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Monday, September 23, 2019

Press Release for Yamaha's Major OS Updates for MONTAGE, MODX and CP Stage Piano

Published on Sep 23, 2019 Yamaha Synths Official

Update: Playlist above added.

Montage OS v3.0 | New Features
Montage OS v3.0 | Pattern Sequencer
Montage OS v3.0 | Global Tuning
Yamaha CP88 OS v1.20 | Sound Demo

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High level overview of what's new:

"Yamaha has launched major operating system updates today to three Synthesizer product lines as part of the celebration of the 45th Anniversary of Yamaha Synthesizers: MONTAGE OS v3.0, MODX OS v2.0 and CP OS v1.2, building on feedback from users. Yamaha has added significant features to all three synths:

MONTAGE OS v3.0 and MODX OS v2.0:
Pattern sequencer
Improved synth engine
Wave Folder effect
Hybrid MIDI mode
New Performance content

CP OS v1.2
30 new Voices in the CP Sub section
More assignments and range parameters for the foot controller and mod lever
Quick navigation features like LIVE SET Reset and Quick Enter
MONTAGE OS v3.0 and CP OS v1.2 are available for free download now; MODX OS v2.0 will be available October 25.

And the official press release:

Yamaha Synthesizers Launches Major OS Updates for MONTAGE, MODX and CP Stage Piano

BUENA PARK, Calif. (September 23, 2019) – Yamaha launched major operating system (OS) updates today to three Synthesizer product lines, integrating features, enhancements and content based on feedback from the community of synth artists.

As part of the larger celebration of the 45th anniversary of Yamaha Synthesizers, the company unveiled the enhanced operating systems MONTAGE OS v3.0, MODX OS v2.0 and CP OS v1.2. These new OS versions are designed to help music makers get the most out of their instrument and take inspiration from input submitted to Yamaha by users.

The flagship Yamaha synth MONTAGE gets its sixth free OS update in v3.0, a first for any Yamaha synthesizer, and its more compact counterpart MODX takes on a similar array of added features in its v2.0 OS. The biggest new feature is a pattern sequencer, ideal for creating and playback both linear songs or pattern-based arrangements with real time arrangement control. There’s also an improved synth engine, with Virtual Circuitry Modeling Mini Filter and Mini Boost effects for vintage synth-style sounds. Yamaha has also added a Wave Folder effect for adding complexity creating more experimental sounds as well as a high-speed LFO for even more creative possibilities. Improved MIDI capability with a hybrid MIDI mode makes integrating MONTAGE or MODX with MIDI gear even easier. In addition to these major new features and capabilities, MONTAGE OS v3.0 and MODX OS v2.0 both come with a collection of new Performance content created by Yamaha artists and sound designers.

OS v1.2 for the Yamaha CP stage pianos represents the second major OS upgrade for this product line. Responding to user input, Yamaha has added 30 new Voices to the CP Sub Section. The foot controller and mod lever now have more assignments and range parameters so musicians can have them work within a chosen range. Quick navigation features like LIVE SET Reset and Quick Enter have been added to streamline the CP’s interface even further.
“We constantly receive great feedback from our users,” said Nate Tschetter, product marketing manager, Yamaha Synthesizers. “It’s great to be able to realize that input with three new OS updates. We hope these new enhancements inspire more music-making with MONTAGE, MODX and CP and look forward to helping people get the most out of their instruments.”

Pricing and Availability
Yamaha MONTAGE OS v3.0 and CP OS v1.2 are currently available via free download to all MONTAGE and CP stage piano users. MODX OS v2.0 will be available via free download to all MODX users on October 25. For details see

For more information about Yamaha Synthesizers, visit

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Yamaha Global Stage | Alessandro Scaglione Performances

video upload by Yamaha Synths Official

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

The NAMM Show Announces Return to Anaheim in June 2022

via NAMM

"We are excited to announce that The NAMM Show, the annual 'family reunion' of the global music, sound, and entertainment technology industry, will reconvene in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center on June 3–5, 2022.

Previously scheduled for January 20—23, the new dates will offer global industry leaders, buyers, sellers, music educators, artists, media, and music makers the opportunity to reconnect and renew their businesses while taking greater advantage of reimagined indoor and outdoor events, activations, professional development sessions, an expanded digital reach and more at the crossroads of business opportunity."

And the press release:

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Unlocking Yamaha E70 organ into Yamaha CS80 synthesizer

YouTube Uploaded by allvek597 on Sep 5, 2011
Re-Published on Feb 12, 2016

Update via e man in the comments: "There is no CS style VCO, it's just the VCF's and VCA's - the VCO's in the electronic design are what's used to clock the waveform data from the basic waveforms in ROM. It's like the Korg DW series, only analog on the VCF/VCA side. It has very little pitch control other than minimal glide (semitone range) and same for the vibrato (if even)... the source oscillators are purely phase locked digital constructs."

And: "There is no analog VCO in this entire synth, certainly nothing resembling the CS80 or any other CS synth - zip, nada, zilch - anyone telling you otherwise is trying to sell you swamp water. This is a giant polyphonic that has much more in common with the Korg DW series (also having crude basic waveform in rom), but very much lacking in it's ability to do any pitch control - what little there is, is a an digital approximation of minimal range. The only place you could add modulation circuitry to any great effect is the VCF and VCA section of the Orchestra Voices - pitch modulation is either limited global vibrato or equally minimal vibrato on the upper manual via wiggling the keyboard that drives a photovoltaic shutter combo, again going to a digital interface having little effect - even the glide is minimal and digital. You will never get anything properly analog out of the the Wavetable oscillator end as it's a giant digital construct with loads of sample and holds to distribute the wavetable rom voltages that approximate the basic synth waveforms (ramp, pulse, square). It's basically 3 waveform samples in ROM with very little control over pitch other than basic notes (the speed that the sample is read out from the ROM)."

The following is the original post starting with the video description:

"Mystery is resolved. Chopped and completely electronically modified analog Yamaha E70 organ into Yamaha CS80 synthesizer. What You see now is 2 fully programmable polyphonic synths 2 OSC's per voice + fully programmable 2 OCS's per voice monophonic synth in a body of Yamaha E70. Same P.A.S.S sound technology, same analog filters and same sound, same offspring of legendary Yamaha GX1.
Any questions, please visit"

via this auction

"Here's one more organ from my collection: Yamaha E70 . What You see in the pictures is completely modified Yamaha E70 in body and electronically. Organ after chop work went 327lbs down to 130-140lbs(Yamaha CS80 is 242lbs) and under the hood all electronic carts are located pretty close to like inside of CS80. It's been a while people talking about E70 which has same P.A.S.S technology like CS80 and electronic carts, all wiring are practically the same like CS80. Yes, E70 has absolutely the same analog filters like CS80, same sound synthes and it does sound like CS80. This particular E70 has beed modified from organ into 2 and half fully programmable CS80. All presets still have same functions except FUNNYII preset green buttons. Those 3 green buttons(1 for upper, 1 for lower keyboard, 1 for pedal board or extra keyboard) function now differently. When You push FUNNY II E70 starts to work as most powerful and expensive programmable synth-Yamaha CS80. On left top of organ You see control box. The box has 3 sections: 1st for upper keyboard, 2nd for lower keyboard, 3rd for footpedal/or extra keyboard you can hook up. You can see all signs under the switches(3 waves forms sawtooth and 2 square waveshapes) and pots, they have same function like on CS80. So after all this E70 has 2 polyphonic 7 voices 2 OCSs per voice CS80 synths and one monophonic 2 OCS per note synth (pedal or extra keyboard which can be connected to E70 is monophonic, it's perfect for bass lines and pretty good even for leads as far as You will move 2 OCS slider from 16' up to 4'). Oscilators can be detunes between each other and between keyboard. Does E70 sound like CS80?. Yes, it does. Main different between E70 and CS80: no velocity and aftertouch on E70. Big flaw. On another hand You have 2 and half CS80 under the hood. You can build sound on upper keyboard and MIX IT with sound you built on lower keyboard. Also you can add organ/orchestral section(they all can be saved in memory-see small control panel on a botton of organ to left-very much the same look like on CS80) from upper keyboard AND organ/orchestral section from lower keyboard. Same thing can be done between lower polyphonic and monophonic keyboard/pedals: monosynth also can be played on first 2 octave of lower keyboard. Now You realize CS80 is kind of kind of behind! PLUS very powerful arpeggiator! and even cheesy drum machine and 100 lbs less. From control box You can see 3 cables coming inside of E70, each cable has 25 pins . The connector 9 pins in a middle of a back of E70 serves expression pedal. 3 inputs 1/4 on back are not hooked up. Could be 1/4main output(original main output on a bottom of organ)or sustain pedals-it's easy to hook up. Same about 6 inputs on control panel-they are not hooked up. It's your choice how to use them. I didn't connected any inputs for 1/4 jack, coz basically all extra functions are on control panel of organ. I don't play on stage, so I can turn on sustain effect simply by hand. The organ is absolutely stable in tune and doen't have overheat problems like CS80 Anyway, if you are still skeptical about what You read here, please check some INFO on line about unlocking Yamaha E70 and Yamaha CS80 both children of Yamaha GX1. And don't forget how much money you will save not buying CS80. Please check, read and watch all links below and You will see it's not a dream anymore. You can get 2 and half CS80 more than 4 times cheaper... compare to ebay price for last month. "

Update: new video and description in this post.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Yamaha Introduces Montage 2.0 OS Update Featuring MOTIF Compatibility & More

Published on Jan 25, 2018 Yamaha Corporation

"Yamaha MONTAGE OS Version 2.0 Adds MOTIF Compatibility, New Control and Workflow Enhancements

ANAHEIM (January 25, 2018) — Yamaha today released MONTAGE OS version 2.0, the fourth free firmware update to its flagship synthesizer line. Yamaha has continuously updated MONTAGE with new content as well as sound, control and workflow enhancements. Now, MONTAGE OS v2.0 adds full Voice and Performance compatibility with recent MOTIF series instruments, additional control and workflow improvements.

MONTAGE adds full Voice and Performance compatibility with the Yamaha MOTIF XF, MOTIF XS and MOXF music production synthesizers. The MOTIF family dominated the music production synthesizer world for over 15 years. Now, MOTIF users can have confidence that their favorite sounds will load seamlessly into MONTAGE and perform without a hitch.

MONTAGE users have always been able to employ the free FM Converter web app at to convert DX7, DX7II, TX816 and TX802 Voices and Performances to MONTAGE Performances. Coupled with the Advanced Wave Memory 2 sound engine in MONTAGE and compatibility with legacy MOTIF content, musicians now have access to the largest and most established hardware synthesizer sound library in the world — a sonic palette that has been expanding and developing for over 35 years.

User-friendliness is essential in both modern studio and live-gig rigs, and MONTAGE OS v2.0 makes it easier to assign synth parameters to controllers such as the knobs, faders and Super Knob. For example, moving any physical controller now immediately shows destinations on the Controller Overview page. Several other workflow enhancements make it easier for musicians to interact with the vast MONTAGE Motion Control Synthesis.

Additional new features include a global setting for the A/D (external audio) input, which overrides the setting at the Performance level. This is useful for gigs or sessions where the player is using the input for the same purpose across all Performances. MONTAGE OS v2.0 also adds 87 new Performances, further expanding the amazing onboard content.

'With its absolute realism across acoustic and electronic Voice categories, plus the FM-X engine and extensive control and modulation options rivaling modular synths, MONTAGE was already the most powerful and versatile synthesizer in the world when it launched,' said Nate Tschetter, marketing manager, Yamaha Music Production. 'With OS v2.0, MONTAGE advances even further ahead of any other synthesizer in terms of sound, control and workflow.'

Pricing and Availability

Yamaha MONTAGE OS v2.0 is a free update and will be available to all MONTAGE users February 07, 2018.

For more information, visit the Yamaha Booth at the 2018 NAMM Show in the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Marquis Ballroom, January 25-28, 2018, or"

Friday, November 17, 2023


video upload by

"I was honoured to be a VIP guest at the SECRET LAUNCH EVENT of the new YAMAHA GENOS 2 WORKSTATION ARRANGER KEYBOARD during October 2023. Join me in Berlin for a recap and the behind the scenes story and footage. I was one of the first lucky people in the world to lay my hands on this new arranger keyoard. Plus an exciting visit to the exclusive Yamaha Synth Museum in Berlin.

Whilst we are here, we will also take a look at the remains of the Berlin Wall!

Many more demo, review and tutorial videos to come over the coming weeks when I receive my own GENOS2.

Library music by Jeremy Blake (Red Means Recording)."

Yamaha Genos2 on “MAKE AN IMPACT – together²” event – Woody

video upload by Yamaha Global


Monday, November 07, 2016

MD77: Voice Editor for Yamaha SY77/TG77 by Ibo Kai

Available on iTunes

"40% OFF for a limited time!


MD77 is the complete, professional Voice Editor for the Yamaha SY77 and the rack-mountable Yamaha TG77. These 1980's synths by Yamaha combine FM synthesis and sample-based sound production for lush, layered, multitimbral sounds. With direct access to hundreds of parameters, MD77 lets you reach into your TG77/SY77 and tweak to your heart's content.

The layout inside MD77 is by veteran MIDI Designer Pro 2 author Ibo Kai. All of his layouts are beautiful and deep, including full-blown controllers for many popular MIDI targets from Korg, Kawai and Yamaha. Check out his page at to see his other designs for yourself. Each layout is a masterpiece.

Features of MD77:
◎ 13 full iPad screens and over 800 controls allow you to tap the depth of these vintage synths
◎ A Quick Editor page that combines AFM and AWM parameters for maximum utility
◎ A consistent color scheme -- e.g., yellow and orange for Levels and Rates, blue for Volumes -- helps keep you on track
◎ Use MIDI Designer patent-pending touch dials to select voices simply by sliding your finger on the iPad’s touch screen
◎ Save your most used sounds in the Global Presets for instant recall
◎ Requires iOS 9.2 or better, and an iPad 2 air or later is recommended. All graphics are optimized for all Retina screens, including the 12.9" iPad Pro

NOTE: This app cannot read patches from your Yamaha gear, but you can store up to 20 presets created in MD77.

Want to customize further?

MIDI Designer is the engine that powers the MD77 app. Upgrade to MIDI Designer Pro 2 to create your own pages, reorganize, and redesign to make your own YAMAHA layout. Then share it with the vibrant MIDI Designer Community. MIDI Designer is community-powered and this layout is one of our finest demonstrations of the power of you, our users.

MIDI Designer is easy to use, infinitely flexible and customizable, and battle-tested in performance. It's the most-respected MIDI controller platform for iOS."

Monday, October 31, 2016

Yamaha Introduces VOCALOID4 Library CYBER SONGMAN

【CYBER SONGMAN】Official Demo Fighter

Update: video added above, sent my way via Elias.

"Yamaha Corporation announced that is has begun to market 'VOCALOID4 Library CYBER SONGMAN', a new PC-based software that can create natural singing voices in authentic English pronunciation. This new software can be downloaded, beginning today, from the official VOCALOID Shop.

VOCALOID is a technology developed by Yamaha in 2003 to create artificial singing voices just by inputting words and melodies. By installing a Voice Bank, filled with sound bite parts of human voices, and the VOCALOID Editor to input the words, melodies, and singing styles desired, you can instruct the virtual singer of your choice to perform anytime and anywhere.

VOCALOID is continuing to evolve, and is presently available for creating cyber singing voices in Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. Voice Bank software is available from Yamaha and other sources within and outside of Japan. Yamaha announced VOCALOID 4, the latest version, in November 2014. This version offers richer, more natural and expressive singing voices than ever before.

A very wide range of songs created with VOCALOID is available from video Internet sites such as YouTube. Especially in Japan, VOCALOID has grown and developed to become a part of the musical culture.

CYBER SONGMAN, which Yamaha is announcing today, is a new Voice Bank developed especially for users in the English-speaking world. CYBER SONGMAN offers a new level of enjoyment in creating songs using virtual singers performing in the English language. This new Voice Bank is based on recorded sound parts taken from the singing of a native speaker from the United States, and the pronunciation is clear and crisp American English that fits in well with almost any musical genre. If users also use the Growl function, it is possible to create the high levels of expressiveness needed, for example, in blues and rock songs.

CYBER SONGMAN was developed for wide global use, and it is offered for sale as a product that can be downloaded even from outside Japan. The price is JPY10,000 (before tax), and sales began today on the dedicated VOCALOID Official Shop. Besides, for VOCALOID beginners, we offer two starter kits on the VOCALOID shop. One consists of CYBER SONGMAN and VOCALOID4 Editor, the other consists of CYBER SONGMAN and VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase. The both products are offered at discounted price.

*We are also considering offering the new Voice Bank for download on other websites operated by Yamaha.
*This product cannot be used on a stand-alone basis and must be used with VOCALOID4 Editor or VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase andthe Cubase Series."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Message from Toshio Iwai - Additionl Details on Tenori-On for iOS

YouTube Uploaded by yamahajp on Jun 22, 2011


TNR-i online session with TENORI-ON

Uploaded by yamahajp on Jun 22, 2011

"従来のTENORI-ON(TNR-w, TNR-o)を v2.1にアップデートして、TNR-iと共に使用すれば、TENORI-ON(TNR-w,TNR-o)を使ってもセッションができるようになります。

"TENORI traditional-ON (TNR-w, TNR-o) and updated to v2.1, TNR-often used with i, TENORI-ON (TNR-w, TNR-o) also use sessions will be able to.
For more information, TENORI-Web pages ON
Please see "

Yamaha Corporation - iTunes UK link.
Still not seeing it on iTunes US.
iPads on eBay

And the description from the UK store (not seeing MIDI support):

"The iOS version of the world-renowned TENORI-ON brings you a completely new musical interface. Even if you don't know much about music, you can create music intuitively as if you were arranging sounds in space. The music that you see on the 16 × 16 grid of buttons is the music that is performed.

On the 16 × 16 grid of buttons, basically, the horizontal direction is time, and the vertical direction is pitch.By laying sounds on these buttons, you can combine rhythms and melodies to produce music. A button will glow when its sound is produced. The movements of the glowing lights produce a visual performance.

TNR-i can produce 16 types of sounds at the same time (16 layers), and it can remember up to 16 song patterns produced using those sounds (16 blocks). By switching between song patterns in real time, you can produce a rich variety of musical expressions.

There are six different types of performance modes that you can select for each layer. You can make elaborate music by combining different modes. In score mode, the most fundamental of the modes, you can arrange sounds horizontally (temporally) and vertically (by pitch). In the exciting random mode, the sounds that you arrange are not just played in order—the melody and rhythm constantly change as twists are added. In draw mode, you can perform music by tracing your finger across the buttons as if drawing a picture. In bounce mode, the glowing lights are like bouncing balls that produce sound when they fall. In push mode, you can continuously change the sound as you perform. In solo mode, which is fun for solo performances, you can easily adjust the speed of repetition and the pitch.

First, please try the demo. You can experience the joy of performance just by switching layers.
- Loading the Demo: From the menu (touch the display), touch File menu, touch All Blocks, iD-Xtra_uncTK, and then Load.
- Switching layers: Press R5 and the area that the 16 × 16 buttons are in at the same time. (You can double-tap R5 to hold it and make it easier to switch layers.)

The appeal of TNR-i isn't just limited to its faithful duplication of the TENORI-ON concept and its design and interface, which were developed under the supervision of Toshio Iwai.
If you are connected to a network, you can participate in TNR-i sessions with distant friends and others. Up to four people can connect to each other over a network and enjoy performing together at the same time. First, tap Clear and the display at the same time to activate the Game Center feature. Then, invite your friends, or use the auto-match feature to automatically select a partner, and start your session.For more details, see page 23 of the internal manual.
Manual: From the menu (touch the display), touch System Menu and then Manual.

If you update the TENORI-ON (TNR-W or TNR-O) to version 2.1 and use it with TNR-i, you can participate in sessions using the TENORI-ON (TNR-W or TNR-O).
For details, see the TENORI-ON webpage at

The preset sounds of TNR-i are the same as those of the TENORI-ON, and the performance files are also compatible. You can use iTunes to transfer performance files saved on your TENORI-ON SD card to TNR-i. Of course, the reverse is also possible.

Please enjoy the world of TENORI-ON.

*You must have an Internet connection to participate in a network session. You also have to sign in to the Game Center.
*User Voice is not available.
*To run TNR-i smoothly, we recommend that you use an iPhone 4 or later or an iPod touch, 4th generation or later.
*For the detailed information please refer to the following url."

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

YAMAHA GENOS 2 - All New Features Revealed!

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"I attended the press launch of the new YAMAHA GENOS 2 WORKSTATION ARRANGER KEYBOARD and had the privilege of meeting the people that designed and created this new keyboard and watching the Martin Harris demo. Here are my insights from speaking with the team on the best new features, styles and sounds on this exciting new instruments.

Many more demo, review and tutorial videos to come over the coming weeks when I receive my own GENOS 2!"


And via Yamaha:

video upload by Yamaha Global

Genos2 - Your Next Masterpiece
What is FM Synthesis
Genos2 Voice and Style Demo
What is MIDI Song to Style
What is REVelation Reverb
What is Style Dynamics Control
Genos2 Compatibility Video

Mini press release:

"The new Genos2 is the ultimate arranger workstation for you. Genos2 represents an evolution in innovation with even more capabilities, including the highest quality Voice & Style content. Now you can lead the ultimate ‘cover band’ like never before by playing and performing your favorite songs by your favorite artists with:

Innovative content and technology, featuring exclusive new Real Ambient Drums
All-new Genos2 Real FM Sound Engine
Live Control Surface featuring assignable knobs and sliders with LED indicators
Updated Playlist function for a better-than-ever playing experience

Inspiring Voices & Styles
Genos2 is loaded with expanded Voices & Styles functionality designed to unleash your creativity, including:

Widest range of genres to choose from
Downloadable Playlist offering versatile functionality and easy access to your favorite songs
Instrument Sampling/Vertical Integration that ensures consistency and quality of music samples

Confidence, Control & Performance
Confidence, Control & Performance
Genos2 allows you to change the intensity of the musicians with the Style Dynamics Control feature, while the AI Chord Mode offers intuitive control of instruments and Voices & Styles. More features include:

Real Ambient Drums that bring Styles to life in a variety of environments
Microphone Input that makes you sound like a pro
On-screen Karaoke Lyrics"

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Yamaha Global Stage | Michael Lecoq "Expressive Split" Performance

video upload by Yamaha Synths Official

"Enjoy this performance titled 'Expressive Split' from Yamaha Artist Michael Lecoq and the new MODX8+ Synthesizer.

Yamaha artist Michael Lecoq is a pianist and keyboardist based in France who, from a young age, has shown excellence that has allowed him to develop into the renowned artist he has become today. His versatility and virtuosity have earned him several collaborations that have allowed Michael to showcase his talents as a player and as a composer, arranger and producer."

Thursday, October 06, 2022

Yamaha Global Stage | Víctor Elías | "Lo-Fi Film" Performance

video upload by Yamaha Synths Official

"Enjoy this majestic performance from Víctor Elías playing the MODX8+ Synthesizer.

Yamaha Artist Victor Elías is a pianist and keyboardist based in Spain. He is also an in-demand musical director and has worked with many of Spain's most prominent pop artists, including Pablo López, Taburete, Álvaro de Luna, Dani Fernández and many more.

MODX8+ is a compact, lightweight, 88-key weighted action synthesizer with the piano, instrument and synth sounds pianists need to stand out on the stage, studio or stream. Learn more:"

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Yamaha Expands Soundmondo Sound-Sharing Website to Include MONTAGE Content

Published on May 9, 2018 Synthtopia

"At Superbooth 2018, Yamaha's Blake Angelos gave us a quick update on Soundmondo, and its new support for the Montage synthesizer."

And the press release:

BUENA PARK, Calif. (May 3, 2018) – Yamaha is expanding Soundmondo, the groundbreaking social sound-sharing website originally conceived for sharing reface Mobile Mini Keyboard sounds. Soundmondo now supports the MONTAGE Music Synthesizer, broadening its technological and user base to include an immense source of content.

Since launching in 2015, Soundmondo users created over 20,000 free reface sounds online. Now, MONTAGE users have the ability to explore and share new content of their own on a daily basis. To launch this new branch of the network, Yamaha produced 400 MONTAGE Performances, including content from the original DX ROM Cartridges, special content from Yamaha Music Europe and 16 original Performances from legendary synthesizer sound designer Richard Devine. Along with the content, Soundmondo is free for all MONTAGE users.

Soundmondo makes it possible to organize Performances into set lists, add demo audio/video and discover new pieces made by the global music-making community. All content is accessible via Google Chrome or the newly-launched Soundmondo (formerly “reface Soundmondo”) iOS app.

The MONTAGE Music Synthesizer, introduced in 2016 and enhanced with four major OS updates since then, represents a new era in synthesizer technology, offering unprecedented levels of control in sound and workflow.
“Soundmondo is to sound what photo-sharing networks are to images,” says Nate Tschetter, marketing manager, Synthesizers, Yamaha Corporation of America. “It’s a great way to share your sound experiences and get inspiration from others.”

For more information, visit

Thursday, December 04, 2008


via this auction

note the pull out. I know the TX81Z has one as well. I'm curious how many other Yamaha racks had them.

"The TX-802 is the rack mount version of the DX-7II with a few added touches. It is an FM synth, so it excellent at re-creating Hammond organ, electric pianos, brass, analog sounds, and bells. It is in a whole new class for percussive sounds and ethnic sounds as you can change the tuning and get out of the 12 tone box. It is not too good when it comes to, acoustic pianos, and saxophones, but that's why the gods made samplers. A required piece of gear in my opinion since the DX7 is such a legendary synth. There are thousands of patches available online for this synth (can take DX7 and DX7II patches).

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

GForce Intros RE STRINGS for Reason w/ Billy Currie Interview & Freeman String Symphonizer Overview

Published on Apr 11, 2017 GForce Software

"RE-STRINGS is our Rack Extension version of the award winning VSM and contains a selection of its most popular and iconic String Ensembles including: ARP Quadra, Crumar Multiman, Elka Rhapsody, Eminent 310, Freeman String Symphonizer, Godwin String Orchestra, Hohner K4, Junost 21, Korg Lambda, Korg PE2000, Logan String Melody II, Mellotron Violins, Moog Opus III, Roland VP330, ARP Solina, Technics KN200, Yamaha CE-25 & Yamaha SS-30.

With it's dual layer capability, it's possible to load the classic string ensemble sounds from years gone by or create your own hybrid ensembles.

Legal Notice
All musical instrument manufacturer and product names are trademarks of their respective owners and in no way associated or affiliated with GForce Software Ltd. The trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose sounds and technical data were studied for this instrument. All names of instrument inventors have been included for illustrative and educational purposes only and do not suggest any affiliation or endorsement of GForce Software Ltd."

Billy Currie talks String Synths, VSM & RE-STRINGS

Published on Apr 11, 2017 GForce Software

"During the process of creating patches for RE-STRINGS Rack Extension, we talked with Billy Currie about his use of String Ensemble keyboards over the years and how the Elka Rhapsody and Yamaha SS-30 contributed to some of Ultravox's classic tracks.

Billy also talks about how valuable the VSM and RE-STRINGS libraries are to him and how they've been used in his latest album, Doppel."

Freeman String Symphonizer

Published on Apr 11, 2017 GForce Software

"A brief walkthrough of the Freeman String Symphonizer, invented by Ken Freeman, sounds from which are in both VSM and RE-STRINGS.

The Further Adventures of K.FREEMAN and his Incredible Machine of a Thousand Strings courtesy of I Monster - BRIGHT SPARKS album.

Ken Freeman footage courtesy of BRIGHT SPARKS Documentary"

via Propellerhead

"50% OFF Release Offer! 2 weeks.

The modern, polyphonic string synthesiser was invented in 1970 by Ken Freeman, a British keyboard player and engineer who discovered that if you layered two notes then detuned and slightly modulated one a pleasant ‘chorused’ sound resulted. Over the next 10+ years Ken’s initial discovery spawned an industry that saw the manufacture of more than one hundred ‘string machines’ and multi-keyboards.

Although viewed by some as a one-trick-pony or a poor man’s polysynth, string machines had so much character they’ve graced tracks by artists as diverse as; Lonnie Liston Smith, Air, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Parliament, Herbie Hancock, Camel, Joy Division, Jean-Michel Jarre, Thomas Dolby, Tonto’s Expanding Head Band, Genesis, Toni Tone Tony and countless others.

Product details
Based on our award winning Virtual String Machine (VSM), RE-STRINGS comprises 67 individual sample sets from a plethora of classic analogue string ensembles including the ultra rare (and first) Freeman String Symphonizer, the highly coveted Solina, the eminently desirable Eminent 310, the highly-lauded Logan String Ensemble, plus several other classic (and not so classic) string machines.

Each sample set spans 49 notes (4 octaves), each individually sampled and looped, plus RE-STRINGS contains a 700+ patch library created by respected patch designers including legendary string machine user and keyboard maestro, Billy Currie.

With Dual Layer capabilities - each layer comprising of a Lowpass, Bandpass & Highpass Resonant Filter Section, Two Envelope Generators, Pitch or Filter LFO, Dynamic control including filter aftertouch - if you want to create your own hitherto unrealised hybrid combinations of classic and evocative string ensembles, it’s a cinch. Finally, global vintage style Ensemble & Phaser effects are provided, allowing you to hone your sound to evocative, retro, string ensemble perfection.

RE-STRINGS includes string tones from the following classic instruments ARP Quadra (1978) Crumar Multiman (1975) Elka Rhapsody (1975) Eminent 310 (1972) Freeman String Symphonizer (1973) Godwin Model 749 String Concert (1980) Hohner K4 (1977) Junost 21 (c 1986) Korg Lambda (1979) Korg PE2000 (1976) Logan String Melody II (1977) Mellotron (1963) Moog Opus III (1980) Roland VP330 (1979) Solina String Ensemble (1974) Technics KN200 (1982) Yamaha CE-25 (1983) Yamaha SS30 (1977)"

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yamaha Voice Editor Essential for iPad

YouTube Uploaded by yamahacorporation on Sep 15, 2011
Hats off to Yamaha on this. I hope other manufacturers offer this. It can take months to create a decent editor for more complex synths on your own. Editors like this really open up synths in a way you simply cannot otherwise.

"Voice Editor Essential is a simple Core MIDI iPad editor application to edit parameters in Yamaha synthesizers.
The editor focuses on detailed editing of insert effects, system effects, arpeggiator and EQ that are frequently modified and can take advantage of the iPad's large graphic display. In addition to that, you can control parameters like EG or cutoff in real-time by using fader control or XY Pad. Some essential global parameters including tap tempo and volume control are also included."

Yamaha Corporation - iTunes
iPads on eBay

Yamaha Set List Organizer

Uploaded by yamahacorporation on Sep 15, 2011

"Set List Organizer can be used to edit and display the set list for a live performance. It's a must-have application for any musician. Set List Organizer is a Core MIDI application that can send MIDI program change messages for each song in a live performance from your iPad to a synthesizer or other devices. You can use Set List Organizer to write detailed notes for each song."

Friday, August 18, 2023

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave OS 1.5 Update Adds MPE Support, Poly Unison, Free Running OSCS & Long LFOs

via Groove Synthesis

3rd Wave OS version 1.5

new in this release:

- support for MIDI MPE controllers - enable MPE from the GLOBAL menu and explore the new modulation sources at the end of the list. Pitch bend range can be set in the MISC menu

- option for free running analog oscillators in the MISC menu which is settable per patch - In the analog waveform mode, which you are using when you select the Axx waveforms like Saw and Square, now has the option to make the waveforms not reset when you start a new note. In this mode, the oscillators will continue to drift from each other as they do on some fully analog synthesizers. There are two side effects if you are using free running for the analog waveforms:

1. When two or more oscillators are running at the same time, the phase of the waveforms will not be reset and could start at any position. As a result, there will be phase cancellation compared to having the oscillators always start at the same point. What you will hear is that the notes will change volume level slightly as the oscillators start and also drift in and out of phase with each other.

2. In the normal mode the oscillator always starts at zero. Now it could start at any point in its phase position. That means when you hit a note, a single oscillator could be at 0, +1.0, -1.0, or anywhere in between. If it starts at or close to +1.0 ot -1.0, you are going from no sound to fully on immediately. This can cause a click at the beginning of the note depending on the phase. It is noticeable mostly when using a sine wave, and not too noticeable with something like a saw or square. If you want to use this free running mode, turn the attack time up to +20 or higher to quickly fade in and avoid the potential click.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yamaha CEO Pleased With Current Production Of Jet Skis, Alto Saxophones, Snowmobiles, Power Generators, Scooters, Golf Carts

via The Onion:

"HAMAMATSU, JAPAN—Despite concerns over the recent global recession, Yamaha Corporation president Mitsuru Umemura announced last week that he was content with the current level of production of Jet Skis, alto saxophones, snowmobiles, power generators, scooters, and golf carts. "Initially we thought that the declining global market would result in overproduction of synthesizers, PA systems, DVD players, tone generators, and motocross bikes, but in fact our production quotas were almost perfectly attuned to the market in power amplifiers, heart-rate monitors, signal processors, analog mixers, engine oil, microphones, HiFi systems, and grand pianos," said Umemura, who stressed that his company prides itself on attention to detail. "At the Yamaha Corporation we're focused on one thing and one thing alone—quality sound chips, ceiling brackets, editing software, race-kart engines, sport boats, flugelhorns, ATVs, sequencers, outboard motors, conference systems, golf clubs, projectors, MIDI controllers, lamp cartridges, portable recorders, subwoofers, component systems, and motorcycles." The Yamaha Corporation is based in Hamamatsu, Japan."

via brian c

Thursday, November 05, 2009

New Orange Yamaha Tenori-On

"The TNR-O (TENORI-ON Orange LED) features orange LEDs on a single side, allowing you to enjoy performing in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home. The frame is made of flawless lightweight white plastic."

The original "TNR-W (TENORI-ON White LED) is equipped with white-emitting LEDs on both sides, making it perfect for performing in front of an audience in a live setting. This model features a strong, solid magnesium frame."

No word on pricing. Specs aside from physical aspects appear to be the same.

Update via BirdFLU in the comments:
"At the very bottom of the specs page is the real news:

'To coincide with the unveiling of the new model Yamaha have also confirmed a free forthcoming firmware update for current TENORI-ON customers. Following a range of user comments Yamaha are currently in the process of creating a new operating system which is expected to be available from January 2010.The update will address a number of areas including the synching of TENORI-ON to external DAW applications and offer an improved MIDI sync implementation.'"

Friday, September 18, 2015

X1L3 - circuit bent - synth mod - yamaha DD-10 drum machine with midi

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated. X1L3 - Circuit bent Yamaha DD-10 - evolving percussion

Published on Jun 26, 2015 manufacturedZ3R0 .

"Improvised percussive set utilising the internal sounds and the additional oscillators that have been added. The oscillators can be set to drone or to follow the amp envelope of the output as shown here. A very simple drum pattern in order to show how much this can do on such a basic foundation."

X1L3 - Circuit bent Yamaha DD-10 - power electronics / noise wall

Published on Jun 26, 2015

"Improvised set of PE / noise wall and ambience generated with the embedded oscillators and fx in the DD-10.

Since the DD-10 is near 'unbendable' and seeing a modified one is a rarity i thought i'd give it a go and see what i could come up with."

via this auction

"Circuit bent - midi retrofit - yamaha DD-10 drum machine.

Modifications and embedded circuitry:

Analogue resonant filter with high pass and low pass bands
Gain, resonance, low pass/high pass toggle and cutoff
A nice warm filter based on the synthacon.
Lot's of resonance and a unique character of it's own.
Violent, squelchy and crunchy when overdriven in this machine.

Digital 'death industrial' delay
Rate, noise, feedback, off/on toggle
This delay variant is based on the formula applied and the output of circuit bent delay pedals which have been sold in the past.
A versatile and if desired aggressive set up that can drift between ambience, echo and all out harsh noise wall and power electronics.

Analogue distortion
Dual mode distortion with diode clipping, filter and gain.

PSU - DC hum suppression circuitry
A regulated psu is now built into the machine.
This gives a stable and quiet power supply to both the drum machine and additional circuitry as well as
providing a quiet output and excellent noise floor.
Input voltage is +12V tip positive running 2 amps.
Please be aware of the amp rating of your adapter. It MUST run 2 amps or above.
Suitable adapters are available at low cost on ebay.
If shipping within the Uk i will suppply and adapter free of charge.

Master pitch control
Gives a large global pitch range - demonstrated in the demo videos The pitch has a high and low setting and a coarse and fine control. The fine control gives you conventional pitching of the drums, the coarse will take them down to vicious noise, droning and glitching. The drum machine now serves not only as a percussive instrument but a generator of abstract sounds and textures.

2 X Drone oscillator section.

The oscillators can be set up as drones or as amp envelope followers. In the first instance they turn the machine into an interesting drone and noise synth, with the features of the FX chain at hand to liven things up. In the second mode they add a tone to the drum patterns which will follow the amplitude of the pattern envelope and add a low end growl to the pattern when the distortion is engaged. Both modes are demonstrated in the videos below.

External input and mixer section.

An external input has been added which has line level and pre amp selection. You could if you wanted to plug a guitar or microphone into it now and apply the effects to the incoming signal. You can also mix this external signal in with the drum sounds and oscillators via the mixer section. Everyhting can be faded in and out as desired.

Cnc machined aluminium panel work with black anodize and engraved text and graphics

The DD-10 comes with midi as standard. It has a good and varied range of sounds and although it can't glitch as with a lot of other old DD drum machines it's been reworked here with a number of additional features to give it a warped character which can hold it's own when put side by side with the machines which are open to rom glitching. It's quite unique in how it behave and sounds now. They're something of a rarity in modified form due to how difficult they are to modify. With some forethought and synth diy application it can now hold it's own amongst the most unruly and bizzare of circuit bent instruments.

Watch the demo videos below for some examples of what it can do.

The first video is a very simple percussive pattern. Intentionally simple in order to show what the machine can do with something very basic. The second video is an improvised noise set. Constantly shifting and evolving. Quite violent at times. It shows what the DD-10 can now do outside of the confines of it's original drum machine format. Harsh noise wall, ambience, fx and power electronics are all within it's grasp."

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