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Friday, November 19, 2021

Vector Sequencer Tutorial - Making AFX Backdoor.Spyboter.A

video upload by Digiphex Electronics

Eurorack: Rings into Beads = 2x Rings

video upload by lucafrancinimusic

"Turning Mutable Instruments Beads into a second Rings.
Patch info in the video.
I recently got Beads and realized that If we store a note by Rings into Beads buffer, we can play it by triggering the Seed and sending CV to Pitch.
With the mix blend knob we can control the volume relationship between Rings and frozen Rings and play them at the same time with different notes.
Selecting different Rings modes for the dry and frozen versions, sending noises into Rings audio input and setting up different pitch intervals will spice up the patch."

Reminder: Patchwerks 5 Year Anniversary Event This Saturday in Seattle

via @Patchwerks_

"Don’t forget tomorrow from 3-9PM is our 5-Year Anniversary Party Party popper Stop by for live music, in-store deals, raffle prizes, and a special showroom surprise"

ARP Foundation ARPCHIVES LIVE Year In Review

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"We've been busy this year! From our Live Streaming ARPchives LIVE studio visits, to exclusive interviews with Tony Banks and Jean Michel Jarre! Check out our channel and website!" Q169 Oscillator ++ LFO Trigger

video upload by synthesizersdotcom

Update: video re-uploaded 11/22.

"How to use the LFO Trigger function on the Q169 Oscillator ++."

Additional videos here.


via this auction

"WALDORF MICROWAVE I SYNTHESIZER RACK rev A. but with 3387 filter chips. i bought 15 years ago and it is all Rev A except the filter set. keep in mind the Wave uses 3387!"

See here for differences in Microwave revisions. The Rev A used Curtis CEM 3389 (Voltage Controlled Signal Processor). "Included on-chip are a wide-range four-pole lowpass VCF with voltage controlled resonance, and three high quality VCAs, two of which pan the output signal of the third between two outputs."

Twisted Electrons Acid 8 SN 26

via this auction

"Acid8 MK1 #026 - one of the first machines! This is what the manufacturer says () 'The Acid8 is a hybrid digital / analog acid machine. Acid8 is an entertaining and easy-to-use hybrid digital / analog acid -Machine controlled by a powerful step sequencer. The built-in step sequencer has all the functions you would expect from an acid machine and is very easy to use, so you can easily compose patterns. Edit, copy / insert and random patterns in real time without having to stop the sequencer. There are 8 swing levels available to get your grooves going - swing and waveshape information is stored in the pattern and patterns are chained into songs!'"

Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch: 2600 Ensawniq RA

video upload by the sun god RA

"Sometimes (well, most of the time) some really cheesy tunes materializes while doing sound design. This one is an ARP 2600 / 1601 sequencer bass + kick drum on the lower layer, and a Hydra version of a nice Ensoniq SQ-80 saw-based patch on the upper layer."

Studio Electronics SE-3X CC Drummer 2

video upload by Studio Electronics

"CC Drummer 2

Continuous Controller & Live Tweak, Part 2"

Acid Rain Technology Talks In-Depth About Maestro and Modular Synthesis

video upload by Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video Matthew Piecora of Patchwerks and Ryan Hume from Acid Rain Technology sit down to talk in-depth about their hit module Maestro and Modular Synthesis.

Maestro is a 6 channel clocked modulation controller inspired by the automation lanes found in digital audio workstation software, brought into eurorack and made playable and performable. Maestro will push and pull the parameters of your other modules with rapid or slowly evolving voltages, always in perfect sync with each other and the rest of your system.

Order the Maestro here:
Demo by: Ryan Hume (Acid Rain Technology)
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Perfect Circuit Best Gear of the Year : Part One : Staff Picks

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"It's been a massive year for hardware instruments, modular synthesizers and as we approach the end of this year we've decided to take a look back at some of our favorite new synths, modules, and more!

In part one of this series we asked the crew in the office what they were most excited to see arrive in 2021 in the category of synthesizers and modules!

Visit Signal for more info and write-ups from the Synth-Squad here :

Check out more of the gear here :"

The Best-Selling Synths and Electronic Gear of 2021 on Reverb

If you are curious about the top selling gear on Reverb, you can find the list here along with some comments.

"Note: All rankings are determined by total order count—that is, the actual number of items sold, not the total price of sold items. And because Reverb is home to individual sellers, independent brick-and-mortars, and licensed retailers alike, our rankings include all sales, whether brand-new or used."

Bad Gear - Roland Boutique TR-08

video upload by AudioPilz


00:00 Intro tune
01:08 Overview
05:00 Hate
05:27 Jam 1
06:36 Jam 2
07:42 Finale
08:06 Verdict

Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. There has been a lot of talk about the more recent Boutiques, the JD-08 and JX-08 lately but today we are going to talk about the Roland Boutique TR-08. Can this miniaturized TR-808 clone provide the true vintage drum machine feel."

AudioPilz Bad Gear posts

Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2

via this auction

Macbeth Micromac D

via this auction

"3 oscillator semi-modular synth, complex modulation capabilities, MIDI & CV control."


video upload by ARC

ARC Serge TKB eurorack sequencer: Patch examples

Videos from 2017.

via this auction

"This is the Serge TKB module that was used as the in-workshop demo unit, appeared in the YouTube training video for the module [above] and was photographed for the ARC website - very very light use, some typical rack rash from mounting to rack (current photos of actual unit). Great chance to get a good deal on a lightly used module in excellent shape - direct from ARC!

ARC Serge Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer eurorack module, direct from manufacturer.

Module Width: 70hp
Mounting Depth: 25mm
Current Draw: 20mA (+12v), 5mA (-12v)"

MicrowaveXT + Eventide H3000

video upload by Miguel d'Oliveira

"My desert island kit.
Another 3 new sounds from this box of wonders and my recent surrender to how amazing the good old Ultra-Harmonizer still is."

"Chances" Live Modular Performance by gattobus

video upload by gattobus

"Some days ago I programmed this patch with my modular and started jamming on it.
Everything is turning around a semi-random sequence programmed on Frap Tool USTA.

If you want to replicate this patch I shared all the info with the guys at @Frap Tools, you can find their patch notes here:

At the end of the video you will find a complete list of all the modules I used in this patch."

Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Sound Demo Part 4

video upload by FutureRetroSynths

"All sounds you hear are from the Future Retro Vectra synthesizer. In this video we explore some sound effects which would normally be created on a Synthi or other modular type synthesizer.

Some clips may include a touch of reverb/delay from the Eventide Eclipse."

Future Retro Vectra demos

Expert Sleepers - Persephone VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier)

video upload by Sound Isles

"The Persephone is a VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) using a discrete JFET as the gain element. The JFET can be used for saturation/distortion and overdriven effects. Persephone also includes an incredible zero-crossing detector, which can be used to restrict gain changes to zeros in the audio waveform, preventing clicks and pops that can occur with fast envelopes. The module's signal and CV paths are 100% analogue and is a perfect addition to the Expert Sleepers line-up."

JFET VCA | Expert Sleepers - Persephone

video upload by DANIELE

"Persephone is the new VCA module by Expert Sleepers but it's much more than a simple VCA! It uses a JFET as the gain element that can generate amazing overdrive and distortion sounds! Furthermore, it includes a zero-crossing detector and an asymmetry switch. In this video I go through all these different features of Persephone."

"'Persephone' is a VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) using a discrete JFET as the gain element. The JFET can be tastefully (or violently) overdriven for saturation/distortion effects.

Persephone also includes a zero-crossing detector, which can be used to restrict gain changes to zeros in the audio waveform, preventing clicks and pops that can occur with very fast envelopes, especially on lower pitched sounds. In fact, with the zero-crossing circuit engaged, you can use a simple gate as the CV input without clicks.

The module's signal and CV paths are 100% analogue (there is a little discrete logic involved in the zero-cross circuitry)."

MSRP: UK £159 (inc VAT), US $185 (exclusive of sales tax), EU €185 (inclusive of VAT)

See the dealers on the right for availibility.

a-ha - Take on Me - Synth Recreation

video upload by Luke Million

"'Take on Me' by a-ha is one of the greatest synth pop tracks. The synth riff is probably one of the most recognisable ones out there! So here's a quick recreation for ya. 🎹🎹🎹

Drums - Linndrum (via Ableton Push 2)
Synth Bell - Waldorf PPG 2.3 vst (via Roland D-50)
Bass - Yamaha DX7
Synth Lead - Roland Juno 6
Synth Solo - Roland Jupiter 4"

Exploring the Elka Rhythm Machine

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"There wasn't really a decent video out there so we thought we'd plug in our Elka Rhythm Machine and make one. We have two of these in the studio at the moment but one is awaiting repairs, otherwise we would have made a comparison of the two.
Following the Drummer One, the Elka Rhythm Machine is almost the same in layout and functionality, with individual volumes for each drum sound.
But where the Drummer One is smooth and punchy, the Rhythm Machine offers lovely harsh, noise generated drum sounds and some different variation rhythm patterns.
The machine only lets you engage one pattern at a time, and the "secret" drum rhythm mentioned in a few places online, - the pattern playing when no rhythm is engaged - is the Shake pattern :)
At the end of the video we compare the Rhythm Machine to the Drummer One so one can really hear the differences and similarities.
We think both machines are great, and as we mention in the video, the Drummer Ones differ quite a bit from one machine to another, so we already decided to compare two Drummer Ones as well - coming soon so keep an eye out for that."

SOUNDMIT 2021 - In Deep: ELKA SYNTHEX con @SynthMania & Il MINIMOOG di Flavio Premoli

video upload by SOUNDMIT

"Paolo @SynthMania è un grande divulgatore nel mondo dei sintetizzatori, con oltre 138k Youtube followers è, nel nostro settore, tra gli YouTuber più seguiti.

Al Soundmit, Paolo ha presentato una masterclass sul famosissimo synth italiano ELKA SYNTHEX"

SOUNDMIT 2021 - Synth Patching Memories - Il MINIMOOG di Flavio Premoli, la PFM e 50anni di carriera

video upload by

"Non ha bisogno di presentazioni l'ospite di questo video: FLAVIO PREMOLI, fisarmonicista, pianista e compositore con 50 anni di carriera in solo e con la @Premiata Forneria Marconi!

Intervistato dall'amico Danilo Ballo per la rubrica Synth Patching Memories, Flavio ci racconta la storia dagli inizi: la fisarmonica, il pianoforte, i primi gruppi, i turni in studio per i cantanti famosi e poi il suo #minimoog (@Moog Music Inc ) il primo ad arrivare in Italia e anche il primo #mellotron acquistato da una band inglese... e ancora @Fabrizio De André, le colonne sonore e molto molto altro!"


"The host of this video needs no introduction: FLAVIO PREMOLI, accordionist, pianist and composer with a 50-year career in solo and with @Premiata Forneria Marconi!

Interviewed by his friend Danilo Ballo for the Synth Patching Memories column, Flavio tells us the story from the beginning: the accordion, the piano, the first groups, the shifts in the studio for famous singers and then his #minimoog (@Moog Music Inc ) the first to arrive in Italy and also the first #mellotron purchased by an English band ... and @Fabrizio De André, the soundtracks and much, much more! "

synth#boi - interactive visualizer

video upload by Love Hultén

Majella Audio IMPLEXUS Demos

videos upload by GSF AGENCY

"A complete super hero music cue from one beautiful box: Majella Audio's IMPLEXUS. No outboard effects in the mix"

KORG modwave - PERFECT LESSON - PART4 Motion Sequence

video upload by KORG INC.

KORG modwave - PERFECT LESSON - PART3 wavetable音源


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