MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, December 1, 2018

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Bach WTC Book 1, Fugue 1 on Moog Synthesizer

Published on Dec 1, 2018 Moognificat

"A performance of the C major Fugue from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 by J. S. Bach. Watch bubbles freeze while listening to the unmistakable tones of a Moog Sub 37 analog synthesizer. Everything you hear was multi-tracked, mixed, and processed in Reaper."

Kawai SX240 Synthesizer with Tauntek OS & Custom Wood Side Panels

via this auction

"These are rare in the States, and more rare in fully functional condition with the Tauntek OS installed! Warm, silky SSM2040 filters...yum

Mods to stock:
I handcrafted the wood sides from heavy, nice 3/4" Japanese white oak
It has Tauntek upgrade (see Sean Obers YouTube demo) allowing for CC paramater control. So you're no longer limited to one-at-a-time editing!
A local tech added coin battery holder with rechargable LIR2032 coin cell, so replacement requires NO SOLDERING!
Also removed a ding in the back by the power cord, otherwise this synth is super-clean inside. One red LED is out (Coarse, otherwise Excellent overall ccosmetics"

1973 Arp's Free Ride Featuring Edgar Winter and the ARP 2600

via this auction

I see a white face Odyssey and 2600 on the bottom right. What's that above the Odyssey?

Annette Peacock's Roland D-50?

via this auction

"This actual keyboard was used by Annette Peacock when she performed at a conservatory in Seattle! She requested a Roland D50 and they found one for her, and that's where I got it from. These sounds were also used by Enya, Brian Eno, Vangelis, Angelo Badalementi for the Twin Peaks soundtrack, The Cure, etc."

via wikipedia:

"Annette Peacock (born 1941) is an American composer, singer, songwriter, producer, arranger, and musician. She is a pioneer in electronic music who combined her voice with one of the first Moog synthesizers in the late 1960s..."

SPICES - Morphagene, Assimil8or, Rings, Plaits, Neutron, Magneto, Black Hole DSP 2

Published on Dec 1, 2018 CO5MA

"Patch note:

Rings, sequenced by Hermod, brightness modulated by Make Noise Maths - - Pico DSP
Plaits, played live - - Pico DSP
Morphagene, splice & morph modulated by Mutable Instruments Marbles
Neutron sequenced by Hermod
The continuous pad is a sample granulated into QuBit Nebulae 2

Sequencers: Hermod & Make Noise René 2

Hermod - - 4MS Rotating Clock Divider and dispatched to René X, Y, Marbles and Strymon Magneto

Rossum Assimil8or. 3 tracks sequenced and modulated by Hermod and 2 tracks in stereo mode are sequenced and modulated by René.
1010 Music Bitbox for extra percs & loops

Effects: Strymon Magneto + Erica Black Hole DSP 2

Lifeforms System Interface (Plaits, Rings, Morphagene. Strymon Magneto in send effect)
WMD Performance Mixer (Assimil8r, aux output from Plaits, even output from Rings, Bitbox)

#eurorack #assimil8or #morphagene"

Sunfade - Waldorf Blofeld

Published on Dec 1, 2018 100 Things I Do

"A quick Atmospheric noodle with the Waldorf Blofeld. Like many I am waiting to get a Waldorf Quantum but the demand continues to outstrip supply. Until this is resolved (or my lucky number comes up) its a good time to continue exploring the Blofeld. There is nothing like moving wavetables for atmospheric sounds :D"

Playing a 19th Century Helmholtz Vowel Synthesizer Built by Rudolph Koenig

Published on Nov 22, 2016 Stephen Morris

"Featuring Koenig expert David Pantalony.

The synthesizer is in the University of Toronto Scientific Instrument Collection. It is part of an extensive collection of late 19th century instruments built in Paris by Rudolph Koenig. They were purchased by the Department of Physics around 1900."

Also see:

Let's Listen: Doepfer A-120 VCF1 Low Pass Filter, Doepfer A-101-2 LPG, & Doepfer A-106-5 SEM

Published on Dec 1, 2018 Let's Listen

"A simple demo of the Doepfer A-120 VCF1 Low Pass Filter module. No talking, just listening.

Note that the envelope used as a CV source has its attack and decay modulated via LFOs, so as to give an idea of slow and fast attack and decays."

Doepfer A-101-2 LPG

Published on Nov 17, 2018 Let's Listen

"A simple demo of the Doepfer A-101-2 LPG Vactrol Low Pass Gate module. No talking, just listening.

Note that the envelope used as a CV source has the attack and decay modulated via LFOs, so as to give an idea of slow and fast attack and decays."

Doepfer A-106-5 SEM

Published on Nov 24, 2018 Let's Listen

"A simple demo of the Doepfer A-106-5 SEM module. No talking, just listening.

Note that the envelope used as a CV source has the attack and decay modulated via LFOs, so as to give an idea of slow and fast attack and decays."

ROLAND MC09 PHRASE LAB w/ Original Box

via this auction

Computing part 2

Published on Dec 1, 2018 Morgan Karlsson

"Inspired by Kraftwerks Computerworld."

DSI Prophet Rev 2 & EHX Deluxe Memory Man

Published on Dec 1, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

Squarp Pyramid First Jam! // Compact Creation

Published on Dec 1, 2018 Enrique Martinez Music

"Using the Squarp Pyramid as my main center piece in making a song with a few pieces of gear both old and new."

Vintage Korg MS 20 Sample & Hold effects

Published on Dec 1, 2018 Roberto Raineri-Seith

"Demo of the filters and oscillators modulated by the S&H circuit

Mainly switching between the various waveforms and octaves

Delay and reverb added (Dynacord MDL10 into TC Electronic D-TWO into Vermona DSR3)

Basic Patch:
ModGen to S&H clock in and KBD Trig in, White Noise to S&H in, S&H out to Total in"

Yamaha DX7 Custom Patch Tutorial 18 | MINDWAVES

Published on Dec 1, 2018 madFame

"This custom patch series is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to program your DX7 FM synthesizer.

madFame's DX7 Custom Patches are compatible with most FM synths including DEXED, Arturia DX7 V, Volca FM etc.

To support the channel further check out my Patreon page:
All $2 or more Patrons can download my Custom Patch SYSEX files

Some of the music used in my videos is available on the Magic & Steel bandcamp page:

Thanks for watching!"

SY-1 Pearl Syncussion clone - fixing the PSU noise

Published on Jul 2, 2018 Stereoping

"The first batch of the brilliant SY-1 Syncussion clones from the human comparator seemed to have an issue with the negative power supply (TL497 inverter), soiling an ennoying high frequent noise into the audio path. There are several discussions and suggestions for fixing in different discussion boards. On learning from Shruthi filter schematics i came across another voltage inverter (LT1054) and wanted to give it a try. To my own surprise it worked right away, the noise completely disappeared, the unit still worked (unbeleivable!) and the new inverter keeps perfectly cool. I built a test setting with a switch allowing to flip from the original negative supply to a breadboarded LT1054 supply. You will directly hear and see the difference.

Second half of the demo shows some pictures how my alternative negative supply looks like now. It is soldered directly in place after removing the TL497 and some unused components. The background music is of course from the SY-1 (after PSU-conversion) together with the impOSCar.

There is an article on my site with more details about this hack."

BrORrT - Octatrack and Ottobit jam

Published on Dec 1, 2018 Nuclear Whale

"another hardware challenge, this week to make a track with gear worth less than 1000 dollars. on this occasion we’re talking a 2nd hand Octatrack which brings it in at about 950. Enjoy the squabbles"

Elektron Octatrack & Meris Ottobit.

Elka Solist 505 Vintage Italian Porn-tastic Analog Synthesizer SN 2779

via this auction, also on Reverb.

"This very rare analog synthesizer features both presets and free control of key parameters sort of like an Italian SH1000 or Arp Pro Soloist (hmm, that name rings a bell), or Moog Satellite. According to the site "encyclotronic":
"A feature of the Soloist 505 is that it has the famous Moog Ladder Filter onboard. Manufacturers installed the components to make the Ladder Filter before Moog Music imposed a patent on it's use in non Moog instruments."

It's virtually identical to the synthesizer built into Elka's big double manual organ the X705 and has the same porn-tastic vibe ;)"

MOOG Source Keyboard Synthesizer SN 1241 with Extra Docs

via this auction

"The touch membrane is perfect. All knobs & buttons function as they should (the volume pot was a little scratchy until I exercised it, due to it always being set at the same spot)... Pictures are of actual synth/keyboard, both manuals, MOOG brochure of their synth lineup, and the MOOG purchase document from LMI - Lipham Musical Instruments in Gainesville, FL."

Vintage Sequential Circuits Pro One Analog Synth SN 3213

via this auction

"Beautiful housing, all buttons intact - HOWEVER - was many many years unused and some combination of mechanics and electronics are now poor/unusable. Oscillators seem to work but feeble at best, there's a stuck-'on' key and there will need to be some serious diagnostics and repairs done to key triggers, pots and switches I assume, to get back to reliable playing quality."

If it's a j-wire version, the wires likely just need cleaning and bending. I once picked up a Pro-One from Guitar Center for $125 due to a stuck note. I opened it up, bent the j-wire back and it was as good as new. They way the keyboard works is there is a little wire that extends from them. When you press a key it tilts up and makes contact with a metal bar. If the wire is bent it can end up touching the bar producing a stuck note. If the wires and bar are oxidized or dirty for whatever reason, pressing notes can sound unstable. That said, if you pick this one up and it's not due to these issues do not blame me. :) Just throwing this out there for Pro-One owners with similar problems.

Roland SH-1 Synthesiser Classic Analogue Mono Synth SN 710933

via this auction

Inside a Roland Jupiter 4

via this auction

Some pics of the voice boards.

"Excellent Condition Jupiter 4 Everything functions perfect and it was professionally restored on the electronic side of things about a year ago. This is an amazing keyboard that doesn’t have a single issue and functions just like brand new. There are a couple of cosmetic issues, but the synth itself functions like it was brand new."

Halion Sonic SE Roland Jupiter-8 w/ Mods?

Out NOW! Thats how it soundzz Roland Jupiteer 8 Sample Instrument

Published on Nov 24, 2018 jupiterbyjay
Update: Re-Published on May 20, 2019

💯FREE Demo online! Start and Create!

via this auction

"We are selling our last 1 (of 3) pro-overhauled Roland Jupiter 8.
(with this one we did the JayP8 Sample Instrument for Halion Sonic SE)"

No word on what the green and yellow buttons do.

ROLAND SH-101 Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction, also on Reverb.

"Amazing vintage Roland sh101 in perfect working order (works with both adapter and batteries)"

Roland JX-8P Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"It is one of the latest analog machines of the 80s still affordable, value for money. 32 factory sounds + 32 programmable sounds + 32 sounds on M16C cartridge (not included)."

Pics of the inside below.

AKAI XE8 Drum Expander Module

via this auction

"The XE8 has great internal sounds and comes with an expansion sound card."

Hemisphere Suite 1.7 - Programable Eurorack Module - CV Recorder & Neural Net

Published on Dec 1, 2018 Beige Maze

"Demonstration of recording a simple melody with MIDI In and CVRec."

Neural Net (Hemisphere Suite)

Published on Nov 30, 2018

"Neural Net is a configurable logic processor app for Hemisphere Suite. It has six slots ("neurons") for 11 logic gate types, virtual patching between neurons, and four independent setups.

Neural Net is available in Hemisphere Suite 1.7."

Also see: Hemisphere Suite for Ornament & Crime by Beige Maze

Best Ambient Synth Shootout #60: Quasimidi TechnoX - Song 2

Published on Dec 1, 2018 Christian's Sonic Spaces

"This is the second song with the Quasimidi TechnoX. It's a 21 voice 16-part multitimbral ROMpler from the mid-90s with a focus on techno, rave, electronic.

I used for the recording the following FX chain:
Quasimidi TechnoX - Pioneer EFX-500 - Sony DPS-V55m

The signal went through a small Behringer mixer into the pc for recording. To create the complete song I recorded consecutively several stereo tracks. The final song was then mastered with a bit EQ and compression on some tracks and some limiting on the master track."

Cross modulated FM / X MOD & filtered FX chains // birdkids RAVEN prototype patches #4

Published on Dec 1, 2018 DivKidVideo

"This patches makes use of the FM input on each VCO to route the wave outs from each oscillator into the FM of the other. Creating a X-mod / FM feedback network to explore some analogue frequency modulation. The filter is in bypass mode and is taking the raw output of RAVEN back into the external input and I'm filtering that before going into a reverb. This keeps the raw FM tones up front in the mix while a filter (resonance moving due to LFO modulation of the cut off) changing and softening the tone that hits the reverb."

EREBUS (Modular Live Improvisation)

Published on Dec 1, 2018 AsselMC

"Live Improvisation with my modular, you can watch me doing the patch i used in the video. Recorded and mastered with my TASCAM DP-008 EX"

Critter & Guitari - Randomlog for Organelle

Published on Dec 1, 2018 Critter & Guitari

"Randomlog is a synth with unique control of Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, and Release: Each note pipes a different random value to these parameters! Set the range of each parameter and let the patch do the rest. Use the built-in sequencer or latch function to play some notes while you vary the probability of each control. Send the two oscillators in and out of tune with each other for extra weirdness."

Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa + Moog Grandmother

Published on Dec 1, 2018 Genshi Media Group


A short and simple tune inspired by a preset on the Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa, with a lead line coming from the Moog Grandmother. For effects, the Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb on the Medusa, and the Strymon El Capistan on the Grandmother. This was also the first time editing a video using the LumaFusion app on an iPad Pro (I normally use Final Cut Pro X on my iMac.)"

Braids Synthesis Modules Series - #21 Reed and Flute Simulations

Published on Dec 1, 2018 Omri Cohen

"I wanted to challenge myself and record every couple of days or so a full composition, using just the Macro Oscillator (Braids) as a sound source, in one specific mode. This is Day 21.
I cannot say that this is one of my best patches, not at all, but it was pretty interesting creating it. I used Ions from the Geodesics collection to create 2 sequences, and to add some more variation I modulated the scale of one of the Quantum quantizers with using Stages. I used another Stages to modulate the pitch the third oscillator in the bottom row, and I played "live" the notes for the bass part, using the Twelve Key from Impromptu Modular."

Analogue Solutions - Analogue Session!

Published on Dec 1, 2018 Sounds From The Shed

"Put together a few sequences on the Generators, and clocked the Fusebox from a Generator and transposed it live to create a nice Analogue Session from the Shed :) - All CV and Gate - No midi"


Analogue Solutions Generators and Synths

Published on Dec 1, 2018

"A play about with the Generators, sequencing 2 Polymaths and a Fusebox"

Patch n Tweak

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