MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, January 7, 2023

Saturday, January 07, 2023

Absynth 5 demos - Jan 7, 2023

video upload by SynthMania

"I've been a big fan of Native Instruments Absynth since it came out. It's a wonderful synth, capable of amazing, evolving sound atmospheres. Here are seven Absynth evocative patches, with Relab LX480 on each track, and Eventide Blackhole on the mix bus"

0:00 6ft Tall Koala
0:23 A Scanner Darkly
1:16 Chronosphere
1:58 Artemis Choir
2:40 Frozen Voice
3:22 Titanic Singers
4:06 Airy Choir Attack"

Native Instruments dropped support for Absynth in September of 20220.

Also see:

The end of an era - Absynth Removed from Native Instruments Product Line

Absynth 2000-2022, a Statement From Absynth's Creator Brian Clevinger

Fairwell Absynth, generative ambient production

And additional Absynth posts here.

Sequential TRIGON-6 vs Minimoog

video upload by synthlegends

"The TRIGON-6 has a similar architecture like a Minimoog Model D. There are 3 VCO with the same waveforms and a ladder filter. The T-6 is polyphonic but in this video I played it in unison and tweaked some sounds to get it sounding similar to the Moog. The filter and resonance behavior are different and the oscillators in the Mini sound better IMO. In the T-6 they are a bit harsh whereas the Mini sounds more creamy. In some passages the synths sound very similar, so you can achieve moogish style sounds on the T-6. If the T-6 can sound like a Memorymoog I have doubts. Maybe there will be somebody who can test it."

Davoli Drum Synth Effect control by Octachron midi drum sequencer

video upload by VSMI - Vintage Synths Made in Italy

You can find one more demo of the Davoli Drum Synth here.

"Davoli Drum Synth Effect - 1982 Made in Italy Drum Synthesizer (Davoli Athos Radioelettromeccanica Krundaal - Parma) play by Octachron 8 tracks midi sequencer on IPad thru MIDI2SDS(X) Midi to Trigger interface by Elby Designs - Laurie Biddulph.
Viscount EFX100 Reverb
Montarbo REV128 Echo
visual effect - thx to Gam-Ol - Pixabay Creator"

100 Noises 03

video upload by zack dagoba

"Here is a patch using the vintage half of my Buchla 100

You are hearing 100% Buchla with nothing else

The patch is trying to mimic a tolling bell, but in a slightly rhythmic way, as the overtones resonate in time with the main clock, being 8th note divisions

The setup uses 2 pairs of sine waves going into 2 Ring Modulators. These are sent to the 102 Stereo Locator, which is used as a VC switch in mono mode and uses an envelope to fade between the ring-modulated tones upon each clock pulse. This sound then goes into the Sharp Cutoff Filter in low pass mode for shaping the sound before going into the Frequency Shifter in the "phaser" mode (ie sending the signal to one half of it, as well as going to one channel of a mixer, then an LFO goes to the other half of the FS, and a clean signal goes to channel 2 of the mixer, and when they are blended correctly, phasing happens in a rather pleasing way)"

ADSR:LPG Card Playdate

video upload by Todd Barton

"My first day with the new Portabellabz ADSR/LPG Card. Just trying out a bunch of different things as I begin to learn it. Thought I'd share these impromptu explorations. When released they can be ordered here:
My Patreon:"

via Mod Wiggler

"The card features a versatile analogue VC looping ADSR (AS3310 based), a preamp, a LPG and an output mixer.

It's an ideal companion for the VCS3 Card or Triglav's Radio Receiver one to add a full 3rd voice.


LED : monitors the ADSR output

Attack : sets the attack time
Decay : sets the decay time
Sustain : sets the sustain amplitude
Release : sets the release time

Black banana CV inputs
Attack : controls the attack time (attenuator trimmer easily accessible next to the pot)
Decay : controls the decay time
Sustain : controls either the sustain amplitude or the pulse length (see below), selected with a mini slide switch
Release : controls the release time

Prismatic Spray chaotic chords an melodies.

video upload by Arman Bohn

"Prismatic Spray through the 1010bluebox for delay/reverb. Playing around with some notes/chords. The Prismatic Spray will be back in stock in about a week or two. #jamuary2023 #diy #synth #bytebeat #tinysynth #tinystudio #generativemusic"

“Weirder Stuffs” OB-X8 Synth Breakdown – Daniel Fisher

video upload by Sweetwater

Remember to see the dealers on the right for availability and deals as well.

"Daniel Fisher, Sweetwater’s wizard of weird, created 'Weirder Stuffs' with nine stereo tracks using only the Oberheim OB-X8 polyphonic analog synthesizer; no additional effects were used. Check it out!"

0:00 – "Weirder Stuffs" Video
0:34 – Intro
0:45 – Individual OB-X8 Parts
2:20 – Thanks for Watching!
2:30 – Reverse "Weirder Stuffs" Video

Scope EP by verstaerker & audiohead

video upload by verstaerker

"a new collaboration between verstaerker and audiohead - the 'Scope EP'

7 tracks from dark pounding techno to intense evolving industrial"

Now on Bandcamp:

Critter & Guitari - Mic Pendulum

video upload by Critter & Guitari

"Bring it around town with the Critter & Guitari Microphone! Swing by the Organelle M, Organelle S, Terz Amp with guitar loop (courtesy of the Strymon Volante), original Pocket Piano, FM radio, and settle on the 201 Pocket Piano. Protip: go out and get a 10-foot ladder for optimal pendulum crafting!"

#Jamuary2023 - Day 4 - The Mother of All Pads (with OB-6, Matriarch DFAM and BlastBeats)

video upload by NGC0 Music

"My 4th video for the #jamuary2023, this time with my favorite OB-6 pad, followed by an ARP on the Matriarch, and some simple electronic rhythm from the BlastBeats + DFAM."

Jamuary n.03 | Novation Peaks into Beads | Eurorack and Synthesizer 📻

video upload by Andrea Marzilli

"I absolutely love Novation Peak.
This AWESOME synth is able to create any sound I think of.

In this jam, a very simple loop is previously recorded, and then played, into Beads, who is modulating itself using its brilliant attenurandomizers.
Then the magic.
I played some chords with the Peak using its nice sounding reverb (and delay too) to create a dreamy soundscape.
In Ableton I simulated a cassette recorder with my beloved SketchCassette plugin.

So we just have to listen.

Please wear headphones for the best quality. 🎧

(I've recently noticed some 'sample rate errors', such as high frequency pops and glitches. but I like them, I'm sorry not to be sorry..)"

Sound Study: Frippertronics with Novation Peak, Vongon Polyphrase, Chase Bliss Generation Loss Mk2

video upload by Matt Lowery

"An exploration of frippertronics style looping with the Vongon Polyphrase. Sound source is the Novation Peak, which is also being processed by the Chase Bliss Generation Loss Mk2.

This is one of those videos that started off as a short form idea and turned into a longer piece because, well--because I was having fun."

ARP 2600m Masterclass with David Mash

video uploads by Korg

"David is an internationally known expert in music technology, and synthesizers in particular. David was the founding chair of the Electronic Production and Design major at Berklee, and has consulted for many musical instrument manufacturers including Korg and was involved as an advisor on the re-release of the ARP2600 FS and the new ARP2600 M."

ARP 2600m Masterclass with David Mash / Part 1: Introduction and demo
ARP 2600m Masterclass with David Mash / Part 2: Patch breakdown
ARP 2600m Masterclass with David Mash / Part 3: Voltage processors
ARP 2600m Masterclass with David Mash / Part 4: FM inputs to VCOs
ARP 2600m Masterclass with David Mash / Part 5: Sample and Hold
ARP 2600m Masterclass with David Mash / Part 6: MODCVVibrato
ARP 2600m Masterclass with David Mash / Part 7: 2600 Audio Processor

Rough Sequencing Tutorial: Love On A Real Train by Tangerine Dream

video upload by John L Rice

"A friend was asking for advice on sequencing this pattern and this was the easiest/quickest method I came up with. While not perfect it may serve as at least a starting point for anyone who wants to try it themselves?

The basic notes are F, Eb, F, C, F, Bb, C and by turning off certain gates the basic rhythm is created. (Be sure to tune the 'off' steps to the previous note so they are 'tied' together) I used a Moon Modular 569 sequencer but any 16 step sequencer could work.

Additional rhythmic motion is created by adding audio delays. I used a couple Strymon Engineering pedals (Timeline and BigSky)"

Module Spotlight 1: stschoen's Ding v1.1

video upload by audulus

"Download Audulus for free for Mac and iPad and download this module here:

Free download in the Mac and iPad App Stores:

The subject of the first Module Spotlight is Audulus user stschoen's Ding v1.1. Here is his description of the module from his forum post:

This is a bell simulator based on physical modeling. It uses a series of resonant low-pass filters tuned to the partials measured from one of the bells in Winchester cathedral. The module is excited by a pulse on the gate input. There are controls for the pitch, detuning, decay rate and tone. It can be used as a pitched voice by using an external 1 per octave input (o) with the pitch and detune controls set to center. The module features a stereo output created by panning the partials with a pair of LFOs. This one is a bit heavy on CPU because of the filters but I really like the sound.

The patch is called 'Coral' by Mark Boyd aka Bimini Road, and available on the Audulus forum as well."

Wired Up with Mark 6 - Upgrading a Sequencer with a New Counter

video upload by audulus

"Download Audulus for free for Mac and iPad and download this patch here:

Free download in the Mac and iPad App Stores:

On the sixth episode of Wired Up with Mark, Mark walks you through a counter submodule upgrade of the 8-Step Sequencer module. The counter is explained node-by-node followed by a discussion of how to upgrade a module using swappable submodules."

All parts here

Hollywood Movie Scores With U-HE HIVE 2

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"Demo and review of U-HE HIVE 2 VST plugin software synthesizer.
Playing the presets created by the legendary sound designer Howard Scarr who works with Hans Zimmer to create the soundtracks for many Hollywood blockbuster movies.
You'll hear bass, pad, sequencer sounds plus all the effects that the synth has to offer.

All presets and sounds demonstrated here are from the factory library included with Hive."

Interview: Urs Heckmann, Howard Scarr and Viktor Weimer - Crack u-he sound designers

video upload by sonicstate

"We were able to chat with the sound designer behind many of u-he's patches across their instrument range. Howard Scarr is well known for his sound design and patch work being hired by Hans Zimmer for The Dark Knight. Viktor Weimer has been creating patches for the u-he range for some years, and Urs Heckmann of course is where the company takes its name and is the chief architect of their range.

The patches were created in Hive 2.1 -the .1 being after Urs added some extra features to Hive to allow for more creative sound design. Specifically in the filter types plus a few other features.

Metaphorium is available for download now priced at €39:

00:00 How did Metaphorium start?
09:00 What new features did you add to Hive?
13:38 What is your process for creating patches?
17:20 Designing for performance
22:40 is the a final mastering process?
24:50 Is it important to be able to play to create patches?
32:20 Quiz: Who's patch is this?
35:55 Do you get inspired by your own patches?
38:37 When is patch finished?
43:00 How do you come up with names?
50:40 Controlling
55:30 Any of your patches recognised in the movie"

Korg Opsix - "Otherworld" 40 Presets and Sequences

video upload by LFOstore

" represents 'Otherworld' bank for Korg Opsix.

Welcome to the sound world of cinematics.


The sound pack is dedicated to organic and motion sounds.

In the bank you will find: sequences, arpeggios, moving polys and pads.

The Korg Opsix is an incredible synth with amazing features and sound that never ceases to amaze and inspire.

40 presets and sequences are waiting for you and are ready to fill your compositions with new colors and inspire creativity.

Cinematic, Electronic, Ambient, create new musical worlds with Korg Opsix and 'Otherworld'

Each patch of our sound set is musical and can be immediately used in your tracks and production.

Enjoy and let the music be with you!"

Verbos System

via this auction

Roland JP-8080 Synthesizer Rack

via this auction

Access Virus Ti2 Polar Synthesizer

via this auction

Surfin' on a wave.

Waldorf MicroWave 1 Synthesizer V2.0 Revision A (CEM 3389) w/ Extras

via this auction

"Waldorf MicroWave 1 V2.0
Revision A (CEM 3389)

Synthesizer Rack
+ Neuwertig / Mint
+ Memory Card 1
+ Original Manuals
+ Made in Germany
+ 1Jahr Garantie"

E-MU Systems Orbit-3 Rackmount 128-Voice Super Synth w/ Original Manual

via this auction

Vintage 1979 Yamaha SK50D Analog Poly Synth String Ensemble Organ SN 1493

via this auction

Video in the listing previously posted here back in 2010.

"This Yamaha SK50D is a killer 7 voice analog ensemble synthesizer, featuring organ, string, and poly-synth sections, dedicated organ and string/synth brilliance, tremolo, vibrato, string and mix volume pedal inputs, and dedicated Monosynth, Polysynth, Organ, and tone cabinet outputs. . Hammondy, Rolandy and Yamaha-y in all the best ways. Serviced, tested and functioning! Included is power cord and bass pedal. Peace ta da!"

Casio RZ-1 Digital Sampling Rhythm Composer SN 303634A

via this auction

Koma Komplex sequencer

Koma Komplex sequencer - I like it! video upload by David Morley

"I decided to change my analogue sequencer from a Fenix III to a Koma Komplex. After 11 years with the Fenix, I think it was time to travel new paths.

It's a seriously great sequencer. I'll try and do a series of videos on this. Each showing a sequence with some feature being profiled.

Koma Komplex
Roland SH-2 via Midi
Fenix I modular via CV Gate"

Grendel 2TAC analog sequencer with RA-99 Grenadier

video upload by EA78751

"Rare Waves demonstrates the Grendel 2TAC 2-track analog controller with the Grendel RA-99 Grenadier analog synthesizer. The Grendel 2TAC has two tracks of CV-Gate output (1v/oct). For synchronization, it has an internal tempo generator, analog pulse-per-step Clock In/Out, and Reset pulse In/Out. This video tutorial shows some of its pattern editing features, time stretching, creating pattern chains, altering the tuning, mashing several patterns together simultaneously, and generating random patterns. We will be offering a limited issue of the 2TAC as pictured in the video with black aluminum case, walnut sides, and red or yellow LEDs. For easy reference this version comes with the key commands printed as a graphic on the underside of the case. 2TACs are available soon direct from"

You can find additional posts featuring the Grendel 2TAC here.

Exploring the modular lunchbox | Low-Gain Electronics

video upload by LowGainElectronics

JX-8P + Blackhole - Jan 5, 2023

video upload by SynthMania

"A crescendo of seven tracks on the classic Roland JX-8P from the mid-1980s - all tracks have different settings of the Eventide 'Blackhole' reverb plugin. Eventide 2016 plugin on the mix channel as well.

0:00 STRINGS 2
1:51 + PIANO 2
3:42 + VOICES
5:33 + STRINGS 1"

Yamaha EX5 Swell Strings

video upload by SynthMania

"When I was younger I rarely bought brand new gear. To get max. "bang for the buck", most of the times I bought used (remember local newspaper ad sections?). The Yamaha EX5R was one of the few pieces of gear that I bought brand new, on the spot, as soon as I tried it out in the store (Veneman in Springfield, VA, not existing anymore, it burned down) in 1998 or 1999 when it came out. I bought it right then and there because I was so impressed with its sounds and capabilities. It truly was a groundbreaking machine for the time, it was one of the first synths to have polyphonic arpeggiators, categories of sounds, multi-synthesis DSP, Virtual Analog, wind control, 128-voice polyphony, and I could go on and on with the whole kit and caboodle. It was the Yamaha flagship synth / workstation back in those days. Still kept it for all these twenty-five years. Of course, today it's been superseded by modern Yamaha synths, excellent propositions such as the Motif and Montage lines. But the EX5/R/7 still has a special sound that I like very much. I found an old file that contained a quick three-part string ditty that I made on it, utilizing three tracks of the awesome and hypnotic "Swell Strings" patch on it. In this video, I'm soloing the C pan, the L pan, the R pan, and then the ditty in full.

Happy Befana day to all.
2:08 FULL MIX"

Patch n Tweak
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