MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, October 26, 2019

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Elk Elektronik Pressure Sensitive MIDI Controller

Published on Oct 26, 2019 elkelektronik

"This is a short demonstration of my controller. It response to pressure and transmits a MIDI note. The channel velocity is determined by the pressure on the pad. The pad lights can also respond to programmed MIDI notes."

Elk Elektronik brought us the KP-836 Synthesizer.


via this auction

Tiptop Audio SD808

Published on Oct 26, 2019 Let's Listen

"A simple demo of the Tiptop Audio SD808 module. No talking, just listening."

Mike Olfield's Tubular Bells (Theme from The Exorcist) performed on the Roland System 8 synthesizer

Published on Oct 26, 2019 Sean Christopher Evoking Emotion with Synthesizers

"Mike Oldfield's brilliant Tubular Bells album, released in 1973 was pure music genius in mine and many others opinions. The intro to part 1 was especially a favorite of mine and others.

Tubular Bells is the debut studio album by English multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter Mike Oldfield, released on 25 May 1973 as the first album on Virgin Records. Oldfield, then 19 years old, played almost all the instruments on the mostly instrumental album. The album initially sold slowly, but gained worldwide attention in December 1973 when its opening theme was used for the soundtrack to the horror film The Exorcist (1973). This led to a surge in sales which increased Oldfield's profile and played an important part in the growth of the Virgin Group. It stayed in the top ten of the UK Albums Chart for one year from March 1974, during which it reached number one for one week. It peaked at number three on the US Billboard 200, and reached the top position in Canada and Australia. The album has sold over 2.7 million copies in the UK and an estimated 15 million worldwide.

I did this arrangement on the Roland System 8 and multitracked to Cubase 10 Pro. I tried my best to stay true to the original 1973 version and the System 8 was the perfect choice for the task."

Yamaha Montage Version 3

Published on Oct 26, 2019 Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

"I chat about the latest version of the Yamaha Montage and play some sounds which I have recently created on it."

Matt Johnson Jamiroquai synth videos

Yamaha RS7000 SN HM01067 w/ Branded Gig Bag

via this auction

Moog One Synthesiser

via this auction

MAM MB33 Synthesizer 303 Synth Circuit Bent

via this auction

"TB-303 style mono-synth with several mods."

Casio VL-Tone VL-1 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Roland JX-3P w/ PG-200 Controller and Original Box SN 453556

via this auction

Korg MS20 ,Arturia Micro-Freak, Digitakt and Analog Heat Overbridge

Published on Oct 26, 2019 therudyrude

"Short jam with Elektron Digitakt and Analog Heat in Overbridge.Kork MS20 mini and the Microfreak"

QuBit Bloom Overview // Holy crap this is fun

Published on Oct 26, 2019 Ricky Tinez

"General overview of the Qu-Bit Bloom. This eurorack sequencer is beyond fun, and crazy immediate to use also!"

Phase 2019.1 Novation Summit Polysynth with Oto Bam Reverb

Published on Oct 26, 2019 -CALC-

"I improvised this piece a couple of years ago whilst jamming with the Preen FM2 through the Schulte Compact A Phaser clone I built (hence the name Phase) I've always wanted to make a video of it with Summit so I relearned arrangement last night and here it is.

I tried to get this Summit patch as close as I could to the original Preen sound. This is not too far off at all, especially with the Dual filter in parallel LP modes this is remarkably not too far off the Schulte phaser sound on the original too.

I also took the plunge and got an OTO Bam.... WOW!
The reverb on Summit is wonderful, so clean and precise, its one of my favourite aspects of the synth but with the OTO Bam it is totally different, completely lush and a ton of character. Just beautiful

I may even do another video playing the Preen patch for comparison. If you want to see that leave a comment below.

First prize to those that spot the visual easter egg as well ;o)"

Gotharman's Zybraz

New polyphonic synthesizer coming from Gotharman.

This appears to be the Zxxxxx posted here. Click through for details.

STG Boat Rocker: Stress Test Patch

Published on Oct 26, 2019 suitandtieguy

"Decided to load up the latest Boat Rocker PSU prototype with plenty of modules and let it sweat for a week. It's doing great!

Prerelease pricing for the .VCO/Oscillator is still available!:
Eurorack .VCO:
Moog format Oscillator:"

VCV Rack Live Stream - Stocaudio

Published on Oct 26, 2019 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here is the Stocaudio collection -"

Yamaha & Korg ROM Cards

A few more in from supporting member, rosynth.

YAMAHA DX Voice ROM catridges 1 & 2 via this auction

KORG RPC-13 card for M3R by Fumiaki "BUNMAY" Ogawa via this auction

KORG MSC-06 Fretted Insts 1 pcm card via this auction

October Noodle

Published on Oct 26, 2019 DoveAudio

"Got myself a Streichfett and also a second cabinet for my modular and had a bit of a re-arrange of my 'studio'.
Apologies for the headphone cord waving around, I need to figure that one out.

Sequencer is of course the prototype MuSeq from Dove Audio and the sound sources are 3 x Dove Audio WTFs and 1 x Dove Audio Waveplane."

Rossum Panharmonium Explained by Learning Modular

Rossum Panharmonium 1/2: explained Published on Oct 26, 2019 Learning Modular

Don't miss Part 2 below.

"The Rossum Electro-Music Panharmonium Mutating Spectral Resynthesizer is a very unusual signal processing module: It studies the incoming signal, breaks it down into its most dominate frequency components, and assigns those to a bank of up to 33 oscillators to re-create (re-synthesize). You can choose which band(s) of frequencies to analyze and how often that analysis happens, and on the output side transpose it, blur it, decide what core waveform us used for the resynthesis, and perform other “mutating” functions including feedback looping.

This first movie gives an overview of how Panharmonium works. It does not dive into every individual feature (there’s a great manual that already does that); this is intended to give you an understanding of how it works, and to quickly get you up to speed using it:

00:00 examples
01:08 overview
01:53 audio ins & outs
02:27 starting configuration
03:17 the sound sources
03:36 Analyzer: Slice & Multiply
04:12 Modifiers: Voices
04:49 Modifiers: Blur & Gide
06:35 Analyzer: Center Frequency & Bandwidth
08:03 Modifiers: Frequency & Octave
09:08 Modifiers: Feedback
11:04 Spectral Warping
12:36 Modifiers: Waveform
14:14 teaser for rhythmic applications

My Patreon supporters ( at the +5v level and above also have access to additional posts on both of these movies."

Rossum Panharmonium 2/2: rhythmic uses

Published on Oct 26, 2019

"The Rossum Electro-Music Panharmonium Mutating Spectral Resynthesizer studies an incoming signal, breaks it down into its most dominate frequency components, and assigns those to a bank of up to 33 oscillators to re-create (re-synthesize).

The first movie of this set ( is a “quick start” on Panharmonium where I give an overview of how it works and how the sections interact. In this movie, I focus on my personal specialty: rhythmic applications of Panharmonium. Here is the index:

00:00 examples
01:08 overview & sound sources
01:26 slowing down the analysis
02:04 Slice Clock Output (triggering envelopes)
02:20 enveloping the output
03:31 mutating the sound
05:03 tap tempo
06:10 external clock
07:23 timing issues
08:38 “Freeze Tap”
10:33 more mutation
11:49 conclusion

My Patreon supporters ( at the +5v level and above also have access to additional posts on both of these movies."

YAMAHA TENORI-ON Silver TNR-W Synthesizer Cont Sequencer

via this auction, also on Reverb.

"Yamaha Tenori-on silver (actually more pewter) MIDI controller synthesizer sequencer. This is the deluxe model that has white LEDs visible on both sides. It is model TNR-W.

Included are the shown accessories so you are ready to go: Original AC adapter, MIDI adapter cable for the instrument, MIDI interface for your PC, original disk, memory card, memory to USB adapter, a perfect Targus case to put it all in and the original box as a collectible.

The Tenori-on is a wonderful and unique electronic music instrument that can be played live with internal sounds or samples introduced by memory card. It is a polyphonic sequencer that can even control other synths. It also has built-in speakers and can run on batteries if you want to just take it somewhere like the ocean or the forest and like nature inspire your music. It's 16 x 16 LED display looks great with selectable visual and audio effects. It's really something special and can be used for ambient, EDM, experimental and other inspiring electronic music, a full instrument with confirmation and note storage."

Kawai K5000s Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland SH-7 Synthesizer SN 720796

via this auction

"This synth is in very good condition, showing some natural signs of age (please see photos), including minor but not immediately noticeable scratches. One corner has a crack (picture 9). However, the synth has been tested by our professional technician and is working perfectly."

Roland SH-7 Synthesizer SN 740863

via this auction

"This synth is in very good condition, showing some natural signs of age (please see photos), including minor but not immediately noticeable scratches. However, the synth has been tested by our professional technician and is working perfectly."

Rare Roland GR-700 & G-707 Roland Guitar, Synth Set, Original Box, Manuals Nice

via this auction

Vintage Casio MT400V Analogue Synth Keyboard With Stand, Speakers, PSU & Case

via this auction

"It’s complete with stand, speakers and case! The stand is a little scrappy but looks fine and perfectly functional! The keyboard itself has a couple of minor marks but is, apart from the slightly sticky buttons, in lovely condition!"

Burgundy Red Alesis A6 Andromeda

via this auction

"This is a rare Red and Silver Andromeda, one intitial promo run of 200. It is very good shape with a few minor dings."

YAMAHA DX5 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer

via this auction

"The DX5 is a monstrous 76-key FM powerhouse, essentially two DX7's in one featuring the same sound engine as the Legendary DX1. Made in Japan. One owner since new. Backlight not working. Includes road case, owners manual, 8 RAM cartridges (one unfortunately corrupt) and breath controller."

Waldorf Microwave XTk Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

Yellow Waldorf Q

via this auction

Roland JD-XA - Sounds, Presets & Ambient Soundscapes | Synth Demo

Published on Oct 26, 2019 synth4ever

"Roland JD-XA synthesizer demo featuring sounds, presets and ambient soundscapes. This Roland JDXA synth demo showcases various sounds & patches including ambient pads, sequencer, leads and atmospheric textures. This Roland JD-XA demo was filmed at the Roland Inspiration Centre in Toronto, Canada.

The Roland JD-XA is a unique crossover hybrid synth that combines analog and digital engines into a single instrument. The analog engine features four parts and true analog filters and a direct dry output. The digital engine features four parts and is powered by Roland’s SuperNATURAL synth technology with 64-voice polyphony, plus effects.

The Roland JD-XA’s dual engines can be used independently or together to unlock versatile sound design capabilities. The JDXA features discrete analog with 2 x OSC, Filter, Amp, 4 x Env (2 x Pitch, Filter, Amp), and 2 x LFO per voice plus Analog Dry Out for raw signal output.

The Roland JD-XA's analog filter section is selectable 4-Pole, transistor-ladder, and multi-mode (LPF/HPF/BPF). The analog OSC section includes Cross Mod, Ring Mod, and OSC Sync, all of which can be used simultaneously and the LFO rate covers a wide range from ultra-slow to ultra-fast

The Roland JDXA's digital engine is compatible with INTEGRA-7 sound libraries from Roland’s online Axial sound portal, and digital parts can be routed through the analog filter. A comprehensive effects section with MFX (67 different effect types) for all parts, plus five system effects (Reverb, TFX1, TFX2, Delay, and Master EQ), provides additional sound shaping options.

Furthermore, the Roland JD-XA has a 16-track real-time or step sequencer (64 steps) with 8 tracks for internal parts, and 8 tracks for external parts. It also features onboard USB, MIDI, and CV/GATE interfaces plus flexible MIDI control functionality. In addition, there is a mic input and vocoder capability as well.

The Roland JD-XA is a versatile and deep synth which allows for extensive creative control and sound design. The ability to work with both digital and analog engines and route them in different configurations allows for new types of sounds to be explored from a variety of angles."

Terminator Theme Synthesizer Cover

Published on Oct 26, 2019 RemixSample

"Minilogue Patches:

This is my attempt at the classic Terminator Theme on KORG Minilogue. I recorded everything 'live' so no sequencing and that's why it sounds sloppy (^≗ω≗^) The track is made up of a pad section, two leads and a percussive sound. You can download the three Minilogue patches on My Patreon.

I used a lot of effects to make the leads sound like I wanted them too. Soundtoys Decapitator & Crystallizer. I also used Valhalla Shimmer & Valhalla Room. Also applied Multiband compression eq."

Patch of the Week 29: minilogue xd + external Eurorack Sample+Hold

Published on Oct 26, 2019 Korg

"Among minilogue xd’s exciting features are two control voltage inputs which allow you to bring control signals in from an external modular synth to modulate parameters on the xd. In this video we show you how to bring an external sample and hold signal in from Eurorack, and clock a Eurorack module using xd’s internal clock."

Korg Patch of the Week videos

New Organelle M Colors / Staten Island!

Published on Oct 26, 2019 Critter & Guitari

"We're happy to announce a color refresh for the Organelle M! It is now available in two colors!
One option remains blue - now with a matte finish. The ABS bottom is white. The second color is light grey also with a matte finish. The ABS bottom is black.

To celebrate, we explored Staten Island with the new colors. Thanks for taking a look/listen!"


Published on Oct 26, 2019 LESINDES

"Fun with 2 machines: complementary partners in a jam: ROLAND TR-8S and ELEKTRON ANALOG FOUR."

26 10 19 Serge Modular System - Fun with variable slope filter

Published on Oct 26, 2019 batchas

"Modulating the filter via DUSG."

24 10 19 Testing Keystep with Mini-system One

Published on Oct 26, 2019 batchas

"Testing the Keystep (not convinced right now). Ended up jamming with the Mini-system One."

24 10 19 Petite mélodie du soir avec Tresses - Internal AD envelope generator

Published on Oct 26, 2019 batchas

"Applying fine modulation from the internal AD envelope generator to the Timbre (by setting |\TIM to 2, 3 etc) in ZLPF mode (Direct synthesis of low-pass filter).

Tresses is an adaptation by Scrotum Lab for BugBrand/FRAC modular systems of the open source project called Braids made by Émilie Gillet."

VOLTLIFE: How to Hoover

Published on Oct 26, 2019 voltlife

"A tutorial on approximating the infamous 'Hoover' sound in Eurorack, focusing on how to make a PWM Sawtooth wave like the Roland Alpha Juno."

Patch n Tweak

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