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Monday, September 27, 2021

Electronisounds Audio Live Techno Set from Modular World Show (083121)

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

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#prizmprime #techno #eurorack

"Live Techno Set from Modular World Show (083121)"
This is my set from a TECHNO spotlight show that was previously hosted on the Modular World YouTube channel here:

Eurorack "West Coast" Synth Voice Patch Breakdown / Tutorial

video upload by Transduction Signal

"This simple patch is a synth voice that is inspired by "West Coast" synthesizers like Buchla and Serge modulars from the 1960s and 70s. This patch also has a signal flow similar to the Make Noise 0-Coast. The basic idea behind the patch is to take a simple waveform and fold it to add harmonics, then a lowpass gate is used to control the dynamics of the sound.

Modules we used:
- AJH MiniMod Vintage Transistor Core VCO
- Random Source Serge Wave Multipliers
- Erica Synths Black Dual ASR EG
- Erica Synths Black LPG
- Korg SQ-1 Sequencer

The Patch:

- Audio
- VCO triangle or sine wave into the wave-folder audio input
- wave-folder audio out to the lowpass gate audio input
- the lowpass gate's audio out is the final output sound

- Control
- 1v/oct from sequencer or keyboard to osc 1v/oct input
- sequencer gate out to gate in on envelope generator
- envelope generator out to wave-folder CV input
- sequencer gate out to LPG "ping" input

Extra things to try out:
- the gate length of your sequencer will affect how plucky the sound is, so try adjusting it
- different wave-folders will have different sounds so try out a few if you have them
- if your wave-folder doesn't have a CV fold amount control you can use a VCA before the wave-folder and control that with the envelope
- if you don't have a lowpass gate you can try this patch out with just a filter or VCA after the wave-folder with an envelope opening it
- try other waveforms besides triangle and sine into the wave-folder
- try running more than one oscillator into the wave-folder and see how the multiple oscillators interact

Let us know what you think of this patch and what similar patches you use. We are going to publish more tutorials and other videos here and on our Instagram and TikTok, let us know what you want to see.


Download our free sample pack:


00:00 - Jam
00:39 - Patch breakdown
01:25 - How to tweak the patch
01:53 - More sounds
02:12 - A different wave-folder"

Alesis AirSynth + Doctor A FX meets DSI Evolver + Alesis AirFX

video upload by SynthAddict

0:00 Demo 1: AirFX Forever Flange & AirSynth Air-amin & Doctor A delay
1:05 Demo 2: AirFX Overdrive & AirSynth C-Saw & Doctor A reverb
2:01 Demo 3: AirFX Percolator & AirSynth FM & Doctor A delay
3:00 Demo 4: AirFX Horror Show & AirSynth Android Choir & Doctor A reverb
3:43 Demo 5: AirFX Streetsweeper & AirSynth Didgiri-Don’t & Doctor A delay

"Five diff. patches on the DSI Evolver as well…

Several FX and synth patch demo combinations starting with a sequence from the Arturia Keystep 37. Good fun. It's all in the hands. :-)"

DSI Mono Evolver Sequence

video upload by Innerspace Race

"As steep a cryptic learning curve as you shall come across. 4 X 16 step sequencers, 4 LFO’s, 6? Envelopes, 2 analog, 2 wave table oscillators, two analog filters, one digital, feed back delay synthesis, ,,,,,"

Waldorf Pulse Rackmount Synthesizer SN 96221184

via this auction, also on Reverb

Yamaha DX7 w/ Silver Gig Bag SN 80774

via this auction

MFB-SYNTH II Analog Monophonic Synthesizer w/32-Step Sequencer SN 08623

via this auction

"The MFB-SYNTH II is a monophonic programmable MIDI-controlled analogue synthesizer module with an integrated 32 step sequencer.

3 x VCOs (sawtooth, square, triangle waveforms)
2 x Envelope generators (ADSR)
Analogue 24 db lowpass filter with resonance (VCF)
2 x LFOs (sawtooth, square, triangle, random waveforms)
50 presets and 49 user memories
Integrated step sequencer"

Sequential Take 5 | Their most competitive analog poly synth yet | Superbooth 2021 | Thomann

video upload by Thomann Synthesizers

You can find availability, deals, and pricing via the dealers on the right.

Nord Lead A1 Sound Creation with Richard Barbieri of Japan, Rain Tree Crow, & Porcupine Tree

'In these Sound Creation Tutorials, Richard Barbieri (Japan, Porcupine Tree) demonstrates how he is able to recreate iconic Japan-Style Instruments using his Nord Lead A1."

Korg M1 - Bladerunner 2049 String performed by Chronos

video upload by LFOstore

"From our soundset:


LFOstore Korg M1 posts

Audio-rate everything!

video upload by Omri Cohen

Omri's Links:
"The Basics of Modular Synthesis series of videos -
If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas document -

Xaoc Devices Minsk & Zagrzeb Eurorack Modules

SUPERBOOTH video here

Press release:

Xaoc Devices Zagrzeb & Mińsk – two faces of stereo processing

Are you ready for some stereo action? Xaoc Devices continues exploring the stereo processing realm with two new modules unveiled at this year’s Superbooth.

Zagrzeb is a stereo multimode 4-pole (24dB/oct) state variable voltage-controlled filter (SV VCF). It offers five distinct frequency responses, three of which are available simultaneously. Spread control allows for animation of the stereo image by moving the left and right filter cutoff frequencies in opposite directions. Zagrzeb is designed to sound smooth and clean unless it is overdriven with a hot signal— however, it does not lack character! We believe it will be appreciated by fans of old Japanese synthesizers, but bear in mind that Zagrzeb is not a clone of any existing design. The four-pole state variable structure is a new development and offers unique sonic characteristics. While Zagrzeb is designed for filtering stereo signals (e.g. samples or stereo oscillators like Xaoc Devices Odessa), it can easily handle mono signals and is capable of creating a faux stereo pair thanks to a special phase shifting network at the input.

– Stereo, four-pole state variable filter
– Five frequency responses, three available simultaneously
– 24dB/oct low pass and 24dB/oct high pass filtering
– 3 band pass filter slope configurations
– Voltage controlled Spread control for animating the stereo image
– No LF drop at high resonance
– Mono to stereo image effect
– 8hp, skiff friendly
– Current draw: +70mA/–60mA
– Reverse power protection

Mińsk is a stereo image processor. It is a hybrid tool that combines digital and analog processing to facilitate advanced mid/side (M/S) manipulation of a stereo signal pair. It allows for separate treatment of the mid and side components, which affects the depth and width of the auditory scene. Mińsk offers both manual and voltage control of the stereo width, as well as two dimension effects for enhancing the existing stereo image or creating a faux stereo image based on the stereo or mono input source. Mińsk is especially handy during the preparation of a vinyl release or before a club concert, because it can eliminate out-of-phase low-end frequencies (high pass filter at 300Hz with the filter slope 12dB/oct, 50Hz with the filter slope 24dB/oct).

– Stereo image manipulation tool
– Mid/Side processing
– Mono to faux stereo conversion
– Stereo dimension enhancement
– Manual and CV stereo width control
– Low cut on side component
– Visual stereo image indicator
– 6hp, skiff friendly
– Current draw: +140mA/–40mA
– Reverse power protection

Zagrzeb: 260 EUR MSRP, available in October 2021
Mińsk: 190 EUR MSRP, available in October 2021

Plinky: #4 patch from scratch

video upload by Meska

"Another patch from scratch with plinky.
The 3d printing case made by my friends :
is in final stage, i hope soon, you will print your own ;)

Plinky patch is aboute using the delay and lfo modulated by presur for shapping sound.

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

DSI Evolver flange

video upload by Innerspace Race

Formanta Polivoks + MIDI MOD & DOCS 1990

via this auction

"The synthesizer is in excellent condition, such samples are really rare, the most complete set, which includes instructions, a circuit, 4 spare knobs, 2 spare fuses and two 5-DIN plugs. Installed MIDI MOD. Complete diagnostics have been carried out, flawless operation of all elements."

Waldorf Microwave XTk Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

Drumfire DF-2000

via this auction

"Super rare Drumfire 2000.
2 voice 2 oscillator drum synthesizer with trigger inputs and front panel control over all parameters.

This little drum machine gives 808's a run for their money and has vintage mojo to boot.

This unit has been fully serviced, all capacitors both electrolytic and tantalum replaced. All pots cleaned to ensure years of playability.

There is some noise bleed thru the presets but this is easily remedied by turning down the presets."

JEN SX1000 Synthetone Vintage Analog Italian Synth

via this auction

Moog Sirin Analog Messenger of Joy SN 0633 w/ Original Box

via this auction

KORG POLY-61M SN 001731

via this auction

"Perfect working condition. All keys, buttons, knobs, jacks, switches and functions work cleanly and as they should."

MOOG DFAM Drummer From Another Mother Modular Synthesizer w/ Original Box & Templates

via this auction

Almost Storytime * Kim Bjørn Synth Gems * SuperBooth 2021

video upload by

"A chance to catch up with the very lovely Kim Bjørn? Don't mind if I do.. and he's been very busy.. Two BJOOKs in a year! Watch to find out more.."

Polyphonic Modular fun * Knobula Poly Cinematic - Superbooth 21

video upload by GetJervis

"I join another Jason for a chat about this fabulous polyphonic module - which is in such demand! See why it's sold out.."

See the Knobula label below for more.

Touch me, Feel me * JolinLab * SuperBooth 21

video upload by GetJervis

"A warm welcome from the team at Jolin Lab. Mihaela has been working hard on making gifts for visitors, whilst Federico shows off his new modules Watch as he gives us a little taste!"

Reaktor 6 Subharmonic Synthesizer (Building a Moog Subharmonicon Knockoff) | Simon Hutchinson

video upload by Simon Hutchinson

"Building a subharmonic synthesizer in Native Instruments' Reaktor 6 Primary inspired by instruments like the Mixtur-Trautonium and Moog Subharmonicon.

Subharmonics are frequencies that are whole-number divisions of a given frequency (in contrast to harmonics, which are whole number multiples of a frequency). While harmonics naturally occur as part of the timbre of a sound, subharmonics, when introduced, sound like distinct pitches, allowing you to create chords of harmonically-related notes.

This tutorial walks you through making a set of subharmonic oscillators and envelope filter like the ones on the Moog Subharmonicon

#Synthesis #Subharmonics #reaktor6 #reaktortutorials #moogsubharmonicon #subhamonicon

0:00 What are Subharmonics?
1:12 Different Instruments for Subharmonics
1:55 Subharmonic Music Theory
2:16 Setting up an Oscillator in Reaktor
3:49 Adding a Harmonic with "Expon" and "Log"
6:40 Multiple Harmonics for an Additive Synth
8:06 Changing from Harmonics to Subharmonics
8:59 Transposing the Original to Bring up Subharmonics
10:34 Listening to the Undertone Series
11:37 Selecting the Oscillator Waveform
12:54 Subharmonic Oscillator Macro
15:26 Envelope Controls
15:46 Ladder Filter (4-Pole Low-Pass)
16:57 Envelope Filter
19:09 Closing Thoughts, Next Steps"

Understanding Granular Synthesis (Symbolic Sound Kyma GrainCloud & SampleCloud) | Simon Hutchinson

video upload by Simon Hutchinson

"Explaining granular synthesis and giving demonstrations with the Kyma GrainCloud and SampleCloud sound objects.

Granular synthesis is a synthesis technique where we can assemble new sounds from very short "grains" of sound. We can do this with wavetables or longer samples, breaking them down into these short grains before reconstituting them back together in unique ways. Because we can change all of these tiny parts that make up our new sounds, there are exciting opportunities for real time control and performance.

#Synthesis #GranularSynthesis #Kyma #SymbolicSoundKyma

0:00 Intro, Defining Granular Synthesis
0:30 Surf's Up
0:52 Example: Driving Game Tire Screech
1:25 Software & Hardware Choices
2:40 Kyma GrainCloud and SampleCloud
3:10 Talking through GrainCloud Parameters
4:07 Listening to the GrainCloud
5:22 Jitter
7:49 Changing the Waveform
9:25 SampleCloud
10:03 TimeIndex (Where Are You Getting Your Grains)
11:41 PanJitter with SampleCloud
12:22 Changing the Sample (Furby)
12:49 Change TimeIndex Algorithmically
14:33 Frequency Jittter in SampleCloud
15:52 Adding Reverb
16:35 Back to Maunal TimeIndex
16:56 Multiple Parameters and Interactivity
18:53 Closing Thoughts, So What?"

ADDAC System 112 VC Looper / Granular Processor

video upload by HAINBACH

"In which I demo the @ADDAC System 112 VC Looper / Granular Processor, a Eurorack module that brings a very pure approach to modular synthesis to Eurorack."

ADDAC System 112 looper posts

Patch n Tweak
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