MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, January 2, 2020

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Superlative is Hiring

Superlative, makers of the SPACE BEE SB01 (pictured below), are hiring.

You can find full details here.

"Join us in building the next decade of synthesizers.

We are looking for electrical, mechanical, and embedded engineer positions across the US."

Korg DW-8000 Sound Design with Patch Base

Published on Jan 2, 2020 Coffeeshopped

"A screencast of using Patch Base on the iPad to design sounds on the Korg DW-8000. Patch Base supports full patch editing and library organization for the Korg DW-8000 and EX-8000, on both Mac and iPad. Find out more here:

Patch Base:
Korg DW-8000 editor:
Korg EX-8000 editor:"

Acid Improv Jam for The Monthly Acid Pattern Group with 2x 303s

Published on Jan 2, 2020 Honeysmack

"Acid Improv for The Monthly Acid Pattern Group, each month a pattern goes up and members make their own renditions - just for fun and of course the acid. Check out the group and the January pattern I created here.

This totally unrehearsed and improvised jam has 2x 303s being sampled in real-time by the Octatrack. All drum and percussion sounds via the TR-909 and MachineDrum.

No computer or DAW were hurt during this jam."

Kawai K5000S Advanced Additive Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg Z1 Keyboard Synthesizer MOSS Physical & Analog Modeling SN 001334

via this auction

"Legendary physical modeling synthesizer from 1997. Great for a huge variety of acoustic modeling and analog modeling possibilities. Renowned for its top tier arpeggiator, abundance of realtime controls, high quality keybed, and very deep sound editing & construction."

Octave Cat SRM

via this auction

Yamaha Sonogenic SHS-500/SHS-300

Published on Jan 2, 2020 Yamaha Corporation of America

"Yamaha Sonogenic is a keytar designed for both experienced players and for those who have never struck a note. Experienced players can rock out with a variety of on-board Voices or connect to external sound sources for even more options.

Beginners will never hit a wrong note when they use JAM Mode while connected to the free Yamaha Chord Tracker app. Play along with your favorite songs right from your smart device and Sonogenic will make sure all of your notes work with the music! Two models, SHS-500 and SHS-300 are available."

Synth.BT (modular synthesizer tools) 2020 Kickstarter video

Published on Jan 2, 2020 Cat Full of GHOSTS

"Link to project:

Your HP is sacred, you shouldn’t waste it on things like multiples, attenuators and gate combiners.

Synth.BTs packs together a bunch of super handy passive synth tools into one neat kit that is as simple to build as it is useful.

Put one of these packs in your cable bag and always be ready to solve those synth routing problems live, or in the studio.

Product Description:

Synth.BTs are a beautiful matt black PCB with gold ENIG finish. Reminiscent of a model plane kit, you build up the board, solder it and then cut out the different components to create:

2 X 4 way multiples

2 X touch pads

1 X 3.5mm to ¼’ adapter

1 X 3-in-1 out gate combiner

2 X attenuators with mute and stutter

Synth.BTs is available as a bare PCB, kit or a pre-built PCB with jacks and other components already soldered.

What are you waiting for? Grab yours today."

#Synthuary2020 / #Jamuary2020 - 02

Jamuary 2020 - day 2 (zenbook pro duo / OP-1 / PO-20)

Published on Jan 2, 2020 amenemo1010

Side note: I created a #Synthuary2020 tag and label for the synth only Jamuary2020 jams. Click through for more.

"#jamuary2020 day 2 experiment with #zenbookproduo and #teenageengineering synth. Audio route from zenbook using VCV modular soft synth to the OP-1 input to play with some filters. I hope you enjoy ­čśŐ"

The Forest Creatures // Klangbau K├Âln Synth Sounds #TTNM

Published on Jan 2, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"My Klangbau K├Âln Eurorack modular synth patched in a bubbly, chirpy and Benjolin-centric configuration."


Polynorth - a hybrid polyphonic synthesizer, part 2

Published on Jan 2, 2020 Jon Petter Skagmo

"Demo tracks start at 3:31. (I couldn't embed this in the video.)

A presentation of the new Polynorth prototype. Although I've actually spent a lot more time developing and optimizing the firmware than the hardware, this video will focus on the hardware."


Making Junkie XL Brass | Final Episode: We Have Liftoff!

Published on Jan 2, 2020 Junkie XL



You can find all parts in the series here.

M.P.C.Electronics D.S.M. 1+2 Rare Analog Drum Synth MPC DSM w/Roland Trigger Pad

via this auction

"COOL and RARE M.P.C. Electronics Drum Synthesizer Module System.
THICK British drum synth sounds from the mid 1980s

100 % working order - VERY cool sounding analog drum synths.

Fat Snares, "808s", Linn style tom sounds, with a little TAMA Tech-Star vibe. Pitch adjustments are smooth since it's analog and all settings are very tweakable.

Roland PD-21/31 pads are heavily used, but work well. They are included, but not really in the price $$.
No mounting hardware is included other than the integrated clamp mechanism.

This auction includes a two channel unit (DSM2), AND a single unit with power supply (DSM1), connecting Power cable and 2 Roland Trigger Pads (one single PD21 and one PD31 with 4 zones)

Controls: Input Sensitivity, Decay, Bend, Pitch, Mix, Noise, and Click (the transient/attack)

Here is a pretty great demo video of some of the sounds possible with the DSM units: (NOT MY VIDEO)
MPC Electronics DSM1 & DSM2 Drums Uploaded by zibbybone on Jun 4, 2008 (found via MatrixSynth)" [posted here]

ARP 2601 V3 3620 2600 Restored Vintage Semi-Modular Synthesizer Black/Orange w/ upgrades

via this auction

"Recently restored and upgraded ARP 2600 model 2601 with ARP 3620 duophonic keyboard, patch cables and power cable. A rare patchable semi-modular analogue synthesizer in outstanding condition.

2601 v3.0: Late in 1980, a final revision was released with un-potted submodules, making them easier to maintain, and a revised suitcase. However these late models are quite rare as their release coincided with ARP's final days.

It was restored and upgraded by a reputable synth restoration specialist. The electronics were recapped with high quality replacements. It was upgraded to expand the cutoff frequency range as all later ARP filters have a cutoff frequency limited to only 11 kHz. The original shorter spring reverb tank was also upgraded to a larger vintage tank and sounds great. The cases were expertly re-tolexed, it looks brand new. All original cables and plugs present. Keyboard is mint.

Dimensions, ARP 2600 with lid attached: 810 x 222 x 475 mm. Dimensions, ARP 3620 with lid attached: 905 x 245 x 149 mm. 49 keys C-C."

Moog Moogfest Official Pin Bade Synth Memorabilia

via this auction

"Moog Moogfest Official Pin Bade Synth Memorabilia.

Moogfest 2016 official badge still in packaging.

Given out to VIP ticket holders."

Doepfer Drehbank 64 knob MIDI controller (w/ CV-to-MIDI option installed)

via this auction

SQK-01 update - Gnarly DIY FM Synth

Published on Jan 2, 2020 R.O.T. Studios

A WIP update of my DIY FM synth: SQK-01.
VST-Plugin version:
EMU Xboard hack:

Hacking an EMU Xboard MIDI controller for DIY

Published on Nov 12, 2019 R.O.T. Studios

"The EMU Xboard MIDI controller is GREAT to build DIY synths with, since it uses an Atmega48 as the front panel controller. The pinouts are also easy peasy and offer enough flexibility. On top of that you get a semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and aftertouch! Lotsa bang for your DIY buck :)

Arduino library
My custom front panel code
Front panel and Due pinouts
Front panel and Atmega notes
Scanning a key matrix

via Evil Turtle Productions

"The SKQ-01 is a more extreme take on FM synthesis, offering 9 different waveforms as well as PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) and allows you to create anything from trippy FM pads to the most noisy and loud bass lines.

Besides the FM synthesis mode the synth can also be switched to a normal synthesis mode so that the two oscillators can be layered, for a nice full sound which lends itself for things such as massive pads.

There are two oscillators/operators giving 16 note polyphony. Each of these has it's own waveform, detuning and ADSR envelope.
The second oscillator/operator has PWM which can be used both in FM as normal synthesis modes.
The synth also features an analog emulation of a low-pass VCF with plenty of resonance available, which can be controlled with a separate AR envelope as well as an LFO.

For further shaping of the sound there is a distortion, stereo chorus and reverb effect build in. For extra dynamics in your playing Portamento and Pitch Bend can be used.

Patches can be saved and loaded from within the plugin."

ASM Hydrasynth Digital Wave Morphing Synthesizer sound demo

Published on Dec 24, 2019 Gear4music

"The three-headed beast. The ASM Hydrasynth takes after its namesake, employing three oscillators and a powerful sound engine - the perfect choice for sound designers.

The Hydrasynth is jam-packed with features including a 49-note polyphonic keybed with velocity and aftertouch for exceptional expressiveness. The ergonomic design makes designing sounds a breeze, with new and exciting ways to sculpt your tones. The onboard "Mutators" provide new and tested ways to modulate sound. The synth also features 5 low-frequency oscillators and 5 DAHDSR envelopes for unparalleled power and flexibility.

Two filters are included, as well as premium-grade effects (post and pre) to give you full reign over your sound. It also features 256 factory patches created by some of the best patch designers in the world.

The Hydrasynth is suitable for both the studio and the stage with its compact and portable design."

03-The Dubreq Stylophone Gen R-8: LFO

Published on Jan 2, 2020 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the LFO present on the Dubreq Stylophone Gen R-8.

This video was funded by the Patreon supporters of Automatic Gainsay. Support the creation of this video and all of the Automatic Gainsay videos that have helped you by becoming an Automatic Gainsay supporter on Patreon!

The theme music was composed entirely through multitracking the Stylophone Gen R-8. The drums were constructed out of GarageBand loops."

AutomaticGainsay Dubreq Stylophone videos

CATCH VCF Self Oscillation

Published on Jan 2, 2020 ReBach

"Here a VCF-AB in self-oscillation and partly modulated by a VCO."

Br├╝el & Kjaer multiplexer from ESA makes test equipment music

Published on Jan 2, 2020 HAINBACH

"In which I show the musical application of the Br├╝el & Kjaer 2811 Multiplexer that was used by a European Space Agency lab before.

I have been using switches in my music for a long time - the Doepfer A-151 is one of my favorite Eurorack modular synthesizer modules. In test equipment, oscilloscope switches helped in automating note or rhythm sequences. When I discovered the 2811 on my visit to @LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER I was impressed by the musical possibilities. Luckily, eBay came through and I got a unit that was in use at the ESTEC space research centre in the Netherlands before.

The multiplexer enables eight step sequencing of audio signals, which is a game changer for test equipment music. Its fun and playable and would probably be even nice to have in VST form.

Support what I do and get tons of stuff in return:
Find my music on bandcamp, spotify, etc:"


Published on Jan 2, 2020 LESINDES

"Tweaking some FACTORY PRESETS of tiny sound monster MFB DOMINION CLUB. The synth is featuring 2 VCOs + 1 FM OSCILLATOR, a 24 dB multimode VCF and 2 LFOs."


Published on Jan 2, 2020 Luke Killen

"2020 pop!"


Added the synth memes label to these to make them easier to find later.

THE HEALING OF THE ASHES: Live outdoor dawless jam on #Volca Modular, Keys, #Strymon BlueSky

Published on Jan 1, 2020 Gary P Hayes

"Filmed in a safe fire ground which was part of the 500 000 hectare northern Blue Mtns fires in mid Dec 2019. The fire to the south is still threatening as this recording was made.
Continuous live outdoor dawless jam / improvisation
Composed Filmed & Performed © Gary P Hayes
in Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia
on Korg #VolcaModular #VolcaKeys #Kaosillator 2
Delay on Zoom #MS70 Reverb on Strymon #BlueSky
recorded on #ZoomH6 plus ambient sound no other processing"

Patch n Tweak

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