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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

New Future Retro Vectra Hardware Synth w/ Touch Panel Keyboard & Four Joysticks In the Works

Future Retro Vectra beta testing video upload by FutureRetroSynths

"Just scratching the surface of what the new Vectra synthesizer is capable of while beta testing some features... thought you might enjoy a sneak peak.

All sounds from the Future Retro Vectra, additional effects from the Eventide Eclipse."

Update: details posted here.

Doepfer Polyphonic System at Noisebug

video upload by NOISEBUG

"This is the bigger version of the Doepfer Polyphonic System, offering 4 independent synth voices for sculpting more in depth patches."

LA Circuits at Noisebug

video upload by NOISEBUG

"Noisebug is now stocking LA Circuits! A local brand here in LA who has released a wide variety of modules in the analog domain. Here is a quick demo of what the Bauhaus, Après Dix and the Moon Jock sound like working together."

AVP Ritmobox - Experiemental Techniques compared with dry sound.

video upload by NOISEBUG

"Here the AVP Ritmobox is shown dry with little to no processing, processed by Bugbrand EQ/Filters and with a no-input mixing feedback technique."

Yamaha rm1x and Korg Microsampler live jam: Running

video upload by rm1xapm"

"To create the melody I sampled the very old piano in our living room and played it on the KORG Microsampler, spiced up with some reverb and sequenced the whole thing with my favorite Yamaha rm1x. As usual, the other voices are delivered by rm1x itself.

Track title: Running"

Sequential Take 5 Review & Demo - GEOSynths

video upload by GEOSynths

"I wasn't sure about the Sequential Take 5 when it was first announced as I already have a number of their Synths, so a 'Cut Down' version wouldn't really add anything...HOW WRONG WAS I...!

The Take 5 is probably the best (Modern) PolySynth that Sequential have made...The combination of Analog VCO/VCF and the Mod Matrix is new for them and has allowed me to make Sounds that have blown me away...

I don't go into everything, but demonstrate with some simple Sound Design many of the main function you will use. I've also included some of my thoughts and opinions and I think this will slide off the shelves!"

Sequential Take 5 - Superbooth 21 (English)

video upload by Klangfarbe

"Gery Bassermann explaining all the new features that come with the Sequential Takle 5 Synth!
We are very sorry for the imperfect Audio quality, but it was a Synth-Fair and it could get loud as hell in some of those rooms...."

Facing the Future - Retrowave with Sequential Prophet 10 Rev4 (Instumental)

video upload by SMV Producer

"A short instrumental track with the sound warmth of the Prophet 10 Rev 4.
The drums were made with the Analog Rytm 2 and everything was recorded in Ableton Live 11. "

Sequential Pro 3 /// Valhalla Supermassive /// Ambient Sci Fi Jam

video upload by Voltage Controlled

"For this jam I recorded the first track into Ableton using the Pro 3 on paraphonic mode then improvised over it using a simple sine wave patch. Both sounds went through a separate reverb/delay which is the incredible sounding Valhalla Supermassive which can be downloaded free of charge from the link below."


video upload by LESINDES

"Paul SOULSBY is introducing his SYNTHESIZERS ATMULTITRON + ATMEGATRON II w Expander on SUPERBOOTH 2021. ATMULTITRON features a polyphonic and multitimbral 8 bit sample player engine with analog VCA nd VCF and FX. ATMEGATRON II 2 voice 8 bit sample player engine + optional Expander unit."

Plogue Introduces CHIPSYNTH OPS7 - Sample Free Yamaha DX7 Software Synth Model

Feature overview of chipsynth OPS7 video upload by Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc.

"Watch this great overview of OPS7 from @Mathew Valente

Plogue is not affiliated with any of the original integrated circuit, computer and console manufacturers. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners."

Unscripted live comparison of chipsynth OPS7 with an original mk1

video upload by

"We briefly explain how to set up the SYSEX librarian mode of chipsynth OPS7, Bidule and a spectrum analyzer to do a random preset comparison between OPS7 and an OG mk1

Thanks to Joan Touzet for her TX816 tests

Product page:

Plogue is not affiliated with any of the original integrated circuit, computer and console manufacturers. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners."

"It's loud! It's brash! It's digital! It's the edgy sound of Yamaha's 6-op FM synths, now perfectly emulated by chipsynth OPS7 in a convenient plugin format!

Let it take over your tracks as it took over the airwaves with a storm in 1983. Open the flood gates to a deluge of crisp bass sounds, crystalline bells, soothing electric pianos, and sharp rhythmic clavichords.

You will unleash vast FM landscapes in mere seconds, thanks to the dual-layer system seen only in the most expensive FM keyboards - the Yamaha DX1 and DX5 - giving your music a big, full, lush studio sound!

In addition to a full set of effects, we've given chipsynth OPS7 a game-changing dynamic patch editing system, making FM patch creation easier than ever and removing any need for cumbersome algorithm diagrams.

But perhaps you want to load-in one of the thousands of available original Yamaha DX series 6-op patch banks instead?

We've got you covered, with full SysEx bank file support and full hardware SysEx interfacing.

In terms of emulation, Plogue goes all-in: by exactly matching the digitally captured output of the original EGS and OPS chips, we've recreated every nugget of sound from the original keyboard.

This includes exact envelope stepping patterns that vary note-to-note, every facet of the convoluted pitch calculation, and absolutely identical operator math for each algorithm down to the bit.

The analog side of the original keyboards and modules is also recreated with lavish attention to detail: you want the unique crunchiness of the original DAC?

We got it down to its insane compander and the full analog filtering section.

Guaranteed 100% free of any samples!"

Roland MC-202 MicroComposer

via this auction

"This is a pristine condition Roland MC-202, unmodified, a beauty I have been using for a short time. If you are on this page, you know already most of the things on the MicroComposer and the history it has made."

Note this is a supporting member listing.

Free TouchOSC Mk2 Editor for Black Corporation Kijimi

via synth_nyc:

"Key features:
* Parameter name and value are displayed all the time; value is dynamically updated when you move a slider; value is highlighted when you touch a button
* Parameters are controlled via MIDI CC; and MIDI SYSEX using LUA scripts
* Most Patch parameters are controllable
* If you click on the Matrix Common / Indiv LFO or ADSR2 buttons, it will invite you do go to Page 2 and Page 3, and remove those parameter from the UI on Page 1
* If you double click (or double tap on a Tablet) on a slider, it will default the value to factory (like Saw for VCO wave, like 0 semi tones for VCO Range, etc…)
* Editor is one-way (Device to Kijimi); no librarian features, no request from Kijimi. It writes data in the Kijimi buffer memory.
* No support, sorry… It’s free and open source (for the LUA scripts)
* TouchOSC Mk2 is to be licensed to its developer.

All 128 free Kijimi custom patches here were created using this editor.

Please contact Black Corporation to get the editor and patches.



video upload by Bernd Kistenmacher

"this is SUPERBOOTH 2021 Day#3. This episode is full of music, talks and a nice interview with Mr. Axel Fischer, who presents the still iconic SCHMIDT SYNTHESIZER.

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:00 Schmidt Synthesizer
00:15:16 Buchla (in short)
00:15:55 Sascha Ketterlin (Music)
00:35:58 Bloody Mary (Music...and more)
00:50:40 Interview with Joerg Sunderkoetter about Berliner Schule (Excerb)
00:55:23 S.T.Raumen (Music)
01:02:08 Andreas Schneider talks with Gereth Jones, Gert Jalass and Gerhard Mayrhofer
01:50:02 Final words


Bernd Kistenmacher SUPERBOOTH 2021 DIARY posts

Orac's Krell - demo of a new way to use Orac

video upload by TheTechnobear

"Over the last few months Ive been collaborating with Electra One.

They have recently made their firmware open source, and I wanted to write a custom firmware for Orac to allow a new way to interact with Orac running on any platform.

This video is of the patch I made for their booth at this years Superbooth (2021) , showing Orac running on a Terminal Tedium.

This firmware will also work on the rPI, Organelle and other Orac platforms.

The patch is a generative patch based on the 'Krell Patch', which uses continually looping envelopes that change randomly over time.
these envelopes are used for many aspects, including note generator, amplitude and also also various parameters affecting timbre and filtering.

This was implemented by creating new Orac modules that contained these new 'krell' envelopes.

a fun patch to just let do its own thing, and tweak as you go along.

(I also had the patch running on the Organelle-M at Superbooth)"

Additional Orac posts

Additional Electra One posts

Odin II: the best free synth plugin? Demo of my 15 favourite arps and sequences presets.

video upload by Andrea Di Lorenzo - Music Lab

"Powerful and complex - but easy to use - Odin II is absolutely stunning! It can make everything you want, from the 'old analog sound' to the futuristic Vector Synthesis.

Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Get Odin 2 for free over here:"

QuNeo MPE Overview and Setup Tutorial with Ableton 11, Modal Skulpt, and Equator

video upload by Keith McMillen Instruments

"QuNeo now speaks MPE! It's by far the most expressive controller of it's size, use it for finger drumming or playing melodic scales and chords.

In this video we show you how to get started with the QuNeo and MPE. We run through how to setup the QuNeo MPE application with a soft synth (Equator), Modal Skulpt, and Ableton Live 11."

Quasimidi Polymorph Sequencer / Synthesizer SN 58965

via this auction

Novation K Station Digital VA Synthesizer SN K00326S

via this auction

TRAX RS-1 Rota-Synth

via this auction

The Rota Synth RS-1 is a desktop 8-step analogue sequencer, coupled with a monophonic, true analogue synthesizer. It does not use a keyboard like a conventional synth, but instead generates musical sequences and sound effects that you program in real time.

Made in 2010 by TRAX (Trax Controls), the same manufacturer of the famous Retro Wave R-1.

Super rare synth, in excellent condition for its age, the only one for sale in the world !
Use it to create rapidly repeating musical phrases, grungy riffs, retro computer game effects, rolling basslines, off-the-wall rhythmic patterns, dub sirens, weird sci-fi effects, plus sounds yet undiscovered....

No clumsy menus to wade through - just switch on and go. You get full, hands-on control via knobs and switches.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2 SN 2533

via this auction

"Here we have the synth that started it all. 6,000-ish made twixt 1978-1984. Sold for $4595. 61-keys/40 analogue programmable memories/5-voice poly/2 VCOs per voice/noise/polymod section/A-440 Hz reference tone/dual-voltage (120/230Vac) This particular Pro 5 is a rev 3.2.

Purchased from Rod Argents Keyboards(London) in 1979, this has been used by top pros - on Barclay James Harvest albums, for example."

Roland SH-101 Classic Analogue Mono Synthesiser

via this auction

Vintage Casio Casiotone 403 Analog Keyboard w/ Pedals

via this auction

YAMAHA CS01 Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland V-Synth GT Keyboard Synthesizer Version 2.0

via this auction

SOMA Laboratory Lyra-8 Black Drone SYNTHESIZER SN 93

via this auction

"SOMA Laboratory Lyra-8 Black Drone SYNTHESIZER. Serial number 93. Ordered when Lyra 8 was first announced."

Modal Electronics Cobalt8 w/ Original Box

via this auction

The MG-1 // An Actually Affordable Vintage Moog // Demo & Walkthrough

video upload by Jorb

"Made by Moog, sold at radioshack in the early 80's. What a cool one.

I can't justify keeping it around, but it does sound pretty damn good."

Superbooth 2021 - E-RM Polygogo - Hypnotic drones

video upload by motobor

"Got lost in these hypnotic dronescapes with the Polygogo. Nice sound desing oscilator, can hit those sweetspots with every tweak of the buttons."

Polygogo posts

Isobutane Live Performance @ SuperBooth 2021

video upload by Polyend

Ephemere | Dual CV Recorder | by Patching Panda

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"éphémère (french for 'short-lifespan') is a dual channel CV recorder that can record, sync, splice and playback two independent modulation sources. It supports unipolar and bipolar ranges, but also audio rate sources. It can record up to 4 secs of audio in 44,1K if you wish allowing access to some 'musique concrete' applications. Finally, the outgoing CV can be quantized to any (user)scale, providing a great musical CV source."

ASM Hydrasynth Explorer Sound Demo (no talking) at Superbooth 21

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Follow-up to this post.

Tasty Chips GR-1 (mutlitimbral mode)

video upload by Luca Longobardi

"Four different granular layers for a multi-timbral unique polyphonic synth.
I wasn't experimenting with any new piano techniques with my left hand right at the beginning: it's just that I find creative ways not to cover the camera view while shooting."

DIY Synthesizer "Jeannie"

video upload by Rolf Degen

"Sound Demo 4

with and without inbuild DSP Effekt"

Sound Demo 5

See the Rolf Degen label below for more.

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