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Friday, May 17, 2024

Access Virus FREE Emulator (OsTIrus) - "Cinematic & Vintage" & "Best Analog&Ambient" Soundsets

video upload by LFOstore

2nd video below. Note the intros appear to be the same. You can skip to the demo section if you want.


00:00 - 05:22 Into & Instructions
05:23 - 22:29 Sound Demo

The Future Is Now!

Finally famous Motorola DSP56300 emulated in computer!
The Virus B,C,TI,SNOW, Waldorf Micro Q and other famous synths were made with this baby in heart.

Introducing OsTIrus & Osirus - two VST plugins with 100% full emulation of all Access Virus Synthesizers on your MAC & PC for FREE!

This pack contains all installation files & instruction & original OS from Access website to install & Enjoy Virus Universe wherever you are!

And our soundset "Cinematic & Vintage Sounds" with 115 organic presets for both plugins!

Welcome to "Cinematic & Vintage" Soundset with authentic & organic sounds ready to go in your original soundtrack!

Powerful & rich sound modeling like never before.

By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation.

All sounds of soundset bpm syncable & modulation wheel approved.

Powerful unison strings, stunning unusual arps, deep pads & polys great for soundtrack atmosphere, synth-pop & retro wave music, dancefloor music."

Access Virus FREE Emulation (Osirus) - "Best Analog&Ambient" Soundset+ Full installation & Files

video upload by

00:00 - 05:00 Intro & Instructions
05:01 - 16:20 Soundset Demo


SoundMaster ST-305, Roland Jupiter 4 & Echolette SE251

video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"Quick impro to demo the Sound Master Stix Programma ST-305 (!) analog drum machine syncing the Roland Jupiter 4 arpeggiator. The Echolette SE251 provides echo/reverb.
The ST-305 is an 80s programmable analog drum machine. Very basic, no sound editing but you get 7 sounds, an accent track, dedicated volume faders and outputs for every instrument.
And the icing on the cake is it can be synced to external gear and/or sync other gear, which is a nice feature (you can use it slaved to a sequencer and in the same time slaving a synth, so it acts as a 'through').
I did not know this one till recently and it was a pleasant surprise."

Klemt Echolette SE-251 tape delay.

via this listing

Pics of the inside below.

"This is quite a rare tape echo manufactured by Dynacord. It seems to be one of the very last tape echo introduced by the brand (with the Echolette Echo 400).
It shares many parts with the Echocord line of delays like motor, pinch roller, heads, oscillator board etc
But this one used op amps instead of only transistors for amp stages (the Echocord Super 76 also already used one op amp for the output stage).

The unit has 2 heads which you can mix with the dedicated pot. Otherwise classic features like input volume, tone, echo send level, echo feedback and echo level.
In the back the original DIN socket enabled output and aux input. In this case you only get the wet signal out of the delay, which is nice in a studio environment.

Unit was fully serviced and modded:
- all electrolityc caps were replaced (except 3 bipolar ones )
- original 4x op amps were upgraded to better one (TL081)
- original DIN socket was replaced by 2 jack sockets, one for the output and one for the aux input. Also a pot was added to attenuate the level for the aux input
- unit was meticulously cleaned
- heads were cleaned, demagnetized and aligned
- unit was calibrated
- tape is new

The unit is in perfect working order and in excellent cosmetic condition."

NanoSeq-9 Retro 8 Bit Sequencer Synth Demos

video upload by TroniCraft Instruments

"The NanoSeq-9 is a digital sequencer synth that creates spacey, 8 bit chip music retro LoFi sounds. Created in the style of Circuit Bending, LoFi the NanoSeq-9 can produce retro 80's chip sounds & deep bass beats. Includes photocell sensors for Light Theremin functionality.
The NanoSeq-9 Is on Ebay:"

NanoSeq-9 Sequencer Synth Demo Part 2 Playing Retro 8 Bit Sounds & Beats.

video upload by TroniCraft Instruments

"This is part 2 of the NanoSeq-9 Sequencer where some sounds and rhythmic beats are demonstrated. It uses 2 photocell sensors for manipulating sounds like a Theremin (moving your hand over the sensors).

There is a very cool sounding low pass filter (LPF) for creating spacey, modulated effects.

See the Tronicraft lable below for more.

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Tiptop Audio - Triax 8 & More

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Gur at Tiptop Audio showcased their latest innovations in the world of modular synthesis, introducing the range of new ART polyphonic modules and utilities that are set to revolutionize the way musicians interact with their modular systems. Vortex 6 *, a PPG Wave oscillator, *Octopass Poly Filter*, *Octostages Poly Envelope and Octogain are all set to begin shipping straight after Superbooth 2024.

All these polyphonic modules peak to each other using ART*, Tiptops polyphonic signal, and this signal travels through the *Polytip patch cords. Gur also revealed some new utilities, including *M*, a Polytip Mult.

Next Gur revealed the Triax8*, a fully analog polyphonic oscillator featuring 16 true analog oscillators designed by the renowned *Dave Rossum and his colleagues at SSI*. The *Triax8 offers a rich and diverse sound palette, allowing users to create anything from beautiful pads to classic vintage analog tones. The oscillator also boasts a linear FM with true zero, enabling users to experiment with frequency modulation and create complex and evolving sounds.

Triax 8 Available soon.

All prices can be found on the Tiptop Audio website."

Press announcment/release follows:

Polyphonic modular system:

Are you ready for a new chapter in modular synthesis? Soon after Superbooth we will announce preorders and start shipping the first set of the fully Polyphonic modules: Vortex6, Octopass, Octostages, Octogain, Octo I/O and the Polytip patch cables that are used to patch them.

Buchla and Tiptop Audio 200t systems:

Moving forward with our collaboration with Buchla we are demoing a complete 200t system at Superbooth. The system is housed in cool wood-like Mantis cases with a vintage touch. These systems will be available later this year.

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Expressive E - Noisy 2

video upload by sonicstate

"Sonic State attended Superbooth 2024 and caught up with Chris from Expressive E to discuss their latest release, *Noisy 2*. This brand new software synth is a bi-timbral synth that uses noise as a source signal and resonators to create unique sounds. With 700 presets in MPE mode, users can expect a wide range of sound possibilities. The most exciting feature of NOISY 2 is the integration of expression control with the synthesizer, allowing for dynamic triggering and continuous control. This level of expression opens up new possibilities for sound design and MPE controllers like the Osmos.

NOISY 2 is now available for purchase at an introductory price of 89.40 euros."

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Korg Berlin - Acoustic Synthesis Phase 8

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024 we met up with Lukas from Korg Berlin who gave us a lovely outdoor look at a prototype synth, *Acoustic Synthesis Phase 8*, their latest attempt to create an instrument that sits between the worlds of acoustic and electronic instruments.

At the heart of ASP-8 are several individual resonators that form the basis of the sound of the instrument, and these work with the capacitive pickup which works like a condenser microphone. Not only can you interact with the resonators physically, you can interact electronically through the synthesizer itself. There's an onboard 8-step sequencer that can trigger and change the settings of the resonators as you go.

There are two basic playing modes, hammer mode for short, plucky sounds, and each resonator gets independent tone and time controls, where time acts like a basic decay envelope. In wave mode, the time controls switch to affecting the attack time, which leads to more pad-like, slow soundscapes. Lukas explained this will probably be the last prototype before this instrument is released in its final form, which Korg Berlin hope will happen at Superbooth 2025."

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Oberheim TEO-5 demo at Superbooth 2024

video upload by Signal Sounds

"Focusrite Group Product Specialist Chris 'Calc' Calcutt gives us a walkthrough and some patch examples from the new Oberheim TEO-5, a five-voice analogue polysynth from one of the most revered brands in synth history.

Pre-order yours here:"


video upload by Oberheim Official

"Step up to the legendary warmth and brilliance of classic Oberheim, reborn in the compact, powerful TEO-5. Dive into authentic analog tones, push boundaries with modern modulations and effects, and create like Thomas Elroy Oberheim always dreamed. TEO-5 is more than a synth, it's your sonic legacy, waiting to be written.

Music by Peter Dyer
All sounds from TEO-5

Learn more at"

TEO-5 Synthesizer Unboxing & Demo Feat. Tom Oberheim

video upload by Doctor Mix

"Today, I unbox and demo the incredible Oberheim TEO-5 synthesizer. In the video I also discuss TEO-5 with the man himself Tom Oberheim who graciously gave me an intimate introduction to his latest and greatest synthesizer. 🚀"

J3PO reviews the new Oberheim TEO-5 synthesizer

video upload by J3PO

"Today, Oberheim Electronics has just announced the release of their new synthesizer: TEO-5 -- a five-voice analog synthesizer. In this video, Julian "J3PO" Pollack reviews the synth and performs numerous sound examples.

00:00 Introduction
01:04 Sound Examples & Discussion
26:38 Conclusion / Final Thoughts"

OBERHEIM TEO-5 Review // Filter & TZFM explored // Pros & cons vs Take 5 & Oberheim synths

video upload by loopop

"Get access to my exclusive In-Complete Book of Electronic Music Ideas, Tips and Tricks, on my Patreon: / loopop"

0:00 Intro
1:10 Overview
3:10 Build & keys
4:05 Low split mode
4:30 I/O
5:05 Oscillators
7:30 Sub & noise
7:55 Sync
8:20 Thru Zero FM
11:20 Misc osc
11:45 Filter
14:05 Overdrive
14:45 Effects
19:55 Unison
20:25 Chord mode
20:35 Envelopes
22:30 LFOs
24:10 Mod matrix
27:10 Vintage
28:05 Arp
29:25 Sequencer
30:50 SoundTower
31:55 Pros & cons
37:45 Preset sounds

Oberheim TEO-5 INHALT Synth Demo

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"Following up from my work on the beta development and sound design on the Oberheim OB-X8, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the next Oberheim synth would be the TEO-5. Unpacking the beta unit revealed a beautiful and cleverly designed 5 voice analog synth that simply sounds amazing.

The size of the TEO-5 is absolutely perfect for world wide gigging and the sound is a sort of best of Oberheim with a modern twist. That modern twist doesn't exclusively come from the excellent FX processor on board, but also from the interesting modulation options and ranges. While you can push the synth into harmonic and saturated zones, it still, like all Oberheims remains one large sweet spot.

Don't be fooled by the smaller size and voice count, there is nothing small about the sound and capability of the TEO-5. Not to be missed.

Please note this recording is of a beta development unit running an early firmware. The sounds featured here are the patches I made for the shipping factory bank that comes with the synth straight from Oberheim.

Recorded at Infinite Power Studios, Los Angeles. All patches by Matia Simovich/INHALT. Video edited by Grover Greenberg."

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Oberheim - TEO-5

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024 we met up with David Gibbons from Oberheim who introduced us to the new TEO-5 synthesizer. Named after Tom Oberheim with an exclusive reveal of Tom's middle name, the TEO-5 has a SEM filter, two oscillators and a sub giving that classic Oberheim sound, but with lots of features to bring its capabilities right up to date.

Chris Calcutt then stepped up, and gave us a demo of the sound of this synth. TEO-5 gives us 19 mod slots with tons of destinations, both a mono and a poly LFO, two envelopes and a capable twin FX section. Uniquely there is a cross-mod section with thru-zero capabilities, which allows FM modulation that stays in tune up and down the keyboard.

With a similar form factor to the Take 5, the TEO-5 has a 3 and a half octave Fatar keyboard with aftertouch, and is designed to give the Oberheim sound in a more portable and affordable package

TEO-5 Available: July 2024. Price: 1,499 USD"

Oberheim TEO-5 Demo from Superbooth 2024

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A Quick Look any the new Oberheim TEO-5 - named after Tom Edison Oberheim - there was a leak a few weeks back but it's here in the flesh.. and nice it is too.

Its got the same form factor as there Sequential Take 5. The big addition is obviously the Oberheim filter, and a through zero FM - so it looks like it has the new SSI chip.

Anyway.. just a Quick Look.. enjoy:)"

And the press release with pics:

Introducing the New Oberheim TEO-5 Polyphonic Synthesizer

TEO-5: The Legendary Oberheim Sound Reborn in a Compact Powerhouse

San Francisco, CA – [May 16, 2024] – Oberheim, the venerable brand synonymous with the golden age of synthesizers, proudly announces the TEO-5 polysynth. This powerful instrument features the visionary craftsmanship of Thomas Elroy Oberheim (TEO), offering a perfect blend of classic analog warmth and modern versatility for today's musicians.

“I’m so proud to be able to make a synth like this... compact and affordable, the Oberheim sound for 2024,” says Tom Oberheim, the company’s founder. TEO-5 is designed to make the classic Oberheim tone palette widely accessible, encapsulating decades of analog engineering experience in a forward-thinking and innovative musical instrument.

The TEO-5 boasts a five-voice architecture with genuine analog VCOs and VCFs, capturing the distinctive warmth and depth that defined countless hit records. But TEO-5 isn't just a tribute to the past. Additions like through-zero FM, which adds a contemporary twist to its oscillator X-Mod feature, allow for the exploration of entirely new sonic textures. And the legendary Oberheim SEM filter returns, offering the versatility of morphing between low- pass, notch, and high-pass configurations, along with a switchable band-pass mode for extensive tonal shaping.
Beyond its core synthesis architecture, TEO-5 features a comprehensive modulation matrix, opening a world of possibilities for sculpting and transforming sounds. Digital effects processors provide classic chorus, delay, reverb, and more, alongside faithful recreations of the revered Oberheim Ring Mod and Phasor effects. A 64-step polyphonic sequencer and multimode arpeggiator further fuel creative exploration, while a premium Fatar keybed ensures a responsive and inspiring playing experience.

“There was a huge surge of interest when Oberheim returned in 2022 with the historically inspired OB-X8,” said David Gibbons, CEO of Oberheim. “But Tom and the design team were keen to show that the magic of Oberheim can be within reach for everyone, and can bring a distinctive modern flavor. TEO-5 is an exciting addition to the Oberheim legacy.”
Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking a powerful new sonic tool or a budding artist embarking on your analog adventure, TEO-5 is your gateway to unparalleled musical exploration.

UDO Super 8 - Hazel Mills' First Impressions

video upload by UDO Audio

"Hazel Meets The Super 8

We sent Hazel one of our prototype builds of our new instrument, the Super 8. We wanted her to capture her first impressions of the synth, and take a little dive into the sonic possibilities, and I think we can all agree the sounds she built from scratch are nothing short of outstanding.

More from Hazel here:"

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Wee Noise Makers - PGB-1

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, We Noise Makers unveiled their latest creation, PGB-1 a pocket groove box designed by *Fabien*. This compact device offers six synthesizer voices and two samplers, all in a portable and battery-powered form factor. The device features various tracks for different sounds, one of the tracks being polyphonic, a sequencer with 16-step patterns, song mode, probability-based triggers, parameter locks and more. Additionally, it includes USB-C for charging and data transfer, audio output, stereo audio input, MIDI in and out, TRS-A, and an onboard microphone for creating custom samples.

The standout feature of this pocket groove box is its open-source nature, allowing users to add more synth engines and customize the firmware. With plans to expand the ecosystem and potentially introduce new devices in the future, We Noise Makers aims to create a community-driven platform for music production. The crowdfunding campaign on crowd supply has been successfully funded, giving backers the opportunity to support the project before it ends on May 30th."

See the Wee Noise Makers label below for additional posts.

SUPERBOOTH 2024: UDO - Super 8

video upload by sonicstate

"George from UDO Audio *showcased the latest addition to their lineup at Superbooth 2024, the *Super 8 synthesizer. Building on their previous releases, the Super 8 aims to strike a balance between power and portability, sitting comfortably between the Super 6 and the Gemini. With 16 voices and a focus on playability and performance, this new synth offers a versatile range of sounds and capabilities.

Featuring a dual-layer architecture with independent effects per layer, the Super 8 delivers a warm and analog feel with a touch-sensitive poly aftertouch keyboard."

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Yamaha Releases CP88 OS v1.6 Update

Yamaha | CP88 OS v1.6 Sound Demo video upload by Yamaha Synths Official

"The new update to OS v1.6 adds new modes to the already impressive feature set of Yamaha CP88 and CP73. The three functions grant more versatility, especially for synth lead purposes. It is now possible to switch between monophonic and polyphonic operations, allowing for different play styles for lead sounds. With the second new option “Portamento”, users can adjust the time of “glide” between two sounds, giving it a completely different feel and aesthetic. Finally, “Pan” enables the positioning of sounds in the stereo spectrum. Employing these new functions allows users to customize the behaviour of sounds to optimize them for the application at hand.

The OS update to v1.6 for Yamaha CP88 and CP73 is available for free:"

UVI Introduces Quadra Modular

video uploads by UVI

UVI Quadra Modular | Overview
video upload by UVI

30 modular systems in a multi-instrument and sequence designer

Quadra Modular is a powerful 4-part multi-instrument and sequence designer, ideal for the creation of dynamic, rhythmic, and evolving sequences utilizing an incredible selection of patches created on a wide range of modular synthesizers, from vintage to modern, stand-alone to fully customized and purpose-built systems. We approached recording these beasts as if they were acoustic instruments, creating discrete velocity layers and round-robins in order to capture their organic soul.

Quadra is a versatile instrument, capable of a wide range of sounds and uses from standard fare instrumentation to evolving, complex, and adaptive progressions and harmonizations that can be morphed and performed in numerous ways to suit the needs of your production. With a masterful selection of hundreds of professionally designed presets, Quadra offers incredible sound quality and near endless inspiration on-demand.

Quadra leverages a powerful instrument selection, deep factory library, focused and intuitive workflow, and expressive performance controls to deliver cinematic sound quality and near endless musical inspiration.

Curated Instrument Selection
Quadra provides 4 robust instrument layers that can be used together to create striking and evocative performances. Each layer can be assigned from a selection of 30 multi-sampled sources including massive stand-alone systems like the Colossus, to popular small format systems like eurorack.

At the heart of each of Quadra's instrument layers is a powerful, multimode 64-step sequencer with MIDI effects, allowing you to quickly add rhythmic grooves, create arpeggiator sequences, add harmonies, and even quantize the incoming notes to specific scales. Choose a global rate, gate length, and max velocity, then customize your sequence with per-step velocity, link, harmonization, pitch offset, octave offset, gate, step repeat and panning. Save your patterns to disk as presets to share, or use the handy "copy-to" button to quickly duplicate your finished sequence from one layer to another.

Quadra includes a number of MIDI effect modules that allow you to embellish and augment your sequences in creative ways, including Euclidean Emphasis which adds rhythmic accents, MIDI Delay, Random, and Pitch Drift which enrich your sequence, and a scale quantizer that allows you to snap all notes to a scale of your choosing. You can even drag-and-drop the modified sequences as MIDI into a track of your DAW.

ALM Introduces MFX Pedal

video upload by ALM TV

"The 'MFX Pedal' brings all the effects and functionality of our popular Eurorack MFX module to both guitars and synths in standalone form with 18 different fully featured effects programs and additional MIDI, Knob and Expression pedal control, tap tempo, an optional analogue gain stage and true relay (or DSP) based bypass.

Inspired by our favourite classic hardware effects processors, the MFX incorporates DSP effect technologies from the dawn of digital effects in the 70s to the present day. Reshape sounds with the distortion and dynamics engines. Bend time space and pitch with multiple feature rich reverb and delay engines. Modulate signals with the flexible panner, frequency shifter, and range of ensemble effects. Fracture sounds with the one of a kind granular and glitch engines.

Available for the first time outside of modular, the MFX pedal easily brings the character and uniqueness of ALM effects to your guitar rig, DAWless setup, mixer effects send or synth collection."

Time Stamps:
0:00 - Intro
0:44 - Digi-PCM Echo/Features Overview
5:06 - Program Demos
5:09 - Ursa Minor Echoverb
6:28 - Squoval Rezonator
7:36 - Quaidra Reverb
9:49 - 2051 Bit Corrupter
11:42 - Crumbular Echo
13:27 - TY-50 Compressor
14:53 - Almicon Reverb
16:29 - Outro

MFX Pedal Guitar Demo

video upload by ALM TV


Press release follows:


[London, UK] - ALM Busy Circuits are pleased to announce the ’MFX Pedal’, a new standalone stereo multi effects processor for guitar and synths.

The ’MFX Pedal’ brings all the effects and functionality of our popular Eurorack MFX module to both guitars and synths in standalone form with 18 different fully featured effects programs and additional MIDI, Knob and Expression pedal control, tap tempo, an optional analogue gain stage and true relay (or DSP) based bypass.

Inspired by our favourite classic hardware effects processors, the MFX incorporates DSP ef- fect technologies from the dawn of digital effects in the 70s to the present day. Reshape sounds with the distortion and dynamics engines. Bend time space and pitch with multiple feature rich reverb and delay engines. Modulate signals with the flexible panner, frequency shifter, and range of ensemble effects. Fracture sounds with the one of a kind granular and glitch engines.

The MFX Pedal user interface is designed to be familiar, quick and easy to use. Each program contains a wide range of controllable parameters both directly editable or freely assigned to knobs, MIDI or expression control. Each program includes factory presets as well as the ability to store and recall user presets. All states are preserved across power cycles.

Available for the first time outside of modular, the MFX pedal easily brings the character and uniqueness of ALM effects to your guitar rig, DAWless setup, mixer effects send or synth col- lection.

The MFX Pedal will be available from ALM stockists from 15/05/24. MSRP is 319 GBP (inc VAT)

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Superbooth24: Groove Synthesis Debuts Sampling for 3rd Wave Synth

See the demo here.

Press release follows (image via the release):

Orinda, CA, May 15, 2024 — California-based electronic instrument maker Groove Synthesis today announced that they have added high-resolution sampling capability to their critically acclaimed Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer, the 3rd Wave.

This much-requested new feature allows owners to sample up to 30 seconds of 16-bit, 48 kHz, monophonic audio into the synth directly or by importing audio over USB, and use it as a new oscillator type alongside the 3rd Wave’s powerful wavetable and virtual analog sound engines. This significantly expands the sound palette of the synthesizer. Now owners can create custom sounds that feature sampled acoustic instruments, sound effects, and other sources.

The company will preview a new OS that provides this capability at the Superbooth24 music expo in Berlin, Germany from May 16-18 at booth #0246. The upgrade will be available free of charge to 3rd Wave owners as a download from the company’s website upon official release.

“As fans of the original PPG and its ultra-rare Waveterm sampling option, we thought it would

be exciting to add that capability to the 3rd Wave’s existing architecture — if it was technically possible,” said Groove Synthesis founder Bob Coover. “It took some tricky programming, but we did it and we think 3rd Wave owners are going to love it. It’s a dream come true for everyone who wanted the full PPG-plus-Waveterm experience, and now it’s within reach.”

While the 3rd Wave has roots in the classic digital wavetable synths of the past, it takes the concept firmly into the 21st century with a lush, expansive sound that’s a product of its expanded wavetables and analog filters. It’s hybrid design features 24-voices and 4-part multi-timbral operation, which is the equivalent of having four independent 6-voice synthesizers controlled by a single keyboard. Each of its three oscillators per voice can generate a classic PPG-era wavetable, a modern high-resolution wavetable, an analog modeled waveform — and now multi-sampled audio. With its industry-first WavemakerTM tool, users can create custom wavetables in a single step through proprietary sample-to-wave technology, allowing almost unlimited sound sculpting opportunities.

Octave Plateau Voyetra Eight Rev 3.5 Synth (with Rev 4 software) + Manual and Midi SN KM4822

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this listing

Video in the listing previously posted here.

"Here we have a fully functioning and serviced Voyetra Eight rev 3.5 (a rev 3 with rev 4 software) It has everything I personally want in a Voyetra. It has the green internal boards, the less buggy rev 4 os, and has been fully serviced by an expert.

This Voyetra has the rev 3 digimod board. So it responds to midi note off/on and velocity from any midi keyboard. It can of course also be controlled from the Voyetra VPK controller or slaved to another Voyetra for a monster sound. The Voyetra rev 3 is fully programmable from the knobs and program pages of the front panel. A copy of the rev 3 teaching manual and rev 4 reference guide is included. The rev 4 reference guide explains each programming page in a way that is easy to absorb. I'd start with this section of the manual. You'll be programming and making your own sounds within ten minutes. The manual is printed on heavy card stock so it will stand up to years of page turning without ripping or wrinkling. The reason the rev 4 seems to be more popular is it allows you to program with external software as opposed to programming from the front panel but what no one ever mentions is there is a very noticeable amount of latency when using modern third party software to program your Voyetra. It's nothing you would be able to use for real time performances. The multi page layout from the front panel becomes second nature after time. If it's good enough for Gillian Gilbert, it's good enough for me. This package includes a third 5 foot midi cable for connecting to the midi in of the Voyetra (not pictured) so you can attach this to your favourite controller.

Cosmetically this unit is in excellent condition. Over the years the filter for the CPU fan will breakdown and allow dust to enter the machine. A new filter has been installed that is thin enough to allow the air to flow freely but thick enough to catch household dust. The housing of these units are made of heavy gauge metal that is then sprayed with a durable textured industrial paint. Voyetra was a small company and the metal housings do have small inconsistencies and spots where they "missed a spot" or left a rough metal edge. This particular unit is in excellent condition with just a few small indentations or scratches in the original paint. The heat sink is in excellent condition WITH NO BENT FINS ETC. The face of the unit looks gorgeous with very little detectable wear. It has the original tear drop knobs that I find aesthetically more appealing. When my tech had this completely disassembled I had him blow out any dust that had accumulated over the years so the inside looks great. Everything functions exactly as it should and all oscillators tune. This will be a very stable and enjoyable unit to create music on for the new owner. The only way to improve upon this unit is to add the rev 4 digimod board, but that's not a feature I personally miss but I'm old, I like hardware. It has the most desirable green boards and it would be easy to mistake this for a rev 4 because it has the rev 4 software. (Six midi pages) A picture of the rev 3 digimod board is included. You certainly won't be able to find a better sounding Voyetra 8 than this one in my opinion. Some argue it is the best sounding of all the 80s analog polysynths."

Cherry Audio Announces the Rebirth of the Long-Awaited Chroma Synthesizer


1. Cherry Audio | Chroma Synthesizer

2. Cherry Audio | Chroma Classics Preset Pack
Chroma Classics Preset Pack for Chroma features an additional 100 phenomenal presets by Cherry Audio's Director of Sound Design, James Terris, blending vintage tones with a contemporary feel.
3. Cherry Audio | The Story of Chroma
"Dive into the captivating history of the Rhodes Chroma synthesizer with "The Story of Chroma," a documentary that traces its revolutionary path from the final days of ARP Instruments to its celebrated release by Rhodes in 1982. This compelling video brings to life the innovative spirit of the Chroma through the firsthand accounts of those who stood at the forefront of its creation. Hear from Dr. Tom Rhea, a renowned electronic music historian, Michael Brigida, a dedicated ARP and Rhodes product specialist, and Mary Lock, the esteemed service manager for both companies, as they recount the synthesizer's development, challenges, and triumphs. Featuring exclusive interviews and insights, this documentary not only explores the technical breakthroughs and musical possibilities the Chroma introduced but also celebrates its enduring legacy and the recent resurgence through Cherry Audio’s efforts. Witness the story of a musical marvel that continues to inspire innovation and creativity in the world of music.

Produced by Daniel Keller
Editing and graphics by Mal Meehan
Music by James Terris"
4. Cherry Audio | Introduction to Chroma Synthesizer
Synth designer Mitchell Sigman of Cherry Audio introduces Chroma, Cherry Audio's virtual instrument that emulates the 1982 Rhodes Chroma polyphonic analog synthesizer and its Expander unit.

Online User Guide at

0:10 Introduction
1:18 User Interface Basics
4:44 Voice Architecture and Patch Configuration
9:43 The Chroma Arpeggiator
11:37 Sweep Generators (the LFOs)
17:02 Envelope Generators
19:46 Chroma CPU Usage
Cherry Audio Chroma User Videos

1. Cherry Audio Chroma: A demo + tutorial of an elusive analog synth - CatSynth TV - Patreon
We take a deep dive into Cherry Audio's new Chroma, a meticulous recreation of the legendary and elusive Rhodes Chroma. It was a polyphonic analog synthesizer that came with some unique features, notably the ability to reconfigure the signal path among its oscillators, filters, and VCAs, opening up a wider range of sound possibilities. Cherry Audio's version combines these features with a modern user interface that allows direct manipulation of the parameters (unlike the original with a single data slider), and adds a full-featured effects section. We go over the expansive feature set of this instrument, showing you how each feature works and how to use them to make your own sounds.

00:00 Introduction
00:27 History of the Chroma synthesizer
01:38 Presenting the Cherry Audio Chroma
02:39 Oscillator features
06:56 Filter features
11:17 VCA features
12:42 Dual Layers configuration
16:49 Dual Layers + Oscillator Sync
18:47 Dual Layers + Ring Modulation
21:13 Filter FM
23:54 Parallel Filters
26:09 Parallel Filters + Oscillator Sync
27:04 Series Filters
31:44 Effects section
32:38 Factory Presets
39:41 Conclusion
2. Cherry Audio Chroma Expander Sounds of Chaos Beauty Virtual Synthesizer - Rik Marston Official - AhnyxianSoundDesign

3. Cherry Audio Chroma Expander Sounds of Light & Darkness Virtual Synthesizer VST - Rik Marston Official - AhnyxianSoundDesign

Press release follows:

May 14, 2024: Cherry Audio is excited to unveil Chroma, a groundbreaking virtual instrument that brings the legendary sounds of the 1982 Rhodes Chroma into the digital age.

Monday, May 13, 2024

KORG Introduces KORG Collection 5

"Scheduled for release in early summer 2024.

Magical synth sounds, authentically re-created by KORG. The Synthesizer Collection for the ages.

• Three new instruments added: EP-1, VOX Super Continental and ARP 2600.
• At Superbooth 2024, we're previewing the KC ARP 2600: true to the original sound and character, with thoughtful modifications and additions.

We spent months understanding every detail of the original and modern schematics, studying manuals, testing with oscilloscopes, and most importantly listening. This is the only ARP 2600 plug-in that can faithfully recreate all 100 sounds in the original 2600 Patch Book. Extensive anti-aliasing techniques deliver truly premium audio quality. KC ARP 2600 adds both classic modifications and entirely new modules, while preserving the distinctive character and design philosophy of the original instrument.

Displayed at: Superbooth 2024 KORG Booth (E100)"

Elektron Digitakt II + Syntakt + Octatrack + Analog Heat+FX + Modular Synth Techno Jam

video upload by Group Technologies Australasia

"With the new Digitakt II, Octatrack, Syntakt, Analogue Heat+FX and a small modular synth rack for extra spice, we've assembled a powerful Elektron performance rig. This configuration demonstrates the Digitakt II and Octatrack's sampling capabilities and how well they work together. With 12 tracks of digital and analogue machinery, the Syntakt is just as capable of producing rocking beats and synth work. Not to be overlooked is the Analogue Heat + FX, the sonic processing palette that glues everything together. This is a live, improvisational jam that was captured in one take without any additional post-production or processing.

Set-up details:
Octatrack: master clock, mixer, resampling and providing some performance effects for the Syntakt and modular synth.
Digitak II: main drums and rhythmic loops.
Syntakt: additional percussion and minimal synth sounds.
Modular Synth: percussive bleeps and atonal sounds from voices LIP and SY0.5.
Analog Heat +FX: end of chain audio processing. Also some filtering and reverb effects.

Audio Routing:
Modular synth into external input on Syntakt
Digitakt II and Syntakt running into the Octatrack.
Octatrack output (stereo) into Analog Heat +FX.

MIDI Routing and Sequencing:
Octatrack is the master clock, sending MIDI clock to all other boxes. Internal sequencers on each box are in use, no external sequencing."

PowerStrings for MSoundFactory - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the DAW

video upload by meldaproduction

Press release follows:

MeldaProduction pushes PowerStrings as MSoundFactory instrument tailored towards quickly crafting symphonic strings for modern pop or cinematic productions

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: following in the must-have footsteps of its DreamMachines (so-called VIRTUAL ANALOG DRUM DESIGNER) and Meldway Grand (software grand piano) as premium instruments for MSoundFactory, itself held in high regard as arguably the most powerful modular virtual instrument platform out there today by effectively allowing users to create their own instruments (alternatively available as MSoundFactory LE — providing access to all the sounds and instruments included with its bigger brother, but without access to the editing screen — and also for free as the self-explanatory MSoundFactory Player with only a few sounds included, although users can choose to purchase premium instruments), music production and audio processing advanced tools-maker MeldaProduction is proud to announce availability of PowerStrings — pushed as its next MSoundFactory premium instrument, this time tailored towards quickly crafting symphonic strings suited to the fast-paced production world of modern pop or cinematic music — as of May 13...

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the DAW
As an orchestral powerhouse, PowerStrings represents MeldaProduction’s latest MSoundFactory premium instrument, this time tailored towards quickly crafting symphonic strings suited to the fast-paced production world of modern pop or cinematic music. The timeless elegance of symphonic strings are creatively combined with a contemporary twist — to deliver rich and vibrant string sounds designed to instantly elevate tracks. Indeed, its streamlined interface and intuitive controls allow users to effortlessly add lush string arrangements to their compositions without slowing down their creative flow.

An assortment of ARTICULATIONS
PowerStrings proffers an assortment of ARTICULATIONS, ranging from smooth SOFT LEGATO to crisp SPICCATO settings, so users can achieve the perfect expression for any musical idea. It is possible to speedily switch between them during a live performance using a controller keyboard’s lower keys, or even enable multiple articulations at the same time. The premium instrument in question also allows for independent pitch and volume per articulation, which is ideal for extremely easy layering, while all ARTICULATIONS have access to detailed — Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, and Release — envelope settings.

Strings should not necessarily always sound like strings — certainly in the context of modern pop or cinematic music production. PowerStrings’ CREATIVE ‘tab’ takes its users into a brave new world of sound, one where they can, for example, make the strings sound like a synth using the CONVOLUTION settings. Similarly, FM (Frequency Modulation) controls are also available, as is control over HARMONICS. Applying a pleasant-sounding DIFFUSION to the proceedings is, likewise, all part of getting creative.


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