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Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Make Noise Retires the Shared System

Tony Talks Shared System | Make Noise video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"As we begin to ship the final production run of the Black & Gold Shared System Plus, Tony sits down to reminisce on its origins and history, and also to answer your Shared System questions from our various social media channels!

Three of the five Shared System Series artists host the records digitally on their Bandcamp pages:"


Press release follows, including a pic of the original Shared System followed by the black and gold.

"After more than a decade of production, the Shared System is being retired, with its final run currently shipping to dealers worldwide.

The Shared System was originally designed in 2012 as a self-contained instrument which was mailed to artists to create music for the Shared System series of 7” records on Make Noise Records. The Shared System was then officially released after the records later in 2012, updated in 2015 as the Black & Gold Shared System and again in 2017 as the Black & Gold Shared System Plus.

The Shared System is the deepest and most complex of our systems, bringing together many of our synthesis techniques into one system. From analog FM to voltage controlled granularization, the Shared System goes to more sound destinations than most folks have time to travel to in a single lifetime. While this marks the end for the Shared System’s production, the instrument will provide an endless source of inspiration for years to come. As always, we cannot wait to hear what you create with yours!

To commemorate the Shared System’s retirement, we have posted a new video to our YouTube channel ('Tony Talks Shared System'), in which Make Noise founder Tony Rolando sits down to reminisce on the origins and history of the Shared System.

While the original Shared System records are long out of print, three of the five Shared System Series artists currently host their Make Noise Records releases digitally on their Bandcamp pages and can be heard via the links below:"

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Critter & Guitari - Hammoth for 201 Pocket Piano

video upload by Critter & Guitari

Update: higher res video uploaded.

Hammoth is an organ for your 201 Pocket Piano. Choose a preset, play some keys, and roll in that sweet, sweet leslie effect. This Synth Mode pairs great with other 201s!

The knobs control the following:
Knob 1: Envelope
Knob 2: Organ preset
Knob 3: Rotating speaker effect amount"

Monday, October 23, 2023

Elastic Melody iOS & AUv3 Plugin Coming Nov 7

video upload by Oliver Greschke

Update: Introduction Price until Nov 19: 6,99$ (US) / 7,99€ (EU) / 6,99£ (GB)

"Elastic Melody is a standalone iOS application and AUv3 plugin with 3 channels of synthetic sounds, an analog style step sequencer and 4 master effects. Almost all parameters can be automated and thus changed in an „elastic way“. The focus of Elastic Melody is on a fast and intuitive creation of melodies with a basic analog sound.

Release date Apple iOS Store: November 7, 2023"


– 3 channels, each with an analog synthesizer that is connected to an associated sequencer
– Each sequencer channel has its own start/end and timing parameter for notes and automation
– 14 parameters per synth engine (waveform, lowpass, highpass, env, etc.)
– For each parameter, value changes can be drawn in an automation window – Solo or mute function for the 3 synth channels

– 4 master effects (EQ, Chorus, Delay, Reverb)
– Automation for most parameters of the effects
– Each FX effect has its own start/end and timing parameters for automation

– Arrange several Pattern to a longer sequence … a Song
– Repeat count for Song Elements/Pattern
– Duplicate/Rename/Delete function for Pattern and Song Elements

– Undo / Redo
– Various randomise functions
– option to share and import presets
– AUv3 support
– Ableton Link support

– Midi Out

Pics in order:

Note sequencer

Automation sequencer

Song screen

FX screen with Automation

Sunday, October 15, 2023

The warmth of the sun | An ode to Pivot & Bonnie

video upload by MIDERA

"On the way to the emergency vet, Pivot by my side. I remember the sun on her carrier. I hoped it had warmed her. Or if nothing else, I hoped the sound of my voice or my daughter's kept her company. Today was a hard day. It was time to put Pivot to sleep.

Pivot was very sick. Yesterday, she had thrown up multiple times and afterwards, just laid down and wouldn't move. I couldn't entice her to eat, not yesterday, not today - it's my litmus test for how my cat is doing. She, in fact, would move away from it. I had hoped over night she would feel better, but it just did not happen. She laid by a water bowl in the kitchen and occasionally drink from it (a sign, I thought, that she was improving), but she just seemed not well. I made the call. It had to be done.

Everyone said their goodbye's. My wife would stay home with our 2 year old who would not have handled the mood very well. However, to my surprise, my 6 year old wanted to come. I was glad. Pivot had laid with her for years. She would lay on my wife when she was pregnant with my daughter. She would lay by her carrier when she was asleep in it. She was always with her. Pivot was her fur mama. She loved my daughter.

It was a big gift that my daughter came with. When I cried, she would say "It's ok Papa." She was strong. Of course, she cried too. But the resilience of a 6 year old who, in 6 months, has had to deal with the loss of two of her favorite pets, is impressive. Tonight there was a lot of "I miss Bonnie and Pivot." I do too. We cried a lot.

I got Pivot in August of 2008, a week after I lost my last cat, Winchester. Pivot was best friends with Bonnie. Pivot was nuts. She would fly around my house and body slam cat scratch toys. She would lay down with rugs and kick them. But she would lay next to my face and fall asleep. If I was sad, I could make fake sad meow sounds and she would run to me. She always comforted me.

I did want to try to do an in-home service for putting her down. I thought that would be the kind thing to do, because she hated traveling, but ultimately, I knew it should be done sooner than later, and honestly, those home services are kind of a lot of money ($700+ instead of $400+). I feel a little bad that I chose the cheaper option, because Pivot HATED traveling (like she would pee herself when we'd leave the house). Today - hardly a peep. She did meow, but she had such little strength. I knew sending her off earlier was the better option too. Doing it away from the house at least made it so I didn't need to look at a spot and say "That's where Pivot died." Pivot let go of this life at 1:10PM, in my arms, full of love, all of which I hope she took with her.

So - here I am, alone now, everyone else asleep in the house. I wrote this as I sat here and felt the mood was fitting. I think of myself as the Rhodes Piano voice, a sad depressing tone, mixed in with the voice of Pivot, dancing around my sadness, as she really did so well. It begins and ends without her, the way our lives were entwined. She will be forever missed.|

Rhodes Piano in Strymon DIG
Prophet 10 in Strymon El Cap
All through Eventide Blackhole VST"



video upload by Mike Lewis

"Mar 13, 2023
This last weekend, on March 11th, I put my dear friend Bonnie (Flame Point Siamese cat) to sleep. She suffered a stroke (or had a growth in her brain) on Tuesday March 7th. We found her walking in circles, I think she was suddenly blinded. She was not well. I thought "if this is a stroke, cats can recover, even if she's blind." I tried to hold on to her, but something changed even further on Thursday night. That was the moment I realized that she had stopped purring when I pet her (she had been purring in the day). I think she may have had seizures, because I remember seeing blood on her paw pads, where her nails would have dug in (which were not there in the afternoon).

I think only one word really describes how I feel about losing her: Devastated.

She lived at least 15 years (with me) and was adopted in 2007, being about 2-4 years old (as a guess), meaning she was about 18-20 years old. That was a good long life for a cat. I had hoped she would have made it to 23 years old... dying in her sleep peacefully, but she (and I) didn't get that. I watched her suffer for a few days, but I think Thursday she stopped eating entirely. On Friday, I found her stuck behind the litter box and I knew that was time.

I don't know why I feel such guilt, but apparently that's a common feeling when you lose a pet. I think I feel guilty that I was kinda mean to her in the first year I had her. I even told people I didn't want her (note, that I could not ever bring myself to get rid of her). I don't know why I felt those things. I even said she was ugly (she did have a really funny weird brown spot on her nose that always made her look like she was snarling). I feel a lot of guilt for feeling and saying these things. I know she didn't understand them, but I wasn't kind.

What's strange is, all the things I found annoying or disliked, just now happen to be all of the things I miss. Like her tenacity to get in my lap and stop at nothing until she won (multiple times I'd get her off my lap, eventually she'd sneak in and win). Or her licking my arms. Or that funny snarl look on her face. These things... they just stick in my mind and I just absolutely devastated that I can't experience them now.

The hardest part for me was after realizing she was going to be put down - telling her what a good kitty she was, how I loved her so much, and that she was one of my best friends. Well, the hardest part was holding on to her as life left her. I knew she was no longer in pain, but I think that feeling will stay with me forever. We drove to the vet in the same car she came home in when I adopted her. I thought she'd like that. I talked to her in the car, telling her how beautiful it was outside with the thick snow falling gently in the grey sky. While she was probably deaf, and now blind, I hoped she could hear me, even just a little.

Now, she is gone. I look at the kitties and puppy I have left and tell myself that I need to be more present for them. I also tell myself, everything that bothers me about my pets will be the very things I will miss when they're gone. I need to be more present in general, for my wife and my kids.

There is the biggest hole in my heart, where apparently Bonnie resided. I had no idea how big that space was until she left me."

Spinning the dial on Clough Brengle oscillator, a late 1930s analog device

video uploads by Brian Comnes


"It's all analog for sure , from 1938!! Don Buchla was 1 year old at the time. Bob Moog was 4 !! Daphne Oram was only 13. It uses two heterodyned tubes oscillating around 80k hz and uses a monster variable capacitor to generate the differential frequency much akin to that used in a tube based theremin, and then to an internal tube amplifier

Best part of this device is it sweeps continuously from 40k hz to about 9k. Most bench oscillators have stepped narrower ranges Here's some vids. "

via this auction

"Used Clough Brengle Beat Frequency Oscillator Model 79C

Estimated from 1937 in good working order. see videos

This an all tube analog oscillator capable of sweeping form 30 hz to 9k hz CONTINUOUSLY .

All orIginal to my knowledge. MassiVe transformers, this thing weighs in at 20 pounds (which will make shipping a bit pricey) Has new grounded power cord

Includes one connector cable."

Monday, October 09, 2023

Behringer on Moog Layoffs

This one was shared by Behringer on Facebook. Note Moog is not out of business, see Moog's statement here, so the image shared by Behringer on the left is a bit misleading. [Update: the image is actually from the video below that Behringer refers to. Behringer did not create the image. Thx to @uniquewerkx for the heads up.] That said here's what they had to say.

"Usually we just ignore such inflammatory videos. However, we have decided to respond this time, as it provides a perfect example of why we have previously emphasized that some influencers prioritize clickbait and disparagement over delivering accurate information.

In reality, in May of this year, Mike Adams, the CEO of Moog, reached out to Uli to propose selling Moog. Both individuals have had a longstanding friendly relationship. Therefore, Mike reached out to us first and shared all the financials as well the company’s challenges.

Mike's decision to sell Moog was influenced by his advanced age and serious mistakes made on the supply chain side. The company had purchased excessive inventory, leading to significant cashflow constraints.

While we believe Moog is a great brand, we declined the purchase due to our low-price business model not aligning with the luxury model Moog is pursuing.

Blaming us for Moog's struggles is as reasonable as blaming Yamaha for the bankruptcy of Sequential, Oberheim, ARP and Moog in the 1980s when the DX7 and other digital synths were introduced to the market.

We wish Moog and its people all the best and believe they have a great future. Both brands serve a very different customer base that can perfectly coincide.

Our focus will always be on creating highly affordable products so everyone can discover the world of music. Our mission is to empower the musicians that don’t have deep pockets.

As always, we encourage you to conduct your own research and form your own opinion­čÖé. Mark."


Why Moog Died ­čś× (as we know it) [Op-ed]

video upload by Benn Jordan

0:00 - Intro
3:23 - Synths are luxury items
5:00 - Synths are like fancy sneakers
6:33 - Behringer
10:40 - Superpartnerships
13:34 - Co-op Financing Schemes
15:11 - Everything is f____ed
17:47 - Pouring one out for Bob's vision

Also see Two Takes on Behringer - Which Do You Fall Under?

Instru┼Ź - arbhar V2.0 Firmware Overview

video upload by Instru┼Ź

I've curated it with chapter markings to encourage hopping around to specific features/examples. I hope this will work as a video reverence in conjunction with the full written manual.

A dedicated tutorial on how to upgrade your arbhar can be found here:"

arbhar - Firmware update tutorial

The arbhar V2.0 firmware update is here!
In 2019 the launch of the arbhar heralded a new generation of granular processing in Eurorack. Sampled audio can be chopped into tiny grains, scattered, shaped, re-pitched, reversed, and layered for an endless range of audio manipulation from seamless frozen tones to mutated acousmatic madness. Each grain sounds with its defined specifications. When modulation is used, the "per-grain parameter" definition allows for true polyphonic layering.
With the introduction of firmware version 2 (2023) comes a complete rewrite of the entire codebase to implement both technical and conceptual improvements that will enhance the entire user experience of the arbhar. We have ensured that the overall feel of the module has been preserved as much as possible. Advances in efficiency and expanded features will allow the arbhar to explore many more sonic and musical spaces.
Meet the Lexer Method 2.0.

• Up to 88 stereo grains between two granular engines, allowing for polyphonic layering
• Mono and stereo input configurations
• Six 10 second individual audio buffers
• 1 volt per octave pitch tracking
• On-board random pitch deviation and grain direction probability
• Scan mode, Follow mode, and Wavetable mode
• Stereo pan, feedback delay, and reverb configurations
• Built-in condenser microphone
• Analogue input pre-amplifier and limiter
• Audio analysis with onset detection for automatic audio capturing
• Includes 2 HP passive CV Expansion module and 4GB USB flash drive
• User-definable configuration for complete instrument customisation
• Save, Load and Clone audio between layers
• Curate/recall entire performance configurations with up to 42 Scenes.
• USB import and export functionality

208 Timbre by Triglav Modular - Demo & Overview

video upload by Stazma

"Today I'll be showing you the 208 Timbre wavefolder by Triglav Modular. It is a recreation in eurorack of the "timbre" circuit from the classic Buchla Music Easel sound module, the model 208 "Stored Program Sound Source". It's a very simple module but it does sound superb and the look and interface are a joy to use.

Have fun!

00:00 Intro
01:10 Overview
03:30 Basic Patching
06:17 Modulation Index
08:10 Mixing signals into it
10:50 Audio rate modulation
14:42 Saturation for Drum Machines
18:34 End Talk"

See this post for additional details.

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Yamaha EX-VD02 Super Syn VOICE DISK demos

video upload by SynthMania

More great patches for the classic, late 1990s Yamaha EX5/EX7/EX5R series of synth workstations.
02:17 RAIN SUN

Friday, September 22, 2023

Bontempi Master HB 404 - Full Review

video upload by Vykaar Tones

[Update: moved this up as the embed was broken. Sorry about that. It should be good now. BTW, if you ever notice a broken video, leave a comment at the bottom of the post (comment link if coming off the main page) and I'll look into it. No login is required.]

"The HB 404 is the smallest model of the Master series from 1984 and the successor of the Minstrel Alfa. It has 40 mid-sized keys, 8 note polyphony, 6 sounds with sustain and single finger orchestra, 6 hythms, arpeggio and 2 chord modes.

Support this channel and buy a song or album on Bandcamp:

0:00 Intro
2:29 History
13:57 A Look Inside
18:11 Sounds
23:57 Rhythms
31:31 Conclusion
32:02 Successors
35:16 Final Performance

Listen to some tracks on Soundcloud:"

Friday, September 15, 2023

Vintage Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 Model 1000 Sequential Circuits Synthesizer w/ Midi SN 4598

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

Update: note the description appears to be pulled from this other listing on reverb. The pics and serial number are different. As always, adhere to eBay's and Reverb's buyer guidelines to protect yourself.

"The Prophet-5 actually contains five individual synthesizers, termed “voices”. For its producible sound sources, each voice contains two voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs), referred to as OSC A and OSC B. OSC A, OSC B, and a white noise source can be mixed into a resonant low-pass voltage controlled filter (VCF). The filter modifies the voice timbre under control of its four-stage envelope generator. The filter may also serve as a sound source. Following each filter, a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) also controlled by a four-stage envelope generator shapes the voice amplitude. Only one voice is depicted on the control panel, because the voice controls “patch” the five voices identically. This makes the voices homophonous— they sound alike— with pitch differences corresponding to (at most) five keys simultaneously-held keys. The term “digital-analog hybrid” is often used to described the Prophet. This means that instead of directly controlling the analog synthesizer voices, the keyboard and most controls are actually devices which input “data” to a microcomputer system which in turn “programs” the voices. The microcomputer has three main functions. First, it solves the of generating five independent sets of voice control voltages and gate signals (which operate the envelope generators) from a single keyboard. Second, its digital memory provides a way to store all of the switch and knob settings which form a program. These programs are retained by the microcomputers memory even when the Prophet is turned off, thats to a small battery with a 10-year life. Third, the microcomputer system keeps the ten voice oscillators in tune."

Sunday, September 03, 2023

Stevie Wonder and the Yamaha GX-1 at Madame Tussaud's Rock Circus London

video upload by Preview London

"Madame Tussaud's Rock Circus (August 1989 – September 2001), was a walk-through exhibition celebrating the history of rock and pop music, featuring its major figures recreated in wax."

Update: video added. Stevie with the GX-1 comes in at 1:34.

This one is in via swissdoc

The following is a cut and paste from the text in the image. Not sure how well the text parsing is. Below is the text Google translated.

"Rock 'n' Roll war nun DIE Musik des westlichen Kultur und verkaufte nicht nur sich selbst, sondern auch alle m├Âglichen anderen Produktel Einige der gr├Â├čten Geldsummen in den 'Cola Kriegen alkoholfreier Getr├Ąnke gingen an Madonna, George Michael und Michael Jackson, die an den gefilmten Werbekampagnen teilnahmen. Gro├če Tourneen wurden von Herstellern von Bier, Sportkleidung und Jeans finanziert. Klassische Rocksongs aus den sechziger Jahren wie beispielsweise '1 Heard It Through The Grapevine', 'I Feel Free' und "When A Man Loves A Woman' wurden als Soundtracks f├╝r Fernsehreklamen benutzt.

1988 ergriff George Bush, der neue Pr├Ąsident der Vereinigten Staaten, auf einer Party zu seinem Amtsantritt eine elektrische Gitarre und gab zusammen mit einer Rock 'n' Roll Band eine B├╝hnenvorstellung. 1989 nahm ein russisches Astronautenteam auf seiner Reise in das Weltall Bander mit Pink Floyd Musik mit. Wie es schon in dem alten Lied hie├č: Rock 'n' Roll is here to stay!"


"Rock 'n' roll was now THE music of western culture and not only sold itself but all sorts of other products too Participated in advertising campaigns. Major tours were sponsored by manufacturers of beer, sportswear, and denim. Classic 1960s rock songs such as '1 Heard It Through The Grapevine', 'I Feel Free' and 'When A Man Loves A Woman' were used as soundtracks for television commercials.

In 1988, at an inauguration party, George Bush, the new President of the United States, grabbed an electric guitar and gave a stage performance along with a rock 'n' roll band. In 1989, a Russian astronaut team took bands with Pink Floyd music on their journey into space. As the old song said: Rock 'n' Roll is here to stay!"

Some info on Rock Circus via Wikipedia:

"Madame Tussaud's Rock Circus (August 1989 – September 2001), was a walk-through exhibition celebrating the history of rock and pop music, featuring its major figures recreated in wax. It was located at the top four floors of the then-newly refurbished London Pavilion building at Piccadilly Circus, London. Predominantly British artists featured, but many American artists were also included. The attraction told the story of rock and pop from the 1950s to the then-present day by using videos, music, narration and audio-animatronic figures."

And a list of GS1 owners via gearspace

GX-1 #5088 - SWE - Benny Andersson.

GX-1 #5080 - JPN - Private owner - Previously owned by committee members of a temple JPN.

GX-1 #5076 - ITA - Riccardo Grotto - Previously owned by John Paul Jones, Keith Emerson, Hans Zimmer et al.

GX-1 #5074 - ENG - Richard D James - Previously owned by Mickie Most.

GX-1 #5073 - ENG - Gordon Reid - Previously owned by Yamaha HQ AUS, private owner AUS.

GX-1 #5046 - ITA - Riccardo Grotto - Previously owned by Keith Emerson, painted black.

GX-1 #5041 - ENG - Pete Townshend - Previously owned by private owners AUS.

GX-1 #5040 - USA - Vintage Key Gear - Previously owned by Yamaha Dealers Association AUS, private owners AUS.

GX-1 #5023 - JPN - Private owner - Previously owned by private owner JPN.

GX-1 #5019 - USA - Merlin Entertainment (Madame Tussauds) - Previously owned by Rock Circus ENG.

GX-1 #50nn - JPN - Yamaha Corporation

Still waiting to hear from someone who knows the actual whereabouts of Stevie Wonders two GX-1s though...

You can find additional posts featuring the Yamaha GX1 here.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Moog Grandmother sound design tutorial: Lisa Bella Donna Patch book 2: Mixer distortion

video upload by EthanJamesMusic

"This is a tutorial for the Moog Grandmother semi modular synthesizer, expanding on a patch created by @LisaBellaDonnaMusic using mixer distortion by running the output back into the noise input. The other main feature of this patch is using the modulation oscillator to create pulse width modulation. I explore some different variations for the patch and how to find different musical uses.. I hope you learn how to take someone else's patch and explore alternate uses from this video."


Moog Grandmother sound design tutorial: Lisa Bella Donna Patch book 2: Mixer distortion part 2

You can find additional posts in this series here.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Korg Mini Pops 3 & Korg Mini Pops 7

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.
video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

Update: video added.

via this auction

"2 Korg analog drum machines: the Minipops 3 and Minipops 7

Both units were serviced and partially recapped and are working and sounding as they should. Cosmetic the Mini pops 3 is in very good condition. The MP7 has the red lettering for second row of rhythm almost erased and it's missing the Mini Pops sticker. Case is hower in good condition.

Please note these are the Korg (Keio) genuine Mini Pops model, not the Univox SR55 and SR95."

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Swiss Synthesizer Meeting 2023 at Gran Rex Auditorium in Locarno - 23. September 2023

via Metunar:

"Hi everybody!

I’m happy to share with you information about the upcoming jam session event of the Swiss Synthesizer Meeting.

This year we will perform in a very cool venue with a high-quality audio system: the Gran Rex Auditorium in old town Locarno (Ticino, Switzerland).

The jam session will take place as usual in two parts, with 1-hour pause in between. During this break the musicians will get some fresh air, as well as be available to answer questions from the audience about the world of synthesizers.

For the whole duration of the event it will also be possible to take a look and play half a dozen rare synthesizers: Theo Bloderer ( will exhibit some of his treasures and of course be open and available for questions and exchange.

Let’s go then! Come and see, hear and meet us at the Gran Rex Auditorium on 23. September 2023!

When: Saturday, 23. September 2023, from 14 to 22
Where: Gran Rex Auditorium, Locarno (Ticino, Schweiz).
Entrance: FREE (voluntary donation in the foyer possible).
Contacts: Flavio Boniforti / Roberto Raineri-Seith
Instagram - Facebook

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Facehugger r013 Chain2 demo

video upload by flightofharmony

Update: "Re-upload because the text wasn't visible."

"The chaining feature of the Facehugger function generator is working!
This is a two-unit demo, showing some of the features and use of the Tail output for emphasis

OBS output the file in 640x480 for some reason, my apologies. Not gonna redo a pre-beta demo video though.

Caption text:
00:15 In this video, the Head Out is connected to the Infernal Noise Machine VCO CV input. Next, the Tail Out is connected to the INM IMP Frequency CV input, adding emphasis to the notes played by the Tail stages.

00:33 The Facehuggers are chained (in series) via the rear chaining headers. The Head unit outputs all stages, while the Body and Tail units only output their respective stages.

00:43 The controls of each unit only affect the output of that unit - Length, Level, Speed, Curve, Root, Scale, Direction, Glide, etc. Trigger and Gate signals are rerouted to the Head unit and start/restart/maintain the full sequence.

1:36 Connecting the Tail Out to the INM VCA2 CV input

1:49 Now changing various control settings - Direction, Root, Scale, Curve.

3:08 That's it for now, thanks for watching!
Next will be a demo of a 3-unit chain, after I get the third unit working."

AI Synthesis Introduces the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator Eurorack Module

video upload by AI Synthesis

"A Demo Video for the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator

The AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator produces two pulses per input wave cycle with voltage controlled pulse width, distance, and amplitude of the second pulse.

It can be purchased as a module, or DIY Kit and PCB/Panel Set at"

AI012 Wave Animator BUILD VIDEO

"The AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator produces two pulses per input wave cycle with voltage controlled pulse width, distance, and amplitude of the second pulse.

The manual is here.

The DIY Eurorack Wave Animator build guide is here."

Update: press release follows:

Portland, OR, USA August 17, 2023 – AI Synthesis has released the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator in both a built and guaranteed version, as well as in kit and PCB/Panel format.
The AI012 Wave Animator is a Waveshaper/VCO Expander that produces two pulses per input wave cycle with voltage controlled pulse width, distance, and amplitude of the second pulse. This design was adapted (with permission and a few changes) from Ian Fritz’s Double Pulse Generator circuit. Some changes were made to the circuit in development.
While the circuit is all analog, the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator’s pulse wave outputs have a range of timbres from analog wave folding to digital sounding chimes.
The Width of each Pulse is controlled by the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator’s Width knob and corresponding attenuatable cv input.
The Distance between the second pulse and the first pulse is controlled by the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator’s Distance knob and corresponding attenuatable cv input. The resulting waveform can have two distinct pulses, or staircase style wave-shapes.
The Amplitude of the second pulse is controlled by the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator’s Amplitude knob and corresponding attenuatable cv input. It can be negative or positive in voltage value.
In addition to creating new audio rate waveforms, when used as a sequencer, the module can create interesting rythmic variations when the pulses are used as triggers and cv is used to stagger the second trigger.
It comes in both Silver Aluminum versions and Black PCB FR4 versions.
Depth: 35mm
HP: 8
-V mA: 13mA
+V mA: 13mA

“In the year 2000, I was in college and obsessed with modular synths, but could barely afford to eat. I knew it was possible to build your own synth, but there wasn’t anyone, or anywhere to turn to for advice. In the past decade, much more information has been published online, and in 2013 I started down my path to DIY modular. Even with all of the information online, there still lacked a single, simple, comprehensive guide for those looking to build their own synthesizer. I want AI Synthesis to be that guide. Prior to building my own synth, I was a dreamer, after building my modular, I felt I had awoken. I want to help others do the same.”
-Abraham Ingle - Founder, AI Synthesis

Monday, August 14, 2023

Elektron Analog Heat MKII Stereo Processor w/ Original Box

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via this auction

Update: auction link directly above fixed. Moving this up to make sure people see it.

Note, this is a supporting member listing.

One more pic of the unit previously posted here. Note the price has been lowered.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Moog Minimoog Model D Rev 2

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Update: It's come to my attention this listing could have been a scam. Remember, ALWAYS go through Reverb and eBay for their buyer protection as listed on Reverb here, and eBay here. If you try to make a deal outside of Reverb and eBay to save a few bucks, you will not be covered.

Here is the listing for reference:

via this auction

Note auction links are affiliate links. See the site's privacy policy for more info.

"Purchased in 1995, I've cherished this piece. However, after months of contemplation, I've decided it's time to part with it. Everything functions perfectly. Includes owner's manual, tuning instructions, and an ATA road case.

Some believe that Rev-3 offers the steadiest tuning, but it feels commonplace to me. Rev-1 had an erratic power supply, resulting in its distinct sound. Personally, I favor Rev-2—slightly unstable, yet it preserves Rev-1's unique character."

Regarding revs I almost thought this was a Don Martin Minimoog Model E aka Donimoog or the Welsh Minimoog as the Reverb listing had 1995 in the title. I realize that was the date purchased by the seller in the listing description.

I was curious how many different revs were documented and decided to see if Wikipedia's Minimoog article might mention them. They don't (and they don't mention the Doninmoog or Welsh Minimoog, but they do have this interesting bit on a Taco Bell connection:

"Moog Co released the first Minimoog in 1970.[3][4]: 232  Moog said it was conceived as a portable tool for session musicians, and the team expected to sell "maybe 100 of them".[5] Moog became acquainted with former evangelist and musician David Van Koevering, who was so impressed with the Minimoog that he began demonstrating it to musicians and music stores. Van Koevering's friend Glen Bell, founder of the restaurant chain Taco Bell, allowed him to use a building on a private island Bell owned in Florida. There, Van Koevering hosted an event he billed as Island of Electronicus, a 'pseudo-psychedelic experience that brought counterculture (minus the drugs) to straight families and connected it with the sound of the Minimoog'."

Think about that the next time you have Taco Bell.

Thursday, August 03, 2023

Flip Sampler Update 1.4. Looping Envelope Demo

video upload by Oliver Greschke

"Flip Sampler has just been updated to version 1.4. This update adds new stock projects, over 100 new stock samples, and a much requested new feature, the Looping Envelope.
Located on the revamped Sample tab, engaging the Looping Envelope means any selected portion of a sample can be looped while it’s playing. This allows for samples of notes or chords to be sustained indefinitely, as well as opening up a new world of sound design possibilities within Flip—from ambient/pad sounds, to granular glitching, to audio-rate looping which can turn any sample into a playable polyphonic synth voice. A 'Fade' parameter crossfades the transitions between the loop points if a smoother sound is desired.
Adding even more power, the loop’s start point, length, and crossfade amount can be automated from Flip’s Automation page. Like all of Flip’s automation lanes, each can have its own independent length, leading to fun and creative polymetric variations."

Patch n Tweak
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