MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday, April 13, 2018

2 Monotribes party with Doctor Lecaine

Published on Apr 13, 2018 Mark Pigott

"Half of my Polytribe 4 voice being experimented with....

No cats were hurt in this experiment...this was defurred...."


And Pokey!

Sounds like a bagpipe! That aside, I believe this is the first post to feature the "Polytribe" which appears to be two Korg Monotribes in a custom enclosure with patch points.

Mutable Instruments Marbles Sequencing Drums & Synths

Published on Apr 13, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The Mutable Instruments Marbles combines a random trigger sequence generating section called t which has a few different ways to generate triggers with the x section which creates random control voltages. In this video we are creating all of the triggers and note sequences with the Marbles.

Marbles available here:"

DSI Prophet REV2 DSI PRO 2 and the Matrixbrute Ambient

Published on Apr 13, 2018 Tarek Mansur

"Hi Guys! I wanted to blend 3 synths together for this one. The pads are from the DSI Prophet REV2 that streams through my pedal chain of Big Sky, Polara and MS70. The leads are from the DSI PRO 2 and the bass are from the Matrixbrute.


OBERHEIM XPANDER 6-Voice Analog Synth

via this auction

Jen SX1000 Synth

via this auction

"This synth is 100% pure analog with a great LFO, filter and resonance section to get some really good leads and bases. The synth if monophonic and with no presets but the sound is great and a wonderful synth to learn how the basic sections create your sound.

Will be well packaged and sent via Hermes"

1984 Sequential Circuits Max: 6 Voice Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

Published on Apr 12, 2018 Roman Audio

"The Sequential Circuits Max is a 6 voice, 6 oscillator, and 6 VCF synthesizer that could be considered a budget version of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 because of its lack of control surfaces, aside from a simple 500 note sequencer and patch selection controls. This is not the case upon closer inspection, as all of the functionality of the Sequential Circuits Max can be accessed through simple MIDI CC control from MIDI controllers, DAW's, and more! This and many of the pre-programmed patches reveal its' true analog character. With a little experimentation and programming, the Sequential Circuits Max can achieve a sound close to that of a Prophet 600 or even a Prophet 5! It is definitely an underrated synth that has potential in many different areas!

Gear Used:
- Sequential Circuits Max
- Arturia Beatstep Pro
- Novation Impulse 49
- Behringer EM600"

Jomox Alpha Base tutorial - Part II - Muting, Pattern/Kit Saving, Shuffle, and Step Length

Part 2 added to this post.

IC4 with TR 8

Published on Apr 13, 2018 NIIO analog

"To hear correctly, use decent headphones or 8"+ speakers."

IC4 with TR 8 kick

Published on Apr 13, 2018 NIIO analog

"To hear correctly, use decent headphones or 8"+ speakers."

Hippopotamus Suitcase by Atomic Shadow

You can also find the album available for purchase on Gumtree here. It's less there and Atomic Shadow gets more. Be sure to check out Atomic Shadow's music page for more. And of course you can find his contributions here on MATRIXSYNTH.

via Atomic Shadow

"Well now. I thought the last album was hard!

Hippopotamus Suitcase is likely the final Atomic Shadow album. This is a refinement of previous Musique Concrete experimentation that blends field recordings, modular synthesis, dusty old lab gear and software processing.

The album was completed in just a little over two years. When I looked at the size of the folder that had been complied, it came to a little over 12 GB of edit sessions, Cubase projects and bounces. This is the first album that has been compiled, mixed and processed in Cubase. I have to say that I am enjoying it a good deal more than Logic.

Kelly Ricks returns to do the cover art, as she has since the 12 Full Moons album. It's my favorite.

​As always, the album eddownload is deliver as full fidelity WAV files, including cover art and a 'making of the album' PDF."

Bastl TeaKick and MFB Bass 522 - Little modular update (Riamiwo StudioVlog 84)

Published on Apr 13, 2018 riamiwovideos

"Here's a little update in the rhythm-section of my modular-setup... the MFB Bass 522 and the Bastl - Instruments TeaKick and the NOISE ... the setup slowly grows :)"

COUNTRY MOOG LP: Switched On Nashville, Gil Trythall Synth Record Album

via this auction

Get your synth twang on.

Sonic Scenarios: Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or Intro & Overview by CONTROL

Published on Apr 13, 2018 CTRL MOD

"Pt.1 of 2: Introduction and Overview of the Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or.

For more info on the Assimil8or visit our site here:

Sonic Scenarios is a series of videos chronicling the features, designs and sounds of Eurorack format synthesizer modules with sound designer Mike Kiraly — Presented by Control.

Video by Sonic Scenarios for Control:

Control is a synthesizer brick/mortar and online shop located in the South Williamsburg Neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY specializing in Eurorack Modular, vintage traditional and unusual eccentric electronic devices both analog and digital. Please do not hesitate to get in touch."

New Mutable Instruments Stages Modulation Construction Set Eurorack Module

Mutable Instruments - Stages *In Depth Demo / Tutorial* by DivKidVideo
Loom 3 (ft. Stages) | All Mutable Instruments Eurorack Modular Synthesizer by Lightbath
Mutable Instruments Stages Overview by Erstlaub

Cool animated gif and details via CONTROL, additional pics via Mutable Instruments.


ASR envelope, complex 6-stage envelope, LFO, 4-step sequence or switched LFO: Stages can be any kind of modulation. Not because all these behaviors have been pre-programmed in the module, but because it allows you to describe your own modulations in terms of basic operations: ramp from one voltage to another, hold a voltage at a set level, wait for a trigger and slew. With or without looping.

Whether you need one complex envelope, or several simpler modulations, Stages reconfigures itself according to which of its gate inputs are patched. There is always a role for it in your patch.


Really, there isn’t more to the story.

Self-generating chiptunes? Very weird LFO shapes? Random gate delay? Stages probably does strange and wonderful things when patched in a certain way.

Flexible input/output layout

The module detects the presence of jacks on its gate inputs to group its segments: whether it is configured as a complex 6-stage envelope, or 6 individual envelopes, or 3+3, 2+4... depends simply on how you patch it. Dummy patch cables might come handy!

When used as a multi-segment envelope, a segment activation signal is produced on all secondary outputs - for example to trigger an external event when an ADSR envelope enters its decay, sustain or release stages.

In case more than 6 segments are required, up to six modules can be chained together thanks to a connector at the back of the module.

Three segment types:

Ramp segments go from one voltage to another, in a CV-controlled amount of time, with an adjustable curve (accelerating, uniform, decelerating). They are the building block used for the attack, decay or release segments in envelopes... or for LFOs.

Hold segments stay at a constant (but CV-controllable) voltage for a programmable amount of time. They serve as the sustain or hold segments in envelopes.

Step segments glide to a target (CV-controllable) voltage, then stay at this voltage for a certain amount of time until a trigger is received. They are the main ingredient for step sequences, but also for building sequential switches or a sample-and hold.


A segment, or a group of segments, can loop on itself: if the last segment of the envelope is included in the loop, the loop lasts forever. Otherwise, the loop remains active while the gate is high, then continues past the last segment of the loop. These two behaviors allow the creation of self-looping envelopes
(LFOs), or the sustain stage of a good old ADSR envelope!

Single segment processing

Even when they aren’t part of any group and don’t receive any gate or trigger signals, individual segments can perform interesting functions: Ramp can loop on itself and turn into an LFO, Hold can delay a CV and Step can slew it.

Now patch a trigger signal: the self-looping Ramp turns into a tempo-synced LFO, the Hold segment becomes a pulse generator, the Step segment a sample-and-hold.

Width: 14HP
Max Depth: 25MM
CV output: from 0V to +8V. A negative CV down to -8V can be generated by a Hold or Step segment if this segment is CV modulated.
Segment duration from 1ms to 16s.
All inputs: 100k impedance, DC to 2kHz.
31.25kHz refresh rate.
16-bit CV capture, 14-bit CV generation with accurate software calibration. Error below 2mV."

[Musikmesse 2018] Waldorf Quantum - Potężny hybrydowy syntezator

Published on Apr 13, 2018

Sound demo starts at 25:20. This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

"Dawid Kujawa przedstawia Waldorf Quantum, czyli potężny hybrydowy syntezator. Jest to relacja z targów Musikmesse 2018, które mają miejsce we Frankfurcie nad Menem.

PS. W tym pośpiechu zamiennie używałem "encoderów" i "potencjometrów" :D oczywiście tam są praktycznie same potencjometry, więc w razie "W" tak zaznaczam ;) Pozdrawiam serdecznie! Dawid"

Vermona Gesprächskonzert with Tomka Manu Modula @SUPERBOOTH17

Vermona Gesprächskonzert with Tomka Manu Modula @SUPERBOOTH17 from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

"Vermona presented the most part of their product line at SUPERBOOTH17 with a Gesprächskonzert by Tomka Manu Modula. They played a slow jam session with lots of high quality sounds coming from the modular, equipped mostly with Vermona and Cwejman modules and an additional Vermona ‘14 Synthesizer Keyboard.

Vermona will be at SUPERBOOTH18 again - you can meet them and check out their products at Booth #O234 or watch the Vermona Gesprächskonzert on Friday at 5:20pm in the cinema."


via this auction


via this auction

"Hand built from DIY kit to a very high standard, not getting much use so moving it on.
*Note this doesn't have the midi option.

Fantastic monosynth clone of the legendary lectronic Dream Plant synth the 'Wasp' by Chris Huggett."

Original Roland TB303 *CLASSIC BASSLINE SYNTH* with Roland Case SN 274800

via this auction

#4 Live Performance Digitakt | Elektron Analog Four MKII | Rytm | Heat | Moog Mother 32 | Minitaur

Published on Apr 13, 2018 Victor Roy

"Full track available:

Live performance of the track "Devark 25". Digitakt is acting as the MIDI master sequencing an Elektron Analog Rytm (drums) -processed / filtered by an Elektron Analog Heat, Elektron Analog Four MKII (chords), Moog Sub 37 (Bass, off-screen), Moog Minitaur (background strings) and 2x Moog Mother 32 (leads). Some reverb and distortion on leads added with Propellerhead Reason. No EQ, no mastering and no samples.

Thanks for watching! Please susbcribe for similar content."

Free x0x Kit for Roland TR-8S

Published on Apr 13, 2018 Acid Alex

"I made a new kit for the Roland TR-8S that I want to share :-)

The x0x Kit consists of 909 ACB Kick, Snare and hats plus some cool 101 and 303 samples I recorded, including a nice chord I sampled from the SH-01A.

You can download the kit for free below. Let me know what you think in the comments :-)

Please subscribe if you want to be alerted when I post more kits!


Korg Prologue - Custom Patches 76 to 100 -

Published on Apr 13, 2018 GEOSynths

"Download Now -

Final Video demonstrating the patches i've made for the Korg Prologue. I've really enjoyed exploring this Synth, it's got great character thanks to the 12db Self-Resonating many of them are in Synths? I think Korg has done a great job."

All parts here.

Elektron Analog Rytm mkII Review by tarekith

Published on Apr 13, 2018 tarekith

"I review the Elektron Rytm mkII for people new to Elektron gear, and those who are already familiar with their other boxes."

TiNRS Wobbler - Advanced LFO at audio rate

Published on Apr 13, 2018 This Is Not Rocket Science

"Small experiment trying to speed up the Wobbler using it's external sync input. It can reach audible speeds! Many interesting experiments ahead!"

Buchla iprogram card #JHS 1

Published on Apr 13, 2018 musicstory80

Buchla iprogram card & ipad
connect with Wifi.
키보디스트 지현수

Jomox Alpha Base Tutorials by Charles Whiley

Published on Apr 13, 2018 Charles Whiley


Jomox Alpha Base tutorial - Part I - Simple Step Editing
Jomox Alpha Base tutorial - Part II - Muting, Pattern/Kit Saving, Shuffle, and Step Length

LepLoop make analog Kick sound

Published on Apr 13, 2018 Dziam Bass

LepLoop make analog Kick sound video

Trancenology - Electribe - Minilogue - Aira - Synthsession

Published on Apr 13, 2018 marcus kautz

"A 123 BPM-Birthday-Synth-Session with moments of silence. If you get in the mood and have forgotten to open your beer ;-) Electribe 2 as Master, also not to see in the vid System1, Akai Miniak, 2nd TB3."

cavaedium II (liveset)

Published on Apr 13, 2018 Hannes Pasqualini

"cavaedium II is a piece for modular synth and Octatrack, based on field recordings from my old flat's cavaedium.

cavaedium is the title of a longer piece (of which this is the second part) about memories, the hot summer air and the long cold nights in winter. About open windows and reverberating sounds coming from the deep."

Patch n Tweak

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