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Wednesday, June 17, 2020





zack dagoba

"The Yamaha CS30 of joy"

Roland Jupiter-Xm Warm Juno Pads ZENcore Synthesizer Rik Marston

Rik Marston Official

Radio sputnik Standalone

paul tas

"Demonstration about an experimental synthesiser in a small format this recording is just with the phone and you cannot hear the base for more information about this product to go to the website"

Cwejman MBC-3 modulation demo


"Before/after drum loop patched through Cwejman MBC-3 compressor. The crossover, gate thresholds, etc are modulated for additional textures, and then a delay is patched into the compressor's path because that always seems like a fun idea, too."

Sequential Prophet X Sound Demo

Pure Ambient Drone

"The Sequential Prophet X is a potent fusion of samples-plus-synthesis and is Sequential’s most ground-breaking evolution of the Prophet yet. The Prophet X gives you the power of a classic Prophet, with two high-resolution digital oscillators that feature both classic waveshapes and a supersaw for more timbral possibilities."

SL MkIII - Version 1.4 // Novation Live


"In tonight’s stream -CALC- takes you on a deep dive through the exciting new features included with the SL MkIII version 1.4 update. We’ll be checking in on 8 arpeggiators, Probability, Sequencer Transpose and a whole load more! This is a big update so if you want to learn about these additional powerful capabilities (or want to ask any questions), this is just the place.

--- Discover the full SL MkIII v1.4 update:

--- Learn more about SL MkIII:"

Extralife Instruments Super Sixteen Eurorack Sequencer Module Kickstarter Launches Today

A Kickstarter campaign for the Super Sixteen Eurorack Sequencer launched today, Wednesday, June 17. Click here for full details.

"The Super Sixteen is a 64-step control voltage sequencer with dual CV, gate, and clock outputs, and a unique 2-handed programming interface.

Some of the features that set the Super Sixteen apart from other great eurorack modules rest include:
- compact 22hp footprint
- patch memory for 99 sequences
- up to 64 step sequence length
- selectable scales and swing timing
- motion recording
- per-step glide/portamento
- real-time rhythm and pitch effects like beat repeat and stutter roll

Super Sixteen is priced at $325+shipping, and the first 25 backers will receive a 15% discount. It's also available as PCB and panel set for DIY enthusiasts for just $40. The source code and hardware files are available here." You can find the Kickstarter campaign here.

Aries ft. G. Lacroix - Molecular (la molecule de la vie)


New track from new supporting member Aires. You can find him at

Music by Livio Conduttore
Words by George Lacroix
all rights reserved

mopho x4 + walrus audio d1


"please support the channel:

using the mopho x4 to explore every nook and cranny of the walrus audio d1 delay pedal (straight out of the box).

the walrus audio d1 is a digital delay pedal with stereo in/out, midi in/out, preset storage and five unique algorithms. it is the first in walrus audio's "mako" series of high-end pedals. the algorithms cover the essential delay styles and respond uniquely to the age and tone settings.

all the features i want on a delay pedal are here. the tone and character of the algorithms are as good as any i've heard (both analog and digital). the pedal is easy to use, well labeled and well built. definitely a new favorite. highly recommended for those seeking tone above all else.

skip to algorithm:
4:29 digital
9:17 modulation
11:39 vintage
15:20 dual
19:43 reverse
23:05 dual (with different synth patches)

disclaimer: pedal was purchased out of pocket for music production purposes"

Ritm-2 midi Soviet Analog Synthesizer / Ритм-2 синтезатор HQ SOUND

Kee Reel

You can find a Solaris (Estradin 314) demo by Kee Reel here. See the Soviet label below for additional posts featuring Soviet synths.

Multitracking Synthesizers for Fun and Profit - Featuring the Sequential Pro 3

Red Means Recording

"Have one synth and want to make a full song with it? Here's one way to do it. Get my new EP, Slow Down, made pretty much only with the Sequential Pro 3:
Watch the Slow Down video
Watch the On the Way to Heaven video
Watch my Pro 3 walkthrough"

PM Foundations Voltage Controlled Clock

Randy Piscione

"This is a quick demo of a Eurorack-format Voltage-Controlled Clock from PM Foundations. You can find the Quantizer, VC Clock and reSEMble here:"

"This is a voltage controlled clock module to drive your synth sequencers and switches. All CMOS based, no microprocessor so it is easy to build and test.

There is a CV input so that the clock speed can be varied using a control voltage instead of, or as well as, the manual speed control.

If you are currently using a VCO or LFO as a clock generator, you can use this module to free that up.


„diaries 02“ | minimal modular music | minial eurorack modular synthesizer


"diaries will be a small series of 5 - 7 musical sketches with my minimal modular system. here part 2. enjoy listening."

all sounds are made with this system. the sequences come from alms pamelas new workout. pamelas triggers live the string sounds from expert sleepers disting ex, these go to the 2hp reverb. make noise morphagene plays previously recorded sounds from the disting ex. the bass sound comes from the tokyo tape music center oscillator. the string sounds of the distinguished go in parallel in the verbos amp & tone and then in the tapographic delay.

recorded live with tascam dr 100. for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers. #modular #ambient music"

DSI Prophet 6 & TC Electronic Arena


MAKEN0ISE Modular Ringtones


"Ringtones are pretty ubiquitous and have been for a long time - and you can make them with your 0-Coast or modular synth!

Some ringtones for you to download:"

Ex-Inferno Metal Distortion Demo Through Volca Kick

Dj Puzzle

"I got this little distortion pedal from Amazon for $20 new (had a discount coupon code from Jump Send) and ran my Korg Volca Kick through it. All I can say is it sounds good and man it was cheap! I like that it's small in size too. The full price is $41.88 and you can get it here. Also used a 1010Music Blackbox for the drum beat and that you can get here.



Eplex7 DSP releases Glassy hitech darkpsy psycore FX 1 plug-in instrument for Win / Mac

Eplex7 DSP

"Eplex7 DSP has released Glassy hitech darkpsy psycore FX 1, a VSTi & AU Plug-in instrument with 20 multi octave banks for Windows and macOS. It works in the Free Eplex7 Player plug-in or can be used also as expanding library in other Eplex7 DSP's plug-in instruments.

This multi-octave banks instrument includes special glassy organic sounding FX sounds, glassy effects, pseudopads and atmospheric alien soundscapes, designed mainly for Hitech, Darkpsy, Forest psytrance, Psycore, Progressive psytrance, Darkprog and many other genres.

Glassy hitech darkpsy psycore FX 1 is modern and easy to use plug-in instrument with multi-octaved / multi-sampled sounds, instruments, waveforms and synths.

The sound quality is retained on professional level in wide range of tones / octaves from C3 to C7 or more.
All sounds can be modified by internal parameters like LFO rate/depth (Triangle, Sinus, Saw, Square, Exponent) with Pitch, Expression and Pan modulation. Low pass / High pass filter with cutoff, Reverb/Space, Amplitude envelope, Pan. You can play in various modes: polyphonic, Monophonic or Legato with Glide function. You can use external VST plug-in effects from Eplex7 or other manufacturer to significantly modify all included instruments and create brand new sounds fast and easy.


- Plug-in instrument for MAC & Windows / VSTi 2.0 & 3.0 / Audio Unit (AU) / Mac VST (VST3) in x32 / x64bit systems
- Low pass / High Pass filter with cutoff
- High quality sound engine, disk streaming technology (saving RAM memory and very low CPU consumption)
- LFO with rate/depth (Triangle, Sinus, Saw, Square, Exponent) with Pitch, Expression and Pan modulation
- Fast preset / sounds browser with menu / arrows
- Reverb/Space
- Glide function (Legato mode), Mono mode and Polyphonic mode 
- Pan knob
- Amplitude envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
- Velocity mode selector


- Compatibility: this product / multi-octave bank works as VST / AU instrument and can be loaded in Free Eplex7 player plug-in or as expansion in next Eplex7 instruments.
- Requirements: MAC & Windows / VSTi 2.0 & 3.0 / AU / Mac VST, x32/x64bit
- File formats: *.MSE
- Size: 96,4 MB

List of multi-octave instruments:

– Algorithm
– Basic
– Biomekanikal
– Fast Calculation
– FMizer
– Glass gnomes
– Metal tek blip
– Micrometal
– Organic
– Psignomorphis
– Psycore dream
– Quantum computer
– Restart
– Scuba
– Short hit
– Skener
– Spaceship inside
– Submarine
– Syspheral
– Terramorf

Product page:

Download link for Free Eplex7 player VST & AU:

Price: 10,90 €. There is an introductory price of: 7,90 € (or 6 credits)."

Oberheim Matrix-1000 Analog Synthesizer (1987) RetroSound Soundscapes soundbank


"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

Oberheim Matrix-1000 Analog Synthesizer from the year 1987

The small Oberheim with the big sound!
Very underrated analog synthesizer module from Oberheim with six voices, two DCOs per voice, 24 dB low pass filter and complex matrix modulation like the big brothers Matrix-12 and Xpander.

The demo shows some sounds fom the RetroSound soundbank for the Oberheim Matrix-1000, Matrix-6 and Matrix-6R. I used often the Modulation Matrix for complex sounds and the most sounds you can modulate with the wheel in realtime.

Oberheim Matrix RetroSound-Set for Matrix-1000/ 6/ 6R
00 - 39 Pad & String Sounds
40 - 43 Choir & Vocal Sounds
44 - 50 Brass Sounds
51 - 56 Bass Sounds
57 - 71 Lead Sounds
72 - 75 Organ Sounds
76 - 83 Acoustic Sounds
84 - 93 Effect Sounds
94 - 99 Sequencer Sounds

You can load the midi file in your sequencer software, play the file and the synth received the sound data and overwrite the the first sound bank (0-99) with the new sounds.

I will send the soundfile (midi-file SMF) to your mail adress. payment only over paypal.

I play in the demo only single sounds (no multitracking or sound stacking) and I used here a bit Reverb and Delay. Some bass patches are triggered by The OB-Xk arpeggiator.

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my music albums. Thank you!"

Digi OS Upgrades: Trig Preview


"Stay a step ahead of the pattern with Trig Preview on the Digitakt and the Digitones. You can now preview individual trigs whenever you want, without having to wait for the track to catch up. Find out more:"

Modal Argon8 - "Spectrum" 100 Presets Bundle


" presents a bundle of 100 presets for Modal Electronics Argon8.


The bundle features massive basses, punch leads, soft plucks, flowing pads, and warm keys.

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

Modal Electronics: One of our developers made this stunning piece all on an ARGON8M!

Modal Electronics

"One of our brilliant developers here in Bristol took on the challenge to make a short ​#AllArgon8 piece. What he came back with is nothing short of stunning.

Only a slight lick of external processing (nothing too drastic) to polish it was used."

Cwejman S1 MK2 Semi-Modular Monophonic Analog Synthesizers

Two listings, two drastically different asking prices.

Top via this auction, bottom (SN 19-096) via this auction

Top: "Used this one all over The Rhythm Section which was released earlier this year. The film isn't very good but the sound design is top notch ;)"

Oberheim OB-XA (120 PROGRAMS) With top MIDI

via this auction

"THE LEGEND. the 120-memory version everyone is looking for

WITH MIDI IN - OUT - THRU INSTALLED with a special wooden panel for midi, such as that of the OB-8

This Oberheim Ob-Xa has just come out of a total revision, all the original sounds have been loaded and all the voices have been recalibrated, all in tune ..... now it roars as in 1981!

the midi works perfectly, and all the parameter controls are perfect.

Perfect aesthetics, it only has one flaw unfortunately: 16 small holes were made on the back panel near the "OBXA" writing as you can see in the photo. They were made for a CV-Gate project that was never done.

The synth is museum-like, it has no major signs of wear or scratch as you can see in the photo.

2 balanced XLR outputs on the rear panel have been added."

Roland JX-3P + PG-200 Controller

via this auction

"The plastic sides have been replaced by thick sanded and oiled oak sides, which give the whole an appreciable classic look

The original plastic sides are also delivered"

Rare Vintage Roland DG Compu Synth CMU 810 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Alpha JUNO-2 Analog Synthesizer Keyboard SN 651925

via this auction

w/ Japanese Owners Manual, "Just 90's Roland Keyboards", and α Juno Series brochures.

Synthesizer von Gestern (Synths of the Past) Vol 2, Matthias Becker.

via this auction

"Beautifully-produced second volume of Matthias Becker's authoritative 'Synthesizers of the Past' book - in German, but with so many superb illustrations that it's hardly necessary to read the text. New, unused, still sealed. The photos were taken of another copy of the book.

Too many highlights to mention all, but the book covers such absolute classic synths as the Trautonium, ARP 2500, EMS Synthi 100, E-mu Modular, Steiner-Parker Synthacon, RMI Harmonic Synthesizer, Birotron, PPG 1002, Moog Taurus and Liberation, Roland System 700, Synlab Modular, Roland SH-7, Crumar DS-2, Korg Sigma, ARP Quadra, Roland RS-505 and VP-330, Fairlight CMI, Realton Variophon, Oberhaim OB-Xa, Xpander and OB-SX, Gleeman Pentaphonic, RSF Kobol, Emulator 1, Synergy, Roland SH-101, TB-303, TR-606, MC-202, Jupiter 6, Syntec Banana, SCI Prophet T8, OSCar......... an incredible roster which would (in the beautiful condition they are in the photos) probably now be worth over half a million US dollars.

All with superb photos by Dieter Stork. Hardback, beautifully printed on very high quality paper, bound to the highest standards. A coffee-table book which is also a superb source of information. The Rolls-Royce (OK, Mercedes) of synth literature. (I should know - I produced the Ford Fiestas of the genre.) ISBN 3927954012, printed in 1995."

Moog MG-1 Synthesizer Realistic Concertmate Synth Owner's Manual

via this auction

Moog Model D Synthesizer in Custom Case w/ Handles

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Moog model D in good working condition. Recently cleaned and repaired by Speed of Sound (see photo of receipts). Comes with carrying case. Boards with handles for easy lifting are attached to frame. There is a small crack in the wood frame."

Mice damage?

5 Custom Synth Patches for Sonicware ELZ_1 Digital Synthesizer: Soundset #3 by Ascetic Wires

Ascetic Wires

"Ascetic Wires #13 YouTube Video

5 Custom Synth Patches for Sonicware ELZ_1 Digital Synthesizer: Soundset #3 (more will come... soon!) with the following synthesizer engines:


Recorded with Zoom Q2n

Thanks for watching"

BLEASS Shimmer - New Reverb for iOS!

Electronisounds Audio

"I check out the new Shimmer reverb from BLEASS in several different sonic situations!
It sounds pretty good and was inspiring to work with!
This video should help you get a good idea of what it sounds like.

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!"


sEGments - Slicer/Sampler app by Elliott Garage


"sEGments slicer/sampler app is available for pre-order with an introductory price

With sEGments slicer/sampler app you can Import any loop/sample/audio file and find the best samples inside it, using the automatic transient detection or manually adding markers.
You can play the slices with any MIDI external controller or with the builtin pads and keyboard layout; also each slice can be played chromatically as in a real synth with mono or polyphonic voices (up to 12).
Each slice has independent parameters (all automatable in any AU host), such as reverse, level, attack, release, start point and length and individual fxs (reverb, delay, bitcrusher and filter) that can be changed on the fly thanks to its flexible audio engine.

sEGments automatically detect BPM and root key of your audio file and it can adjust its tempo and pitch according to your project settings.

It can be used both in standalone or hosted as AudioUnit AU3 inside apps like GarageBand, AUM, BeatMaker3, NanoStudio2, n-Track9 and others, and it supports AU Multi-output.

- Stand-alone, AudioUnit, AudioUnit Multi-output & AudioUnit FX
- Universal app for both your iPad & iPhone
- MIDI in /MIDI out
- AU3 multi-output
- AU3 Fx to record samples from other apps
- import your sample in multiple formats (wav, aiff, mp3, mov, caf, m4a)
- Samples Drag & drop from File App or via airdrop from your Mac or other iOS devices
- Up to 16 slices each one with individual parameters, ADSR and effects (delay, reverb, bit crusher and filter)
- 6 triggering modes - one shot, gate, loop, ping pong, link, thru
- BPM & Key detection
- Record from device mic, usb audio devices or other apps
- Transient detection
- Transient beat division
- Import/export presets
- Open slices directly in EG Pulse
- Support Apple loops transients recognition
- Lazy chopping
- Realtime time stretching and pitch shifting
- Mono & polyphonic up to 12 voices
- Downloadable sample pack by Soundtrack Loops

Please remember that is just the first version of the app, so if you have any feeback, request or suggestion please write at"

Introducing the Parris Bowens Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2


"We're excited to release this exclusive new patch collection for Nord Wave 2 created by the amazing keyboardist/producer Parris Bowens!

The Parris Bowens Signature Sound Bank incorporates influences of genres such as Philly Soul, Gospel, Hip-Hop and RnB and includes vintage leads, key basses, hybrid sounds and much more. All for free download at!

Parris Bowens is based in Philadelphia and has worked with some of the top names in Gospel, Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop such as Tye Tribbett & GA, Israel & New Breed, Timbaland, the Roots, Musiq Soulchild, Brandy & Janet Jackson to name a few. #parrisbowens #nordwave2 #soundbank #iseenord

Download the sound bank here:"

Synth pad: Waldorf Streichfett + Roland Alpha Juno layer

Marcus Padrini

00:00 Waldorf Streichfett
00:41 Waldorf Streichfett + Roland Alpha Juno

Roland ZEN-Core "LazerQ - "The Ninja way" - Gattobus Demo


"This song was created using the new ZEN-Core Tones from 'LazerQ' Sound Pack.
The Sound Pack can be loaded on all Roland ZEN-Core compatible instruments including ZENOLOGY.
Get it now on Roland Cloud Manager App!!!
The song 'The Ninja way' was programmed and performed in real time using Fantom pattern sequencer. No external FX were added."

Custom Novation PEAK patches (no talking)

Floyd Steinberg

"Here are some patches I created on the PEAK for various tracks and YouTube videos over the year. You can download them on for free. Table of contents:

00:00 "Sine Piano"
00:36 "Big Bad Pad"
02:10 "Jump"
02:43 "String Theory"
03:26 "Arpu"
04:18 "Unit Patch"
05:09 "Harpya"
05:52 "Strings"
06:21 "Bass Drum"
06:33 "Snare Hihat"
06:43 "Fat Bass"
07:12 "Arp 2"
08:02 "Trombone"
08:34 "Knit Patch"
08:55 "Osc Sync"
09:30 "Pulse Synch"
10:00 "FS EP!"
11:29 "AfterTouch"
12:06 "Slightly Cautious"
13:04 "Resonance"
13:48 "Same with Sine"
14:05 "Slow Approach"
14:40 "Whapp!"
14:52 "Scratchy Bass"
15:33 "Voices"
15:48 "RainDancer"
16:40 "Saw Piano"
17:24 "Voices"
17:47 "SquarePad"
18:27 "The Storm"
19:02 "Whitney"
19:39 "Cyber Strings"

Get 7% off on DistroKid with this link"

Patch n Tweak
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