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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Ableton Push 3 Gets Expressive: Here's how it competes! // Review & Tutorial

video upload by loopop

"Find out how Push 3 compares to Push 2, other expressive instruments, Akai's Force & MPC and Maschine+, and which version you might want to get, standalone or controller. #AbletonPush3" TIMELINE:
0:00 Intro
1:25 What’s new v P2
1:45 Poly X & Y
3:00 Cross pad bends
3:30 Pad settings
4:10 MPE instruments
4:55 MPE kits
5:25 P3 Standalone
8:25 Audio & I/O
10:25 More controls
12:50 New views
13:20 Similarities
14:25 Session grid
16:15 Note layouts
18:15 Screen controls
19:25 Live recording
22:05 Step seq
24:10 Automation
25:55 Sample chops
27:45 Adding devices
28:05 Live versions
29:50 Misc topics
31:10 Pros & cons
31:30 Standalone?
37:25 Plugins?
38:40 CPU power?
41:05 vs controllers?
41:50 vs MPC/Maschine?
44:20 vs MPE synths?
45:55 Outro

SOS Product Preview: Ableton Push

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine

"Ableton announce the release of the latest version of Push, their pad-based hardware instrument and controller. With a design focused on expressive playing and performance, the new Push can be used as a standalone instrument or in conjunction with a computer and now incorporates MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE).

Simon from Ableton gives us a first in-depth look on release day at what's new in the updated Push and how to make the most of its new performance features.

You will be able to read our full SOS review of the new Ableton Push in the July 2023 edition of Sound On Sound magazine.

00:00 - Intro
00:25 - Navigating Push With The New Jog-wheel
03:29 - Built-in Audio Interface
04:10 - ADAT, USB & CV Connections
05:00 - Playing Sounds With MPE-enabled Pads
08:08 - Fine Tuning Pad Response
09:10 - Playing Drums With Pads
09:58 - Transferring Sets Between Push & Live
11:01 - Standalone Operation & WiFi
12:38 - Connecting A MIDI Keyboard
13:30 - Launching Clips Using The Jog-wheel
14:37 - Momentary Buttons
15:17 - Outro Jam"

Ableton Push Standalone - Hardware LIVE is here - First Look

video upload by sonicstate

"Hell yeah! Ableton have announced a new Push with built in sound card, upgraded pads and more. There's also a standalone version which can run Ableton Live Suite and all its devices and MAX4Live too. Sessions can be transferred between Live on a host computer and the Push Standalone.
Push comes in two versions: Regular (MPE MIDI controller, and sound card) which will link to your host computer running Live, and the Standalone version - which has an Intel NUC processor card, 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD for asset and project storage."

Ableton Push 3 Pad response

video upload by

"Just a very brief video demonstrating the sensitivity and expression available on the Ableton Push 3 pads"

DATA79 - Push 3 performance - Somewhere between here and now

video upload by MrDataline

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Dataline - SNIFFTAKT (Machinedrum only track)

video upload by MrDataline

"Machinedrum recorded multitrack into Ableton. Download Machinedrum Multitrack recordings at: or
This track was made only on the Machinedrum, running the X.05 unofficial firmware. Stereo out and 4 individual tracks have been recorded separately into Ableton from the Machinedrum extra outputs: AmenBreak, Bass, Kick, KicknSnare. Only some minor compression and limiting was applied to the master channel on Ableton before rendering, to get the sound a bit boosted without changing the character and quality.


Sunday, August 28, 2022

Dataline - THEM5000 (Monomachine only track)

video upload by MrDataline

"Monomachine recorded multitrack into Ableton. Download Monomachine Sysex file, Multitrack recordings and Ableton Project file at: or This track was made only on the Monomachine, running the official firmware. 3 stereo submixes has been recorded separately into Ableton from the Monomachine extra outputs: Drums, Bass and Synth tracks.I processed the recorded tracks subtly by Ableton native plugins, to get the sound a bit boosted without changing the character and quality.


Tuesday, June 07, 2022

EricaSynths Perkons Tease

video upload by MrDataline

Thursday, May 05, 2022

The Syntakt Experience

video upload by MrDataline

"Download the 8-track EP + Sysex File of all the Patterns + Stem Recordings of All Tracks from Syntakt + Explanation Video. This is a HUGE download spawning over 4GB! or

Sysex Files gives you access to all the Patterns I used in this EP. You can dig deep and tweak them to your liking! There are 16 Patterns in total which you can upload to your very on Syntakt!

Stem Recordings will allow you to remix or make totally new songs with them. And it's a great source of Syntakt samples :) Each song has 14 tracks of Stem files = 12 Audio tracks + Analog FX track + Reverb & Delay Track.

The Explanation Video goes through how I composed & recorded these songs, my approach to performing and my general view on the Syntakt. The runtime of the video around 30 minutes."

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Dataline Sound Pack - DSP: AtariTakt - For Digitakt, Octatrack, Rytm, Polyend Tracker!

video upload by MrDataline

"DSP: AtariTakt features 150 Samples from the Atari2600 Synthcart! Featuring Bass, Arps, Synths + Project files for Octatrack, Digitakt, Polyend Tracker, Rytm! Download at, or

To celebrate these samples, I have made exclusive patterns to some good old machines - which are featured in the audio examples and bundled with the DSP: AtariTakt!

DSP: AtariTakt includes,

- Royalty Free 150 Samples from the Atari2600 Synthcart - processed with Analog Heat.

- Projects for Polyend Tracker, Digitakt, Analog Rytm & Octatrack. These projects come along with premade Patterns, Kits, Scenes and Performance modes.

You can find out more about the legendary Atari 2600 Synthcart here:


Saturday, January 29, 2022

Track & Teach: Silver Grappa with Machinedrum, Monomachine, Octatrack, LXR2 and Modular FX

video upload by MrDataline

"This Track&Teach includes Project files for Octatrack, Machinedrum, Monomachine and LXR2 drum machine + 25 minute Tutorial Video. Download from: or The tutorial video includes audio & midi routing, Octatrack track configurations, how the modular fx is used with Octatrack CUE outs, workflow of the transitions, Machinedrum master fx and some tips about live resampling.

Runtime of the tutorial video is 25 minutes.


Thursday, January 20, 2022

DSP: Juno60 - Octatrack, Digitakt, Polyend Tracker, Rytm & Ableton sound pack

video upload by MrDataline

"DSP: Juno60 features 500+ Samples from the Roland Juno60 Synthesiser. Featuring Bass, Chords, Leads, Arps, Pads, Drums + Project files for Octatrack, Digitakt, Polyend Tracker, Ableton, Rytm!
Download at: or

To celebrate these samples, I have made exclusive patterns to some good old machines - which are featured in the audio examples and bundled with the DSP: Juno60!

DSP: Juno60 includes,

- Royalty Free 500+ Samples in multiple WAV formats (16Bit 48Khz, 24Bit 48Khz, 24Bit 44.1Khz)

- Ableton Project + Projects for Polyend Tracker, Digitakt, Analog Rytm & Octatrack. These projects come along with premade Patterns, Kits, Scenes and Performance modes."

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Octatrack meets Circuits = OctaCircuit!

video upload by MrDataline

"Circuits going into the Octatrack for realtime sampling & remixing, followed by the Heat, to dirt up the sound. The Octatrack is using the '1 part sampling & remixing setup' - same project file and similar setup was used in this Track & Teach:

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Track&Teach: Octatrack 1Part Resampling & Remixing Electribe MX (Superbooth21 Liveset)

video upload by MrDataline

"Track&Teach download at:
Includes the Octatrack project file used in this liveset & tutorial video covering how the Octatrack is configured to achieve seamless live sampling and remixing with the ElectribeMX using only 1 Part & 1 Pattern workflow.

The tutorial video goes over audio routing, how the tracks are set for THRU machines & record buffers and mixing back the inputs after sampling for smooth transitions.

This 11 minute Track&Teach video focuses on Octatrack sampling 2 different sources in realtime, remixing them while adding other layers from the inputs again - only using 1 part & 1 pattern workflow.

Special thanks to the Adam Audio crew for the video!


Saturday, September 11, 2021

DSP: Commodore303 - Sound Pack for Octatrack, Polyend Tracker, Digitakt, Ableton Live & Analog Rytm

video upload by MrDataline

"Download at:

This Dataline Sound Pack (DSP) features 128 Acidic BassLine Loops + 16 Classic Drum Samples. These 'Acidic BassLine' patterns were crafted on the Mssiah Bassline, a 303 Clone app for the Commodore64. Then sampled via the Octatrack. Each BassLine loop is 4 bars, with altered filter modulation for each bar.
To celebrate these samples, I have made exclusive patterns to some good old machines - which are featured in the audio & video examples and bundled with the DSP: Commodore303!

DSP: Commodore303 includes,

- Royalty Free 128 Bassline loops + 16 Drum Samples at 24Bit 44.1Khz
- Ableton Project + 8 Pattern Projects for Polyend Tracker, Digitakt, Analog Rytm & Octatrack. These projects come along with premade Patterns, Kits, Scenes and Performance modes.
- Last but not least: Source Files for the Mssiah Bassline patterns. If you happen to have a working C64 and a Mssiah cartridge, you can load up 64 patterns used in this DSP creation!


Thursday, July 15, 2021

DSP: SYNCUSSION SY1 - Sound Pack for Polyend Tracker, Digitakt & Analog Rytm

video upload by MrDataline

The first Dataline Sound Pack (DSP) features 100 samples from the classic Syncussion SY1 drum synthesiser. These samples were recorded using both of the SY1 oscillators as layers. Analog Rytm sending 2 individual trigs, at the same time, to the 2 Syncussion channels. Both of these channels would be mixed and sampled in the Rytm. To celebrate these samples, I have made exclusive patterns to some good old machines - which are featured in the video as audio examples and bundled with the DSP:SYNCUSSION SY1!

The DSP: SYNCUSSION SY1 includes,
- 100 Royalty Free One Shot Samples at 16Bit 48Khz
- 8 Patterns for Polyend Tracker, Digitakt & Analog Rytm"

Friday, June 25, 2021

Dataline + Studio79 with Pulsar23, Lyra8, Mod Dwarf, Octatrack & Trumpet

video upload by MrDataline

"Quick performance with Studio79 (Tandoruk Yalçın) on the Lyra8 and Trumpet. Octatrack mixing all the signals and sending midi clock to Pulsar23. The Trumpet goes through the Mod Dwarf, adding FX."

Monday, March 08, 2021

Unofficial Machinedrum x.04 Firmware

Available here. This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Introducing Elektron Model:Cycles - Six track FM based groovebox

Claymation by

Introducing Model:Cycles - Elektron
Model:Cycles — At A Glance - Elektron
Elektron Model:Cycles FM (Frequency Modulation) Groovebox - Perfect Circuit
Elektron Model Cycles Review, full tutorial and 7 tips and tricks - loopop
Elektron Model:Cycles - Walkthrough and Demo - Red Means Recording
Model:Cycles - First Try - True Cuckoo
Elektron Model:Cycles First Look - Future Music Magazine
Elektron Model:Cycles is here! (all preset patterns) - Patchwerks Seattle
Elektron Model:Cycles live performance! - Patchwerks Seattle
Model:Cycles Experience - MrDataline
Soft — Model:Samples study #1 - Vague Robots
Hard—Model:Samples study #2 (ARP 2600 sample pack) - Vague Robots
Model:Cycles sound design introduction (no talking!) - Vague Robots
Model:Cycles—Kick only - Vague Robots
Model:Cycles—Snare only - Vague Robots
16 patterns for Model:Cycles - Vague Robots
Model:Cycles—Chord only - Vague Robots

Six track FM based groovebox
Scale angles dense and jagged, glide over plains vast and fluid, or sink into mists of dissonance. To model is to shape the formless. Model:Cycles is a six track FM based groovebox that brings exploring into the heart of sound sculpting.

With six unique Machines in one lightweight unit you can effortlessly mold rhythm and melody across the digital spectrum using instant, tactile controls. Exploration made attainable.

Define the formless
The six Machines of the digital FM engine are unique to Model:Cycles, and cover both percussive and melodic synths, allowing you to make full, varied compositions. The four core Synth Controls put the tools of sound sculpting right in front of you, altering the behavior of each Machine differently and letting you push them to the limit. Every sound has a start, where will you take it?
Dedicated × 12
Dedicated knobs let you twist each Machine far and wide with wild, unexpected results waiting to be discovered. Use Control All to heave a parameter to the extreme and back again across every track. Elektron’s powerful sequencer gives you the freedom to record every move live or program the sounds and parameters of your composition one step at a time.
Light weight, heavy sound
Whether you use it as a versatile live instrument or groovebox on the go to pick up and craft full-blown compositions away from your studio, exploration has rarely felt so convenient and unimpeded.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

ASM Hydra Synth - Hello World

Published on Nov 24, 2019 MrDataline

Download Acidic Dreams at
12 track album featuring Moog DFAM, TB03, Hydra, Digitonekeys, OP1 and Machinedrum.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

New Elektron Digitone Keys

Published on May 8, 2019 Elektron


1. The Sound of Digitone Keys #1
2. The Sound of Digitone Keys #2
4. Elektron Digitone Keys 8-Voice Polyphonic Digital Synth | Reverb
5. Digitone Keys - what's new? Review, tutorial and comparison to Digitone | loopop
6. Digitone Keys Experience | MrDataline
7. Digitone Keys First Impressions! | SUTURE SOUND
8. Superbooth 2019 - Elektron Digitone Keybooard | sonicstate
9. Elektron Digitone Keys Sounds | Perfect Circuit

"Unlock your sweet dreams

This eight voice polyphonic synthesizer keyboard is a performance machine that can usher in soundscapes of distant dreams and worlds previously out of reach. The 37-key velocity and pressure sensitive keyboard with aftertouch gives you a whole new level of expression and control of the Digitone’s intuitive sound engine.

Imagine the sound of whispering dunes, rolling thunder, or the twinkle of distant stars. These are the things that dreams are made of.

1,299.00 USD

8 voice polyphonic
digital synthesizer

Restrictions are for the dreamless
With this ready-to-go performance machine, curiosity is all you need. Wield the Digitone’s powerful sound engine with even more control with intuitive sound crafting, 37 keys, 8 voice polyphony, mod and pitch wheels, dedicated outputs per track, and brand new customizable controls. Multimap lets you configure and assign individual sounds per region, triggering sounds or patterns with the tap of a key, while the ability to use portamento and arpeggio flourishes with the freedom of three octaves. Twist through the looking glass and back with the flick of a wrist.

Sculpt your sound
With the Digitone’s powerful and easy to use FM engine you have Digitone dynamism in keyboard form. A variety of dedicated features put the power at your fingertips. Get maximum control out of the machine with eight new assignable knobs. Choose the function you want for each knob to tailor your Digitone Keys, and then let loose. The freedom to switch between tempestuous and serene soundscapes in an instant is laid out in front of you. In an Elektron first, the Digitone Keys helps you liberate your live show with a flexible mod and pitch wheel setup, allowing you to warp your sound to another world with multiple modulations.

Get connected
With separate outputs for each track, connecting to external effects mixers and pedals, audio interfaces, and modulation sources is easier than ever before. Pinpoint single Digitone Keys tracks to process independently from the rest of your sound.

Digitone Keys specifications

Synth voice features
8 voice polyphony (4-part multitimbral)
Multiple FM algorithms
Multiple operator harmonics
1 × multimode filter per voice
1 × base-width filter per voice
1 × overdrive per voice
2 × assignable LFO per voice
2048 patch storage capacity on the +Drive

4 × synth tracks
4 × MIDI tracks
Arpeggiator per synth track
Polyphonic sequencing
Individual track lengths
Parameter locks
Micro timing
Trig conditions
Sound per step change
128 × projects on the +Drive
8 × Banks 16 × patterns per project

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Elektron Introduces Model:Samples - New Six Track Sample Based Groovebox

Introducing Model:Samples Published on Jan 22, 2019

Update: additional posts/demos incoming here.

Details are in. Priced at 449.00 USD. No audio in. Shout out to Atomic Shadow and Soviet Space Child for sending this my way as well.

Model:Samples Experience

Published on Jan 22, 2019 MrDataline

Model:Samples StrangeStrains Experience

Published on Jan 22, 2019 StrangeStrains MurderVan

"Meet the six track groovebox that offers massive sound in a compact size. You get pretty much all of the Elektron superpowers in a sleek, lightweight, and accessible package. Loads of useful presets and loads of space for your own sounds. The controls are right there at your fingertips. A truly plug-and-play bundle of joy!

Available in February 2019.
449.00 USD

Six track sample based groovebox

Packed with great sounds
The sound engine uses high-quality digital samples. There are 300 preset sounds supplied by Splice, ranging from the familiar kicks, snares, and hi-hats to exotic, never-before-heard ones. With a few tweaks, you can easily personalize any sample until it sounds just the way you want it. Transfer your own samples into it, or use any of the expertly crafted custom sound packs.

Dedicated knobs
As an Elektron first, this machine offers a complete set of tactile controls, with one function per knob. They’re all right there on the front panel; just grab a knob and twist it. Unleash your music spontaneously using the six tough, velocity-sensitive pads. Record your every move live, or punch in your creation one step at a time using the superb Elektron sequencer.

Ready to go
At under one kilogram, you’re getting the benefits of a light and convenient machine that will surprise you with its snarling sonic power.

Key Features
Control All lets you twist your sounds to oblivion. Then use Reload to take you back to where you started

Use Parameter Locks to automate parameters. Each step can have a totally different sound

Load six samples at once – just like a kit. Great when you have made a Pattern with Parameter Locks, LFOs etc…

Load six new samples to instantly experiment and come up with unique and unexpected results

Write basslines and melodies using Chromatic Mode

Monday, December 31, 2018

Dataline - RockUp

Published on Dec 31, 2018 MrDataline

Been long time...
Wishing everybody a great new cycle of 365!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Liveset at C-Base - LYRA8 + Elektrons + Modular FX

Published on May 20, 2018 MrDataline

"Download the Liveset as an album + Video explaining the setup and workflow at"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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