MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

The loosened modular

Published on Nov 27, 2015 Luke Killen

"I've been working with the idea of loosening up the modular without devolving into chaos. here's a wonky patch that I did today."

Viscount Oberheim OB-12 Virtual Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Jupiter-6 Vintage Analog Synthesizer (Part 2)

Published on Nov 27, 2015 perfectcircuitaudio

"This video demonstrates the sound of the Roland Jupiter-6. Part 2."

Part 1 here.

Perfect Circuit Audio on eBay

Meeting with Bastl Instruments @Modularsquare

Published on Nov 27, 2015 Modularsquare

"Video in english ! Really start at 14:40"

Meeting with Bastl Instruments @Modularsquare (Part 2)

"Vendredi 28 novembre 2015, les fondateurs de Bastl Instruments sont venus nous rendre visite pour nous présenter leur culture et leur catalogue, un moment inoubliable !


Nous somme Modularsquare, une boutique d'instruments électroniques spécialisée dans les synthétiseurs modulaires, et une communauté d'artistes qui se réunie une fois par mois.

Notre blog :

Les photos de nos rencontres :

Retrouvez-nous sur Twitter et Facebook -- Watch live at"

Teisco S-100P Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Buchla w/ space echo & drum synth - Nov. 27 2015

Published on Nov 27, 2015 tastysoilrecords

E.S.L. VERTICE - Enlarge your Sawtooth

Published on Nov 27, 2015 Euterpe Synthesizers

"Playing with two simple sawtooth"

Panoramical & Modular Tests

Published on Nov 25, 2015 FRACT OSC

"Get Panoramical (

This is my first attempt at getting my modular and videogames to interact - using the gorgeous music game Panoramical. This was recorded & captured in real-time and in one take. A few simple patterns are being played by Ableton, with various control voltages being fed into a Doepfer 192-1 which in turn is manipulating Panoramical. Some simple verb and delay are added once everything comes back into Ableton.

Despite the patch spaghetti, it's a dead simple patch, I just needed to mult out and control the amount of CV heading to the game.The potential with Panoramical as a performance tool is pretty undeniable - and I look forward to trying with better designed and more musical patches now that I have a better understanding of how synth and game can interact."

Control Voltage CVFRIDAY Sale

Cymru Beats Black Friday Sale

Sale items here.

Analogue Zone Black Friday Sale

Modular Wild Presents Profile-Black Market Modular Colour Palette

Published on Nov 27, 2015 Modular Wild

"A short description of the features of the Black Market Modular Colour Palette. Sound and Video by Raul Pena."

Roland MX-1 Ver1.04 Ableton Live Mode Introduction

Published on Nov 26, 2015 RolandChannel

"Roland’s David Ahlund puts the AIRA MX-1, System 1, TB-3 and TR-8 through their paces as he brings the noise (not to mention the Roland Boutique synths) to his live performance at ADE 2015, showing just how much you can achieve with some Roland gear and Ableton Live."

Producers talk Roland gear at ADE 2015

Published on Nov 26, 2015 RolandChannel

"Roland catches up with some of electronic music’s movers and shakers
at this year’s ADE festival in Amsterdam, discovering how they started with Roland and how they’ve opened their arms, studios and live rigs to our next generation AIRA range and Roland Boutique classic synths."

Black Friday Sale — 20% off all Roland AIRA Merchandise!


Black Friday savings on all Roland AIRA merchandise. Enter promotion code BF20 to receive 20% off your total purchase. Valid November 27, 2015 only."

Bob Moog Foundation Encore Soundbank On Sale

"MOTU just announced that it will offer the Bob Moog Foundation Encore Soundbank at a special price of $49 (reduced from $99) from November 27th-December 4th. The Soundbank features 29 composers and sound designers using an impressive array of vintage synthesizers and keyboards. You can read more about this one-of-a-kind collection here!"

Moog T-Shirt & Merchandise Black Friday Sale

"Six new styles of Moog Softwear are now on our website including a limited edition illustrated series by artists Martin Ander, Kyle Platts, and Dave Kloc! New sweatshirt, longsleeve and women's styles also added.

Receive 10% off all Moog clothing, merch, & accessories using the promo code TURKEYMOOG10 at checkout until November 30th."

Moog Mother-32 meets Casio MT-68 - demo from Warstat #13 :o)=

Published on Nov 27, 2015 Druweed

Dave Smith Analogue Synthesizer Mopho Factory Preset Sounds Bank 2 - Part 2 (1080p)

Published on Nov 27, 2015 REWO_Channel

"Part 2 of the 2nd bank of the Dave Smith Mopho Analogue Synthesizer."

Part 1 here.

Moog Mother-32 and the Eurorack Modular Environment

Published on Nov 27, 2015 Switched On

"In this video we explore the possibilities of the the new Moog Mother-32 semi-modular analog synthesizer hosted within Eurorack modular system. The Mother-32 has already been met with high praise from experienced modular users to the novice.

Instead of reviewing its features, we wanted to demonstrate a variety of creative patches to show the Mother's timbral and musical prowess.

We've numbered each patch in the video. Tell us what you're favorites are in the comments below.

Patch #1: 0:14
Patch #2: 2:10
Patch #3: 2:41
Patch #4 3:11
Patch #5 3:59
Patch #6 4:42
Patch #7 5:36
Patch #8 6:44
Patch #9 8:31"

Roland SH-101 Vintage Analog Bass Synth with Mod Grip

via this auction

Korg Poly 800 with Mods

via this auction

"Up for your consideration is a fully functional Korg Poly 800 synthesizer with several modifications that enhance the functionality and make this unit a fine candidate for the central piece to your music production environment. Modifications were professionally installed by experienced and skilled hands and are described below. I've modified a good handful of these and this particular machine is in the best cosmetic condition I have ever seen. Absolutely like-new!! Original Korg power supply included.


The Korg Poly800 and its rackmount / tabletop cousin the EX800 are odd beasts. They came from that strange era of Korg synths where they couldn't seem to decide between analogue and digital, and so came up with a selection of hybrid synths that didn't seem to excel as either sound. On paper the Poly800 was a pretty well endowed machine but in reality it always sounded a little thin and never really fulfilled its potential, which is where we step in with our Polybeast mods!


Cutoff & Resonance Knobs: This mod can be found around the net under several different names (Moog Slayer Mod) and versions but essentially it adds knob controls for the filter cutoff and resonance parameters for realtime control. The resonance knob can take the resonance well into self oscillation and far beyond what is programmable from the front panel. This can produce the kind of screaming top end and subsonic bass that gives these machines a whole new range of sonic possibilities. The filter cutoff knob allows you to perform long filter sweeps for those squidgy burbling analogue lines that you knew your Korg was capable of but could never actually program. Both parameters are still also controlled by the normal programming methods which can set the range of the knobs control.

12dB / 24dB Filter Response Switch: Somewhat mysteriously the filter chip used in these machines has both 12dB/Oct and 24dB/Oct outputs but only the 24dB one is actually used. This mod adds a switch to select either a 24dB or less drastic 12dB filter response

VCF CV input: This socket round the back of the machine adds an external 0-5v control voltage input that controls the filter cutoff. The new filter cutoff control knob is disabled when a jack is plugged into the socket.


External Audio Input: This accepts a line level audio signal and inserts it before the filter and chorus effect so you can use it to process external signals. The input is set up so that a loud signal will slightly overdrive the filter for a dirty sound.

External Audio Path Switch: This switch sends the audio from the external input either via the DCO1 or DCO2 signal path or turns it off completely. The input doesn't respond to the DEG audio level envelopes but instead is gated on and off by the noise gate that korg implemented to silence the synth when all the envelopes are completely closed. i.e. when the DEG envelope for the chosen path closes completely at the end of the release phase, the noise gate is activated and the external audio input is cut. The audio input is still effected by the filter envelope.
An external input can easily be filtered without having to hold down a note by setting up a patch with all the oscillator tones turned off, but the DCO 'level' parameter set to full. If you use the note 'Hold' function and press a key the audio input will be audible and can be processed with the filter etc.

Input Level Knob: Its a knob that controls the level of the audio input. What more can we say?


Essentially VCF FM allows you to modulate the filter cutoff at audio frequencies to create all kinds of clanging cross modulation and bizarre alien splatters & sweeps. This effect works best with the resonance cranked up into self oscillation which is where the new resonance knob mod comes into its own. The audio input takes its signal from before the input level knob so you can use the audio to modulate the filter cutoff but remove the actual audio signal from the mix.

Also installed is a brand new internal memory battery to keep this machine running for years and years without losing your presets!"

Studiologic Sledge 2.1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Studiologic Sledge is a fantastic looking, taxi-cab yellow virtual analog synth with amazing sonic possibilities, including traditional waveforms (sawtooth/pulse/triangle), FM, sync, Waldorf wavetable synthesis, and the new Waldorf sample library. Traditional knobby layout with oscillators feeding into mixer, filter, amplifier, with ADSR controls, flexible modulation possibilities, arpeggiator, FM, white/pink noise, oscillator sync, flange/phaser/chorus, and delay/reverb effects.

Software has been upgraded to version 2.1, which allows layering of sounds, or keyboard split, with different sounds split at user selectable split point. Delay and reverb can also be combined in version 2.0 and up.

In addition to the firmware upgrade, the Waldorf Sample Library license (an additional 99€ option) has also been installed, along with samples from the Waldorf library, bringing this Sledge fully up to spec with the new Studiologic Sledge 2.0 on the market."

Yamaha SK-15 W/case

via this auction

"Here's a beautiful Yamaha SK-15 string/organ/poly synth in pristine condition! Comes in a Yamaha case w/a power converter to use w/US power. Works very well, sounds amazing!"

Eurorack + Volca Keys & Arturia Beatstep + Korg SQ 1 Sync

Published on Nov 27, 2015 Ariel Raguet

"Uso del BEATSTEP como master sequencer. El SQ-1 y el Volca como esclavos sincronizados desde el GATE del BEATSTEP al SYNC-IN del SQ-1 , del SYNC-OUT del SQ-1 al SYNC-IN del VOLCA, del SYNC-OUT VOLCA al un EG del EURO. El CV del BEATSTEP y los dos CV/GATE del SQ-1 van a los VCO y EG del EURO."

The Circuit Symphony - Oddity II Official Demo and Sounds - GFORCE Software -

Published on Nov 27, 2015 The Circuit Symphony

"Official demo and sounds for the Oddity II Synthesizer. All sounds programmed by The Circuit Symphony and All sounds are from the Oddity 2."

Arabic Strings Approach with nord wave

Published on Nov 27, 2015 nicolai maruhama

"This is the demo of nord wave Santur sound
Please enjoy!

nicolai maruhama"

West Coast Bach November 2015 Variatio 1 (BWV 988)

Published on Nov 27, 2015 ngarjuna

"November 2015
Variatio 1 (BWV 988)
Johann Sebastian Bach

We all know Bach on the East Coast synthesizer...but sometimes he just likes to lay low on the West side. Make Noise/ Sputnik/ Nonlinear Circuits/ Intellijel/ 4ms voice

Special Holiday Offer: We are giving away our first WCB album "Volume 1" for free! Go grab yourself a copy"

CANTOR singing "The Cold Song"

Published on Nov 27, 2015

"Remake of 'The Cold Song' using analog synthesis and physical modelling synthesis of TERA for the orchestral instruments and the voice synthesis of CANTOR for recreating the vocals.

In memory of Klaus Nomi (1944 - 1983), un unusual, otherworldly stage performer and countertenor.

More info about CANTOR for desktop computer here:"

iTunes: Tera Synth - VirSyn

Klaus Nomi - Cold Song live 1982

Uploaded on May 5, 2008 trylonperisphere

"Composer Henry Purcell. From French TV. Slightly longer than another version on youtube."

Klaus Nomi_The Cold Song (live)

Uploaded on Dec 20, 2006 mickmarks

NSFW from just after 1:10 to 1:20.

"Nomi sings the air of the cold genius from Purcell's 'King Arthur'"

Klaus Nomi's 1978 debut at New Wave Vaudeville, Irving Plaza (NYC)

Uploaded on Nov 14, 2011 lenevarez

"Klaus performs the aria Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix ("My heart opens to your voice") from Camille Saint-Saëns' 1877 opera Samson et Dalila. Excerpted from "The Nomi Song" (2004), featuring interviews with Page Wood, Ann Magnuson and Kristian Hoffman."

ZenSound ELECTRO MODULAR Aalto Soundset

Published on Nov 27, 2015 ZenSound

"Electro Modular is released!­modular/

Electro Modular is the third soundset of Aalto from ZenSound conceived by sound designer Complex under the name of Adrian Jimenez.
It is all about modular electronica, comprised with unique forward thinking sounds has been conceived for sound explorers and enthusiast of modular synthesis."


Published on Nov 27, 2015 LESINDES

"Touching KORG ARP ODYSSEY for the first time. After the going criss cros the parameters with a lot of overdrive. Here is the first closer look.
See also my demos for a more systematical exploration ;-)"

Rheyne - Studio Tour

Published on Nov 26, 2015 Rheyne

"A studio tour recorded shortly after Live Jam #140."

Rheyne - Live Jam #140

Live Jams on BandCamp:


Exploring FLESH

Published on Nov 26, 2015 Tim Exile


A freeform exploration of FLESH, the sample-mangling, live-performing tweaky-weaky augmented sonic reality instrument I developed in collaboration with Native Instruments"

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