MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016

Shoom Factory Presets iPad Synthesizer Demo

Published on Apr 15, 2016 iPadLoops

"Yuri Turov has created an iPad synthesizer app that takes touch to another level of musical interaction. Shoom is a three part synthesizer with an X/Y approach for playing notes and modulating the sounds. Each of the three synth parts has their own set of two oscillators, a noise generator, an amplitude envelope, a filter, a filter envelope, LFO modulation parameters, and two effects (reverb/delay). These parameters can be controlled via midi

The following video is a quick preview of the factory presets that come with Shoom. There are four banks of presets bundled with Shoom including the factory set you hear in this video.


Buchla 296e Spectral Processor

via this auction


Published on Apr 15, 2016 LESINDES

Stunning 4mS SPECTRAL MULTIBAND RESONATOR with MUTABLE INSTRUMENTS BRAIDS and the final varnish of AKG BX-5 spring reverb.

DK Synergy Synthesizer Demo

Published on Apr 15, 2016 chris962x

Fender Chroma Polaris Demos

Fender Chroma Polaris, PT. 1

Published on Apr 11, 2016 chris962x

"Chroma Polaris Synthesizer. No effects were used, recorded directly into my Mackie Mixer, Focusrite interface, and from there into Logic Pro X on my Mac. Sometimes it's difficult to tell that I'm sometimes playing the Prophet 600 gligli on the stand above the CP for comparison, though I usually mention it in the video. The comparisons are confined to the first 4 min of the video, and 21:40 to the end of the video. In the second part the P600 is doing a brassy resonance sweep, and then a more plucky sawtooth sound. Sometimes during the comparison periods you will see my left hand is on the CP, and my right jumps between CP and P600, you can usually see my fingers on the far right to give away which I'm playing at a given moment. Sorry this was tightly shot like this, I was trying to make the controls as easy to see as possible."

Fender Chroma Polaris, Part Two

Published on Apr 11, 2016

"Chroma Polaris Synthesizer. It is a little difficult to tell but I'm comparing it to the P600 gligli above it during 8:30-9:30. Otherwise it's all CP. No effects were used, recorded directly into my Mackie Mixer, Focusrite interface, and from there into Logic Pro X on my Mac."

chroma polaris: goodies and cool monosynth!

Published on Apr 15, 2016

"This clip shows why the Chroma Polaris is such an amazing monosynth!Best part of the video starts at 18:35. But first it looks at the oscillator phasing pseudo-effect you can get, then it goes to selective pitch bend. Sorry it's so talky, but wanted to explain the bipolar sliders and how the functions work. 2nd half of the clips is on why it's an amazing monosynth (both alone and especially when put through an external 12db filter!), and the last 5 min is just playing."

Roland MKS-80 Rev 4 Demo

Published on Mar 23, 2016 chris962x

"MKS-80 Rev 4. Played by Midi on a DX7IIFD. Only compression and very light reverb used, no EQ or other effects. It's missing a little of the fullness of the original, I think because Youtube compression when added to that I already used removed some of the midrange, especially on sounds with lots of resonance. Sounded huge in my DAW so I think it is just youtube being youtube, just keep in mind the orig had a fuller midrange. But hopefully this shows a bit what this synth can do when pushed passed presets. Enjoy!"

Prophet 5 Rev 3 Demo

Published on Jul 20, 2015 chris962x

"This video is about Prophet 5 rev 3. First half w/ no effects, second half audio repeats with compression and reverb. Video focuses on filter sweeps with and without resonance."

Multimoog Demo

Published on Jul 11, 2015 chris962x

"The gorgeously smooth and expressive Moog Multimoog lead sound. I didn't have video for this, just a track of it before I sold it, so I'm tweaking the knobs while playing but obviously there's no visual of that. First half of the video is w/o any effects, second half is the same audio with effects."

Korg PolySix Demo

Published on Mar 23, 2015 chris962x

"This video is about Korg PolySix. Video goes out in the last few minutes, but the audio continues. Enjoy!"

Prophet 600 Gligli Demos

Published on Mar 6, 2015 chris962x

Prophet 600 Gligli


Published on Mar 1, 2015 chris962x

"This video is of the Mutable Instruments Ambika, with 5 SMR4 MkII filter cards. Digital oscillators, analog filters. My sense is that its an amazingly flexible wavetable synth, similar in many ways to the Waldorf Microwave, with analog filters like the Microwave to warm things up. I've noticed that it sounds a little bit warmer when recorded on video than when playing live, for what it's worth.

Mutable Instruments has discontinued these, but you can get them built by a trusted builder, just sign into their forum and search for 'trusted builders.' There are also single voice versions of this called a Shruthi which can still be purchased as a kit from Mutable, or with a variety of different filters either used or from a trusted builder.

In this video, I'm still learning how to use the machine, so I'm fumbling a bit with the controls. Audio here was recorded in Logic. I'm mostly going through presets, and showing how the filter impacts them. I also try to check the mod wheel on each present to see how it effects things. While presets often only show a small fraction of what a machine is capable of, it's a start.

The video was recorded dry, no effects, and coming from the mono mixed output (the unit has a mono mixed out put, and single outputs for each voice, but no mixed stereo out). A few times in the video I add effects (reverb/delay), then remove them, just to show what it sounds like, it should be obvious when I'm doing that, as I step away for a second and you hear the sound change.


303 through Bass Station II acid test

Published on Apr 15, 2016 Yunneck


Published on Apr 15, 2016 Ebotronix

4ms Peg, QCD/Expander, QPLFO, RCD², VCA Matrix
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS110²², RS360²
Bananalogue Serge VCS
Cyndustries Zeroscillator ~0~ quadring ~ solo for Anti²²s
Doepfer R 2m², A101-2², A114², A133², A134²², A141, A143-2,9
A147, A151²², A156², A175²²²,A185-2(14x),A138a²²b²²c²²²
Flame Chord Machine² , Q Slider², Talking Synth Module
foh choices
Grendel Formant Filter²
Make Noise Brains, PP², Maths², Moddemix²², Optomix,
QMMG, RenĂ©, Wogglebug²
Malekko Anti ²², Unkle²², Jag
Moog Freqbox²², Taurus 2 , MP201
Oberheim Sem
Roland SVC 350 Vocoder
SSL Modulation Orgy (morse key ~ Modulation)
Toppobrillo Quantimator² (aeolian), Sportmodulator, TWF
Logic masterclock to Kenton Pro 2000
FX : Boss VF-1, Lexicon MX 400, Line 6 Echopro, TC M 3000
mackie the mixer²
drums by Ultrabeat /Livecut
vid #1497

Novation Announces Circuit Components - Sampe Integration for Circuit, Backup and More

Published on Apr 15, 2016 NovationTV

Note the first sentence in the press release below. This is only the first installment, which of course means there will be more to follow. In my recent review of the Circuit I called out two things. One, the Circuit did not feature sample playback, and two, there was no ability back up your work. This update brings both. BTW, if you own an iPad and would like to edit the two synth engines on your Circuit, you'll find my editor linked in my review.

The press release:

"The first installments of new software and features for Circuit - including Sample Import, Synth Editor, Session Librarian and Firmware Update.

Circuit is our inspirational grid-based groove box. Two Novation polysynths and a four-part drum machine, combined with an intuitive grid-based sequencer in a standalone box that will have you making electronic music in minutes.

Circuit Components is suite of tools expanding Circuit giving you all you need to design, create and customise your own unique instrument.

Sample Import

Simply drag and drop samples onto Circuit and create your own pallet of sounds to sculpt, shape, sequence and perform.

Your Samples on Circuit
You have 60 seconds of space (you’re welcome) across 64 slots; use it for drums, one-shots, clicks, pops or bangs. Or chords, samples and synth stabs. Anything short and sweet.

Anything Goes
Any MP3 or WAV; Sample Import will automatically convert your collection to be Circuit friendly upon upload.

Create Sample Packs and Share
Sample Import exports too. Create your collections and save all 64 sounds as a single file. Keep as a backup or share with your friends, it’s all yours.

The Editor

Design complex patches from the comfort of your computer and then unplug for the ultimate standalone workflow.

Full, Unadulterated Access to Circuit’s Nova Heritage
Access every synth parameter of Circuit’s two powerful polysynths. With a little help from us, our close friends at Isotonik Studios have created a comprehensive synth editor, putting everything in your control.

Mix up your Macros
Along with access to all synth parameters on the fly, you can customise Circuit’s eight macro control knobs patch by patch.

Editing for Everyone
You’ve possibly seen this in public beta as a Max4Live plugin, but now you don’t need Live Suite and you don’t need a Mac. Tweaked, refined, and souped-up just a little bit, Circuit Editor’s official public release now runs standalone too, on PC or Mac.

Share your Patches
Not content with keeping your sound design and synthesis skills to yourself? Circuit Editor allows you to save your patches to your computer. Lock them away in secret folder or share them with friends (or just with the Circuit Owners Group on Facebook) – it’s up to you. Make sure the people you’re sharing with have the editor too, though. It’s free.

Need backup?

Back up all of Circuit’s 32 sessions to the cloud for the ultimate peace of mind and recall sessions in seconds from anywhere.
Now you can free up some space and make 32 more sessions worth of tunes, beats and tracks.

The Firmware

To use these Circuit Components, you’ll need the latest firmware: Circuit v1.2 unlocks compatibility, along with the usual bug fixes, new features; some user requests, and a few of our own ideas.

Play with Other Controllers
· Record MIDI notes from external instruments plugged into Circuit: either chromatically, or tuned depending on your choice of key and scale.

· Manipulate Circuit’s macro controls from an external MIDI controller and record as automation. You can even use your iPad.

Play with Ableton
· Automatically sync Circuit up with Live and easily record MIDI from your session – in tempo, in time, in key – with just a few clicks. You can even record your MIDI tracks from Ableton in one key and change it later in two button presses onboard Circuit.

Momentary Record
· Hold record, punch in and overdub notes or macros without losing your flow - or accidentally breaking your existing work.

Step Edit
· Even easier step-by-step automation: have a different pitch on your drums for each hit. Add FX to one note in a sequence. With the potential for a different sound on every step for every track, you don’t need to do the maths to know that adds up to unimaginable potential – for deliberate creativity or happy accidents.

External Preset Select
· Remotely switch the sound of either of Circuit’s two synths on the fly using MIDI program change messages. Remotely switch the sound of any of Circuit’s four drums on the fly using MIDI CC messages. From any MIDI source.

About Circuit Components

Within days of it landing in public hands, it became clear that Circuit wasn’t just inspirational for making music. It seems as though everybody who gets hold of Circuit has something to say about what it could be - as well as how great it already is, of course.

These ideas, coming in through email, Facebook, even over the phone to our support team, are the direct inspiration for Circuit Components.

So perhaps what we’re suggesting is: if you want to know what’s coming next, ask the users."

Minecraft Soundtrack Mash-up by RYMDMETAFOR

Published on Apr 14, 2016 RYMDMETAFOR

RYMDMETAFOR is a new supporting member of MATRIXSYNTH!

Details on the video and track:

"This is a mash-up of four different songs from the Minecraft soundtrack by the amazing C418. The songs are
'Sweden' (Melodies, Chords and Bass)
'Minecraft' (Melody)
'Subwoofer Lullaby' (Keys)
'Living Mice' (Piano Melody)

Here is a link to the original album [Update: link fixed]:­-alpha

Here is a link to this song on Bandcamp

The drums was made completely out of mangled sound effects from the game. The melodies were taken out of their context to form this immersive little pack of happiness. My hope is that you will recognize the melodies from your own Minecraft memories, and have a new experience collide with your nostalgia in a spectacular explosion. Why not add the song to your own gaming background music playlist?

Check out for a list of the instruments used, and other projects of mine."

And a breakdown of the gear by track:

For "Sweden” melodies, i recorded an acoustic toy piano, and a glockenspeil.

For the “Minecraft” melody, I made a patch in the FM8 synth by Native instruments, which I then mangled with some effects via a synced lfo in Bitwig studio.

For the “Sweden” bass, I used Native instruments Monark synthesizer.

The piano and wurly are from a Korg SV-1 stage vintage piano.

The chords from "Sweden" was played on a Logan string melody mark II

The drums are made out of 100% mangled Minecraft sounds.

Everything was mixed in Bitwig Studio.

Tetralemma by ngarjuna

MATRIXSYNTH Member, ngarjuna's latest release Tetralemma is now available via all the usual outlets iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Bandcamp. You'll find the Bandcamp embed in this post further below if you want to take a quick listen.

You might remember the track Stellatio from this previous post.

released April 10, 2016

Produced by ngarjuna
© 2016
Recorded at Studio Kallisti
Miami, FL

All songs by Mitch Furman
except "Stellatio" by Mitch Furman and Rich Prewett
Guitars on "Stellatio" by Rich Prewett

Videos at

07-The DSI/Oberheim OB-6: Prophet 6 Comparison- Modulation

Published on Apr 15, 2016 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a comparison of the various modulation functions featured on the DSI Prophet 6 and the DSI/Oberheim OB-6."

All parts here.

New Music Thing Modular Turing Machine Mk ii Coming Soon

via Thonk:

"We’re getting closer… wishlist here"

CV From Korg SQ-1 LittleBits Out

Published on Apr 15, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"Pulse Tips Episode #5 delves into the wonderful world of the simple but powerful Korg SQ-1 sequencer, and the often overlooked LittleBits Out port, which mirrors the main CV A Out port."

Andreas Schneider Superbooth16 Interview

Published on Apr 15, 2016 Ask.Audio

"Andreas Schneider talks Superbooth, Synths & why Superbooth is more appropriate venue for synth and music makers than Musikmesse."

Rheyne - Rhodes and Mothers #3 (Ambient Jam)

Published on Apr 15, 2016 Rheyne

"Live looping with a Fender Rhodes, 3x Moog Mother 32 synths, and Ableton Live. Recorded in one take with no pre-recorded loops or samples.

A KompleteKontrol 49 and iConnectMIDI 4+ are triggering the Mothers on multiple MIDI channels. A Launchpad and an iPad running Lemur control Ableton. A DJTT MF3D acts as a visual metronome. The Fender Rhodes is running through a Moog MF Drive."

Eloustik Tok L-1synth Grooving

Published on Apr 15, 2016 Eloustik Tok

Eurorack modular synthesizer music - Reverte

Eurorack modular synthesizer music - Reverte from Giorgio A on Vimeo.

"more knob-wiggling:

Modular Synth performance, recorded live in one take. All sounds produced on Eurorack synthesizer modules.

Six voices sequenced by Audio Damage Sequencer1, MN Rene and MN Pressure Points:

1) Synthech E340 Cloud Generator VCO to MA SVVCF filter; 2) Birdkids Bateleur VCO to MI Streams VCF and processed by Qubit RT60 in delay mode and Music Thing Spring Reverb; 3) MI Elements strike triggered by MN Rene gate and processed through MI Clouds; 4) 4MS SMR resonator clocked by MN Tempi with rotation sequenced by MN Pressure Points and processed by MN Echphon and Erbe Verb; 5) Mannequins Mangrove VCO to Three Sisters filter with modulations to span and quality from MI Tides; 6) Hexinverter Mutant Bass Drum and Hi Hats triggered by MI Grids and Tip Top Circadian Rhythm with probability assigned by MI Branches."


"Boomstar Modular Quadnic in 4 voice mode: different waves, pitches, and "Process Mode" settings and movement.

Right side sweetened—so you can mute that channel to hear the raw sound.

Obviously the .wav file sounds so much better...

Touch of Izotpe-ing to rein in the peaks and subtly EQ-in a bit of shimmer.

At 2:59 inversion, reversing and gain enveloping make the collage more chaotic."

Roland Juno 106 SN 491827 with Rare Electric Blue Road Case

via this auction

"This unit has all 6 voice chips functioning and has been checked extensively in test mode."

Vintage Roland System100M 140 172 140 110 131 191-J Set

via this auction

"Tested and Working.

Comes with AWM VW-1SC cord and unopened Roland Patch Cords PCS-10.

Model:172 SER.No 250936

Model:140 SER.No 334283

Model:110 SER.No 750216

Model:140 SER.No 294100

Model:131 SER.No 980655

Model:191J SER.No 253652"

Alesis Andromeda A6 Analog synth w/PCMCIA Card

via this auction

Crumar Trilogy

via this auction

"The synthesizer is in partially working condition. All the functions / presets are working, but three voices are not working fine, the filter doesn't work properly, the osc 1 fine tune potentiometer needs to be replaced and a few knobs and faders are crackling. Because of this problems, we sell the synth as-is, for spares or parts only. It needs (a big) service. Other than the described problems, the synth is working fine. It sounds superb due the CEM chips they used: 6 x CEM 3310 (EG), 6 x CEM 3320 (VCF), 6 x CEM 3330 (VCA)."

TouellSkouarn - Superbooth16

Published on Apr 15, 2016 DivKidVideo

"No word from Gael at Touellskouarn in the video but just me having a playing around with two of the three new modules. Drones, odd rhythms, feedback, modulation all that good stuff. And then his BBD reverb module at the end of the chain. Not a demo by any means (he should send me them to demo right ;) ?) but just a play around and some sounds."

Feeling Detuned - Heatseekerrr | OP-1

Published on Apr 15, 2016 Heatseekerrr

"Created with an OP-1

More music at"

Metropolis-Elements 1

Published on Apr 15, 2016 verstaerker

"Mein neuer Film Metropolis-Elements 1"

Cheer - Live modular performance

Published on Apr 15, 2016 anthony burchell

"Way too tired to do patch notes tonight. This was a very last minute song but I think it came together nicely. Thanks to fourhexagons for helping me calibrate the Rings! ✌️"

14 04 16 Scrotum Lab - Orgone Accumulator [03] & [04]

Published on Apr 15, 2016 batchas

"Orgone Accumulator + external effects"

14 04 16 Scrotum Lab - Orgone Accumulator [04]

14 04 16 - Orgone jam

Published on Apr 15, 2016 batchas

"Orgone Accumulator in drum mode + external effects"

Disturbance Sound pack for Octatrack

Published on Apr 15, 2016 Elektron

"Mode Audio ( has created a collection of very special ambient style samples for the Octatrack."

"Mode Audio ( has created a collection of very special samples for the Octatrack. The vast majority of these are of the lush, atmospheric and ambient kind. All in all, these crisp, spectrally rich, highly original and expertly curated sounds will prove to be essential for drones, atmospherics, percussion and scoring, or provide the exotic element for any conventional beat or tune."

Roland JP-08 - Live Jam - Volca Sample - Beatstep - Aira System 1

Published on Apr 15, 2016 kvfive .

"Live Session using the Roland JP-08, Beatstep, MicroBrute, System 1, MB33, Volca Sample, Akai MPX-8, TB-3 - All performed live."

Random Speech

Published on Apr 15, 2016 Ebotronix

4ms Peg, QCD/Expander, QPLFO, RCD², VCA Matrix
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS110²², RS360²
Bananalogue Serge VCS
Cyndustries Zeroscillator ~0~ quadring ~ solo for Anti²²s
Doepfer R 2m², A101-2², A114², A133², A134²², A141, A143-2,9
A147, A151²², A156², A175²²²,A185-2(14x),A138a²²b²²c²²²
Flame Chord Machine² , Q Slider², Talking Synth Module
foh choices
Grendel Formant Filter²
Make Noise Brains, PP², Maths², Moddemix²², Optomix,
QMMG, RenĂ©, Wogglebug²
Malekko Anti ²², Unkle²², Jag
Moog Freqbox²², Taurus 2 , MP201
Oberheim Sem
Roland SVC 350 Vocoder
SSL Modulation Orgy (morse key ~ Modulation)
Toppobrillo Quantimator² (aeolian), Sportmodulator, TWF
Logic masterclock to Kenton Pro 2000
FX : Boss VF-1, Lexicon MX 400, Line 6 Echopro, TC M 3000
mackie the mixer²
drums by Ultrabeat
vid #1495

Shoom Synthesizer - May The Drones Be With You

Published on Apr 15, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"This is a demo of the new Synthesizer App Shoom, coming this weekend to the AppStore. You can stack up to 3 Synthesizers in one patch and created very impressive drones. In this video, I make only drones with Shoom but you can do also more traditional stuff and playing with a lead sound."

Patch n Tweak

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