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Monday, May 20, 2024

Signal Sounds and friends at Superbooth 2024

video upload by Signal Sounds

"We caught up with a few pals old and new for a quick chat to find out what they were showing and what they liked best about Superbooth 2024. They include ALM Busy Circuits, DivKid, Instruo, Making Sound Machines, Expert Sleepers, Modbap Modular, Xaoc Devices, Worng Electronics, WMD, RYK Modular, Animal Factory Amps, Dannysound/Tobinski, Knobula, Toadstool Tech, Thonk... and watch out for a brief appearance from none other than Steve Davis!

Apologies to anyone we spoke to but didn’t include here (we had a few technical gremlins) and everyone else we missed! And big thanks to Herr Schneider and everyone else involved in organising the show - it was a belter.

Some of the featured products & brands:
ALM Busy Circuits MFX Pedal:
Apollo View & DivKid Manic:
Instruo Dail:
Xaoc Devices Berlin:
WORNG Electronics Sidecar:
RYK Modular Algo:

Making Sound Machines:
Expert Sleepers:
Modbap Modular:
Animal Factory Amps:

Music: Nano Kraft by Macleod Electronics / macleodelectronic
(Thanks Rob!)"

Sunday, May 05, 2024

Exploring RYK Modular's ALGO FM Oscillator!

video upload by The Unperson

"RYK Modular have some of the most aesthetically pleasing modules in the eurorack game, as well as some of the most interesting and innovative. Algo is a 4-voice FM oscillator with hands-on control of the parameters allowing you to create an insane breadth of sounds and experiments."

0:00 - Intro
1:42 - Overview
6:53 - Jam 1
10:39 - Jam 2
14:39 - Improv Tweaking!
21:43 - Final Thoughts
23:44 - Outro

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

ALGO Quad Complex VCO by RYK Modular

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"RYK modular did it again. ALGO is a quad complex stereo VCO that will serve both the beginner as the advanced sound explorer.
ALGO's four oscillators can be used to create complex FM or additive sound textures (chords, pads, organs). A unique Algorithm Display gives an idea of what affects what, and it looks great. In a typical 4-Operator scenario, you can use M1 to M4 CV to modulate the volume of each voice, but you can also switch to FM mode and unleash chaos.
The module uses the 'sum of sines' technique to sculpt new sounds, but you can also use Warp and Fold to do traditional waveshaping and folding.

The module offers detuning, chorus and a built in VCA."

RYK Introduces ALGO - Complex Oscillator Eurorack Module

RYK ALGO Demo - eurorack Complex Oscillator module
video upload by RYK Modular

User videos below.

"All knobs and no menus, an FM synth engine with hands-on control

Introducing ALGO, from RYK Modular

ALGO's four oscillators can be configured in series or parallel combinations, to create Complex FM or additive sound textures.
A unique Algorithm Display indicates the signal flow from one oscillator to another - easy to understand FM with pretty twinkly lights !


00:00 -- ALGO !

00:04 – The Algorithms of ALGO

00:11 – Drone with FM and Global Detune

00:36 – M185 Sequencing ALGO. Tweaking the Harmonic Frequency of the oscillators for various levels of wildness !

01:16 – Drone demo showcasing built in Chorus effect

01:30 – Alien Torture sounds ! Batumi modulating oscillator harmonics, and cross modulation amount

01:53 – Dual ALGO Dub action. RHS playing the chords with various tweaks to the amount of cross-mod and harmonics. LHS used for the bassline. Sequenced by split seq on M185, 3xFEG envelopes modulating the internal VCAs of the ALGOs

02:45 – String/Pad chord setup on ALGO. Batumi modulating Wave Warp. Gliss used for modulating cross modulation amount

03:17 – Dual ALGO Pam's sequence. Pam sequencing pitch and harmonic offsets on RHS ALGO, also slower melody notes from LHS ALGO. 3xFEG envelopes modulating the internal VCAs of the ALGOs

04:14 – Conclusion Drone !!"

"ALGO's four oscillators can be configured in series or parallel combinations, to create Complex FM or additive sound textures.

A unique Algorithm Display indicates the signal flow from one oscillator to another - easy to understand FM with pretty twinkly lights !

Each oscillator has controls for Level and Frequency, allowing easy adjustment of FM timbres, no menu diving snorkels needed.

Modulation inputs for Frequency or Level for each oscillator - patch in a couple of Envelopes, and you have an instant FM synth voice.

Bored of Sine waves ? A generous Wave Warp control bends things through Triangle to Pulse wave and back again.
Wave Warp can be applied to Carrier, Modulator or both types of oscillator.

For the more discerning mangler, Wave Folding is also available in three delicious flavours; Symmetric, Asymmetric and Soft Clip !

A Global Detune spread control with CV input is great for creating Netflix apocalypse drones that descend into the abys.

Lastly an onboard Stereo Chorus can add a vivacious 1980's shimmer to all your FM creations.

Oh, nearly forgot. It's Stereo !"

FM synths can be easy and fun: RYK ALGO Eurorack Module Demo

video upload by mylarmelodies

"This is a demo of the RYK ALGO: A 4-oscillator stereo FM eurorack synth module with waveshaping and wavefolding, stereo chorus, and with a bunch of algorithms to interconnect the VCOs with. FM & PANEL EXPLANATION: 1:55 / SOUND DEMOS: 14:06 Onwards."

00:00 A taste of what's to come
00:43 What is this?!
01:55 Algo (and FM) Explained
14:06 Jams: Fast Footwork
17:35 Aphex Bass
19:35 Plinktown
20:44 Low n Slow
23:49 Woof!
25:18 The Righteous Chord
29:13 Hellscape Acid

RYK Modular Algo improvised play with friends

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"My first play with the RYK Algo FM module. Using an 8-step loop from the Oct Tone, a bit of delay from the Milky Way, some reverb and cassette saturation from the Chroma Console. I then foolishly threw in a VCO from the Batumi II through the Sqwk Dirty filter and sequenced from the meloDICER, all of which I'm using for the first time. I'm not sure it gels all the time, but I was having a lovely time exploring."

Tuesday, April 02, 2024

4/1/24 Roland (& RYK, Lana) System 100m + Trogotronic 676 + Zerosum Inertia PLXNA2 + Lexicon PCM 70

video upload by Cfpp0

"The RYK Modular 185 sequencer for Roland System 100m sequences two 112 oscillators, which run into the 121 VCF into the 130 VCA, with an envelope from the 140. The 130 goes to the Zerosum Inertia PLXNA2, which goes to the Mackie Onyx 1640, with some Lexicon PCM 70 (Cascade BPM). The RYK 185 also sequences a Lana 212 VCO, which runs into the FM CV on the PLXNA2. This all produces the bass line melody. Another output on the right 112 VCO goes to the input on the Trogotronic 676, which creates the dissonant drone that is slowly faded in on the Mackie (with a lot more PCM 70)."

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Asking synth manufacturers to say the F London Synth & Pedal Expo

video upload by mylarmelodies

"Being a collection of interviews I shot at the London Synth & Pedal Expo '24, after they hired me to cover the event. The format was up to me. So I put the SAME two questions to industry folks at the show: 1️⃣ What is your favourite thing you sell? 2️⃣ What your favourite thing you DON'T sell?"

00:00 The Journey Begins
00:41 Divkid
02:44 Endorphines
03:53 Knobula
06:07 Lord Morts Thoughts
08:29 Nick Batt - Sonic State
11:29 Signal Sounds
14:35 ASM/Arturia
16:52 Scanner & Daniel Troberg
18:12 KMR Audio
19:51 ALM Busycircuits
24:05 RYK Modular
26:14 Enjoy Electronics
27:41 Erica Synths
29:04 PWM Synths
31:08 Journey's End

Good people make for good events and good gear, so lets meet them // London Synth & Pedal Expo 2024

video upload by DivKid

"What an amazing weekend we've just had! Here's a video with some of the people at the London Synth & Pedal Expo 2024. Held over this past weekend (Saturday and Sunday the 16th+17th of March 2024) in Studio 9294 in Hackney Wick, the London Synth & Pedal Expo is a free to attend show with plenty of synths, modular and pedal FX on show for people to come and play with.

As it takes good people to make good events (and the good gear we love) I wanted to focus on the people, asking who they are and what they do, more specifically how would they explain what they do to someone with no idea about synths, pedals and music tech. That led to some funny answers, all spread around various bits of b roll and footage from the event."

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Modular - complexe sequence

video upload by ALEQ Modular

"One way to build complexe sequences with modular:
- Multiple sequencers (here some Ritournelle CV Generator from LE)
- A Matrix mixer (the Attenuverter bank from LE too)
- Of course, some synth voices, here with the RYK Vector Wave.
- And to glue all together, a delay. The 4MS Dual Looping Delay

The goal is to route the sequences to the synth voices.
With the matrix, we can mix these sequences in real time. Inverting, adjusting the range etc.
And if all sequences have different clock division and number of steps, the result can be very complexe.
To stay in harmony, a quantizer is inserted between the matrix and the synth voices. here a Klavis CalTrans."

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Neuzeit Instrument WARP - Additive synthesis

video upload by ALEQ Modular

"I'm just receiving the new Neuzeit Instrument WARP.
Because I'm a bit obsessed by additive synthesis, I wanted to try it quickly...

So here a test of the additive synthesis part of this module.
Yes: I'm not doing a full review of it: only the spectrum edition (and a bit of the SPEC menu too)

To resum, I must admit that contrary to what we may think, the edition is pretty easy and fast. It just need to spend few minutes to read the quick start guide. So it's quite easy to build evoltive and complex sound.
( takes time, but it's because there a lot on it, not because of ergonomic issues)

In addition to the WARP, I'm checking the VECTOR WAVE from RYK, which seems similar in some ways. Also easy to use. And finally, a small reminder of the Kawai K5000R, beast of additive synthesis but too hard to program."

See the announcement post for Neuzeit Instrument's WARP here.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

RYK Modular Night Rider Review

video upload by Molten Music Technology

Sound demo here

"Night Rider is a Quad Sequential Resonator, or a bunch of bandpass filters in a beautifully realised interface of scanning LEDs. I'll take you through everything I found from wobbles, to sweeps, flanging to pings, formants to strikes."

Monday, October 09, 2023

RYK Modular Night Rider extended sound demo

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"No talking, just full-length experiments with the Night Rider."

New Batch of Synthfest UK 23 Videos

video uploads by sonicstate

Playlist: (you can use the player controls to skip around)

1. Synthfest UK 23: Sequential - Trigon 6 Desktop
At SynthFest UK 2023, we had the opportunity to chat with Chris from Sequential, a part of the Focusrite group. Chris introduced us to the Trigon 6 Desktop, the latest addition to Sequential's synthesizer lineup. This compact desktop version of the Trigon 6 packs a powerful punch, offering three oscillators and a distinctive Dave Smith ladder filter. Designed for those seeking a space-saving solution without compromising on sound quality, the Trigon 6 Desktop retains all the features of its larger sibling, including patch recall, a versatile effects section with various modulation possibilities, and the distinctive feedback control that allows you to sculpt sub-harmonic richness.

Trigon 6 Desktop Price: $2,499
2. Synthfest UK 2023: Calc And the Prophet X
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with Calc from Sequential, and he gave us the lowdown on the Prophet X. Now, you might be thinking, Prophet X? Haven't we seen that before? Well, you're right, but this hybrid instrument has been quietly making waves in the music world. It combines digital and analog elements, with digital oscillators and a unique twist in the form of multi-sample-based instruments. Yes, you heard that right, it's not just your run-of-the-mill synth; it's a full-on sampler too, boasting an impressive 50 gigabytes of memory for your custom samples. You can treat it like a rompler, a sample player, or even use those samples as oscillators, creating a whole new realm of sonic possibilities.

Plus, it's packed with stereo goodness, allowing you to explore a wide soundstage with ease. It's not your typical synth, and that's what makes its a favourute of Calc's

Looking for some more info on the Prophet X? Check out Sequential's official page:

Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Fly semi generative modular ambient

video upload by murratti 127

modular synth

In this setting I only used the following modules:
black sequencer • erica synths
M185, vector wave, night rider • ryk
alan, morcom, enigma • after later audio
øchd • instruo
melotus versio, tymp legio • noise engineering
DPLPG • mengqimusic
boundary • schlappi engineering
258t, 281t • buchla tiptop audio
mimeophone, maths, XPO, QPAS, 0-ctrl • make noise
alter 2 • folktek
chainsaw • acid rain
T43 • vpme
crave • behringer

Monday, October 02, 2023

Machina Bristronica 2023 - Walkthrough and best new things

video upload by

"I attempted to capture the vibe of Machina Bristronica on a 360 camera, so here's a walkthrough of the entire thing. Plus I highlight some of the cool new things I saw and share my thoughts on how it all went."

Intro - 0:00
The Grand Tour - 2:12
DivKid Stage - 2:29
Live Space - 3:15
Main Hall - 3:21
DIY Workshops - 3:58
All the synths and modular - 4:13
Data stage - 4:40
Synths! - 5:03
Discussion Stage 18:52
Live Space and bar again - 21:04
Highlights - 22:32
Tiptop Audio ART - 23:56
RYK new FM module - 27:03
Venus Instruments VENO-LOOPER - 28:10
Vostok Atlas - 28:55
Stochastic Instruments Strange-R-Things? - 30:10
PlayFader - 32:45
Befaco FX Boy - 33:50
Gaz cable thingies - 34:14
Julia Bondar live - 34:37
Conclusions - 35:43

See the Machina Bristronica label below for additional coverage of the event.

Monday, September 25, 2023

RYK Night Rider vs Vector Wave - pulsing ambient phaser drone

video upload by RYK Modular

"Pulsing drone sound using the RYK Night Rider to filter the output of a Vector Wave chord setup.

Patch Details:

Vector Wave generating static 4 note Wave Warped chord.

Night Rider set to Variable Band Width Filters.

0:00 - Pam's Pro [ off camera ] SINE LFO1 modulating the Band Width of the Night Rider filters via the RES input, creating the pulsing effect.

0:25 - Pam's Pro [ off camera ] SINE LFO2 modulating the Position of the Night Rider Modulation Sequence via the POS input. This scans through the modulation sequencer, creating the Phaser style movment of the filters.

0:45 - Filter modes changed to 12db Band Pass Resonant FIlters"

Tuesday, September 12, 2023


video upload by murratti 127

LOOPMAN • error instruments
bass drum • mosaic
scion • instruō
sample drum, black sequencer • erica synths
alan , pique, morcom, enigma, resonate • after later audio
roucha legio, yester versio • noise engineering
switch 4 • joranalogue
boundary • schlappi engineering
kermit mk3 • industrial music
mimeophone, maths,XPO, QPAS, 0-ctrl • make noise
night rider, M185, vector wave • ryk
passive LPG • intellijel
motion MTR • molten modular
Hope you like this video! Comments welcome!

Tuesday, September 05, 2023


video upload by murratti 127

bass drum • mosaic alan , pique, morcom, enigma • after later audio
roucha legio, yester versio • noise engineering
switch 4 • joranalogue
Boundary • schlappi engineering
kermit mk3 • industrial music
mimeophone, maths • make noise
night rider, M185, vector wave • ryk
passive LPG • intellijel
motion MTR • molten modular
Hope you like this video! Comments welcome!

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

NightRider by Ryk Modular

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Night Rider is a quad resonant filter with a built in sequencer. It has four bandpass filters that can be used in parallel and serial configurations, a mono allpass filter in two flavors and an amazing karplus strong mode.
It works in many configurations, but it has a strong preference for more complex sources and abolutely shines with something big and polyphonic like Vector Wave or Knobula's Poly Cinematic. While this may seem as a 'too many options' module, you can easy find your way after getting lost in a patch or two. Absolutely stunning module."

Thursday, June 22, 2023

RYK Night Rider Quad Sequential Resonator - Demo frenzy

video upload by RYK Modular

"Introducing NIGHT RIDER from RYK Modular

A Quad Resonator, combined with a six-stage four-channel
modulation sequencer

Finally a filter bank that unifies the control of multiple parameters, enabling a spaghetti-free approach to formant animation fun

NIGHT RIDER cleverly turns the dials to where you want them, when you want, via it's unique four channel modulation sequencer

Create dreamy swooshing 70’s phaser filter sweeps
Phenomenal for phoneme vocal formant rasps and wheezes
Plucking great for strumming Karplus Strong twangs, and pinging filter pings !
Or, turn your silk into shredded cabbage, with the built in bad-ass clipping-saturator

Frequency range - from rumble to wispy
Resonance/Feedback range - from tame to insane
Individual Filter levels - silent to beyond 11, for serious saturation-clipped sonic destruction

Four filter blocks, with multiple models , including: 6db BPF [ pingable ]
12db BPF [ pingable ]
12db variable width BPF
Comb Filter for Karplus Strom [ pluckable & flanger vibes ] All Pass filter [ crazy Phaser vibes ]
Dual Input and Stereo output, with Pan control for each filter in the stereo field. Input can be Mono [ CH1 - 1,2,3,4 ] or Dual [ CH1-1,2 CH2 - 3,4 ]

Modulation Sequencer capable of being clocked, scanned, and interpolated

CV inputs for sequencer Interpolated scanning, 1V/Oct frequency offset, Slew amount,

Resonance amount, Clock or MIDI clock input for sequence animation, MIDI CC Memory slots for storing and retrieving Filter and animation setups, and retrieving preset formant, and chord based Filter setups"

Friday, March 17, 2023

New RYK Modular M175 Triple Vactrol Resonator for Roland System 100m Modular Systems

video upload by RYK Modular

"Video demo of the RYK M175 Triple Vactrol Resonator module.
Oscillator source pluse wave from M110 module.
Resonance frequencies modulated by M140 Envelopes, and also note pitch CV."

via RYK Modular

M175 SYSTEM 100M Triple Resonator

Bringing the Lush 70's sound of Multiband Resonators to the System 100m

Introducing the new updated M175 Triple Resonator from RYK Modular.

Consisting of three resonant Band Pass Filters arranged in parallel, the M175 is great for adding some shape and character to a sound.

Use the triple peaks to add acoustic style resonant spikes, or modulate them to create dramatic phaser style swooshes and sweeps.

Or carefully tune the centre frequencies to create formant style vocal noises from waveforms with high harmonic content such as pulse waves.

The M175 contains three dual Vactrols to control the centre frequency of each resonator, which add a small amount of slew to the frequency modulation, famously associated with classic Buchla modules.


Three Vactrol controlled Band Pass Filters arranged in normalised parallel, or can be used as three separate filters.

Audio input signal is normalised to all three resonators, but can be overridden by inserting a jack into the resonators 1st inputs allow them to be used separately.

A mix output is available that sums the output of all three resonators, by inserting a jack into a resonators individual output overrides its output from the mix output.

Keyboard CV is supplied via the standard System 100m DIN connector, to the 1st modulation input of each resonator.

The 2nd input of the first resonator is normalised to each of the other two resonators

Authentic high quality reproduction of Roland System 100m panel, with 100m grey paint finish and 70's off white screen print.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

RYK Vector Wave Dub chords with System80 880

video upload by RYK Modular

"Dub Tecno chords using Vector Wave squecned from M185
Drum track from System80 880
Delay on Vector Wave from Korg Mini Kaoss Pad"

You can find additional RYK Vector Wave posts here.

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