MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, August 26, 2022

Friday, August 26, 2022

Oberheim OB-X8 - Creative Sound Design Synth of Dreams

video upload by JimDaneker

"My first real spin on the new Oberheim OB-X8. I wanted to just twist knobs and see where it took me, and as a huge Oberheim fan, I have to say I was incredibly impressed. Any of my skepticism about resurrecting the OB series was happily unfounded. This thing is TOTALLY worthy of the name, and every bit a real OB.

Reverb is from my all-time favorite, the GFI Specular Tempus, which has a remarkable ability to be 'wet' while not getting in the way. No other processing was used; you're hearing the dry synth with the reverb return at about 80%. If you'd like both dry & wet tracks as isolated WAV files, let me know! You can reach me via my website below.

Table of contents:

00:00 - Fifth Swell
03:15 - Seismic Bass
05:30 - String Masheen - playing with various filters
08:08 -Tangerine State - arpeggiator, filter resonance
10:35 - Rippler - LFO experiments
12:09 - Notta Delay - more arpeggiator goodness
14:07 - Rossum8or - haunted Wurlitzer vibes?
15:50 - StrawBent - an analog benediction of sorts"



This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

The Surprising Complexity of the Sequential Prophet 5

video upload by JimDaneker

"One of many late-night synth improvs showcases the surprising complexity of the Sequential Prophet 5 synthesizer; recorded through a Line 6 Helix.
Recorded March 28, 2022. © Jim Daneker, all rights reserved."

Sequential Pro 3 First Impression (No Talking)

video upload by JimDaneker

"An unedited improv with the very first patch on the Sequential Pro 3 SE. I wasn't familiar with this synth yet and just wanted to get an idea of the 3 filter models, so that's really all I focused on for this video - hence the sloppy playing. You can definitely tell it's got proper VCOs and gorgeous analogue filters - it's a monster synth!

The background arp stuff is from a Sequential Rev2 through a GFI Specular Tempus reverb; piano is from the BackStage Pass library (see link below), and the percussion was programmed with various libraries.

The Pro 3 itself was recorded live straight to Logic, through the Logic stereo delay and a little bit of GFI Specular Tempus reverb."

Prophet Rev2 vs Prophet 5 - Quick Comparison

video upload by JimDaneker

"Just a super-quick, on-the-fly comparison showing the tonal differences between the Prophet Rev2 and Prophet 5. Also highlights the dual-layered "binaural" stereo capability of the Rev2, vs. the Prophet 5, which is mono."

Roland JX-10 with Retroaktiv MPG-70

video upload by JimDaneker

"5 minute deep dive into one of the best analog synths ever made: the Roland JX-10, controlled by the Retroaktiv MPG-70 Programmer. The MPG-70 is a brilliant piece of gear in that it completely opens up the JX-10, bringing every parameter to a physical control surface. It even lets you control both upper and lower tones simultaneously - something no other controller can do. The icing on the cake is that it can control ANY synth - hardware or software, using standard MIDI CCs!

My JX-10 has the optional Vecoven ROM, which is a must-have to bring this glorious synth into the 21st century and allow it to be controlled via MIDI CCs."

Elka-X by Cherry Audio - Part 2: Layers, Effects, Sequencer, Unison Mode

video upload by CatSynth TV

"Part 2 of our detailed look at the new Elka-X from Cherry Audio, a recreation of the legendary and elusive Elka Synthex polyphonic analog synthesizer. This second part focus on unison mode, effects, keyboard layers, and the sequencer.

If you haven't already seen Part 1, we recommend checking that out first: [posted here]

00:31 Poly, Mono, and Unison Modes
01:44 Effects
07:52 Layers
10:02 LFOs
13:59 Sequencer
18:25 More Factory Presets

To find out more about the Elka-X, please visit

'The Cherry Audio Elka-X synthesizer is based upon the legendary Synthex, a rare Italian analog synthesizer designed by Mario Maggi and manufactured by ELKA in the early eighties. Elka-X replicates the extraordinary character of the original synth without compromising sound or functionality, thoughtfully expanding its feature set and delivering the authentic Synthex experience...'


ACID for U-He Hive

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link:

NatLife Sounds present you a first 303 sound collection for U-He Hive. It’s a first completely ACID soundbank for this synthesizer. You can find here a very different variations of ACID sound. From melodic to power & deep.

Every preset have a own melodic Sequence, plus some of it boosted with Arpedgios. The patches can perfect fit to any of Electronic Music production, includes Acid Trance, Psy Trance, Acid House, Acid Techno or even Melodic Techno. No limits for using.

Just put one MIDI note and you will hear a full spectre of ACID sound in it.

Soundbank contains:

32 Presets
32 Sequences & ARP’s (inside presets)"

group - all night civilisation '85 (1985 demo)

video upload by Steven Templar - Retrospective Channel

"Copyright Steven Templar, 1981.
This jam recorded in 1985 using Sequential Circuits Inc Prophet 600, Boss DSD-2 foot pedal sampler/delay, Roland TR-707 drum machine and a Tascam Portastudio cassette tape 4-track."

group - games that lovers play (1988 instrumental)

"Sequential Circuits Inc Prophet 600 analogue synthesiser, Boss DSD-2 sampler/delay foot pedal recorded onto a Fostex X-15 cassette tape 4-track."

New Jean-Michel Jarre Album Incoming - Oxymore

video upload by Jean Michel Jarre

OXYMORE the new album by Jean-Michel Jarre is out 21.10.22
Pre-Order your copy now:

Jean-Michel Jarre - BRUTALISM (Official Video)

video upload by Jean Michel Jarre

More from Jean-Michel Jarre:

Pro Synth Network LIVE! - Episode 125 with special guest, Ben 'Benge' Edwards!

video upload by Pro Synth Network

An interview with Benge aka zack dagoba. Don't miss his Vintage Synth TV episodes.

"Music Technology Discussion with Ben Simpson, Kent Spong, Rob Puricelli and special guest, Ben 'Benge' Edwards!

Ben Edwards, known professionally as Benge, is an English musician and record producer based in Cornwall, England. The main focus of his work is within the experimental electronic music field. He launched the record label Expanding Records as an outlet for his debut album 'Electro-Orgoustic Music' in 1995. His tenth solo album, released in 2008, was called 'Twenty Systems' and featured 20 individual tracks, each based around a specific synthesizer

Over the years Benge has amassed a large collection of electronic synthesisers, drum machines and studio equipment which is housed in his 'Memetune Studio Complex'. From here he writes and records his own music as well as working on his many collaborations

Since 2012, Benge has released a regular series of online solo albums via his bandcamp and iTunes pages. These albums regularly feature his "one-synthesiser-per-album" concept, whereby he limits himself to creating a full album using a single electronic music system

He's worked as a co-writer and producer with many luminaries of the Electronic Music scene, such as John Foxx, Wrangler (Stephen Mallinder), Blancmange (Neil Arthur), Creepshow (John Grant) and many others, as well as pursuing his own musical projects such as Oblong and Fader

2022 saw the launch of The Memetune Show on his YouTube channel. This show, hugely reminiscent of late 70s/early 80s BBC/PBS technology shows, is a part tongue in cheek, part serious exploration of vintage synthesizer and video production technology"

Eventide Misha : Interval Based Sequencer : Synth Riffs Made Easy

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Read our thoughts on the blog :
Pick a Misha up today :

Eventide's newest module the Misha is an interesting take on a quantizer / sequencer !
Instead of strictly adhering to keyboard-style musical conventions, Misha opts for an intervallic approach, meaning that numbers are how you decide which note goes next: 0 is your root and +/-12 is an octave, with all other notes falling somewhere in between. With Scala support, however, you can dictate how many intervals there are and what their tuning ends up being leaving you no longer beholden to equal temperament."

Custom Patch Demos - Octave, Novation, Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Ensoniq, & Oberheim Vintage Synths

video uploads by soitgoesmusic


The Cat by Octave (1976 Non-SRM) Custom Patch Demo
A demo of the vintage Octave Cat synthesizer. This is the original Non-SRM one from 1976. It's one fat sounding synth.

Patches programmed and played by No effects added. What you hear is direct from the synth. Each part is from one patch only. There is no multi-tracking on any part.

- amazing vintage analog sound
- it feels alive with electricity and has lots of subtle variations in the textures of the sound
- independent faders for each wave form means that 8 sounds can be playing at once (4 on VCO 1, 3 on VCO 2, and noise), creating huge sounds

- no midi
- needs to be tuned on each use
- needs lots of maintenance (i.e., regular calibration)
- can't save patches and rarely sounds exactly the same twice
Novation Drumstation - Custom Kits Demo
A demo of the OG 808 and 909 emulator: the Novation Drumstation. This is the version 2. Wanted to show the versatility of the machine.

Kits programmed and played by No effects added. What you hear is direct from the drum machine.


- well emulated 808 and 909 sounds in a small 1U rack unit
- adds tuning to some drums that originals don't have
- built in distortion and front cut


- no on-board sequencer
- no power switch
Korg MS-20 (Vintage) Custom Patch Demo
A demo of the original Korg MS-20. This is a wild synth that can take you to some unexpected places.

Patches programmed and played by No effects added. What you hear is direct from the synth. Each part is from one patch only. There is no multi-tracking on any part.

- amazing vintage analog sound
- patch bay provides so many unique configurations
- the resonant high pass filter can make huge bass
- has quirks that make it sound and behave like no other (e.g., the unusual sustain on EG2, the hold time on EG2, the External Signal Processor, etc.)

- no midi
- can't save patches (though taking pictures can help)
Yamaha RX5 drum machine - Custom Kits Demo
A demo of the under-rated Yamaha RX5 drum machine. Wanted to show how strange and sci-fi this machine can sound.

Kits programmed and played by No effects added. What you hear is direct from the drum machine. Each section is made from four drum sounds. Only the stock sounds from the unit were used. No cartridges or external sounds added.


- amazing voice editing features
- gritty lo-fi sound
- volume slider and individual out for each drum pair


- no velocity
- interface is needlessly complex
Roland Juno-106 Custom Patch Demo
A demo of the legendary Roland Juno-106. Trying to show off the analog warmth of this synth.

Patches programmed and played by No effects added. What you hear is direct from the synth (including the scratchiness of the chorus). Each part is from one patch only. There is no multi-tracking on any part.

- amazing analog sound
- hands-on control over all parameters
- wide sweet spot

- no velocity
- needs to warm up to sound its best
Korg MS2000 BR Custom Patch Demo
A demo of the Korg MS2000BR. Wanted to show some of this synth's unique features, such as the modulation sequencer (1:03, 2:34, and 5:00) and the vocoder (1:26).

Patches programmed and played by No effects added. What you hear is direct from the synth. Each part is from one patch only. There is no multi-tracking on any part.

- lots of hands on control
- modulation sequencer

- polyphony is only 4
Ensoniq ESQ-1 Custom Patch Demo
A demo of the Ensoniq ESQ-1. Trying to show some of the versatility of this digital/analog hybrid synth.

Patches programmed and played by No effects added. What you hear is direct from the synth. Each part is from one patch only. There is no multi-tracking on any part.

- very easy to program for a digital interface
- the keyboard has a great feel

- no real-time parameter changes, except through mod wheel
Yamaha TX81Z Custom Patch Demo
A demo of the Yamaha TX81Z. Trying to show what this synth can do beyond the dated presets.

Patches programmed and played by No effects added. What you hear is direct from the synth. Each part is from one patch only. There is no multi-tracking on any part.

- editing the parameters can yield surprising results
- efficient with cost and space

- tedious to program
Oberheim Matrix-6R Custom Patch Demo
A demo of the Oberheim Matrix-6R.

Patches programmed and played by No effects added. What you hear is direct from the synth. Each part is from one patch only. There is no multi-tracking on any part.

- a deep synth with lots of editable parameters, many of which can be controlled through the modulation matrix
- great analog sound

- tedious to program, can be helpful to have the parameter list in front of you

The Museum of Electronic Music is insane!!!

video upload by

This reminded me of my visit to Synthorama in 2008, also in Switzerland. "I had the privelege of spending time at the Swiss Museum of Electronic Museum and I wanted to show you alittle bit of what is their.
To support the channel:
Music by:
Rufes live
Tchaikovsky-Dance of the sugar plums
Way home-Tokyo Music Walker

Analog Dance Modular Session

video upload by Andreas Remshagen

"a 'Maxi-Version' of a rhythm-based jam with some of my new components i have built. The devices are:
- Orchestrion Strings/Choir Synth (Described in previous Video)
- Analog Drumbox with 4 DS7-Clones and two Noise-based HiHats
(The Drumbox is either driven by the "Trigger-Randomizer"-Module"-its an arduino-based 5-Channel Randomgenerator in combination with 5 analog AND-Gates connected with a random-signal and the clock-signal for each Gate and each Gate is for a Drum. In this song the HiHat and the two analog Congas are in Random. So there are additionally Fill-ins to the normal static rhythm)
-Bass-Synth 2.0 (two Saw/Sine VCOs with Steiner-Parker VCF, YuSynth
Metalizer and Akzentuator
-Elektor Formant
-Analog Groovebox (Described in previous Video)
-Two YuSynth VCO with Steiner-Parker VCF for Keyboard Solo
-Two Polyend Poly Midi to CV-Converter
-Two Alesis Midiverb4 for Reverb and Delay
-My free Flowstone-Based sequencer-Software (Described in previous Video)" [posted here]

What the Oberheim SEM can do with your bass lines, when triggered by the TD-3

video upload by Friendly Noise

"The TD-3 triggers the Oberheim SEM. The notes are “bass lines”, but the sound is all-SEM and not so 303-like.

Video sections:

00:10 Part 1
06:12 Part 2
10:44 Part 3
14:59 Part 4"

Twisted Elektrons MEGAfm MKII Coming September 2022

via Twisted Elektrons

"This updated version is identical in appearance and functionality but will include a pair of YM3438 chips instead of the YM2612. The YM3438 is a variant of the YM2612 that is identical in functionality and was featured in the Sega Megadrive II. The circuit layout has also been updated to grant access to the FM chips with minimal disassembly. Indeed the chips are now socketed (removable) and accessible by removing the bottom panel.

This allows you to install alternate FM chips (like the YM2612, modern alternatives or even custom sound chips). You can also mix different versions of FM chip as there are 2 slots that can be configured individually.

MEGAfm MKII features the same audio circuitry and analog distortion as the MKI, as a result both chips sound very similar inside of MEGAfm.

The firmware will work identically on both versions."

High Definition Analog Glitch Art! 1080p @30fps LoFi Future Eurorack VGA to Jack Adapter

video upload by LoFiFuture

"Available to order here:

This pair of modules allows you to process High Definition VGA signals with circuit bent analog video circuits. This can be euro mounted glitch effects or desktop mounted (with the use of 3.5mm to RCA adapters)

All you need is a HD VGA output to process (This can be achieved with a HDMI to VGA adapter) and a capture card with a VGA input. Alternatively you can choose to convert the VGA signal back to a HDMI signal for capturing.

One adapter is used to bring VGA into your case ready for processing and one is to be used as the processed VGA output of your case.

Unlike glitching composite video signals, VGA remains stable no matter how hard you glitch it thanks to the separate horizontal and vertical sync signals. These sync signals can be connected either via the rear 2 pin connector, meaning you can take sync from the input module to the output module without the need for 2 extra patch cables up front (the front H/V jacks will come into use upon future module releases)

Glitching each colour channel with a different device produces some wild effects that come out looking crispy clean!

The VGA / JACK adapters are completely passive and use no power.

*note this will work great with SD VGA signals which is great if you are plugging directly into an old projector!"

The Boss DM-2W: A simple delay perfect for synths (no talk)

video upload by Richard DeHove

"Glorious random noodlings with the Boss DM-2W Wazacraft delay pedal and the Erica Synths DB-01. To some an 11-minute no-talking video with a three-knob delay pedal might seem excessive. Well, maybe so. But for delay pedal nuts (like me, and probably you if you're also reading the caption) it's only just enough. Even then I didn't use the delay time input, direct out or do much knob twiddlings The reason is that this pedal sounds beautiful and makes you want to play music, not twiddle knobs.

There's no hint of line-level input issues (as you get with some pedals) and there's plenty of wet level to play with (unlike the Boss RE-202 which is a bit quiet imo). The nearest competitor that I've used extensively would be the famous MXR Carbon Copy. I had both the standard issue, then the deluxe version, but I think the DM-2W is a better fit for synth, not as dark and a more pleasant feedback tone.

I am biased though since the original DM-2 was the first pedal I ever bought. That unit sat on top of a whole series of synths starting with the Korg Mono/Poly. I played live with it many times, always fearing I'd mismanage the feedback and blow something up :) The new version seems equally dangerous! Not sure what happened to the OG pedal in the end, I even went on a hunt through some old boxes a few weeks back, but no luck. I'm sure it's out there somewhere still going.

The audio here is just as you see it: The DB-01 going through the DM-2W with no other effects or processing.

0:00 Pattern 1
0:45 High feedback
3:25 Heartbeat
3:55 No tap tempo here
4:12 Adjusting the tempo
4:40 Pattern 2
5:10 Ambient noodle
6:10 Pattern 3
8:17 Pattern 4
9:15 Pattern 5

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free"

[MIX] Techno + Drum and Bass

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"This is a mix of Techno and DnB tracks. All tracks made by me.
A lot of these tracks are made with Eurorack, other hardware gear and are also LIVE Performances. Late Night Headphone Ear Candy.

There is also a huge AI Art slideshow.
I used an AI Art software called 'MidJourney' to create the HUNDREDS of art pieces.
It took a few days to generate and curate the artwork, again, I put in the hours on this one...
Thanks for checking it out! I hope you enjoy!

Just press play and go about your day, Friends!" WEBSTORE ►

0:00 Track 1
04:38 Track 2
13:30 Track 3
15:24 Track 4
20:57 Track 5
24:03 Track 6
25:55 Track 7
28:14 Track 8
34:57 Track 9
38:40 Track 10

The Sound of Tears For Fears with Oberheim OB-Xa, Emulator II

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (1985)
Produced by Chris Hughes

I used here the Oberheim OB-Xa for all synth pads and the main theme riff. And I used the E-MU Emulator II sampler for the intro sounds, bass, add drums , the synth voice and fx sounds. Drums LinnDrum

The Oberheim OB-XA Synthesizer is one of the big legendary synths in music history. Here can you find the full OB-Xa playlist with a lot single sound demos, synth comparisions and one synth demo tracks. Enjoy.
The OB-Xa playlist:"

DX5 Playing Talk Talk "Talk Talk" cover

video upload by DX5

"Title is right: this is Talk Talk's 'Talk Talk' song :-) .
Gear used:
Roland MRS-2 Promars
Roland JP8000
Kurzweil PC1x
Roland JX-8P
Backtrack previously recorded, track by track, by me on Pro Tools, including Simmons SDS8 for the chorus tom.
Original song composed by Mark Hollis, Ed Hollis.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara."

Moog Mavis: Modular Mood (50 custom patches). Sound Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"Welcome to the soundset for a semi-modular synth Moog Mavis.
It is a collection of 50 patches: 15 Leads, 14 Plucks, 12 Basses, 9 Drones. There is a wide range of timbres inside the pack: simple and complex, dark and aggressive, vintage and modern, noisy/distorted and soft, musical and experimental, harmonic and inharmonic.
📗 Get the soundset:

The patches are suitable for many genres: Techno, Ambient, House, Deep, Progressive, Trance, Minimal, IDM, Downtempo, Lounge Chill Out, Electronica, Dark/Noise, Industrial, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, and others.

The soundset is presented in the form of a PDF-Document, A4 format. Each page contains notes that explain how the patch works, what parameters worth tweaking during the playback, how to develop the timbre during a performance. If you make all the settings consciously and try the things mentioned in the notes, you will learn many things about the synth and discover its true depth.

Each patch has an audio example, it helps to understand how the timbre is supposed to sound.

To recreate these patches, you need up to 8 patch cables. If you are going to use an external keyboard/sequencer, you will also need a stackable cable or a splitter/multiplier. The document includes detailed information about using an external keyboard with CV/Gate outputs.

Korg VOLCA2 “Ideas” Electro pop addition + 8 Patterns (BONUS)

video upload by LFOstore

"As an ADDITION to our main soundset
Korg VOLCA2 'Ideas'


We made Korg VOLCA2 “Ideas” Electro pop addition + 8 Patterns

A Soundbank with 137 Samples and 24 Patterns includes bass, drums, effects, synths.

Demo 100-103BPM
The Demo tune has been recorded in real-time and contains no external fx or any processing.

Only Korg VOLCA2!
To load a file use volca sample Librarian.

Made by Alexander Kav"

Arturia Pigments 3 "Phaeton" Soundbank 65 presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Welcome to the first complete soundset for Arturia Pigments3 - "Phaeton"

65 organic presets with:


Made by Alexander Kav
Enjoy the sounds & be inspired re-discovering your Pigments synthjesizer!"

REmindEЯ // Performance Quad Delay // Review and Demo of the RemaindeR

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A hands on demo of the weird and wonderful REmindEЯ (RemindeR) delay and mulit-effect from Enjoy Electronics. Learn to play it like an instrument to get the most from it... create whole soundscapes, textures and evolving tracks"

PWM Malevolent Synth Review - Sonic LAB

video upload by sonicstate

"How can we not have Nick review a synth made by PWM (Paul Whittington Music)? The Malevolent is an analog 2 oscillator synth with a Sallen-Key filter (same as MS20), two envelopes, single LFO, post filter drive, apreggiator and joystick.

NOTE: We will have some extra content from questions generated by our Patreon supporters and any others that come in via the comments on here or Youtube. Those points will hopefully be addressed in that exclusive video - but we also had a visit from Finlay Shakespeare of Future Sound Systems, who collaborated with PWM to make the Malevolent: PATREON.COM/sonicstate
for more information on this read this post.

Bad Gear - Waldorf Streichfett

video upload by AudioPilz

"Become a Patron and get access to music clips from the show, additional content, Bad Gear samples and even more AudioPilz madness

Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Roland Aira MX-1 Mix Performer. Is this digital mixer, home studio backbone and live performance centerpiece the final boss of Roland's Aira range?

00:00 Intro tune
01:05 Overview Waldorf Streichfett
01:26 Strikefat??? Where does that name come from?
01:46 History of String Machines; How do they work???
03:16 Waldorf Streichfett - Structure
03:34 String Section - Waveforms, Octaves, Envelope
04:12 Ensemble Effect
04:28 Solo Section - Waveforms
04:58 Tremolo Effect
05:05 AD/AR Envelope with a twist
05:23 Splits, Multi mode
05:35 Effects section (reverb, phaser, animate)
06:05 Limitations, clipping, hidden gate
06:22 Patch memory, Connectivity
06:30 What else???, Pricing
06:53 Hate
07:18 Jam 1
08:12 Jam 2
09:01 Finale
09:33 Verdict
10:42 Vocoder Shoutout"

⌛Time Past ⌚ ~ First OP-1 Field Jam

video upload by Postmodern Machine

"Hello 🏄🏼‍♂️

My Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field arrived two weeks ago. 🍾

I have never had or used one of these in the past and I'm building lots of thoughts on it, most of which are positive! Overall it's a super inspiring machine if you are keyboard based for being creative wherever you are. 🌿

I started exploring it by building this track. One small gripe I have is the lack of crossfades when editing with cuts, which is very simple to do in a DAW and remove all clicks and pops. There is really no reason that cuts to the tape should create clicks and pops. My main synth loop on this had a click in the edit at each loop, but when I built the other tracks, I used some more savvy techniques to cut the loops as far from sounds as possible, to prevent clicks and pops. This did work well and when I brought everything into the computer, I only had to fix my one loop. 🤲🏼 That said, it's a bit cumbersome to work around loop points to get the result I want.

The OP-1 so far is a really really fun way to be creative. It was still a blast despite any quirks. If you can accept of the limitations as just something to work around. I used the vintage 4-track simulation for this. 📼

Ensoniq ZR-76 64-Voice Expandable Keyboard w/ Pedals

via this auction

"This ZR-76 has been completely reconditioned. All keys removed, cleaned or replaced. There has been work on the main boards to reinforce some weak connections, but it currently functions perfectly.

The expansion is full with the following boards.
01 Real World
03 Urban Dance
04 Perfect Piano
(The keyboard comes with 02 Drum expansion built in)

The floppy drive has been replaced with a usb based multi-floppy image that contains the original floppies and extra demos. Original removed floppy drive is included in the sale.

Original working expression and volume pedals are included."

Clavia Nord Rack 1 with 12 Voice Expansion

via this auction

"First of all, it can sound like them all, an ARP 2600 or a Minimoog or a Roland Jupiter. This synth is polyphonic and multitimbral, it has a very flexible filter, LFO and Envelope control, portamento/legato, a great arpeggiator and analog-like dedicated knobs for quick and easy synthesizing! Everything is MIDI'd up and controllable, there's a great pitch bender and a 'morphing' feature."

Nord Lead A1 Virtual Analog Performance Synth With Custom Tote Bag

via this auction

Access Virus Ti Snow Desktop Synth w/ Original Box

via this auction

Continuum voice on the Onde

video upload by La Voix Du Luthier

"Short demonstration of a user defined audio analysis played from a Continuum on an Onde from La Voix du Luthier (audio recording: you can hear the friction noise on the Continuum surface ;-) ).

The original audio sample that was analyzed was kindly provided by Deep Forest (can you guess what song it is coming from ?). It was analyzed with the tools we are currently working on at Haken Audio (demonstrated at last Superbooth) and played realtime as an additive set by the Eagan Matrix (synth engine of the Continuum, also shared with Expressive-E Osmose). Only a very small part of the analysis is used here.

The left hand (that you barely can see) is on an Osmose..."

Mike Mareen - Love Spy (1986) Instrumental Cover

video upload by KOSmusic

"I have been wanting to recreate this beautiful Euro-Disco music for a long time and I finally managed to make it come true!! I loved 'Love Spy' of 1986 ever since I heard it for the first time (along with other great Mike Mareen songs from the 80s like 'Agent Of Liberty' and 'Dancing in the Dark', but also the 70s). Check out his official channel:

As is often the case, for many songs/soundtracks there is no information available on what the composers used to create these music. It is not the first time that I have relied on intuition, experience and in particular my ear to try to understand with what and how to recreate all the sounds of this track. I worked hard on each sound to try and make my version as authentic as possible. In the end I was very happy with the final result and I hope you enjoy watching this video :)

You can hear the sound of the CS1x (preset 105_Jupiter) at minute 0:15 and at minute 0:48.

Unfortunately there is no official video of the 1986 song (there is only the one created for the version "Love Spy - Reloaded 2004"), but a user here on YouTube uploaded the video with the original track of "Love Spy" and the result is great!! A little curiosity: in the video you can see 2 fantastic synths... a Roland JP-8000 and a Yamaha CS6x."

Dreadbox Nymphes and Linnstrument and Hologram Microcosm MPE Exploration

video upload by riotbell

"Don't know if anyone is still interested in these Nymphes MPE explorations with the Linnstrument. Here's yet another with the Hologram Microcosm.

Overall I am very impressed by how big the Nymphes sounds when compared to other six voice polysynths. Makes me wonder a bit if I overestimate the importance of oscillator per voice.

Thanks for listening!"

Patch n Tweak
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