MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, August 29, 2022

Monday, August 29, 2022

group - Ensoniq ESQ-1 patches 1 (1996)

video upload by Steven Templar - Retrospective Channel

"Ensoniq ESQ-1 sounds only by Steven Templar, 1996."

Velocity 22: Elektron Live Set Walkthrough and Performance!

video upload by Red Means Recording

"I performed at Velocity in Seattle on the Digitakt, Syntakt, and Microcosm. I'll walk through the setup and theory behind the rig and then perform the set for you.

Get the set as an album on my Bandcamp VIP, which includes the projects for the Digitakt and Syntakt:

Patrons get the performance and stuff too!

Samples I started with:

00:00 intro
00:56 setup
04:04 walkthrough
09:02 performance start
14:30 track 02
20:12 track 03
25:47 track 04
32:39 track 05
38:05 track 06

Join me on Patreon and get access to music, presets, samples, and a great community:

Take a lesson with me:"

MicroAddict 001b: Bonus Material - Tardigrade and Paramecium Details

video upload by MicroAddict

"In preparation for video 001, these extra scenes were found and didn't fit with the gist of that views video. Music information added below...

0:00 Bonus Content Titles
0:11 Tardigrade anatomy
0:27 Tardigrade naming and claws
0:40 Tardigrade mouth
0:57 Tardigrade deceased - bacteria colony
1:24 Paramecium combo menu
1:33 Paramecium contractile vacuoles
3:36 Paramecium duo conjugating (reproduction)
5:56 Paramecium duo conjugating - dark field

More coming soon...

Brief info on the music:
Made in collaboration with a friend around 2008-2009 in a live jam style to a stereo recorder.
The synths we used that I can remember... Virus TI, JP-8000, Nord Lead 2x, MicroKorg."

Going Live ☀️ (KeyStep Pro // Digitone // TR6S // SE02 +Apocalypse+Rooms // Nymphes +LofiJunky+H9)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"The set consists of 3 tracks already published on the channel (035- Kaoss ; 021- Black Box | Part 1 ; 065- 909) and 2 semi-improvised new tracks (actually built around 2 different patterns sleeping on my Digitone).

* Hardware used *
- DRUMS : Roland TR-6S
- BASS : Roland SE-02 + Pill Pedal (Input 1) + Death by Audio Apocalypse & Rooms
- PADS : Dreadbox Nymphes + Pill Pedal (Input 2) + Zvex Instant Lo-Fi Junky + Eventide H9
- Elektron Digitone + Korg KP3+ Kaoss Pad + Red Panda Particle 2

00:00 Kaoss (Intro)
02:34 Black Box (Part1)
05:23 Impro1 (New)
08:52 Impro2 (New)
11:54 909 (Outro)"


video upload by ULTIMATE PATCHES

"Ultimate Patches presents Ultimate Patches for Korg Wavestate: 333 new high quality patches covering vintage, modern and futuristic polys, leads and pads, as well as classic non-synth instruments including acoustic pianos, B3 organs, guitars, basses, orchestral instruments, percussion and much more.

The collection spans the genres of synthwave, cinematic, orchestral, latin, classic pop, rock + R&B, hip hop, country, reggae, jazz, trap, chiptune, modern pop, soul, country, dubstep, deep house, trance, experimental and retrocade. Dig in!

Pricing & Availability: Available now as an instant digital download at, with Summer 2022 Sale prices at $19.99 per Volume (111 Ultimate Patches) or $33.99 for all 3 volumes (333 Ultimate Patches). In addition, free patches from the collection are available to download (no registration required):

About Ultimate Patches
Ultimate Patches is a leading creator of original high quality patch collections for select hardware synthesizers. For more information, visit"

ACID V3 for Roland TB-303 & Clones

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link:

NatLife Sounds present you a real banger - ACID 3.

This is the biggest MIDI collection for Roland TB-303 and the synthesizers that can reproduce ACID sound.

For using this patches you can easily put it to DAW's Piano Roll in any synthesizer, which you think is great for this. As example we used U-He Hive 2, and the sounds in the demo comes from our lirabries - I'm Raving, 303 for Hive 2 and coming 303 for Hive 2 V2 (coming soon..).

We also can advise you for use: D16 Phoscyon 2, ABL3, Dune 3, Behringer TD-3/MO, Roland TB-03, Roland TB-3, Roland Cloud TB-303, Cyclone TT-303, Transistor Bass, Acidlab MM-303 and other software or hardware 303r clones.

This pack can be perfect for: Acid House, Acid Trance, Acid Techno, Psy Trance, Psychedelic Trance, Future Rave & all the Electronic Music.

Soundpack contains:

164 MIDI files"

Oberheim OB-X8 vs The Prophets (Prophet 5 & Rev 2)

video upload by JimDaneker

"A super 'macro' overview of the differences between 3 closely related analog powerhouse synths: the Oberheim OB-X8, Sequential Prophet 5, and Rev 2.


1. I did this as fast as possible, so the production & editing isn’t up to my usual picky standards. I just wanted to get the ideas across ASAP. It’s a nerdy, lengthy over-the-shoulder synth dive, but it does the job ;-)

2. The camera focused on the Rev2 slipped after I started recording, so unfortunately you never really get a shot of that one. So sorry! You can hear what I’m doing though - that’s the important part.

3. This whole thing really focuses on just one type of sound, with 2 variations. It’s way too difficult to really show how different these 3 synths are, let alone their strengths. I just wanted to demo their overall character traits. As always with YouTube videos, take it all with a grain of salt!"

"The Planet Krypton" by John Williams on a Prophet Rev 2 thru a Soma Cosmos

video upload by Mattelica

"'The Planet Krypton' by John Williams, excerpt from the Superman OST on a Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev 2 thru a Soma Cosmos to a Canon 6D + 17-40mm lens"

what to do with Track & Hold

video upload by Omri Cohen

00:00 - Introduction
00:25 - What is T&H
01:56 - Rhythmic LFOs
07:22 - Freezing pitch
11:01 - Gating sequences

More from Omri Cohen:
Here you can find the Basic of Modular course -
And here is the Patching Techniques and Ideas document -

MOD-squad Vol. 4 - Highlights - Midiverse - TV

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Here's a few short clips from MOD-squad Vol. 4 in Columbus, OH. Big thanks to Dr. Craig Clifford for hosting an incredible synth meet/live show. Big thanks to everyone that came out, played a set, brought out some awesome gear and/or food, and helped make this event a success! Also a special shout out to Ian for holding it down as the grill master, very much appreciated!

Full Live Performances - Coming soon...
More info @ -"

West Pest Demo and Thoughts with Space Echo RE-2

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT) demonstrates the Cre8audio West Pest with the Boss Space Echo RE-2.

Get yourself a West Pest here:
Check out the Space Echo RE-2 here:

'The West Coast folks couldn’t be like everyone else. They had to go all yoga mat, kale smoothie, and alfalfa sprout on the synth world. West Coast style is typically characterized by additive derived, rich and complex sounds. Often more traditional user interface elements are replaced by the abstract and experimental. Perfect for you sophisticated folks.

All that said, West Pest is actually not a deep dive into the abstract. It provides a wide array of sonic capabilities while maintaining a quick and easy workflow. You’ll make fresh & inspiring sounds in a flash without having to think about kale smoothies, unless that’s your thing, in that case, yes tons of kale smoothies, pitchers full of them. Anyway, West Pest’s huge sonic capabilities emanate from its modest bento box-sized (sprout-free) exterior.

If eurorack is your thing, feel free to pop West Pest out of its enclosure and transform it right into a 40HP eurorack module, or keep it in its case and use it anywhere for your West Coast style pleasure.'
Demo by: Matthew Piecora
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT) and Steven Ly (Project 32)"

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: Cheap Thrills

video upload by SynthAddict

"Cheap Gear Jamboree
Gear List: 6 Korg Volcas... Sample, Kick, Rhythm, FM, Keys, Drum and KeyStep Pro controlling Keys"

ToolBox Dun Gone Haywire! ;~)

video upload by John L Rice

"Since it had been four “long” days since I rearranged my toolbox modular I just had to do it again! 🙄😆🧐 This was another quick iPad recording using just the built in microphone to record the sound of the Intellijel Boombox speaker module. Modules used in this patch are from left to right:

TipTop Audio uZeus power supply
2hp Clk
Circuit Abbey G8
Erica Synths SEQ
MUtable Instruments Plaits
2hp Mix
TipTop Forbidden Planet
Intellijel Boombox
Synthesis Technology E355 Dual Morphing LFO
TopTop Z5000
and the top row of three passive modules are:
Intellijel OR
2hp Trim
Doepfer A-180-2 MUltiple
and a bunch of Tendrils right angle cables.

Thanks for watching, rating, and commenting! 😊"

Why does this iconic Minimoog have a pitch ribbon?

video upload by moogfoundation

"Short answer: to bend pitch like the greats its owner -- keyboardist, synth programmer, and musical director David Rosenthal, formerly of Rainbow -- was listening to. Enter here; the raffle ENDS August 31 at 11:59 p.m. ET/3:59 a.m. UTC:

We're awarding this fully restored vintage Minimoog to one lucky winner."

A few pics from the raffle.

Update: apparently there are at least two other Minimoog with ribbon controllers. See below.

Another Minimmog with pitch ribbon via @MrDuckbutt

"The Minimoog I bought from @BrianKehew long ago has this same mod. Geddy Lee’s Minimoog from his Keyboard magazine ‘84 shoot has it as well. Seen it online a handful of times - I wonder how many of these are out there"

And one with it on the left side panel via Till Kopper @realqwave

"And this is not the only Minimoog with a pitchbend ribbon. Mine got this too. I had a warn out pitchwheel when I bought my cheap Minimoog 1983. I built a new housing myself (beech wood) and added the ribbon. The modwheel moved to the left. The right wheel is not connected."

Roland System 100m

via this auction

150 112218
140 112670
130 111974
121 112032
112 112283

Kawai K4r

via this auction

"Great digital synth with lots of character and synthesis options. Both digital and analog-like sounds possible. ROMpler with whole acoustic samples plues sampled transientes and synthetic cycle waveforms
16-note polyphonic, 8-part multi-timbral 8 assignable individual outputs Excellent resonant filters Up to 4 waves (with theis own amplitude envelope) and 2 filters can be combined to deliver massive, complex sounds
AM between waveforms for extra timbral mangling.
Drum kit edition in a separate MIDI channel.
Saves patches and multis"

Korg Polysix with CHD MIDI

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

E-MU MORPHEUS Z-PLANE Synthesizer SN 129301105

via this auction

New Ground of LIVEN XFM by Takeo Watanabe

video upload by SONICWARE

"Takeo Watanabe is a famous Japanese musician for his outdoor performances.
He integrates his sounds with the place and creates a new expression."

Monome Norns Barcode + VCA🎚| Eurorack Synthesizers Jam

video upload by Andrea Marzilli

"This is about VCA modulation. 🎛

How much I love changing with my hands the level on the stereo image using differente LFOs.
And this is what I’m doing here!
Belong from Barcode script is sending the main sawtooth-ish noisy drone sound to the entire system, heavy modulated by two different LFO’s from @mutable Stages. @noiseeng Desmodus Versio is always at the end of my patches, because of its incredible power in creating the magical atmosphere I always need.

That’s it, simple but effective.
Hope you enjoy!

Headphones as always! 🎧"


video upload by EMEAPP

"What's cooler than a demo of a Moog Little Phatty synthesizer? A demo on BERNIE WORRELL's Little Phatty by electronic music pioneer, DON SLEPIAN. Enjoy this edition of SONIC TEST DRIVE where Don shows us this analog synth with digital control.

Bernie was a funk monster who played with many acts including Parliament Funkadelic and the Talking Heads. We have a number of Bernie's pieces in our collection including his Minimoog."

Ouroboros Tube VCO Demo - Mark Steiner

video upload by Mark Steiner

"Some of this shows the sound as is with just a sequencer changing pitch. Much of it also then shows the sound with a VCO modulating, mainly at audio rates. Fun stuff! Long, but just how I'd want such a demo if I were thinking of getting one.

This module is no longer made but Ortho is working on another Tube VCO currently."

Silver model with details posted here.

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