MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, August 31, 2023

Thursday, August 31, 2023

New muSonics VANILLA 5U Modular Synthesizer Based on the Oberheim SEM w/ KORG MS20 LFO

Overview video upload by manmade madman

"This is an introduction to the Vanilla modular synthesizer by muSonics.
The Vanilla synthesizer is a wholly contained modular synthesizer in 5u/Moog Unit and is inspired by the original Oberheim SEM and Two Voice models. As shown, it has normalled CV/Gate, two oscillators, a multimode SEM filter, two Attack/Decay/Sustain envelopes each with built in VCA's, and an output mixer. There are many points of overdrive and distortion in the signal path, which I think is a great thing.

You can think of this as a modular 'best of' modular Oberheim SEM!

Come see it LIVE and in person at #KnobCon2023

#musonics #modularsynth #oberheim #analogsynth"

Aerated Distortion: synth track criada com Moog Sub 37 e MPC One

video upload by Marcus Padrini

"Durante a pandemia, registrei algumas ideias com setup alternativo. Agora, aos poucos, vou transferindo as faixas para o setup principal. É o caso da faixa Aerated Distortion, criada a partir de um preset do Dave Smith Tetra, com uma sequência do Arturia Keystep pro, strings do Behringer VC340 e lead do Moog Sub 37. De todos eles, somente o Sub 37 permanece no setup.

O Tetra e o VC340 foram substituídos aqui pelo MPC One e seus instrumentos virtuais. Recriei o timbre do Tetra utilizando o Jura (juno 106) e os strings com o Solina do MPC. Incluí um baixo do ARP Odyssey (também do MPC) e mantive o mesmo patch de lead do Sub 37. Tudo sequenciado no MPC One.

During the pandemic, I recorded some ideas with an alternative setup. Now, little by little, I'm transferring the tracks to the main setup. This is the case with the track Aerated Distortion, created from a Dave Smith Tetra preset, with a sequence from Arturia Keystep pro, strings from the Behringer VC340 and lead from the Moog Sub 37. Of all of them, only the Sub 37 remains in the setup.

The Tetra and VC340 have been replaced here by the MPC One and its virtual instruments. I recreated the Tetra timbre using Jura (juno 106) and the strings with Solina from MPC. I included a bass from the ARP Odyssey (also from MPC) and kept the same lead patch from the Sub 37. All sequenced in MPC One."

Synthstrom Deluge - Isomorphic Keyboard Jam

video upload by Easy Tiger

"I'm having fun with the isomorphic keyboard layout on the deluge. It takes a little bit of getting used to but sure is a lot of fun. I especially like how easy it is to play some pretty fast pentatonic runs just like on a guitar.

All synth sounds other than the lead originated from The Korg opsix."

Improvisation for Butterfly Benjolin & Zlob Foldiplier

video upload by Żłob Modular

"Improvisation and video by J.Soliday"

How to setup the Yamaha V50 with a breath controller

video upload by Off The Matrix

"The steps to setup the breath controller should be the same with the other 4 operator synths like the DX11. I'm playing the new Growly Sax created for the V50."

Moog 1630 test 5Hz scale

video upload by

"Moog 1630 test 5Hz scale, apparent hole?...

I think this is imposed by MC1494 a 4 quadrant multiplier i.c., so it is a normal operation in this project."

You can find addtional demos in previous posts here.

Analogue Systems RS240 Bode/Moog Frequency Shifter

via this auction

"The module has been infrequently used. There is some rack rash as shown in photographs. This listing is only for the RS240 Module and the Doepfer to Analogue Systems power adapter in the power connector, see photo. It does not come with a power cable. The module functioned properly when I tested it last week. The module is not specifically in a Eurorack format (see the Analogue Systems website), but fits nicely in a Eurorack case.

With regard to the adapter to allow use of a "Doepfer" style power cable be sure to align the red stripe on the Doepfer power cable with the end noted "Red" on the PCB. There is also a red stripe on the adapter. It works fine with the +/-12 and +5 volt supply from a Doepfer power supply.

If you are not familiar with Analogue Systems or this particular module, I suggest going to the Analogue Systems web site for more information and the manual. Big City Music also has a listing for a new module with a link on their page for an installation guide.

Analogue Systems

This is an amazing and accurate reproduction of the original Bode/Moog 1630 Frequency shifter in a wonderfully compact form. It has all the features of the Bode/Moog 1630. One very nice and notable behavior is there is no "dead zone" when shifting through zero. Many (all?) the original/vintage Bode/Moog 1630 Frequency Shifters exhibit an annoying dead zone when shifting through zero (I know that at least one of the modern clones has a "dead zone" as well*). That is, the shifter stops shifting the frequency creating a region where no shift occurs as one approaches and moves through zero. The Analogue Systems RS240 doesn't do this. Rather, there is a smooth transition through zero which is far more useful and the correct behavior.

SynthAl on YouTube has a short video which seems to show this 'dead zone.' [see here] "

Corsynth Audio Demos

video uploads by Corsynth


Corsynth C101 and C101B audio demos. The C101 OTA Lowpass filter MKII is a four pole low pass filter based on four cascade OTA-stages. MU Format More info :
CORSYNTH C102 VC LFO - Audio Demos
The C102 VC LFO is a voltage controlled low frequency oscillator with five waveforms available simultaneously.
CORSYNTH C103 Frequency Divider / Multiplier MKII - Audio Demos
The C103 Frequency Multiplier / Divider MKII includes two frequency dividers and two frequency multipliers.
CORSYNTH C104 Odyssey of Sound VCO - Audio Demos
The C104 Odyssey of Sound VCO is a voltage controlled oscillator based in the discrete core of the ARP VCOs
CORSYNTH C105 VC Noise / Lo-Fi MKII - Audio Demos
The C105 VC Noise / Lo-Fi Machine MKII is a voltage controlled analog sample rate reducer , sample and hold and a VC Noise generator.
CORSYNTH C106 Dual Loopable VC AD Envelope - Audio Demos
The Corsynth C106 Dual Loopable VC AD Envelope it’s a really versatile module. It’s not only a Dual Voltage Controlled Attack / Decay envelope, it’s also a dual VC LFO, an audio generator, a complex contour generator, a dual pulse delay, a voltage controlled AD envelope with adjustable delay and more….
CORSYNTH C110 2044 VCF - Audio Demos
The C110 2044 VCF is a four pole low pass filter based in the classic filter SSM2044. This filter chip is responsible for the sound of some well known polysynths from the 80s like the Korg Mono/Poly, Korg Polysix, Korg Trident, PPG Wave 2.2 and 2.3, EMU Emulator I, Kawai K3 and Sx-240, Siel Opera 6….
CORSYNTH C113 West Coast Timbre - Audio Demos
A wavefolder is a non-linear waveshaping circuit that allows to create rich harmonic waveforms. Its a distortion circuit that folds back the signal when it reaches a certain level.
CORSYNTH C114 T-Mixer - Audio Demos
The C114 T-Mixer is a four channel transistor based mixer. The design is based on the classic Moog CP3 mixer but adapted to modern modular signal levels. The CP3 mixer was a key factor in the classic Moog modular sound.
CORSYNTH DR-01 Bass Drum - Audio Demos
The DR-01 Bass Drum is an analog drum module in MU format. The DR-01 has all you need to create bass drums , toms a many other sounds
CORSYNTH DR-02 Snare Drum - Audio Demos
The DR-02 Snare Drum is designed to synthesize electronic snare drum sounds of any kind. From the classic preset drum machines from the 70s to TR-XXX, electro snares, zaps…
CORSYNTH DR-03 Hi-Hats / Metal - Audio Demos
The DR-03 Hi-Hats / Metal is designed to synthesize Hi-Hats and metal percussion and even FX

Corsynth - C103 self-runing patch #shorts #synth #analogsynth #synthesizer #modularsynth

video upload by Corsynth

"Creating a self-runing patch using the C103 Divider as sequencer. #5u #synthesizer #analogsynth #muformat #5umodular #synthesizersdotcom #moogmodular #modularsynthesizer #drumsynthesizer #drumsynth #analogdrums #modularsynth #synth #modularsynth"

Noise Engineering Introduces Xer Mixa stereo mixer/stereo aux outs and Expando Expandi CV expander

video upload by Noise Engineering

"Xer Mixa and Expando Expandi ship September 6, 2023. Preorder yours now:

Xer Mixa is a mixer with ten stereo-paired inputs (8 channels and 2 aux-ins), three stereo-paired output busses, tactile controls, and a 100% analog signal path with low noise and crosstalk, pristine sound quality, and ultra-high headroom. A built-in analog leveling amplifier is great for adding some punch to your mix. A digital control interface harnesses the true power of hybrid design, allowing for state save and recall, per-channel pan law and pre/post send settings, multichannel editing, and MIDI I/O.

Xer Mixa features 10 stereo-paired input channels: 8 interactive fader-controlled channels and two aux inputs. All 10 inputs feature clickless mutes. The screen makes configuration of per-channel pan-law settings, pre- or post-fader sends, and channel and MIDI CC routing simple and intuitive. Save your settings in one of seven preset slots for easy recall for your next set or session.

We designed Xer Mixa to be as compact as possible, with a streamlined and compact-yet-usable interface. However, if you’re looking for CV control, the 4 HP Expando Expandi adds 8 freely assignable CV inputs to the Xer Mixa. Connect up to two Expando Expandi to Xer Mixa for easy CV control over channel levels, pan, aux sends, and more. Xer Mixa and Expando Expandi are also available individually.

Xer Mixa can also be oriented with the jacks at the top or the bottom: a simple system setting inverts the screen for easy customization to fit your rig. And despite its extensive I/O, Xer Mixa clocks in at just 32 HP. Whether you have a massive studio rig or a compact performance system, Xer Mixa is the perfect choice for a tactile, expressive mixing experience."

INSIDE THE MIX: Richard Wright

video upload by EMEAPP

"Are you a fan of early Pink Floyd and their keyboardist, Richard Wright? We are too! Enjoy this deep look into instruments and techniques used by Rick in the early days of the band leading up to the time of their live-performance film release, Live At Pompeii. This includes the type of instruments he used on Obscured By Clouds, Atom Heart Mother, A Saucerful of Secrets and Meddle. We faithfully recreated his early setup and had musician Mike Kiker deliver a killer performance of their beloved song, Echoes."

NEW Momentum DIY Synthesizer from Electrotechnique

video upload by Electrotechnique

"Electrotechnique Momentum - 12 voice virtual analogue, digital polysynth - DIY or buy.
All sounds from Momentum using built-in effects. Multitracking, EQ and panning on Ableton Live.

Momentum uses a PJRC designed Teensy 4 microcontroller platform on a Sparkfun designed Micromod:

Available on Tindie:
Github repository:

Thanks to Time Travel [TT] for inspiration."

"After the success of TSynth [see previous posts here], Electrotechnique brings you Momentum.

Momentum is a powerful, low-cost, 12-voice digital virtual analogue polyphonic synthesizer. It’s features rival those of synths costing many times more. Momentum builds on TSynth, Electrotechnique’s first synthesizer and adds additional features.


12-voice polyphony, velocity sensitive
Stereo analogue audio plus 16 bit 44.1kHz digital audio via the USB port
2 oscillators and state variable filter per voice, with comprehensive modulation
Stereo ensemble and reverb effects
Three Simultaneous MIDI ports:

USB HOST MIDI Class Compliant (direct connection to MIDI controller, no PC needed)
USB Client MIDI In from PC
MIDI In TRS —supports both type-A and type-B TRS leads
MIDI Out/Thru TRS - configurable as a MIDI Thru with filtering options
Patches, Performance, Arpeggiator and Sequencer:

8 user banks with 128 nameable patches, recallable via MIDI
128 performance memories—store patch and choose parameters for encoders to control and MIDI settings, recallable via MIDI
Simple step sequencer with up to 64 steps and 128 sequencer memories
Arpeggiator—simple arpeggiator with six styles, choice of ranges, base octave and tempo divisions
Simple 8 note polyphonic keyboard with scales and octave choice

Removable SD card for patches, performance and sequence memories
Momentum is easier to build than TSynth and has a simpler case consisting of a 3D printed tray and a PCB front panel. The software is open source and user development is encouraged - TSynth gained new features from users.


Momentum can be purchased as:

a full kit including components and case, but without a Teensy Micromod or Micro SD card. This can be bought from Sparkfun directly or another source if you wish. Micro SD cards can be bought everywhere
a full kit with a programmed Teensy Micromod and Micro SD card
fully-built and tested with Teensy Micromod and Micro SD card"


video upload by ULTIMATE PATCHES

"All-new, all next-level! Ultimate Patches has just released 300 premium quality patches covering vintage, modern and futuristic polys, leads and pads, as well as classic non-synth instruments including acoustic pianos, B3 organs, guitars, basses, orchestral instruments, percussion and much more - all at a great price!

The hefty collection spans the genres of classic pop & rock, synthwave, cinematic, orchestral, hip hop, country, latin, R&B, classic soul, reggae, jazz, trap, chiptune, modern pop, reggaeton, country, dubstep, deep house, tech house, trance, experimental, retrocade, and more. Dig in!

Pricing & Availability: Available now as an instant digital download at, with Summer 2023 Sale prices at $19.99 per Volume (100 Ultimate Patches) or $29.99 for the Value Bundle of all 3 volumes (300 Ultimate Patches). In addition, free patches from the collection are now available to download (no registration required):"

Gotharman's Urano: Filter Bank Drums

video upload by gotharman

"Tried to make some drums with the VCF12 Filter Bank filter board, and it went quite well, I would say :)"


video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER


What Is Music From Outer Space? And Why Is It So Influential.

video upload by


Reverb Labor Day Sale

via Reverb

"From now until next Tuesday, September 5th at 10:00 a.m. U.S. Central Time, you can find deals from top brands like Korg, Roland, Novation, and more via the Labor Day deals on Reverb sales event.

In addition to 15% off select gear from the aforementioned brands -- and many, many more, with some brands offering up to 80% off select gear. Some staff favorites you might enjoy:

Korg Opsix Certified B-Stock: $177 off
Arturia Mini Freak: $78 off
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2: $52 off

To explore all the incredible gear brands are discounting on Reverb see here."

Roland Juno 106

via this auction

"Original vintage Roland Juno 106 analog polysynth, freshly serviced, problem free, perfect working condition. Original non-export 100v Japanese model. Happy to include a setup up transformer for US 120v operation at buyer’s request. Sounds absolutely gorgeous."

Pin Electronics & Ramcur - Hornet (EMS Synthi A Clone/Replica, no Portabella)

via this auction

"Amazing Synthi replica made by Pin Electronics & Ramcur, this is from one of the first series and it's totally handbuilt in Canada with the right specifics and components, many people say that it's a way better than the actual Portabella.

The unit is built inside an Explorer case so it's very easy to travel with."

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synthesizer SN FIZMO-10249

via this auction

"Fizmo working great and in very good condition. The power supply has been future proofed to avoid the failures that can happen to them. A few small scratches i tried to highlight. The knobs were looking dry so i conditioned them as shown in the last few pictures, with a shot comparing before and after of a knob."

Moog Source Monophonic Analog Synthesizer with Patch Memory (Last Revision with DIN-sync, CV/S-trig)

via this auction

"It is the latest revision with all the connectivity you don't find on the earlier Sources (including DIN-sync for the sequencer). The power supply has been recapped and the machine is working very well."

Vintage ARP Sequencer Model 1623 SN 0177

via this auction

"Original ARP 1623 sequence in near perfect shape."

Korg Trident MkII

via this auction

"Very rare and majestic sounding two oscillator analog poly synth from the golden age of synthesizers. Three sections (synthesizer + brass + strings) that can be mixed together for the thickest, richest sounds possible. Really shines at doing pads and string sounds but also can be excellent for bass & lead synth as well (though more limited than comparable analog poly synths like Yamaha CS series, Oberheim, etc.). Tons of in/out routing capability. A standalone LFO can really bring this thing to another level (I used a moog moogerfooger ring mod).

This guy has it's bumps and bruises, some brackets on the wood cheeks, plus some tape gunk left over but it's what inside that counts.

Completely serviced and re-traced by local synth repair guru Gerry Dahl in 2017. He replaced the dead & leaky battery and repaired all the boards. It's run well ever since.

The factory patches have been wiped but you can program your own sounds."

Custom Purple and Gold Roland Juno-106 Overhauled by SynthSpa

via this auction

"Juno-106 in very rare purple and gold colors.

Already a beautiful sounding synth. Beautiful looking too.

Lights have been replaced to be purple, including a transparent pitch-bend which lights up purple.

Sides have been replaced with solid wood.

Synthspa did a full overhaul. Replacing the faulty chips, replacing the battery, replacing caps in the PSU.

Includes dustcover."

Roland Juno-106 SN 441577

via this auction

"Roland Juno-106 61-Key Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer 1984 - 1985 - Black. Excellent to mint condition. Full service by EccoHollow Sound in Staunton VA in 2021. Kept in home Studio played very little."


video upload by LESINDES


Hacking thru the instrument for the first time.

Limited tweaking but very pleasant analog sound of all instruments.

Unfortunatley as you can see was the sturdy RITMOBOX damaged on transport due to back packaging. The shaft of the volume pot was bent. Fortunately the RITMOBOX is a solid beast with its pots screwed to the surface. Otherwise the pot would have broken out of the board. As a result of the shock 4 multipurpose button caps fell off their sockets. A hefty violent shaking is necessary that they leave their positions."

ARP Solina String Ensemble - THE String Machine.

video upload by Sebastian Galassi

00:00 1) Viola - Crescendo Max Sustain Max
00:29 2) Viola - Crescendo Minimum Sustain Max
01:00 3) Violin - Crescendo Max Sustain Max
01:29 4) Violin - Crescendo Minimum Sustain 1/4
02:00 5) Trumpet - Crescendo Minimum Sustain Half Modulation Off to On
02:45 6) Viola + Violin - Contrabass Crescendo Max Sustain Max
03:23 7) Horn + Contrabass Crescendo Max Sustain Max
03:40 8) Viola + Contrabass Crescendo 1/4 Sustain Max
04:26 9) Viola + Contrabass Crescendo Min to Max Sustain Max
05:07 10) Violin then Contrabass - Crescendo Max Sustain 3/4
05:43 11) Trumpet + Contrabass - Crescendo Max Sustain Max
06:12 12) Horn + Contrabass - Crescendo Max Sustain Max
06:43 13) Viola + Violin + Contrabass Crescendo 1/4 Sustain Max (Arion Phaser)
07:43 14) Viola + Violin + Contrabass Crescendo 1/4 Sustain Max (Small Stone)
08:49 15) Viola + Violin + Contrabass Crescendo Max Sustain Max (Arion Phaser)
10:00 16) Viola + Violin + Contrabass Crescendo Max Sustain Max (Small Stone)
11:31 17) Viola + Violin + Contrabass Crescendo 1/4 Sustain 3/4 (Small Stone)

Soundforce µCHORUS 6 + CHORUS 6 / the real juno experience (and a lot more) / extensive playthrough

video upload by BRiES

"This video demonstrates the behaviour of the Soundforce modules µCHORUS 6 and its full sized counterpart CHORUS 6. I also spend some time comparing the sound of the Soundforce modules µDCO, µVCF 6, µCHORUS 6 and CHORUS 6 to my vintage Roland Juno 60 (that I bought about 15 years ago when prices were still a power of ten lower).

When Nicolas of Soundforce asked me if I would be up for making a video about his upcoming Roland Juno inspired chorus modules, I was already excited (it might not be apparent but I'm a huge Juno fanboy) and it's safe to say the µCHORUS 6 delivers when it comes to genuine authenticity. The fact that the big version of his chorus called CHORUS 6 goes far and beyond was something I couldn't really phatom until I tried the unit out. Especially the ability to use audio rate modulation and external CV to modulate just about every parameter turned out to be very interesting indeed.

I use the Soundforce µDCO and µVCF 6 extensively in the video as well. The combo of these modules is very much enjoyable for a fan of 80s era DCO polysynths (even when they're just one mono voice) but they're certainly not limited to sounding like your favourite cheese or Roman goddess."

7/6/23 EML 200 (x2) + Q107 + Zerosum Inertia Destructor Beam & VCA

video upload by Cfpp0

"Not a single blinking light on the EML 200.
(Note to self: this is an excerpt from the 5:51 take after the 4:06)."

Ik Multimedia Uno Synth Pro X audio demo

video upload by Synth Cafè

"Some patches with the new Uno Synth Pro X by Ik Multimedia by Luca MInelli

No real seedlings were harmed, only the Ikea ones"

"Qualche patch con il nuovo Uno Synth Pro X di Ik Multimedia a cura di Luca MInelli

Nessuna piantina vera è stata maltrattata, solo quelle Ikea"

Crushing it with the HEX LAG + pikocore + Prismatic Spray + Great Conjunction prototype

video upload by Arman Bohn

"Here is some noise.

The triangle thingie is the hex lag. A live input bit crusher mangler delay thing that I just received.

What does it sound like?

#noise #electronicmusic #lofimusic #bytebeat"

Patch n Tweak
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