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Monday, August 28, 2017

Prophet '08 Sawtooth Solo Patch

Published on Aug 28, 2017 Sacred Synthesis

"This improvisation is primarily for comparison purposes. I wanted the put an example of the Prophet '08's sawtooth solo right next to the recordings of the same patch from the Prophet 12. The comparison isn't quite fair, in that the P12 has four oscillators, whereas the P'08 has only two. Regardless, here they are side-by-side for the discriminating musical ear to judge. As usual, the patch uses the two pair of output jacks, and each layer is panned at the mixer for stereo depth.

The Poly Evolver Keyboard provides the string accompaniment throughout the piece.

DSI Prophet '08 Keyboard
DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard
DSI Poly Evolver Rack

DSI Evolver Desktop
Hammond XPK 200L Pedalboard

External Effects:
Lexicon MX300 for reverb
Alesis Nanoverb 2 for delay

Performed and mixed live and recorded directly to a Tascam CD-RW900 Mk II.


Sequential Circuits - Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 SN 3225

via this auction

"Comes with a heavy duty Calzone road case.

Rev 3.3 with Midi
Serial Number: 1000 - 3225
Date of Production: 9/9/82

The Servicing which was completed recently provided the following.

Key contacts/buss bar cleaned and adjusted
Keys regulated
PCBs removed
Controls cleaned
Poly mod PW switch removed and repaired
Connectors resoldered, cleaned and resecured
Socketed ICs reseated
Battery check - good
Grounds tightened
Housing resecured
Full calibration to factory spec"

Time - Inception by Hans Zimmer (John Heath on the Arturia MiniBrute)

Published on Aug 27, 2017 John Heath

"Time from the motion picture INCEPTION.
Composed by Hans Zimmer
Arrangement by John Heath
Produced Entirely on the Arturia MINIBRUTE

Recorded every note/part individually on 132 audio tracks. Submixed down to 18 for final mix. Every note played on the MiniBrute. No other external controllers were used. DAW used for recording and editing/engineering audio was Propellerhead Reason 9.5. Enjoy!!"

New Sismo ARO

sismo-aro from sismo on Vimeo.

"This is the first piece of our new collection of Sismo synthesizers. Inspired by geometric in arquitecture, gather maths circumferences and sound effects.

ARO brings a 8 step sequencer split to 2 sound generator (sawtooth squarewave), envelope, lfo and echo."

A few pics via Sismo.

Check out those side panels!  Likely helps protect the knobs as well as provide an aesthetic element.  Curious if they are meant to be picked up by them as well.

Roland TB-303 Devilfish Modded With Walrus Arp-87 Delay Pedal

Published on Aug 28, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This video shows all four modes of the Walrus Arp-87 delay pedal with a Roland TB-303 as the input. The 303 is Devilfish modded for a few extra options.

The ARP-87 is a powerful multi-function delay pedal that creates lush echoes and adds in-depth dimension to all sounds. It sports four algorithms consisting of digital, analog, lo-fi and slapback - all of which offers a virtually endless range for sonic experimentation. The ARP-87 has 6 knobs built in and a bypass and tap switch to manage and keep all delays under control. With the ability to produce anything from light delay runoffs to intense echoes, the ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay is a great addition to any studio.

Available here:"

MATRIXSYNTH Members get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

'Turns' Make Noise B&G Shared System

Published on Aug 28, 2017 Caspar Hesselager

"No overdubs or post-processing. Audio-only versions of all patches at"

Elektron Analog Heat demonstration using drums and synth

Published on Aug 28, 2017 soundseasy

Starts with the Roland TR-09. The new Roland SH-01A comes in at 1:44.

"We thought it would be fun to take the Elektron Analog Heat for a spin using the Roland TR-09 and and SH-01a as our sound sources.

I'll be honest with you and say that the Analog Heat had escaped my attention, I mean you work in an environment surrounded by flashy bits of kit and bells and whistles, and an unassuming black box tends to fade into the background.

Well not any more!

This unassuming black box is a well camouflaged beast!

Not only does it have stunning distortions but also one of the sweetest sounding filter sections I've ever heard. Couple that with a comprehensive LFO and you have yourself a totally unique sonic tool box that will keep you twiddling for hours! (As we did)

We don't cover it in this demo, but the Analog Heat can also operate as a VST/AU through "Overbridge" (We shall do a demo of this soon).

AND I bet most of you (including myself) didn't know that the Analog Heat is a 2 in 2 out soundcard also, pretty nifty stuff!

My first thought about who would get the most from this unit would be the Techno heads. This unit would add so much depth and character to any hard hitting Techno track. The more I used it though, I starting hearing how it could be used on just about on anything.

Guitars (obviously), but things like adding dirt to hi hats, rich thickness to vocals, and a whole plethora of sounds that you might feel need more harmonic content.

This is far more than a distortion unit, and I think for the people who take the plunge and get one, they will definitely have a secret weapon that will have their peers asking 'How did you get that sound?'

Not cheap, but worth every penny and more!"

Analogue Systems RS 200 Sequential Controller / 24 Step for Modular Synthesizers SN 3979

via this auction

"The rs200 Sequencer System contains the rs200 Sequencer, rs150 4-channel sequencer switch and rs280 audio / trigger clock divider. The rs200 System has three channels, A, B and C, with individual controls for each of the eight steps and a stepped range knob for adjusting the overall output voltage of each channel (0V to +10V). Channel C also has a Slew control for smoothing the output voltage, or introducing a portamento effect if used with a VCO. In addition to a step indicator LED, each channel also has two toggle switches. One is a three-way Skip/Off/Reset switch which respectively skips selected events, does nothing, and resets the pattern back to the beginning at a specified step.
The rs150 Sequential Switch allows you to select between multiple inputs and direct the chosen signal to the input of the next module in the patch. Selection may be manual or may be triggered by the application of a suitable clock or trigger pulse.

The rs280 audio and trigger clock divider is a frequency detector and divider that produces a number of squarewave signals derived from the frequency of any cyclic signal presented to its input. It has a single input, five outputs, and five LEDs that give a visual indication of the frequencies of the outputs.
Three rows of 8-step CV generators with individual CV ranges and CV outputs for each row
Independent trigger outputs for each of rows 1, 2 and 3
Internal clock with external CV input and clock output
External clock input and manual step function
Slew generator for portamento and other effects
Skip, Reset, and Stop/Start functions with independent CV inputs
End of sequence pulse output"

Analogue Systems System 1 Modular Synthesizer w/ 3 oscillators +2 VCA's +filters SN 3960

via this auction

"The System 1 is a self-contained array of modules with everything necessary to create serious electronic music. The quality is superb. The Layout is excellent, but may be simply altered to suit the individual user. Since it's all modular, it is easy to interface System 1 with existing modular equipment using the many available patch-points.

rs15 case containing the following modules:
rs20 Ring Mod/Multiple input
Two rs95 High End Voltage Controlled Oscillators
rs100 S Low Pass Filter
rs110 Multi-mode Filter
Two rs180 Voltage Controlled Amplifiers
Two rs60 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generators
rs80 Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator
rs40 Sample + Hold w/Noise
rs160 CV Mixer
rs165 Audio Mixer
rs230 CV Buffer / Inverter
rs170 Multiple"

Analogue Systems French Connection Ondes Martenot Style Modular Synthesizer Controller

SN 010 via this auction

"The French Connection is on of the greatest Controllers ever built... A truly elegant and beautifully built controller. This one is early serial number 10... In super excellent condone with very minor wear and tear from use inside a climate controlled professional studio..."

"Based upon the legendary Ondes Martenot, the French Connection is a unique controller for virtuoso performance. By placing a finger through the ring suspended below the physical keyboard, the player can glide smoothly between notes by moving the playing hand from left to right, creating a very natural vibrato in the process. Theremin effects are easily obtained by connecting one of the CV outputs to an external VCO with sine wave output.

The French Connection is a 49-note CV/Gate keyboard controller supplying (3) CV outputs, (1) Gate output, and (1) Trigger output. In addition, there is an XY Joystick Controller, selector switches for normal keyboard duties, and the Ondes Martenot Controller via a Wire Traveller and pressure resistant wooden button. The French Connection controller does not have MIDI and does not emit any sound, but by connecting it to a minimum of (1) VCO with sine or saw waveform, plus a VCA, the Martenot effect is easily obtained.

The user can line up the Wire Traveller with a raised and indented reference grid below the Traveller (a wire under tension with a ring that the user puts his finger through) to land accurately on the desired notes, or can use the keyboard as a visual aid.

The user can select between Traveller and Keyboard modes with the 2 selector switches for Button and Conventional Keyboard playing. For example, if the expression is routed from the button to a VCA with LFO routed thru it (for vibrato), the player can achieve effects much like the Arp PPC controller on an Odyssey III / Axxe II.

The French Connection is housed in a gorgeous American Walnut cabinet and each one is hand built. This instrument has received worldwide attention since Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead started using his in their studio sessions and on their live tours."

ARP Avatar Vintage Guitar Synthesizer with Many Extras

via this auction

Korg Polysix Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer - Serviced w/ Modypoly MIDI Upgrade

via this auction

"Korg Polysix synthesizer with a Tubbutec Modypoly upgrade installed. The modypoly adds midi functionality, a note sustain jack and various other features including voice stacking and advanced arpeggiator function. This synthesizer has a new preset battery installed and does not suffer from any cpu board corrosion issues. It's 100% functional and has been completely cleaned, calibrated and tuned. It also has custom Brazilian cherry hardwood side panels and has a custom preset bank loaded in. It's an incredible sounding synth!"

KORG UNIVOX MINI-KORG K-1 Electronic Synthesizer Vintage SN 2716

via this auction

JEN SX1000 Synthetone w/ Original Manual

via this auction

FAT FB383 Freebass Bass Synth

via this auction

Best Ambient Synth Shootout #37: Korg Prophecy - Song 2

Published on Aug 28, 2017 Christian's Sonic Spaces

"This is the second song with the Korg Prophecy. It's a monophonic synthesizer with algorithms for Virtual Analog, Variable Phase Modulation similar to FM synthesis, and physically modeled brass, reed, and plucked string instruments. This song sounds like a scary zombie game soundtrack, nothing you would expect from a Prophecy synth ;-)

I used for the recording the following FX chain which I sparely used this time:
Prophecy - Alesis Ampliton - Elektron Analog Heat - Boss Tera Echo - TC Electronic Mimiq - Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe - DigiTech Polara. The used fx varied depending on the recorded track but this time most tracks were recorded dry.

The signal goes via a small Behringer mixer straight into the pc.

To create the complete song I recorded consecutively several stereo tracks. The final song was then mastered with just a bit EQ and compression on some tracks and some limiting on the master track.

Well, I decided to go back to the basics, but at the same time make something useful for the synth community and do a kind of competition (I like competitions;-). What's my best synth for ambient music :-)"

Song 1 here.

Controlling the Make Noise Rene with Pressure Points.

Published on Aug 28, 2017 musicalfungus

"Credit goes to Walker Farrell for creating this patch design. This is my rendition and expansion of his tutorial video which can be found with the following link [posted here]

I have expanded on his patch by routing Pressure Points to another channel of Maths. This allows sustain and release to be added to the sequence which is triggered by the Pressure Points."

Novation Peak Polysynth Demo

Published on Aug 28, 2017 mylarmelodies

"Being a sound exploration demo of the rather ace Novation Peak 8 voice hybrid polysynth. All sounds in this video are the direct Peak output (including effects!), sequenced by the totally brillcakes Arturia Keystep."

PPG Infinite - Exploring the Presets - MVM #86

Published on Aug 28, 2017 Midiverse - TV

"Welcome to Midiverse TV, on this episode of Exploring the Presets we're going to check out some of the sounds from the new PPG Infinite iPad Application. Let's have a look and listen.."

iTunes: PPG Infinite - Wolfgang Palm

Moog Subsequent 37 Officially Replaces the Sub 37 Tribute Edition - Comparison Video & Demos

Subsequent 37 | Precision Audio Analysis Published on Aug 28, 2017 Moog Music Inc

You'll find a playlist of Subsequent 37 sound samples featuring Cory Henry further below. First the official announcement from Moog Music:

"Aug. 28, 2017, Asheville, NC -

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the award-winning Sub 37 Tribute Edition has been discontinued from production to make way for a new standard: THE SUBSEQUENT 37. Implementing upgraded sonic modifications and functional improvements, the new SUBSEQUENT 37 will become the standard production model moving forward.

To illuminate the enhanced sonic vocabulary of the new SUBSEQUENT 37, Moog’s Chief Engineer, Cyril Lance, is joined by Snarky Puppy’s Cory Henry in the Moog Sound Lab. Using an Audio Precision analyzer and an oscilloscope, Cyril Lance compares the audio outputs of both the original Sub 37 and SUBSEQUENT 37.

The SUBSEQUENT 37 is a (2-note) paraphonic analog synthesizer with double the mixer headroom of the Sub 37. This provides access to a new range of classic clean tones in both mono and duo performance modes. Leveraging the mixer’s newfound flexibility, the gain-staging of the Ladder filter has been reshaped to boost harmonic saturation and analog compression, resulting in an overall richer low end. Completing the sonic evolution of the SUBSEQUENT 37 is a re-tuned Multidrive circuit that extends well beyond the grit and growl of the original Sub 37.

Each of the enhancements found in the SUBSEQUENT 37 maintains the magic and character of its predecessor while also providing access to new dimensions of sound and improved playability.

In addition to the sound engine augmentation, each SUBSEQUENT 37 comes with an upgraded keybed for improved playability, a high-powered headphone amplifier strong enough to drive the most demanding headphones, and a software plugin/editor for both Windows and Mac platforms.

The Subsequent 37 is already shipping from the Moog Factory and is currently available through Moog Dealers worldwide for $1499."

Note there are two version of the Subsequent 37, the standard black for $1499, and the limited edition CV white for $1799:

Subsequent 37 $1499

Current Production Model
• 2x the headroom of original Sub 37
• Modified Filter section
• Re-tuned MultiDrive circuit
• High-powered headphone amplifier
• Upgraded keybed

Subsequent 37 CV $1799

Limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide
• Custom aluminum aesthetic
• Assignable CV & Gate outputs
• 2x the headroom of original Sub 37
• Modified Filter section
• Re-tuned Multi-Drive circuit
• High-powered headphone amplifier
• Upgraded keybed

Faerie Drop

Published on Aug 28, 2017 Miles Briand

"Qu-Bit Rhythm triggering Basimilus Iteritas, Futureretro Transient, Peaks Kick Drum, Tiptop Audio One. Opened with Some Qu-Bit Mixology amplitude modulation using the "level" modulated by DPO as LFO. Mixology FX send into Clouds. Sequence coming from Make Noise Rene into Mutable Instruments Rings, and pitch on the drums. Tube Saturation from Erica Synths Fusion Mixer. Pamela's NEW Workout, Blue Lantern Simple ADSR, Make Noise Maths on modulation duty. Additional FX with Erica Synths Pico DSP and Mutable Instruments Ripples on the odd Rings voices. Mordax Data oscilliscope on the final output."

Ian Richter - Live at "Gan Hayot"

Published on Aug 27, 2017 Ian Richter

"a stage. in a small club. in a military uniforms factory. in a quaint desert town. this was the setting of a recent live set.

improvised set filmed by nimrod gershoni/TARS video.

special thanks to Idan Koren."


TIPTOP ONE: V HOUSE - Scetch #1 from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Playing with V House card for Tiptop ONE sample player module.

Main sound: V house sample through Tiptop Z2040 (fm by Z4000)

Hat: ONE playing DOTS sound

Tiptop BD808 bass drum



Z-DSP - Clocked Delays

Eventide Black Hole reverb


Sequencing: Circadian Rhythms, Trigger Riot, Z8000"

Minimal House with Roland TB-03, Korg Hawk EX-800 and MFB-522

Published on Aug 28, 2017 Rickinger B.

"Minimal House session with Squarps Pyramid as the master.

All sounds recorded live into 2-Track in Logic Pro X.

Used Equipment:
Squarp Pyramid
Korg EX-800 with the Hawk kit
Roland Boutique TB-03

Roland System 100 D Set Analog Modular Synthesizer 110 112 140 150 181 keyboard

via this auction

"Up for sale is a just about mint shape (nicest system 100 I've come across here) featuring 5 modules, the 191-J enclosure, the 181 keyboard, the 5 cables for connection modules, yellow patch cable set and free voltage converter for your country's power."

1970s Roland SH-3A Analog Synthesizer SN 301952

via this auction

"1970's Roland SH-3A vintage analog synthesizer in exceptional, collector-grade condition and in perfect working order. This synth features two LFOs and is unique for offering five different footings with mixable waveforms. Roland's first synth that wasn't preset based, the single oscillator SH-3A has an incredible range of pure analog sounds used by the likes of Blondie and Vangelis.

All features of this vintage synth work as they should and the keyboard is remarkably clean, complete with the original latching lid and music stand."

Nord Lead 3 Performance Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

Phosphor 2 IOS Audio Damage Demo Video by Shazamm The iPad Producer

Published on Aug 26, 2017 Shazamm The iPad Producer

"Phosphor 2 by Audio Damage all the presets demoed by Shazamm the iPad Producer. This app is really dope"

iTunes: Phosphor 2 - Audio Damage, Inc.

Spotted this one on

BeatHawk groovebox for iPad/iPhone: Choir & Vocoder

Published on Aug 28, 2017 Marcus Padrini

"Track made with BeatHawk for iPad/iPhone, a great groovebox for iOS, easy to use and with many high quality samples."

iTunes: BeatHawk - UVItouch

Behringer Model D interfaced with polymoog (by Synthpro)

Published on Aug 28, 2017 synthpro

"Hey Guys,

This was just a fun test for myself but figured I would share for those that may have been interested in doing something like this with the Behringer Model D and their vintage moog synths, you can interface this to any moog that offers CV and S-trigger out but it will require a S-trig to Gate Converter, (same goes for using vintage moogs with new moogs as well).

My polymoog is in need some some contact cleaning so you may hear some notes that are a little strange or out of tune on the Model D, has been 3 years since I have serviced my personal polymoog.

Next vidoe will cover interfacing the Behringer D to my MFB Dominion 1.

Thanks for watching,

Previous posts.

KORG MS-10 + MOOG MF-104M ~ Will They Pair? Ep.27

Published on Aug 28, 2017 once upon a synth

"Pairing the Korg MS-10 with the Moog MF-104M. The MS-10 is a vintage analog monophonic synthesizer by Korg made in the 80s. The MF-104M is a modern analog delay effects pedal made by Moog as part of the Moogerfooger family. The MF-104M is the newest in the 104 series and this one features MIDI. This video includes multiple small clips featuring different patches and melodies."

The Analogue Solutions Fusebox Part 2: Oscillator 2

Published on Aug 28, 2017 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of oscillator 2 on the Analogue Solutions Fusebox, a fully-analog three-oscillator monosynth."

All parts here.

live jam with Sub Phatty, Tetra, Electribe, Blofeld etc "Lass uns hier sein"

Published on Aug 28, 2017 Shimanski Beats

"new live jam, this time with some German samples and the title ""Lass uns hier sein"

Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this, please hit the "like" button, leave a comment and/or subscribe :)

Everything recorded in one go, no multi-tracking.

Moog Sub Phatty: sync sequence
DSI Tetra: saw/PW sequence
Cyclone Analogic TT-303: bass
MAM MB 33: acid sounds
Waldorf Blofeld: lead
Waldorf Streichfett: additional sound
Korg Electribe Sampler: drums and vocals

If you like my music, you can also support me by streaming on spotify
or purchasing, for example here:


(c) 2017 Shimanski Beats"

EuroCraic 2017 - Dark Ambient Modular Synth Drones

Published on Aug 28, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Here's a patch with Greg Gibbons system making some dark ambient drones (nice speaker wobble with the low end part way through) at the EuroCraic 2017 event. This was in the Trinity College Science gallery."

Elektron Octatrack & Moog Mother 32

Published on Aug 28, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Octatrack & Mother 32 synthesisers synced together. MIDI clock is sent from the Octatrack to the Mother.
Mother 32's output to the Octatrack's input with effects added by the Octatrack."

Tapographic Delay patch: Infinite Accumulation

Published on Aug 28, 2017 mqtthiqs

"A two-module patch of the 4ms & Matthias Puech Tapographic Delay eurorack module.

Tides Parasite is played by hand in VCO mode with internal quantizer on; it goes into the Tapographic Delay, second factory tapography in Bank A, Repeat is On. Layers of tuned waves accumulate into the buffer and form a denser and denser wall of sound.

Direct take, no additional processing."

Analogue Solutions Fusebox: Halo Bass Patch (by request)

Published on Aug 27, 2017 rezfilter

"Here's a quick vid (by request) demonstrating Fusebox reproducing the Depeche Mode Halo bass line. Drums (clearly) are not Fusebox!

This is a single, 3-oscillator bass patch and is achieved by precisely opening and closing the filter via MIDI velocity via Logic.

Pitch is controlled live via the Interval Generator.

Filter velocity can be controlled in a number of creative ways on Fusebox, and the video shows the Patternator adding some variation toward the latter half."

Roland SH-01A - That classic SH 101 Sound!

Published on Aug 27, 2017 soundseasy

"In this video we've synced up the SH-01A with the Boutique TR-08.
We used the SH-01a's onboard sequencer function to create a basic sequence as the backbone to explore the Sh-01a's sounds.

The set up is about as simple as it gets, with the TR-08 taking charge of the tempo. You'll notice that half way through we did a quick "Start Stop" to get the SH-01a's sequencer back on the right downbeat.
This isn't because the Sh-01a drifted, we just hadn't started on the right beat in the first place. Not that you can really tell.

Like the whole Boutique range from Roland, the SH-01a is a fantastic recreation of the original. You also now get the ability to play chords! It also has polyphony and unison, (which sounds amazing!)
Of course size can be an issue with the Boutique range, but once you let that go and just listen to what comes out you wont be at all disappointed."

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