MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Noise I Make - Featuring: Nord Lead 3, Boss DD-500, Strymon Flint

Daniel Davis

"A set of performance patches created and demonstrated on the Nord Lead 3."

Roland JD800 SL-JD80-03 Rock Drums Sound Card preset patches


Also see: Roland JD800 SL-JD80-02 Dance Drums Sound Card preset patches
And additional kerederoom78 JD800 demos here.

11 Modular Bass 3 00:00
12 Full Organ 2 01:03
13 New Age Clav 02:30
14 Synth Hornz 03:51
15 Mega Stack 1 05:34

Vintage Casio VZ-10M Rack Mount Synthesizer & 4 ROM Cards - SN 001020

via this auction

Roland Jupiter-6 Synthesizer SN 343291

via this auction

Philip Rees Little MCV Midi to CV converter V/oct or V/Hz

via this auction

"This Little MCV is super handy and in excellent shape. It works great with V/oct or V/Hz synths. Also has 3 different trig settings. Depending on the synth you're using, you might have to tune or trim the MCV with the little pots on the side. Easy to use and best of all, it has a normal plug on it! No wall wart!"

Tape delay emulate concept

ivan krasnov

ivan krasnov is the man behind Bizarre Jezabel

Aquifex - MatrixBrute Live Dark Sketch 081620

"Quick dark live jam sketch on the Arturia MatrixBrute.
Part of my 'one synth/all parts series', this one was mostly finished but abandoned to work on other bits. You might need a shower afterward. :-)"

Note the MatrixBrute screen below. :)

J WIRE Experiments featuring the Marlin Synthetone (JEN) SX2000

Really Nice Audio

"I had the opportunity to experiment with some J-wire alternatives on this old Marlin synth.
We have already swapped some original J-wires with guitar strings over 6 months ago. They all seem to be holding up well. Some of them were tinned as well.
In this video we look at installing cheap 'gold' plated jewellery wire as an alternative.
I will keep this video posted in the future to see which have held up the best."

Korg Mono/Poly

via this auction

"This one is in great cosmetic condition and plays very well, oscillators take a minute to warm up and then the tuning is completely stable.Unfortunately the main output doesn't work, but the identical headphone output next to it works fine"

Roland MKS-7 Super Quartet Synth/Drums (Juno106 tr-707) SN 501907

via this auction

The Noiseblast Hour, Episode 5: Coffin Nachtmahr, Arthur Hnatek, and Olan!

Noise Engineering

"It's the Noiseblast Hour, brought to you by Noise Engineering, hosted by Pyraphonic (aka Shawn Jimmerson)! This is the fifth installment in a series of indeterminate length and sporadic release (h/t Roman Mars). Watch here for future episodes! On this episode, we welcome Olan!, Arthur Hnatek, and Coffin Nachtmahr."

Olan!’s bandcamp:
Arthur Hnatek’s bandcamp:
Coffin Nachtmahr’s Instagram:
Host Shawn Jimmerson's Instagram:

UDO Super 6 custom patches


"Once I got my Supersexy Six last week (16th august 2020), I immediately programmed some patches from scratch or from the factory ones. The Super 6 is a very great sounding hybrid synthesizer with FPGA Oscillators and a SSI analog low pass filter. I didnt use any additional mastering or effects but the onboard ones. The Super 6 reminds me sound wise very much on the Modal 002."

Synesthesia - Eurorack, Sensel Morph, VCV Rack, O Coast, Keystep Pro

Omri Cohen

"The WAV file for this performance is available on my Patreon page -
And also a walkthrough video of the patch, where I'm going voice by voice, showing what's going on and how I perform it, with the VCV Rack patch available to download -"

Aquifex - Roland SH-01a Live Jam - 082220

"Quick little live looper jam - part of my one synth/all sounds series. All synth/perc sounds generated with only the SH-01a, FX added hesr and there by the Zoom MS-70CDR. Amazing FX box for guitar or synth around $100. :-)"

Easel Sounds


"i got recently asked by someone if could make some typical Easel sounds - here we are - in the last chapter i added some beats and vocals

00:00:00 Easel Sequence 1
00:05:48 Easel Arp
00:08:56 Easel Bassline (with Beats and Vocals)"

Elektron Analog RYTM & Sequential Pro 3


Contradiction | Mike Pensini (ft Novation Summit, Korg Wavestate, Moog Sub 37)

Mike Pensini

"Last week we got all all cinematic with the Novation Summit. This week, we get funky. Joining the amazing Summit is the very sonically tasty Korg Wavestate, the always fat Moog Sub 37 holding down the bottom end and rhythmic delights courtesy of Native Instrument Maschine Mikro Mk3."

midiphy LoopA Features (Hardware MIDI Looper and Sequencer)


"Essential features of the midiphy LoopA hardware MIDI looper and sequencer: this video also shows how you could integrate your LoopA in your creative workflow and music productions.

Also: the midiphy LoopA firmware v2.07 has been released! :)

01. Polyphonic Step Recording 00:04
02. Step Recording Tricks 00:35
03. 1024 Step Polyphonic Sequences 01:45
04. Cutting a Clip 02:31
05. CC Recording on top of prerecorded Notes 03:30
06. CC Recording while recording Notes 04:00
07. CC Transformations with Algorithms 04:26
08. Manually Drawing CC Waveforms 06:04
09. CC Waveform Generators 06:57
10. Full Scene and Selective Track Progression 07:55
11. MIDI Live Effects 8:37
12. Footswitch Actions 10:09
13. Polymetric and Polyrhythmic Sequences 12:15
14. Tempo and Time Signatures 13:15
15. User Instruments and Track Setup 14:28
16. MIDI Router and MIDI Monitor 16:14
Appendix: Ask a Trusted Builder to build your LoopA, if you can not build it on your own 17:26

Hope you enjoy! :)
Best regards,

Eurorack Modulation with AJH Synth Dual LFO + VCA


"First part of an introduction to the modulation section of my AJH Synth Eurorack modular synth, beginning with the Dual LFO + VCA. Following videos will concentrate on the CV Mix/Offset and Sample & Hold modules."

Electronisounds Audio [LIVESTREAM] Eurorack Patch Lab!

Electronisounds Audio


Dutch Modular Fest streaming Test

Threetom Modular

"Okay, this was a bit of a mess. The video feed freezes regularly. The audio is still good though, some interesting sounds in there :). Even though this is far from polished, I'm leaving it up for posterity's sake. Hopefully I can look back to this video in a while and have a laugh and be happy for improvements made :)."

Alesis Andromeda A6 16 Voice Analogue synth + SRAM Card

via this auction

BOSS Dr-55 Dr. Rhythm w/ Moog Style Knobs

via this auction

"This unit does not work properly.
It can not record the sequence.
Needs repair.
You can hear the BD(BassDrum), SN(SnareDrum) and RS(RimShot) sounds in the WRITE mode."

KORG KR-55B Vintage Analog Rhythm Box Drum Machine SN 390308

via this auction

KORG KR-33 Vintage Analog Rhythm Box Drum Machine SN 268686

via this auction

Korg Micro Preset Vintage 70s Analog Mono Synth M-500 SN 790330

via this auction

"These are great-sounding and very expressive little instruments, especially melodic in the higher registers and bass, not massively versatile but permanently underrated and great to have at hand. Also beautiful through effects, delays, reverbs, overdrives especially, easy to get lost noodling on this one, melodies seem to flow out of it!

Some of the parameters will only work on certain presets, as per the design & not a fault with this unit. The dark grey buttons are the synth-ier ones, the rest are various presets. Some fantastic vowel-ey sounds from the filter.

Everything working smoothly and crackle free. You'll soon learn a few tricks and how to use the sliders and knobs in real time to affect the filter, vibrato and pitch.

The tip of the Portamento knob has snapped off. I weighed up the time/ effort/ benefit cost and left it as it is.. You can still operate it with a screwdriver, but you might as well set it permanently on and control any Portamento from the dedicated knob instead."

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synthesizer SN FIZMO-11672

via this auction

UDO Super 6 - Sound from Scratch - all Waveforms


"Quick go through the Oscillator Section (DSS) from the UDO Super 6 with step by step Sound Design of a simple Pad."

Korg Volca Modular clock modulated by Pamela's New Workout

On High Mountains

"The output of the Volca goes into a low pass filter to cut unpleasant high frequencies (above 15k or so) caused by the volca reverb. From the filter the signal goes through a Happy Nerding FX Aid reverb then into the er301 where I have a live looper intermittently recording and looping a few seconds of sound. That same buffer is used in a second looper to play short intermittent bursts of the sample. The source of all sounds, except reverb is the Volca Modular. Pamela's New Workout to the sync input to modulate the Volca clock."


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