MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Converting a Cheap Ebay Preamp to a Voltage Controlled Eurorack Filter and VCA

Published on Sep 3, 2017 Izhar Ashdot

"This is a cheap LM1036 preamp kit from Ebay [you can find them here]. It has Volume, Bass, Treble and Loudness controls.
I made it to work with Eurorack by adding input trim and CV control for Bass, Treble and Volume, making it a VCA and automated filter.
It's a fun little project, adding dynamics and punch to drum loops."

TORN APART - Cinematic Score / Industrial inspired Jorney with the Elektron Digitakt

Published on Sep 1, 2017 umonox

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"18 Patterns, lot's of Sound Editing and Preparation ... Welcome to a completely new Jorney from me with the Elektron Digitakt! I hope you like this track as much as i enjoyed creating it. Dont forget to leave your like if thats the case and dont forget to leave a comment about it - im keen on hearing from you ;-)

All the best my friends,

The Making Of "TORN APART" - A Brief Overview of my Workflow with the Digitakt & the DAW

Published on Sep 3, 2017

Moog Taurus MK1 w/ cv & filter input mods

via this auction

"In very good condition. Has had cv & filter input mods done, but untested. Pedals and controls work perfectly and truly is the mother of all bass synths. No issues, but sold as is."

Note the CV in is labeled Hz/V like on the KORG MS-20, and not volt per octave. If you are not familiar with the two voltage formats see these posts.

Sequential Circuits six-trak Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 003817

via this auction

Korg PolySix

via this auction

Kawai K5000S Additive Synthesizer w/ Disks, Manual & Original Box

via this auction

"Comes with most current OS (4.04), sound files on floppy disks, and the manual in .pdf format from Kawai"

Synthesis Technology - E352 Cloud Terrarium

Published on Sep 3, 2017 DivKidVideo

"IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING (but here I am saying it!) watch this with good quality headphones or speakers.

The E352 Cloud Terrarium is gorgeous! It’s made me gushy, head over heels, sonically loved it in the short time I’ve had with it. You may have seen the Drones N Stuff video here - - or the Morphing Clouds video here - - but here’s the full demo for the Eurorack module. I’ll let the video do the talking so grab a drink, get your feet up and enjoy. I’m aware it’s long but that’s because it offers lots to dive into and it all needed showing. Feel free to skip through the video. Timing links are below.

00:42 Introduction overview
- History (E350 & E340)
- Mode overview
- Menu
- Settings
- Easter Eggs

05:23 Morph & Wavefold mode
- Wavetable banks
- Serge style wave folding (in stereo!)
- Morphing wavetables with folding - KILLER!
- Audio rate wave folding (oooooooooh yeah!)

10:29 Cloud mode updates
- E340 original settings/options
- New wavetable options for the cloud
- Chaos (band passed noise)
- Chaos bandwidth
- 2, 4 or 8 oscillators

13:19 Cloud & Morph mode
- The KILLER combo!
- Morphing wavetables & Cloud options

15:10 2 Op FM mode
- Modulation & Carrier waves
- 2 operator frequency modulation
- FM over wavetables … that morph!

23:32 Noise mode
- White noise
- Filtered white noise
- Moog style ladder filter with resonance
- Filtered pink noise
- Filtered crackle (lovely!)
- Pinging the resonant filter with crackles

29:27 Morph & Phase mode
- Phase inverting waves
- Mixing outputs
- Creating PWM (style modulation) over ANY wavetable
- Audio rate phase modulation

33:40 Glitch mode & settings
- Loosing that sweet creamy buttery morphing
- Stepping wavetable changes

36:23 LFOs (from ALL modes)
- Frequency ranges for high, medium and low settings
- Over 10Khz to over 12 minute cycles
- LFOs from morphing wavetables
- LFOs from clouds
- LFOs from folded or FM’d waves

39:55 Load/Save & Settings
- Loading
- Saving
- Visuals displays
- Final run through"

Cathedral Redwoods | Eurorack + Peak

Published on Sep 3, 2017 r beny

"A simple patch inspired by a recent hike.

Voices are Intellijel Plonk, Mutable Instruments Rings, Mutable Instruments Clouds Resonator, and Novation Peak.

ER-301 is being used as a mixer, as well as a noise / exciter source for Rings and Clouds Resonator.

The Eurorack voices are all going through Mutable Instruments Clouds on looping delay mode.

Sequenced by Korg Electribe 2."

Roland Super JX-10 Synthesizer

via this auction

DIY analogue synth project part 10i (Sound Examples Arp sequences)

Published on Sep 3, 2017 Adamski Ajull

"Hey guys I kind of skip a chapter here, my next sound examples video from part 10i was supposed to be strings and pads etc. Slight change of plan as im still in the process with that video. I have been tinkering again to get a good scaling on all three oscillators especially in the higher frequency range. Enjoy like, comment and subscribe ;-)

Effects: Lexicon MPX 550"

SoundOfIzrael - 40 psy arp presets for Redshrike

Published on Sep 3, 2017 Sam Izrael

"This is a demo i did on the fly using 40 arp presets i build for Redshrike synth app...
mainly for using in psytrance production..."

iTunes: Redshrike Synthesizer - iceWorks, Inc.

Hawkeye - One Voice in the Galaxy (Alesis Andromeda, MFB Dominion 1)

Published on Sep 3, 2017 Maelstroem3

"After lots of rain and not enough summer, finally a new track! :-)

This one features an audio sample from Buck Rogers (Season 2 from 1981), the Alesis Andromeda for the ambient strings/pad, the Roland V-Synth for the primary lead, the MKS 50 (Roland Alpha Juno) for the secondary lead, the MFB Dominion 1 for the bassline and some Elektron Machinedrum percussion. All was recorded live, directly from the mixer, no DAW in use :-). Pattern changes and filter sweeps were done manually, the MIDIbox sequencer V4 and two Strymon FX units helped out a little ;-).

Hope you enjoyed it
and thanks for watching and listening!
Hawkeye/Maelstroem Records"


Published on Sep 3, 2017 peter synthbrothers

"playing some Giorgio Moroder sequence.
I don't want to imitate this track.
Just love the sequence baseline
*baseline: moog mother32+sub37, sequence
*arpeggio: waldorf blofeld
*drums: electribe esx
*fx: eventide space

Serge Modular: Triple Waveshaper (TWS+) Drone // Red Sea

Published on Sep 3, 2017 Random*Source

"Happy Droning:
(Single) SINE wave from a R*S Serge NTO into a Triple+ Waveshaper (+ lots of modulation) into Serge Variable Q Filter, recorded with a LIO-8 and lots of reverb added."

Only A Test - Modular Synth Improv

Published on Sep 3, 2017 jamescigler

"Live improvisation that was intended as a lighting and multiple angles test. spoiler alert: the angles didn't turn out, but the lighting was good and the performance was halfway decent."

The Joker

"all sounds were made using the dsi prophet 6"

Drone Trick with Arturia KeyStep and Novation Circuit

Published on Sep 1, 2017 John Keston

"Drone Trick with Arturia KeyStep and Novation Circuit. More details are available at"

Irene Cara's ''Fame'' 16th-note sequence

Published on Sep 2, 2017 SynthMania

"Viewer request: 16th synth pattern from Irene Cara's ''Fame'' song. I couldn't find much information on the synth used, other than the synth player in this song is Ken Bichel, a very famous NY keyboard session player: and I've seen photos of his ARP 2600, but was also in Gershon Kingsley's First Moog Quartet, so could also be a Moog or other synth:
"Bichel attended the Juilliard School where he graduated with a master's degree in piano performance in 1969. While at Juilliard he met Gershon Kingsley and Robert Moog, the inventor of the music synthesizer. He became a founding member of Kingsley's First Moog Quartet, a live performance synthesizer ensemble, and was recognized as the preeminent synthesizer authority in the New York recording industry from that time on" -"

Novation Peak | Ambient

Published on Sep 2, 2017 r beny

"First go with the Novation Peak."


via this auction


KORG X-911 Vintage Analog Guitar Synthesizer SN 270905 w/ Red Case

via this auction

Roland SH-101 w/ Mod Grip and Gig Bag SN 574223

via this auction

YAMAHA CS15D monophonic synthesizer serviced

via this auction


Heal/th from abre ojos on Vimeo.

"Made using iPad-

Audio: Audiobus 3, TC-11, Animoog, Samplr, Ton & Audio Damage EOS

Video: iPad screen via Syphoner into Resolume with efx & some Quartz Composer patches.

Recorded with Syphon Recorder"

How to replace the battery on an Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer

Published on Sep 3, 2017 Mike Sisk

"In this video I show how to properly replace the battery on an Ensoniq ESQ-1 Digital Wave Synthesizer. Make sure to backup all info before attemping this battery swap as this process will wipe everything as soon as the old battery is removed.

The correct battery for this synth is a 3V Lithium 1200 ma, 2/3A cell and it can be purchased at Digikey at the link below."

VCS-3mk2 Space Drone

Published on Sep 3, 2017 PaulLawlerMusic

"Spacey drone from the VCS3 with slight modulation from the Makenoise 0-Coast and Moog delay and flanger pedals."

VCOADSR Performance // Modular Meets Leeds 2017

Published on Sep 3, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Here's the performance video with VCOADSR from Modular Meets Leeds 2017. He gave us a killer dark and ambient techno set with pounding drums, deep dark textures, samples and an ever evolving arrangement through various riffs and themes. The rig rundown videos give us a chance to speak to the artists, check out their approach and gear talking about their performance and how they did it. VCOADSR performing a blinding modular techno set, that certainly in the room sounded like multi-tracked, produced, compressed and EQ'd electronic production. To get that level of sound design and production out of a small live set up was amazing.

VCOADSR was using Orthogonal Devices ER-101, ER-102 and ER-301, alongside a FEEDBACK pre amp, TipTop Audio One, custom 1U tiles, ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's New Workout, Noise Engineering's Loqulic Iteritas Percido, Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter, TipTop Audio drum modules, Erica Synths PICO DSP, TipTop Audio Z-DSP, O'Tool, Intellijel Triatt, and the Model One Play Differently mixer.

Check out the latest release from VCOADSR on his band camp page here -"

VCOADSR Rig Rundown // Modular Meets Leeds 2017

"Here's the Rig Rundown video with VCOADSR from Modular Meets Leeds 2017. The rig rundown videos give us a chance to speak to the artists, check out their approach and gear talking about their performance and how they did it. VCOADSR performing a blinding modular techno set, that certainly in the room sounded like multi-tracked, produced, compressed and EQ'd electronic production. To get that level of sound design and production out of a small live set up was amazing.

Check out the latest release from VCOADSR on his band camp page here -"


Published on Sep 3, 2017 AnalogAudio1

"(c) 2017 by AnalogAudio1

I played the Quasimidi Raven without any additional effects or eq. All effects and sounds including the intro come from the Raven Max. I play mainly factory sounds.

The Raven was developed and produced by Quasimidi in Germany in 1996. It was not the first blue synth from Germany ;-). Quasimidi closed its doors in 2000. The Raven has 2 modes: 1. the PERFORMANCE mode, which allows you to combine 4 sounds with 2 effect processors, with arpeggiators to a "performance". 2. the SEQUENCER mode, where you can combine (preset) part patterns (for bass, sequencer, chord, drums...) to achieve new authentic electronica/techno styles. The 2 effect processors are editable and can be added to the single parts. Muting of single parts in realtime possible.

Later, the MAX expansion came out, which expanded the Raven with 1000 new sounds, 64 MB new sample material, new loops and motivs and new OS with new functions. Later Raven keyboards were sold exclusively with the MAX. The Max came out with its own 33 page manual to describe the new functions. And yes, it is possible to create own motivs and patterns, but the concept is clearly designed for the preset user.

Back in the day, the RAVEN was the only way to make techno tracks with one single keyboard, it was the first of its kind. Later, the big manufacturers took Quasimidi's concept further (or should I say they actually stole it?) - Yamaha with the QS300 and CS1x, Roland with the JX-305 Groovesynth, just to name a few.

From 8:15 it gets groovy ;-)"

Yamaha DX7II Sound Design Demo

Published on Sep 3, 2017

"This Video is a Sound Design Demo of Yamaha DX7II. No External FX."

Tangerine Dream - Phaedra 2017

Published on Sep 3, 2017 graal7

my version of phaedra (tangerine dream)
moog sub37(step seq bass)
electribe 2(drums)
minilogue(strings and solo lead)
juno 6(arpegion seq)
xs8(other strings)

Look Mum No Computer Live Session In The Workshop

Published on Sep 3, 2017 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Using #Electro Harmonix 45000 and 2 #Arturia Beatstep Pro's, more info further down.
In a Few Days the Stems will be available for the patreon $5 category, For now High Quality audio is available on my patreon:-

Playing both the kosmo 2.0 synth and a eurorack system im building up for gigs abroad ive got to fly to! cus i havent been able to with my home made synths, it was turned away on a flight to edinburgh.

Melodies coming from ALM #sidguts in their, along with a chord patch from the amazing Instruo harmonaig..."

Genesis on the ARP Odyssey Mk II synthesizer - In the Cage solo

Published on Sep 3, 2017 Tom Loncaric

"Fantastic keyboard solo composed by Tony Banks of Genesis"

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