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Sunday, March 10, 2024

Time Oddity Chorus (TOC) by Modalics

video upload by Modalics

"Time Oddity Chorus is currently available on our site, we’re running a launch sale for $29 with the MSRP being $39."

"Time Oddity Chorus (TOC) delivers intricate modulation, stereo expansion and rich textural layering.
Whether it’s bringing life to a guitar track or adding immersion & movement to a synth pad - TOC transforms the ordinary into a panoramic soundscape, ensuring every instrument resonates with depth and character.

Modalics Unveils “Time Oddity Chorus”
A modulation plugin that effortlessly bridges the gap between delicate stereo enhancements and rich, modulated soundscapes. TOC boasts a distinct character, seamless user experience, and superior sound quality.

Modalics, a trailblazer in the world of professional audio innovation, is excited to announce the release of "Time Oddity Chorus" (TOC). As a follow up to their latest plugin “BitFuzzer” this latest offering reaffirms Modalics' commitment to developing tools that not only enhance the creative process but also enrich the final sound. "Time Oddity Chorus" is engineered to breathe life into any track, offering a spectrum of sounds that range from subtle stereo enhancements to deeply textured, phaser-like intensities.

Modalics founders added -
“Time Oddity Chorus is the first in a series of products based on our new ”Time Oddity“ engine, this new engine was developed in order to produce great sounding modulation and spatial effects. We’re already working on several follow ups to TOC and we’re aiming to eventually have a complete modulation suite available”

Main Features:

Unique Sonic Character: The plugin offers a distinct sonic signature that can't be found in other chorus effects. TOC's unique processing algorithms and filters offer a truly singular, finely tuned experience - inspired by the holistic approach of our favorite pedals and devices.

Intuitive Interface: In true Modalics fashion, TOC boasts an easy-to-navigate interface, each control is shaped to offer a plethora of exciting, musical tones across it’s range.

4 LFO Types: Time Oddity Chorus features four distinct LFO options, enabling users to sculpt the modulation movement to their liking. Each LFO selection introduces a unique modulation character, from subtle undulations to vibrant waves.

Dynamic Voices Control: TOC’s “Voices” control is a powerful tool for shaping the depth and dimension of your sound. By dictating the number of times the processed audio is duplicated and modulated, users can navigate between wildly detuned yet focused tones to lush, expansive three-dimensional soundscapes.

Versatile Sound Shaping: With its ability to blend classic and modern modulation, TOC is adept at everything from gentle stereo widening to creating complex, layered soundscapes. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of musical genres and production styles.

Visual Feedback: TOC features an advanced visualizer that not only serves as eye candy but also provides invaluable insight into how the effect modulates the audio signal. This visual feedback helps users intuitively understand the depth and movement being applied, enabling more informed adjustments and creative decision-making.

Compatibility: PC/MAC - VST | AU | AAX Formats Available

Time Oddity Chorus is now available at an introductory price of $29 (With the MSRP being $39)
Available for purchase through"

Thursday, February 15, 2024

A Mastering Toolbox for Your Sounds & Music // Golden Master Pedal from Endorphines

video upload by DivKid

"The idea of some live mix polish, simple hardware mastering for modular/dawless/live set ups or simple a characterful parallel processor and DI box is certainly an exciting one. The Golden Master from Endorphines builds on inspiration from classic ‘90s mastering rack units and their experiences with live performances with synths & modular and puts together a box of multi band compression, EQ and multi band stereo mid/side based stereo enhancement.

This pedal version offers presets, sidechain or expression pedal inputs, stereo ins and outs, per band mutes (handy for setting up each band but also as a performative frequency dependent set of mutes!) and parallel processing (i.e. dry/wet mixing) options.

Info, manual etc //"

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Dreadbox Psyclop - One pedal many possibilities

video upload by Dreadbox

"Psyclop is not an actual effect pedal,but a multi tool for other effects. 🤩

It helps you manipulate a chain, or even a single effect pedal.🙌🏼

We expanded the simple “effects loop” concept into something that every pedal board can benefit from."

vid Dreadbox

Effects Chain Loop

Dry/Wet Mixer

Attenuator & Booster

Expression to CV Converter

Manage any signal

True By-pass

Compact design



True Relay


Inputs / Outputs
IN/OUT : TS Unbalanced 6.4mm jack

Expression Input
TRS type

CV In/Out
TS mono 3.5mm

CV Out (with no input connected)

CV Max Input
+/- 12V

Power Supply
9VDC BOSS style center pin negative 2.1mm (NOT INCLUDED)

Dimensions (cm)
14 x 9 x 5.6

Current Draw

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Behringer Reveals UB-Xa Mini for $99 & SPRING REVERBERATION 636

via Behringer

"What do you think about the UB-Xa analog synthesizer? It has quickly become the top-selling analog synthesizer since its launch, thanks to its 16 voices and polyphonic aftertouch keybed.

We now have a more affordable option, the UB-Xa Mini, available for only 99 USD for those who want the authentic sound of the OB-Xa.

The synth is currently in beta testing and we are looking forward to shipping it soon."



video upload by

"A studio classic from the 1960's & 70's is reborn. Introducing SPRING REVERBERATION 636. There's no Reverb like good Analog Reverb and this one has buckets full of it with a tasty preamp to boot. Rich, harmonic and dense, it's a great box for getting those vintage rounded sounds both in space and saturation.

Music & Video created by Patrick with the SPRING REVERBERATION 636.

00:00 Introducing
00:20 Intro Tune
01:11 History & Features
03:50 Reverb Synth
05:24 Reverb Drums
06:06 Preamp Synth
07:45 Preamp Breaks
08:59 Guilty Pleasure"

Stellarvox - Ambient reverberation space designer (first preview)

video upload by Igor Vasiliev

"Hybrid reverb with an artificial space designer and a second stage of algorithmic reflections is ideal for creating rich sound atmospheres and whispering backgrounds in ambient, electronic, experimental and sound design."

Sunday, January 28, 2024

BAF 2024: Days Of Yore - The Tower Spring Reverb

video upload by sonicstate

"At the Buchla and Friends event in downtown LA, Kassia from Days of Yore showcased their latest creation - The Tower a 42-inch spring reverb that doubles as a beautiful piece of furniture. The reverb unit features three springs and offers a range of analog effects including gate, vibrato, feedback, send-return, mixer settings, overdrive, input volume, pickup intensity, and a compressor. The gate feature helps eliminate unwanted sounds and control the length of the reverb. The hand-built spring reverb is priced at $3,600, with production set to begin in March.

Kassia also presented the Matrix Mixer, a unique design with five inputs and outputs that allows for creative modulation and the creation of unexpected sounds. The matrix mixer combines channels to generate resonance, feedback loops, and endless soundscapes. Its upright design was chosen to save space in the studio, as the mixer is meant to complement traditional mixers rather than replace them. The Matrix Mixer will be available in April for $2,600."

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Gamechanger Audio Introduces MOD Series Modular Pedals

video upload by Gamechanger Audio

"Gamechanger Audio is thrilled to unveil the MOD Series, a revolutionary fusion of classic pedal design with the extraordinary, enigmatic world of modular synthesis. This series isn’t just an evolution in audio processing—it’s a complete reimagining of what a pedal can be.

Each pedal is equipped with two modulation sources that you control directly with your performance. The DYNAMICS follows the volume nuances of your playing, capturing the character of your picking style and your instrument’s loudness and decay. The PITCH tracker, on the other hand, detects note choices as well as bends and vibratos. Through the simplicity of the included patch cables, you wield the power to route these modulations to any of the four effect knobs and set the parameters in motion.

Changes in effects are often achieved through presets, expression pedals, and MIDI control. While each of these methods has its own advantages, they can only take you so far. The MOD series offers a different way — orchestrate the effects by focusing on playing your instrument.

For more info, visit:"

Sunday, January 21, 2024

zeptocore pre-alpha

video upload by infinitedigits

zeptocore how its going

video upload by infinitedigits

"coming soon"

a mid-fi rp2040-based music mangler. coming early 2024.

zeptocore is…
a mid-fi music mangler based on the raspberry pi pico (brother of the nyblcore and the pikocore).
mono or stereo playback of 16-bit (internal 32-bit) audio files @ 44.1 khz sampling rate
powered by two aaa batteries for up to 4 hours or by powered by usb-c
tempo-synced with a selectable bpm between 60 and 300.
loaded with 16 real-time effects like timestretching, delay, distortion, fuzz, tape stop, resonant filters, etc..
sync-compatible with any gear that has a clock input/output signal.
open-source, wonderfully hackable.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Dtronics Introduces DT-303 Distortion for the TB-303

Dtronics DT-303 vs Roland TB-303video upload by Dtronicsmusic

"Basic demo of the Dtronics DT-303 Distortion for the TB-303

The Dtronics DT-303 is a distortion that fits perfect with a Roland TB-303 Giving it unique sound to your acid music.

The Dtronics DT-303 is not your ordinary distortion, It is not a clone or copy.
It gives you 3 blends that you can adjust and filter. Each of the 3 settings have minor changes in the frequency spectrum. The distortion knop allows you to spice things up from minor to overrated distortion. Use the filter knob to suppress those high frequencies. A volume knob is added to adjust the output level to your needs. A bypass knop allows you to switch back to the original sound quickly.
The DT-303 was designed to fit perfect next to your TB-303 or RE-303. With the connections at the back you will have no spaghetti wires hanging over your gear."

Monday, January 08, 2024

Nembrini Audio NA 501 Chorus Echo plugin

video upload by Nembrini Audio

Press release follows:

Nembrini Launch NA501 Chorus Echo Plugin

The Legendary Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo Reborn

8th January 2024: Nembrini Audio launches the NA501 Chorus Echo Plugin. The new, cutting edge plugin enabling musicians and producers to rediscover the legendary analog warmth, authentic spring reverb, classic tape delay and lush BBD chorus of the iconic Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo*. Listen to it here or watch the launch video

Released in 1982, the renowned Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo was the last of Roland’s line of electro-mechanical effects processors. The ‘box’ contained a special tape recorder to create delay effects or ‘echoes’ alongside a spring reverb and chorus effect. The unique design of unit allowed the longer tape to move freely making the echo sounds longer and cleaner. The coveted RE-501, highly sought after for its colourful character and richness of sound was used by Bob Marley to create deep, throbbing echoes and Radiohead to produce pitch-shifting effects.

The NA 501 Chorus Echo is an innovative digital re-interpretation of the sought after Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo. It faithfully captures the complex essence of the mechanical and electronic component interactions of one of the most notable tape delays ever designed. By extending the original design with modern functionality, enhanced control and flexibility and allowing it to fit seamlessly into today’s digital work stations, the NA 501 Chorus Echo plugin goes beyond mere emulation.

The authentic sound of the meticulously modelled plugin is ideal for adding rich analog textures to any genre of music and is a versatile tool for musicians and producers seeking a classic sound with contemporary workability. The extended creative controls of NA 501 Chorus Echo along with its intuitive user interface make it easy for users to recreate the impression that the echoes are receding rather than simply getting quieter.

The new plugin is currently on offer at until 31st January 2024. The desktop version introductory price is $29.99 rising to $99 and the iOS version $7.99 increasing to $14.99 after the promotion ends. NA 501 Chorus Echo is PC, Mac and iOS (VST2, VST3, AU, AAX and AUv3) compatible and requires a FREE iLOK account.

To find out more and download the plugin more please go to or mobile

Isotonik Studios Reel World Tape Rack for Ableton

video upload by Impulse Control

"Dive into Reel World, the ultimate Ableton FX rack where a single click releases infinite, authentic tape presets. Experience the true essence of vintage cassette and reel-to-reel tape sounds, complete with their unique quirks and movements."

SOUND DEMO - Reel World for Ableton Live by SoundOracle

video upload by Isotonik Studios

Press release follows:

"Step into the realm of warm, vintage tones with the Reel World Tape Emulation Rack for Ableton. Fifteen macro knobs and an innovative random button unlock a universe of endless, authentic tape presets.

Meticulously designed for Ableton Live, Reel World ensures fluid creativity and precision control. Embrace the golden age of tape sound—every track, a journey through classic audio nostalgia, now endlessly customizable at your fingertips.

Discover, save, and sculpt your signature sound: Reel World is where timeless character meets modern production.

What is Reel World?
Reel World is an Ableton effect rack crafted to authentically replicate the characteristics and soundscapes of cassette and reel-to-reel tapes from different eras and machines. It empowers users with detailed control over their sound’s texture, including color, dropouts, tape noise, compression, and saturation for a truly customized audio experience.

What’s included in the Reel World Tape Emulation Rack?
Reel World includes 14 macro knobs that allow for detailed customization of tape sounds. It also features constantly modulating parameters under the hood to realistically mimic the sounds and mechanics of tapes. The rack comes with expertly crafted presets, and you can save your own. A random button generates infinite and unlimited tape presets.

What makes Reel World unique
Reel World is not just an emulation; it’s a creative tool. The macro knobs on the effect rack enable you to craft the exact sound you want, from subtle saturation to extreme degradation. The random button and the ability to save your own presets add to the endless creative possibilities.

Can I save my own presets in Reel World?
Yes, you can create and save your own presets in Reel World. After creating a new preset or modifying an existing one, you should resave the entire Reel World rack to keep these changes permanently.

What are the system requirements for Reel World?
Reel World requires Ableton Live 11.3.4 or higher.

Does the Reel World rack come with presets already?
Yes, Reel World comes with premade presets to get you started quickly.

What are the key features of Reel World?
Reel World’s key features include 14 macro knobs for precise control over various tape characteristics, offering infinite variations and possibilities.

COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 11.3.4 or higher
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 11.3.4
PRICE: £32.00 INC VAT"

Friday, January 05, 2024

Sinevibes Blend v2 Chorus Effect

Sinevibes Blend v2 – on KORG prologue

video upload by Sinevibes

Sinevibes Blend v2 – with Roland SP-404 mkII and KORG NTS-1

"Blend v2 is a multi-voice chorus effect developed by Sinevibes. Available for KORG prologue, minilogue xd, and NTS-1. Product page:"

Saturday, December 23, 2023


This one was sent in via Brian Comnes who had the following to say (links will take you to more info):

"Here's some stocking stuffers for Christmas.

Boris Kovalev has been making ambient sound tools for over a decade. Back in 2011 I was messing with his AMBITRON and PSYBOX synths and having a lot of fun. see here

Well lately by chance I came across his latest work at 2MGT and I have to say, these are some nice tools for those of us interested in the ambient side of synthesis. Yes they are software, no real knobs to twist but they do sound really nice. Best part they are donation/freeware. I'd say they are as nice as anything Giorgio SanCristoforo is doing and getting $20 a pop for.

The UIs do take a little bit of initial head scratching to decipher and attain competence, but they offer nice eye candy to work with compared to say the current sparse dials only ones popular today.


EVOX is an Experimental Soundscape Synthesizer (standalone tool application for Windows) that employs two separate and programmable layers each with extensive FX and Modulation Matrix modules


Nasca is an standalone tool application for Windows that employs Wavetable / Granular / Sample-based synthesis in two separate and programmable layers each with extensive FX, Modulation Matrix, Chord Sequencer and two Arpeggiators modules which provide the user with maximum control over sound creation.

With the built-in 16steps Chord Sequencer and two Arpeggiators, long evolving ambient and atmospheric sounds can be created. Also, the Sequencer and Arpeggiators allows for more rhythmic based compositions or patches as well. It is possible to create an entire composition just by creating many layers.


Modularis / Analog Style Sequencing Tool / is the next instrument in the 2MGT suite of experimental synthesizers (standalone tool application for Windows).
No installation is necessary, and it works without problems in Windows XP...11.
Modularis is Free/Donate (the Free version has some limitations).
Dual 16 step sequencer with a built in synths that also has the ability to control other softsynths via it's MIDI out (will need a virtual MIDI cable).
Dual Layer Random Seed Pad Arpeggiator
Modularis has an extensive range of sound creation possibilities especially for Ambient, Berlin School as well as others genre of electronic music.
Modularis has a built-in Recording module.


Elumia / Sample Manipulation Tool / is the next instrument in the 2MGT suite of experimental synthesizers.
Elumia is a standalone tool application for Windows. No installation is necessary. Elumia is Free/Donate.
A free sample manipulation synthesizer housed in a simple and intuitive interface, Elumia is based on a granular synthesis method specially designed for creating and experimenting with ambient soundscapes and noise backgrounds with rhythmic elements."

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Lorre-Mill Comb Room

"The comb room effect combines a dual delay (room circuit) and a comb filter to make echo/reverb-type sounds and resonant feedback. The comb filter is in the feedback path of the delays. An envelope follower gives movement to either the comb filter or the room circuit. The comb resonance control in conjunction with the comb return control can create self oscillation. The preamp for the 1/4” input has selectable gain of 10x or 40x and a soft clipping characteristic. The comb and room circuits are both built around 1 bit delta-sigma converters. In the case of the delays, the analog to digital conversion is done in the PT2399 echo IC. The comb filter uses a simple and gritty A/D converter built of logic chips and op-amps. Which gives the filter a characteristic sound. Clock noise can be heard at lower frequency settings. Patching the room output to the return will bypass feedback through the filter, allowing all frequencies to echo."

See the dealers on the right for availability.


video upload by DATABROTH

"Read my full review here:

00:00 Refraction
00:35 Bandpass
01:42 Comb Filter
02:32 Bitcrusher
02:52 Distortion
03:28 Harmonizer"

via Arturia

Based on super unison architecture, Efx REFRACT delivers instantaneous size and character to your sound. Whether marking key moments or making sweeping transformations - bring any track to life with flare and multi-effect dispersion.

Efx REFRACT is a stereo multi-effect with versatility at its core. Combining unison-based processing with a variety of secondary effects and modulation options. Effortlessly enrich, texturise and transform any sound, from experimental distortions to detuned harmonics.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Demon Seed - Noise Apocalypse

video upload by

"Every year we make a pedal to donate to the raffle prize fund for the local Christmas Covers Southsea gig, where various idiots play ridiculous cover versions to raise money for Rowans Hospice and Music Fusion. This year its the Demon Seed!

The Demon Seed is a fuzz / distortion / frequency shifting / 8-bit / lo-fi / filth pedal that makes noise in industrial quantities more than sufficient to made deaf people weep.
It utilises the Holtek HT8950 voice changer chip that was designed specifically for use in toy robot voice changer megaphones. The HT8950 converts the analogue guitar signal to 8-bit digital, applies 6 selectable types of frequency shifting or a weird robot arpeggio effect, and then converts the digital signal back to analogue again.
Before someone points it out, yes this pedal was to some degree inspired by the excellent Death By Audio 'Robot' pedal, but with the addition of several features that the HT8950 chip offers but the Robot pedal doesn't use. The Robot is the original HT8950 pedal. All hail Death By Audio!

This demo was recorded using just the Demon Seed pedal and and a clean amp simulator. You'll have to forgive the inability to play the guitar.

We may well have some of these available in the new year."

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Boutique Handmade Analog LFO Low Pass LP Filter by TSL Studio Equipment on Oberheim: OB-X8 Synth

video upload by

"Analog LFO Filter 2023 Edition Updated
This is a Unique Pure Analog and Handmade Point to Point Low Pass Filter with Internal LFO
For Guitar , Bass , Other Instruments and for Synthesizers
(for guitar is amazing)

- Audio Input Volume
- Filtering Knob
- Resonance Control
- LFO Speed
- LFO Depth

- LFO ON/Off
- True Bypass Switch

The device working with standar 9v dc power supply for pedals (Negative center tip polarity)
Audio IN & OUT Jacks are 1/4" Mono

Device Size Hammond 1590BB
Size L x W x H4.7 in x 3.7 in x 1.34 in (119 mm x 94 mm x 34 mm)

I send my packs World Wide with A priority Registered Package and Tracking Number.
Power Supply not included.


Thursday, December 14, 2023

A Korg MS-20 in the WORLDS LONGEST REVERB + other Synths in Weird Spaces // Poly Effects Verbs

video upload by DivKid

"Ever wanted to hear a Korg MS-20 in the worlds longest reverb? Of course you have, I have and now I have ... and now you can!

With the power of convolution reverbs and good impulse responses I transport some of my synths (Korg MS-20, Roland SH-09, PWM Malevolent and Eurorack Modular) into some unique spaces included a bombproof underground WW2 oil storage facility in Scotland, an abandoned cooling tower in Belgium as well as classic studio gear with the AKG BX20 spring reverb and the ECOPLATE 1980 plate reverb. Tremendous fun and fantastic sounds.

This is all with the brand new Verbs stereo convolution pedal from Poly Effects. It has 8 banks of 8 impulse responses (plus 8 more that can be user replaced) with some fascinating natural and man made spaces along with a collection of studio gear and create, weird and wonderful IRs too. Full features listed below.

Poly Effects site + more info //

This is also a soft launch/announcement to talk about PEDALS & PATCHES my new video series on using guitar FX pedals within creative studio environments. I'll largely be synths and modular, though other instruments and environments will creep in. This launches in 2024 and will likely be a monthly video series. NOTE // this isn't a break from what I already do, it's an addition to it.

Supporters on Patreon get both an extended 'Precision Pitch Transposing' patch breakdown video as well as a whole other unseen patch not in this demo video. If you'd like access to those, along with the DivKid Discord community, further videos, PDF Patchbooks and more head over to , thank you for your support."

ResoTaps by Max for Cats

video upload by max forcats

"Max for Cats crafts Software Instruments, Effects, MIDI devices, Sound Design and Samples for Ableton Live."

"ResoTaps by Max for Cats

Taking Live's Resonators Concept To A Whole New Level

ResoTaps expands on Live's Resonators concept by incorporating modulation, independent multi-tap delays, and MIDI-side-chaining for real-time resonator tuning.

Requires Ableton Live 11 Suite or Live 11 with Max for Live"

Monday, December 04, 2023

Exploring Maim: FREE Mp3/Glitch/Spectral Effect

video upload by

"Download it here:
read my review here:"

"MAIM is the plugin for you if you want the sound of MP3 compression. With heavily hacked real MP3 encoders at its core, MAIM gives you the full gamut of digital distortion, from the realistic to the fantastical. Explore the bubbles and crunches of this unique form of digital distortion.

MAIM features two real MP3 encoders, captured in the wild and painstakingly incorporated into a real-time plugin.
We've woven mad-science circuit bending into MAIM's MP3 encoders, to give you fine control over a whole palette of spectral distortions and face-melting glitches.

All knobs can be smoothly dragged and automated, without pops or gaps in the sound.

MAIM works across DAWs, on Mac (AU/VST3), Windows (VST3), and even Linux (VST3).

MAIM is, and will always be, 100% free and open-source. If you are so inclined, check out the code, build MAIM yourself, or add the next awesome feature.

If you encounter any issues, or have an idea for something that would improve MAIM, please raise an issue on the GitHub page.

Maim took a long time to make. If you enjoy MAIM and want to see more plugins like it in the future, tips are always welcome."

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