MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Звуки ночи / Sounds of the night

Published on Jul 19, 2016 Purple Tonal Central 3000

Ambient Live/Push2 demo.

Teaser Pic from Pittsburgh Modular

"August... stay tuned
#eurorack #modularsynth #synth"

Happy Nerding PanMix Prototype Eurorack Module

Published on Jul 19, 2016 Happy Nerding

"Some simple patches with PanMix prototype."

Electric bass through the modular

Published on Jul 19, 2016 Dimitrios Sismanis

"Running a Fender Jazz Bass through Mutable Streams, Intellijel Polaris and Mutable Clouds.

Walrus Deep Six compressing the bass before it hits the modular."

Flashing Lights Featuring Korg MS2000B & MS20m

Published on Jul 19, 2016 JediSid

"Live electronic music performance featuring Korg MS2000B & MS20m"

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone & Synthesiser (Kawai K1)

Published on Jul 19, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Kawai K1 - EHX Small Stone (Vintage 'Issue J' from approx 1978)

No further processing used except for normalisation."

All parts:

Korg MS-20M Monophonic Synth Kit with SQ-1

via this auction

MOOG Realistic Concertmate MG-1 SN 47 56

via this auction

Memorymoog Plus Factory Sequencer Data Demo (by Synthpro)

Published on Jul 19, 2016 synthpro

"Hey guys,

This is just a fun video that I thought some of you may enjoy, I have been loading tape data back into Doug Wyatt's Memorymoog today and ran across a tape that sparked my interest to hear...I pulled out my cassette player and loaded the data into the Memorymoog and this is the results...VERY 80's!"

Part 1 here.

Moogmusic Minimoog Model D Sound Samples

Another in via Soviet Space Child.

New Moog Minimoog Model D Synthesizer Demo

Uploaded on Jun 13, 2016 SweetwaterSound

"Sweetwater's resident synth geek, Daniel Fisher, takes you on an exhaustive sonic run through of every parameter of Moog’s Minimoog Model D Synthesizer reissue. Those of you deeply interested in hearing its raw sounds (without any talking) can start at 3:05 for over 21 minutes of pure sonic demonstration.

During parts of the video, Daniel runs the minimoog Model D through a TC Electronic Flashback Delay set to a non-colorized ping-pong delay."

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

New Minimoog Model D Now In Full Production

via Moog Music

"Today we announce that after more than 30 years, production of the Minimoog Model D synthesizer has resumed. Introduced in 1970, the Minimoog Model D was the first portable synthesizer and served as the archetype for all electonic keyboards that followed. Conceived as a response to the large-scale modular synthesizers of the 1960’s, the Minimoog’s portability, accessibility, and expressiveness made it the go-to instrument for musicians looking to expand beyond the traditional sounds of the time.

[video just posted here with part 1]

Throughout history, the Minimoog Model D has been used by the most forward thinking artists to design the sound of the future. Bernie Worrell used the Minimoog to establish Parliament Funkadelic’s futuristic funk sound. Kraftwerk employed the Minimoog on the pioneering concept album Autobahn, sparking an entirely new genre. Gary Numan replaced his live band’s guitars with Minimoogs, creating the prototype for industrial music. The classic sound of the Minimoog Model D can be heard on Bob Marley’s Catch A Fire, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and many more.

Each Minimoog Model D is lovingly handcrafted at our employee-owned factory in Asheville, NC. This legendary 3-oscillator monophonic instrument is securely housed in a hand-finished aluminum chassis and locally-sourced Appalachian hard-wood enclosure. To realize the unmistakable sound of the world’s first performance synthesizer, we preserve the component placement and through-hole design of the original analog circuit boards, employing military-spec precision resistors and custom-reissued transistors to complete the circuit.

Though no changes have been made to the original sound engine or audio signal path, the Minimoog Model D now includes a series of functional modifications to expand the instrument’s sonic capabilities beyond the factory specifications of a 1970’s production unit. These modifications include a premium Fatar keybed with velocity and after pressure available via top panel CV jacks, a dedicated analog LFO with triangle and square waveshapes, CV outputs for pitch, gate, velocity and after pressure, basic MIDI integration, and a mixer overload modification, which when engaged, allows the Minimoog Model D to conjure thicker and far more overdriven sounds than before.

The Minimoog Model D is now available for order through authorized Moog dealers world-wide.

*NOTE: Due to the complexity of the build process coupled with the demand for other Moog instruments, we are only able to produce a small number of Minimoog Model D units per month."

Minisizer-MicroBrute-Party :D (w/ Volca Beats & MicroGranny 2.4) #TTNM

Published on Jul 19, 2016 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Lured the Arturia MicroBrute out of its hiding place to patch it with the Anyware Instruments Minisizer :D

The Volca Beats clocks the MicroBrute, which sequences itself and the Minisizer. Some of the Minisizer's audio is fed into the MicroBrute as well, but other than that, the instruments are sent into a mixer separately. The MicroGranny 2 is played manually.

Audio gear used:
- Anyware Instruments Minisizer (mini analog modular synth)
- Arturia MicroBrute (analog monosynth with sequencer)
- Bastl Instruments MicroGranny 2.4 (granular sampler)
- Korg Volca Beats (drum machine)"

A Brief History of the Minimoog Part II

Published on Jul 19, 2016 Moog Music Inc

Start with Part 1 below if you haven't seen it already.

"A Brief History Of The Minimoog Part II documents the journey of the Minimoog Model D throughout the 1980s and 90s, chronicling the influential artists who used the Minimoog Model D to explore new genres and discover the sounds of tomorrow.

Follow the journey of the Minimoog Synthesizer from its inception through its prolific contributions to popular music throughout the decades in A Brief History Of The Minimoog Part I here: [below]

Ending music by Junior Boys - Big Black Coat"

Uploaded on Apr 28, 2011 Moog Music Inc

"Follow the life of the Minimoog Synthesizer from its inception through its prolific contributions to poplular music throughout the last 4 decades.

In this first installment documenting the journey of the Minimoog synth through the 1970's, we explore the musicians and the people that were instrumental in bringing the instrument to prominence. We also sit with one of Moog Music's earliest engineers, Bill Hemsath, who recalls the process of the Minimoog's birth and sheds some light on what sets the Moog synthesizer apart from other analog synths.

See more Moog history here:"

1st posted here.

Modular Loop Program I | DLD, Clouds and Rings

Published on Jul 19, 2016 r beny

"First full video with my new eurorack case. Pittsburgh Modular Structure 360.

A simple loop improv sending Rings (played by the Mother-32 keyboard) into the 4ms Dual Looping Delay and sending the DLD to 2 Clouds."

Tangerine Dream- White Eagle JD-Xi Demo

Published on Jul 19, 2016 Sequentonal

"I was asked to play something using only the JD-Xi.

So here it is, ALL SOUNDS are coming directly from the Roland, no other Instruments are used.
I do use a midi controller to play synth 1 and 3 and the Beat Step Pro plays part of Synth 2 and some of the drums.
On the JD-Xi Keyboard I trigger the Arpeggiator, which cannot be played via Midi.

Synth 2 has multiple sounds:
The 'Hollow Bass' with 0 Sustain for the Arp and 'SynString' Pads with lots of Decay and Sustain
The melody lead is on Synth 1 using 2 Midi Clav sounds (one pitched down one octave ) and the D50 Stack sound."


Streamed live 4 hours ago Kick.S


x0xb0x & KORG EMX-1

BEHRINGER Synth Vol 3 - DCO Polyphony

Published on Jul 19, 2016 Music Group

"New Behringer Analogue Polyphonic Synth"

At least 4 voices based on the voice LEDs. The sound in this one reminds me of a Juno-106 meets a Korg MS2000. Previous videos exposed other characters of the synth. It's hard to tell from short audio snippets, but if the synth is capable of completely different characters that is a good thing. Surprisingly, not all synths can. Listen for yourself. You can find all parts here.

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

Crumar Performer & Moog Taurus (1979) Analog Synthesizer "70s soundtrack style"

Published on Jul 19, 2016 RetroSound

"(c) 2016 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

analog strings, choir and fx sounds: Crumar Performer B (1979)
bass: Moog Taurus bass-pedal synthesizer (1976)
recording: multi-tracking without midi
fx: reverb and delay"


via @moogmusicinc


Taide'n Borg - Untitled ( Korg Monopoly Solo)

Published on Jul 19, 2016 Sun's May Flower (Official)


Electric Piano - Fender Rhodes
Strings - Solina String Ensemble
Solo Synth - Korg Monopoly
Bass - Korg Ms20
LFO Synth - Roland Juno 60
Drums - Roland TR 707
Drums - Alesis HR 16 (Strellis Eprom)


Phaser (Piano) - Arion SPH-1 Stereo Phaser
Chorus (Synth) - Boss CH1

Delay 1 - Analog Delay - EEM 2000 ST
Delay 3 - DOD Dfx9

Panner - T.C. Electronic M*One
Spring Reverb - Fostex Reverb unit 3180"

6 Radio Music & Low Pass

Published on Jul 18, 2016 Robotopsy Robotopsy

"6 Radio Music modules from Music Thing modular going into RXMX & Optomix and LXd. Main clock and sequence with DC1 Drum computer."

ALISA 1377, Алиса 1377 Video Demo

Published on Jul 19, 2016 Konstantin GR

"Rare Vintage Soviet Synth Alisa 1377 (Алиса 1377)
MIDI added and the filter was modified.
Fully serviced and calibrated.

Mindspace - Black Carpet (Oliver Lieb)"


via this auction

"Was made in USSR in 1985 at Luberetskiy Military Radioplant "Rodina" (Motherland) near Moscow.
ALISA synthesizers were made especially for experimental electronic music, creating of sound effects in soviet cinema and scientific acoustic researches.
This unique instrument has warm, aggressive and absolutely original analog sound!

The synthesizer has 1 OSC with 4 wave forms, ADSR , filter, various modulations, vibrato and portamento effects.

tune; octave +1/+2; portamento; wave forms: triangle, saw, square, odd harmonics; frequency modulation (for all 4 waveforms);
impulse-width modulation (for square wave form) with impulse width and depth controls;
harmonics (for odd harmonics wave form). You can use individual OSC waveforms (triangle, saw, square, odd harmonics) or mix them together to get unique sounds!

on/off modulation switch, two waveforms (triangle, square), modulation rate, modulation rate coarse switch - 1Hz/10Hz.

cutoff, resonance, vibrato (filter modulation), ADSR, switch between filter control- keyboard or contour OSC (ADSR).
The synths filter due to it`s original architecture can be used as additional oscillator when filter`s
resonance knob in self-oscillaltion position and it sounds really weird and interesting!

Power - 220Volts

The unit is professionally serviced, tested & perfect working condition with signs of use. All capacitors replaced. 1/4 TRS "Jack" installed."

Roland SH3 Vintage Synth

via this auction

"I have here a Roland SH3 (not 3a) that i have have had for a number of years after i inherited it from a family member upon passing away. There seems to be very contrasting rumours about how rare the SH3's actually are (moog lawsuit etc...) compared to the SH3a's, and after consulting many different people in the know, i'm still unsure, so it's listed here and will go for whatever it goes for."

Modular Synth - Patch in Progress 36

Published on Jul 19, 2016 isvisible / isinvisible

"Bass by WMD 'PDO'.
Noises by TipTop 'Z-DSP' & Studio Electronics 'Quadnic'.
Fuzz guitar by Ian Fritz (Serge) panels 'Timbre Tantrum' & 'Chaos Theory'.
Thickening up drone by Livewire 'AFG'.
Drums by Touched by Sound 'Syncussion DRM-1'.
Clocks and triggers by ALM 'Pamela's Workout', Delptronics 'Triggerman', Iron Ether 'Pithoprakta' and Mutable Instruments 'Grids'."

AC Sabre Professional MIDI Instrument & Motion Controller Now Available

Published on Jul 19, 2016

iTunes: AC Sabre - Professional MIDI Instrument & Motion Controller - Air Craft

"— AC Sabre is a next generation musical instrument for electronic music producers and DJs which uses the motions sensors in mobile devices to give new life to your existing synths, samplers, and sound library. The AC Sabre brings the sophistication and performance energy normally associated with traditional instruments to electronic music. For musicians this means a new level of expressiveness not possible with the current tools of studio and stage."

iTunes: AC Sabre - Professional MIDI Instrument & Motion Controller - Air Craft

*** 50% OFF LAUNCH SALE *** AC Sabre is a next generation, wireless MIDI instrument and motion controller for electronic music producers, composers, performers and DJs. AC Sabre brings the dynamic richness and performance energy of traditional instruments to our digital music library, in a way that is not possible with the existing studio and stage tools.

The motion sensors found ubiquitously on mobile devices are highly accurate and sensitive to the subtle movements of the user. By combining this data with intelligent algorithms we can develop new kinds of digital instruments which bring a dynamic richness to composing and performing with sounds in our digital studios. By combining this with carefully crafted user interfaces we can give users immediate proficiency with a rich palette of musical techniques without the typical long learning curve associated with traditional instruments.

Previous posts.

Owl Project - Rock Music

Published on Jul 19, 2016 DivKidVideo

"Owl project approached me to go over to their Manchester studio to work alongside them designing sounds based on information recorded and capture from live ancient stone working methods. In this video you see us creating some basic sounds with a contact mic hitting and rubbing the stone then those sounds processed through Mutable Instruments Elements and Clouds. Fire away with any questions as usual."

Korg Triton Extreme 2016 Custom Mellotrons & String Synths Rik Marston

Published on Jul 18, 2016 SynthgodXXX

'Custom Mellotrons & String Synths'
by Rik Marston
***Watch In HD*** 100% NO TALKING!
Please Watch Your VOLUME LEVELS!!!

These sounds are from the Korg Triton Extreme FACTORY C Bank PCG's
or Programs CUSTOMIZED to my liking with a bit of release & FX.
They show off a that the Korg Triton Extreme can do some close emulations
of some fantastic vintage synthesizers, tape based keyboards & string synths.

Here are the sound names & times in video:

1. Rik's Solina EX @ 00:12 (using Stereo Flanger)
2. Rik's TRON Choir @ 02:48
3. Rik's TRON Str @ 05:16
4. StrawberryFields @ 06:44
5. Rik's Solina EX2 @ 08:17 (using Stereo Phaser)
6. Vangelis Strings @ 10:10

Thank You For Watching!
More Synthesizer Demos &
Ambient Chill Zen Music
Coming Soon!
Rik Marston


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