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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

1998 Propellerhead ReBirth (RB-338) "Believe the unbelievable" Brochure

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the additional scans and full write-up.

"Propellerhead ReBirth (RB-338) Techno Micro Composer Version 2.0 'Believe the unbelievable' four page colour brochure from 1998."

Rotowhisker [Episode 143]

Published on May 21, 2019 CatSynth TV

"We explore the Rotowhisker, an instrument invented by Bryan Day, at our own studio. In addition to playing it dry, we run its output first through the Make Noise Echophon, and then the 4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator.

For more information on the Rotowhisker and other instruments by Bryan Day, please visit

For more electronic musical instrument demos, please subscribe to CatSynth TV and visit"

ELK Music OS Eurorack Module Running Korg PolySix RE SuperBooth 2019

Published on May 21, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"We were able to hear how the ELK Music OS runs on this Eurorack Module at SuperBooth 2019. The Korg PolySix Reason Rack Extension version was running on this module. ELK Music OS is promising super low latency for modules and synths like this built into hardware enclosures or eurorack modules running VSTs or Rack Extensions."

Supercritical Demon Core Oscillator & Expander Sounds SuperBooth 2019

Published on May 21, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Supercritical has pulled off an amazing feat by putting 16 oscillators into one 12HP oscillator, the Demon Core Oscillator. There is also an expander for it which adds midi functionality. The Demon Core Oscillator can work both as a monophonic swarm of oscillators or as a polyphonic voice."

E-RM Polygogo Eurorack Oscillator Sounds SuperBooth 2019

Published on May 21, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"E-RM had their first eurorack module at SuperBooth 2019. The Polygogo is an oscillator module that uses polygonal synthesis which is a new form of synthesis which is easily represented visually, and there is a great looking screen built into the module so you can see what your sound will be."

Pioneer Toraiz Squid 16 Track Sequencer SuperBooth 2019

Published on May 21, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Pioneer had their new Toraiz Squid sequencer at SuperBooth 2019. It is a powerful sequencer with 16 tracks and features that let you easily make complex sequences and edit them on the fly. As well as midi it has CV outputs and analog clock as well as din sync.

Squid available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit! See the support page for details.

Erica Synths Fusion Delay Flanger Vacuum Tube Eurorack Module

via this auction

Nice pics of the tube including a couple from the back.

EMS Synthi (VCS 3) II

via this auction

Appears to be SN 1506 ?

"This VCS 3 is fully functional and in mint condition. It looks unused and sounds incredible. Built between 1999-2014.


Fit prestopatch socket
Stabilisation for Osc 3
Dual transistor upgrade for Osc 3
Oscillator Sync on Osc 2
Hi/Lo frequency range Osc 3
Voltage controlled shape Osc 2 & Osc 3
Portamento / Glide
Attack time extension
x10 Envelope attack / decay time multiplier
VC Filter response
10-Turn pot input Ch1
Patchable voltage inverter
Filter mode switchable 18/24 db/oct
Filter "unslew" switchable on filter's CV
Main signal output mutes switches
External gate input - buffered
Extra matrix pins
The VCS3 has three oscillators (the first two oscillators are normal oscillators and the third an LFO or Low Frequency Oscillator), a noise generator, two input amplifiers, a ring modulator, 24 dB/octave voltage controlled low pass filter (VCF), a trapezoid envelope generator, joy-stick controller, voltage controlled spring reverb unit and 2 stereo output amplifiers. Unlike most modular synthesiser systems which use cables to link components together, the VCS 3 uses a distinctive patch board matrix into which pins are inserted in order to connect its components."

Oberheim Matrix-12

via this auction

Vintage 1978 Moog MicroMoog SN 7012

via this auction

"Completely overhaul / refurb just completed.
Complete Tear down & Deep Cleaning
All Connectors, Pots, Switches Cleaned and Lubricated
Solder Joints Repaired & Inspected.
Dry Veneer Removed - Wood Sides Cleaned, Sanded & Stained

Looks and Sounds Great. Everything Functions as it should."

Black Corporation Deckard's Dream (Prebuilt, Run #4) SN 783

via this auction

"Deckard's Dream from run #4 (received from Black Corporation in November 2018). This unit is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. There are no problems with the unit at all, either cosmetically or functionally. It's been kept racked for most of the time..."

Folktek Mescaline

via this auction

"2 x Channels, 1 x Motion, 1 x Mental in a 88hp 6u custom wood case. The second Channel adds not only 10 osc more but 2nd fx and makes the system much more playable. In the case it's a true instrument, -there are 20 sockets for modules."

The Sound Of Atoms: Nuclear Instrumentation Modular

Published on May 21, 2019 HAINBACH

"In which I use a modular designed for nuclear science for music, unleashing The Beast Of Princeton in a vortex of a noise and fantastic distortions. Thanks to everyone who bought my music and supported me on Patreon in the past weeks, it was incredibly helpful!

Soundpacks, music and a heartfelt Thank You:

Black Corporation Kijimi in there.

Nord Lead 3 - Arpeggio Sounds (by Computerbandit)

Published on May 21, 2019 Computerbandit

"Own created Nord Lead 3 arpeggio sounds.
Only with internal unison mode & a small room reverb (15%)

The multimode filter types are awesome and so clear. I think the NL3 has the best unison mode of all Nord Leads. Also great for cheesy digital pads and deep bass lines."

Sequential In The Spotlight Interview with JON ATKINSON

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Jon is a drummer, drum programmer and composer based in London, UK. He has been a fixture on the London session scene for over 20 years, and you can hear his work on movies like Paddington 2, Johnny English Strikes Again, Eddie The Eagle and TV shows like Doctor Who and Inside Number Nine. As a touring drummer he is known as an electronic drums/sampling/triggering expert (or know it all..), and has toured worldwide with over 50 artists.

He now divides his time equally between touring, drum and programming recording sessions (particularly film and TV), writing, producing, and also creative sound design.

Most recently Jon composed the soundtrack to Sony’s PS4/PSVR game 'Jupiter & Mars,' which heavily features the Tempest in its predominantly analog synth-driven score – now available on iTunes/Apple & Spotify.

We chatted with Jon about how he’s using the Tempest in his music"

You can find previous posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Tiny Overture Nº 5 - OB-6

Published on May 21, 2019 JAde Wii

"Goodbye Brother" from the Game of Thrones Soundtrack, Moog One Demo, cello

Published on May 21, 2019 Mattelica

"Live take of 'Goodbye Brother' from the Game of Thrones Soundtrack with a Moog One cello patch to a Yamaha MG10xu mixer to a Canon 6D + 50mm 1.4 lens."

Preenfm2 FM synthesizer

via this auction

"The Preenfm2 is a DIY project originally designed by Xavier Hosxe.

Roland CA-30 Intelligent Arranger SN ZC65040

via this auction

"Receives Chord Data from MIDI sequencer
Plays along in realtime with bass/drums arrangement
Arrangement can change freely according to a specified chord progression or selected musical genre
Easily create a musical ensemble of high quality"


via this auction

PPG Wave 2.2 upgraded to 2.3

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"PPG Wave 2.2 professionally upgraded to ver 2.3. The unit was just completely checked and overhauled this month (May 2019) by Alexander Guelfenberg at Virtual Music in Austria - the only person I would ever trust to work on my PPG’s, synthex’s, etc... (I’ve had 4 PPG Waves that he’s kept running perfectly). I had every inch of the electronics in this unit gone over and spared no expense to be sure it was ready to sell without worry."

DIY Buchla 248 MARF clone

via this auction

Korg Mono/Poly SN 376564

via this auction

"In absolute beautiful condition!
Sold fully serviced, with warranty/invoice."

White Analogue Solutions Vostok Matrixsynth V2

via this auction

And for those wondering, no, there is no relation to this site. Matrixsynth in this case stand for the matrix modulation patch bay. The site got it's name from my alias, matrix, and the Oberheim Matrix-6, my first synth. I registered the domain name back in 1997, long before the Vostok Matrixsynth.

"The Vostok combines the patch panel convenience and all-in-one instrument approach of the EMS Synthi with the with the open-system nature of eurorack modular. The module selection in the Vostok is second to none as far as versatility and economy.

The Vostok has far more features packing a powerful amount of modular synthesizer power into one small suitcase.

This Vostok is in perfect working condition and only used in the studio.

Matrix Patch Panel

Utilises the EMS VCS3/AKS style patch panel, but with an with increased 22x22 connection size. The matrix panel gives the patching versatility of a modular without the need for confusing & front-panel interfering patch cables. It's the neatest & most versatile method of creating patches.

External Patching

Matrix panels alone do not allow interfacing with external synthesizers & signals, so the Vostok also provides a full complement of front panel jack socket patch points for additional internal & external patching & interfacing.

All circuits are totally analogue with the exception of the MIDI interface.

Utility Modules

Mixer: CV / Audio Mixer. 6 input with Normal and Inverse output
Signal Meter: The meter input is taken from the mixer output
Multiples 1 and 2: 2 multiples, each is 4 way
Adaptor 1: 6.35mm / 3.5mm jack socket converters
Adaptor 2: 6.35mm / 3.5mm jack socket converter wired into the matrix board

Control Modules

MIDI to CV Converter: CV1 (pitch) / CV2 (controller) / Gate / Accent / Legato, MIDI Thru, channel select, manual trigger
Joystick: 2 way joystick controller
Sequencer: 8 step CV & Gate analogue sequencer, range switch, manual step

Audio Modules

VCO1: Saw / Square waves, Pulse Width, Glide, Sync
VCO2: Saw / Square waves, Pulse Width, Glide, Sync
VCO3: Saw / Square waves, Pulse Width, Glide, Sync
Noise: White noise source

Voltage Controlled Multimode Filter:

2 Filters based on Korg MS20 circuitry. Independent Cut Off and Resonance for Low Pass Filters and High Pass Filters. The VCLPF and VCHPF combine to produce a 3rd filter type, Band Pass

Voltage Controlled Amplifier:

VCA wired in series with the VCF output. With 1/4" jack audio output.

Ring Modulator: AC ring mod

CV Modules

EG 1: ADSR envelope generator, Norla/Inverse output, Repeat function
EG 2: ADSR envelope generator, Normal/Inverse output, Repeat function
VCLFO1: Ramp, Reverse Ramp, Square,Triangle waves, Voltage controlled frequency
VCLFO2: Ramp, Reverse Ramp, Square,Triangle waves, Voltage controlled frequency

Sample & Hold:
S&H with Slew

Matrix Patch Panel

Utilising ムEMS VCS3メstyle patch panel with 22x22 connections. The patching versatility of a modular without the need for confusing & front-panel interfering patch cables.

Lead Patching

Jack socket patch points provided for additional internal & external patching & interfacing.
LEDs:13 of them! 4x7 segment wavetable display


Dimensions shown do not include feet/handles/catches/corners pieces. Complete closed case: 10-13/16"H x 17-3/8"W x 7-7/16"D Lid depth: 2" inside (enough to leave in patch leads)"

Mathew Jonson's Synthesizer Favourites: Roland SH-5 (Electronic Beats TV)

Premiered 10 hours ago Telekom Electronic Beats

"In this episode of Mathew Jonson’s Synthesizer Favourites for Telekom Electronic Beats TV, the renowned synth lover presents the Roland SH-5, explaining in vivid detail why he’s so fond of this classic monophonic machine. Manufactured from 1976 to 1981, the SH-5’s flexibility makes it a perfect tool for electronic music. Now an extremely rare find (with prices to match), the SH-5 is considered one of the best analogue synthesizers ever built by astute gear heads."

Moogfest 2019 | Modular On The Spot | Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Premiered 6 hours ago Brennan Fowler

"An Excerpt from my set at Modular on the Spot during Moogfest 2019

Many Thanks to Moogfest and the Modular on the Spot crew for having me this year to start things off!

Start - 04:13 - Ney La

4:13 - 8:46 - Conraua

I really wanted to focus on jamming as much as I could into this patch while keeping it performable in the 6u."

Cristian Vogel & Bjørn Svin @SUPERBOOTH19

Published on May 21, 2019 Superbooth Official

"Cristian Vogel is a British DJ and producer who currently lives in Berlin. In the 90s he worked with radio host Dave Clark on his first EP „The Infra EP“. It was followed by various releases, some on Mille Plateaux, also remixes for Thom Yorke, Radiohead and Maximo Park. Together with Jamie Lidell he formed the duo Super Collider.

The Danish Bjørn Svin also started to produce electronic music in the early 90s. In March 2019 his recent Album „2 Point 5 Step Pets“ came out, seven years after the experimental and relaxed „Browen“. Although „2 Point 5 Step Pets“ experiments with complex industrial rhythms again, Vogel and Svin are united by a shifting away from the dancefloor, heading to a more experimental approach to electronic music."

Noise Engineering Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus/Cursus Iteritas Magnus Patches

Published on May 21, 2019 Noise Engineering


1. Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus/Cursus Iteritas Magnus patch
A melody and bassline from Ataraxic Iteritas Alter and Cursus Iteritas Magnus.
2. Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus sequence
A simple sequence from the new Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus.
3. Cursus Iteritas Magnus bass/melody line
A sequence from the new Cursus Iteritas Magnus.

Electro Comp model EML- 200

Published on May 21, 2019 Vykaar Tones

"Demo using the oscillators, electronic switch, ring modulator, sample and hold, noise source, low pass filter and reverb of this vintage instrument"

Nord Lead 2x "1983 Retro" 150 Presets by Chronos

Published on May 21, 2019 chronosproject

"'1983 Retro' Soundset By Nick Klimenko aka.Chronos
99 patches + 50 performances.

Compatible: Nord Lead/Rack 2/2x.

Get ready for most warm & authentic patches for Swedish red beast!

Nord Lead 2x became a classic in decade due its authentic "analog-like" tone among other v.a. synthesizers & having lots of fans around the world.

Our team also had a big experience with Lead Line - From 2,2X,
3,4 & A1 in last 10 years.

Following our experience we made this soundset full of reach analog tones with emulations of classic synthesizers:
Juno, JX, Prophet, Polysix, Oberheim, CS & other big names.

Soundset contains single patches:

Bass: 23.
Leads: 11
Pluck/Bell: 20
Strings/Pads: 24
Arps: 14.

Also some non-standard sounds using unique Morph function.

And 50 Performances which using from 3 to 4 slots for maximum power.

Enjoy your red ferrari synth & discover our sounds!

All the sounds from this demonstration are directly from the synth,
besides drums."

CR68-M-TMG DIY-retrokit for Roland's CR-68

2019/05 - CR-68-M-TMG demosong Published on May 21, 2019 Stereoping

"The CR68-M-TMG is a DIY-retrokit for Roland's CR-68. 'M' stands for Midi as all voices can be triggerd via Midi - including Accent. The 'TMG' describes the cooler part - the PCB also holds the three missing instruments of the big sister CR-78 which the CR-68 normally lacks: Tambourine (TB), Metalbeat (MB) and Guiro (GU). All voices were carefully recreated based on original schematics. Tambourine is available as longer and shorter decay and Guiro in high and low pitch. Each of the 3 drumvoices uses a special inductor to build a very steep bandpassfilter definately needed to form the characteristic timbre. We've given a little batch of these inductors into production on rare, old winding machines to get the perfect sound.

This mellow demosong shows details of the PCB and electronic parts as well as some footage of the CR-68 itself. The drums are - of course - coming from a CR-68 equipped with this retrofit. The song introduces the 3 instuments one after the other. Typography and visual helpers like realtime analyzer and oscilloscope will guide you to easily identify the single TB/MB/GU sounds in the mix.

The CR68-M-TMG retrokit is available now in the stereoping shop. Production run is limited due to these special coils."

Mixfood Octo - 8 Oscillator Synthesizer for Reason

Published on May 21, 2019 MixfoodMusic

"Mixfood OCTO is a lightweight (low CPU) 8 Oscillator Synthesizer with unlimited power and possibilities.

Each oscillator is equipped with the following features:

– 6 different and independent mixable waveforms
– 4-Voice Unison
– Amp and Filter Envelope
– Filters, tuning, EQ’s and drop pitch to shape your sounds
– 6 Dedicated effects (chorus, phaser, delay, reverb, tremolo, isolator EQ)
– 2 LFO’s, 2 extra Envelopes and a versatile Mod Matrix
– Separate audio outputs of the dry and wet audio signal

Global features include Pitchbend and Modwheel, Master Filter, Mono/Legato with Glide function.

Check it out and be amazed!"

via Studio Corbach

12 new modules + KODEK BOOTH RAVE!!! Erica Synths // Superbooth 2019

Published on May 21, 2019 DivKidVideo

"After launching a whole techno system last year I didn't expect Erica Synths to drop 12 new Eurorack modules at Superbooth this year. Lots of new PICO modules (analogue BBD delay, DSP drum voice, noise, new VCO + more) updated fusion series modules, new sequencer, cowbell for the techno/drum series, new input and two new FX modules ... it's a mouthful, or a finger-ful to type out! After a walk through of the modules with Girts, KODEK gave us a great booth rave techno jam on the new modules. Distorted breaks at the ready!"

New experimental Buchla from Metro Modular // Superbooth 2019

Published on May 21, 2019 DivKidVideo

"Each year at Superbooth seeing Justin from Metro Modular is like a synth history lesson. Talking me through his eurorack modules and designs based on now vintage circuits and designs often by some lesser known but equally important designers through synth history. This year he's branched out into the big blue and beautiful world of his experimental designs for the Buchla format. With surround panning, analogue computing, DIY power options and re makes of 1960s circuits I'm looking forward to seeing these products develop and come to life."

4 band distortion, compression, transient design + more from DPW Design // Superbooth 2019

Published on May 21, 2019 DivKidVideo

"It's always a pleasure to see Dan from DPW Design and even better to see some designs and ideas enter the world of Eurorack modular. His MOG Distortion is a four band distortion and guitar interface that also offers click free on/off modulation for switching distortion in and out almost like a tremolo that can work through audio rates. There's also the new shaper that offers compression, transient shaping and sustain control (familiar to those on an SPL Transient Designer some of you may know). That alone has the potential for some serious dynamic shaping of percussion, FM patches, rhythmic drones and FX etc. I hoping I can play with one soon."

Patch n Tweak

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