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Tuesday, October 03, 2023

The Blue Marble Synthesizer Project Plans to Put a Music Synthesizer Controller in Space

video upload by Physical Synthesis

Blue Marble Synthesizer Project: Andrew Huang

Physical Synthesis, the makers of Cicada, wrote in to let us know of a new project soon to be seeking funding on Kickstarter.

I asked them what the platform would be based on. They replied:

"The web-based interface will be an adapted version of Patatap to which we’ll add a video feed and other interactions that will be possible to trigger inside the space capsule (i,e agitate the marble by turning on a fan, LED array, microphone, speaker, etc).

The space capsule has a set of different elements that allows to change the position of the physical marble floating inside the zero-gravity chamber (a set of sensors that calculates the position, a fan that agitates the position of the marble, a microphone that records those interactions, etc). All that data is then being sent back to us on earth (or in reverse sent to the capsule from earth using the Live mode). In other words, the web-interface receives data/interactions from the capsule and the Live mode allows to send data/interactions directly to the capsule. Lastly we’re building a VST plug-in allowing to receive MIDI and hook up data directly into your DAW or other synth."

In short the interactive hardware controller w/ microphone to capture audio is in space, while the synth engine and processing is done on earth.

Addtional details from the Kickstarter/Press Release follows.

The Blue Marble Synthesizer is the first-ever music synthesizer that can only work in space and that is playable from here on earth. It’s a synthesizer for making music and experimenting with sound. The system consists of a pressurized capsule in a low earth orbit satellite, a network of sensors, and a web-based interface for people to play with here on earth.

1. The Blue Marble Synthesizer Capsule consists of a pressurized CubeSat module configured with a control computer, camera, sensor array, fan, LED array, a microphone, and a speaker. It measures the behavior of a marble floating in a zero gravity synth capsule and sends sensor data, audio feed, and video feed back to us on earth.

2. The Web-Based Interface is an interactive and self-contained web audio synthesizer designed for everyone. Through a collaboration with the creator of Patatap, this application blends interactions from the Blue marble Synthesizer Capsule data with a traditional interactive music synthesizer. This web-based interface is a way to explore the interactions between the Blue Marble Synthesizer Capsule and people’s own musical creativity.

● When does the space mission start?
The Kickstarter campaign is set to start on Wednesday, October 4 for 30 days until the rocket launch which is set for Wednesday November 1 aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket. Once in orbit, the Blue Marble Synthesizer Space Capsule will be rotating around earth every 90 minutes.

● Why does this project matter?
The Blue Marble Synth Project is intended for all those who share a passion for space, music, and the intersection of science and art. Music has always been a universal language that transcends cultural barriers, connecting people on a deeply emotional level. By introducing a music synthesizer to space, we expand the horizons of artistic expression and create a new dimension for human creative endeavors off-planet.

● What is the experience like for supporters?

1. Two primary ways: people will have the chance to make music with the audio and the data captured by the Blue Marble Synthesizer in two primary ways: through an interactive web-interface or via a VST-plug-in. Some supporters may also have the chance to play and interact with the system directly in space.

2. The Blue Marble Web-Interface: is a self-contained web based application that works from here on Earth. Inspired by Patatap, this application blends interactions from the Blue Marble Synth Capsule Data with a traditional interactive music synthesizer.

3. The Blue Marble VST Plug in: this feature allows to receive MIDI and control data from the Blue Marble Synth Capsule to use with other digital synthesizers and digital audio workstations such as Ableton LIVE, FL Studio, Presonus Studio 1, etc.

● Who are the artists involved?
Andrew Huang, Benn Jordan, Trovarsi, and MAYSUN, are invited artists who will compose original music with the Blue Marble Synthesizer during this orbital mission. They each possess the adventurer's spirit that we believe is at the heart of this project.

Andrew Huang
We are thrilled to have Andrew Huang, the YouTube phenom and Toronto-based artist join the Blue Marble Synth Project. As a highly acclaimed music and video producer, Andrew's unique ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical styles with captivating visuals aligns perfectly with the innovative vision we seek to bring to life. His creativity, coupled with his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, makes him an invaluable addition to this project

These 4 artists will compose original music using the Blue Marble Synthesizer and the resulting tracks will be released for project supporters on an exclusive LP post-mission.

● What else can supporters get by supporting?
Beyond accessing the Web-Based interface and Artist Album, supporters also get access to a range of branded Blue Marble Synthesizer merchandise designed by Physical Synthesis. The collection features a sticker and mission patch, hoodie, t-shirt, cap, tote bag, and more.

● What goes inside the Blue Marble Synthesizer? Technical Breakdown
The Blue Marble Synthesizer Capsule consists of a pressurized CubeSat module configured with a control computer, camera, sensor array, fan, LED array, a microphone, and a speaker. The module allows supporters to receive data so they can control other synths and interfaces as well as initiate actions that affect what happens inside the capsule

1. Zero Gravity Dynamics: to make the Blue Marble Synthesizer an instrument that can truly work in space, it requires harnessing the power of zero-gravity. To do this, the synthesizer relies on interactions between a spherical piece of glass – the blue marble – and an array of accurate laser sensors that measure the distance and location of the marble as it floats around a small pressurized chamber.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Shakmat Modular Battering Ram Eurorack Kick

video upload by Sound Provider / Leonard de Leonard

"I'm so excited and honored to be a beta tester for the prototype of Battering Ram, the Eurorack module from Shakmat Modular in collaboration with my friend and Genius Marc Nostromo, the guy behind Ableton Drum Buss and Drift.So far, I love the sound (it can be sooo deep, perfect for Techno and electronic music but not only!)and I'm impressed by its real simplicity and efficiency. I hope I ll be able to do longer/better demo with the final version ."

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Hydrasynth Firmware 2.0 – Introduction & Performance by Dominic Au & Tutorials

Hydrasynth Firmware 2.0 – Performance by Dominic Au
video upload by ASM Ashun Sound Machines

"In this video, product manager Dominic Au demonstrates various new Hydrasynth 2.0 features.

#HydrasynthExplorer #AshunSoundMachines #Hydrasynth #ASM"

Hydrasynth Firmware 2.0 – Bit Redux
Hydrasynth Firmware 2.0 – Voice Modulator
Hydrasynth Firmware 2.0 – LFO / Envelope Quantize
Hydrasynth Firmware 2.0 – Step Advance LFO
Hydrasynth Manager 2.1 Tutorial

ASM adds features and functions to perennially popular Hydrasynth range with major (2.0) firmware update available for free

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA/HONG KONG, CHINA: creativity-sparking sensational products provider Ashun Sound Machines (ASM) is proud to add features and functions to its perennially popular Hydrasynth range — comprising the original Hydrasynth keyboard and Hydrasynth desktop, announced to widespread critical acclaim in September 2019, followed by the flagship Hydrasynth Deluxe and portable Hydrasynth Explorer models announced in September 2021 — with a major (2.0) firmware update available for free as of March 15…

As an appealing appetiser, ASM’s major (2.0) firmware update adds three more memory banks to the Hydrasynth keyboard, desktop, and Explorer models, matching the Deluxe’s existing eight banks for a total of 1,024 patches. Put it this way: all are cutting-edge digital wave morphing synthesizers that positively invite their respective users to get involved in designing sounds, so more memory makes sense. Speaking of sound design, each Hydrasynth oscillator — OSC 1, OSC 2, and OSC 3 — now includes a new BitRedux (bit reduction) parameter that allows users to choose between OFF, 16, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 bits.

But — given that the 2.0 firmware update readily ranks as a major one — there is more, including more modulation options, thanks to a new modulation source called VoiceMod (voice modulator) that allows users to offset values for each voice that can then be applied in the Mod Matrix to vary chosen parameters per voice. Digging deeper, all five envelopes — ENV 1 through to ENV 5 — and LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) — LFO 1 through to LFO 5 — have new Quantize options, so adventurous users can quantize their outputs to achieve unique stepping effects. Excitingly, now it is possible to choose to advance through the steps with each new note on with the LFOs in Step mode, meaning users can play through the steps one by one with each new note press.

For flexibility in the studio or at home, Hydrasynth’s version 2.0 firmware update also allows users to bypass each of the (Pre-FX, Post-FX, Delay, and/or Reverb) effects globally in the system page — to record a dry signal without having to edit each patch, in other words. Thanks to the 2.0 firmware update, Hydrasynth users can choose how the sustain pedal operates. The three options available are: Sustain — traditional sustain (as it has always worked), Sostenuto — press and hold a single note while playing notes above it, and Mod Only — disables the sustain function, allowing users to then route it in the Mod Matrix.

Meanwhile, mention must briefly be made of other added features and functions, to include: Arp range expanded to six octaves; new Arp Step Offset parameter; Bank selection from browser window; ability to randomize all steps in LFO Step mode; new display Dim, On/Off options; Glissando mode added to Glide options; fine control for more subtle options offered by Vibrato; and Local On/Off status recalled (with in-screen reminder). As ASM CEO Glen Darcey duly concludes: “We hope you like the new features in 2.0. I would ask that you download the manual; there are some good tips and tricks on each of the new features and functions in there.”

Friday, October 07, 2022

Modbap Introduces HUE "AUDIO COLOR PROCESSOR" Eurorack Module

video upload by Modbap Modular

Modbap Modular makes colorful Eurorack entrance at Brooklyn SYNTH+PEDAL EXPO with HUE debuting as AUDIO COLOR PROCESSOR

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA: following hot in the footsteps of Trinity, the fourth entry in its expanding Eurorack product lineup as a three-channel DIGITAL DRUM SYNTH ARRAY (as introduced at Knobcon Number Ten, a one-of-a-kind synthesizer convention held just outside of Chicago, IL, USA at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, September 9-11), black-owned Eurorack modular synthesis and electronic musical instrument manufacturer Modbap Modular is proud to debut HUE as its latest Eurorack entry — this time being billed as an AUDIO COLOR PROCESSOR, packing a chain of five effects (each imparting a particular coloration, tone, distortion, and/or texture to the source audio) into a 6HP- width module, making drums bang with more magnitude and melodies morph into lush lo-fi tones — at Brooklyn SYNTH+PEDAL EXPO, a free-to-the-public pop-up event of synths and guitar effect pedals, at 718 Studios, Brooklyn, NYC, USA, October 8-9…

“HUE was originally designed as the effects section for Trinity; the thought was to create an effects section that would simulate the classic, lush boom- bap and lo-fi vibes that we’ve come to love.” So says Modbap Modular founder/owner/designer Corry Banks, before continuing: “I want to bring those nostalgic textures that make things bang a bit harder and feel a bit grittier and more soulful into a single Eurorack module. HUE pairs very well with drum sources, such as Trinity, or melodic sources, such as Osiris, to further cultivate ‘that sound’. Saying that, HUE, in moderation, makes things sound more beautiful, but it can become brolic when pushed to its limits.”

Maximum (musical) muscle notwithstanding, HUE’s goal is to simply color its user’s sound — hence highlighting that the aim of its name is true, thanks to the COLOR PROCESSOR wording written across the top of its slimline front panel. Its initial concept was born out of a debate about the techniques and processes used to make drum machines sound so big, bold, and delicious. It is worth bearing in mind here, then, that the sounds that tug at the heartstrings of boom-bap, lo-fi, and, subsequently, Modbap — meaning the fusion of modular synthesis and boom-bap (or, indeed, any form of hip-hop) — are those demonstrating great texture, lush degradation, soft distortion, and big bold strokes of color.

Classic beloved drum machines were often processed with outboard gear; recorded to tape; pressed to vinyl; played over big, booming sound systems; sampled; resampled, and so on. It is no surprise, therefore, that those are the sounds that become nostalgic and reminiscent of all that the black-owned Eurorack modular synthesis and electronic musical instrument manufacturer adores about classic lo-fi boom-bap production, with HUE representing its attempt at bringing that vibe into Eurorack as a 6HP-width module.

Acting as a COLOR PROCESSOR, HUE’s effects chain signal path is as follows: DRIVE, FILTER, TAPE (saturation), LO-FI, and COMP (compressor), with the panel layout allowing for the DJ-style FILTER knob to sit in first position for ease of tweaking — LP (low-pass) when turned to the left through to HP (high- pass) when turned to the right. Digging deeper, DRIVE boosts and lightly distorts the signal, while SHIFT+DRIVE adjusts the DRIVE tone; the TAPE effect is intended to impart cassette tape saturation, while SHIFT+TAPE adjusts the intensity; LO-FI adjusts bit depth, while SHIFT+LO-FI adjusts sample rate; and, lastly, the one-knob COMP mini-pot serves as the final glue in the signal path that brings everything together. There are also DRIVE CV, FILTER CV, TAPE CV, and LO-FI CV inputs, as well as mono INPUT and OUT connections, collectively opening up a wealth of creative possibilities. Put it this way: when throwing creative modulation at it, HUE is truly a textural beast.

But best of all, HUE puts the power to shape and transform its user’s sound at their fingertips — perfect for beefing up drums while equally as magical when working on melodic content, which is exactly why it pairs so well with Trinity (, the fourth entry in Modbap Modular’s expanding Eurorack product lineup as a three-channel DIGITAL DRUM SYNTH ARRAY, and Osiris (, a sensational-sounding BI-FIDELITYTM WAVETABLE OSC (oscillator) module for Eurorack (introduced to widespread critical acclaim at last year’s Knobcon Number Nine). Needless to say, HUE — like its Eurorack siblings — exemplifies Modbap Modular’s musical mantra: Made for Eurorack, dope enough for boom-bap!

Expected to ship in late-October 2022, HUE is available to preorder at an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of $299.00 USD via San Clemente, CA, USA-based distributor Electro Distro’s growing global network of dealers ( — including Sweetwater (, the USA’s number one eCommerce provider of music instruments and pro audio gear — or directly via its dedicated webpage (which includes more in-depth information) here:

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Formanta UDS Drum Now Sample Pack Demo

video upload by Sound Provider

"Buy it here:
or here :
The Introducing Price is 8 Euro before the 31/12, 10 Euro after.

Sound Provider ' Formanta UDS Drum Now is a Collection of 254 one-shot Sounds of the venerable vintage soviet analog drum machine, the Formanta UDS, they were recorded with love and edited with special care and offering a wide variety of sound.
This soundbank was created for all types of music creation, from techno to house, modern pop to hip hop or EDM.
In this sample pack you will find 254 Sounds in wav format 44.1/24 bit Stereo quality.

Leonard de Leonard"

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Can We import Ensoniq SQ-80 & ESQ-1 Sysex on Arturia SQ-80 V ? + link for more than 4k free Presets

video upload by Sound Provider

"I think I see this question at least 10 times since my yesterday video about my presets for the SQ 80v ( )
So I did a quick test (and this quick tutorial video) to see if it s working, not having a SQ80 in the studio at the moment i can't compare side by side, but we can say that it seems to work well and also it's interesting to be able to listen to all his presets of the past.
To make this test I found a huge source of presets on gearspace where it seems that someone compiled about 4500 presets (I didn't count, correct me if it's not):"

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Ashun Sound Machines (ASM) Announces New Hydrasynth Deluxe and Hydrasynth Explorer Synths

Hydrasynth Deluxe Introductionvideo upload by ASM Ashun Sound Machines

Hydrasynth Explorer Introduction
Hydrasynth Explorer Introduction video upload by ASM Ashun Sound Machines

"Ashun Sound Machines (ASM) announces Hydrasynth Deluxe and Hydrasynth Explorer keyboard synth sensations

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA/HONG KONG, CHINA: creativity-sparking sensational products provider Ashun Sound Machines (ASM) is proud to announce upcoming availability of Hydrasynth Deluxe and Hydrasynth Explorer as two new additions to its Hydrasynth keyboard and desktop Polyphonic Wave Morphing Synthesizer siblings successfully launched to widespread critical acclaim in 2019 — the new-found former as a 73-note, 16-voice version of the Hydrasynth keyboard, while the latter features a 37-note mid-sized key-bed — as of September 9…

As a 73-note, 16-voice version of the Hydrasynth keyboard complete with proprietary ASM Polytouch® technology to provide responsive velocity and expressive polyphonic aftertouch over each note, Hydrasynth Deluxe additionally features dual stereo — MAIN/UPPER (L/MONO and R) and LOWER (L and R) — outputs. On top of that, there are also split and layering functions for its 16 voices powered by two separate Hydrasynth — analog modeling (OSC 1-3) and WaveScan synthesis (OSC 1+2) — voice engines, allowing for full bi-timbral control. An accessory shelf that mounts on the back of the right side of Hydrasynth Deluxe extends the top panel-available area so diverse devices such as sound modules, mixers, laptops, and drum machines can comfortably be accommodated atop. A user-assignable four-octave ribbon controller and ergonomically-designed pitch and modulation wheels — all familiar from the Hydrasynth keyboard — all add to its illustrious performance capabilities, complimented by an also-now-familiar connection compliment of SUSTAIN and EXPRESSION PEDAL inputs, MIDI (IN, OUT, and THRU on five-pin DIN, as well as class-compliant USB B), and a comprehensive CV / GATE section (for playing nicely with the ever- widening Eurorack modular world, vintage synthesizers, and more).

Moving on to the other end of the synth scale, Hydrasynth Explorer is a compact-sized Hydrasynth featuring a 37-note mid-sized key-bed with proprietary ASM Polytouch® technology to provide responsive velocity and expressive polyphonic aftertouch features that are not found in other smaller-sized keyboards. However, Hydrasynth Explorer still has the full eight-voice Hydrasynth engine and, despite diminutive — 21.81”/ 55.4cm (W) x 9.72”/24.7cm (D) x 2.28”/5.8cm (H) — dimensions in comparison to its bigger brother, also features CV / GATE OUTPUTS, a SUSTAIN PEDAL input, and standard-sized MIDI IN and OUT connectors (complimented by class-compliant USB B connectivity), as well as a stereo — L/ MONO and R — OUTPUT and another output for (head)PHONES. Perfectly portable, Hydrasynth Explorer can also be powered by 8x AA batteries — not included.

Indeed, Hydrasynth Deluxe and Hydrasynth Explorer both bring back polyphonic aftertouch — one of the most requested features in synthesizers and controllers — with their respective semi-weighted-keys-providing Polytouch® keyboards beautifully breathing life into otherwise static sounds by affording an ability to create expressive passages, unlike common channel aftertouch-enabled keyboards. It is not necessary, therefore, to learn a new keyboard technique to be able to play and perform with an ASM Polytouch® keyboard. Thanks to the two new additions to ASM’s Hydrasynth keyboard range, deciding which one best suits is now a threefold creative choice... and a clearly-defined one at that!

The bigger picture is immediately clearer as ASM CEO Glen Darcey ends on an equally high note: “Our goal at ASM is to create premium- quality, fantastic-sounding, extremely-playable instruments providing musicians with the affordable tools they need to express themselves musically. Our team has many years of experience with electronic music products, both on a personal and professional level — from playing them to designing them. Our unique partnership with Medeli allows us to realize this goal.”

Hydrasynth Deluxe and Hydrasynth Explorer are expected to ship in November 2021, available to purchase via ASM’s growing global network of authorized dealers ( at an MSRP of $1,999.00 USD ($1,799.00 USD MAP)/€1,749.00 EUR/£1,699.00 GBP/¥224,900 JPY for Hydrasynth Deluxe and an MSRP of $799.00 USD ($599.00 USD MAP)/€599.00 EUR/£549.00 GBP/¥79,900 JPY for Hydrasynth Explorer."

Also see the Hydrasynth Explorer Performance by Dominic Au posted pre press release earlier today here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Recording Modor Dr-2 Digital Drum Machine for a Techno Remix

video upload by Sound Provider

"Just quick video here when I was recording the Modor Dr-2 DrumMachine for a remix I m working on for Komfortrauschen.
I add a solo part with the Drum machine only at the end of the video.
Fun fact , I used on of a Snare algorithm to do the Kick Sound
For info it s an half mix version so I use compressor, eq and little bit of reverb on the Drum."

Monday, April 26, 2021

Leonard de Leonard Dawless Techno Live in Sound Provider Studio For Techno Elevation OnLine Festival

video by Sound Provider

"Dawless Techno Jam / Live from Leonard de Leonard from the Sound Provider Studio/ Berlin for "Techno Is Our Life": Techno Elevation On Line Festival.
It always fun to do Studio session like that, it's easier to choose the gear you ll use when you work on your Studio rather than choosing the one that will fit in the suitcase when we have to take the plane 😊.(even if playing in front of IRL dancers is much much better)
Lot of improvisation here , so no "real tracks" already release, if you like some parts tell me in the comment with the timing,maybe I'll try to make some songs around these parts.

Noticeable Gear I use here:
Drums and Percussions come from Native Instruments Maschine Plus, Modor DR 2 Digital Drum Machine and Eurorack modules and Patch
Synth bass and arp come from Novation Circuit Mono Station Analog Synth and most of the time from Modular Synthesizer (lot of Roland/Intellijel/Noise Engineering...)
Live Sequence from Toraiz Squid, Metropolis, Grids, Circuit , Maschine Plus Modor..."

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Modor DR-2 Drum Machine Clap through Boss DD8 GLT Mod for Techno Glitchy and Chaotic Delay.

video by Sound Provider

I am testing here a new sound design combo for my next tracks , Live act , sound bank for sound provider (​ ) and also for fun .
The New DD-8 GLT delay mode created glitchy machine-gun effects when the pedal switch is pressed.It s quite fun to use and add little chaos and Glitch effect , I think it will be fun to use it in my next live show in addition to the other mods I already use. I use it here with the Beautiful digital drum machine from Modor , the DR-2.
For info about the mix I added a very very little bit of reverb on the clap and some EQ and compressor on all the percussions.

Voila , I hope some of you will find this video useful and that you will enjoy it.

Leonard de Leonard'

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Sound Of: Modor DR-2 Digital Drum Machine Algorithms/Models

video by Sound Provider

"In this rather long video I tried to present you all the algorithms of the Modor DR-2 one by one, a drum machine that does not have many demos on the net to give you an idea of the variety of sounds it produces. I really like this drum machine which some algorithm allow to create rare or unique sounds like with the Claps or theRattle Model (Check the Time Line at the end of the description)

I focused mainly on the models here and I don't show or very little the more advanced functions like accents, random variations, compressors, reverse function...

I am recording now a lot this superb Drum Synth for the next sound bank for sound Provider (​ ) and also for my personal tracks.

For those interested I have posted a shorter video of the machine on a Techno demo here : [posted here]​

Otherwise I wanted to apologize, I realized during the editing that I had left a snare drum in the back that we sometimes hear in the background.

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Elastic Drums Update 2.4 - Sample, Preset, Store changes ...

video by Oliver Greschke

"With Update 2.4 structuring of samples and presets has been changed: InApp Purchase sample kits are now only loaded when needed, the more than 200 presets are now also available as free downloads. This has reduced the size of the app by 2/3. You will find the downloaded files in the apps document folder, also visible via the „Files“ app."

Analog Techno Provider sample kit by Leonard de Leonard

video by Oliver Greschke

"128 techno percussion samples recorded from drum machines, synths and modular synths featured in 13 technoid demos by Berlin based Sound Provider company run by Leonard de Leonard."

Monday, March 01, 2021

Dark Noisy & Glitchy Drone Texture with DIY Neutral Labs Elmyra Synthesizer (Feat Empress Zoia)

video by Sound Provider

"On this small demo I did an Ambient Drone with the Elmyra from Neutral Labs, the Elmyra is a quite noisy but fun and cheap Diy digital/analog hybrid drone synthesizer with a digital delay.

Elmyra is based on the Adafruit ItsyBitsy M0 Express microcontroller. Its 10-bit audio resolution already gives it a wonderfully gritty sound, and this circuit adds some nasty analog distortion to it.

For the video in addition to the delay included in the Synth, I also added a bit of reverb with the Zoia From Empress Effects , the patch I used is the "1978 plate A" from Christopher H. M. Jacques which you can download for free here if you have the Zoia :

Leonard de Leonard"

You can find additional Elmyra posts here.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Modor Dr-2 Digital Drum Machine 150BPM Techno Test.

video by Sound Provider

"Hello, everybody ,
Locked in the studio with the Modor Dr-2 Drum Machine at my disposal since few days, I decided to make it pass the Techno Test.
It won't replace the need due to the closing of the Clubs everywhere but at least it makes me feel good. (otherwise for info I'm super hot for dj sets or to make Techno Live as soon as the clubs reopen!!!! )
For this demo, I recorded all the tracks separately and used a lot of eq and compressor, a little bit of reverb as well as a delay (especially for the Clap).
I like this Drum Machine I will try to make you other videos with it.
Do you think it succeeded in its Techno Test?


Leonard de Leonar"

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Arturia MicroFreak Noise Engineering Algo Techno Test + Free Patches (Feat Empress Effects Zoia)

video by Sound Provider

"Arturia has just released a new OS for the MicroFreak Synthesizer with as main new feature the addition of 3 new algorithms created by Noise Engineering. Being a fan of the MicroFreak Synth and Noise Engineering (I have few Eurorack Modules from them), I couldn't miss it, so I tested a little Techno loop where I exclusively use the MicroFreak with the Noise Engineering Algo.

As the MicroFreak doesn't have any effects, I used Zoia from Empress effects to add delay and reverb (I love this pedal), I also used different eq and compressors to mix the songs.

To find the patches I use on the video (plus little more) go here:

I ll also add them on soon , you can download them for free, just put 0 on the price (even if I'm not against a tip, a like or a follow to thank me if you liked it. πŸ˜‰ )

It was quite funny to make this video, tell me if you're interested that I make other videos like this one where I also share the patches (not necessarily that with the microfreak)

Finding Sound: 0:01
Techno: 0:35
MicroFreak Solo part: 1:36"

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Lo-fi Mellotron Style Sampler with a Gieskes DIY hacked Walkman ( Zachteman )

Sound Provider

"A friend lent me a Zachteman for a few days and I took the opportunity to record a lot of stuff with it. The Zechteman is a kind of DIY Mellotron made from a hacked portable cassette player created by the genius Gieskes.It has a keyboard, a vibrato and even a Cv input that controls the pitch and a Gate input that controls the vibrato (Perfect to use it with my Eurorack Synth).
For this demo, I used my Aiwa Cassette Recorder to record a single note with my Analog Synthesiter Moog Werkstatt for 5 minutes and then I used the cassette with the Zachteman to create a melody.
For the last part I added some effects with the Zoia of Empress Effects and I took the opportunity to make a quick Beat with sounds I released on Sound Provider( Analog Now & Techno Now / ) with Maschine Plus of Native Instruments, it allowed me to see that the sample banks of sound provider also works well with the Hiphop πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰


Leonard de Leonard"

Gieskes Walkman posts

Friday, November 20, 2020

Native Instruments Maschine Plus with Eurorack modular Synth test to find my next Techno Live Setup.

Sound Provider

"Raw video about me testing Maschine Plus and Eurorack combo for my next Techno Live set . I would like to use only one Modular Synth case.
We'll see at the end if I succeed :)


Leonard de Leonard"

Saturday, November 14, 2020

JH.FS-1A Frequency Shifter & DrumBrute Impact FM Drum Test (Warning high Resonance Sometimes)

Sound Provider

"Not a crazy video here and not super musical also, just a quick and very raw demo of me tweaking knobs of the (Genius) JΓΌrgen Haible analog Frequency Shifter effect with the Arturia Drumbrute Impact Drum Machine Fm Drum as source.


Thursday, November 12, 2020

Maschine Plus Test with "Techno Kick & Hi-Hat Now" SamplePacks.

Sound Provider

I just received the new Standalone Maschine Plus from Native Instruments at the Studio and I m super excited about it. I want to use it in studio to compose in many different styles and for Dawless Jam but also and especially as the brain of my next Techno Live without computer.
The first thing I do almost systematically when I get a new sampler is to test my personal Kick and Hi-Hat Sound Banks. In the past I have been surprised by the reproduction of Kicks by some samplers, some losing the sub and impact of the kicks.The hihat test is also important to see if we keep the dimension and brilliance of the percussion and also to see if the kick and hihat doesn't get lost together.
For this test, since we are never better served than by ourselves, I used 2 soundbanks that I released on Sound Provider: 'Techno kick now' & 'Techno hi-hat now' .After my first test for the moment I am super happy with the sound of the sampler, my Kicks ,Rumble Bass and Hi Hat keep their impact and power."

Friday, October 02, 2020

Sound Of: Simmons SDS-V Analog Drum Machine ( Bass / Snare and Tom Tom Modules Only )

Sound Provider

"It's been a long time since I've made a video of a drum machine.
Let's fix that by continuing to explore the material we use in Sound Provider Studio for production or for Sound-Banks by listening to the venerable SDSV Drum Modules built in the early 80's in the UK by Simmons.
For this demo I use Mutable instruments Modules from my Eurorack system to trig the Drum, "Grids" for Kick/Snare and "Grids" with "Branches" for the Toms . Also even if I use few EQ and Few dynamic processor I try to keep the sound quite raw and I didn 't add any other effects like reverb, delay or modulation.
Unfortunatly I didn 't have the Cymbal and HiHat modules ,the drummers used most often their real cymbal and hihat with the modules at the time, so they are rather rare and expensive.It makes the demo with all the modules a little rough without them.
I use a lot my SDS-V for Sound Provider soundbanks expecially for the "Analog Kick, Snare and Tom Now" ( )

0:02 Bass Module (Kick)
1:31 Snare Module
2:50 Tom Module x 1
4:08 Tom Modules x3
6:05 All Modules
8:00 All Modules but more Techno (without all the Effects and heavy Processing)

Note about my version: It have mod someone did for me , it's a module in the front where I can switch directly the patch from my Modular , the Knob can adjust the amount of velocity and the button can trig the sound without any external gear (very useful if you want to trigger and adjust the sound)

Playlist of Sound Provider' DrumMachine"

Patch n Tweak
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