitors, ICs, potentiometers, switches, etc renewed ). All functions of the modules are given. The knobs work without any noise beside. The whole system is designed 2 voices and internally pre-wired, so that at the COM module the final signals concerns ( VCO - VCF - VCA , each with ADSR ; LFOs are at VCOs, . . ) The sequencer is a 16 step sequencer or two times eight steps. Start/Stop and Reset buttons . The only weak point on this system is that the front panels are not fixed at the front. They do hold through the rear connector, but should be better secured for transport and more intensive use. Total : 1x step sequencer, 4x VCO , 2x VCF 24dB, 4x ADSR, 2x dual VCA, 1x LFOs , noise module, COM (EQ+Output ), keyboard module, power supply 220V"

Oberheim OB-8 DMX and DSX

via this auction

Note the listing is for the OB-8 only. The DMX and DSX are not listed. Remember, Reverb only protects what's listed. If you take the sale offline you lose that protection.

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 2.0 with Kenton Midi

video upload by oscDrift

"Demonstration of my Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 2.0. Includes professionally installed Kenton Midi Kit. Keyboard bushings have been professionally replaced(no clicking) along with having a Heat Sink installed(addresses tuning drift/stability which was notorious with Rev 1 and Rev 2 P5's)."

via this auction

Excellent condition Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 2.0. Includes professionally installed Kenton Midi Kit. Keyboard bushings have been professionally replaced(no clicking) along with having a Heat Sink installed(addresses tuning stability/drift which was notorious with Rev 1 and Rev 2 P5's).
There are a few minor scratches on bottom and a very small wood ding on top of left side panel; otherwise in excellent shape. Please check my photos and video.

Unit has only been used in my smoke free Home Studio; has never been used outside the home/toured.

Professionally serviced at Outlier Audio in Chicago, IL.
Includes Cover, power cord,copy of Manual, Kenton Midi Kit manual as well as Cassette Interface Operation Notes."

Crumar Orchestrator (Multiman-X) Analog Synth recently serviced + both pedals!

Making a track with a Crumar orchestrator and a Fostex R8

video upload by

via this auction

"This is a 1970s Italian-made Crumar Orchestrator / Multiman. It's a truly unique piece with some cool features. It's basically an entire orchestra at your fingertips. It's sort of the Italian answer to the Polymoog.

First off, all the SOUNDS!

The FAT AF ANALOG BRASS. You can control the filter sweep with a normal attack curve or use the foot pedal to control it manually for some super rad retro sci-fi sounds.

The SWEET STRINGS. They're very reminiscent of the Solina string sound. Independent cello, violin sections for both the bass and treble side.

The MEDIOCRE PIANO & CLAVINET sounds. They're...kinda neat.

The SUPER DEEP AND PUNCHY BASS. This is only on the bottom part of the keyboard. It also has an independent output just for the bass and it is dreamy for filling out the low end

In addition to the brass swell pedal, there's also a volume pedal. Both work well!

This synth as 4 outputs : MAIN, PIANO/BASS, STRINGS, & BRASS. You can either use the main output and make it a big mono synth or process each section independently! Very useful if you want to mix the parts with different effects later on.

They keyboard is naturally split between bass & treble so you can set each side to use a different set of sounds (exempli gratia, low brass + bass, high violins & cello).

I recently opened up this synth and gave it a very thorough servicing. All connections are strong, all the circuits got cleaned and the pots are as clean as I can make them. The sliders work well and are generally free of scratchiness.

The issues :

+ Although the sliders all work well, there's a few missing slider caps.

+ The middle C violin sound is quiet so you can't use it in isolation. Not really noticeable in normal use.

+ No MIDI control on this beast. This was from the Before Times.

That's it! Everything else works great. The only thing that would really kick this up to 1000% is the set of exceedingly rare bass pedals.

Apparently Radiohead loves this synth, and I see why. It's got a haunting, dark tone that matches well with their sound. It's also really well suited to live performance / tracking, as you can use the two pedals to make a very expressive performance. It comes in its own road case!"

Custom Patches for Behringer 2600: Retromania (50 Vintage/Retro Presets) Sound Demo/No Talking

video upload by Anton Anru

"«Retromania» is a collection of 50 patches for Behringer 2600. It includes 15 basses, 14 Leads, 13 Plucks, 8 Pads.
📼 Get the soundset:
The soundset is suitable for Retrowave, Synthwave, Pop, Electronica, Lo-fi, Electro, Disco, Cinematic and Video Game Music in Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk genres… for everything that is associated with Vintage, Retro, Old…
You will find well-known timbres here: huge and light basses, singing leads that work great for solos, punchy plucks for arps and seqs, warm analog pads with evolving modulations.

The soundset is presented in the form of PDF-Document. Each page contains notes that explain how the patch works, what parameters worth tweaking during the playback, how to develop the timbre during a performance. If you make all the settings consciously and try the things mentioned in the notes, you will learn lots of things about the synth and discover its true depth.

Each patch has an audio example, it helps to understand how a patch is supposed to sound. To recreate these patches you need up 8 patch cords.

00:00 BS Italo, LD Space Trip, PL Fast Strokes, LD TV Show
01:14 BS Immense, LD Caller, PL Outline
01:57 BS Flick, LD Singer, LD Forlorn, PD Melancholy
03:10 BS Frivolous, LD Mellotron
03:37 BS Chaser, PL Pipes, LD Icicle, PD Grime
04:36 BS Reason, PL Chirp, LD Shakeup
05:12 BS Stubby, PL Tape Machine, LD Ghost, PD Church Organ
06:11 BS Matt, PL Space Drum, LD Agony
06:55 BS Buzz, LD Hysteria, PL High Bells
07:46 BS M-1 Organ, LD Chord Stab, PD House Strings
08:18 BS Kick In, PL Berliner, PD Skid
08:56 BS Atlant, LD Flowing, PL Glassware, PD Multi-Wobble
10:05 BS Plump, PL Distress, PD Chorus Strings
11:04 BS Deep Waters, LD Oriental Flute, PL Mallets Generator
11:57 BS Killer, PL Striker, LD Silken"

Joranalogue Audio Design Patch Tuesday: Decayed Harmonics with Generate 3

video upload by Joranalogue Audio Design

"Today on #PATCHTUESDAY we're diving deep into Generate 3's timbral controls! Using separate envelopes to modulate the three individual harmonic channels, it becomes easy to create an evolving spectrum throughout each note in a sequence. #eurorack"

Plaits, Marbles, QPAS, Beads - Ambient Modular Eurorack

video upload by SyllixMusic

"Download the audio:
Marbles triggers Plaits and is recycling an 8 note loop via the deja vu control. QPAS filters and adds a stereo effect. Marbles triggers Beads for the arpeggio effect.

Mutable Instruments Plaits, Marbles, Beads
Make Noise QPAS

Effects: Beads, Valhalla Shimmer reverb"

KRISCHER - MS-20 stéréo filter

video upload by John Krischer

"Clone du mythique Filtre MS-20, stéréo, contrôlable via pédale d’expression !"

Pics via this auction

Dreadbox Nyx v2 & Boss DD3 Digital Delay

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

【キーマガTV Vol.6】月刊stereoコラボ企画!(ゲスト:生形三郎)【2021/8/17配信】

video upload by KeyboardMagJP

0:05 オープニングライブ
   「L094_GuZhebg WA3a1」
1:54 オープニング
2:25 生形三郎さんをゲストにお迎えし、
22:25 スペシャルライブ
    「A027_SGX2 Wavesequenced Piano」
25:50 ◎後半は付録の「究極のオーディオチェックCD」の収録内容について
26:19 トラック①~⑮テスト信号(チャンネルチェック/ホワイトノイズ/ピンクノイズ)
30:45 トラック⑯~⑰テスト信号(サイン波スウィープ)
33:51 トラック⑱~⑲テストフレーズ(定位チェック L to R)
35:18 トラック⑳~㉓テストノート(シンセベース)
37:28 トラック㉔~㉖テストノート(ドラムセット)
40:34 トラック㉗高域コイン・スワック
43:06 トラック㉘~㉚テストノート/テストフレーズ(超低域太鼓)
45:40 トラック㉜「B037_Piano Film Score」(堀江さん制作楽曲)
47:34 トラック㉝「B103_Water under the Bridge」(堀江さん制作楽曲)
50:19 トラック㉟「O107_Seasons LoopKit」(堀江さん制作楽曲)
1:01:07 トラック㊱「Polywaves」(生形さん制作楽曲)
1:03:10 トラック㊲「J.S.バッハ:プレリュード(BWV 846) ピアノ+コーラス」(生形さん制作楽曲)
1:07:21 月刊stereoからのお知らせ
1:08:40 エンディング



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