MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, September 27, 2018

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Q960 second test (some popcorn fun)

Published on Sep 27, 2018 SynthMania

"Looove the Q960."

Nord C2D Organ - Overview with Chris Martirano

Published on Sep 27, 2018

"Find exclusive Nord C2D Organ BUNDLES at Kraft Music.

Chris Martirano from American Music & Sound discusses the exceptional Nord C2D dual manual organ at Kraft Music.

The Nord C2D Combo Organ gives you two sets of physical drawbars per manual. Perfect for players who use the drawbars as well as the keys, the C2D includes a handy new left-hand preset section for hands-on control. If you're after the real-deal organ playing experience, the Nord C2D Combo is the instrument for you.

Kraft Music Nord C2D bundles include essential accessories to go along with your new combo organ, whether for home, studio, or the stage. Your organ package will be delivered to your door, and will include everything you need to start playing."

Anyware Tinysizer

via this auction

"Anyway TinySizer in excellent condition. This has the LFO speed switches on the side. Comes with stand, case, power supply, plenty of patch cords."

Flower Electronics Jealous Heart Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

MINT CONDITION and was kept in a smoke-free studio environment.

WAS HANDMADE IN A STRICTLY LIMITED QUANTITY ---The Jealous Heart runs on a single 9V battery. Disconnecting the output cable shuts off the power. The circuitry is hand-built with premium parts. Instruments are supplied with a set of banana cables for patching. Input and output are via standard 1/4" connectors. Asymmetrical response for novel distortion and chaos sounds.

Flower Electronics manufactured high quality, unique musical instruments for the education, sound art, and noise communities. Flower Electronics products emphasized creativity, utility, durability, and freedom. Instruments were built with care in small batches, using the highest quality materials available, and are designed to last a lifetime. Designed by Jessica Rylan, the instruments draw on the best of 1960's and 70's modular synthesizers, 1980's guitar effects pedals, chaos theory, and old-fashioned intuition. This breadth of influence was distilled into a strikingly original and immediate sound.


voltage controlled low frequency oscillator (LFO)
asymmetrical multimode filter (low pass/bandpass/high pass)
1/4" input with variable gain
white and dark noise
two audio inputs, one with -/+ attenuator
two filter cutoff voltage control inputs, one with -/+ attenuator
powder-coated aluminum case
supplied with:
set of 7 banana patch cords


via this auction

Full Analog Circuit only with Through Hole Components
1x VCO with 2 suboctaves (3 voices in total)
Pulse width and Glide controls
3-pole 18dB/oct Resonating Low Pass Filter
OTA Distortion Circuit for extreme sounds
OTA based VCA
2 envelope Generators
– Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain (extra snappy and patchable)
– Attack, Release (VCA hardwired)
Triangle Wave LFO
8 point patch matrix eurorack compatible

5 MIDI Octaves from C0 up to C5 or unlimited via CV/Gate
MIDI interface: Midi in DIN socket, Pitch note/gate on-off, retrigger function, Mod wheel (hardwired on VCF), Pitch wheel, MIDI Channel select 1-7 or Omni (DIP switch)
MONO AUDIO OUT (1/4″ TS-Unbalanced), sends up to 10Vpp o
Patches: 3.5mm mono
Gate in: activation at 0.9V in a low gain up to 5V for max gain
Gate out: 0-5V
1V/oct : sends the MIDI to CV out (not the Gate)
CV IN: works at 1V/oct and can accept from +/-12V
Envelope out: 0-6.6V depending on the depth setting
LFO out: +/-5V
Weight: 0,9 kgr
225 x 160 x 75 mm

Yamaha CS-50 Analog Polyphonic Synth

via this auction

"Yamaha CS-50 - 4 Voice Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Keyboard --- In great condition! 100% functional! Looks good! Huge sounding 70's synth!! Plays and sounds like a dream!"

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 001075

via this auction

YAMAHA MODX7 Demo & Review

Published on Sep 27, 2018 musictrackjp

YAMAHA MODX7 Demo & Review
DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Sequential Prophet 6 Part. 2

Published on Sep 26, 2018 DKS SYNTH LAB

DKS SYNTH LAB Sequential Prophet 6 videos

Vykort Från Västra Krautinge (demo)

125 bpm
Instruments used; 5U modular and high use of Oakleys SVF filter
Vermona DRM1 MkIII on drums
Squier Telecaster

Brew Music with Korg: Culmination Brewing, Portland OR

Published on Sep 27, 2018 Korg

"Korg USA joined together with the Culmination Brewing to celebrate the art of synth music and beer for its first annual Brew Music. Brew Music provided synth users with the opportunity to get hands on with Korg’s newest and most popular synth instruments.

Music: “Wants To” by Birocratic (
The songs used in this video were licensed via Birocratic License v05.2016.
For info on how you can use this music in your project,
check out
To download Birocratic’s 60+ song discography, visit http://"

NOVATION BASS STATION 2 with Synth Mike- Sound Design Pt. 1

Published on Sep 27, 2018 Synth Mike

Gear Used

Bass Station 2
Roland GO:Mixer

TEST SERIES Mattoverse Double Gate Drone Synthesizer 6 Pitch Pedals Space Station Eventide Red Panda

Published on Sep 27, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Synthetic Drone Texture creation.
Mattoverse Double Gate Drone Synthesizer into 2x Boss Pitch Shifter, 2x Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork, Electro Harmonix Pog, Hexe Revolver, Eventide Pitch Time Mod Factor and Space Pedals, 2x Red Panda Particle Delays, Digitech Modpack Space Station.

The purpose of “TEST SERIES” is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

KORG M3R Sound Cards

KORG M3R "SYNTH 1" via this auction

KORG M3R "SYNTH 2" via this auction

Just capturing the images as they haven't been before.

You can hear demos of these and other cards in this previous post. That is the only other post on the site to feature the cards.

Yamaha CSY-1 Vintage Analogue Synth Organ

via this auction

"These are a very interesting and unique sounding instrument. You've basically got a Yamaha SY-1 synth built into an organ. The synth and organ sounds can be layered, synth sound can be played by the upper keyboard or pedals.

Sounds can be routed to stationary or the built in rotary (Leslie) speakers. Lush spring reverb and what in my opinion makes these so special, the touch sensitive upper keyboard, routable to modulation, filter and volume. Amazing for 1974!

Beautiful to play, it's a very expressive synth and has that bubbly, organic early Yamaha analogue synth sound as you would expect. It does in fact use several of the same component modules as the mighty Yamaha GX1 synth and the sound, though monophonic is unmistakably similar."

Korg POLY 61 Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Juno-106 w/ MSQ-100

via this auction

"Up for sale used in mint condition fully working with professional services by respected professional with years of experience from Miami.

- All voice chips were replaced. I’m the second owner and I bought this Juno 106 in excellent fully working condition. One of the voice chips stoped working couple of months ago so I replaced all of the voice chips. Very pricey service.

- Internal Replacement Battery and Battery holder was installed. It makes battery change on Juno 106 soldering free! Another modification that was installed to this Juno 106.

- Juno 106 comes with Roland MSQ-100. This is the preferred sequencer for a Juno 106 and is even matched to go with it! It also allows you to MIDI sync your DIN equipped drum machines."

Cerberus' Four Heads (Akai Timbre Wolf thru Elektron Octatrack MK2)

Published on Sep 27, 2018 HardtekStudios

"Download the audio track for FREE here-
In this video, I have the four individual outs of the Akai Timbre Wolf Going into the four individual inputs of the Elektron Octatrack MK2. Each Octatrack channel has two fx applied to each Timbre Wolf part, to twist them into very different sounds from each other. Even thought they are exactly the same synthesizerx4. Joining these mangled Wolves are metal hits for the main kick & snare, a hyper, chopped up drum loop, and lots of sound design loops. Each mangled by there own set of FX with lots of crossfader controlled scenes to further the animation of sound. The eight part is used asa a master channel for full mix filtering & compression. A bit of extra compression, EQ and verb was added in Logic."

No melody! Softpop(Bastl ) rhythmic burps triggered with AMOEBA(Beast-tek) Funktree

Published on Sep 27, 2018 Funk Tree

"EDM Club-like-tune generated by Amoeba and softpop. I always liked to use Trigger as CV if properly attenuated. Amoeba should NOT be used as CV generator. But I just loved it. Please leave evaluation 1-10 in the comments. I'd like to know if it is only me that like this kind of music/jam"

Loom 4 (ft. Tides) | The Lightbath Zone - Modular Synthesizer Patch Walkthrough

Published on Sep 27, 2018 Lightbath


00:00 The Lightbath Zone
01:52 Part 1: The Patch
23:09 Part 2: The Performance
31:38 Loom music download

Detailed patch notes archive available through Patreon rewards:

Loom 4 (ft. Tides) | All Mutable Instruments Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Published on Sep 23, 2018 Lightbath

"Download the music of the Loom series exclusively on Patreon →"

Quantum VJ with mic

Published on Sep 27, 2018 Alexander Zolotov

Coming soon...

Quantum VJ is a glitch-style 8-bit pendant and audio visualizer.
Software version:

See the label below for more.

Live Jam #149 Drum Freestyle / Breakbeat / Techno - 4ms stereo triggered sampler, Korg SQ1 60hp Moog

Published on Sep 27, 2018 Monotrail

"I have been looking forward to use the 4ms stereo triggered sampler in combination with the Korg sq1. Both for drums and melodic sequences these two are a really good hands on improvisation duo. This jam was not prepared at all, just pressed record after I had something nice going on, and couldn’t stop anymore. I got into it a few minutes in. All sound is from the sampler. There are no loops, just individual drum samples, and none of them are stock samples. Clouds is responsible for the saturation/distortion and delay.

PS: I have to tweak the volume of the individual samples a bit for a better mix

Patch description:

Korg sq1 cv 1 )) Pitch melodic sample
Korg sq1 gate 1 )) play melodic sample
Korg sq1 cv 2 )) triatt )) sample select drum samples
Sine lfo from peaks )) triatt )) select drum sample
Korg sq1 gate 2 )) play drum sample

Melodic voice )) lxd )) clouds left )) mixer
Offset voltage from triatt )) lxd cv in
Drums )) clouds right )) mixer"

Introducing the Akai Fire Dedicated Hardware Controller for FL Studio

Published on Sep 27, 2018 AkaiProVideo

"The new Akai Professional Fire represents the first of its kind, a dedicated hardware controller for the FL Studio Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) platform. Created in close partnership with Image-Line, Fire is a high-performance tool designed to enhance the workflow and music-creating experience for all FL Studio producers."

U.S. retail for Fire is $199.99 Availability is September 27, 2018.

And the press release followed by pics:


New hardware product enhances production workflow, opens up new performance possibilities.

Cumberland, RI USA (September 27, 2018) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, today announced their newest product, the Akai Fire. Created in close collaboration with software manufacturer Image-Line, Fire finally gives FL Studio producers a dedicated hardware controller - designed to speed up the creative workflow and enhance the overall user experience. Released shortly after the successful launch of FL Studio 20, Fire celebrates the highly-anticipated arrival of FL Studio to the Mac OS platform, creating a completely new, hands-on way to interact with the popular DAW for PC and Mac users alike.

Featuring plug-and-play integration, at the heart of Fire is a 4x16 velocity-sensitive RGB pad matrix. Quickly input patterns on the Step Sequencer or switch over to Performance Mode for live playing and recording of notes and launching patterns. Bringing a tactile, mouse-free mixing solution to the FL Studio environment, Fire includes four banks of four touch-capacitive knobs, enabling the user to instantly see and adjust parameter values. This facilitates a more intuitive workflow, giving the ultimate control over channel, mixer and user-assignable parameters.

· Plug-and-play integration with FL Studio
· Quickly input patterns along the timeline in the step sequencer
· 4 x 16 Matrix of Velocity-Sensitive RGB Pads
· Expandable up to four units, creating the potential for an 8 x 32 Matrix
· Record notes in Performance mode
· Graphical OLED display
· 4 banks of assignable Touch-Capacitive Knobs
· Instantly navigate the Channel Rack, Browser, Tool Bar and Playlist windows
· Use dedicated controls to quickly browse audio and project files
· Dedicated Transport controls
· USB Bus Powered

MiniBrute 2 Ecosystem Tutorials: Episode 04 - The Sequencer

Published on Sep 27, 2018 Arturia

"What better way to learn out about the unique, exciting features of a hugely powerful sequencing synth than by asking the guy who basically invented it? Let our very own Seb Rochard take you through the key features that make the MiniBrute 2S such an interesting, exciting instrument."

MiniBrute 2 Ecosystem Tutorials

Vetrice-Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories /Rebach VCO GR11/Vermona twinCUSSION/Erica Synths-PICO SEQ

Published on Sep 27, 2018 Dziam Bass

"Hi Folks.

this time the powerful analog filter Vertice from Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories is here and I have a demo movie with it.

It is an analog filterbank with a filter envelope and CV inputs for modulation.

In this Acid sound I used the new analog VCO GR11 from ReBach, it is a Dutch new producer of eurorack modules, but I like this VCO and I wanted to combine it here because both sounds great.

later I added some delay from Erica Synths PICO DSP module.

Kick is a Vermona twinCUSSION double drum module, the clap comes from PICO DRUMS from Erica Synths.

Sequenced VCO GR11 by PICO SEQ -@Erica Erica Synths

the rest you can hear, added a little envelope filter for filtering, here it worked similar to LFO, then some more resonances and delay and without delay.

sound is natural all sounds connected to PICO MIX, later from PICO MIX out directly to the audio interface."

Behringer at Knobcon 2018

Published on Sep 27, 2018 BEHRINGER

"Highlights of Behringer's visit to Knobcon 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.

Featuring the Behringer RD-808, previewing the Neutron application and firmware, and a special first look at the upcoming Behringer RD-909!"

Kit Review # 29 - NLC Resonate - Module Demo

Published on Sep 27, 2018 Synth Diy Guy

"Hi! This is part two of my review of the awesome Nonlinear Circuits Resonate module, a vactrol based quad resonator for Eurorack.
In this video I take you through a few patch ideas to showcase the module's abilities and sound."

See the build video here.

『PO-20 arcade』demo play by FALCON-106

Published on Sep 26, 2018 K0MABA

"I played an original song made with Teenage Engineering's 'PO-20 arcade'."

Patch n Tweak

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