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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Learning Modular: SSF Mixmode + Expander (LMS EE)

Published on Jul 19, 2017 Learning Modular

"For more information on this module and others, join the Learning Modular Patreon Tribe:

For more on the Learning Modular Synthesis Eurorack Expansion Project for those exploring what module to add to their system next, visit"


1. SSF Mixmode 1/4: Overview (LMS Eurorack Expansion Project)
This first of four movies on the Steady State Fate Mixmode 4:1 mixer gives an overview of its connections and controls, and then focuses on the usefulness of the invert switch on each input to create different timbres when mixing waveforms from the same oscillator (in this case, the sawtooth and square from a Moog Mother-32).

2. SSF Mixmode 2/4: Saturation (LMS Eurorack Expansion Project)
This second of four movies on the Steady State Fate Mixmode focuses on the subtle behavior of its Saturation mode, which adds an angled slope to the tops of waveforms such as a sawtooth or triangle (compared to clipping, which would just cut the top and bottom of the waveform off completely). I then compare this to the effect and sound of the Moog Mother-32’s own built-in saturation when you drive it with an external audio signal stronger than +/-5 volts.

3. SSF Mixmode 3/4: Expander (LMS Eurorack Expansion Project)
This third of four movies on the Steady State Fate Mixmode takes a look at its optional Expander module, which gives much more control over its saturation behavior (plus adds an additional 1/4” output). Knobs on the Expander’s front panel allow you to independently set the positive and negative saturation breakpoint from 4 to 10 volts, while control voltage inputs allow you to set it to any voltage. In addition to providing more varied effects compared to the subtle nature of the Mixmode’s default saturation, it allows for saturation and the resulting timbre shift to become a performable parameter.

4. SSF Mixmode 4/4: Percussion Overdrive (LMS Eurorack Expansion Project)
This fourth of four movies on the Steady State Fate Mixmode focuses on using its saturation capabilities with both synthesizes and sampled percussive sounds, including performing asymmetrical saturation and rhythmically changing the amount of saturation on different beats.

Yamaha MONTAGE Promotion Video by Wole Oni

Published on Jul 19, 2017 Yamaha Corporation

100% CALENTANO Red on White KORG M1EX

via this auction

"Nice Korg M1EX versión in (((WHITE/BLACK and RED LETTERS ))) version and this comes with new sounds patches and this Korg m1 has new switches and blue lights with Red/Black screen backlight it is in very good shape look the pictures don't lie all buttons was replaced and the keys was cleaned is in very nice conditions

Hola tengo en venta este Renovado Korg M1EX Y esta especialmente renovado y editado para música de Tierra Caliente es una versión más avanzada que el Plus one y está en color (((BLANCO/NEGRO Y LETRAS ROJAS))) con luces Azules y pantalla Roja con letras negras y tiene Todos los switches de los botones totalmente nuevos que responden al tacto y también viene cargado con sonidos especiales para música de tierra caliente y cumbia Sonidera este gran teclado en muy buenas condiciones así como se ve en las fotos este trae nuevos sonidos Como Armónica igualita a la del Korg N364 y trae unaTuba Dinastía,Tuba Players,Guitarra acústica del X3,soprano Sax,Solo sax,Alto Sax Sly trombón,Trompeta editada como la de los Player's de tuzantla,trambien trae el Busy boy, Cañaveral, Yaguarú, Clarinete, Marimba, Musette, Honner, Barroco String del Roland D50 y muchos más también trae 30 divisiones en el Combi como trompeta/flauta,Guitarra/Trompeta,sax/Trompeta,Busy boy /Synth Brass y otros pura Calidad!"

Roland SH-3A Vintage Analog Synthesizer w/ Hard Case

via this auction

"1973 example of the raw roland sh3-a monophonic analog synthesizer. Decent cosmetic condition. Sounds amazing! Has a few quirks. I suggest reading up on the split foot oscillator to better understand the way this thing works before bidding. The only issue this thing has is a few slightly scratchy sliders and the switches to change the wave shape of each individual feet of the oscillator are a bit finicky. With a gentle touch this is no impact on playability. Synth is built into it's own case."

If you look at the oscillator section on the bottom left, you will see sliders marked 32' down to 2', and you will see switches above each for the waveshape. The sliders allow you to bring in as much of each in the oscillator section as you want, similar to drawbars on an organ. In this vein, the SH-3A was both and additive and subtractive synth - additive in its oscillator section, and subtractive with it's filter.

MatrixBrute Connected :: MakeNoise 0-Coast, Eventide H9 & MicroBrute

Published on Jul 19, 2017 experimentalsynth

"A synth like the ARTURIA MatrixBrute sounds great on its own, but really comes to life as part of an ecosystem with other instruments and effects. There are a million ways to use it. This is one of them... with the MicroBrute, Make Noise 0-Coast and Eventide H9... learn more at"

Great Destroyer DIY Eurorack Module Demo

Published on Jul 19, 2017 zerozero island

"I just finished building the Dwarfcraft Devices Great Destroyer Eurorack Module and plugged it in so i thought i'd take it for a spin! Here's a recording of my first few minutes or so with the module. Put a basic sequence from the Roland 512 VCO and Dave Smith Modular Curtis Filter though it and into a spring reverb and NoiseReap DLY, and boy oh boy! The result was LOUD. :)"

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Synthesizer

via this auction

"The plastic cover is missing from the display, which is a very typical issue. I am the second owner and am assuming it's been gone for a long time. Display, however is very clean with no debris or degredation."

Roland Jam - JX3P & CR8000

Published on Jul 19, 2017 geerefamilyusa

"Synth veteran Richard Geere demos realtime tweaking of the Roland JX3P synced to a CR8000."

Introni - Archive of Italian Electronic Magazines

I spotted this one in a post by Francesco Mulassano of Soundmit and Torino Synth Meeting. The image comes from this PDF. I was curious what exactly it was, and what synth was pictured, so I reached out to him. According to Francesco:

"Introni is a sort of archive of almost all old italian electronic magazines (and a few in other languages), very interesting archive, inexhaustible source of great pictures. Onde Quadre was one of this magazine, they spot sometimes synthesizers as a diy project like this. (page 42) (electronic organ) (electronic music generator) MOOGH!! (page 35) (very good project) (string synth part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6) (syntar page 23) (page 1851 synthesizers panel)



this is another magazine not covered on introni website (Monophonic synth)

another website

Elektor_Giugno_1982_n37.pdf (page 28)
Elektor_Settembre_1982_n40.pdf (page 49)
Elektor_Novembre_1982_n42.pdf (page 42)

this is the complete project (ELEKTOR) ElektorFormantMusicSynthesiser.pdf

The system is:
(PDF part 1)
(PDF part 2)
(PDF part 3) + sequencer

here a search engine for the introni archive
type MUSIC in Oggetto field and you have all the music projects

on the left column, click on Hobby/elettronica/vecchie riviste"

Francesco also recommended another site he first encountered when getting into synth DIY here.

Planeetta Avaruudessa - Album Featuring Only an Oberheim Matrix-12

via Jari Pitkänen

"Started this album somewhere around 2007-2009. It has my best Oberheim Matrix-12 patches.

Hard left/right doubling on some patches but no additional effects like reverb or equalization."

released July 19, 2017

HYDRA: Diffuse Band Delays

HYDRA: Diffuse Band Delays from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Testing the new HYDRA card for Tiptop Audio Z-DSP. Playing with the first algorithm: Diffuse Band Delays.

Voice 1: Z3000 Sine + Tri mixed into the FOLD PROCESSOR > R*S VQVCF (FM by TTA Z4000) > WMD VCA (AM by another TTA Z4000)

Voice 2: ONE playing DOTS sound > Z2040 (AM by Z4000, FM by a second Z4000)

Kick Drum: TTA BD808

Snare (single shot at the beginning): ONE playing DOTS sound

Filtered percussion sound: ONE playing DOTS sound > Vermona VCDrive > Toppobrillo Multifilter (Hi Pass) > Tiptop Z2040

Diffuse Band Delays is the only effect used. Sending signals into Z-DSP via aux sends on the Mackie mixer."

Time Warp DE 2017 (Official Aftermovie) Featuring ANGLE’s Studio w/ Tiptop Audio System

Time Warp DE 2017 (Official Aftermovie) from • Elephant Studio • on Vimeo.

The intro was filmed at ANGLE’s studio with a Tiptop Audio modular system.

via Tiptop Audio: "This is the official video-report of the last Time Warp festival in Mannheim (Germany). The event is focused on djs' performances, however, the video-introduction of this year's issue is about the roots of the electronic music and its machines, in order to explain to the audience the origin of the music played by the djs."

Video description:

Time Warp DE 2017 (Official Aftermovie)

This movie is about sound and its shaping. From the first clap of hands, sound never stopped developing. From the first sticks that banged on an ancient drum, rhythm never stopped bringing people together. This movie is about you, music passionates from around the world, and its a huge thank for spreading good frequencies!

Produced by: Elephant Studio & Cosmopop

Written by: Thomas Pizzinga, Madlene India Sabin

Directed by: Thomas Pizzinga

1st AD: Madlene India Sabin

Copy: Saverio Fiorino

VO: Toby Ricketts -

DP: Thomas Pizzinga, Luca CIngolani, Umberto Santos & Ermins Baltais

Editing, Sound design & Color Grading: Thomas Pizzinga

Intro was filmed at ANGLE studio in Florence thanks to Piero Fragola.

Thanks to Marco Liebscher and all the Cosmopop team to make it possible.

Thanks to Moviechrome Milano for the equipment.

Izhar Ashdot: The Amazing Journey of my Doepfer A-100

Published on Jul 19, 2017 Izhar Ashdot

"The last installment of my series on meeting the makers of Eurorack at Superbooth 2017 in Berlin.
I brought my out of tune Doepfer A-110 with me, in the hope of handing it to Dieter Doepfer personally to be tuned at the Doepfer factory.
Here's the story of my A-110."

Korg Volca Keys & Strymon Bluesky

Published on Jul 19, 2017 Benjamin Jimenez

"Here's my demo with Korg Volca Keys and Strymon BlueSky.
Stranger Things sequence."

EMS Synthi 100 + TB303 Devilfish + TR606 [Upcoming Performance in Melbourne]

Published on Jul 19, 2017 Honeysmack

If you are anywhere near Melbourne, this is a chance to see an EMS SYNTHI 100 performed live.

"Not sure if this is a first, Synthi100 sequenced by a 303. Prep for Synthi100 show on August 2 at Melbourne Recital Centre."

Malekko Product Demo + Giveaway at Perfect Circuit Audio Tonight

For those in LA (Los Angeles) tonight, there will be a Malekko product demo & giveaway at Perfect Circuit Audio. You can RSVP at

Controlling a Moog Workstatt w/ Audio to CV Arduino from Nunomo

Published on Jul 12, 2017 Nunomo LLC

1. Arduino : External Signal Processor shield demo with Moog Werkstatt

2. Control Moog Werkstatt by iPad : Waveshape analyzer demo - "I switched platform from Arduino to STM32(Nucleo) to get extra power. In result trucking and pitch accuracy becomes much better!"

3. Control Analog synthesizer by iPad : Waveshape analyzer demo 2 - "This demo shows Pulse width recognition.

This module recognizes pitch of the audio signal, gate and pulse width and convert it to CV. In this demo, I use Moog Werkstatt but it can control most of modular synthesizers.

I use GRAIN pedal to get orverdrive sound, and added reverb in Ableton Live."

Homemade Synthesizer MAX-i Made out of Cardboard

Published on Jul 19, 2017 Roberts lazdiņš

That modwheel gets the post.

"Iespēju vel maz, tiks uzlabots un pilnveidots tad ari bus turpinājums.
Nākamgad būs MAX-ii"


Published on Jul 19, 2017 snazelle

"In this video, we introduce the Eternal Spring Filter, our trashy, squelchy filter module which is now available. This filter allows for a wide range of unique sounds, and this filter has a very unique character. It has a nice amount of analog movement to the resonance as it is NOT temperature compensated, and at lower drive settings this module adds a nice wash of noise to the Q.

It includes saturation circuits on the input and output as well as the resonance section, so it is truly non-linear: what you put in IS NOT what you get out.

Ideal for basslines, acid lines, trashing signals, audio rate modulation, experimental sounds, etc."

Beat707 NXT

Published on Jul 19, 2017 William Kalfelz

Morphagene: Reel Management & Firmware Update

Published on Jul 19, 2017 MAKEN0ISE

"This video shows how to load and delete Reels, and how to create and manipulate them on a computer using Audacity or Reaper."

Morphagene Firmware Update

Published on Jul 19, 2017 MAKEN0ISE

"The Morphagene now has an updated firmware that doubles the record time, triples the number of Splices per Reel, and makes a number of small improvements. To get the free firmware update package follow this link:"

YAMAHA DX7 II + Roland Juno-60 live jam *Stranger Synths*

Published on Jul 19, 2017 RetroSound

"(c) 2017 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

synthesizer sounds and percussion: YAMAHA DX7 II FD with E! board (1987) in split mode
bass sequence: Roland Juno-60 (1982), internal arpeggiator triggered by the TR-808
drums: Roland TR-808 (1982)

RetroSound home:"

Synth Jamming for You(minilogue, bassstation 2, volca bass, volca sample)

Published on Jul 19, 2017 crabbabuzz

"Just simple synth stuff. 4 devices : Korg Minilogue, Novation Bass Station 2, Korg Volca Bass, Korg Volca Sample. I've used IPad ModStep app to sequence this stuff throught Midi splitter and irig midi - yeah - there was some midi lags - this ipad is very old motherfucker. So Enjoy - Take Care..."

Spotted this one on discchord.

YAMAHA CS01 SN 27597

via this auction

"The item is in Mint Condition Tested with my knowledge powers on makes sounds, some minor scratches ( see pictures ) missing the cover for battery tray. Overall in good shape."

Korg MS-20 w/ Original Leather Case SN 1422**

via this auction

Roland Vintage System-100 101 Keyboard

via this auction

Roland Juno-106S SN 52189*

via this auction

The seller has a few others listed as well, so be sure to check out all of them before bidding.

Roland Juno-106 SN 3811** w/ Original Japanese Manual & Brochure

via this auction

Buchla 208r Music Easel Synth Clone

via this auction

A clone by Roman Filippov of the synth portion of the Buchla Music Easel.

Vintage Korg MS-10 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 135659

via this auction

"Recent service including control panel cleaning and calibration. Expect some cosmetic blemishes from normal use and transport of a vintage music instrument."


Published on Jul 19, 2017 once upon a synth

"This is an quick tour of the Korg MS-10 where I go over all the different knobs and the patch panel and explain how the synth works. The MS-10 is a vintage monophonic analog synthesizer. It's the little brother of the MS-20. It has only one oscillator, but it does have pulse width modulation which the bigger brother lacks. It's a simple synth but with a really nice raw tone."

Samplr for iPad mini Tutorial

Published on Jul 19, 2017 cuckoomusic

"Support me at Patreon:

Samplr is a musical app for iPad. I think it sets a benchmark in touch interface music performance apps. It's simple to use, yet there's depth. Here's a little video tutorial.


iTunes: Samplr - Touch the Music - Marcos Alonso

A Quick Play With Audio Damage Replicant 2

Published on Jul 19, 2017 Audio Damage, Inc.

"Just recorded a quick video to show the new Stutter addition to Replicant 2. A more sophisticated overview video will be coming."

YonacSoftware KASPAR Preview

Published on Jul 19, 2017 YonacSoftware

"A quick preview of KASPAR: Multi-Engine Automorphing Supersynthesizer. Available for iPad on July 20th!"

Follow-up to this post.


Published on Jul 19, 2017 Drink The Corpse Vomit

"A stupid run through the Orthogonal Devices ER-301. Amazing module. Really insane good. All sounds on this are from the ER-301 except a single kickdrum in the last clip. Go subscribe to Neil Parfitt not this garbage."

Mattoverse Rhythm Division Drone into the Caroline Meteore

Published on Jul 19, 2017 mattoverse

"Mattoverse Rhythm Division Drone into the Caroline Meteore"

Live Ambient Jam, 7/19/17 : Microkorg, Teenage Engineering OP-1 and XR-20

Published on Jul 19, 2017 Todd Smith Music


It's been a little bit since doing a ambient style track so I chilled out and laid out something more mellow/laid back today. I like the way it came out , hope you enjoy the results.

: Hardware :

Akai XR-20
Teenage Engineering OP-1
Novation Impulse
Apple iPad Pro

: iOS :

Auria Pro
Mod Step
Fab Filter Pro Q
Audio Bus"

RolandJV-2080 + SR-JV80-04 Vintage Expansion card - Presets

Published on May 21, 2017 Medsound Music

"This are some of my favourite presets from this machine

The Roland JV-2080 was the successor to the very popular, industry-standard studio expander of the '90s, the JV-1080.

The SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth expansion card is the definitive collection of vintage synth sounds. This massive library includes synthesizer sounds from the Minimoog, Oberheim 2-Voice, Sequential Prophet 5, as well as most of the classic Roland synths."

Moog Sub Phatty & Frantone The Sweet

Published on Jul 19, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Sub Phatty synthesiser through The Sweet fuzz. The Sweet has been placed on an aux send.

No further processing except normalisation."

Using Nature Oscillator with v4l2loopback and ffmpeg

Published on Jul 18, 2017 karenevil

"Experimental noise sound making with the 'Nature Oscillator' (
In this video I'm trying to play Nature Oscillator with prerecorded video clip through v4l2loopback and ffmpeg on my Linuxbox (Debian stretch GNU/Linux)"

iTunes: Nature - Oscillator - Alexander Zolotov

digitakt x 2 ambient

Published on Jul 16, 2017 sinsyn

"digitakt x 2
video is about a second out of sync with the sound, digitakt 1 is playing all stock sounds, digitakt 2 all my own samples.
all digitakt bar some light limiting in ableton."

Hands-On Review | Elektron Digitakt

Published on Jul 11, 2017 B and H

"We’re checking out the Elektron Digitakt 8 voice digital drum machine, sampler, and sequencer."

Simple Pleasures TB303 Devilfish + TR606

Published on Jul 19, 2017 Honeysmack

The Korg MicroKorg Turns 15 This Week

via @KorgUK

"This week is the official birthday of #microkorg, launched Summer NAMM Nashville & BMF London in 2002. The MACBOOK pictured was cutting edge"

Patch n Tweak

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