MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Tuesday, March 01, 2022

The SynthSummitShow Episode 36 Marco Alpert (mid 90's Akai stories and more)

video upload by Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"Marco Alpert has lead an amazing career spanning decades in the Music tech and influencing some of the great products from E-MU and Akai
I sit down to have a chat about what it was like bringing the MPC 2000, Akai DPS12 and other products to light during the mid to late 90's era"

YAMAHA SS30 - installing midi

video upload by Alexey Taber

SN 1695

Part II here

The Rare 360 Systems Digital Keyboard (Overview & Demo)

video upload by Syntaur

"Nick Zehr Moon shows off the super rare 360 Systems Digital Keyboard, just refurbished at Syntaur. Introduced in 1982, only about 200 of these were manufactured. The Digital Keyboard is a somewhat like a 'digital Mellotron', but instead of tapes, it uses EPROMs - groundbreaking technology at the time - to store 8-bit samples for playback. It also features a CEM-based analog filter."

NEW! AJH Synth DUAL RVG Random Voltage Event Generator

An Introduction to this Eurorack Generative CV Source video upload by AJH Synth Official

"This is the all-new, Limited Edition DUAL RVG module for Eurorack modular. It is based on the original EMS Random Voltage Generator, providing the functions of the original, but adding substantially more. It uses the same uni-junction transistor ramp & hold circuitry of the original, incredibly rare vintage unit. It produces 2 separate random voltages, that can be triggered by it's internal clock or external gate signals. However, unlike a a common Sample & Hold, it also has random variation of it's internal clock, the amount of which can be added/adjusted manually, or controlled by CV. Additionally, it has a gate output that can be used to trigger other modules in time with it's internal LFO, and also has Triangle and Sawtooth outputs, which are also affected by the internal LFO, although these can also be used as a voltage-controlled LFO, as the module's internal clock speed can also be controlled by CV.

This super-flexible Eurorack recreation is both authentic to the technology, character and behaviour of the original, whilst offering a serious amount of random goodness for experimental, generative music, whilst also having provision for more controlled duties, from regular twin Sample & Hold duties, to voltage controlled frequency modulation.

00:00 Intro
00:27 Overview
03:27 A Closer Look

10:49 Some usage examples"

Video by DreamsOfWires

The Dual Random Voltage Event Generator (Dual RVG) is a faithful replica of the vintage EMS Random Voltage Generator. It is an all analogue design which generates two separate random voltages that can be timed either from the internal LFO or from an external clock. However, one of the most interesting features is that varying amounts of randomisation can be added to the internal clock rate with the Time Vary control - so with this we can randomise time period in addition to voltage.

The TR-IN input allows an external clock to be used instead of the internal LFO. When the LFO is stopped two new random voltages can be generated with each press of the manual Trigger button.

We have added many useful features that were not present on the original design, including Level and Offset controls for both outputs, adjustable Slew on Output 1, control of internal LFO run / stop from an external Gate signal, control of LFO rate using an external CV, and the LFO output is brought out to the front panel as both a Sawtooth and Triangle wave and both of these waveforms are skewed as Time Vary is added to the LFO rate. We have also added a gate output that produces a gate for each internal clock pulse, and this gate length changes in proportion with the time variance. The duty cycle of the gate can also be varied from 1% to 99%.

Module Width: 14hp

Module Depth: 26mm (Including power lead)

Current Usage: 95mA Positive, 70mA Negative

Provisional Information
We have taken the original EMS RVG design and re-created it in Eurorack format, and added many extra features that make it a considerably more useful in a modern day modular system, but of course it can also be used with other synths too and with a suitable conversion cable it can be used with the original EMS VCS3 and Synthi A or Synthi AKS.

Limited Edition
The Dual RVG will be available with either a Black (Dark Edition) or Silver front panel. Just like the original EMS RVG the circuitry uses vintage unijunction transistors for both the ramp and hold and LFO circuits, these are quite rare and we have only obtained enough UJT's to build a limited number of modules, Therefore the Dual RVG module is being released as a once only, strictly Limited Edition of 250 units worldwide.

Expected delivery in first quarter 2022, and it can be pre-ordered from many AJHSynth retailers.

See the dealers on the right.

Modal Electronics Cobalt 5s : Portable Virtual Analog Around the World!

video upload by Perfect Circuit

" - Grab one today & check out more about the Cobalt 5son our blog Signal

We're taking a look at our new favorite "walkin' around synth" the Cobalt 5s ! This virtual analog monster packs the same punch as it's larger siblings in a much smaller and portable package!

Join our pals Jacob and Brian as they explore some sounds and the universe with this fantastic new synthesizer"

See this post for the first round of Cobalt 5S demos and additional details.

Korg Trident MkII SN 410245

via this auction

"Just let it warm up and it will stay in tune.

Everything works as it should, keys, knobs, switches are all working fine.
The only switch needs to be pressed slightly harder is the memory push button #7 but hey it works just fine.

Works on 240v."

Orgon Systems Modular (extremely rare with 3 Enigiser filters)

via this auction

Voltergeist Phonogene Make Noise 5U Conversion

via this auction

"Rare Voltergeist 5U conversion of the Make Noise Phonogene.

Incredible module.

They didn't convert very many of these.

Bought in 2013. In storage since 2016. Great condition."

Hexinverter Mutant Bassdrum

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

Roland JD-Xi & MKS-50 Synthesizer Module

Two new listings in via a supporting member, Soundray.

JD-Xi via this auction

MKS-50 via this auction

Yamaha DX7 w Supermax/Greymatter, OLED display & Custom Hardcase

via this auction

"Almost brand new Yamaha Dx7 with SUPERMAX Upgrade installed! (i will send also the EGrey matter upgrade; for the installation tell me what you prefer)

It adds a lot of features: Arpeggiator, Delay, 512 Memory Extension, and so on...

100%working conditions.
SERVICED recently.
Brand new battery.
Supermax expansion installed (i will send also the original ICs if you want to revert back for some reason)

Amazing Cosmetics conditions (no visible signs) a collector's choice."

ARP Omni-2 Model 2400 3-Section Analog Synthesizer w/Original ATA Flight Case & Extras

via this auction

"Comes with original ARP orange ATA flight, full manual and schematics in a 3 ring binder, hard to find ARP sustain pedal, and EIC power cable.

This ARP Omni 2 was completely refurbished in Spring 2019 by Bell Tone Synth Works in Philadelphia, PA. It works and sounds great!"

Oberheim OB-XA w/ MIDI

via this auction

Multi-patch creation on Hydrasynth Deluxe

video upload by ASM Ashun Sound Machines

"This video will demonstrate how to create a Multi Dual layered patch from two existing single patches."

Behringer Introduces the Toro - Moog Taurus Rev 1 Desktop Bass Synth Minus the Foot Pedals for $199

Update: Note the position of the bull in the logo. What's he doing?


"Looking for the ultimate bass synth? Introducing Toro, an authentic recreation of the legendary Moog Taurus Revision 1.

The synthesizer is fully developed and once we get the chips, it’ll ship asap. Price? Retail US$ 199.
Classic Analog Bass Synthesizer with 2 VCOs, Ladder Filter and Presets in Eurorack format

- Authentic recreation of the circuits from the legendary ‘Taurus I*’ bass synth
- Pure analog signal path based on authentic VCO, VCF and VCA designs
- 2 VCOs for massive detuned sounds and octave control for intervals
- 5-octave range for earth- shaking bass as well as searing lead sounds
- VCO A and B mix fader for full control of the internal balance
- Classic low-pass ladder filter for ‘that’ sound with Cut-off and Emphasis controls
- Envelopes for filter cut-off and amplitude for creative sound shaping
- 4 magic-sound presets: Toro, Tuba, Bass and Variable Glide featuring Amount slider and a dedicated On/Off button
- Big Filter cutoff and Volume knobs for quick and easy tweaks
- CV, Filter cutoff and Gate inputs for external control
- 16-unit Poly Chain allows combining multiple synthesizers for up to 32 voice polyphony
- Complete Eurorack solution – main module can be transferred to a standard Eurorack case
- 23 controls give you direct and real-time access to all important parameters
- Comprehensive MIDI implementation with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection"

Behringer Clones It's Own Neutron Synth with a new blue Proton


"This time we had to clone ourselves…

With the Neutron, we designed one of the most beautiful and inspiring synthesizers. Even after 4 years, it still is one of the most successful synthesizers in the market.

Two years ago we then thought about designing an even more powerful and complex semi-modular synthesizers that would perfectly complement the Neutron. The inspiration came from Proton, which is a tiny particle that is found in the nucleus of an atom. Everything that you can touch, hold or feel is made of atoms like our new super synth.

Years of hard work and 11 revisions later, we’re finally launching the Proton, the most powerful and complex semi-modular synth ever designed. It’s like having several synthesizers in one casing - a highly innovative concept never seen or heard before.

The Proton is a semi-modular synth with insane 64 patch points and dual oscillators with 5 blending waveforms, oscillator sync, pulse width modulation and individual sub-oscillators that take sound creation into another dimension. It also includes a utility section with Attenuverters, multiples, signal/CV mixer and summer for creative patching. Just imagine the possibilities when cross patching with the Neutron - truly mind boggling.

But we didn’t stop the innovation there and we added great features like Wave Folding, innovative Looping Reversible Envelopes and Sub Oscillators that will shake the foundations of the synth world.
There are 2 flexible LFOs with 5 waveforms, MIDI clock sync, key sync, phase and depth controls and much more.

We can’t wait to hear your creations with our new sound monster! The synth is production-ready and once we receive the chips, we will send this beauty your way.

And we also cloned our price - US $299."

Critter & Guitari Supercut

video upload by

"A few seconds of every video we've ever put on YouTube, in a video, on YouTube! From Pocket Piano to Organelle S, we jammed it all - Enjoy!"

New Modal Electronics COBALT5S Demos

New demos have been added to the main announcement post here. Two from Kraft Music, one from Perfect Circuit, and one from Starsky Carr. Also cleaned up the post a bit. All the videos and info in one place.

Arturia Introduces Efx FRAGMENTS - Granular Processor

video uploads by Arturia

"Follow Charlie on an extensive guided tour of Efx FRAGMENTS, exploring its captivating sound shaping capabilities, instant creative spark, and sublime enhanced features. Check it out and see what magic this unique effect can offer you and your productions.

00:00 Intro
01:10 Interface Structure
01:52 Buffer Explained
05:26 Grain Capture
07:13 Grain Release
11:45 Texture Mode
12:36 Rhythmic Mode
13:55 Basic Effects
15:49 Advanced Panel Overview
16:23 Grain Quantization
17:54 Grain Release Advanced
21:45 Advanced Effects
23:26 Modulators"

_The dreamy, powerful, transformative sound of granular

Efx FRAGMENTS takes the complex concept of granular synthesis and turns it into a flexible, accessible, and musical tool for the intrepid sound explorer. Divide and deconstruct any sound, rearrange and transform the pieces, and reassemble it to your own design.

Explore truly transformative and musical sound design in unprecedented detail; create shimmering reverb clouds, reality-shattering glitches & stutters, rhythm-enhancing layers of texture, and much, much more.

Beauty or chaos
Instantly create glitchy stutters, shimmering stereo ambience, metallic textures, and fragmented rhythmic ideas. Get inspired with granular sound like never before.

Experimental yet musical
The essential elements of granular processing, distilled into a single exciting plugin. Elevate your melodies, destroy your textures, warp your beats, and everything in between.

Supreme versatility
3 unique granular modes, creative pitch & texture functions, customizable modulation, and built-in FX. Efx FRAGMENTS offers a feature set that exceeds every expectation.

Intuitive, enjoyable
Granular doesn’t have to be complex. Efx FRAGMENTS streamlines it into an accessible & inspiring plugin that encourages experimentation and delivers amazing results every time.

Efx FRAGMENTS: Intro offer
To celebrate the launch, registered users can purchase Efx FRAGMENTS at a one-off introductory price, with discounts up to 60% off. All users will also have access to discounts on a bundle comprising FX Collection 2 + Efx FRAGMENTS, starting at 25% off. Users can login at to unlock their exclusive discounts, available until Thursday, March 17th.

Update: and user video by DKS SYNTH LAB with the Sequential OB-6:

Arturia EFX Fragments | No Talking |

video upload by DKS SYNTH LAB

"New EFX from Arturia, only Fragments EFX was used in this demo, no other EFX from Daw or synth."

Update: and a livestream from supporting member, DATABROTH

Demoing Arturia's NEW EFX Fragments

video upload by DATABROTH

Arcaico Instruments Introduces Zaar 4voice Analog Percussion Synthesizer Eurorack Module

video upload by Arcaico Instruments

Priced at 270,00 €

"Zaar is a module for creating percussive sounds, bass lines and synths.
4 analog voices, mixer with pan control, filter, stereo output, independent outputs for voice (these outputs are not controlled by pan, filter and level).

35mm deep
28 hp"

Zaar 4voice analog percussion synthesizer simple patch #modular #eurorack #synth #drum #percussion

video upload by

Zaar is a module for creating percussive sounds, bass lines and synths.

4 analog voices, mixer with pan control, filter, stereo output, independent outputs for voice (these outputs are not controlled by pan, filter and level).

Voice1 controls: Pitch control, sensitivity input, envelope
In / out: Gate/Trigger/audio in, external envelope control in, cv pitch, audio out.
When this voice control has an audio input it becomes a filter, calibrated to obtain percussive sounds.

Voice2 controls: Pitch, pitch decay, depth, decay.
In / out: Trigger, external envelope control in, cv pitch, audio out.

Voice3 (Withe noise) controls: Decay
In / out: Trigger, external envelope control in, external audio input (when an audio input is inserted it becomes a distorted vca).

Voice4 (Pink noise) controls: Decay
In / out: Trigger, external envelope control in, external audio input (when an audio input is inserted it becomes a distorted vca).

Mixer with volume control and pan for single voice
Independent outputs for each voice (these outputs are not controlled by pan, filter and level).

Filter assignable to voice control 2,3,4 and CV control of the frequency.

Introducing Hapax by Squarp Instruments - Professional Standalone Sequencer w/ Up to a Million Notes

video upload by Squarp Instruments

Priced at $979 / 864€

"Genuine centerpiece of a setup, Hapax offers every tool needed to compose songs in the studio and perform them on stage. From vintage to modern synths, from modular systems to your favorite DAW, Hapax can sequence and synchronize all your gear, while bringing you carefully crafted tools, designed for maximizing creativity.

- 100% standalone, intuitive & fluid workflow
- 2 projects, 16 tracks per project, 8 patterns per track
- 8 real-time midi effects per track
- MPE compatible
- advanced piano-roll and automation editing
- high recording resolution
- independent BPM per track
- isomorphic keyboard & chord generator
- algorithmic tools
- undo/redo with history + snapshot
- independent patterns, song mode with chaining
- dual-project transparent loading & playback for song mixing
- extensive midi connectivity + CV/gate + USB
- 2 greyscale OLED screens, 128 rgb pads, 52 clic buttons"

Professional standalone sequencer
Genuine centerpiece of a setup, it offers every tool needed to compose songs in the studio and perform them on stage. From vintage to modern synths, from modular systems to your favorite DAW, Hapax can sequence and synchronize all your gear, while bringing you carefully crafted tools, designed for maximizing creativity.

Up to a million notes and events
16 tracks per project, 8 patterns per track.
Thanks to its dual-processor architecture, Hapax can record and transform tremendous amounts of data in no time, without a hitch.

MPE compatibility
Hapax is the first hardware sequencer that fully supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression. Record the finest gestures, slides and articulations of your playing, without compromising quality.

Around the clock performance.
Dual-project architecture

Hapax can handle two separate and independent projects, that can be played simultaneously. This lets you compose or load an entire project while the first one is already playing, enabling endless sets and seamless transitions.

Dawless is more.
Hapax offers broad connectivity options for perfect integration in any setup.

Adaptive workflow.
Several ways to write music
Writing a melody: use a polyphonic or MPE track and take advantage of the advanced step sequencer to quickly lay down notes or edit your live recording.

Composing a beat: control up to 8 different instruments with a single track. The drum sequencer is tailored for very easy rhythm writing and jamming.

Real-time midi effects.
Bring your synths to life
Hapax embeds multiple real-time, polyphonic, non-destructive midi effects, as well as project-wide assignable LFOs. Each parameter of these effects can be automated in the dedicated mode, and processed in the mod matrix, which provides even more ways of routing and modulating.

Powerful composition tools.
Powerful tools for offline note transformation and generation, right at your fingertips. Harmonically invert your motive, generate a controlled-random counter-melody, slowly ramp up the velocities, emphasize every fifth 8th note...

Hi-res recording
Hit the red button, and record from the encoders and 128 pads of Hapax, external midi instruments (included MPE controllers) or any incoming analog signal, at a high resolution of 192 ppqn. Looper style recording, count-down and metronome options, punch-in mode, you'll certainly find the options that best suit your workflow.

Time elasticity
Each track has an elasticity value which changes its playback speed, expressed in percentage of BPM. Quickly double or halve the speed of a track, or create slightly shifted tracks that will slowly drift out of phase with each other.

Fluid editing
Using hardware should never get in the way of creative flow. The undo/redo button lets you go back in time as needed, thanks to its extensive history. Additionally, the snapshot function enables you to save the state of a pattern and recall it with a single press. Together with dedicated copy, paste and delete buttons, Hapax offers a complete toolbox for the prompt editing of your tracks.

Harmony, simplified
For fast and intuitive chord building, the chord live mode brings harmonic capabilities to anyone, with or without deep theoretical knowledge. With its colorful interface, the chord mode displays a synesthetic melding of hearing, vision and touch.

Simple by design.
Trimmed to perfection
We designed Hapax from the ground up, deconstructing everything we knew about sequencing. We aimed for a high-end product, with dual arm processors for computation power and a rugged yet minimalist housing.

As music-making should remain an enjoyable process, we favored dedicated buttons over key combinations and imagined a clear-cut interface as well as a simple architecture. We have striven to minimize the importance of screens for live performing, but the dual grayscale display helps keeping track of things in a studio context.

Evolving firmware.
The Hapax Operating System has been written with extra care, prioritizing stable and fast operations. New features and parameters will be added regularly. Looking for the latest HapaxOS for your device? Follow this link.

Modal Electronics Announces the COBALT5S

video upload by Modal Electronics

Priced at $449 /€449/£379

"Founded on Modal Electronics’ next-generation COBALT synth architecture and housed in an ultra-portable go-anywhere footprint, the USB-powered COBALT5S is made-to-move and ready to spark your creativity wherever, and whenever inspiration strikes. Whether it’s a singularly authentic replication of classic analogue sounds, or the most contemporary leading-edge texture, COBALT5S’ extended virtual analogue sound engine delivers on all counts.

COBALT5S takes inspiration from the iconic sound of it’s analogue forebears, transcending any and all limitations to take a leading edge synth architecture, truly mobile – from sultry basslines, to expansive, mutating beds and everywhere in between, COBALT5S is not just modeling run-of-the-mill analogue sounds, this is Beyond Analogue, Anywhere."

COBALT5S Introduction

Kraft Music: Modal Electronics Cobalt 5S - All Playing, No Talking!

Kraft Music: Modal Electronics Cobalt 5S - Overview

video upload by Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Modal Cobalt5S Bundles at Kraft Music:

Kraft Music's Adam Berzowski Shares an overview of the Modal Electronics Cobalt5S virtual analog synthesizer."

Reverb: First Look at the Modal Electronics Cobalt5S 5-Voice Polysynth | Patch Work Ep. 3

video upload by Reverb

"The Modal Electronics Cobalt5S is a portable five-voice polysynth that packs a ton of features into its slim size. Learn more and order yours here"

Perfect Circuit: Modal Electronics Cobalt 5s : Portable Virtual Analog Around the World!

video upload by Perfect Circuit

" - Grab one today & check out more about the Cobalt 5son our blog Signal

We're taking a look at our new favorite "walkin' around synth" the Cobalt 5s ! This virtual analog monster packs the same punch as it's larger siblings in a much smaller and portable package!

Join our pals Jacob and Brian as they explore some sounds and the universe with this fantastic new synthesizer"

Starsky Carr: COBALT5s // Testing Modal's Metal // Review, Demo and Walkthrough

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A demo, review and walkthrough of Modal's latest release, the Cobalt5S. Its a great sounding little synth - sounds like its big brother/sister - but a reduced voice count an a couple less features, but not that you'd notice it sounds fantastic. The Oscillator groups are inspired.

0:00 what is it?
3:43 building the intro track
7:59 Navigating the Interface
12:09 setting up mod slots
14:12 what’s an oscillator group
21:12 filter
29:11 Effects
31:52 Arp & Seq
34:32 Envelopes
36:11 vs prophet 5
37:55 final thoughts
39:40 some sounds

Sonicstate: Modal Cobalt5S - New 5 Voice DSP Synth - Sonic LAB Review

video upload by sonicstate

"Modal today released another in the Cobalt range - the Cobalt 5S. This is a five voice version of the all DSP Cobalt engine with the same oscillator section using the Extended VA engine, modelled 24dB Ladder Filter, three Envelopes, 2 LFOs (reduced from 3), twin fixed FX (chorus and delay) and Sequencer and Arpeggiator.
We've uploaded a few patches as Decent Sampler (free plug-in) format to our Patreon:

#soniclab #modal #cobalt5S

00:00 Intro and overview 4:04 Sounds and UI
7:45 Mod slots
8:20 Osc + Filter
10:30 more sounds
12:08 LFOs and Envelopes
14:00 Editor
15:55 XY pad
16:45 Wrap"

VCO USA: [No Talking] Modal Electronics Cobalt 5s Patch Demo

video upload by VCO USA

"Demo of 10 factory patches from the new Modal Electronics Cobalt 5s

0:00 Analog Breeze
0:42 Geometrip
1:27 TetherBall
2:09 Pushing Tin
2:35 BroCannons
3:26 Scatter Square
4:29 Stay Gold 5ths
5:04 Easy Street
5:54 Chameleon
6:24 Neon Factor"

And the press release followed by detailed pics:


– Five-voice go-anywhere synthesiser powered by an Extended Virtual Analogue synthesis engine, a proprietary morphable 4-Pole Ladder Filter, MPE support and much more –
Bristol, UK - 1st March 2022. Modal Electronics, a leading global synthesiser manufacturer, has just announced a new addition to the critically acclaimed COBALT Series, the COBALT5S. Fusing Modal Electronics’ next-generation COBALT synth architecture and housed in an ultra-portable go-anywhere footprint, the USB-powered COBALT5S is made-to-move and ready to spark user’s creativity wherever, and whenever inspiration strikes

Supercharge any performance with COBALT5S’ built-in MPE support, 16 quick-access smooth rotary switch encoders, a premium 37-note compact-key keybed with aftertouch and an ultra-responsive X/Y/Z Touchpad for pitch bend, mod wheel and/or modulation assignments. Rounding out the control arsenal is a comprehensive realtime/step sequencer with four animation lanes alongside a built-in programmable arpeggiator. Like all Modal synthesisers, COBALT5S is fully compatible with the free MODALapp, the gateway to effortless editing and preset management available on Mac,Windows PC or mobile devices including iOS/Android smartphones and tablets.

The Create Anywhere Philosophy

Taking the legendary build quality synonymous with Modal Electronics’ synthesiser roster, and outfitting this with a 37-note compact-key keybed with aftertouch, COBALT5S is primed for user’s creative exploits wherever and wherever creativity strikes. Plus, with a USB powered specification, powering the COBALT5S from a Mac/PC or portable power brick couldn’t be simpler.

The Engine

Featuring five true polyphonic voices, two independent algorithm groups and up to 8 oscillators per voice, musicians, sound designers and producers are armed with a nefarious palette of sound that’s primed for any application. Fuse this with 40 complex algorithms, including Sync, Ring Modulation, Waveform Morphng, plus many more, and it’s easy to see why COBALT5S empowers creators with liberated sound sculpting capability without limitation.

Next-Generation Filter

Featuring the same self-oscillating 4-Pole Morphable Ladder Filter from the COBALT8, COBALT5S guarantees to texture the user’s sound with all the bite and warmth their performance demands. Four separate filter modes fuse with mainstay controls for Cutoff and Resonance, alongside a Morph parameter to musically manipulate the frequency response of the filter for a truly immersive experience

Shape Your Sound

With COBALT5S, everything the modern creator demands to craft the perfect sound in meticulous detail is thoughtfully included. Three envelopes complete with selectable types take command of the filter, amp or modulation destinations, furnishing users with unrestricted options when it comes to fine-tuning their sound. One Polyphonic LFO and one Global LFO provide extended power to control a plethora of modulation sources, selected via a sophisticated 8-slot modulation matrix.

Supercharged Performances

Fuse a 512-note realtime/step-sequencer, complete with 4 animation lanes, with a built-in programmable 32-step advanced arpeggiator and you start to scratch the surface of the performance capability COBALT5S heralds for the modern creator. Add to this MPE support for next generation creative expressions via a compatible MPE controller and COBALT5S is primed for any performance, production or sound design scenario imaginable.


The free MODALapp brings the comfort of screen-based editing on your computer or mobile device. Available as a standalone app for macOS, Windows, iOS, iPadOS or Android systems and in VST3 and AU plug-in formats, it is the perfect companion for synth enthusiasts looking to deep dive to all sound editing and performance parameters. Crafting the perfect sound, library backups and managing your patches & sequences couldn’t be simpler.

COBALT5S can pre-ordered via our wide network of authorised Modal retailers globally with an MSRP of $449 /€449/£379, with estimated shipping within the next 2 weeks.


Patch n Tweak
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