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Monday, September 26, 2016

SDM #1 - Reggae Challenge - DSI/Oberheim OB6 - Yamaha Montage

Published on Sep 26, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"It's all Montage and OB6 here. Just a fun jam with no structure or anything. Just some organ stabs, a reggae style bass, and my playing over the top. It was fun anyway."

Testing synthesizer board

Published on Sep 26, 2016 Konstantin T

RT-311 Workshop deutsch: 1 Basics

Published on Sep 26, 2016 Jörg Schaaf

"Dies ist der erste Beitrag zu einer RT-311 Swarm Oscillator Workshop Reihe. Dieser Teil macht Sie mit der grundsätzlichen Bedienung vertraut. Lernen Sie die Benutzeroberfläche kennen und erfahren sie das volle Klangpotential, in dem Sie diese Video Reihe mit uns zusammen anschauen. Wir wünschen viel Spaß!"

Waldorf Q+ Virtual Analog Synth with Wavetables & Analog Filters

via this auction

Roland MKS-7

via this auction

Melody: 2 voice
Chord: 4 voice
Bass: 1 voice
Rhythm: 11 PCM sounds

Melody, Chord & Bass are based on the Juno-106, while the rhythm section is based on the TR-707.

Roland TR-808 Expansion Sound Cartridge for the Sequential Circuits TOM

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

MODEL '420' Drum Machine

Expansion Sound Cartridge:

Plug this cartridge into the cart slot of your vintage SCI TOM drum machine to instantly add 7 new drum sounds to your kit!

You get:
• thick & beefy 808 kick.
• punchy 808 snare and rim shot.
• classic 808 analog tom-tom
• crispy hi-hats
• classic claps and cowbell.

DRUMWARE sound cartridges were rare back in the day (1985-88) and even more rare today!

The cartridge is brand new, but the sounds contained inside are the original DRUMWARE sounds of the mid 80's.
This is a brand new reproduction of the vintage cartridge, a high quality circuit board enclosed in a custom designed & 3d printed outer plastic shell.


A very limited, hand built production run, so don't miss out!"

Drum Robot MR-808 Interactive - Massive Acoustic Roland TR-808 Art Installation

Published on Aug 18, 2016

"The Drum Robot MR-808 Interactive at the Krake Festival Berlin."

Some of you might remember the Sonic Robots MR-808 from this post back in 2012.  It looks like it was shown at a number of festivals.  You can find the list of events on the right of the Sonic Robots website here.  The following are some details and pics via Sonic Robots:

"MR-808 interactive is a drum robot installation featuring an oversized robotic drum machine which is programmed live by the spectators!

The audience can program the drum robot in a collaborative process and listen to the emerging of the sound. At the exhibition site, the crowd can stand in front of the robot, composing the music in realtime.

The drum robot installation MR-808 Interactive (2015) is intended for a collaborative music creation process which turn the listener from a passive spectator to an active player, visualizing the ongoing bond of mobile digital interfaces and physical actions.

The original installation MR-808 was developed in 2012 by the collective Sonic Robots under the direction of Moritz Simon Geist. It got an upgrade with the interactive part in 2015 / 2016. The drum robot has so far been presented on various events, from techno club nights to media and hacking congresses. The robot installation is a replica of the famous 1980s electronic drum machine TR-808 with robots playing the drum sounds. For the installation eleven sounds of the 80s drum computer TR-808 are replaced by mechanical actuators and physical tone-makers. You can read more about the technique and background here."

via Ask.Audio

Cyclops Demo with Moffenzeef Modular

Published on Sep 26, 2016 LZX Industries

E-mu Emulator II+ 1985 Vintage Sampler with Expanded RAM & Extras

via this auction

"This listing is for one 1980s vintage E-mu Emulator II+ sampler in good cosmetic and fully functional condition. This is the + (Plus) model that adds a second memory bank so you can have two floppies loaded up and then switch between the sound sets on the fly. Item will ship with original owner's manual, a folder with 50+ disks, power cable, spare replacement buttons and a cleaning disk...

Here's a description of the EII models from the website formerly known as the Emulator Archives:

Kawai K5000 S - Advanced Additive Synthesizer SN 593211

via this auction

Roland JD-800 Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Juno 106 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Vintage Roland Juno 106 Analog polysynth which has recently been serviced and sports several new voice chips. The unit is fully functional and sounds amazing. The physical condition is outstanding as well, all of the buttons retain their original color. This has only been used in a non-smoking studio and never been gigged."


Published on Sep 26, 2016 Ebotronix

Roland HPD 15 Berimbau
Clavia D Drum 4 se
Moog Taurus 2 Bass
- ~ +
4ms Peg, QCD/Expander² , QPLFO, VCA Matrix
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS 110²², RS 360²
Bananalogue Serge VCS
Doepfer R 2m², A101-2, A131², A133², A134²² , A141,
A143-2,9, A151²², A152, A156², A160, A175²²², A185-2(12x),
A138m,a²²b²²c²²², A 191-2
Flame Chord Machine, Q Slider², Tame Machine
foh choices
Make Noise Brains ,PP², Maths², MDM², Optomix, QMMG, René
Malekko Anti ²², Unkle²², Jag
Moog Taurus 2, Freqbox²², MP 201
SSL Modulation Orgy
Tip Top Audio Z 8000
Toppobrillo Quantimator² (melodic minor) Sportmodulator, TWF
Logic masterclock to Kenton Pro 2000
FX : Boss VF-1, Lexicon MPX 100², MX 400, Line 6 Echo Pro
mackie the mixer²
vid #1599

Dave Smith Instruments "In The Spotlight with the PRO 2" with Aaron Jaffe

The ninth in Dave Smith Instruments' "In The Spotlight with the PRO 2" series is currently up with Aaron Jaffe here.

"Aaron Jaffe is an award-winning composer/producer based in New York City. A graduate of Indiana University and the Berklee College of Music, Jaffe moved to New York City to begin his career at Platinum Island Recording Studio. From there he went on to become a senior composer at tomandandy music where he placed his original tracks on more than 100 commercials and scored the UPN Television dramady “The Beat,” starring Mark Ruffalo.

In January 2008, Jaffe launched Novacaine Music and Sound Design and continued to focus on the commercial arts. With a client base that includes McCann NY, Viacom/Nickelodeon, BBDO, Grey Worldwide, R+R Partners, and Avrett Free Ginsberg, Jaffe has successfully placed tracks on national campaigns for L’Oreal, Maybelline, Las Vegas, and Toyota among many others. His creativity has earned him the prestigious Bronze Lion at the 2010 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity as well as multiple Addy and Marcom Awards."

You can find previous posts featuring DSI's Spotlight series here.

The Hyve Synth Workshop Pics & Videos

The following are a few pics and short videos from the recent Hyve Synth Workshop, in via Scott Wiedman of Motus Mavis.

Top pic via sferg1129

The First Computer Generated Music? - Alan Turing's Manchester Mark II

Above is a recording of Alan Turing's Manchester Mark II computer used to generate music. According to the title, it is the first recording of computer music. The following are a couple of excerpts on the piece from the tech blog Engadget, followed by the British Library Sound and Vision blog. Both imply that Alan Turing's machine was the first computer to generate music. I was curious about the timeline, so I took look at at 120 Years of Electronic Music, which is a running list of the history of pivotal instruments in electronic music. Alan Turing's Manchester Mark II is not yet listed. The RCA Synthesizer, however is, and is dated 1951. There were two versions of the RCA Synthesizer, the Mark I and the Mark II which came later in 1957. There was also a computer located in Sydney, Australia that generated music in the 1950s. Based on the following, Alan Turing's Manchester Mark II first generated music in 1948. It's not clear when work on the RCA Mark I may have generated it's first sounds, however it appears it was completed in 1951. There were two previous instruments that influenced the RCA Mark I, namely, Givelet Coupleux Organ of 1930 and the Hanert Electric Orchestra in 1945, however, they do not appear to have been computer based like the RCA Mark 1, or Alan Turing's Manchester Mark II. Worth noting is the the RCA synthesizers were specifically created to generate music, while, Alan Turing's Manchester Mark II was not.

via Engadget:

"Alan Turing is known for a few small achievements, like helping end World War II, laying the groundwork for modern computers and developing the 'Turing test' for machine intelligence. You may not be aware, however, that he paved the way for synthesizers and electronica by inventing the first computer-generated musical tones. A pair of researchers from the University of Cantebury have now restored the first-ever recording made from Turing's 'synthesizer.'

Turing figured that if he rapidly played clicking sounds at set intervals, the listener would here them as distinct tones corresponding to musical notes. For instance, playing the click on every fourth cycle of a computers' CPU produces a 'C' tone, exactly like a modern synthesizer. He tested that theory on his Manchester Mark I, one of the world's first programmable computers. Instead of making music, he used the tones to indicate computing operations like completed tasks and memory overflow errors (meaning he also invented notification sounds).

Turing knew that he could program songs on his 'synth,' but had no interest in doing it. Luckily, talented programmer and musician Christopher Strachey got his hands on the Manchester Mark II's operating guide, which was, by the way, the world's first computer manual. Using that, he coded God Save the Queen, the longest program ever at the time. The next morning, he played it back to surprised onlookers at the lab, including Turing, who was uncharacteristically thrilled, saying 'good show.'"

Left: SSPL/Getty Images

And via the British Library Sound and Vision blog:

"Today, all that remains of the recording session is a 12-inch single-sided acetate disc, cut by the BBC's technician while the computer played. The computer itself was scrapped long ago, so the archived recording is our only window on that historic soundscape. What a disappointment it was, therefore, to discover that the pitches were not accurate: the recording gave at best only a rough impression of how the computer sounded. But with some electronic detective work it proved possible to restore the recording—with the result that the true sound of this ancestral computer can be heard once again, for the first time in more than half a century.

Frank Cooper's original 'acetate' disc (Photo courtesy of Chris Burton)
Fig. 2: The original 'acetate' disc was saved by Manchester University engineer Frank Cooper (Photo courtesy of Chris Burton)

Alan Turing's pioneering work, in the late 1940s, on transforming the computer into a musical instrument has largely been overlooked: it's an urban myth of the music world that the first computer-generated musical notes were heard in 1957, at Bell Labs in America.1 The recent Oxford Handbook of Computer Music staked out a counterclaim, saying that the first computer to play notes was located in Sydney, Australia. However, the Sydney computer was not operational until the end of 1950, whereas computer-generated notes were emerging from a loudspeaker in Turing's computing lab as early as the autumn of 1948."

On the RCA Synthesizer via 120 years:

"In the 1950’s RCA was one of the largest entertainment conglomerates in the United States; business interests included manufacturing record players, radio and electronic equipment (military and domestic – including the US version of the Theremin) as well as recording music and manufacturing records. In the early 50’s RCA initiated a unusual research project whose aim was to auto-generate pop ‘hits’ by analysing thousands of music recordings; the plan being that if they could work out what made a hit a hit, they could re-use the formula and generate their own hit pop music. The project’s side benefit also explored the possibility of cutting the costs of recording sessions by automating arrangements and using electronically generated sounds rather than expensive (and unionised) orchestras; basically, creating music straight from score to disc without error or re-takes.

The RCA electrical engineers Harry Olson and Hebart Belar were appointed to develop an instrument capable of delivering this complex task, and in doing so inadvertently (as is so often the case in the history of electronic music) created one of the first programmable synthesisers – the precursors being the Givelet Coupleux Organ of 1930 and the Hanert Electric Orchestra in 1945.

The resulting RCA Mark I machine was a monstrous collection of modular components that took up a whole room at Columbia University’s Computer Music Center (then known as the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center). The ‘instrument’ was basically an analogue computer; the only input to the machine was a typewriter-style keyboard where the musician wrote a score in a type of binary code."

The Story of the RCA Synthesizer

Published on Dec 16, 2012 alanoneuser

"History of the RCA Electronic Music Synthesizer and the Victor Synthesizer.
Produced by Kevin Meredith.
Featuring Dr. Alex Magoun of the IEEE History Center at
and Rebecca Mercuri, Ph.D. of Notable Software at"

1950 early electronic synthesizer: 'This is music with a strictly electronic beat'

Uploaded on Mar 11, 2011 Clips & Footage

Title Screen - 1950's Electronic Music

Published on Jul 13, 2013 Cliff Marshall

ALM Introduces the ALM015 Akemie's Taiko & ALM016 PE-1 dual band parametric EQ

ALM015 - Akemies Taiko from ALM on Vimeo.

Details on the ALM015 Akemie's Taiko via ALM:

"‘Akemie’s Taiko’ is an authentic complete FM synthesis based drum voice created using original Yamaha IC’s. It builds on the same technology used in the mighty Akemie’s Castle but in a more complete triggered voice form featuring both signal generation and envelope shaping.

The module provides CV and direct control over a number of FM parameters including algorithm selection, operator release envelopes, ratios, waveforms & feedback. This gives a massive range of unique sounds.

The voice is able to track 1 volt per octave allowing it to be used for melodic lines as well as percussion. Also optional ‘frequency ramps’ can be enabled for additional audio effects.

The drum voice includes a trigger input as well as accent and choke trigger inputs to add further expressive and rhythmic control.


Complete drum voice with authentic 4 Operator / 6 Algorithm / 8 Waveform / Feedback FM
Full voltage control including Algorithm selection.
Inbuilt envelopes with separate release control of FM carriers and modulator.
Tracks 1v per octave for melody lines.
Optional Frequency ‘ramps’ for for further effects and FM
Trigger, accent and choke trigger inputs.
Reverse polarity protection.
Skiff friendly.
Designed and Made in the UK.
Can tear holes in space time."

And details on the ALM016 PE-1:

"‘PE-1’ is a dual band parametric EQ and simple two channel mixer. Two control sections provide a sweepable cut or boost to a selectable upper and lower frequency band. The module has two ac-coupled audio inputs, one of which has an attenuation control for basic mixing, and a single audio output.

The ‘PE-1’ is inspired by the EQ circuits used in early ‘Portastudio’ type 4 track tape mixers. Warm up a digital source, fine control a live performance, extend a mixer, tweak a feedback loop – there are many uses for this great sounding EQ.


Provides +/-12db of boost and cut across 2 selected frequency bands
Dual input with single attenuation control
Reverse polarity protection.
Skiff friendly.
Designed and Made in the UK."

Modular Monday

Published on Sep 26, 2016 Zodiac Gallery

Russell E. L. Butler on 7 Mother32s

Published on Sep 26, 2016 Russell E.L. Butler

"This is a live video of techno artist, Russell E. L. Butler, performing a track on 7 Mother32s at the Synthesizer Library at S1 Portland in Portland, Oregon on September 22nd. Every sound is created with the Mother32s. There is also a little fx processing coming from the 4ms Dual Looping delay and the native reverb on the Alesis mixer."

Alesis Andromeda A6 Analog Synthesizer SN (21)A60500431 w/ Flight Case

via this auction

Novation Circuit & Volca Keys Live - Terrible Jam End

Published on Sep 26, 2016 Plekyn Records

"Terrible Jam End with Novation Circuit & Korg Volca Keys.
End of preformance It's very funny for me.
Circuit is MIDI connect with Volca.
Gear I used
Novation Circuit
Korg Volca Keys
Tube preamp for Volca
Behringer Xenyx
Focusrite 2i4 audio interface
PC computer to record audio signal with Reason 8 on board.
IPad mini and Nicon P530 to record video.
If you like it, Please Subscribe my Channel.
Thanks for Watching.

Marcin Kamiński Music
Plekyn Records 2016"

Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 Live Sampling

Published on Sep 26, 2016 Bonedo

"#Pioneer DJ #Toraiz SP-16 - Demo showing how to sample live with Pioneer's Toraiz Sampler using external sources. Further sound processing with internal digital effects and analog filters.
Track: Mijk van Dijk with Johannes Talirz - The Chic Flic (Superstition Records)"

Swarmatron Sequence Madness..

Uploaded on Sep 25, 2011 tanqueraytom

"Using a Roland 101 to control my swarmatron via CV/Gate i made a sequence and went wild on it for a minute.."

See the Dewanatron label below for more.

Multiple Dotcom format Modular Synth Studio Walnut

Published on Jul 1, 2014 CAD Daily

via this auction

"Large Dotcom Format Modular Synthesizer here. It's basically a modified System 44, but i bought another rack for additions.

It also includes:
- the amazing Moon Modular 569 quad sequential voltage source. (probably the most useful sequencer i've ever used)
- Moon Modular 553 Midi to clock module for clocking with your DAW or other gear.
- Oakley Croglin VCFilter
- Room for your additions!!

Dotcom section has 6 oscillators, 4xEnvGenerators, 4xVCA, Midi int, Arpeggiator, Mixer, Dotcom State variable Filter, Quantizer and lots more.

Includes a LOT of patch cables of various lengths. (i never found myself needing any more than what i have)

It's in Fantastic condition. I have attached some pins to the back of the cabinets to hold rope lighting for decorating, but apart from that it's blemish free, kept in my smoke-free studio. This thing sounds amazing. Sold as is.

The song in this listing was made entirely on this thing apart from the main kick drum and one of the claps."

Analogue Solutions Tereshkova

Analogue Solutions Tereshkova demo

Published on Jul 16, 2013 tanqueraytom

"This is a quick demo vid. I just recorded it on my iphone with the soundsource being a Bose Ipod dock.."

via this auction

Note the video above is from 2013. Not sure if this is the same unit, but it was included in the listing.

"This thing sounds amazing. Great condition, i bought it new and it has spent it's life up to now in my smoke free studio. The case has a couple of minor scratches on the exterior case. What you have is a serious amount of analogue goodness crammed into a highly portable format.

Midi to CV/Gate-converter, 3 VCOs, 8-step sequencer, MS20-like filter (HP and LP), 2 VCAs, AC coupled ring modulator, 2 ADSRs with repeat, 3 LFOs, Sample and Hold, CV/audio-mixer, X/Y Joystick, Multiples and 1/8"-to1/4" adaptor.

Perfect as a standalone synth or as an accompaniment to a modular system."

Qu-Bit Event at Perfect Circuit Audio This Wednesday in LA

via Qu-Bit:

"This Wednesday night we are hanging out at @perfectcircuitaudio 🍕
Come join us for an evening of demos, Q&A, and pizza!"

ARP Odyssey Patch - (Authentic) Chameleon Bass

Published on Apr 21, 2016 Adam Borseti

"For those who just can't seem to get it right.... meaning 99% of the people I see, here is the exact sound! Set your Odyssey up like so, and you'll be changing colors in a matter of seconds!"

End of summer - synth jam / circuit / volca keys / animoog

Published on Sep 25, 2016 diovis

"My first recording of all my stuff together. It took me some time to finally get all cables and a mixer but now everything works like charm.
Ipad channel is to loud :/ Next time I will get it right!

Novation CIrcuit as sequencer and master MIDI clock / Korg Volca Keys + Zoom ms-70cdr for ambient effects / Arturia Keystep as arpeggiator for Volca Keys / Animoog on iPad / Behringer Q502USB for recording :D"

Spotted this one on discchord.

Novation Circuit Videos by diovis

Published on Apr 30, 2016 diovis

"Hi I decided to make myself a channel to upload my Novation Circuit sound trashes. I know nothing about music, so we have here only penatatonic scale (I think that's how you call it) but I love to modulate sounds. Don't hate too much I'll try to get better ;)"

Novation Circuit first recording
Novation Circuit live set
Robot Slave - Novation Circuit Challenge - Round 2!

08-The Moog Memorymoog Part 8: Various Other Functions

Published on Sep 26, 2016 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of a variety of functions not yet demonstrated in this series.

Support free synthesis tutorials!"

All parts here.

ELEKTRONIKA EM-26 SN 02209 with Gig Bag

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

"Elektronika EM-26 portable vocoder is intended for synthesis the voice or external signals, has internal strings ton-generator, analyzer-synthesizer, modulations and vocoder effects. Control panel include 4 sections: VIBRATO, VOCODER, STRINGS and LEVEL, also it has a panel real time transpose and other controls."

KORG MONO/POLY monophonic synthesizer serviced

via this auction

1974 Vintage MOOG MINIMOOG Model D SN 4199

via this auction

"1974 Vintage Original MOOG MINIMOOG Model D. Old Oscillators. Fully Pro Serviced. With Warranty.

This is an amazing sounding original Minimoog Model D. I have owned it for more than 20 years, where it lived in a recording studio.
This has the desirable Old Oscillator boards, renowned as the "fattest/best" sounding of the minimoogs, compared to later versions.
Serial #4199. Dated 1974.

It is in fantastic, fully working condition and excellent cosmetic condition, showing typical signs of age and patina on the wood as expected from a 1970's instrument, as shown in photos.

It has just had a full professional service by The Analog Lab, New York.
This is the list of what the service includes:
Full calibration/tuning, Keyboard levelled and re-bushed, All pots and connectors cleaned, Power supply and DeCoupling re-capped. Playing/Audio functionality good.

Their work is warrantied for 30 days. The buyer will receive the service log and warranty."

Akai AX60 Analog Synthesizer w/Anvil case

via this auction

"Up for sale is an amazing Akai Ax60. This synth works great, sounds beautiful and is in very clean shape all around. This is a very good example of the AX60 and is in hard to condition. Comes with a nice Anvil flight case, which could use some new foam at some point but does the job and is in great condition otherwise."

Korg DW8000 Synthesizer

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"Up for sale is the Korg DW8000. It works great and sounds amazing. A fresh backup battery was installed and factory presets are loaded. All keys after-touch and buttons work, no annoying inadvertent double button presses with this one! The volume slider is noisy which is the only fault I can find..."

Afterlife - Modular Atmosphere

Published on Sep 26, 2016 PaulLawlerMusic

"Main sequence : Komplex Sequencer controlling Arp 2600
2nd Sequence : Komplex Sequencer controlling Chord.
3rd Sequence : Kilpatrik K4815 Controlling Rings
Noise Source from Telharmonic.
Ears controls the resonating filter on the System 1m.
The sound sources are passed through Dubmix which has Clouds, ZDSP with the shimmer card, & Black Hole DSP as return FX.
LFO controls panning on Dubmix."

Roland TR-09 Demo - Hidden Parameters

Published on Sep 26, 2016 Bonedo

"#Roland #TR-09 Demo showing some of the hidden parameters such as internal compression, tune and decay (Rim / Clap)."

OP-1 09-25-16 (Stagma)

Published on Sep 26, 2016 Jeremy Leaird-Koch

"Let's make a track with the presets in the new OP-1 beta OS! It's pretty awesome!

Get this track on Bandcamp :"

Modular Monthly: Exploring the broad sonic range of the Loquelic Iteritas

Published on Sep 26, 2016 Future Music Magazine

"Noise Engineering's Loquelic Iteritas may be a bit of a mouthful but we were left jaw-dropped by the sheer range of tones available in this digital oscillator module. In this video we explore what it can do."

Akemies Taiko ALM Busy Circuits // Baseck

Published on Sep 26, 2016 baseck

"Taking this New Akemies Taiko for a spin! I'm a big fan of Akemies Castle and Dinky's Taiko so I've been really looking forward to the release of this one :) I was just going to post a short clip of this, but loved bumping it with the sub, so I decided to put the whole 5min piece up. Maybe I'll rock another vid to show off other features like using it as a synth voice.

IG/Twitter @busycircuits

connect with me @baseck"

The End of the 20th century

Published on Sep 26, 2016 karambaelectronic

"Sample: documentary about war in Sarajevo (recorded with ZOOM H2N in the museum of Sarajevo's tunnel)
Chords: Modular (Shapeshifter, turing machine, streams, etc...)
Drums: Sonic Potions LXR
Mix/FX: Octatrack

In LFO i trust!!"

Cure Me... Roland Boutiques, Korg EMX2, Korg Volca FM...

Cure Me... & Question: 3 + Roland Boutiques, Korg EMX2, Korg Volca FM...

Published on Sep 26, 2016 Micro Banshee

"Cure Me.. a nod to the 80's, all Roland Boutiques used, Volca FM, + other instruments.

Recorded live [23/09/2016]


Arturia Keystep
Korg EMX2
Korg KP3+
Korg Mini KP2
Korg Volca FM
Korg Quad Pad
Novation Circuit
Roland Boutique JP-08
Roland Boutique JU-06
Roland Boutique JX-03
Roland System-1
Roland TB-3

Zoom Q4 /Flip HD - Windows Movie Maker

Music © all rights reserved. Micro Banshee – 2016"

Jupiter 4 vs. Teisco SX400 chorus comparison.

Published on Sep 26, 2016 Lackan110f

"The Teisco SX400 is a very close copy of the famous Roland Jupiter 4. Most of the SX400-functions are copied straight of the JP4. When it comes to sound they are pretty close, the Teisco being somewhat softer and the JP4 sounding harder.

The biggest difference is the chorus. When the JP4 has a 2 x BBD-chorus the Teisco have a 3 x BBD-chorus. Here you can hear the difference between them."

Send Midi notes to Elastic Drums in Modstep via IAA Midi

Published on Sep 26, 2016 Oliver Greschke

"When you use Elastic Drums as IAA Instrument, you have to do nothing to make ED sync correctly, nor to send Midi notes to ED from Modstep. It all works automatically via IAA (Apples Inter-App-Audio technology).
IAA will send sync informations to ED and IAA will also send Midi notes without you having to change anything - neither in Modstep nor in Elastic Drums. Leave ED's midi settings to the default "No port / IAA midi" settings. And just send the correct midi notes from Modstep. Maybe have a look at the scale settings in Modstep. Set them to chromatic, to be able to send every note.
Modstep might behave similar with other apps, that have IAA properly incorporated.
Thanks Modstep and Bill Jobs for the presets ;)"

modstep - AppBC
Elastic Drums - O-G-SUS

Make Noise 0-Coast & 9U System, Elektron Analog RYTM - "DARS II"

Published on Sep 25, 2016 Ted James Butler

"A little drum & bass with the Make Noise 9U, 0-Coast and Elektron Analog RYTM.

Rene is sequencing the Telharmonic. Pressure Points has control over the DPO and 0-Coast. 0-Coast is running through a Malekko Ekko 616 Analog Delay, Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo & The Warden before hitting the 9U system. 9U system audio out is being fed to the Analog RYTM and being compressed against the rhythm track. Audio is recorded direct into Logic via a Mackie ONYX with no additional processing.

For more music:'

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