MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, June 2, 2023

Friday, June 02, 2023

ARP QUADRA - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale.

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT


video upload by LESINDES

"BIKE RIDE HOME from SUPERBOOTH 2023 Wuhlheide to Charlottenburg.
Some prominent synths used:
Norand MORPHOS + Serge RESONANT EQUALIZER for bass line
Dave Smith Instruments POLY EVOLVER for strings and synth atmos
Dreadbox NYX for bicks
and stunning Sinevibes DROPLETS and Waves RETRO-FI for dub piano."

Elektron Analog Keys Jam

video upload by Easy Tiger

"Jamming with the Analog Keys. I'm using the 5th setting on the subs to tune a single voice to a chord here so I can save some voices and use them on other stuff."

Live Hardware Electronic Music featuring SKYGAS and rocketmermaid

video upload by Patchwerks

"Showroom Sessions are a great chance to enjoy live music from our incredibly talented community and link up with friends old and new in a casual environment, connecting over a shared love of electronic music and all its devices.

π™Žπ™†π™”π™‚π˜Όπ™Ž is the new moniker of Seattle's Ian Price, known as the figure behind the unhinged Bonkers parties of the Northwest and the Pleasure Boat Records label, after years spent building gear and changing direction. Under this new pseudonym, the debut SkyGas album is the sound of a seasoned musician walking away from modern production and back into primordial sound. The result is a perpetual horizon machine focused on themes of joy, solitude, and impermanence, described as “new age with abrasions.”

Julia Davis (aka RocketMermaid) has been tinkering with musical oddities for 25 years, using everything from tracking programs from the demoscene to banging pipes against the walls of an Indiana basement. Since relocating to Seattle, she's fallen in love with modular synthesis and has incorporated it into her works, ranging from airy ambient to crushing industrial.


Sequential Prophet 5 rev. 3. #analogsynthesizer #prophet5

video upload by Franz Kreimer Keys

emusing myself

video upload by zack dagoba

"Emusing myself on the Emu Modular, and a Boss bucket brigade delay"

✈Airplane Mode {album} πŸ“Ί Pt 3/3

video upload by Postmodern Machine

Pt 3 featuring the Sequential Prophet-5. Parts 1 and 2 below.

"🌿It would mean so much if you follow me on Bandcamp!🌱

I've released my new album "Airplane Mode" here on πŸ“Ί in three parts.
Part 3 is the final installment of the album gapless.
Final masters of each song, with some new experimental techniques regarding connecting two or more videos with a morphing video mask. It is taking heavy processing power to render these effects on the video, but I am enjoying the results 😍"

✈Airplane Mode {album} πŸ“Ί Pt 1/3

✈Airplane Mode {album} πŸ“Ί Pt 2/3

video upload by

Perkons meets the Geiger Counter

video upload by Richard DeHove

"Am still in the "getting to know you" phase with the Perkons so am here combining a simple pattern with a couple of kit changes and a lot of track muting.

But the vital part is the WMD Geiger Counter pedal. I was very fortunate to find one of these brand new to buy (in Germany). I paid more than the old list price but everyone raves about how good this pedal sounds. And it is certainly a good fit for the Perkons. It's also helping with my color issues :) I don't touch any of the Geiger Counter's controls so this is not a showcase for the pedal but will get to that soonish. Or very soonish if there's any interest in a deep dive...

Here channel one of the Perkons is on its own output to the DAW and is otherwise completely uneffected.
The other three channels are all going through the Geiger Counter then into the Boss EQ.
No other effects or processing in the DAW this time except of course for the added samples - a two and half minute drum solo would have been too much even for me. You'll also see a few video edits where I've chopped this down from the 11-minute original.
Finally, the pattern actually starts on beat 13, which reminds me of the bad old days with the DB-01 before it got its "pattern rotate" feature and you could change the start point. Well, live and learn guv'nor.

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

Appliancide - please don’t (rough song sketch) for whom the camera shakes

video upload by Appliancide

"Transcribed a few beats from fl studio into the Stoplerbeats text file. Patched this up to check one of them out. Ended up cooking up a patch worth letting simmer for a few days. Needs a little seasoning, but the flavor profile is there. Is that a hint of saffron you detect? No, it's reverb.

Suggested listening wardrobe: saturated earth tones"

Waldorf Microwave XT Rackmount Wavetable Synthesizer SN 010730228

via this auction

John Bowen Solaris SN 00143

via this auction

"Got this #143 Solaris synthesizer in 2018 and sadly has mostly sat unused under its dust cover in that time. Tremendously deep digital synthesizer that can be programmed to make just about any sound you might be able to imagine, including convincing emulations of classics that are near impossible to tell from the real deal. It just ended up being a whole lot more machine than I need, literally everything can modulate everything else inside this machine."

Oberheim Matrix-12

via this auction

"Oberheim Matrix-12 (a very early model) for sale. It’s in pretty good condition given it’s age. It has one issue and one issue only. The pitch and modulation levers are temperamental. They work but the allen screws on the potentiometers need to be tightened as it is strictly a mechanical issue. I just ignore it and use the levers gently. Other than that, it’s in full working order."

Oberheim Xpander Analog 6 Voice Programmable Synthesizer SN Y52504

via this auction

"It has all of the original factory presets. In the box you will find the original owner's manual, a first edition service manual, a software revision 1.4 manual, a factory stock patches guide, power cable, and a clear plastic dust cover.

In the pictures, the fluorescent displays look foggy but apparently the camera makes it look that way. They are actually much clearer."

Korg VC-10 Vintage Analog Vocoder Synthesizer

via this auction

Alesis Andromeda A6 w/ Extra Black Panel Overlay

via this auction

Bad Gear - Roland System-8

video upload by AudioPilz

"Become a Patron and get access to music clips from the show, additional content, Bad Gear samples and even more AudioPilz madness

Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about Roland System-8. Is this soon abandoned flagship synthesizer, little sibling of System-1, part of the Roland Aira range, virtual analog synth, Roland Cloud plugout host and overall eye-sore a future classic or just another expensive plastic toy? Is it worthy of the rich Roland Jupiter-8 and Roland Juno-106 legacy?

00:00 Intro tune
00:58 Overview Roland System-8
01:35 System-8 vs. System-1
01:43 Native System-8 Engine, ACB Models
02:00 Main Oscillators (SuperSaw, PWM, FM, Cowbell)
02:37 Sub Oscillator, Noise, Sync, Ring Mod
03:00 Filter Section, Self-Oscillation, Filter Types
03:40 Modulators (Envelopes, LFO)
03:55 FX Section (Reverb, Delay, Modulation, Distortion)
04:15 Vocoder
04:26 One-knob-per-function UI
04:41 Vintage Emulations (Jupiter-8, Juno-106, JX-3P)
05:06 Roland Cloud, Boutiques, Polyphony
05:26 Condition, Polyphonic Sequencer, Parameter Automation
05:57 Arpeggiator, Multitimbrality, Performance Mode
06:22 What Else??? (Pricing, Thanks)
06:48 Hate
07:13 Jam 1 (Futuristic Bass)
08:04 Jam 2 (Vintage Drum'n'Bass)
09:02 Finale (Synth Rock)
09:31 Verdict"

Roland Jupiter-4 (1978) Arpeggio - Werkstatt Matlak

video upload by Werkstatt Matlak

"Final test after in depth repair and restoration.
This I the latest series model with the final voice board revision."

Unboxing // AnalogFX SER-2020 // Part 2 // No Talking

video upload by LESINDES

Part 1 here

"Rebuilt of the ultra rare SYNTON SYRINX Dutch keyboard synth.
I cannot compare but the unusual filter setting of
2 bandpass and 1 lowpass VCFs, with 4 different routings
give a lot of modulation freedom and rendition of rather unusual

Since I am not a fan of black gear. I tried my best an contacted
ANALOG FX. And they had been so kind as to manufacture a
custom blue face synth which I have only seen in some
preproductions units and, of course, in the historical
SYNRINX which was available also in red.

So this is the first touch of synth tweaking is a bit rough
sometimes ;-)

Have fun!"

Winter Plankton ZAPS - Jamming with the banks and slots

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Just a quick demo of the ZAPS banks while the slots are being manipulated."

Ambient drone jam across the South Downs via modulated light beam with SH101 Crave MC101 birdsong

video upload by drone-in-the-woods

"Original drone jam in Brandy Hole woods with SH101 and Crave. The Crave was triggered using the 101's internal sequencer and this was the recording with all the birdsong.

The audio from this session was then transmitted the following day, via light, from Butser Hill to the Trundle, 12 miles away. The audio modulates the intensity of a bright red LED and a lens is used to form a beam. The white flashing light on the Trundle is the locator for the LED transmitter, once the LED is pointing towards the white light, the scope is used to align the receiver's photo diode. The output from the photo diode is then converted to audio and played through the Cube. This was recorded live with additional sounds from the MC101.

Future plan is to build a couple of two-way transmitters/receivers, so that light-speed communication can be established between the hilltops. Greater distances are being tested too.

Roland SH101 synth
Behringer Crave synth
Roland MC101 synth/samples
Boss DD6 delay
Roland Street Cube Ex amplifier
Tascam DR40 field recorder

Music composed and performed by Keith Sutton
10th and 11th May 2023"

Kodamo Mask 1 Bitmask Synthesizer - Sonic LAB Review

video upload by sonicstate

"Kodamo Mask1 is a DSP powered 12 voice synthesizer which at it's heart has Bitmask Oscillators - two of them. Not heard of that before? Me neither, but I can explain, or at least attempt to.

But first a word about the UI and hardware. Stephane Damo, the synths designer has a love for 80s synths, and this is reflected in the rather sparse UI - there are only two knobs, a bunch of parameter buttons and a five character LED display - pretty minimal.

However, the Mask 1 does sound good and the reduced parameter set does not reduce the sound shaping capabilities. The Mask 1 is capable of some really lovely sounds, as well as deep lows and crystal highs.
I should also point out that as an instrument, it's very playable, the velocity and aftertouch response feel very smooth and predictable, this really enhances the playabillity and responsiveness of the instrument.

The Kodamo Mask 1 is available now priced at £2025/2250/$2250 from several online retailers.

Exclusive extra content on Patreon

00:00:00 start
00:00:22 intro
00:02:34 What is Bitmask?
00:04:39 Sounds
00:07:46 Voice Structure
00:14:23 Voice Summary
00:15:53 Mod routing
00:19:15 Split/Layer
00:20:36 More Sounds
00:30:45 Summary and playout"

20- The Arturia MiniFreak- Oscillators: Comb Filter

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the Comb Filter found in the second oscillator section of the Arturia MiniFreak.

The theme was created out of presets and crafted patches over an assemblage of fragments of GarageBand loops. For all intents and purposes, it is a MiniFreak-Only composition."

Arturia MiniFreak demos by AutomaticGainsay

5U Modular Synth Through 2 Urei 565T Filter Sets

video upload by Bata

5U Modular Synth Through 2 Urei 565T Filter Sets (2)

"Module List-
Q105 Slew Limiter
Q106 Oscillator (x3) with soft sync aid
Q107 State Variable Filter
Q109 Envelope Generator (x2)
Q112 4 Channel Mixer
Q116 Ring Modulator
Q118 Instrument Interface
Q119 Sequential Controller
Q124 Multiples
Q125 Signal Processor
Q128 Switch
Q130 Clipper/Rectifier
Q137 Power
Q147 Distributor
Q155 Curver (Curver, VCA, Slope Detector, VC Inverter)
Q157 SH++ (Sample and Hold, LFO, Clock Divider, Noise, Lag, Decay EG)
Q171 Quantizer Bank
Q179 Envelope++ (Multifunction module with looping envelopes/lfo/sequencer/gate delay/quantizer)
Some discontinued Midi interface module

STG Soundlabs-
Wave Folder
Signal Amplifiers

Synthetic Sound Labs-
Tap Tempo LFO

2 Urei 565T "Little Dipper" Filter Sets

Behringer 2600 used for CV/Mixing but all sounds come from the modular."

Buchla Fun with a certain uncertainty

video upload by Rudetee

"The Buchla 266e controls the speed of the decays of the Quad function Generator 281e. Quad Dynamic Manager in Lo Pass Gate mode. The vactrols are getting plucked."

Prismatic Spray - rotary control overview

video upload by Arman Bohn

"In this video I go over the general function of each of the nine knobs on the Prismatic Spray.

The Prismatic Spray is available for purchase here:"

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