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"The delightfully titled FEF consists of pieces made on the Yamaha TX802 synth, driven by his self-designed MANIAC cellular automata sequencer. Glassy FM tones and microtonal tunings make for eerily melodic, playfully exploratory pieces.

NYZ is UK Midlands born, New South Wales based Dave Burraston, who also operates variously as Noyzelab, Dave Noyze and Bryen Telko. He's studied and worked with audio synthesis and computer science since the 1970s, culminating in a 2006 PhD thesis on Generative Music & Cellular Automata. Musical collaborators have included Oren Ambarchi, Russell Haswell and Aphex Twin (with whom he conducted the technically revealing 2014 'SYROBONKERS!' interview), and has had releases on labels such as Entr'acte, Fractal Meat Cuts and Important Records.

released May 1, 2020

Recorded Sept 2018 & Feb 2019 / Mixed January 2020 at Noyzelab.

Thunderstorm field recording on FM40P::cicFLUFFYCLOUDZ is an excerpt from Syracuse Storm, recorded July 2017 Syracuse, New York, USA in my guest bedroom at the house of Doug Quin & Peggy Droz.

Art by Graeme Swinton

Thanks : Paul Condon, Graeme Swinton, Sarah Last, Doug Quin, Peggy Droz


1970's Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Synth Brochure w/ Original Mailer Envelope

via this auction

Original Sequential Circuits branded envelope pictured below.

"This listing is for a Vintage late 1970's Brochure, Mailer or Pamphlet from Sequential Circuits. The mailer is post marked Aug, 10th 1979.

The mailer or pamphlet comes as pictured and also included an original price list. The mailed has been three holes punches to file in a three ring binder. This is a cool item for Synthesizer collectors."

Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 - first look

Published on May 4, 2020 SynthMania

Review of the Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 controller
00:00 Introduction
00:20 What's in the box
01:10 Characteristics and features
02:58 Note mode
04:21 Drum mode
05:56 Scales
07:33 Chord mode
09:20 Session mode song
15:58 Conclusion

May the FORCE be with you... the Akai Force that is! Hosted BboyTech and Trovarsi

Published on May 4, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"May the Force be with you... the Akai Force that is. Join us live May Force... May Fourth for this live stream focused around the Akai Force. We will have live performances by DSTL, Ken Flux Pierce, BBoyTech and Trovarsi. BBoyTech will also be giving some useful tips and tricks with the Force.

This stream will be live on 5/4/20 at 6PM PST.

The Akai Force is a standalone production workstation which is playable with its velocity sensitive pads and interesting note layouts, but also includes powerful sequencing features. The Force is great at sampling and sequencing external gear and it has built in synths and effects.

Akai Force available here:"

Dual Mini Sequencer v2 Quick Demo

Published on May 4, 2020 Division6Labs

"Quick demo of the new v2 firmware for the Dual Mini Sequencer.

There's actually quite a bit going on here:
- XP IN in RUN/RESET mode to synchronize sequencers with external pushbutton
- Top sequencer controlling pitch, gate and slew/slide
- Bottom sequencer controlling kick, snare (using various gate timings to modify rhythm) and filter accent
- Using LIVE TRANSPOSE mode to transpose pitch as well as loop back to start

You can learn more about the new v2 features here:"

SynthgodXXX Rik Marston Studio Update May 2020

Published on May 4, 2020 Rik Marston Official

A quick studio walkthrough from supporting member Rik Marston aka SynthgodXXX. No synth audio in this one.

Check out Rik’s sample packs: Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

Studio kit:
Roland System-1
Roland JD-XA
Roland JUNO-DS61
Roland MC-303 w/ Blue LEDs
Moog Mother-32
Korg 01W/fd
Korg Minilogue XD
Korg Wavestation SR
Korg NanoKEY 2
ART MultiVerb LT
Alesis Multimix4 USB FX
BOSS BR-600 Digital Recorder
TC Helicon Voicelive Touch 2
M-Audio Keystation 61 REV3
Mad Katz PS3 Keytar MIDI controller

Yellow Orange Elektron SidStation - Golden Child - Extremely Rare

via this auction

"This is it, one of the rarest Elektron SidStation ever. Comes with OS R33 installed. Works perfectly. Switching power supply included, only US connector. A plethora of pretty much unobtainable extras and memorabilia, see images. Original manual and original box. For the very serious collector only."

Anyone know if this came from the factory / Elektron this way? Thought it might just be a custom job, but if so it is well done. It could be a design... If you know feel free to leave a comment.

Kurzweil 250 RMX K250 Rackmount w/ Macintosh SE/30

via this auction

"Great example of a Kurzweil 250 RMX with full functioning Macintosh setup!

The unit comes fully loaded with All sound blocks and ROM patches including #0-455 & #600-652! This unit also comes with a fully functional Mactintosh setup including some very rare program systems including QLS, the Kurzweil Quick Load System and 'SD Convert' to interface with Digidesign's Sound Designer.

If you have any interest in exploring the soundscapes of a Kurzweil K250 this is the unit to have! This package includes a handy carrying case for the Mac and a very intuitive user manual for the Kurzweil K250 line."

YAMAHA AN1x Virtual Analog Modelling Synthesizer

via this auction

"Upgraded to the latest OS firmware 1.04"

Erica Synths PICO DRUM2 // Tiny Eurorack drum synthesiser a BIG sound

Published on May 4, 2020 DivKidVideo


Here we have the new PICO DRUM2 module from Erica Synths. Unlike the PICO DRUMS (which is sample based) the DRUM2 is a full on drum synthesiser. It has 8 algorithms that cross traditional drum & percussion sounds, melodic basslines and some really filfthy hits for drum sounds or riffs. It tracks 1v/oct, has assignable CV to algorithm parameters, decay or algorithm select meaning it’s easy with some careful sequencing to turn a single module into a whole beat and drum kit. With such a wide range to the module there’s lots of patches so feel free of course to skip around with the timing index and sections below. I’ve added lots of beats with no talking, each algorithm is explored, CV configuration is demonstrated and there’s also tuning the DRUM2 into a full drum kit vibe with some careful sequencing.

NOTE - “beat break” patches are no talking patches with the intention of showing the wide range of sounds these can produce across a range of different styles. There’s additional sounds and processing on some of them but they all label what the two DRUM2 modules are doing on screen.


00:00 Hello & patch previews

01:02 Feature run down

02:27 Beat break - drum & bass

02:38 Algorithm - Pulse drum

03:24 Melodic synth voice + noise textures

03:42 Algorithm - Fold drum 1

04:34 Beat break - modulated riffs

04:45 Algorithm - Complex pulse drum

05:35 Beat break - Modbap / wonky hip hop

05:47 CV assign (parameter 2, decay or algorithm select)

07:18 Beat break - Kicks + filthy bass

07:30 Algorithm - Complex sine drum

08:22 Beat break - stereo pairing

08:39 Algorithm - Space snare drum

09:29 Drums as modulation sources

09:47 Turning DRUM2 into a whole drum kit

10:24 Beat break - Hybrid kick / bass

10:39 Algorithm - Noise drum

11:35 Beat break - Chirps & riffs

11:49 Algorithm - Fold drum 2

12:43 Beat break - Percussive FX

12:59 Algorithm - Slap

13:39 Beat break - Bass & noise

13:50 Double sequenced drum kits!"

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with HENNING NEIDHARDT

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Henning Neidhardt is a German pianist, keyboardist, and composer. Owing to his jazz piano studies in the Netherlands, as well as at the Folkwang University Of The Arts in Essen, he is mostly active in and around Cologne, the Ruhr area, and Amsterdam. In addition to live performance, he is also composing soundtracks for short films, as well as producing his own ambient music. Henning was awarded the “Steinway & Sons Advancement Awards Jazz” in 2018.

We chatted with Henning on how he’s been using Sequential instruments in his music."

You can find previous posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Sequential Pro 3 & Strymon Volante

Published on May 4, 2020 3rdStoreyChemist

Sequential Pro 3 Pattern Paradise

Published on May 4, 2020 synthandsoftware

"In this video example, Gerry Bassermann using the sequencer onboard the Sequential Pro 3 synth. It has 16 steps, making it perfect for manipulating common time (4/4 meter) presented in 16th notes. You can also set it to loop at any period."

The Mandalorian Theme (Electro Remix) [Novation Circuit]

Published on May 4, 2020 Gabe Miller Music

"An electro / synthwave remix of the Mandalorian theme on the Novation Circuit. Happy Star Wars Day!"

Exploring The Moon Modular 530 VC Stereo Digital Delay

Published on May 4, 2020 John L Rice

"This is another long video so please expand this description to see the index so you can jump around if desired.

If you found this or any of my other videos helpful or entertaining, please consider tossing me a tip? ;-) Thank You!

0:00 - Beginning
0:18 - Front Panel Features Listed
3:05 - Digital Mode General Explorations (melodic)
7:36 - Digital Mode General Explorations (drum)
9:38 - Tape Mode General Explorations (drum)
10:45 - External Clock Sync Explorations (drum)
12:51 - Hinting At Famous Songs ;-)
13:42 - Delay Time Modulation (LFO)
15:35 - Wet/Dry Mix Modulation (LFO)
16:26 - Simple Arpeggiation In PingPong (with noise floor check)
17:59 - Another Simple Arp/Sequence In PingPong
19:34 - 4 Voice Poly Modular In PingPong (with overload check)
21:25 - Flange/Chorus Effects (LFO Modulated)
25:31 - Tape Mode General Explorations (melodic)
26:56 - Flange/Chorus Effects (Hand Modulated)
28:38 - Reverse Mode Exploration
32:20 - Cookie The Cautious Of Cables Cat ;-)
32:45 - Hold With Add Looping Test
35:42 - Karplus-Strong Test
37:03 - Drone With Several Parameters Modulated

Gear Used In This Video:
Moon Modular - sequencers, quantizer, filters, and the 530 delay of course
Synth Tech - MOTM VCOs, VCF, EGs, VCA, Noise, LFOs, MIDI to CV
Modcan - B series VCO, VCF, VCA, clock
Club Of The Knobs - clock/divider
STG Soundlabs - EGs
Krisp1 - LFO
Oakley Sound - VCF
Noise Engineering - VCO
Marienberg - VCO
Dove Audio - VCO
Grove Audio - VCAs
Roland - keyboards
Strymon - BigSky reverb pedal
Lexicon - MX400 reverb
Canon C100 MkII cameras and CN-E lenses
Tascam SD-20M Audio Recorder
Sony Vegas Pro 13 NLE software
Windows 8.1 PC"


GleetchDrone from Giorgio Sancristoforo on Vimeo.

"GleetchDrone released!

A new stand-alone music software for drones, ambient and experiments for Apple Mac.

Download the demo here"

"GleetchDrone is a MacOS software for drone, ambient and experimental music.

It features 8 oscillators, 8VCAs and 8 AR Envelopes, a Double Stochastic Clock Generator, Double LFO, Double Random Generators, Mixer, Two LP Filters, Tape Echo and Saturation/Distortion."

Roland Juno 106 Analogue Poly Synth SN 475386

via this auction

"Last serviced August 2019, (Voice chips cleaned, calibrated etc)

An excellent example of a Roland Juno 106, I would say 8/10 Cosmetically its super clean for a 30 something year old synth.

all sliders , knobs and dials work perfectly, nothing scratchy or jumpy."

AKAI S5000 V2 Sampler SN C0015-00131 w/ CD Collection

via this auction

"Classic AKAI S5000 Version 2.14"

Oberheim OB-8 (USA/1983)

via this auction

Prophet-10 on the left.

"Does it get any better than this? An immaculate example of an Oberheim OB-8, looking like its just emerged (blinking in the Los Angeles sunshine...) from the small factory in 1983 << 37 years ago. No mods. No hatchet repairs etc. No MIDI (infortunately). With original manual. Arrived from New Jersey three months ago on our regular KKGB/US container, double-checked/serviced/calibrated by our TOP OB specialist...back with us in the E.Midlands this week. There are some wicked sounds on board, so the factory progs were not re-loaded."

Quasimidi Rave-O Lution 309 Black

via this auction

Studiologic Sledge 2.0 Black

via this auction

Note the auction lists this as analog. It's not. It's a fully digital wavetable synth based on the engine of the Waldorf Blofeld. The interface does open it up.

Novation Supernova II 48-voices, 61 keys & Custom Colored Knobs

via this auction

"It is a fully-expanded Supernova II, with 48 voices."

[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 10: Digital Former & Routing

Published on May 4, 2020 Synthesizer Video Service

"Important: The 'analog' filters can be set to a pure digital mode in order to get stereo lowpass filters. I got this information after recording this video but I think it's important to share it with you.

Part ten of this tutorial: We have a look on the digital former which provides multiple filter types, distortion and a bit crusher. Plus, we talk about different routing modes."

All parts here

Shakmat Time Apprentice — Demo

Published on May 4, 2020 Shakmat

"The Time Apprentice is a compact dual configurable clock divider. The dividers have their own set of divisions, perfect for applications such as clocking and resetting sequencers, syncing pingable modulation sources or triggering events. A set of jumpers at the back of the module allows for personalisation of the divider’s behaviour."

Fusion VCF3, Fusion Modulator -Erica Synths small tutorial to modulation

Published on May 4, 2020 Dziam Bass

Today small demo and tutorial on how to use the new Fusion VCF3 and Fusion Modulator from Erica Synths,
in the movie I recorded a filter sweep at the beginning, then I added a recording of the modulation movement.
you can record modulations in the VCF3 filter, press and hold the record button, so you can record your modulation movements for the filter or anything else.
for clarity, it's best to look at the Fusion VCF3 instructions.
The modulator has two separate and independent Envelope generators with unique Looping as in EMS Synthi called trapeziod envelope.
I showed how to get alternately one long envelope and the second which falls between the first.
this is a small example but the possibilities are great .. you can check out another drone video on this channel when I use very short loop times to get unique things in drone.
I described what I do inscriptions, maybe it will help you understand these simple functions.
soon more of these modules in more complicated things .. but check it out for now.
for this I also used Fusion VCO2 which also adds sub and detune which has a built-in two bbd delay which creates wave offset in vco creating this crazy sound.
Thanks for watching."

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