MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, July 17, 2022

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Strange Synthesizers of Japan by Hiromichi Oohashi - Synth Book w/ CD

Hiromichi Oohashi wrote in to let us know about his new synth book featuring rare and somewhat strange synthesizers from Japan. The book features synths from his collection along with a CD of audio/music. You can find the book via the publisher Rittor Music (Japan) (published Nov.2021), and on Amazon JP here.

You can find a list of the synths featured by chapter further below.

Details on the book from Hiromichi Oohashi follow.

"This art book introduces many of Japanese most rare and strange electronic musical instruments (1960s~1980s) from author's private collection for long years.

Contains over 130 synthesizers, rhythm machines, organs, toy instruments, speech synths, etc most of these rare instruments will be the first public release. All color pages, lot of beautiful photo of these unique instruments with simple and detailed text, all photos and book design by author himself.

Contribution from Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO)

Foreword by Eric Schneider (author of TOY INSTRUMENTS/MBP)

Attached CD has original music using these strange instruments so you can hear what these synth sounds like.

CD's music made by author's band KINO-MODERNO (world-renowned electronic music duo)

Hiromichi Oohashi is an artist born in Tokyo 1961
after studied art & design at Kuwazawa Design School in Tokyo
works as an artist and producer for Art, Design and Music
also known as collector of rare electronic musical instruments
in 1990 released groundbreaking [ VIDEO DRUG2/Phuture ] and get noticed
member of electronic music duo KINO-MODERNO since 1984
president of DAT PLANET PRODUKT"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2 -\\Borish Electronics//-

video upload by Borish Electronics

"This is a very rare Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Revision 2 for sale on Reverb right now. I walk through all of the features to demonstrate functionality and that the synth is in tune."

via this auction

"This synth is much rarer than the Rev 3 synths and has very rare and sought after SSM ICs as opposed to the far more common CEM ICs featured in the Rev 3 version. It works great and I uploaded a video to demonstrate it's functionality. There are no issues with this synth! Every button works, every key works, every LED lights, etc. There are no scratchy pots or out of tune voices. The wood is almost perfect. There are a few scratches on the face and a couple of nicks in the paint above the modulation section. All of the tantalum capacitors have been replaced. A substantial amount of CMOS ICs have been replaced. The EPROMS have been replaced with modern equivalents. All voices have been recently tuned."

Classic Chilled Beats with Polyend Play and Virus Darkstar

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"This week, I had the idea to get two things done at once:

Make a jam for the HWJ Facebook group, and at the same time, have a play around with a sample pack from my friend, Vortex over at Mobile Music Pro.

I'm judging a mix contest this week for this sample pack, so I thought I should get to know it better by making something with the samples myself!

The FREE sample pack:

This week's HWJ (Hardware Jams) challenge theme was "TWO BOXES".

I picked the Polyend Play and Virus Darkstar as my two boxes and off I went to make a jam!

I got carried away though (Hahaha), and ended up programming out and arranging a full, finished track using the Play's sequencer and song mode. So, at the end of the day - this became a TRACK, not a JAM on any level, so I won't actually be submitting it to the weekly HWJ challenge this week.

**BONUS**: I learned how to send program changes over midi from the Play to the Virus to change presets during the track! SWEET!

Jam (track finished on) Date: 07/17/2022
Tempo: 124bpm
Key: Fminor Pentatonic (Yes, AGAIN! lol)

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!"

Jupiter-8 soundtracky switchidy onnidy Jul 17, 2022

video upload by SynthMania

"Seven tracks of Roland Jupiter-8:
1. JP-8 piano
2. JP-8 high strings
3. JP-8 bass
4. JP-8 pad
5. JP-8 low brass
6. JP-8 trumpets
7. JP-8 res bass"

Jupiter-8 ''Relax'' Special FX sound research 1

video upload by SynthMania

"Series in which I'm doing research on the synth sounds used in FGTH's 'Relax'."

TMP-04 Vintage Synth TV Series from Benge

video upload by zack dagoba

Additional Vintage Synth TV episodes by Benge

"The Memetune Programme Episode 04

00:00 Opening Titles
00:35 Introduction/Coming Up Today
01:16 Switched On - Digital Synths Part One
23:47 Commercial Break
25:08 Synthesiser Club - Moog Modular
27:20 Patching Today - Roland 100M
41:40 Video Lab - Video/Audio sync
46:14 Outro/Coming Up Next Time


Fourth episode in the new six part series of programmes from Benge made at his Memetune Electronic Music Studio

The series explores his passion for vintage synthesiser instruments and studio gear and how he uses it on his productions and collaborations


It is divided into the following sections:

SWITCHED ON - Featuring in-depth discussions about the history and development of the synthesiser over the years, including demonstrations and feature guides of many classic and iconic instruments

SYNTHESISER CLUB - A short musical demonstration of a synthesiser classic or three

PATCHING TODAY - A deep-dive into vintage modular systems and how to set up a patch on them, starting from scratch

VIDEO LAB - A look at old video equipment and how to create experimental visuals


In THIS episode:

SWITCHED ON DIGITAL SYNTHS (PART ONE) - a brief history of digital synthesis featuring some classic vintage instruments such as the Korg DW6000, Yamaha DX5, Emulator II and DK Synergy II+


PATCHING TODAY - on a vintage Roland 100M

VIDEO LAB - the syncing of video to audio


Benge's Studio Blog:
Memetune Studio Instagram:
Benge on Bandcamp:


The MemeTune Programme Credits:
Everything in this video was created by B D Edwards (Benge)
All music, design, writing, filming, editing and production completed at Memetune Studios, UK, 2022"

Yamaha B200: Ever heard of it?!

video upload by Jeremy Parker

You can find a small handfull of posts mentioning the Yamaha B200 here (only 5 including this one).

00:00 Intro
01:40 History
05:37 Demo
11:45 Song "Throw My Hands Up"
17:55 Outro

"Here's a look at the Yamaha B200 from 1988, and my very first synthesizer from my childhood. You may have seen it in some of my previous videos, but I brought it back to life recently and ended up programming a bunch of cool sounds that you can download if you also own a B200, YS200 or TQ-5. I wrote a couple new tunes here, one of which my featured performance, and I'm just loving the sounds I got, so I think this synth will not be going back in it's case! (Note that the drum sounds are not from the B200, they are from Addictive Drums. The B200 can make drum sounds but does not have drum kits.) If you use Reaper as your DAW, I also made a ReaBank file for it which you can load with the ReaControlMIDI VST, such that you can call up any of the presets over MIDI, etc. Bank 1 has the Preset voice list, Bank 2 has my new sounds, and Bank 3 has the voice list for the RCD1000 ROM voice card:

Please check out the music for this video and previous videos on my SoundCloud:

Thanks to Pete Harkins for running the Backbeat Brewing Company where I play every month, and for the cool T-shirt I'm wearing in this vid:

Thanks to the following websites and resources for the pictures and info for this video: [active links on YouTube for those interested]

Buchla 200 LPG beat variations

video upload by Todd Barton

"Exploring the different settings of the Buchla 281 LPG. First Lo Pass then mid way through 'combo' and back to Lo Pass."

[DTM] ジェネレイティブ・ミュージック向き?ソフトシンセ Giorgio Sancristoforo "Ongaku" synthesizer

video upload by easy and nice Waki

Fun!! A standalone software synthesizer for generative ambient drone!!

Giorgio Sancristoforo Website"

Korg MonoPoly plugin and Soundtoys Echoboy #shorts

video upload by Fu_k the Zeitgeist

DERELICT: 100 presets for Parawave's RAPID

video upload by DATABROTH

"Pick up Derelict here:
check out my other wavetables and presets at

I've been getting many requests to finish a preset pack fro Rapid, long overdue DERELICT is full of creative pads and bizarre glitchy sequencers. I've had a lot of fun making this pack and I hope you can get some great use out of it"

PRECISION VOLTAGES & A SEQUENCER - Creating note intervals/chords during a sequence/performance

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"A short performance showing the PRECISION VOLTAGES module by AJH SYNTH to alter the tuning of VCO's, in this case whilst running a sequence from a pattern/step sequencer. This is really useful for introducing pre-tuned note intervals between oscillators, even to create simple chords, adding a whole new dimension of interest to pattern-based performances.

The module can be used to add or subtract multiple octaves or semitones from incoming CV signals, which in itself has a wide range of uses, but it can also generate fixed voltages, either to create continuous VCO pitches, or for adding offsets to CV signals for modulation, etc. It can even be used to combine CV signals, but more about the in the future 'User Guide' video for the module.

I'm using a Doepfer Dark Time sequencer as 2 separate 8-step sequencers. The output of this sequencer can be transposed by MIDI, so I'm using the Keystep simply as a MIDI keyboard for this purpose, but the actual sequencing is from the Dark Time.

Check out the AJH Synth playlists for module 'User Guides', and 'Patch of The Week' videos, which will be either performances or 'how to' guides, detailing functions/methods, and a range of sounds, some familiar, some less so, containing a patch sheet at the end to show you how to construct it for yourself.


Murder Diary Dictaphone - Volca Modular, Beats, 8Bit Warps, Fostex XR-3 - Ambient Music Jam

video upload by ChrisLody

"Well, it's very hot here in the UK today so I've been shut in my new studio for most of the day making this jam. It started off pretty cool in here but the studio lights and computer equipment have now made it pretty uninhabitable!

Anyway, I found this dictaphone (the common name for a micro cassette recorder here in the UK, for my generation anyway!) a few years back on a carboot sale, I think I paid a pound for it. It had a tape inside which is still the only micro cassette I own. On one side there was an incredibly badly recorded lecture and on the other side, this. I pretty sure this is the musings of a student writing a short story. She's talking about deathrow in prison at the very start and then an accidental death, I can't take any credit for the story of course and the tape and recorder are not labelled at all. All nice moody stuff but I've been struggling for a long time to 'frame it' just because it's quite whispery in its performance.

This was the first time I've set up my cassette four track too since I moved my studio so I wanted to do something slightly different with the video. There was going to be more footage, but like I said it's too damn warm in here now!

The Volca beats provides the rhythm on track 1, Volca Modular playing a bassline on track 2, Volca Modular again on track 3 playing a melody which has a kind of call and response with the 8Bit warps on track 4 playing a pad sound. I'm using an Inkel MX880E with a Zoom 1201 for reverb as usual. I'm creating a feedback path within the Zoom on occasion that provides the uncomfortable horror like squealing sounds :)"

Dune-Inspired Eurorack Ambient/Downtempo Performance | using: Arbhar, DFAM, Deckard's Voice, DFAM +

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
This piece was inspired by the score from the movie Dune which was composed by Hans Zimmer. The patch is described in great detail on my Patreon. Cheers!
Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synth SN FIZMO-10867

via this auction

Waldorf MicroWave with Access Programmer SN B19500082

via this auction

"Here is our vintage, original Waldorf Microwave with the Access Programmer. Both in excellent working and cosmetic condition. This OG MW has the best of the PPG sound with analog filters and modern stability. This is a Rev B unit. The access programmer is essential for fast edits and hours of tweaking..."

Korg Poly Ensemble P, PE-1000, 60-Key Polyphonic Orchestral Synthesizer SN 780193

via this auction

Demo in the listing previously posted here

Oberheim Matrix 6R Demo Preset

video upload by AtTheZoo

"here is a Random preset view of the Oberheim Matrix 6R recorded in 24bit 44100khz. Fully flat, no compression, eq, or effect applied. ONLY AN ARPEGIATOR FROM LOGIC has been applyied at 2:20 on the preset 47 BOTTLES the rest is totally unproccesed :)"

Spotted the video above in the following listing. The video is from 2016, so likely not the same Matrix-6R, and just linked to for a demo of one.

via this auction

Oberheim SEM Patch Panel SN 0081

via this auction

"Mint condition (nearly flawless exterior) and fully-functioning Oberheim SEM Patch Panel monosynth."

"COLDRIVER RAVIN" (live session #4 / virtual concert, A Tangerine Dream Xperience homage suite)

video upload by KurtzMindfields

"'COLDRIVER RAVIN' is an original hypotic title created from the NRSynth Moog Modular big Ancestor bass sounds. This is a Tangerine Dream "live style 1977" homage concerts.
- 1 LEFT : Kurtz "E" Mindfields : Moog sub37 (overdrive & delay MXR), SynthR3 Mono (ARP 2600 filter), OB3 Oberheim Organ, Arturia "Synclavier & Solina VST on KX88.
-2 CENTER : Kurtz "C" Mindfields : NRSynth Moog Modular big Ancestor (+ Steiner Parker filter) & ARP Ancestor, SynthR4 master sequencer (960 type sequencer mode), SynthR3 Arpeggiator, Hansy Mellotron.
- 3 RIGHT : Kurtz "P" Mindfields : NRSynth Moog Modular, ARP Pro-Soloist, Hansy Mister M (Mellotron Brass), Rhodes on A90 Ex.
Recorded & Mixed on Sequoia 15 / M32 Midas.
"Coldriver Ravin"" composed by jean-Luc Briançon (Aka Kurtz Mindfields).
Thanks to Stephen Ingrand & Remy Wasselin.
Links :
Bandcamp :"

Instant Sci-Fi sounds with Pulsar 23 - Amazing “Forbidden Planet” soundtrack in a box!!!

video upload by Friendly Noise

"A crappy recording showing amazing 'Forbidden Planet' -sounds coming out of the Pulsar 23. No effects added. The sound is 100% Pulsar 23.

Video sections:
00:24 Do not land on this planet
01:36 Intermission
01:57 I must insist: do not land here
03:50 Told you: plenty of monsters
07:00 Monsters don’t do disco"

YAMAHA CE20 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE."

Pipa Vocal Synth on Custom NuEVI - Mark Steiner

video upload by Mark Steiner

Summer Synth Jam (Featuring Prophet 10 and Roland SH-2 with Strymon Big Sky)

video upload by Justin Carey

"Synth Improv with Strymon effects."

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