MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

High and mighty- The ARP 2500 w/Don Slepian @ RetroLinear


"Resurrected from the dead, the mighty ARP2500. A rather lengthy restoration project requiring nearly countless hours of reworking, development of new circuits, reverse engineering failed potted modules to restore operation and improve performance.

Don Slepian paid us a visit and kindly recorded around 20 minutes of musical snippets on the ARP2500 which has been arranged as a single track for your enjoyment!

Many thanks to Don for his musical expertise in steering the ARP2500 and Edwin Kiddo for his 2500!"

SoundsDivine 'Rhythm & Sound' - Omnisphere 2 Soundset


"This is a demo of the presets from the 'Rhythm & Sound' soundset for Omnisphere 2.
For more information, please follow the link below:"

GRP R24 Sequencer SN 127

via this auction

True Trance Sounds V1 for Korg Prologue (50 Custom Sounds)

Igor Leus

"True Trance Sounds V1 - for Kor Prologue 16/8 Analog synthesizers sound bank.
Buy Link -"

Circuit Bent Speak & Read First Play

Dj Puzzle Dj Puzzle

"I bought this circuit bent speak & read from Derrick Carter’s store feature and couldn’t be happier lol. The back of the battery cover says bent by FastMatt 2006. Sorry about the bad crop job this is just a quick first impression. I’ll capture a more detailed video soon. #circuitbent"

Yamaha DX7 w/ Blue Yamaha DX Labeled Road Case SN 31249

via this auction

Pittsburgh Modular's Black Corporation Kijimi SN 1604

via this auction

Or is it SN 1603? See the pics below.

Note the seller for this one is Pittsburgh Modular so likely safe. :)

"Black Corporation Kijimi was purchased new by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers for use in our studio. We used this unit on our studio for a few months before it was packed up.

** There is a scratch on the top of the case. It is highlighted in one of the photos.

** "Kijimi" is written on the power adapter in silver sharpie so I would not confuse it with other power adapters. This is visible in one of the photos.

The sale includes everything that we received with the unit. Original box, power adapter, and documentation. The synthesizer will be double boxed and shipped from Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers.

Keith Emerson Signature Voice Crystal 3 D-50 - 64 Voice RAM Card for the Roland D50

via this auction

"64 voice sound bank storage card. Works great but you could probably change the battery. Plastic case is in worn condition but has protected the actual card well"

Curious if these had Keith Emerson patches for the D-50 or if they where just some promotional branding deal. The discription does not say.

Ploho - Холод (home rehearsal)

Ploho Ploho

"This Saturday, April 11th at 19:00 Moscow time zone we will play a big online gig! All the main songs over the 6 year life of the band in full concert sound. We shooted for you a small video from our home rehearsal! See you Saturday!"

Featuring the Roland Juno-60

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

UVI - Shade: Impressive Creative Filter and EQ!

Boing Poum Tchak!

"Preset Tour of UVI's Shade with an audio techno loop. Impressive possibilities and beautiful UI!" Available here:

"Shade is a next-gen Swiss Army knife filtering tool, designed to shatter the boundaries of conventional EQ, filtering, and modulation effects. More than a filter, Shade is a creative environment, combining an unparalleled selection of 35 filter shapes with 9 types of modulators. Drag-and-drop modulation onto any parameter in a fully-configurable semi-modular system, complete with one-to-many and many-to-one routing, cross-modulation, envelope followers with sidechain and filter inputs, featured MSEGs, triggerable envelopes that can sync to host, audio, or MIDI, comprehensive multichannel support, and more. Shade delivers the EQ and filtering features you already know and love, while opening a whole new world of creative effects to explore."

TONSTURM Windmaschine

"Introducing WINDMASCHINE - The 'Windmaschine' is a virtual instrument based on the recordings of the very rare Mole- Richardson Windhowler Moleeffect Type 2281.
but of course it goes much further.."

TONSTURM Windmaschine Tutorial Videos


"With Windmaschine we are proud to present a playable VSTI that is a faithful reproduction of the Windhowler Mole Effect but also takes it to a whole new level.

The Windhowler is an electrical instrument developed in the 1960s which can produce unique wind sound effects with a very special sound signature. Only a few devices exist and the one the entire planet and luckily we had access to a unit in mint condition. We captured every single detail in order to preserve its sound signature and character.
In combination with our visionary software engine these captured recordings are transformed into a virtual instrument that allows you to go to sonic territories way beyond what the original device is capable of.
Meticulously capturing the original
We invented a way to meticulously capture every possible setting of the original Windhowler hardware. We attached a script controlled stepper motor to the wind speed dial. Each resonator sample set finally consists of 120 short loops that are cross blended in real time when performing WINDMASCHINE.

Perform dynamic wind effects
As on the original hardware everything starts with the resonators.
You can load one of the 19 available resonator sets into each of the four source channels.
The whole sound engine comes to live when performed by our powerful wind modulation system.

Custom Wind FX
The FX section of WINDMASCHINE allows you to tune its sound character to the mood you need. Or to change it drastically.
Tailored Effects invite you to explore different sides of wind.

True Stereo Convolution
Finally everything is set into stage with our beautiful sounding convolution reverb engine.
It comes with custom recorded true stereo impulse responses providing a breath taking sound quality.
Besides nature, exterior and indoor impulse responses we included IR recordings from musical instruments like gongs, sound bowls or cymbals enabling WINDMASCHINE to create lively textures, drones and atmospheres.

Price: $129 introductory price until 27 / Oct / 2020 ($179 thereafter)"


Find them here:

"Looking for new sounds to try out with your Morphagene? We've got you covered! This video showcases a collection of clips originally posted to our Instagram channel, highlighting seven different Morphagene-formatted Reels available on, including:

1. Carwash Sounds
Recorded inside a car with a Zoom H6 (Mid-Side mic capsule)

2. Stream Sounds
Field recordings taken alongside Bent Creek in the North Carolina Arboretum with a Zoom H6 (X-Y mic capsule)

3. Nagra 4.2 Tape Transport and Take-Up Reel Sounds
Mechanical sounds of the Nagra, recorded with both an Oktava MK-012 and a contact mic

4. Optigan Drums
Direct recordings of selected drum accompaniment tracks from the Optigan’s optical disks

5. AM/FM Static
Direct recordings of in-between station static on the AM and FM radio bands

6. SK-1 Drums
Direct recordings of the various drum patterns and fill-in options of the Casio SK-1

7. TV Static
Direct recordings of analog television signals on the UHF and VHF transmission bands

To browse the full collection of Reels on our channel, head over to:

While you're there, be sure to check out the "Morphagene" tag for even more Reels to patch with:

We encourage you to use these sounds in your patches and explorations, and to create and share your own Reels on Freesound too! Be sure to tag your Reels with the "Morphagene" tag to make them easy to find.

More information on the Morphagene can be found on our website:"

Introducing ChordBud 2 - New AUv3 MIDI Chord Sequencer for iOS

Available on the App Store here.


"Create the Best Chord Progressions - Fast

Work with +40 scales at ones! Select the scales you want to work with, borrow chords between them, find the best fitting chord into your song.

From top to bottom, you have your scales and from left to right, you have the chords in the scale. You can either work with a specific chord progression or you can see all the chords in the scale.

Note: It does not generate sound, it is a MIDI sequencer and you should route its MIDI Out to your audio app.

Work with Unlimited Patterns

Aquifex - Roland V-Synth XT + Irijule TheoryBoard demo


Cool hat in the background. :)

"Chords, leads, and pads played on the V-Synth with the TheoryBoard - clips assembled in Loopy HD on the iPad and uploaded to SoundCloud."

"Chords, leads, and pads played on the V-Synth with the TheoryBoard - clips assembled in Loopy HD on the iPad and uploaded to SoundCloud.

Made in D minor.

Vocoder portion created with the V-Synth Vocal Designer and added to the recording. Enjoy!"

Bruce Lee Spice - A Supercritical Neutron Flux piece

Supercritical Synthesizers

"'Bruce Lee Spice'

Couple times a year, we make this awesome chili sauce with Timo. I call it Lee spice. Or Lie spice of the Lie algebra of the Lie group, as Timo calls it. Ask him why. It has really hot and fine chili powder, some szechuan pepper and sesame seeds. First you heat some oil as hot as it gets (without setting everything on fire) and then roasting the dry ingredients with it. Pour and mix. Never gonna eat tacos without it.

This bassline is an ode to that spice. The Neutron Flux is set on Fat mode which is our take on the transistor ladder’s characteristic. The Model D is of course the best one there is for this use but we added a couple of interesting features.

The basic four pole mode has some traditional crunch and resonance but the one and three pole modes have some handy features. Left channel has a normal resonance (without bass compensation) but the right doesn’t. Halfway through, I’ve split a mono signal into both cores (normalled from the left jack) and then summed them back into mono. That’s the Thriller trick. Michael, Greg, Quincy and Bruce needed two Minimoogs in parallel to do that.

The clip features also the eight pole mode. That means two four pole ladders in series. A kick in the guts like Bruce Lee.

Oh yeah, go listen to KNOWER and Louis Cole. The weather report says that their funk is searing hot.


Live Jam # 4 Hard Techno VJ ing

Cat Full of GHOSTS

"Another live jam using my prototype black and white video synth as the main input."

Étude No.5 - Freak/Muxlicer/ReduXer/Mimeophon/Arbhar/2HP Freez/Rampage/BIA/Desmodus Versio

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

"Here are some patch notes:
- I have Freak set with the Vraids firmware which gives me a dual Braids, and I have it set to PLUCK mode.
- It's being sequenced by Muxlicer, and the gate mode of Muxlicer is being modulated by S&H from the Intellijel 1U Noise Tools.
- This Freak is going to another Freak set with a band pass filter, and its cutoff is also being sequenced by Muxlicer.
- From there the signal is going to ReduXer from VoicAS, and its amount is being modulated by Muxlicer as well.
- This is going to the Mimeophon and the Flip, Zone, Color, and Halo are being modulated by S&H.
- From there one output is going to Arbhar and the other to the 2HP Freez.
- Arbhar is set to continuously record the input, and I'm modulating its reverb amount with S&H.
- I'm triggering the 2HP Freez with the Rising output of Rampage, and I'm modulating its size with the Max output of Rampage.
- The Keystep Pro is sequencing the Basimilus, which is going to the Desmodus Versio, and I'm modulating the Size and Dense with the Min and out A of Rampage."

Crumar Cordatron Accordion Keyboard Hybrid

via this auction

"Type: Electronic Accordion Keyboard Treble: 41 Keys, 19.25"(49cm) Key to Key Bass: 120 Bass Buttons Weight: 28lbs / 12.7kg Features: Self-contained, do-everything accordion treble and bass keyboard/buttonboard. Untested. Fixer Upper Instrument for Parts or Repair."

Synth Rorschach #77

via this auction

What does this remind you of?

See the Synth Rorschach label below for more.

Korg Prophecy 37 Key Physical Modeling Synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction

Pic of the inside below.


Oberheim OB-8+Midi+Survival Kit+Flight Case. ( Almost Mint ! )

via this auction

Nord Modular Rack

via this auction

"Nord Modular Rack (1st Generation) made by Clavia. This model is fully functional; all pots, switches, jacks, and displays tested in working order. It has a UK plug (230v version), and the latest firmware installed (v3.03).

This unit has only ever seen light use in a home studio, as you can see by the condition. It’s not quite mint - there’s a scratch pictured to the left of the Master Volume label.

It’s worth knowing that Byte Order have recently released a new G1 editor, compatible with OSX 10.11, Audio-Unit, and VST3 plug-ins."

Yamaha CS-50 4-voice Synthesizer

via this auction

"This particular 4-voice synthesizer is in excellent condition. If allowed ten minutes to warm up, tuning and scaling are stable. Many great features eg glissando & the famous square-wave modulation (Simply having a wonderful Xmas time). Some of the 13 presets are forgettable, but entering panel mode, all is forgiven....its great fun! Its a true piece of analogue history; exceptionally well constructed...and everything works!"

Roland Juno-60 Analog Synthesizer Sound Tutorial - Metronomy Aquarius


"(c)2007-20 sound tutorial by RetroSound supported by UVI: One of my favorite tracks from Metronomy. Metronomy - Aquarius Album: Love Letters (2013) Joseph Patrick Mount Metronomy use a lot the Roland Juno-60, Juno-106 and live also the Alpha Juno 2. I recreate the main theme sound. Enjoy. RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007. All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my synth shirts or music albums. Thank you! RetroSound Merch Shop: RetroSound Home:"

||| ArpoLoopPone_Cat Screaming |||


"Arpoloop controlling Arpopone little brother and cat scream !!!"



"I just received my multitrack tape recorder, and I so pumped up. I've never used one, I've watched some demo and many, MANY videos on YouTube (and Instagram, where it seems to be mandatory). I will keep it simple: it sounds amazing. I am the farthest thing from an audio expert, but there is something really pleasing in the way the otherwise normal drums sound: they're at the same time crispy and soft, tight but rubbery. Loving that.

And, with the recording part taken care of, I could improvise a little bit with my guitar, and BAM, magic happened, and in just a few takes I was very satisfied with the result like I am almost never been since!

So guys, do yourselves a favor and buy a multitrack tape recorder (they are cheap), a guitar (they are also VERY cheap, nothing compared to a synthesizer), and maybe a Synthstrom Deluge too (they are not cheap, but they are sort of priceless for a quick idea laydown)."

Tease The Kick. Wait for it.. | E440 Filter | Befaco Kickall | Bastl Waver | Elektron A4 (Chorus)

Nostalgic Ruckus

"Kick into the E440."

Note: Super flashy lights at 1:04 through 1:09.

CVilization Mode I: 4 x 4 Matrix Mixer – Basic Operation


"Mode I offers you a 4 x 4 Matrix Mixer with Quantizer, Sample & Hold and Glide.
It can also act as a Quad Attenuverter, Precision Adder, Quadraphonic Mixer or Stereo Mixer with 2 Aux Sends and much more.
You can use it for audio and CV signals, making it a versatile tool for your modular system!
More videos for Modes II, III and IV coming up, along with tutorials with more advanced tricks and practical examples.

00:00 - Intro
00:15 - Key Features
00:54 - Input Program Page (Mix & Invert)
01:53 - Output Program Page (Mix & Invert)
02:47 - Performance Page (Mute & Unmute)
03:12 - Configuration Pages
03:24 - Quantization
04:03 - Sample & Hold / Clock & Trigger Source
04:33 - Clock Division
04:53 - Glide / Portamento
05:10 - CV-B Function
05:37 - Static Offsets Page
05:50 - Octave Switching
06:10 - In-Scale Shifting
06:31 - Semitone Shifting
06:45 - Fine-Tuning
06:55 - Closing Remarks"

Classic FX V2.2 Update

Classic FX app - A bit more distortions
Igor Vasiliev

"In version 2.2 of the Classic FX app, a new LFO option was added to automate morphing and even more algorithms and presets that will give a completely new sound to any instrument or voice, from soft saturation and blurry environments to harsh and hard overdrives and lower bitrates. Details:

Classic FX application is a complete sound effects processor and a mono to stereo enhancer with equalizer, effects and reverb, based on specially designed high-quality processing algorithms and suitable for any kind of audio sources. Classic FX will add brightness and expand the sound space of any musical instruments, synthesizers, drums or voice."

P.S. Note the extra knobs on the front of the Polivoks desktop.

Patch n Tweak
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