MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday, December 18, 2017

Modular Performance: Elegiac Theme

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Mike Thomas

"This piece grew out of a faster thing I had worked on for a few days, but got frustrated with. I decided to slow things down and see how it worked.

Ornament & Crime is in Harringon 1200 (chord) mode, and sending v/oct to the Verbos HO, Sputnik Oscillator, and Elements. Chord changes and inversions are driven by Verbos Voltage Multistage.

Mutable Instruments Frames is in sequenced mode, modulating several Elements parameters and driving octave changes on the O&C.

At some point it struck me to hold down the Gate button on Elements and wiggle the Flow and Blow knobs. Additional modulation of Elements' tone is provided by FM from Ripples in self-oscillating mode.

The HO and the Sputnik Osc are fed to Streams in (red) vactrol mode, and on to Clouds' left and right channels. Clouds is in Parasite looping delay mode.

Various modulation provided by Qu-Bit Chance, Batumi, and Sputnik WCRS.

Recorded direct to Sony PCMD50. No post-processing. Video recorded on a Sony A6000 with Sony/Zeiss 35/2.8."

Decaying space - Radikal Technologies Accelerator soundscape 2

Published on Dec 18, 2017 MIDERA

"All internal FX, 100% Accelerator."

Eurorack Ambience // "Movement"

Published on Dec 18, 2017 ann annie

"movement through wind, reflection of sound -
eurorack ambience for a returning breeze. . ."

Dave Smith Instruments In The Spotlight With the Pro 2 and Kush Arora

You can find the full interview here.

"San Francisco-based Kush Arora has been producing eclectic and electrifying underground music for a diverse audience for nearly 20 years. Whether he’s making Indo Caribbean Dancehall, reworking kuduro, or creating ambience, his signature sound traverses genre lines and connects dots few dare to combine. His project Only Now assimilates his many influences, including Buraka Som Sistema, Wax Trax Records, and film soundtracks. As Kush puts it, Only Now’s roots are firmly planted in unbridled experimentation and a wall of sonic low end. With his 10-plus record discography, Kush’s work has been featured in The Wire, Spin Magazine, Fact Magazine, and many other avenues in the tropical bass, dub, dancehall, and Indian music scenes. His remixes and collaborations span artists as diverse as Balkan Beat Box and Gappy Ranks.

As Only Now he’s released 4 EPs, with 2017 sharing Timeslave from Mexico City’s Infinite Machine and Elements on vinyl from France’s POLAAR Sounds. He’s currently collaborating with N1L (Berlin, UIQ), Lechuga Zafiro (Uruguay), and Abstractar (an Oakland metal act). Only Now’s performance highlights include playing alongside Kode 9, Dj Lag, Shambala Festival (CA), Low End Theory, SXSW, with a recent performance at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts

We chatted with Kush about how he’s using the Pro 2."

You can find previous posts featuring DSI's Spotlight series here.

Buchla Music Easel: Oh Christmas Tree

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Kyle Swisher

All parts here.

Buchla Easel Suite

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Todd Barton

"A collection of brief experiments with the Easel and Portabellabz' Toolbox/BOB."

OBERHEIM OB-X Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland TR-505(with Highly Liquid Circuit Bend Box)

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Brian Kupferschmid

"Having owned a TR-505 in the past, I had regretted selling it about 10 years ago. I decided to buy one, but this time, It's been modified. This is a sound demo of the circuit bending capabilities."

ER-301 / Morphagene / Eurorack Ambient Guitar Synthesis

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Drink The Corpse Vomit


Patch Notes:

More guitar tones made from scratch. Raw tones through a few ER-301 Convolution units sound really convincing to my ears. The pick sounds are pitched independently to the sustained notes adding further depth.

The sounds for each of the 2 'guitar' voices are 4 voice polyphonic and triggered with the new Bump unit to let the notes ring out. I think this is called 'hocketing' and works similarly to the Intellijel Shifty. The lead voice is played badly by hand, the supporting voice is sequenced by the ER-101 via the ER-102 real time record function.

The lead voice is through the Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water and Lofi Junky. The supporting voice is through the Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl 2.

Morphagene is graining a pre-prepared 'string' section of some wavefolded sines. Into a Cwejman saturation chain ( MMF-6 etc. )

Each separate track is printed to an Orion 32 via a Praxis Snake Charmer - A pristine audio route that is wasted on this filth."

SSF Entity Percussion Synthesizer - Sound Examples

Published on Dec 18, 2017 SteadyStateFate

"Steady State Fate Entity Percussion Synthesizer Sound Examples."

PM Foundations FK24 VCF YT

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Randy Piscione

"Here's a demo of the FK24 voltage controlled filter from PM Foundations. Gets more odd as things progress. Around 2:30 it started making some interesting vowel-ish noises. This stuff is nice, check it out."

Gleetchlab 4 Tutorial 3: TAMS Synthesis - triple axis modal synthesis

Gleetchlab 4 Tutorial 3: TAMS Synthesis from Giorgio Sancristoforo on Vimeo.

"Triple axis modal synthesis demonstration using acoustic samples.

TAMS process input sounds sources using a vast and growing library of peculiar resonators in dozens of materials, including gold, platinum, sapphire, uranium, ruby, silver and more..."

No. 9 || Moog Mother 32 Ambient

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Xo Xinh

"another jam with my m32s, I stepped back and focused more on the simplicity with this drone ambient one."

Sequencer Experiments

Published on Dec 18, 2017 John L Rice

"Several Moon Modular and Synthesis Technology modules used here, along with one or two by Happy Nerding, Krisp1, Club Of The Knobs and

Thanks for watching! :-0"

Lets make another track - Tiptop Audio

Published on Dec 17, 2017 Tiptop .Audio

"Another Tiptop system in action"

Roland TR-08 and SH-01A Old School electro track

Published on Dec 18, 2017 offworld network

"Composed with TR-08 and SH-01A only. There are 12 tracks of SH-01A and two tracks of TR-08. multi tracked in Cubase all synth sounds are SH-01A"

OCTAVE ELECTRONICS Synth T-Shirt from CustomSynth

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more synth Ts.

Modular Synth Improvisation Live 009

Published on Dec 17, 2017 Akihiko Matsumoto

"Music by Akihiko Matsumoto


Cycling '74 Max/MSP BEAP --- Korg SQ1, Expert Sleepers ES-3 --- Eurorack --- RME Fireface UC --- Ableton Live --- SONY a7RII (Carl Zeiss Batis 85mm/f1.8)--- Blackmagic Video Assist.

Reverb: Eventide Blackhole, Eventide Mangled Verb
Limitter: iZotope Ozone8

Mutable Instruments Braids, Mutable Instruments Clouds, M.A.S.F. Mo.s Model OSC03, Music Thing Modular Radio Music, Studio Electronics Quadnic, dave jones design otoolplus, Mutable Instruments Warps, MakeNoise MATHS, MakeNoise Wogglebug, 2hp VCA , 2hp MIX, 2hp Freeze, EOWAVE Zone B.F. , Rossum Electro-music morpheus, dave smith instruments Curtis Filter, intellijel Dual ADSR, Expertsleepers ES-3, Ableton Live, Cycling '74 Max7 BEAP, RME Fireface UC, Evolution UC-33e, Roland Boutique D-05, KORG SQ-1.


Eurorack beats demo on a sequncer

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

"A few sequences made with Eurorack drum and percussion modules. All modules by Reckless Experimentation Audio

sound sequences are shown individually and as multi instrument mixes. Sequences like these provide a solid percussion track for whatever you decide to accompany it with."

YAMAHA CS40M programmable monophonic synthesizer

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix-6R

via this auction

ELKA SOLIST 505 Italian Vintage Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Elka Solist 505 is a monophonic lead synthesizer, preset based with variations for added performance.
It provided a nice alternative to the Moog Satellite ARP Pro Soloist.
It has 11 presets, all which could be changed with freq/res, attack/release, vibrato and portamento.
Notably, it contained the famous Moog ladder filter.
Although basic in function – no CV, no MIDI – it could produce some lovely tones, and the keyboard action is very nice indeed – something you’d expect from a renowned Italian organ manufacturer!"

Korg Volca FM Digital FM Synthesizer With Decksaver Cover & Power Supply SN 016609

via this auction

Mutable Instruments Shruthi 1 4-Pole Mission Edition Synthesizer

via this auction

"Lovely little hybrid analogue/digital mono synth built in an aftermarket case. This is the 4-pole mission edition."


via this auction

"Great working and cosmetic condition , EVERYTHING on the POLYMOOG works as it should . It has been professionally serviced & calibrated in the past year."

Tea Tray System: Quick Spin

Tea Tray System: Quick Spin from CatManDeux on Vimeo.

Cool little setup!

"Battery powered minimalist semi-modular.
MakeNoise 0-Coast with Mendela 15V 10AA battery pack, 3DWaves stand, Korg SQ1 (MIDI/CV to 0C, sync to PO12), Zoom MS70CDR, Patchblocks PBMix3, Minirig, USB lamp."


Eurofighter from Rodrigonzalez on Vimeo.



Lead oscillator-Disting

Drums-Pico Drums

Buchla Music Easel+Aux Card Exp

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Buchla info

"Buchla Music Easel and Aux Card Expander interaction"

Buchla Music Easel+Aux Card n.2

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Buchla info

"Easel interaction with Aux Card Expander"

The Keys To Huge Synthesizer Bass [Tonus VCF Demo #4]

Published on Dec 18, 2017 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c.2017

Today in this demo I show some of the keys to getting huge bass sounds. I’m doing this on the Eurorack, but these ideas should work on most any synthesizer.
#1 Choose a quality low pass filter. I’m using my Tonus VCF module, a clone of the ARP 2600 filter. It’s a 4-pole low pass bass that uses a transistor ladder design similar to Moog.
#2 Cobble together as many oscillators as you can. Here, the Pittsburgh Synth Box wields a Tri, Saw, and Pulse along with a Sub-oscillato. Then I add another saw and square wave from the DNA Symbiotic Waves.
#3 For short basses use a punchy VCA/decay combo like the Bastl Skis. If you’re using a hardware synth, route a single envelope to affect the filter amount AND the amplitude at the same time.
#4 Modulate the filter with negative key tracking so that as you play higher on the keys, the higher notes will have reduced frequency cutoff. To do this I am sending the pitch CV to the signal inverter on my Pittsburgh Toolbox. Remember, a signal inverter just mirrors your signal across zero volts. For example, pitch CV goes from 0v to 5v. If you run that through an inverter, the output goes from 0v to -5v.
#5 Modulate the filter with a small amount of LFO to make your bass sound growl.
#6 Bass pads need a longer/slower Attack-Decay-Release envelope to evolve over time.

No effects used, audio recorded direct to Tascam DR-05"

Tutorial: Analog Four/Keys Sound Design - 10 features that will make your synth jealous

Published on Dec 18, 2017 loopop

"The Elektron Analog Four MK1, MK2 and Keys have some of the most interesting and powerful features found in an analog synth (and frankly the probably beat some of the digital ones). This video will walk you through their sound design.

Here are the topics covered:

1. The power of sound locks and parameter locks.
2. 4x Multitimbral: the ability to create completely different sounds on each of the voices, and yet simulatinously "steal" voices to play polyphonically.
3. Advanced waveshaping: The "basic' analog wave forms can be taken to new levels with PWM for all waveforms, AM, oscillator sync features and FM synthesis
4. Not content with just one sub oscillator, each of the two oscillators (of each of the four voices) can have one of four sub osc options
5. Plenty of filters: Two analog filters (4 pole low pass ladder filter and a HP/LP/BP/Peak multimode filter) can be assigned to each of the voices. In addition, more filters are available for various fx and the noise oscillator
6. Modulations: A comprehensive mod matrix is available to 2 envelopes and 2 LFOs
7. Dedicated mods - multiple additional envelopes and LFO's are "sprinkled" across the interface to make popular modulations easily available without patching, for example, for features like PWM and vibrato.
8. Onboard FX: Feature rich chorus, delay and reverb are provided with separate sends per track - this greatly reduces the need for external FX.
9. Two additional LFOs are provided just for the effects - enabling pretty radical sound design
10. Expressive control is possible with 10 "Performance" mode knobs and external controllers mappable to up to 10 parameters each."

Make Noise - Morphagene #03 - Mylar Melodies' Freesound Reel #MorphageneMondays

Published on Dec 18, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Here's the third in a series of videos of the Make Noise Morphagene for #MorphageneMondays ... a series of videos landing on Mondays on the Morphagene of course! This time I dive deeper into Mylar Melodies' lo-fi piano reel which is available free on the Make Noise Freesound page here - - the Morphagene just takes whatever you throw at it and works in some amazing textures and new granular sounds to work with. As we get further into this series I'll be looking at other free Reels from the Freesound page from a range of people as well as diving further into the functions with feature demos and creating a Reel of my own for you all to have for free. Stayed tuned each Monday for the coming weeks! Cheers."

Buchla Kalimba

Published on Dec 18, 2017 therudyrude

"Kalimba from
going in Buchla 285e. and a little Guitar Rig for love"

PPG Infinite PRO Tutorial • Envelopes

Published on Dec 18, 2017 WPalmWT

"Tutorial about particular features in Infinite
For more info go here:"

U-He RePro-1 demo by Roikat (with other VSTs)

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Roikat

"A song made with 20 tracks of U-He Repro~1, plus U-He Tyrell N6, Native Instruments Absynth, NI FM-8, Camel Audio Alchemy, Fxpansion Geist, and Audio Damage Eos. 94.5 BPM."

Model 15 by MOS-LAB: Drone and Sweep. Fixed Filter Bank Modulation.

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Resonant Anvil

"All audio from the Model 15. Fullest sound on headphones.


Sweep from Moog MF-103 12-Stage Phaser patched to OSC 2 Frequency and OSC 3 (VCO) PWM. OSC 1 frequency tracking switched off.

Sound sources: OSC 1 Triangular, OSC 2 Sine and Triangular, OSC 3 Sine and Rectangular. OSC 2 synced to OSC 3 Triangular source. AC modulation of OSC 1 from OSC 2 Rectangular source."

AJH Synth Mega-Phase 12 *TEASER*

Published on Dec 18, 2017 DivKidVideo

"HOLY EFFING JEFFING CHRIST ON A BIKE THIS THING IS AMAZING! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Really though, it's stunning. I'm supposed to be making up patches for the full demo but had to stop and share this. Full video coming this Wednesday but just couldn't contain myself with this one. "

Buchla Music Easel Live in the forest

Published on Dec 10, 2017 sean julian

"Recorded outside my cabin in upstate NY on July 9th 2017. A basic patch using touch/pressure to CV timber and velocity. No added effects other than the spring reverb from the Easel. Used a Minirig speaker to amplify and a Iphone 6s to record."

Making electronic grooves on DIY synth Tokarev Protosynth V1LP

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Konstantin T

"Grooving with the Tokarev Protosynth V1LP synthesizer with FL Studio backing up with drums and additional synths. Enjoy!"

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