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Friday, August 20, 2021

Elektor Formant modular synthesizer session / knobbing / soundsearch

video upload by cosmicologne

Formant audio comes in at the 1 minute mark.

"Just knobbing to find some usefull sounds"

Monday, June 07, 2021

Prophet~5 re-joins the crew in its new compact and more reliable revision 4 desktop format.

video by Vykaar Tones

"My very first experiments with integrating the Prophet 5 desktop with my other equipment. There are many other better demonstrations of the Prophet 5 on its own elsewhere. RS09 is above the P5 and ARP Odyssey is top left. Elektor formant is played from the left Keystep 37 and Blofeld keyboard is below that. The nord electro 6 is out of view at the bottom of the stand."

Saturday, April 03, 2021

Elektor Formant Modular Analog Synthesizer Demo

video by Vykaar Tones

"The Elektor Formant made in this one off unique style in 1978. Most were made using separate panels available from the Elektor magazine but this one is a custom build. 3xVCOs, VCF switchable HP or LP and 6,12,18,24dB, ADSR and AD envelopes. Dual VCA. Resonant filter module, ring modulator and envelope follower. White and Pink noise, LFO and TR808 cymbal tone generator added by me a few years ago. The CV and Gate are provided by a 960 sequencer and CV transposed with a Keystep37."

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


zack dagoba

"Formant Modular sketch, by Benge"

Be sure to see Thirteen Systems by Benge.

Saturday, June 06, 2020


zack dagoba

"New album here:

Thirteen years after the release of his original synthesiser concept album, Twenty Systems, Benge brings you a follow-up of sorts, the similarly themed Thirteen Systems, an album of modular explorations, showcasing his evolving fascination with these modular machines

The pieces were originally commissioned by the newly formed Modulisme radio broadcast, Philippe Petit’s project to bring the music of underground modular artists together and provide a platform for the burgeoning electronic modular music scene that has been building momentum in recent years

There is one significant difference in the approach Benge took in the creation of this new Systems album compared to his first incarnation. The previous album used overdubbing techniques to layer the sound of each synthesiser upon itself to build up the tracks, but on this album Benge took the decision to play each piece in real time, without overdubs or edits, creating each piece as a live performance. This meant setting up each instrument in advance and either letting it play along by itself, or interacting with it as the pieces develop in various ways. Each performance was filmed and there is an accompanying 60 minute video that goes with the album

Track listing:

01 - 1967 Buchla 100
02 - 1968 Moog 3C
03 - 1969 EMS VCS3
04 - 1970 ARP 250005 - 1971 Buchla 200
06 - 1972 Serge Modular
07 - 1973 Emu Modular
08 - 1974 Paia 4700
09 - 1975 Polyfusion 2000
10 - 1976 Formant Modular
11 - 1977 Korg PS3100
12 - 1978 EMS Polysynthi
13 - 1979 Roland 100M

Written and Performed by Benge at Memetune Studios, England

Designed, filmed and edited by Benge

(c)Expanding Recordings 2020, All rights reserved

Originally created for the MODULISME radio show, first broadcast in February 2020

Special thanks to:
Philippe Petit / Modulisme

Steve Malins (@randommanagement)


Friday, June 05, 2020


Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

3x VCO
CVF 24 dB
RBM Ring Modulator
3x VCA
+ MATRIX ...
220 V

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Analog Modular Synthesizer 1980 Elektor Formant Modified

Published on May 10, 2020 Alex Arp

Used Modules:
1x Oscillator
1x VC Filter
1x VCA
2x LFO

Everything is recorded directly into the audio interface

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Ludus Pinsky Live lockdown diaries

Published on Apr 30, 2020 luduspinsky

Live for 'le cannibale' lockdown diaries

Elektor Formant modular on the right and a couple modules on the left. Looks like a DIY sequencer in between and a number of other DIY modules. Extensively modded KORG Poly-800 and Nova Mod Roland SH-101. Apparently an EDP Wasp filter clone is featured as well.

Update on the Poly-800 mod: "in the poly800 I added a steiner filter, phaser, chorus, lfo, vca and a double counter (4017) to play with the rhythm."

Friday, December 06, 2019

Sequencing and Ratcheting Analog Synthesisers

Published on Dec 6, 2019 Vykaar Tones

"Sequencers = Doepfer Darktime with A160-5 module, Beatstep Pro, Moog Mother-32 and SH-101 with tubbutec mod.
Synthesisers = Elektor Formant, Korg MS20, SH101, Mother-32, Boomstar 4075, Arturia Minibrute 2S, Behringer Model D and Pro~1"

Saturday, July 20, 2019


Published on Jul 20, 2019 zack dagoba

"Another side of the Formant Modular - this thing is crazy - like a drunk uncle at a wedding party"

zack dagoba Formant Modular videos

Friday, July 19, 2019


Published on Jul 19, 2019 zack dagoba

"I've been getting into the Formant Modular today. I recently built a new cabinet for my modules and had them all refurbished, and they sound great. This is a really interesting system, and sounds like nothing else, mainly due to the way it distorts and all melds together. I think its because there are loads of really cool 1970s components inside it!"

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Synth Rorschach #64: Moon Rocks

Where does NASA keep the Moon Rocks? - Smarter Every Day 220 Published on Jul 9, 2019 SmarterEveryDay

The source of Formant knobs. Moon rocks!

OK, this one is a bit of stretch, but when I saw the small thumbnail for this video on YouTube, my first thought was, "did SmarterEveryDay do a video on modular synths?!". For a split second I thought that was a Formant modular in the background. In the larger still above it now reminds me of square Mattson Mini Modular panels with Formant knobs.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Elektor Formant Modular Synthesizer in Custom Clear Plexiglass Cabinet

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via this auction

"Elektor Formant Modular Synthesizer in a custom transparent cabinet.

Modules installed:
- x2 RFM
- x1 Noise
- x1 COM
- x2 ADSR
- x1 Interface
- x2 Dual VCA
- x2 LFOs
- x3 VCO
- x1 VCF
- x1 VCF 24dB
- Power supply"

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Vintage '70s Elecktor Formant Analogue Music Synthesizer

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via this auction

Pics of the inside and one of the manual cover below.

"The Formant Synthesiser is a synth DIY project published in Elektor magazine between 1977-1979. It was the first small-scale analogue synthesiser around with modular construction that could be built at home at an affordable price. Includes card extension cable for testing and some additional spare parts, cassette tape, and manual. Everything working well, aside from the ring mod section which is disabled."

Thursday, April 18, 2019

The history and future of Eurorack modular synths with Doepfer #TSR19

Published on Apr 18, 2019 DivKidVideo

"A rare moment of free time and having great people in the right place at the right time here's an interview with Felix of Tuesday Night Machines talking to Dieter Doepfer, THE CREATOR OF EURORACK at the Thomann Synth Reactor #TSR19 event.

Felix and I wanted to chat to Doepfer about both his history (the history or Eurorack), his current polyphonic modules, future module sand ideas and a quick look at what the future of the Eurorack might be.

We also talk about the Elektor Formant DIY synth, the new Frequency Shifter module coming later this year, CV controlled LED lighting, Dieter was also the EU distributor for Doug Curtis' Curtis chips/components, Raul's World of Synths, favourite Doepfer modules and plenty more."

Friday, April 12, 2019

Helm Elektronik - Formant Based Modular System

via Vemia

"This is a professionally built huge modular by Helm Electronics. The founder of the company set himself the task of turning the original Formant modular into a professional and super-powerful machine, and this is the result. The build quality and the sound put it in a completely different league as compared to the Formants you usually find. If you ever wanted to know what this beast can really do, this is the one to get. Massive sound and clear studio quality signal path. Envelope gate and vco cv connections are to a large extent normalised and need no patching but you can of course override and patch as you like. Hugely powerful sequencer and a great keyboard that plays well. I have gone through it and the reverb needs work - or maybe is just missing its tank. Nothing serious at all. I also have a few spares which I will include. It is also extremely beautiful."

Monday, January 28, 2019

Spring forward

Published on Jan 28, 2019 Vykaar Tones

"Doepfer MAQ 16/3 sequencing Dark Energy modules and Elektor Formant synthesizers. Lead lines played on Korg Triton and Roland JP-8000. Drums from Roand CR-8000 recently modified with 10 buffered voice outputs."

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Steam Trax

Published on Jan 10, 2018 Vykaar Tones

"Step time sequenced analog synthesisers starting of with noise from the Trax RetroWave R-1 and then a bunch of stuff in my usual improvised old school one take and take a break style.

Other equipment used:
Elektor formant modular
Beat Step Pro
Roland CR8000
SH101 with tubbutec mod
Boomstar 4075
Waldorf Streichfett
Doepfer Dark Energy Mk1 x 3
Doepfer MAQ 16/3
Doepfer modular racks
Mackie USA mixers
Eventide reverb and delays"

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Introni - Archive of Italian Electronic Magazines

I spotted this one in a post by Francesco Mulassano of Soundmit and Torino Synth Meeting. The image comes from this PDF. I was curious what exactly it was, and what synth was pictured, so I reached out to him. According to Francesco:

"Introni is a sort of archive of almost all old italian electronic magazines (and a few in other languages), very interesting archive, inexhaustible source of great pictures. Onde Quadre was one of this magazine, they spot sometimes synthesizers as a diy project like this. (page 42) (electronic organ) (electronic music generator) MOOGH!! (page 35) (very good project) (string synth part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6) (syntar page 23) (page 1851 synthesizers panel)



this is another magazine not covered on introni website (Monophonic synth)

another website

Elektor_Giugno_1982_n37.pdf (page 28)
Elektor_Settembre_1982_n40.pdf (page 49)
Elektor_Novembre_1982_n42.pdf (page 42)

this is the complete project (ELEKTOR) ElektorFormantMusicSynthesiser.pdf

The system is:
(PDF part 1)
(PDF part 2)
(PDF part 3) + sequencer

here a search engine for the introni archive
type MUSIC in Oggetto field and you have all the music projects

on the left column, click on Hobby/elettronica/vecchie riviste"

Francesco also recommended another site he first encountered when getting into synth DIY here.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Published on May 25, 2017 zack dagoba

"I connected up lots of analog sequencers! See http://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot.... for more info"

"The modulars involved are the Polyfusion, the Emu, the ARP2500, the Formant, the Paia and the Serge."

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